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Thursday shines the spotlight on Krishna Singh Takur's tantrums. The onset of labor for the rebirth of Krishna Baba has begun. Prats is by his side and supporting him. Krishna returns home with a bouquet for his wife on her birthday. Krishna wins the first round and walks away after riling up SSLOL. He soon realizes that it was just a warm up round and the rules of the game have been changed with immediate effect. He had not paid heed to previous "subject to change without notice sent his way. He is given a sucker punch by both his parents in the first round back to back, while the interloper and KN decide to show up just to gloat and enjoy the tamaasha as Krishna gets his first bruises. It's only just begun......OuchConfusedShockedApproveBig smileClapStar

The episode begins with Krishna's shift in venue to continue his game of avoidance today. He heads straight to his safe haven, the Adda, where he finds the other two stooges, his best friends Tunna and Chandu ready,willing and waiting to listen to their Krishna's bhaiyya's rantings without a word of complaint.

Krishna relays to his buddies the events leading up to his stormy exit from the Notanki Niwas this morning. His plans had gone kaput, straight down the drain. SS had straight out had refused HIM, Takur Sajjan Singh's son, his rights by refusing money to buy his wife a birthday gift of a brand new car. Baba your ego is no less than SS and the size of Alaska. Make your own money and give Prats all the gifts you want, she'll appreciate it even more and you'd like it betterClap. Chandu tries to reason "don't you think a vehicle with four wheels (translated: Car) is a bit much? Krishna gets philosophical on his friend "why not? Is anyone going to take all this wealth with them when they bite the dust? Got to come up with a good plan and weave a story all month that will finally get the job done. I am no less an artist. Got to come up with a gift for Prats". The two stooges excitedly ask if Baba is going to throw a budday party in his ishstyle for Prats. Baba's face droops like a wilting flower in despair. With drooping shoulders he returns to his cot. and orders T/C to wipe the sad sack look off their faces. Talk about projecting! "First comes the car then the party" he tells them.  He outsources the job of coming up with a birthday gift idea to his two loyal friends.  The lights go off in Tunna's brainShocked and he comes up with a brilliant idea "give bhabhi flowers" and Chandu agreesBig smile. Krishna is miffed at the idea but on second thoughts and a little "he he he" music replaying in his mind he decides to get his Babu flowers for her birthdayEmbarrassed.

YKW physically and verbally presses home on Taukrain's head and shoulders what she knows the unsuspecting Takurs want to hear that would fuel their prejudice against Prats. She blames Krishna's ziddi ways on PratsConfusedKN plays psychologist to a patient SS lounging on his cot "this is a matter of sibling rivalry and jealousy" he explains that immediately registers a guilty expression YKW's face.Ouch

YKW turns all shades red, signifying sin, guilt, pain and anger and a few shades of yellow signifiying deceit, disgrace, betrayal and cowardice. Interestingly she wears dark green sarees these days which signifies jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism. A perfect fitTongue

SS calls on the resident psychologist to shine light on his findings. KN proudly explains it's easy YKW's husband (me) KN, dream on buster! makes a living while Baba (Prats's husband) doesn't hence the anger and jealousy and all the drama". SS is happy that KN's seven circuits in his brain are fully functioning and have finally lit up. YKW jumps in and agrees with her pouncer-in-waiting and praises his hardworking nature. Just then the resident glutton for punishment Kesar walks by. KN takes a potshot at her to take notes from resident interloper on how to be a wife as they may come in handy in her next lifetime.  Shameless Twit stands there listening to KN taunting Kesar and not an ounce of remorse in her cellsAngry.

Prats speaks her heartfelt prayer to the Baby Krishna figurine her father gifted her. "Hey Madhav, Hey Krishna you came and brought light into our lives. Please show Krishna a new way, and there is the matter of him standing on his own two feet. As his wife I will stand by my husband. I give Krishna all the love and encouragement he needs, just give us the courage to face every challenge, shine your light on us so both of us don't fall. With you by our side we will win, just sit here quietly and do your job". Prats spoke from her heart for that is the definition of a prayer. True to her nature she also closed it with an order to Krishna only this time her tone was different than the ones she had used on her pati Krishna in the past.  Good to see you finally putting Krishna first in your life and ready to support him as he trips and stumbles on his way to become an independent man. The fruits of your labor of support will be all the more sweeter on your journey together with Baba. Carpe diem!Thumbs Up

