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~True Luv Is Eternal#2~AR FF-LastPt Pg13(13/01/11)

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Hey guys, I really can't believe that I have started the second thread of this FF. Thanks a lot for your immense love and support, I am able to start the second thread because of you all. Please keep giving me your support and loveBig smileHug.

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This story is about pure and true love and we all know True Love Is Eternal

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Please do have a look, if u still haven't read them Big smile

Luv u<333

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This story is about pure and true love and we all know True Love Is Eternal

"Happy birthday sweetheart" he said while pecking on her forehead. Both were on their bed and covered with a sheet.

The woman opened her eyes with a moan yet with a smile and said "thank you"

"so what does want my princess today?" he asked while looked in her eyes

"I just want you in my life that's all" she replied back

Out of sudden, she was taken out from her old memories as a woman called her "Mrs Ridhima Saxena"
even the mention of her surname 'saxena' pierced her heart.

"yes, Mrs Modi" Ridhima replied back with a weak voice, she was wearing a plain yellow salwar kameez, she was looking thin and pale, her eyes were bloodshot red. Her life had turned up and down just in matter of few minutes. The guy who promised to love her forever, to never hurt her, had thrown her out of his life and that too when she carrying his baby.

"Well, Mrs Saxena, after studying your case, I looked out for some comfortable and affordable accommodation for you" the woman sitting behind her desk. Currently, Ridhima was in prefecture seeking for some help concerning her accommodation.

The woman continued with sincerity "I found a good apartment for you, the only problem is that you'll have to share the apartment with a man but I can assure you he won't be a problem for you as he is a really great friend of mine"

Ridhima smiled at least something was better than nothing "thanks Mrs Modi" she was indeed really thankful to her as she had no other place to go "when can I go there?"

"hmm, whenever you want, he might be at home" Mrs Modi replied with a smile and gave Ridhima the address. Saying thanks Ridhima left the office and made her way to her new apartment.

She entered in the building where she was going to live. No doubt, the building was beautiful. As Mrs Modi had told her on which floor she was, she took the lift and went on the second floor. Reaching there, she looked for the number of the apartment and when she found it, she rang the bell.

A soft voice came from the other side "Wait, I am coming"

Ridhima waited till the person opened the door. As soon as he opened, she couldn't control but burst out laughing, it felt that she hadn't laughed since ages. But she soon controlled it not wanting to piss of her roommate.

Meanwhile, the guys was confused "what happened?" he asked with a frown

"your face" she said while giggling again

The guy turned and looked in the mirror now he knew why she was laughing, his face was full with flour but was could he do, he was miserable in cooking. He smiled sheepishly and wiped her face. He came back and thought for now an introduction would be better. "hmm, well if I am not mistaken you are my new roommate Ridhima, right?"

She nodded and then He continued "come in" both entered and he closed the door. He led her in the sitting room and both sat down "well, I am your roommate... and my friend told me all about you and that you needed accommodation so I said that you can leave here, by the way my name is..."


"hmm, well if I am not mistaken you are my new roommate Ridhima, right?"

She nodded and then He continued "come in" both entered and he closed the door. He led her in the sitting room and both sat down "well, I am your roommate... and my friend told me all about you and that you needed accommodation so I said that you can live here, by the way my name is Armaan Mallik"

"nice to meet you Mr Mallik" she said politely

"You can call me Armaan, there is no need to be formal as we are going to share the same apartment so it would be better if we live as friends, so what say friends?" he asked with his charming smile, his million dollars dimples and his blue eyes showing the deepness of his smile.

"Ok friends" they shook hand with a smile

"there is a thing I would like to warn you about me beforehanded" Armaan said quite seriously

Ridhima didn't know what to expect but she asked "and what is that?"

"well, sometimes I speak a lot and thus if I say too much don't mind and just stop me" he said sincerely

Ridhima already liked her roommate thanks to his sincerity. Now she was sure that what the precture lady Mrs Modi said was right, 'he was a indeed nice guy'

"no problem, If I ever mind I'll stop you" she said with a smile, she was feeling good and that day after so long she had smiled and laughed.

"hmm can I ask you a question if you don't mind?" Armaan asked hesitantly

"Yeah of course. I won't mind" she replied casually

"how many months are you pregnant?" he questionned her

Just the thought of her being pregnant brought a grin on her face. She was carrying her baby and there was no limit to her happiness. If she was alive that was because of her baby. Her sorrow faded away just by the fact that she had her baby with her. "5 months"

"Congrats Ridhima" he congratulated her genuinely

"Thank you" she replied with a smile and then asked in a serious tone "Hmm how much would I have to pay per month?"

"Ridhima, till you don't deliver your baby and get healthy again, prefecture will pay from your behalf so you don't have to worry" he said with a smile and then he hit his head "how bad of me that I didn't even offered you a drink" saying so he rushed in the kitchen and Ridhima was amazed to see him.

He came back after a while, with a tray containing pepsi, sprite, juices and glass. He placed it on the table and asked "so what would you like to drink?"

"hmm, I would like to have water"

Armaan nodded and poured a glass with water for her. He then handed her off the glass of water. "thank you" Ridhima said as she took the glass

"your welcome"

Once they were done with drinks, Armaan said "come, I'll show you the apartment". Ridhima stood up and followed him, he showed her the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, his room, the sitting room, a guest room and finally her room. The apartment was quite big and beautifully decorated.

If anyone would have come there, they wouldn't have guessed it was guy's house as it was clean.

"you have maintained brilliantly the house" she complimented him whole-heartily

"Thank you" he smiled and then asked "did you like your room?"

"yes, it's beautiful" she said while looking around and admiring the half-white color of the room and all the furniture.

"would you like to have some rest and have dinner or have dinner and then go to sleep?"

"what are you cooking?" she asked with a frown

"dhal roti" he replied matter-of-factly and then he added sheepishly "actually that is the only dish I can make eatable apart from the fast food"

"what's your favorite dish?"

"hmm chicken but I don't know how to make it" he said sadly

"do you mind if I prepare the food?" she questionned while hoping a positive response

"no never, you are going to be mother and it's not good to exhaust yourself" he refused her plainly

"but Armaan, I had been eating from restaurants lately and had not cooked anything by myself so I want to cook" she said with a pout

That somehow melted Armaan's heart, he gave in "ok" listening that Ridhima smiled but then he continued "but on one condition"

"what is the condition?" she asked whilst wrinkling her brow

"The condition is..." he tried to create some suspense ".. that I'll help you" he said with a smile

"ok" she replied with a biggest smile then before

They went in the kitchen and Ridhima asked "so do you have chicken at home?"

"yes I bought it yesterday, you know I was reading the recipient book in which they told how to cook chicken so I decided to try to cook it but all in vain" he said with upset tone

Ridhima couldn't help but chuckle. He truly was a chatterbox but she didn't mind "ok then let's started"

During the cooking, Armaan helped Ridhima in every way, he cut the onion, tomato, green chillies and what not. Even though, Ridhima told him that she'll do but he clearly refused saying 'I am already letting you cook so no argument' listening that she sighed and did the cooking part.

"now go and sit I'll lay the food" she said while turning the stove off

"no, you go and sit, I'll lay the food on the table" he literally dragged her in the sitting room and made her sit on the sofa. He picked up the remote control from the table and gave her "here, watch TV"

"I'll become useless if I keep watching TV all the time" she said sadly

He shook his head and went in the kitchen. In the way, he was thinking 'she is a nice girl, I wonder what happend to her but I guess I can't asked her well at least not right now as she would mind'

She grumpily picked up the remote control and checked the channels. As Armaan came out, he saw her watching the song 'Tum Mile' from Tum Mile, then his eyes fall on the tear that had come out from her eyes.

He didn't knew why but it hurt him. He never liked anyone crying but seeing her crying made him sad. He softly put the dishes which were in his hand on the table and then going to her, he sat beside her.

"Ridhima" Hearing her name, she quickly wiped her tear and looked toward him. "what happened?" Armaan asked her

"nothing" she said while lowering her head, true she wanted someone to share her feelings but she wasn't ready to share them with Armaan as they just met a while ago. Moreover, after what happened to her caused her trust people really slowly.

He gave a low sigh and said "ok. By the way, now come and eat. The table is set and moreover the smell is very attracting"

Ridhima nodded with a smile and they both went to the dining table. "hmm, the chicken smells yummy. You are an awesome cook" Armaan said while closing his eyes and savoring the smell. Ridhima smiled that someone actually liked her cooking.

Armaan let Ridhima to be served first, although she protested but all in vain so she put the food in her plate and then passed the bowl to Armaan who placed the chicken in his plate.

Not only the food but also the taste was delicious, he just loved it. It felt like he hadn't eaten homefood from ages. He praised her a lot.

While eating and in between praising her, he noticed she wasn't eating much, her plate was almost untouched "Ridhima why are you not eating?"

"I am not hungry"

Armaan gasped and said "Ridhima it's not only a question of your health but your baby's too. You have to eat for two persons so quietly finish your food"

"but.." she tried to protest

"Let me tell, if you don't start eating on your own I would feed you" he said treatingly, of course he knew he was going to that but he was sure this tactic would work.

She exhaled and ate properly while Armaan smiled looking at her. He knew something big happening in her life, he could guess that clearly seeing her condition, her state of mind. Even though they met just few hours ago but it felt like they knew each other from ages.

"I think you should go and sleep, you both need rest" he said with a smile

"But the dishes?" she asked as she wasn't feeling sleepy yet

"you don't worry I'll clean them" he said while blinking his eyes reassuringly

She knew there were not point to argue as she couldn't refuse but accept that she was tired... Tired from all the emotional turmoil.

She was about to stand up when the home phone rang as it was next to Ridhima she picked it up "hello"

"hello, Ridhima right?" a sweet voice came from the other end

"yes and you?" Ridhima was quite surprised to hear her name as far as she knew no one knew that she was here

"I am Nikki, I mean Mrs Nikkita Modi"

"Oh Mrs Modi, hi, how are you?" she asked politely, she was confused to receive a call from her but then she remembered that Mrs Modi was Armaan's friend.

"I am fine, what about you? and how did you find the apartment?"

"I am also fine and the apartment is very nice" she said and then looked at Armaan, she smiled and added "here, talk to Armaan" she passed the phone to Armaan.

She was about to pick up the dishes, Armaan softly held her wrist and shook his head. Ridhima sighed "ok then good night"

Armaan put his hand on the receiver "good night and if you need anything you can tell me"

Listening that, Ridhima nodded and went in her room. Entering in her room, she changed into a nighty and stood in front of the mirror, her stomach has started showing off a bit. How she wished that her husband would have been with her but no she didn't need to wish this anymore.

After that she laid down on the bed and then she actually realized how much she was tried as she dozed off in few seconds.

Meawhile, Armaan was talking to Nikkita "hey, how are you?"

"I am fine, you tell?" she replied with a smile, Armaan was her best friend and he meant a lot to her

"I am also fine and that new roommate of mine is really sweet but Nikki I feel that she is in pain" he shared his feelings with Nikkita

"yes Armaan, I too have guessed it and thanks for volunteering to let her stay otherwise I'll would have a hard time searching more for a good accommodation for her"

"Nikki, it was my duty. I mean any human would have helped another human in need and plus she isn't alone, she is carrying a baby so I knew she needed a comfortable place to stay" he said genuinely

"you know that's one of the best quality in you" Nikkita said while praising Armaan

"That's so sweet of you. By the way thanks to you as she cooked chicken you know my favorite and it was SO TASTY" he completely had loved the food she had made

"Good good. Ok now I am going as Abhimanyu is calling me" Nikkita said that as Abhimanyu called her in their room

"of course of course, he must be missing you in the bedroom" he teased Nikkita

She blushed and then said sternly "Armaan, you just shut up"

"Ok ok peace" he as well made the sign with his finger "now go before Abhimanyu comes and chop me down in pieces" he said while chuckling and then saying bye, he hung up the phone.

"Life is nothing without friendship"- by Marcus Tullius Cicero


"A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself."
Frank Crane

It had been a month that Ridhima had settled in Armaan's apartment as his roommate. They were good friends but they never asked each other about their past, just lived in the present. Ridhima got to know Armaan was a businessman and Armaan got to know that Ridhima was a doctor.

Ridhima was in her six month and her stomach had started showing off a little more. That day, she had appointment fixed with the doctor and Armaan was going to him.

After quiting her room, she entered in the sitting room and sat on the table. Soon enough, Armaan appeared wearing an apron and chef hat, with the breakfast.

Actually, Armaan had allowed Ridhima to cook lunch and dinner if she wanted but with his help whereas breakfast would be prepared by him and only him.

As Ridhima looked at the breakfast, she said with an approving nod "not bad not, you are improving"

Armaan growled at this because he burnt the bread a day before "Ridhima yaar, it happens something" while Ridhima laughed seeing him. He pouted and bent down on his knee before Ridhima "hey princess, tell your mom to not tease your boyfriend"

"oww, what is this Armaan?" she was amused to see Armaan behaving like this.

"well, your baby is my girlfriend" he said while pretending to shy only to receive a punch on his shoulder from Ridhima

"You are impossible" She giggled and then asked with a frown "by the way who said that it's a girl?"

"bas, I just know." He so wanted it to be a girl, he had bonded so well with the little one in short span of time.

Ridhima shook her head and started eating. They both discussed about daily routine. "Armaan, you know I so want to join back hospital but this health of mine doesn't let me" she said sadly. She wasn't in the condition to work because as soon as she started working nausea started so the hospital gave her leave till she delivered her baby and was fit and fine to be back on her duties again.

As doctors had to be healthy themselves to treat someone else properly.

"Oh come on, you need rest and you shouldn't be thinking about working" he said strictly yet softly

"but I am bored at home" she said while pouting

He took a breath and then said "I know Ridhima, I can understand but you too have to understand that working is not good for you and are your baby. "

Listening that Ridhima nodded and then he said reminding her what she had to do "ok now get ready, Nikki should be here any minute then you both can go for shopping then I'll take you for your ultrasound"

Ridhima got knew Nikkita very closely as they met a lot. Nikkita was Armaan's best friend. Once when Abhimanyu and Nikkita came over the dinner at their home, Abhimanyu told her "you know Ridhima, today if I and Nikki are married it's all thanks to Armaan otherwise her parents would have never agreed"

I was confused so I had asked "but why were your parents not agreeing?"

"because my parents wanted me to get married to their friend's son but then Armaan made them understood" Nikkita replied.

That day, she got to know how much Armaan loved his friends and trust them. He was one of those type, who cared his friends a lot, like he cared for Ridhima now. In fact, he cared more for Ridhima as she was not one but two.

"Armaan I can go to the appointment by myself" she tried to convince him but that was one of the few matter in which he never gave up.

"I know you can but I want to accompany you. I want to see the little baby. You know I never experienced this but now that I am so close to your baby I want to know how it feels to see the baby in ultrasound" he said dreamily.

"uff" she sighed and went to her room to get ready. She wore a simple blue anarkali dress. When she came out, she heard the door bell so she went to open it. It was Nikkita, standing there with a shining smile.

"Hey Ridhima, how are you? and how is the little one?" Nikkita asked while giving a hug to Ridhima and then both entered.

"I am fine and we are going for baby's ultrasound today" she said with a smile that said how happy she was thanks to her baby

"good, where is Armaan?" Nikkita asked while looking around

"see you called me and here I am" he said while appearing from the corridor. He greeted Nikkita with a hug "how are you?"

"I am fine, what about you? so getting ready to go to work?" Nikkita asked as she found him in his suit and he was also holding his briefcase

"I am fine and yeah, I have a very important meeting. Normally, it would last an hour so I will join you guys in the mall and Nikkita take care of Ridhima. Moreover don't let her walk too much" he said with concern

"Armaan I am not a baby" Ridhima said while defending herself

"oh you are worse than a baby" he teased while sticking his tongue

Nikkita was amused to see them, she had never seen Armaan behaving like this but then again she was liking her friend's in this new avatar. In fact, she was liking both Armaan and Ridhima together.

"ok jokes apart, Ridhima do take care of yourself" he said her worriedly, he didn't want her to go under any stress. He knew it could be proven dangerous.

"I will Armaan don't worry" she said while blinking her eyes softly

"Good" he looked at his wrist watch and said "now I have to go so see you guys later" he left giving both of them a friendly hug

"come Ridhima" Nikkita told Ridhima and then both of them left the apartment after locking it

They went to the mall and did lots of shopping, their bags were full. Ridhima didn't shop anything for her but for her baby and for Armaan.

They were now in the women section as a fed up Nikkita dragged her there "chose something for you as well"

Ridhima just followed Nikkita. Nikkita had chosen few dress for Ridhima which she told her to check them. Ridhima told her "please Nikki, I am tired"

Nikkita noticed that Ridhima was indeed really tired so they purchased the dresses without trying. Then they went in a restaurant, where they were going to have lunch.

In few minutes, Armaan joined them and they all had fun during the lunch. After that, Nikkita left for her office and Armaan took Ridhima for her appointment.

"Ridhima what's your doctor name?"

"Dr Kritika" she replied him back after glancing at her file

Armaan nodded and followed Ridhima. As they reached there, Armaan said "you go I'll wait for you outside"

She had her mouth wide open "then why did you came?"

"I want to come in Ridhima, but I don't want anyone to mistake our relation" he said honestly

Ridhima nodded and entered in her doctor's cabin. Meanwhile, outside the cabin, Armaan waited impatiently for Ridhima to come out.

Finally his wait was over as Ridhima came out with her biggest smile possible, there was beautiful glow on her face. "let's go' she told Armaan and both went in the car.

Ridhima took out the ultrasound and showed him. Armaan was overwhelmed, he couldn't help but whisper "Wow" unknowingly a tear leaked from his eyes which didn't go unnoticed by Ridhima.

"Armaan what happened why this tear?" she said while wiping his tear off.

"I don't know Ridhima, I just couldn't help" he said while looking at Ridhima "you know I am already in love with the baby"

Ridhima was really touched, this guy knew her for a month and he loved her baby but her husband whom she knew for two years just throw her out.

"by the way, is it a baby girl or baby boy?" he asked excitingly

"Let's keep it a surprise" she said with a smirk

"then let's make a bet, if it's a baby boy you get to name him if it's baby girl I'll name her" he said super excited about this

She thought for a while then said "ok done" they seal it with a hand shake and with a smile.

"I'll drop you at home where you are going to take rest as I was seeing how much you were tired while shopping"

"but Armaan, I want an ice cream first" Ridhima said innocently, nowadays her mood swings were high yet she tried to control them as she didn't want to be a burden on Armaan but she was never able to control herself so as usually she told her wish.

"Ridhima, the weather is cold so I don't thing ice cream's idea is good one" Armaan said carely. Though he knew she was having mood swings yet he was worried for her health.

"Armaan please" she said while pouting.

As Armaan looked at her, he wasn't able to say anything but yes. Ridhima beamed happily. Armaan smiled looking at her.

They both stopped at an ice cream shop, Ridhima had one double ice cream of vanilla and chocolate flavor and Armaan took the same. Even though, it was cold but both enjoyed their ice cream.

Then both made their way at their home. Ridhima was truly amazed, he always cared for her. Armaan parked the car in the parking, both came out while Armaan was holding all her bags "Armaan do you need some help with the bags?"

He shook his head and both made their way toward the apartment. As soon as they entered, Armaan put all the stuff in Ridhima's room. After that, he went in the kitchen and fulled the jug with water which he took in Ridhima's room along a glass. He placed it on the bedside table.

"Thanks" she said while looking at him, she was really tired and at that moment she just wanted to have a nap.

"your welcome" he replied with a smile "listen, if you need anything do call me, I'll be back. Take care, bye" After saying all that, he left.

He locked the door with his key and made his way to his office. On the other side, Ridhima slept for four-five hours but once she woke up, she had no desire to sleep so she woke up and decided to arrange her baby's clothes.

Finally, Armaan was done for the day. He took his briefcase and made his way toward the parking lot. So much happened in his life, he had seen so much ups and downs, so much twists and turns. Maybe, he would have never come here but then he had to come for a reason which only destroyed him. Then, he started working here itself.

From the day, he met Ridhima, he felt alive again, he felt like his pain was nothing in front of hers. Her eyes spoke volumes even though now too she smiled but her eyes contained pain so deep that he actually felt his pain so little in front of hers.

In the last month, he had bond so well with her  and her baby, he even had started choosing names for baby girl. He was certain that it would be a girl as sweet as her mother.

He thought to call Ridhima as to confirm that she was alright so took out his mobile from his pocket and called her. The ring was going but no answer. He tried for three more times and then he got worried. He rushed toward his car and jumped in. He drove on the maximum speed while driving he tried calling her again but still no response, he was really worried.

He came out from his car and quickly locked his car. He didn't care if the car was locked properly or not. In full speed, he entered in the building and pushed the lift button. It felt like lift was taking ages, so he decided to take the stairs.

He ran to stairs door, he opened it and ran toward the second floor. He was now in his corridor, he opened the apartment with his keys and...


He ran to stairs door, in one swift movement he opened it and ran toward the second flour. He was now in the corridor, he opened the apartment with his keys and saw Ridhima sitting there. He sighed with relief and bent down on his knees.

A while back, Ridhima put all clothes neatly in her cupboard and as she was done with it, she thought to watch TV for a while. Going through channels, suddenly she saw a glimpse which made her freeze.

Her body was trembling and tears were leaking down from here eyes. She was unaware of her phone ringing in her room.

Finally, controlling his breath, he stood up and went to her. As he was near her, he noticed she was siting there frozen, her face was pale, her tears were flowing down, her eyes were red and puffy. Seeing Her gaze was fixed on the television, he looked there but just saw a movie going on. He looked back toward her and was truly concerned seeing her in this state, he put his hand on her shoulder.

As Ridhima felt a hand on her shoulder, she came out from her frozen state and looked at Armaan. Looking at him, she couldn't control herself and hugged him while sobbing badly.

"Ridhima what happened?" Armaan asked her, his even eyes were moist seeing her in this state.

She controlled herself but she was still not ready to share her grief "Armaan, nothing"

"that's why you were crying that badly" he said looking at her accusingly

"I know Armaan, you are concerned for me but I am not ready yet to share it" she said while holding his hand and hoping that he won't any question

"No problem Ridhima. But whenever you want to tell me anything then don't be afraid I am always there for you"

Ridhima nodded and left his hand "I'll definitely tell you but not now"

"I said na, no problem now go and get fresh" he said in an orderly tone

Ridhima smiled at him, he truly was a nice friend. She stood up and went in the bathroom to freshen up. She splashed the cold water on her face which somehow gave her some solace.

Armaan changed into some casual and went in the kitchen. He was thinking about what to prepare for dinner, at the very same time Ridhima joined him.

"what are you thinking?"

"I was thinking about was to prepare for dinner" he told her what he was actually thinking to which Ridhima smiled

"don't put stress on your tiny brain" she said while giggling meanwhile Armaan glared at her but later joined her in giggling as he was happy to see Ridhima out of her dull mood then both decided what to prepare.

Ridhima was about to gather the stuff when Armaan hold her wrist gently and made her sit on the chair "Listen and listen clearly" he said while pointing at her

She nodded like a child do when getting order from his parents or teachers "from now on, you will just sit here and give me instructions"

"but then what will I do?" she asked innocently

He thought while scratching his chin and said  "you will tell me how to cook, you'll watch TV and then in the morning and evening I'll take you for a walk but nothing more than that"

"ok" she sat there without arguing further as she knew their would be no effect on him so she told him what to do. Soon enough the food was ready, they ate it, Ridhima even praised him and then Armaan took her out for a walk.

"here" they both were walking when Ridhima felt thirsty and Armaan passed her a bottle of water

"thank you" she replied with a smile. Armaan was really caring to her, he always took care that she was alright and that she didn't need anything.

"anything for my girlfriend" he said with a big grin. She drank the water and then Armaan took back the bottle.

Ridhima giggled looking at Armaan. He was such a baby and was so sweet at heart. Actually it would be appropriate to say his heart was of gold as she had noticed that he could never see anyone hurt, he was truly a caring soul and she hadn't see herself anyone like him ever before in her life.

"aww" she suddenly shouted and Armaan looked at her with worry. He took hold of her arm softly and led her toward a bench. Ridhima sat down quietly with Armaan's help.

"are you fine Ridhima?" Armaan asked while opening the water bottle and putting the bottle near her lips, she quietly drank it on the same time some tears came out from her eyes. "Ridhima what happened? Why are you crying?"

"Armaan, the baby kicked" she said with a smile through her tears. Armaan was stunned. "see" Ridhima took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Armaan felt the movement too.

He was feeling overwhelmed "Oh my God, it feels so good" he said feeling the kick again. Both were happy beyond limits.

After that, they went back home happily and both sat in the sitting room in front of the TV. Armaan checked all the channels and stopped on a film "do you mind if I watch '3 idiots'? you know it's one of my favorite movie and I have watched like hundreds time"

She chuckled looking at Armaan "of course I don't mind, I still haven't watched it"

"oh then, it's good because this movie is not one to be missed" he said with confidence

Both of them watched the movie and looked like crazy. After a while, Armaan felt some weight on his left shoulder so he looked toward there and found Ridhima sleeping there like an angel. Seeing her sleeping, he guessed that she was tired.

He gently picked her up in her arms and led her in her room. He placed her on her bed as softly as possible. After that he placed his hand on her stomach and then said "good night girlfriend" at that moment he felt the kick again, he smiled widely as he was happy to feel it again, it was one of the best feeling in the world.

Yet he was amazed to see that but then he thought maybe the baby was able to hear them. He covered her with her blanket. Once he checked that everything that she needed was here, he left her room and went in the sitting room to watch the rest of the movie.

The next day, Armaan came home with many books in his hands. When Ridhima saw him with so many books, she asked him with a frown "why did you bring so many books?"

"wait" he put his briefcase in a side and then went to her. He placed all the books in front of her. She noticed that the books were about pregnancy which included 'what to expect when you are expecting', 'the mother of all pregnancy books'...

Ridhima looked at him and asked confusedly "what is all this?"

"well you are going to be a mother for the first time. I am sure you don't know much about all this and plus I too don't know anything about all this so I wanted to know each and everything"

Ridhima was pleased seeing all this. It was true that she didn't know much so it would add to her knowledge. Moreover, she didn't want to take any risk. She picked one of the books and flipped the pages, they truly had important information.

"And you know one more benefit of these books?" he asked her while looking at her and as she shook her head negatively, he replied with a smile "you won't get bored hopefully"

"you know you are very sweet" she said with a cute smile that actually made Armaan mesmerized

"Thank you. Oh by the way, you aren't having nausea, right?" he asked with concern as few days back she had had nausea

"yes, I am fine now"

"good, good..." he then remembered something and then said "I even brought a book for my baby girl". He brought his briefcase, he opened it and took out 'scooby-doo' book. Seeing that Ridhima laugh "why are you laughing?" He asked vaguely

"Armaan, how can the baby listen to your story?"

"well I read somewhere that in the end of the second semester and in third semester, the baby can hear, taste, see and feel everything happening around her" Armaan said proudly

Ridhima was sort of excited to hear this and then asked for confirmation "really?"

"yeah really, so now when in the evening I will read the story to my girlfriend don't disturb me and my princess" he said cutely and while sticking his tongue at her.

Ridhima shook her head at his babyish behavior. She couldn't help but think how much her life has changed from the last month, she was again happy, true that sometime her past taunt her but still she was happy, in her new life.

Moreover, most of the men that she had seen would try get intimate but Armaan was a true gentleman, he never ever tried to be intimate with her. Yes, he hugged her but it was friendly hug and she knew the difference between a friendly and other type of hugs, she had experienced them.

One thing that she never asked to Armaan was about her girlfriend, she knew he had a past but that she never asked. How could she ask him when she herself wasn't ready to share her past.

She noticed that Armaan was looking tired than other days "Armaan, you look tired why don't you go and sleep for a while"

"no Ridhima, I am not tired" he said in his defense as he wanted to read the pregnancy books, he wanted to know each and everything.