The young prince of Takur Niwas proudly returns with a two dozen rose bouquet for his precious Prats. SS falls at Baba's feet and calls him "Pitaji". Baba announces, he Krishna Singh then turns to SS asks "is it ok with you if I add the Takur to my name"Clap, SS responds "do as you please" Krishna replies "I'll do it for your pleasure, so remember that".A LALLANTOP FATHER SON MOMENT.Clap He addresses Ganti Dadi who is enjoying this moment "this bearded man his father tried his best to not let me celebrate Pratt's birthday but would I let that happen? I take pleasure in little things, happiness is after all in my hands".  SS continues to taunt him and Takurain watches the father/son sparring awkwardly. Krishna tells SS "this bouquet is for my wife not for you". Baba then turns to Ganti Dadi and drops the golden truth for all present to hear "these people are not going to be happy, so ring your bell to signal happiness" and the family matriarch readily complies with pride and a smile. Ganti Dadi is all smiles and gestures that his choice of gift for Prats is lallantop. Krishna turns to his father and taunts him "Got Grandma's good wishes, don't need anything more"Tongue SDS, SS, KN and YKW look like sad sack Saxes for a moment thereConfusedOuch. Hi Five Baba! Way to go!RED sit in awkward silence. YKW for her part gets a virtual slap.Ouch  Did the green hue on her face just go up another notch in value? Looks like it. Pretty soon she may blend in with her clothing that it would be hard the difference. 

Baba rubs it in a little more to the rest of vexed family members present there "I'm now taking my loving gift to my wife".EmbarrassedTongueLOL He holds the bouquet in front of SS for inspection "Take a good look, what do you know about love?" (Translated" bauji tum kya jaano pyar ka cheez hoti hai") Baba you are the Love Guru of Lubalub Academy.  They have a long way to go to get your point. Let them be, just live your life while they turn varying shades of green with jealousy.  He walks away leaving a riled up SS yelling after him "stop the drama, we'll see where else you go using my name". SS then vents and Ganti Dadi gestures him to zip his lipsClap. KN speaks up only to duck when SS bullies him with threat of a maar peetLOL.  SS mocks "this is love". Krishna sure knows how to stick it to his family that has them squirming uncomfortably. That is what riles them the most. They gave them a stick and he's now poking them with it.

YKW predicted Krishna was going to return home empty handed on Prats's birthday but instead he returned with a bouquet of red roses for his wife.LOL I wonder if Teeny Twit recalls that SCAM mooched chai off her family and gave her a bitter cup of coffee in the name of romance.Ouch Taking that as his cue that his father was still bent on taunting him he turned his attention to Ganti Dadi, the matriarch of the family to get her well wishes.

Krishna walks in holding the bouquet in front of him and Prats waits in anticipation with a smileEmbarrassed. Prats accepts it "It's very beautiful but what was the need for a bouquet, a flower would have been just fine". Prats learn to accept a gift from the heart graciously will ya? Let him feel like a King for having done this for you, after all he like most men has a fragile ego. He compliments Prats "it's not more beautiful than you"EmbarrassedWink. Prats, learn from Baba to give compliments with ease and from the heart.  He could teach you a thing or two too.Big smile Krishna tells her " We Takurs do everything in grand style. I wanted to bring you a whole garden but you're talking about bringing you just a flower".  Baba is one smooth talker! Wonder what job he'd qualify for without an education but with the gift of the gab.ErmmWackoConfused

He opens his wardrobe and realizes his clothes were missingShocked. He has expected Piasiya to hang his clothes back in his closet. Prats is shocked at this reaction.  Prats rushes after him after a delayed reactionConfused. Baba takes his anger out on Piasiya. SS comes down to spell it all out to him and set him straight.Ouch

SS tells Baba "I threw your clothes out. Your wife will get you clothes to wear. She blamed us, said that our love has spoiled you rotten." The truth pricked like a dart to the heart, didn't it Takurji? Takurain joins in "your wife always charges us with one thing or another on a daily basis. She has charged us with spoiling you, who are we to come in between. Go earn your living, spoil her all you want". SS takes the baton from his Takurain and tells throws down yet another challenge "you have to decide if you will follow your parents orders or will you go around giving your wife's orders." With that said he orders his wife to follow him back to bed. What's with the Takurs's penchant for tamaasha at nighttime?

KN smiles with satisfaction watching the tamaasha. Smile as much as you want today. Your smile is going to be wiped off your face when Aaaroosia sneaks off like a thief in the middle of the night leaving you dreaming your pipe dreams of getting your hands on herTongue. The Takurs are proving to be a family of extremes. They went from spoiling Baba rotten, known to one and all, and are furious at Prats for reminding them of the errors of their ways, delivered respectfully nonetheless by both her and her Papa. There is truth in Prats's statement SS, or you wouldn't be hopping mad to hear it spelled out to you. Takurji, Baba is a chip of you the old blokeTongue. You know if he puts his mind to it Krishna can outdo you any day. It's cowardly of you and Takurain to pin your mistakes in parenting Krishna on his wife Prats. She wasn't around when he was a child completely under your influence. Come to think of it, you've spoiled him rotten, you have ill-served him all in the name of love pampering him and never telling him "no" to anything in his life. You taught KN at least one good thing in life, to work and make a living. The rest of his activities can't be touched with a ten foot pole and you have much to be proud of as a parent of such a sleaze for a son. He has a rap sheet listing his crimes at the local Thana where he rightfully belongs. Your track records at parenting stinks. Krishna has more going for him as a human being than all you Takurs put together. Prats sees his potential and is ready to stand by him while he takes those baby steps into becoming a mature adult taking on his responsibilities. You will watch from the sidelines knowing that you failed miserably where Prats successfully brought out the best in her husband with her love and encouragement.Krishna is just a gem in the rough that needs to be picked up and polished for the world to see him shine.Thumbs Up

Takurji, will the dynamics of your relationship with Krishna ever be the same when he grows up? What will you and your Takurain have to say to Kriya if and when they also turn out to be the couple that fulfills your life long dream of having a potha? Will you and Takurain choke on a chunk of humble pie before you dare to speak up?Tongue Now that's the day we are all waiting to seeClap. Will you finally acknowledge Prats's positive role in Krishna's life or will you still be a cynical old fools about the power of love in life.