She glared at him "you know you can't lie to me then why do you try. Now go in your room and take a nap for a while" she the last bit more like ordering him

He smiled sheepishly then said "ok ok, I am going, see you in while"

After that, Armaan went in his room to take rest as per Ridhima's order. On the other hand, Ridhima was in the sitting room with the pregnancy books. She was reading one of them when she heard the phone ringing, she picked it "hello"

"hello, Ridhima how are you and how is the little one?" Nikkita asked her from the other side

"Hey Nikki, we both are fine, how are you?" Ridhima got happy to hear Nikkita's voice, they had become really good friends in short spam of time.

"I am fine" they talked for a while about Ridhima's baby and then Nikkita said in a commanding tone "Acha, listen tomorrow there is a party at my place where you and Armaan have to come. That's an order"

Ridhima giggled "ok chief, we'll be there but what's the occasion?" she asked the last bit with curiosity

"Well that's a surprise" Nikkita said with excitement

"Surprise? that's not fair, we would have to wait till tomorrow" Ridhima said while pouting

"hehe, stop your melo-drama" Nikkita said while laughing

"ok baba, I'll tell Armaan and we'll definitely come. I am really curious to know what the surprise actually is"

"That you'll know tomorrow. Ok I have to make few more calls so see you tomorrow at 8 in my house. You take care of yourself and then little"

"no problem Nikki, see you tomorrow and you too take care" they said bye to each other and hung up the phone.

She carried on with the book she was reading after an hour so, Armaan came out with his messy hairs and rubbing his eyes. He entered in the sitting room while yawning which caught Ridhima's attention and smiled look at his face "hey Armaan, you are already up?"

"yeah, I am feeling hungry" he said while looking at her "let's prepare the dinner"

"why don't you go and freshen up, then we'll prepare the dinner" At this Armaan nodded and he went in the bathroom. He joined Ridhima in the kitchen after a while.

Armaan prepared the food, when he was stirring the food Ridhima told him about Nikkita's invitation which he agreed happily as he too wanted to know what the surprise was, plus the next day was Sunday so means no work. But little did they knew along the surprise, something else was going to happen. Once the food was prepared, they both ate it. Ridhima completely loved the food and both went on walk as their routine.

What surprise Nikkita is going to give them? What is going to happen?


Armaan prepared the food, when he was stirring the food Ridhima told him about Nikkita's invitation which he agreed happily as he too wanted to know what the surprise was, plus the next was Sunday so means no work. But little did they know along the surprise, something else was going to happen that day. Once the food was prepared, they both ate it. Ridhima completely loved the food and both went on walk as their routine.

The following day, Ridhima and Armaan went together at Nikkita's house and they arrived there at the exact time. They met Abhimanyu and Nikkita while hugging them and Armaan asked them "Guys, what is the surprise? I am dying out of curiosity"

"Armaan, Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai and you know 'patience is virtue' " Abhimanyu said testing their patience.

Armaan growled and said "you guys are impossible"

Meanwhile Ridhima noticed there weren't many guests but yet she didn't know so she felt quite left out which didn't went unnoticed by Armaan, who said "come Ridhima, I'll make you meet my friends"

He took her to her friends, whom he met with a hug then said "Ridhima, she is Muskaan and he is Rahul" he said pointing toward a couple "he is Atul and Anjali" he said while pointing toward the other couple "both couples are married" he finished there introduction with a smile "and guys, she is Ridhima, I told you about her, remember?"

"oh yes, hi Ridhima nice to meet you" Muskaan said and hugged Ridhima, followed by Anjali. Ridhima was taken back first but then she felt at ease and smiled from heart. All the guys met her one by one. Ridhima was happy to meet them and she integrated in their group instantly.

"how come I never met you before?" Ridhima asked as all of them sat down expect Abhimanyu and Nikkita who were busy with some other guests.

"well me and Atul are partners and we had a project in foreign where we had to spend two months so along our wives we were there. We just came back today itself and here we are" Rahul said with a smile.

"do you guys want something to drink?" Atul asked everyone. All said yes so the guys went to bring their drinks. They came back after a while with theirs and girls drink. Armaan passed Ridhima her soft drink, Rahul gave to Muskaan and Atul to Anjali.

They all were having their soft drink and were discussing with each other when Muskaan asked Ridhima excitingly "so Ridhima, how do you feel knowing that you will become a mother in like three months?"

"It feels so good, I truly feel over the moon" Ridhima replied with an exciting smile. Though it was difficult for her sometime to sleep due to pregnancy but she was waiting for the moment she will hold her baby.

Armaan too wanted to answer this question and say that it felt heavenly, he was waiting eagerly the day he would be able to hold the little one.

"Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please?" a voice took their attention, they noticed Abhimanyu and Nikkita in the middle with a mic "first of all, thank you to all of you for coming here and secondly I want to call Ridhima here"

Ridhima looked around her and then toward Armaan, who blinked her eyes. Now she knew that Armaan knew all along about this surprise but she still was unaware. She went there with steady step, she was feeling everyone's eye on her.

"Today is one of the most beautiful girls's birthday" Nikkita said with a big smile and while side hugging Ridhima.

"happy birthday Ridhima" The whole hall wished Ridhima in unison.

Ridhima stood there with tears in her eyes and her hand on her mouth, she was really surprised so she hugged Nikkita. She was really touched and thanked them. "Ridhima all this wasn't planned by us but by Armaan, moreover he did all the preparations" Nikkita told her.

Ridhima looked at Armaan and smiled at him who smiled back. She took the mic and said "thank you guys for coming here. Thank you Armaan for making this day special for me". After that, Armaan and the other friends joined them. Armaan told her to cut the cake, she cut it and fed Armaan at the first then the others. Armaan took another piece of cake and fed Ridhima "happy birthday... I'll always pray to God that your life may fulfill with happiness" he wishes her with his charming smile.

"thank you guys" she replied back with a smile. Then she was showered with loads of gifts. As per Muskaan's requests, Ridhima opened every gift and she was really happy, she was behaving like a kid.

After that, Abhimanyu helped Armaan loading the gifts in his trunk and the back seat. Ridhima was still talking with Muskaan, Anjali and Nikkita.

"guys why don't you go and dance?" Ridhima asked everyone as boys joined them.

"but then you'll be alone" Muskaan replied her genuily concerned for her.

"you go guys, I'll be here with Ridhima" Armaan told them so all agreed and went for dancing. "Ridhima, are you tired?" he asked Ridhima once everyone were at a distance.

"No Armaan" she replied with a smile "...but yeah I want to go to the bathroom" she said, and as Armaan nodded with a smile, she went to the bathroom.

On the very same time, someone came toward him, seeing whom Armaan's blood boiled. He couldn't stop himself but talk rudely "what are you doing here?"

"well Abhimnayu invited his friend Manav and so how can he come without his girlfriend" she replied with a smile.

"whatever Sanjana, but stay away from me" he threatened her.

"I just came to wish the birthday girl as it seems like you are taking care of all her needs. I mean I must say, such a lavishing birthday surprise for her. I guess she must be pleasing you well in your bed" with that Sanjana crossed all her limits and Armaan slapped her hard.

Sanjana stood there holding her cheek, she was really humiliated and she promised herself that he would pay.

"don't you dare utter a word, how can you think so low but again about whom am I talking to. You listen just stay away from me and my friends" he said angrily and left from there.

Sanjane was full of rage, she was so angry to know that Armaan slapped her because of that birthday girl. She thanked God that due to loud music the slap voice wasn't heard otherwise she would have been embarrassed to the core.

When Ridhima came out, she saw Armaan slapping a girl. She was shocked because Armaan wasn't that type of person who would hit a girl so she decided to ask him what the matter was.

She walked toward Armaan, who was standing angrily in a corner and was about to drink the alcohol which he was holding "Armaan, what are you doing?". she was surprised to see him drinking

However seeing Ridhima, his anger vanished so he put the glass on the table and asked her slowly "can we go home?"

Looking at his condition, she knew he was stressed and he needed to be out of here so she nodded. After that, they made their way to their friends and said bye, who didn't say anything as they thought Ridhima must be tired. It was only 10 PM, when they left the hall.

Armaan drove the car in silence so Ridhima decided to break the silence "what happened Armaan?"

He wasn't replying, he just kept on driving then after a while he stopped the car near a beach. As Ridhima saw Armaan coming out, she too followed him. Armaan was walking slowly slowly.

Armaan was numb, that day his past knocked on his door again, the past he was trying to forget not that it mattered to him anymore but every time his past hurt him, though lesser than before yet it did hurt. Moreover, the instant Sanjana blurted those words, he knew now her words or her presence could hurt him no more as what she said and did was the worst.

The soft blowing of the wind was calming his nerves. Even though, he was wearing shoes still he felt the gentleness of the sand. He knew Ridhima was right behind him and it somehow reassured him that he wasn't alone but at that moment he didn't know what to say her.

They kept on walking for a bit more but now Ridhima was tired so she held his hand and said "Armaan can we sit and talk?"

Armaan looked at her and noticed that she was already a bit tired from the party and now that she had walked for God know how long, she was really exhaust. "Ridhima, are you fine?" he asked fretfully looking at Ridhima and then he looked at her belly with panic "are you ok girlfriend?".

Ridhima couldn't help but just admire Armaan, he was in pain yet he was caring for her and her baby as in his girlfriend. She nodded with smiled and replied "I and your girlfriend am tired, so can we sit down?"

Armaan nodded with a sigh of relief that they are fine. Both sat down on the sand "Armaan, not that I want to interfere in your life but you seem really tensed and morever I never saw you that angry to slap a woman. Is everything ok?" she asked apprehensively.

At that moment, Armaan realized that Ridhima had seen him slapping Sanjana but he couldn't tell her about that as she would be upset. Nevertheless, he was going to share with her his past that he had shared with nobody but today he felt like sharing it with Ridhima. He respired and said "that's a long story"

"I am all hear Armaan" she said calmly holding his hand.

"All this started when I was in Delhi and I was in first year of my college where I met her, Sanjana for the first time. She was a beautiful and a nice girl.We instantly became friends, we hanged out a lot with friends or even just the two of us, I really felt comfortable around her. We went together for shopping, to walk, to cinema, we were like best friends.

With time, I started loving her and she too gave me hints that she loved me. Two years after I met her, on one fine day I proposed her and she accepted my proposal. The whole college was aware of it, we were the love birds of our college. We spent most of the time together but still there was a lack in our relation. At that time I didn't know what or maybe I wasn't trying to understand it.

It was like only me who was trying to keep our relation on track as she had started fighting wth me over every little thing but still I tried my best to never let her any chance to complain, I took care of all her needs, I had showered her with love and I fulfilled all of her wishes.

Well, time kept on going like this but our relation was not the same as the beggining. I mean, I know there are few changing when your relations change but not that bigs. She was not the same person I had fallen in love. As the girl I had fallen in love was just not beautiful from outside, she was beautiful from inside too but the girl who was my girlfriend was just beautiful from outside. As I spent more time with her, I got to know more about her and it was truly disappointing yet I didn't let down our relation as I believed the relations we made are to be fulfilled till the last breath.

But There was just one question in my mind 'is this love?' as normally both persons in love try to balance their relation but there it was only I. Still I shrugged that thought off.

Then one day, she left me without even informing, I was broken. From her friends I got to know she was in Mumbai and had been accepted in excel college. So I came here in Mumbai, taking few days off from college. My main purpose to come there was just to find her and ask why did she leave? was there anything missing in my love?



Finally that day came when I saw her in excel college but the next thing made me shock as a guy came from behind and hugged her from waist. After that he planted a kiss on her shoulder.

Sanjana, who had seen me behaved like I was stranger but as that guy left I went to her and asked "Sanjana what is all this?"

"what? and who are you to ask me this?" she said while rolling her eyes.

"For God sake, I am your boyfriend" I was aghast.

"come on Armaan, you were just a time pass for me. I was with you as I knew you will fulfill all my wishes but no the most expensive gift you had given me till date was that proposing ring"

At that moment, I got to know she was with me just for money. I meant nothing to her. You know I was so upset on myself knowing that I trusted a girl like her but strangely I wasn't sad. I mean the way, a person is sad when heartbroken. Yes I was upset but just because I didn't knew why she left me and when I got to know that I didn't wanted to have any relation with her.

And today, she insulted me and said stuff which I can't even think of, I just couldn't stop myself so I slapped her" there wasn't even a tear in his eyes but he looked at Ridhima and found her crying "what happened, Ridhima?" he asked her with concern.

"just listening about your past made me cry" she said while wiping her tears.

"oww Ridhima" he said while hugging her "come one, let's go home"

They both stood up and went back home. Entering in the sitting room both sat down. "Armaan, for some reason even I want to share my past with you. I had never shared it with anyone, you know because it always pains me to think about that but I know that sharing my past with you would help me to feel lighter"

Armaan was amazed to see that after a month she was at least ready to share her past and he knew for sure that she would feel really good. As he too was feeling good after sharing his past with her. Sharing, his past with Ridhima made him so light and the only traces left of his past faded away.

"Ridhima go on, you'll definitely feel better as I am feeling right now" he encouraged Ridhima while holding her hands.

She smiled slyly and then closed her eyes, trying to remember the past memories, the earlier no doubt were beautiful. As she recollected them she opened her eyes.


Ridhima was born in Mumbai and was living with her parents Shashank and Padma, thus she was loved a lot by her parents.

When Ridhima turned 22, her parents started the talk of her marriage so that she get happily settled off. She wasn't ready yet but for her parents' happiness she agreed to meet the guys they have chosen.

Her parents just told her that the guys who was coming to see her, was Shashank's friend's son. His name was Samir Saxena, he was rich man and he was coming back from UK just to see her. Ridhima wasn't really thrilled with the idea to go and settled down in UK, she wanted to live in India with her family but her parents happiness were way more important for her, she could do anything to see them happy.

The next week, Samir and his family landed at their home. Ridhima was wearing a beautiful pink salwar kameez, she put minimum make up and light earrings with a simple necklace. Ridhima's mom came in her room and put a tikka near her ear as to save her from devil eyes. Once she was done, she took Ridhima in the sitting room.

Ridhima's eyes were lowered, she didn't dare looked up, she was too nervous to do so. Padma made her sit next to Samir.

"I think we should leave both of them alone for a while" Samir's dad said with a smile and all agreed.

All left them in the sitting room and went in the garden. Ridhima was too shy to even say a word.

"Ridhima" she heard her name so she shyly looked up and found him looking at her. "I think we should introduce each other properly. Hi, I am Samir, 24 years old and came here in India after whole 9 years" he said with a smile and then asked "what about you?"

"hi, my name is Ridhima, I am 22 and had been in India all my life" she said while looking down again.

Both talked a while, well Samir asked her questions and she replied. While talking to each other, Ridhima felt really comfortable. After a while, the elder joined them. Soon enough, Samir and his family left saying that they will give their answer soon.

Somehow, Ridhima's parents were confident that it was a yes as they noticed a cute smile on both of their faces.

Padma took Ridhima back in the room and asked her "did you like Samir?"

Ridhima smiled shyly and nodded her head. Padma hugged her with excitement, she was happy that Ridhima would be married and settled down. Padma went down happily and told Shashank, while Ridhima was blushing to the core.

The very same evening, Samir's father called Shashank and said it was a yes from Samir, shashank said it was a yes from their side too. All was set, there wedding was going to take place in two weeks.

Finally, it was the D-day, Ridhima was really happy as in the last two weeks she got to know to more about him, her liking toward him was getting stronger.

She got married and the next day they were flowing back to England. Ridhima was sad to be away from her parents. She was sad to go in a strange place where she knew no one but she knew Samir would support her and would be with her always and that very fact reassured her. That was why she was able to leave her homeland with a happy heart and with good memories.

The following two years were like heaven for her, Samir showered her with so much love. She still remembered, the day of her birthday.

"Happy birthday sweetheart" Samir said while pecking on her forehead. Both were on their bed and covered with a sheet.

Ridhima opened her eyes with a moan yet with a smile and said "thank you"

"so what does my princess want today?" he asked while looking in her eyes lovingly.

"I just want you in my life that's all" she replied back, they both looked in each other's eyes with so much love then Ridhima continued "I have a surprise for you"

Samir frowned and asked "isn't it your birthday?"

"yeah but is there any difference between you and me?" she asked him innocently, he shook his head cutely which made Ridhima smile. "You are going to be a father" she said shyly

Samir looked at her, in dazed state. When he regained a bit of his composure he asked for confirmation "really?"

"really" she confirmed with blush.

Samir was so happy, he hugged her tightly and showered her with kisses.

Two months passed by, she was four months pregnant when his friend Ashwin, Samir's friend came at their home. It was the first time she was meeting him. He looked at her lustily and when she informed Samir, he just told her that she was misunderstanding his friend so she dropped off the topic.

But he didn't stop looking at her lustily or touching her whenever he could. She was fed up but Samir didn't notice this nor understand her.

After a week, Ridhima was alone at home when she heard the bell. She opened the door and found Ashwin. Seeing him there, she was sort of scared as she was alone at home, even her servant had left due to some work.

"Samir isn't at home, come later" she was about to close the door but he put his hand in between.

"who came to meet Samir, I came to meet you, to make love to you" he said seductively while pushing the door and then he closed the door.

She slapped him "leave" she said angrily.

"no, never" he replied, with rage in his eyes, while walking toward her. He was angry to be slapped by her, he wasn't going to leave her that easily.

Ridhima moved back till she hit the wall, he pinned her and tried to kiss her still she protested for some time but she wasn't equal to him physically. Moreover her pregnancy wasn't helping her at all as she was feeling really weak.

He forcefully threw her over his shoulder and led her toward her room. In the way, Ridhima kicked him, but even her hard kicks didn't affect him, she was so weak in from of him. He threw her on the bed and jumped on her.

"stop, please leave me" she protested but to no avail he wasn't ready to stop. He didn't even care that she was pregnant.

Still Ridhima tried to push him. "I won't" he said and buried his head in the crock of her neck, on the same time he tore her clothes from shoulder. She shrieked painfully. He turned there position so now she was on the top but still she couldn't do anything. Ridhima tears steamed down non-stop.

Ridhima attempted to get rid of him but to no good. Suddenly the door opened. She looked there and found Samir who was standing there with shocked expressions.

At the same instant, Ashwin left her, as he too had seen him, and sort of pushed her "what are you doing Ridhima? you are my friend's wife" he said pretending to be the one being forced here.

Samir couldn't believe his eyes, his wife was in their bedroom all over his friend. He moved toward her and slapped her. He didn't even noticed her tears or the nasty bites on her neck or her clother torn up from her shoulder.

"I could have understand that you agreed to marry me only to come to England. You never loved me, you bit*h" he spatted angrily while grabbing her hairs and jerking her away forcefully that she fall down on the bed.

Though she was mortified an was in pain but she had to defend herself "Samir listen to me please, I hadn't done anything, he was forcing me"

He went to her and slapped her again "I myself have seen who was all over whom" he yelled angrily

"You can't do this Samir, I only love you. I am carrying the symbol of our love, please believe me" she sobbed while holding his arm.

He jerked her arm away and shouted "I am sure that the children in your womb isn't even mine. Take your stuff and get out"

"Sam..." she was numbed to hear all that.

She got interrupted by Samir "I said get out" he looked at her angrily. When he didn't see her moving "you won't listen like this then just wait" he took a suitcase and filled it with her stuff.

He took hold of her hand and dragged her toward the exit door. He opened it and threw her out with her suitcase "just get out. I'll send you the divorce paper soon as I can't live with you"

All this event made her stunned, her husband didn't believe her, he didn't trust her, he accused her of being a bit*h, he didn't even listen her. Where was she to go now.

While holding the suitcase, she started walking aimlessly. She was thrown out from her house and that too when she was pregnant.

She was still walking on the road when a car stopped on her level. As she felt her arm being grabbed she looked up and found Ashwin "that's what you get to slap me" he said while smirking.

Though, he did all this but he wasn't satisfied. He was going to fulfill all his needs. He dragged her toward his car but some nice man came there and saved her from Ashwin, who left but with the promise that he will come back gain.

Afraid she was, she decided to leave England and go back to India. Before she could reach at her parents' home, the news of her so called 'extramarital affair' reached at her home.

Her parents kicked her out from the door of their house while cursing her and their faith. The daughter they had always loved put them at shame. They too didn't believe her.

Now there was no place for her to stay. Luckily, she had some money, thanks to which she got to stay in a hotel. She knew she couldn't spend all her life like this so she applied in a hospital where she got a job.

Hotel was expensive so she went to prefecture who helped her getting a affordable place to stay and now she was leaving with Armaan.


As she ended with her past she looked toward Armaan and found him in tears. "hey Armaan what happened?" she too was in tears but she didn't know he would also start crying.

Armaan thought his pain was big one but today he truly got to know his pain was nothing compared to Ridhima's. He just hugged her tightly, he couldn't say anything but just comfort her at the moment.

Ridhima too couldn't help but sob loudly and freely. After so long, she got a shoulder to lean on and cry her heart out for her past. Finally, she had let the truth and she felt good.

That's was the beauty of their friendship, one was able to feel the pain of the other.


See below for the following parts

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As she ended with her past she looked toward Armaan and found him in tears. "hey Armaan what happened?" she too was in tears but she didn't know he would also start crying.

Armaan thought his pain was big one but today he truly got to know his pain was nothing compared to Ridhima's. He just hugged her tightly, he couldn't say anything but just comfort her at the moment.

Ridhima too couldn't help but sob loudly and freely. After so long, she got a shoulder to lean on and cry her heart out for her past. Finally, she had let the truth and she felt good.

That's was the beauty of their friendship, one was able to feel the pain of the other.

Ridhima wa still in arms. "By the way, why were you crying the other day?" Armaan asked her remind, the other days event when he found her so pale and crying.

It remembered her why she was crying that day and as she had shared so much with him, then that days event meant nothing to her.

"you know Samir sang a song for me on my birthday and that day that song was on air. Somehow, it reminded me of him and tears were automatically streaming down. I just couldn't help" then she moved back and said apologetically "I am sorry to bother you so much"

Armaan placed his hand on her lips and said "shh, you are my friend and a friend isn't burden". He flashed her smile through his tears.

"you are the best friend, I have ever had" She hugged him and then moving back, she continued gratefully "thank you for trusting me even after you were betrayed by a woman"

"Ridhima, I know all the girls aren't same. I can't blame every girl for that good for nothing woman. Moreover, I had met female women who were trustworthy, my mom too was a girl and she was the bestest woman in the world" Armaan said with a smile and then asked "you too had been hurt by your husband still you trusted me and said yes to stay with me for the same reason as me, right?"

Ridhima nodded at his question innocently that left Armaan admiring her. Sharing his past with her, helped him overcome his past. Now he knew his past would never bother him, he was completely over it and that fact really soothed his mind and heart.

"It's late, my girlfriend needs her beauty sleep so it's time to go to bed" Armaan said pointing at her big belly.

Listening to Armaan, she couldn't help but giggle even after a tensed moment. Tears were long forgotten, she was feeling really light. Moreover, he was just so sweet and he had bonded so well with her going to be baby already. "you are right"

She stood up with the help of the couch arm set. "good night" She said with a smile and started walking toward her room.

"not so soon, my girlfriend's mommy" he said playfully which caused Ridhima to look at him with a frown.

"and why is that so?" She asked, confused.

"because, I am going to tell my girlfriend a story" He said picking up a book of story he brought just a day ago.

Ridhima smiled widely "you are such a baby at times"

"That I have to be for my girlfriend" both burst out laughing at this, then Armaan said "come one, you co in your room, I'll place all the stuff you need for the night"

"Armaan you don't need to, I'll do it by myself" Ridhima tried to convince him on this.

"no, go in your room" he said in an orderly tone.

"ok" she said with a pout and made her way in her bedroom obediently.

Armaan smiled looking at her retreating figure, she was so sweet. Gathering all the stuff, she needed for the night, he made his way in her room.

Placing them on her bed side table, he sat down a chair placed nearby her bed and started telling the story.

Hearing him telling a story and making those cute face, made Ridhima a smile. Looking at his face, she fell asleep.

As Armaan heard snoring, he looked up and found her sleeping. Her snoring told him how tired she was. Her pregnancy, her birthday celebration, their past talks truly had an effect on her health. After placing the book on her bed side table, he moved a lock of her hair back and covered her properly. It would be underestimation to say that she was looking angelic.

He was about to left the room, but he stopped as he saw a frown on her face. Unaware of the fact, why she was frowning.

Looking at her belly, he couldn't resist but move forward, remove her a blanket a bit and place his hand there.

Feeling a kick caused him to realize why she was frowning. He smiled widely feeling the baby and then whispered slowly "girlfriend, let your mommy sleep peacefully, she is tired after the whole day's event".

As if the baby heard him, and stopped kicking. Looking at Ridhima's face, he knew was calm now. "that like my good girlfriend" he said looking at her belly.

He was so proud to feel the baby, their connection was cognizable. Covering her again properly, he opened the window a little so that she wouldn't feel suffocation.

Checking once again as for making sure that she wouldn't need anything in the need. Once he was satisfied, he left his room, closing the door behind him.

Few days later, after sharing their pasts, they had become more closer than before. They could share anything bothering them and the other would help the one in problem.

One bright day, Armaan was getting ready but he was confused as to wear what. "Ridhima, yaar I am confused what to wear" Armaan called Ridhima was sitting in the sitting room and was reading one the baby care book.

Shaking her head with a smile, she placed the book on the table and stood up. This was now a routine, Armaan had become depend on her and the same was with Ridhima.

As she entered in the room, she saw him going through his clothes with a confuse look. Letting out a loud laugh, she moved forward to help him.

"this one for today" she said hanging him a blue shirt with black pant along a black tie.

"wow, how do you always solve my problems so easily?" he asked with amazing look.

"because I know you in and out" she told him proudly and pushed him in the bathroom with his clothes.

Feeling the warm water on his skin, he closed his eyes in relaxation. His feelings for Ridhima had changed, he had started feeling about her more than a friend but he was afraid of those feeling as he didn't want to loose her. She meant a lot to him.

When he closed his eyes her face appeared in his mind, when he slept all he dreamed was her.

His mind was messed up, he was confused about his feelings but more than that he was concerned about her. He still remembered few days ago's event.

It was night time, around 3 am, Ridhima barged in his room and shook him, in purpose to wake him up. Armaan jumped seeing her "huh, Ridhima you are ok na?" he asked her and especially when he looked at the clock it showed three which added to his concern.

"I want to eat ice-cream...please" she said to Armaan.

Armaan heaved sigh, seeing that everything is alright "Ridhima, at that moment there is no ice-cream at home so we will go at ice-cream parlor tomorrow" and laid down.

"Armaan wake up, please I want ice cream" she said like a baby.

"Ridhima, let me sleep, we'll definitely go there tomorrow" he said covering himself with blanket.

The next think surprised him, she had actually started crying "I want ice-cream now". He sat down and looked at her, she was behaving like a baby, but he knew there was no fault of her.

"ok, Ridhima. Go wear something warm, we'll try to find some ice-cream parlor" he said giving in happily, he was ready to go to any limit to make her happy. He just couldn't see her sad or in tears.

Ridhima quickly wiped her tears and smiled. "Pakka?" she asked him for confirmation.

He smiled back and said "Pakka". Listening this, Ridhima hugged him happily. This mood swing was getting over her, she simply couldn't control her cravings.

Then they went on the search of an ice-cream parlor at 3 AM. After some search, they at last found one ice-cream parlous opened. Both went there and had their ice cream.

After reaching at home, she had apologized really sweetly for giving him trouble in the night and he had said simply with a smile "it was my pleasure as well as my duty of a friend". All his words always touched straight to her heart.

He came out from his thought with a smile. Somehow, Ridhima could always manage to make him smile, be it in real or just remembering their old moments. She was just the best person he ever came across.