Prats asks Krishna to return to their room for some private talk. Krishna still doesn't get it. He still sees it as the run of the mill notanki in Takurland "Don't' know why the whole family is ganging up and coming after me". She questions Krishna "don't your words earlier in the day mean anything"? Krishna's response "I talk that way to Bauji to threaten him." Prats realizes there is no turning back now. Whatever your reasons for doing this, I don't think you should step back now. You have to show them that in reality you can do whatever you told them you'd do. Show your Bauji and family you can be responsible and they will all be very happy or this will make a mockery out of you". This encouraging side of Prats is very becoming of her, she is not sitting on her high horse nor is she talking down to him. She is speaking to him like an equal and Baba is listening with rapt attention and that is a good sign.ClapThumbs Up

Krishna resists the very idea " You think simply bec' they say I'm useless I'm going to work, never, ever. There is no need to prove anything to anyone, I'm good just the way I am. I want to stay this way. Why are you talking about work and trying to separate me from my family".  Prats stand before him shocked into silence.

Baba you are scared out of your brains at the thought of venturing out and making a living. You didn't take your father's help when he asked you to give him a helping hand. Now you have to venture out on your own and it scares the living daylights out of you. Remember Baba, fear can be a great motivator and fuel you to take the first step. All it takes is the willingness to take the first step. With your daring personality, failure in your initial attempts is not going to break you. Remember how you fought the odds to win Prats's love. If you can do that, making a living using your strengths can be accomplished, might even turn out to be a walk in the park.  The possibilities are endless. With your general attitude in life, the sky is the limit.  You may hit the jackpot and become the new Takur in town that everyone talks about.  So chin up Baba! Show the rest of the Takurs what you're made of when you set your heart to it. Carpe diem!

Please share your thoughts and comments!Big smile



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as usual good post MERARAI. was anxiously waiting for ur post. actually good work by the story writers and script writers. excellent job by Arhaan Behl. wonderfully supported by every other member.

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As usual excellent!
I still cant believe a man vehemently refusing to work...more over he doest realise the need to be Independent.......

I loved ur details on father son moments!

good to see the changes in Pratigya for her husband!

Did u notice we are getting articles on the upcoming tracks..may be Cvs want to read our minds whether we wud accept it or not..may be! luiks like that...the way they brief the entire track goin to come up in the following week.

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kudos to you for such a brilliant piece of writing meerra ClapClapClapClapClap you are too good God bless you.meera did you felt that baba has learned something from all the dirama between him and his father? the way he was behaving yesterday was totally unacceptable now i am seeing more problems for prats ahead by her inlaws. i dont think so k will earn unless an untill prats threatens him to leave or ss tells him to choose between him and prats ansd we all know by the upcoming articles that he will realise and start working but i beleive he needs a zoor ka jhatka to come in his senses what say?

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Aww Meera - excellent post! I do love your style yaar - ne messing, calling a spade a spade - love it!!!
Youre absolutely right of course about the TNs and all you say in red about them.Clap
Lekin yaar daad deni padegi inko......kaisi minute fighting with Baba and the next minute continuing the fight but by using his wife as the weapon, thereby exonerating themselves and appearing to look like his well wishers! Wah! Kya siaasi hai - iss ko bolte hai rajneeti beta!Clap
All the actors are shining right now - keep it up CVs!Star

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Thank you Mera!!!
Kudos to Mr. Behll, wonder if this guy research these actual character, to be able to reEnact it so precisely.
I still don't get YKW significant  in the NIWAS, whatever tiffs that going on, is an everyday peevishness in Niwas, so really was no need for  YKW to be there. The bigamy track is a dud, in the beginning up until now.
Why is Katra Naresh, still taunting Kesar, does this guy has some deep emotional connection with his wife. There was a few incident when he shown to react somewhat like i care, like when Pratz, said if they would have remarry Kesar.

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Hello Mera,
Once again a wonderful post. i still cannot believe that krishna has no idea about what responsibility is. His parents are the ones to be blamed. I think its a parent's job to teach their children the ways of love. Spoiling and pampering a child is not parenting.

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Thank you posterwas!

This track is giving us plenty to think and reflect upon.  In this case it's Krishna's stepping out of his world he has taken for granted all his life. Now he has to carve a new life for himself and he has Prats to support and take care of and that is scary. So he is behaving in a way that is accepted of him. He is resisting the change.

More on this to come!Wink So do come back and check on IF.

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