Dressing up in the clothes chosen by Ridhima. He came out while wiping his hairs and stood in front of the mirror.

"I need badly a haircut" he said looking at his long hairs.

"exactly, your hairs need a cut. You look so cute when they are short" He looked up and saw Ridhima in the mirror. Hearing the last bit, his cheeks turned into a light pink shade.

As he turned toward her, there was no one. He ran a hand in his hair and sighed helplessly yet with a smile on his face. She had started invading his private space too but somehow he didn't mind.

The first time, he met her and found her giggling, he was lost in the sight. No doubt, she was epitome of innocence. Her innocence proved, she couldn't even hurt a fly.

When, he spend some time with her, he got to know she possessed a golden heart. Their closeness had increased in all those times.

Brushing his hairs and then spiking them a bit with gel, he made his way toward the sitting room only to be greeted by a beautiful sight. Ridhima was sitting there with a baby book in her hand and her hand placed on her womb, as in the convey all this to baby.

"Ridhima, where are my girlfriend's ultrasound?" he asked entering in the sitting room.

"hmm in my room, why are you asking this?" she asked, mystified.

"I want to hang it here, in the sitting room" he said excitingly.

"oh, ok" she was touched hearing this from Armaan.

She knew NOBODY could have care so much for his baby expect this young, handsome, eligible bachelor 'Armaan Mallik'.

She went in her room and brought the ultrasound to Armaan "here".

Armaan took it and said with a smile "thank you". Before hanging it, he admired it for few seconds and whispered "she is beautiful just like her mother"

That compliment made Ridhima blush and she felt giddy. Never had she felt before. Not that no one complimented her but these feelings were new to her.

Hanging the ultrasound in the well made frame on the wall, they both looked at it. She had never thought, she would meet a man like Armaan, who would change her life into better. Never had he let her being hurt.

Without saying anything she hugged him and Armaan too hugged her back, knowing how much she needed the hug.

Hearing about her dreadful past, he knew he was her soul support and he promised himself, he would be always there for her.

At that moment, she was going through emotional changes. How and when her mood would change none of them knew.

"ok I have to go to office now. So you take care of yourself and don't exhaust yourself. When I came back at home, we'll go for walk and then we'll watch some movie" he told her everything softly.

Not realizing that he had started behaving like a caring husband. "ok, you too take care of yourself, i'll be waiting for you"

It was so good to hear that some would be waiting for him. He smiled widely and saying bye he left.

Locking the door as he left, she smiled widely at his concern and then sat in the sitting room. Though sometime she felt irritated but she was loving someone caring for her.

Armaan was sitting in his office room, instead of paying attention to his secretary his thoughts were wandering about Ridhima.

"sir, sir???" his secretary called him

As he came out from his trail of though, he fumbled "yes... Mr Sharma.. what were you saying?"

His secretary, Mr Sharma, was confused. He had never seen his boss lost It was really strange as Mr Mallik had always been really concentrated on his work. He shrugged of this feeling, thinking that he was no one to think about it, so he started all over again what he had told him already. "I was talking about the new project..."

"hmm ok, inform Mr Ahluwaliya about this, he would be the in charge of this" Armaan said and then he stood up. "I am off for the day. Have a nice day, bye" saying this he left his office room.

Leaving his shocked secretary behind "what had happened to sir?"


"hmm ok, inform Mr Ahluwaliya about this, he would be the in charge of this" Armaan said and then he stood up. "I am off for the day. Have a nice day, bye" saying this he left his office room.

Leaving his shocked secretary behind "what had happened to sir?"

He sat in his car and placed his head against the headrest. "what is happening to me? What am I feeling for her?" he asked himself, running a hand through his hairs and closing his eyes.

As soon as he closed his eyes, all the past moment spent with Ridhima flashed in his mind. Her innocence, her naivety, her smile, her eyes, her gold-heart was something he admired from the bottom of his heart. For sure, he felt more than a friend for her.

Never in his life, had he felt like this. This feelings were new to him. Everytime, he was with Ridhima, he felt like he was special.

Moreover, from quite some time he had become so dependent on her that now he couldn't even do his work on his own and he loved someone being there for him.

No doubt, he was invading his personal space. The space he had reserved for the one he would love with the core of his heart. "Do I love her?" he asked looking in the mirror and out of sudden a smile crept on his lips as the realization dawned upon him "yes, I love her"

The next second, her smile vanished and a frown took place on his face. "Does she think the same way about me? If not would she accept me?" he was afraid thinking this. Now that he realized his love for her, he couldn't bear to loose her, she meant a lot to him.

He didn't want to confess his love to her yet as he didn't want to loose her friendship. He came at the conclusion that he wouldn't confess right away, he would wait a bit.

That was the only way which sounded great to him. Starting the engine, he drove toward his home.

Turning his key in the door, he opened the door and entered. "good afternoon" Came a melodic voice from sitting room.

Unknowingly, a smile took place on his face. "good morning" he greeted her back while entering in the sitting room. "how are you and my girlfriend?" he asked her, plopping on the couch, next to her.

"we both are fine" she replied with a smile, changing the channels. "you tell? by the way you are more than earlier today?" she was quite surprised to see him at home, just after an hour.

"yeah, I was feeling not concentrated on work so I took an off" he said looking at the channels.

Turning his gaze toward Ridhima, he kept admiring her. Not that, he hadn't before but now his feelings were known to him.

 "Armaan... Armaan"

"huh.." he came from his thoughts and asked her "what happened?"

"I am calling you from the last two minutes but all you are doing is looking at me and smiling. What happening to you?" she told him what happened.

"I...huh..." he stammered a bit. "...I was thinking that in less then three months, you'd be a mother" he said controlling the situation. He had realized that he had been smiling, thinking about all that but he couldn't come to tell her for now.

"I am also very excited. So have you decided any name if it's a girl?" she asked enthusiastically

Armaan giggled at her enthusiasm and said "yes, I have"

"Oh cool, what is the name?" she asked gleefully

"hmm, let's keep it a secret" he replied playfully.

Listening that, she moved back till her back touched the back of the couch and crossed her arms on her chest, with a pout.

That very sight blew Armaan over. He was mesmerized by her innocence, her beauty. She was truly looking cute in that posture. Coming back to their discussion, he said "Oh, is that so? then let me remind you, you still haven't told me the gender of the baby" he said explaining his point.

"well, then ok, I won't ask the name" she said with a smile, as for nothing in the world she wanted to disclose to him the gender as for now.

Armaan frowned as he thought that maybe now she would tell him the gender of the by but no, she was liking to put him in suspense and hor some reason he was loving it.

As she looked toward his, she again found him lost. "why don't you go and take a nap."

That was a wise decision and he agreed to it and left to his room saying with smile "wake me up by afternoon and you too have some rest".

Laying down on his bed, in his changed clothes, his thought went back again on Ridhima. He didn't know what would be her reaction toward his feelings. *sigh*

In that silence, Armaan couldn't help but think how it would feel to have Ridhima as his wife, how it would feel to have a baby, their baby, how it would feel to be loved by the one he loved. He was completely loving these ideas.

He hoped that they'll get married one day, and her baby would be theirs. This thought made him have butterfly in his stomach.

Meanwhile, in the sitting room, Ridhima was lost in some thoughts "why was he staring at me time and again". She really felt baffled yet secured. His gaze wasn't the one which made her feel insecure or unsafe.

Moreover, she couldn't lie to herself but she felt her body heating up and blushing. How she composed herself only she knew. She didn't know what was happening to her or maybe she didn't want to know what was happening to her.

As officially, she was still Mrs Sexena and this very surname made her feel horrible. She hated this surname and the man itself. When she needed him the most, he threw her out like some trash.

Coming out from her thoughts, she looked down at her belly and whispered "time for some rest"

Ridhima made her way in her room. She made sure that she turned the alarm on so she could wake Armaan up by afternoon.

Putting his hand against his ears, in a try block the ring of the alarm. As far as he remember, he hadn't put any alarm.

He was fed up now, he sat down and said sadly "I was having such a beautiful dream with Ridhima"

*sigh* he stood up and followed the track which led him to the alarm.

If he was right, it was coming from Ridhima's room. He entered in her room and saw his princess sleeping peacefully even in the alarm. He concluded that she must be really tired.

Turning of the alarm, he looked at her and sat there for a while, admiring her innocence. He didn't know what would happen when she'll get to know he loved her.

Placing his hand slowly on her belly as in the have a conversation with his girlfriend. "Girlfriend, I love you mommy a lot, I don't want to loose her" he whispered slowly.

As he felt a kick, he realized even the baby was happy with this. He smiled shyly and whispered "you are the best".

He left her room slowly, on purpose not to disturb her sleep. He decided to prepare the meal alone for her.

Once he entered in the kitchen, as usually, he felt confused as to prepare what. He thought to cook 'chicken salan'. From the Ridhima came into his life, he had learnt a lot about cooking.

After sometime, Ridhima woke up and looked at the time "oh my God, it's so late, why hadn't the alarm rang?".

Standing up, she went in the bathroom and get freshen up quickly and made her way out to wake Armaan but what she saw in the sitting room made her stop.

Armaan was sitting down on the table, wearing a apron and chef hat, with a big smile. Her glace went toward the table where she found the food led down beautifully and the aroma of the food was so delectable.

"Ma'am, the food is ready, please have a seat" Armaan said politely, standing up and gesturing her to sit down.

Giggling at his behavior, she sat down and as Armaan too sat down, she asked with an amuzed frown "what is all this Armaan?"

"This is a treat to my girlfriend and her mommy" he said sweetly

Ridhima smiled at him and put the food in her place. In the last month and few days, Armaan had always let her be the first in everything and she was used to it now.

As they were done with the food, Ridhima declared "Armaan, you sure are an amazing cook"

Armaan was happy hearing the compliments. "well, thanks to my chef" he said looking at her.

Flashing him a smile, she said "the hard-work is yours"

Modesty was one more thing that he loved in her. Actually, he loved each and everything about her.

He was picking the plates up, when his eyes fall on her swollen feet. He was really worried "Ridhima what happened to your feet and ankles?"

"oh! nothing to worry about, they are just a bit swollen due to pregnancy" she said casually.

He disconnected the phone and went in the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of water. "here drink this, don't cross your legs and I'll be right back" He rambled all that her doctor told and left.

Ridhima shook her head with a smile "pagal" and drank the water.

"let me talk to the doctor" he called her doctor even before she could stop.

Seeing him worried for her and care for her, made her heart made somersaults but she was afraid.. Afraid to develop forbidden feelings for him.

After sometime, he came back at home with a bag in his hand. He came and sat next to her. "put your feet on the table carefully"

She gave him quizzical look but then obeyed what he said, taking a deep breath out.

He took the bottle out and Ridhima noticed it was some herbal oil "what is this Armaan?".

"this is herbal oil, you see it's a desi cure. It will definitely help to soothe your feet" he said putting the oil on his palm and taking his hand toward her feet.

Before she could react, he had already started messaging. She was truly touched by this gesture of him. Words were not coming out from her mouth. Nonetheless, few tears made they way out.

As he looked at her, he got worried "what happened?"

She wiped her tears and said, choking on her words "I am feeling really touched"

"what are friends for" he said with a smile and kept messaging

It had been two weeks that Armaan realized his love. The last two weeks passed in jiffy, Armaan's feeling got deeper and deeper, he was head over heals in love with her. Everyday, he would message her feet and ankle, even though she tried to protest but he was firm on his decision.

"Armaan, let's go to beach" Ridhima said as she was done with her dinner.

"not a bad idea. Go get ready" he said with a smile.

After few minutes, they left for the beach. Ridhima had started showing a lot and she looked extremely gorgeous. There was the glow on her face of pregnancy.

They were walking on the beach, enjoying the fresh breeze and soft sand under their bare feet.

Something hit her foot that she was about to fall down, Armaan just held her on time and got lost in the moment.

They had an intense eye-lock, Armaan was moving forward and was about to claim her lips. Ridhima came back into her senses and moved back before we could kiss her.

"uh, Ridhima... I am sorry but I won't lie, I love you a lot and I didn't regret any of my action" he said confidently.

She was baffled hearing that he loved her. "this is not right" she said looking away, she felt bad for him. He was the ideal guy that every woman would want in their life.

"why are you saying this?" he said heartbroken, he never wanted her to know his feelings like this.

"Armaan, don't love me... this is wrong... I am still married" This very fact 'married' didn't allow her to have feeling for someone else, this very fact didn't allow her to go near another man, though her hearts want to get free and hold this man's hand but she couldn't. He didn't know what to say that would change her decision.

"I know Ridhima. I don't know how and when I fall in love with you, but I really love you from the core of heart. Yet all I want is your happiness with or without me" he said each and every word honestly.

'without me' those words for some unknown reason pierced her heart.

He looked at her and said "we are still friends, right?" he didn't want to loose her.


"I know Ridhima. I don't know how and when I fall in love with you, but I really love you from the core of heart. Yet all I want is your happiness with or without me" he said each and every word honestly.

'without me' those words for some unknown reason pierced her heart.

He looked at her and said "we are still friends, right?" he didn't want to loose her.

"of course, we are friends forever" she tried to manage a smile. Being the same reason as Armaan, she didn't want to loose him as a friend.

Armaan gave weak smile through tears and both made their way back at home. Suddenly there was birth of hesitation between them, a thin veil came between their friendship.

Just one step from Ridhima's side would solve all their miseries. Sitting in the car, she was lost in her thought. Knowing very well what she had done was the right thing to do.

"huh, Ridhima we are home" Armaan said once he opened her door, causing to break her trail of thought.

Ridhima nodded and made her way out. They entered in the apartment. Looking at him, she whispered "thank you"

"mention not and anything for my girlfriend" he said, bending down in front of her "I know girlfriend, your mommy is upset with me but tell her to not be upset"

She held his hand and made his stood up "I am not upset with you Armaan but what you want is impossible, please move on" as she said this, tears streamed down from her eyes.

"that's the problem. Ridhima love happens on it's own, it doesn't matter to me if you don't reciprocate my feeling but I'll keep loving you always, till my last breath"

She controlled her sob as she was on the point to break down. She was really touched by what Armaan said but she was married and not to mention pregnant. Never was she going to destroy his life.

"good night" she said maintaining her emotions.

"let me check first, if everything is at place" he said and checked all the stuff, she might need in the night. Once he was done, he said "good night" and left.

As he left, Ridhima locked the door and sat on her bed. Hiding her face in her palms, she sobbed, she didn't know what game destiny was playing with them.

First she got married with Samir, she was so much happy, she got pregnant, at that moment her happiness knew no bond. Then, Ashwin came into their life and completely destroyed it. And now she was at Armaan's place, who loved her a lot but unfortunately, she couldn't reciprocate the same feelings.

*sigh* Armaan exhaled while sitting on the bed. 'why is life so complicated at times?' he wondered. He knew none of them was at fault. He was completely able to understand her situation, her turmoil but neither he could control his feelings, he loved her and would always her, no matter what.

Two months were left till her delivery, Armaan and Ridhima tried their best to no mention it. Still after that day, when Armaan tried to massage her feet, she felt hesitate but Armaan made sure she didn't refuse as this was important for her health and of course baby's. More or less, everything was back to normal.


The home phone rang, Ridhima was sitting next by, reading the remaining baby book, she picked it up "hello". Moreover, Armaan was at office.

"hello, Sanjeevani. Is this Dr Ridhima ?" came the voice from the other side.

"yes" Ridhima replied, placing the book aside.

"I am sister Lovely; actually we have a courier for you here, can you please come and fecth it?" Sister Lovely asked.

"ok, I'll come as soon as I can" Ridhima said and hung the phone. She was curious to know what and from who the letter was.

She thought to take taxi but then she concluded Armaan would get worried. So she decided to inform him, before leaving.

"hello Ridhima, how are you?" Armaan answered the call, as soon as he saw the displayer name.

"I am fine, actually I have a courier to fetch from the hospital so I am going there" she explained him everything.

"how are you going there?" Armaan asked her, with a frown.

"from taxi" she replied casually

"you are so not, I am coming home, I'll take you there" he said, shutting his laptop and standing up. Before she could say anything, he interrupted "and that's final"

She looked at the phone and shook her head with a slight smile. Not knowing what was awaiting her for her in the hospital. Not knowing that one letter will change her life but in better or worse, time would tell.

In not time, Armaan was back at home "let's go" he said looking at her.

"there is no such hurry. Sit down, I'll bring water for you" she said, perplexed at first but then amazed.

"uh you sit, I'll take it myself" he went in the kitchen and came with the glass of water. He took one himself and passed the other to Ridhima.

Ridhima flashed her bright smile as in to tell him how thankful she was of him. In return, he too smiled, showing his deep dimple.

After that, they left for hospital. Through out the way, they kept chatting none stop, about everything and nothing.

"by the way, your appointment with the doctor is in two days, right?" Armaan asked for confirmation.

"yeah" she couldn't help but be amazed every time he behaved like this. He remembered all the date, all the things concerning her and that really touched her heart to the core.

They entered in the hospital and all greeted joyfully. Ridhima had done her internship there and when she came back to India, she applied her and got accepted. Due to which all of the staff knew her and really adored her.

Being in this atmosphere, made her feel so light. This feeling was really soothing. They reached the nurse station and Ridhima said "hi, Sister Lovely, how are you?"

Sister Lovely smiled and greeted back "hi, I am fine ji, and how are you both?". She knew Armaan as he came with her Ridhima on her appointment, he was known as her best friend and they all respected him, he was true friend.

"I am fine" Armaan replied with a smile and waited for Ridhima to continue.

"I am fine, you said you have a courier for me, right?" Ridhima asked her.

"yes wait..." Sister Lovely replied and looked at her desk. As found the corrier, she said "here it is"

Ridhima took it and smiled "thank you".

"let's sit down and then check it" Armaan told her firmly, as he knew was tired.

"ok"she obeyed silently and sat down.

Somehow, for some unknown reason, her hand trembled as she was opening the seal. A sudden fear crept in her heart, she was afraid. As far as she knew, she wasn't expecting any letter.

Taking the letter out, she opened it and was stunned. That was good that she was sitting as she felt her knee going week.

Armaan looked at her expression and realized something wasn't right. He peaked in front, to have a look what was the letter about. As he read 'DIVORCE PAPER' he was left shocked, looking at her. True he loved her and if she got divorced meant his way is clear but his thought even didn't go there. He was sad for Ridhima. He knew she had gone through a lot and this could put her and her baby's health at risk.

At that moment, he felt really angry at Samir. Good that he wasn't in front of him, otherwise he wouldn't have stopped himself to beat him.

That was it, the numbness took over Ridhima and she fainted. Seeing her in this state making him anxious, he was afraid for her. "nurse... doctor" he yelled at the staff, hoping that someone would come to help.

"what happened?" Sister Lovely rushed to them, looking worried.

"she fainted, please call a doctor..." as he remembered her doctor name "please try to contact Dr Kritika"

Luckily, Dr Kritika was in hospital as she Ridhima's health, she asked "can you please being her in my cabin?"

Armaan nodded, he in one swift movement picked her up and followed Dr Kritika. "please make her lay there  and wait outside" She said politely.

Quietly following everything she told, he left her cabin reluctantly. He was feeling really fearfull. He looked up and joining his hand, he prayed "please God keep them safe".

After a while, Dr Kritika came out, Armaan rushed to her. Before he could asked anything, she said "she and the baby are fine. Her blood pressure was a bit low due to stress but yeah do take care to keep her away from any stress at this stage".

Armaan nodded without giving a second, he would made sure that"can I meet her?" he asked, hoping a positive response.

"yes" Dr Kritika smiled and left for her rounds.

Armaan entered and found a pale Ridhima but still there was solace visible on her face. He hugged tightly, as if to not loose her, he was really scared "you scared me to death".

"Armaan, we are fine" Armaan moved back, feeling the stiffness in her body. Though, his hug was friendly but she did want to keep distance between them. She couldn't allow herself to hope, to dream.

"huh, can you please bring the paper?" Ridhima asked looking at Armaan.

All Armaan did was to nod, he stood up and went out. The papers were still laying on the bench. He picked it up and made his way in the cabin.

"here" he passed her the paper.

"do you have a pen?" she asked, once the paper was in her hand.

"yes" he handed her the pen.

For a moment, she stared at the paper, her eyes fall down on particular clause which mentioned that he had no right over the baby she was carrying. That was a sad yet relieving clause, which assured her, her baby was only her.

Without a hesitation, she signed the paper. "Ridhima, you sure about this?" he asked her, once she handed him back the paper to handover it to a lawyer and his pen.

Amazed look was clearly visible on her face, she knew he loved her from the core of his heart, still he didn't want her to take a decision which wouldn't let her be happy but she knew her decision was right "I had never been that much sure. Armaan, a marriage without trust, understanding and faith has no value. Moreover, if he had given me a chance to explain the situation, I would have forgiven him"

For sure, Armaan knew every word she told were true. She had a big heart, which could have forgiven her husband.

Once she was fine, they left for home. Before they left Dr Kritika told them, she canceled the appointment as she had made the ultra-sound.

Both sitting in the sitting room, admired the ultra-sound, the baby was growing up and they were waiting impatiently for the day when the baby would enter their life.

Replacing the ultra-sound with the previous one, he sat down next to her. "you are ok na?" he asked, for confirmation. He was really worried for her.

"yes, I am fine" she said with a smile but then get serious and continued "will you listen one thing that I have to say?"

"yeah" he said, curious to knowing what was going in her mind. What he heard from her, left him shocked.

"Please move on, forget me" she said, wanting him to forget her and start his life again. He couldn't be a burden on him.

She couldn't deny she too had feelings for him. She too loved him as he had always been there for her. When and how he made his way in her heart she didn't know but he couldn't destroy his life. He deserved a lot more better.

PART 9- Life is unpredictable

"Please move on, forget me" Ridhima said, wanting him to forget her and start his life again. She couldn't be a burden on him.

She couldn't deny she too had feelings for him. She too loved him as he had always been there for her. When and how he made his way in her heart she didn't know but she couldn't destroy his life. He deserved a lot more better.

"that's impossible" he said in low yet audible tone. Whenever she asked him this, his heart pierced, he couldn't move on. Never had he loved someone the way he loved her.

Maybe he could live without her as he had enough memory of her to live all his life with them but he couldn't stop loving her. She had become a part of him.

Ridhima lowered her head, trying to prevent the tears which were formed in her eyes. She didn't want to hurt him but she knew once he would move on, he would find someone way more better than her.

"good evening guys" Dr Kritika said entering in the room

"good evening" Armaan and Ridhima said back, controlling their emotion. The turmoil were too much for them, they wanted to break down but they couldn't as for yet.

"You are fine thus I made discharge paper for you" Dr Kritika said, passing the discharge paper to Armaan.

Soon enough, they left the hospital and their journey to home was spent in silence. They didn't know what to say, they didn't want to say something which somehow would hurt the other, they didn't want to make everything more complicated.

Armaan helped her to the apartment, as usually he placed all the stuff for her. Bending down in front of her, he placed his hand on her stomach and felt a kick. He smiled softly and said in his heart "hey girlfriend, please take care of you mom. She isn't even not talking to me".

Ridhima was now quite used to this gesture but still from the time she got to know he loved her, she got very often hesitant. Not that she doubted his intention but now circumstances had changed.

No longer, she knew how to react him around her. Her life was already complicated and now she was making it more, in purpose to not destroy his life.

As a woman, as a wife she had experienced so much. She didn't want to see the society saying anything to Armaan because of her. She respected him to much and loved him loads too.

Still she knew her love for him would be like a curse and she didn't want this. One more thing which she knew was she loved him from the core of her heart, she would never be able to stop loving him.

For Armaan's well-being, She had to do something soon, 'if I keep leaving there Armaan wouldn't try to move on'. She decided to move out his place as soon as possible.

Another week passed by, Ridhima had found a little accommodation for her. Though, she didn't want to leave Armaan but she would have to.

Sitting in the office, Armaan was getting worried. His conversation with Ridhima were decreasing, she was getting less and less communicative. It was like she created a wall around her. Yet, she didn't stop him to interact with her baby.

He didn't know what to do, just then his office phone rang, he looked at the screen and saw 'Nikki' flashing on it. "hello"

"hello, Armaan" Nikkita said worriedly

"what happened Nikki?" he asked with concern. He could sense something was wrong.

"Armaan, A friend of my called me and told me Ridhima is leaving your house today." she said genuinely anxious. Ridhima had become a great and close friend of her. She knew both loved each other, as love can't be hidden. That was why as soon as she got to know the news she informed Armaan.

Armaan got stunned hearing the news. He couldn't control his tears. Jumping out of his chairs, he ran out of the room, leaving the receive hanging down.

Not caring about his life, he sprinted out of his office and in a swift movement he sat in his car. He turned the engine on and drove at full speed, breaking every signal, overtaking all the car which came as an obstacle in his way.

His heartbeat was rising, never had he felt so worried and afraid. He didn't want to loose her. She meant everything to him.

A little girl was crossing the road, seeing whom Armaan's eyes widened, he took a sharp turn.


Armaan's car hit a tree. Few persons present at the scene called the ambulance. Meanwhile, few person took Armaan out of the car as his car's condition was really bad, it seemed like the car is going to explode and that was what happened.

As soon as they had taken Armaan some meters away, the car exploded. Armaan had lost conscious but was still murmuring "Ridhima... Ridhima... please.. don't.. leave me"

One of the person who helped Armaan saw his mobile, which had stuck out somehow. He thought to inform his family or friend.

The first number in the dialed list was of Ridhima's. He quickly called at that number. Waiting for an answer as well as the ambulance.

Ridhima was zipping her back when she heard her mobile ringing. She wiped her tears and picked up the mobile.

As she saw Armaan's name flashing, she exhaled and prepared herself to behave normally. Maybe that was the last time she was talking to him.


"hello, actually I called to inform that the owner of this mobile met with an accident, we have called Sanjeevani hospital and they have reached here just now. Please reach at that hospital soon." he said as quickly as possible because the ambulance had arrived there.

The mobile slipped out of her hand, her tears flew down non stop. Picking up her purse, she rushed out of the house, without locking the door.

Taking a taxi, she told him to drive quickly. With every second her tears were rolling down fast, with every second her breath was becoming sharp, with each second fear was gripping her heart. She didn't want anything to happen to him.

Ad the taxi stopped, she gave him 100rs and didn't bother to take the change. Arriving at the nurse station, she asked while choking on her words "Armaan Mallik"

Luckily it was Sister Lovely, she had recognized Armaan and thus told Ridhima that he is in the OR.

Ridhima rushed there, not caring that she was pregnant. At that moment nothing mattered to her more than Armaan and his well-being.

She came at a halt as she was right in front of the door. Through the door window, she saw Armaan attached with needled, his face pale, his face covered with blood.

Seeing which her tears leaked out more, she could taste her salty tears. Her eyes were blood shot red.

After two hours, the doctors came out, Ridhima, asked them worriedly "what happened?"

"we can't do anything, we tried our best" the doctors said disappointingly.

"no this can't be true" she said holding her head, then looked at them and yelled "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING"

"please calm down Dr Ridhima, you are pregnant it can effect your health." another doctor tried to calm Ridhima down.

The fact 'dr' hit her, yes she was a doctor and now she had to do something. She couldn't give up so easily, he had to fight for her.

At that instant, she forgot all her resolve to leave him, to hide her love for him, her wall crambled as soon as she heard the news. She loved that man crazily and she had to save him. "Dr Anand, can I do his operation" she said with confident yet in pleasing tone.

The doctor had somehow already left hope but they couldn't deprive her from trying. "ok, Dr Ridhima" the doctor said while nodded, hoping that she would succeed.

Ridhima smiled thankfully and entered the OR wearing her lab coat, a placing the mask on her face. Apart her another doctor and few nurses were there, they could see she was determined to save him and they hoped her determination would pay off.

Before she could start operating, she caressed his face which was now clean and said "Armaan, I won't let you happen anything, I love you".

Soon enough, they started the operation. With Ridhima by his side, his heart beat was more or less on a normal level.

Three hours later, she moved the mouth mask away and sighed, she had done her best, he was stable. Now all she could do was to pray. She closed her eyes and prayed "Please God make him ok, I can't live without him"

This sudden incident, turned their life up and down, especially hers as she had to see him in this condition. The fact she didn't said from her lips was now out. She had said out loud that she loved him.

The doctors congratulated her as Armaan was stable. Few hours ago they had completely lost hope, they thought he would be no more in few minutes but now with her determination to save him and Gods grace he was stable and there was a bright ray of his recovery.

That whole night she stayed in the hospital and checked upon him time to time. He had started showing positive response.

Armaan slowly opened his eyes and tried to decipher where he was. It looked like an hospital, he realized that he was indeed in hospital.

Then he realized that he was going to stop Ridhima. His face was covered with worry again thinking thta she had left his.

He ignored all his pain and was about to stand up but the very moment, he saw Ridhima entering she was looking pale, her eyes casted down but red and puffy, and her hairs messy.

At that moment, he couldn't decide anything else than laying back on the position he was before and closed his eyes.

He didn't know what took over him but he just did and he didn't regret it a bit in fact he was happy that he did that.

Ridhima came and sat on a stool beside his bed. She took his hand in her and looked at their locked hands "Armaan, please wake up, I can't see you like this. I love you a lot and seeing you in pain hurts me. I know I'll have to leave you as I don't want the society to raise finger at you. Please wake up"

Even tough he had a hint of it already, still Armaan's heart pierced knowing the cause of her rejection from her, she was plainly worried for him. "and what if I don't care of the so called society?" he asked in a whisper.

Ridhima tilted her head and saw at his face, he was waken up. She couldn't control herself but hug him and cry her heart out. She was really happy.

"Ridhima, I love you, please don't leave me" Armaan said, still hugging her as if his life depended on her.

As if Ridhima realized what she was doing "no I can't" she said moving away.

"I will really die without you, maybe not physically but mentally for sure. The moment Nikki told me you were leaving me I was afraid to loose you and rushed to reach you, to stop you. Please don't do this with me" he said in really low yet audible enough for her to hear.

She could feel his pain, his hurt and it hurt her too. She felt utterly bad knowing that she was the cause for his life in danger. "but..."

Armaan interrupted her "Ridhima, you want my happiness right? then understand that they lay in you, if not you aren't in my life then there is no happiness, I would be lifeless. I know you love me, please don't torture us. I can't leave without you." tears were clearly visible on his face. He was already weak and now he was wearing off emotionally too.

"Armaan..." she said in a try to protest.

"Ridhima, swear on me and say that you don't love me" as he finished this, holding her hand, he put it on his head.

Ridhima gulped down her saliva and her eyes blurred with tears. They were no option left for her, taking her hand back, she hugged him and cried out "I love you. I love you loads"

"I love you too" Armaan said, feeling content and relaxed, glowing smile on his face.


Ridhima gulped down her saliva and her eyes blurred with tears. They were no option left for her, taking her hand back, she hugged him and cried out "I love you. I love you loads"

"I love you too" Armaan said, feeling content and relaxed, glowing smile on his face. "shh stop crying jaan. I can't see you in tears" he said honestly, pressing his lips on her hairs.

Ridhima moved back but there was a smile on her face as she felt free after confession what was hidden in her heart.

Moving his hand toward her cheek, he wiped her tears with his finger. "you look beautiful while smiling"

Ridhima blushed slightly, at the same time a doctor entered "Good Afternoon Mr Mallik, how are you feeling?"

"Good Afternoon doctor, I am fine thanks for saving me" he said resting his head back, holding Ridhima hand close to his heart.

"Mr Mallik you should thanks the lady next to you. We had lost hope but she didn't give up and fought for you. She did your operation and with Gods grace, I must also add thanks to LOVE, you are alive" he said, unveiling all the facts.

Armaan looked at  Ridhima with surprise, she truly had behaved bravely. The doctor left after few seconds.

"knowing this, I know how much you love me, I know how much you care for me so you better not pretend again that you don't love" he said genuinely.

"I promise I won't but please don't ever leave me" she said getting emotional, she had gone through hell seeing him in that state.

He caressed her cheek softly and whispered "I won't unless you will try to live me"

"I won't leave you, I promise you" she hugged him again and cried. She was the sole cause of his condition "if only i didn't try to leave then you would have been fine"

"Ridhima" he mumbled her name, he didn't want to make her cry as her tears pained him loads. He moved her apart from him and said looking in her eyes "if this hadn't had happened then we wouldn't be together. You wouldn't have confessed" he said pressing a kiss on her forehead. "I love you soon to be Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik"

Hearing this, Ridhima turned into a crimson color but then asked "Armaan you really are sure to marry me? not only a divorcee but a going to be mother?"

He placed his finger on her lips "shh, you are going to be my wife and..." he moved his hand on her stomach and said "this baby is OURS".

The way he said OURS touched her heart and the next second they felt a kick as in the baby was also happy. Ridhima felt like she and her baby belonged to him and the very next thing he said proved her that he only belonged to her. "I belong to you and only you" Armaan said gently.

"what are you doing?" Ridhima asked, as Armaan pressed the button to call a nurse.

"wait, I'll tell you" he said casually and kept looking at her.

His gazed made her blush and lower her eyes. True she felt shy with her ex-husband but what she felt with Armaan was way too more intense and full of love.

A nurse appeared after few minutes "yes sir"

"can you please bring lot of healthy food for me and also headache medicines" Armaan told her the reason for which he called her here.

"ok sir" saying this, she left the room.

"you could have asked me" Ridhima said, moving his hairs away from his forehead.

"I don't want you to go out my sight" he said lovingly, he was loving her touch.

She smiled deeply and said "you need a haircut"

He chuckled slowly as he still didn't have enough energy "what happened?" Ridhima asked, with a frown.

"few days back, I was looking at myself in the mirror and said that I need a haircut suddenly you appeared and said 'exactly, your hairs need a cut. You look so cute when they are short' but the you disappeared I realized it was just a dream" he said with a pout.

"really I have started invading your personal space?" Ridhima asked, with a gasp.

"really you have and I don't mind at all, I am loving all this" he said, holding her and kissing it.

Soon the nurse appeared with a tray full of food and medicines "here sir" placing them carefully on the table, she left.

Ridhima stood up and put the table in front of him "ok now eat"

"Ridhima, this is for us" saying so he put the spoon in her mouth.

"Armaan but this is for you" she said chewing on the food

"I know you haven't eaten anything from yesterday, I know you haven't slept. You look pale and thin just in a matter of hardly a day. This headache Medellin is for you and the food is for three of us, if it isn't enough I'll order something for you as you are not one but two. You have to take care of our sweet little princess too" he said, concerned not only for her but for 'THEIR' baby.

"I just couldn't seeing you in that state" her eyes were getting moist.

"hey, I am fine so please no rona dhona. It's going to have a bad effect on my girlfriend" he said jokingly, both chuckled and kept feeding each other.

After a week, Armaan was discharged. All his friends knew about him and Ridhima's relation. They were really happy as they didn't believe in all the non sense of the society.

It had been two days since Armaan was back at home and he was fit and fine. He didn't let any chance to tease her.

Not once they had lip-kiss till then, as Armaan didn't want to take everything fast, he wanted to give her time to adjust in their relation and Ridhima understood his gesture. She too wanted to kiss him but she thought to do it on the right time.

"why did you make me wear this saree, see I am showing up due to pregnancy" she said while pouting and looking at her stomach. She didn't know why she was getting dressed up by Nikkita, Anjali and Muskaan. Moreover she thought she looked like a big ball due to pregnancy.

"Ridhima, stay quiet" Muskaan said, putting little earring in Ridhima's ears.

"ok now let's go" Nikkita exclaimed.

"but where?" Ridhima was confused. She knew all of them were hiding something from her.

"shh just wait and watch" Anjali shushed her and all of the led her toward Muskaan's car. Muskaan drove for a while and stopped in front a big bungalow.

"where are we?" Ridhima asked looking around, she had never come at that place. The place was so alien to her.

Armaan too had not been in her sight from the morning. She didn't know what was happening to her. Without giving her any answer, they took her in the bungalow.

The lights were turned but as soon she entered a light spot stopped on her. She hide her face with her hand at the sudden light.

"Ridhima" as she heard her name from his lips, she moved her hand away and found him in another spotlight.

He moved closer to her and they were in the same spotlight. As he was right in front of her, he bent down on his knew and took a ring "I still remember our first meeting, how you were laughing angelically as my face was covered with flour that time I admired you laugh, then we became friends I respected out friends, with time we became closer and we became friends. How and when, I fall in love with you I don't know but I cared for you, I couldn't see you in pain and I still can't. I am in love with you. It's the best ever thing that happened to me. I love you a lot, will you marry me?"

Ridhima had tears listening his heart-touching confession and said "yes, I'll marry you"

Standing up, Armaan put the ring on the engagement finger. He engulfed her in his arms and the house was fulfilled with claps. The light turned on and she found their close friends there.

They came to them and congratulated them, "so then you guys are getting married next week, right?" Muskaan asked excitingly

Ridhima was surprised to hear this, she knew Armana proposed her but she didn't think they would get married that soon. "I don't know, Ridhima are you fine with it?"

She looked in his eyes and she knew it didn't matter when they would get married. "I am fine" she said with a smile.

One of the reason for which she respect and loved Armaan was because of the way he always included her in all his decisions, it was their decisions.

"I think we should leave you guys alone now" Rahul said teasingly

"you are right Rahul" Atul seconded and the three guys including Abhimanyu high fived. Meanwhile Armaan and Ridhima blushed at their remarks.

"ok then let's go" Abhimanyu said and all of them left.

As soon as they left, Armaan held her from her waist and took her toward the couch. He helped her sitting down. "you are looking beautiful" he said placing a kiss on her cheek.

"you joking, I look fat" she said, pouting.

"no you don't, you look extremely beautiful." he said honestly.

"really?" she asked, like a baby.

"really jaan" he said kissing her forehead.

Ridhima smiled and then asked bewilderingly "by the way Armaan, where are we?"

"this is OUR home Ridhima" he said, emphasizing on 'our'

"but you never told me you were SO rich" she was confused

"This is my ancient house, I never told this to anyone till today when I had to surprise you. The company where I work is my company and I have loads of other companies"

"but why did you hide?" she asked with a frown

"When my mom died, I never came at this place but she promised me to take her daughter-in-law here, she wanted that I settle down here with my family"  he got nostalgic remembering his mothers last work.

"oh" Ridhim said lovingly and hugged him "but don't you think this house is too big for three of us?"

"I know but it was my mom's wish" he said agreeing with her, but his mom meant a lot to him.

"I can understand" she said placing her head on his shoulder.

"and moreover, there is big team of football to come up" he said teasingly, only to receive a smack from Ridhima.

They kept on talking for few minutes. "Ridhima, you know what, I am really excited, I mean I am going to be father in less the one month and half" Armaan said excitingly.

Ridhima was amazed by him, he had considered her baby as theirs and was behaving absolutely like a father.

The next second, he became serious and looked at Ridhima "will be a good husband and father? I don't want to fall down you or our baby" he expressed his fear, he wanted to give them all the happiness.

Ridhima sat in his lap "you already had been behaving like a husband and father. You had been taking care brilliantly of me and the baby. No one could have taken better care of us like you have, our baby is lucky to have you as father" she said reassuringly. She knew he loved both of them a lot that was why he was getting afraid to hurt them. "I trust you and I love you" saying so she pressed her lips on him.

This was there first ever kiss and no moment could be better than this. Armaan too responded back. Both got lost in that kiss, they kept savoring each other's lips. Armaan's one hand slowly slipped in her hairs and he ruffled them, Ridhima placed her right hand around his neck and the other in his hairs. She moved more closer to him than she already was. They both moaned and groaned constantly.

As Ridhima felt Armaan's tongue between her lips, she opened her lips and left him explore her mouth. He felt heavenly,  feeling his lips on her, feeling his tongue inside her mouth, feeling his tongue touch her tongue, feeling their saliva exchange. Never had they felt like this before.

They broke from the kiss and Armaan rested his forehead against her's and whispered with heavy breath "I love you"

"I love you too" Ridhima replied back, she was also breathing heavily.

See below for the rest of the parts :)

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They broke from the kiss and Armaan rested his forehead against her's and whispered with heavy breath "I love you"

"I love you too" Ridhima replied back. She was also breathing heavily.

Six days later, Ridhima entered in her room with Armaan. She was wearing yellow color light lenhga, her hands, arms and foot were full with menhdi and as it got dried Armaan had brought her in her room to wash her menhdi.

They truly had a blast, Armaan on purpose was keeping all the functions for afternoon so that they could get done by evening. He knew Ridhima would get tired thus she needed good sleep and all of their friends were happy with arrangements.

Usually it was a tradition to keep groom and bride away before the marriage but this wasn't the case here as Ridhima was pregnant, they knew Ridhima needed him and so Armaan did. They had seen Armaan massaging Ridhima's feet, they had seen Armaan reading stories to their baby, they had see how they took care of each other.

Moreover, there friends had realized, Armaan didn't get peace until he didn't make sure Ridhima was fine and sleeping. The same was with Ridhima, she felt restless, till she wasn't sure he had eaten his food and taking care of himself. All there friends admired them.

Armaan gently led her in the washroom and help her wash the mehndi off. Once he was done, he moved the strand of her hairs back and said "you look tired, come I'll put you in bed"

Ridhima couldn't refuse as she was really tired, true she enjoyed but the pregnancy was taking a toll on her.

Picking her up in his arms, he took her toward her bed. Placing her softly on the bed he nestled  with her in the bed. As she was in a deep slumber, he stood up and covered her properly.

Not moving an inch, he kept staring at her angelic face. He knew his friends had been really understanding but the next day he would only get to see her in the afternoon, for their wedding ceremony.

He kissed on her forehead and kept lingering there for few minutes. After that, he moved toward her womb and he kissed her there. Keeping a his hand on her womb he said "take care girlfriend and don't trouble your mom" as always he felt a kick which made him smile.

This was too good to be true for him. He had never experience any of this until Ridhima came in his life. He was loving all of this new feelings, he was going to be a father in one months and few days.

With a huge smile, he dimmed the light and made his way toward the door. He stopped at the door and looked back at her. How he wished to just stay here with her and to keep hugging her but then he reassured himself 'don't worry Armaan, you guys are going to get married tomorrow". This very thought made him blush with a big smile.

The next day, Armaan and the other boys checked the last minute preparations. It wasn't a big affair, just the bride groom, their friends and their friends' parents. It was simple yet fun.

"Armaan, let's go and get ready, Panditji must be here in an hour" Rahul said, as his glance fall on the clock

Looking at the clock, Armaan nodded and all of them went to get ready. In half an hour, they were all the men were ready. So expect the groom they went down, to check the food and receive their parents. Atul's parents always considered Armaan as their son thus they were the one to give them blessings.

As the pandit arrived, they greeted him and led him to the wedding sacred tent. He sat down and prepared the stuff.

Meanwhile, Nikkita, Muskaan and Anjali were giving last touch to Ridhima's make-up and her jewelery. "you are looking like an angel" Muskaan complimented her, while taking the kohl out from her eyes and put behind Ridhima's eyes.

Hearing Muskaan's compliments, Ridhima blushed with a smile on her face. "and this blush make you look more radiant" Anjali added teasingly but what she was the reality. The natural blush was making her look way more beautiful because it was the symbol of Armaan's love.

"Ok ok, now enough with teasing, Ridhima always look beautiful" Nikkita declared and kissed on Ridhima's forehead like a big sister.

It was true that Ridhima blushed on their teasing but she was really touched. As the three women noticed her wet eyes, Anjali asked her worried "hey what happened?, I am really sorry if you minded us teasing you"

Ridhima quickly shook her head and said "no Anjali, it's not that. I never had any siblings and before Armaan came in my life, I felt like the unluckiest girl on the earth. I felt so lonely but Armaan gave me so much love, he gave me friends-cum-siblings like you, he gave me the right to be his wife. I really felt blessed, Armaan is like an angel in disguise for me" her tears were streaming down.

Not only Ridhima, but the three women and Atul, who came to call them down, felt emotional and tears were coming out from their eyes.

Anjali, Muskaan and Nikkita hugged her and Nikkita said "you really are like out sister and if you ever have a problem you can tell us, we will be always there with you"

They moved back and Muskaan said stretching Ridhima's lip for a smile "yeah, and now smile"

Seeing their love, Ridhima smiled through her tears. She felt someone wiping her tears, she looked up and found Atul. "don't cry, this tears are precious. I want to see my sister happy" Atul said with a smile, trying to hide his smile but all of them noticed it.

Ridhima wiped her tears and hugged him but then again a fresh set of tears came out. "Stop crying, otherwise Armaan would say we made you cry" Atul said breaking the hug, in purpose to change the atmosphere.

Hearing Armaan's name, made a blush crept up on her cheek "ok now, let's take you down, Armaan is waiting for his bride in the mandap"

The blush already present on Ridhima's face turned more red. All of them took her down. Armaan's eyes were fixed on her, he was mesmerized seeing her in this red and golden bridal dress. Only he knew from how long he wanted to see her in that dress, the dress marking a beginning of their new life.

How he loved the sight in front of her, he knew she was blushing as she could feel his gaze on her, her eyes were lowered. He also knew she must be feeling awkward as his girlfriend was growing in her womb. Armaan couldn't help but smile widely, they were going to be his.

Ridhima was now near the wedding tent, she was about to sit down but before she could Armaan stood up and helped her sit down in properly as well as comfortably.

As the rounds were about to start, Armaan helped her stand up. Not once, he left her hand during the rounds and she really felt protected. As when she stepped down, she felt odd with her big stomach but Armaan assuring eyes and gestures calmed her down.

As instructed, the pandit started the chanting and they were soon married. Ridhima's parted hairs were full with vermilion, the mangulsutr was placed around her neck. She was now legally Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik and she felt extremely proud and happy to be Armaan's wife.

Ridhima was about to touch, the elders feet but they and Armaan stopped her. "Ridhima, you can't bend down" he said worriedly "I'll take blessing for both of us" he took blessing of everyone for him and his wife.

Seeing his concern, she couldn't help but smile. She knew he loved her a lot but now that she was married a thought came in her mind which made her worry.

After a photo shoot, Armaan called it a day. The women took Ridhima in Armaan's room and after taking money from Armaan and teasing him a bit they allowed him to enter.

As he entered, he saw Ridhima sitting in the middle of their bed. Her face was covered with veil. He smiled and made his way to her. He sat down in front of her and took the veil off from her face.

He could see her shivering lips, her shivering hands, her pink cheeks, her lowered eyes, he knew she was nervous but he knew there was more to it.

Holding her hand, he kissed it and asked worriedly, he knew there was something bothering her "what's the matter?"

At that question, she looked up and now his doubt was confirmed, her eyes told him clearly something was disturbing him.

She was amazed yet happy to know how he everytime understood her. Ridhima started feeling terrible "Armaan we got married but I won't be able to give you what every husband want on their wedding night" before she could complete, she felt his finger in her lips.

"Ridhima, when I fall in love with you, I knew you were pregnant and I love both of you equally. When I proposed you I knew I wouldn't be able to make love to you till few months and that isn't a problem at all for me as all I need is you by my side. For now, I just want to hug you and kiss you. Just the feeling of you being with me is enough. I love you loads and our love making can wait" he said lovingly, he kissed on her forehead.

Listening all this, she was really touched but on the same time she was blushing. His loving word really soothed her and told her she didn't need to get worried.

"I love you Armaan" she hugged him and hid her head in his chest. Every time, his gesture and words made her fall in love with him more and more.

"I love you too jaan" Armaan hugged her back with a smile. He was amazed to know she was worried for their first night as she felt he would feel bad but he could never feel bad as he knew all of this beforehand.

"ok now let me help you take out this jewelery" he said noticing that she was tired wearing that quite heavy jewelery and clothes. Though, he tried it to be light but still he knew it was quite heavy for her specially in this condition.

He helped her taking out all the jewelery and her veil. "ok now go in the washroom and change into something comfortable. I have placed clothes for you inside" he said placing the tendril of her hair back.

Ridhima smiled and went to the washroom. She took a shower and changed in the shirt and pajama placed for her, which was not really fit much to her comfort.

As she came out, she found Armaan changed into short and plain shirt, she couldn't help but keep looking at him, his muscles and body. "uh I hope you don't mind me in short?" he asked with a frown.

Ridhima stopped staring at his body, she looked at him with a blush and shook her head. Armaan came near her and hold her softly from her waist "ahan so Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik was checking me out" he said teasingly.

"Armaan..." she said fumblingly

"what Armaan?" he asked playfully and kissed on her cheek.

She didn't what to say but then it struck her she was 'Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik'. She looked at him and said with a smile "because only I have the right to check you out as you belong to me"

Armaan couldn't help but felt content listening to 'you belong with me'. "you are right we just belong to each other" he said tenderly, with a smile. "ok now let me check out my beautiful wife" he said said taking a step back and whistled "you are looking like a princess"

Ridhima pouted and said "princess are not fat"

He hugged her with a chuckle and said honestly "well you are my princess and I don't care if you are fat or not" and then he added "and moreover, you are not fat, it's my girlfriend who is growing up". He knelt down and pecked her stomach.

Hearing this, Ridhima had a big smile on her face. She didn't really feel she was married as now if she thought, they were sharing this relation from the time she started living at his place.

"ok now princess, it's time to sleep" he held her hand and took her to the bed. Dimming the light, he put the blanket on them. Ridhima snuggled closer to him and placed her head on his chest. He gently kept stroking her hairs.

True they faced problems but now they were together and that was that mattered to them. Finally they were married and they felt heavenly being so close to each other.


Ridhima didn't really feel she was married as now if she thought, they were sharing this relation from the time she started living at his place.

"ok now princess, it's time to sleep" he held her hand and took her to the bed. Dimming the light, he put the blanket on them. Ridhima snuggled closer to him and placed her head on his chest. He gently kept stroking her hairs.

True they faced problems but now they were together and that was that mattered to them. Finally they were married and they felt heavenly being so close to each other.

It had been one month and one week since their wedding, only few days were left for her delivery. Armaan and Ridhima shared everything that a married couple shared expect making love, for the time being they were more than satisfied just to have each other by their side.

"Ridhima baby, here your medicine" he said coming in the room, wearing just shorts. She was now completely used to it and was really comfortable.

From the day they got married, Armaan went to his office only if necessary and that too when someone was with her, otherwise there was no way Armaan left her alone.

Though irritated sometime by his pampering still she loved it. She didn't know what she would have done without Armaan, he was her life line, she couldn't live now without him. He was the lost part of her that destiny made her meet. She was complete now, they were complete now.

"Now that you are giving me the nasty medicine, feed me yourself" she said with a pout, she hated the medicine but she had to take for the baby and she had made a habit to not take until he didn't feed her.

That was like his wife, Armaan smiled to the fullest. Sitting in front of her, he put the medicine in her mouth and made her drink the water.

"Armaan, tomorrow is 'karva chauth' " she whispered, as she knew what reaction would come from him once he get to know the reason.

"oh ok and?" the thought didn't pass through him, that she wanted to fast for him.

"uh well, I want to fast" she knew very well what was coming

Armaan was bewildered listening it and once he heard her out, it dawned upon him the motive of this discussion. Horror was clearly visible on his face "are you mad jaan?, you are so not fasting" he said with finality in his tone.

"but Armaan, I want to fast for you" she said with a loving pout.

"Ridhima, I promise next year I would let you fast but not this year, please jaan try to understand, it's not good for you and our baby. I know you want my long life but I don't want to risk your guys life for my life" he said lovingly.

After hearing that, no reason and argument were left for Ridhima to say so she gave in and rested in Armaan's arm. "are you angry?" he asked softly stoking her hairs.

She looked up, their eyes met and she said "no I am not angry in fact I feel like the most luckiest human in the world seeing your love and care" she pecked on his cheek then on his lips.

Listening that, he couldn't stop but smile to the fullest, he kissed on her lips proving her how much he loved her. Both slept in each other's embrace peacefully.

The next day, it was evening time, Ridhima had noticed Armaan hadn't eaten anything. In fact, he somehow every time managed to avoid the topic.

Though she didn't fast but she came at Anjali's place as she had hosted a 'karwa chauth' function for the close friends and family.

Soon the moon came out, all the girls opened their fast and Ridhima made her way to Armaan. "you can also open your fast" she said in a casual tone.

Armaan baffled to see he was caught by his lovely wife, although he didn't know how "uh uh, how did you... get to know?" he asked sweetly and while fumbling.

"because I know you very well, it doesn't matter if you don't say me I can understand. I have seen that from morning you haven't eaten anything; you didn't even touched the water, now only I realized why" she said with a wide smile and handed Armaan the plate with all the stuff.

Meanwhile, the rest of them who had already opened their fast were now admiring Armaan and Ridhima. They just couldn't take their eyes off, they were really happy to see both of them like this.

The women couldn't even complained their husbands as they knew they love them, only their way to show their love was different.

Armaan smiled flashing his beautiful dimple. Once again, his wife proved him how much she loved him and understood him. Even without he said, she got to know it. That was the beauty of their relation.

Taking the sieve, he looked at the moon and then at her glowing face. Once he was done, Ridhima took the water and made him drink, then she took a morsel and made him feet.

Somehow, Ridhima got so emotional, she gave him a tight hug "kiya hua jaan?" he asked, getting worried.

"I am really touched. No one cared for me so much and no would have gone to this length you have gone today. Every time that I think you can't care or love me more than you do, I am proved wrong again. Your love is unceasing"

"oww my baby, I love you loads and my love has no limits for you" he said pecking on her forehead.

He had kept a fast for Ridhima's long life. True, he didn't allow her to facst only because she wasn't well but he was well and there was no way he was going to ignore or miss this event. He loved her too much and his duty was equal regarding everything like this.

"they are so sweet, right?" Muskaan asked, wiping her tears. She was such an emotional girl, she would start getting emotional on every little thing.

"I know yaar" Nikkita and Anjali hugged Muskaan. As for now, they didn't want to interrupt Armaan and Ridhima's moment. They believed in giving privacy to the others, unless they really want to tease someone.

A whole week passed by and Armaan didn't leave her side even once. Armaan and Ridhima were both now laying on the bed, all ready to sleep. Ridhima was in her pajama nighty whilst as usual Armaan was in his shorts. Ridhima's head was placed on Armaan chest and he was stroking her hair as well as telling them a story.

Suddenly, he felt Ridhima's nail digging in his chest. He knew that was so not like his Ridhima. He knew something was wrong "jaan what happened?"

Ridhima didn't say anything but just shriek in pain. One look on her face told him everything. She was in a great pain and that was all that ripped hi heart. At that moment, he forgot that maybe it was the delivery time.

All that he knew, he had to take her to the hospital, he couldn't see her in pain. "baby don't worry I am with you"

Seeing her like this was a nightmare for him, he always wanted to see a smile on her face that's why now seeing her in pain and her face convered with tears pierced his heart.

Soon enough, Armaan parked his car in hurry, not caring how he parked it. He quickly but gently took Ridhima out of the car and took her in the hospital.

As he entered, he found a nurse "nurse, please call Dr Kritika, my wife is in pain" he said, pain visible in his voice, his face covered with tears.

A stretcher was led there soon followed by Dr Kritika, they placed Ridhima on it and took her in the Operation Room.

Hiding his face in his palms, he sobbed. At that moment, he didn't know what happened but he was afraid to loose her and their baby. He loved them so much and seeing her in pain wrenched his heart. He couldn't live without them.

Sister Lovely, who had known Armaan and Ridhima for sometime called Armaan's friend, as their name was present in the register. She knew he needed his friends the most at the moment.

In matter of few minutes, all the friends reached there and went to Armaan. Rahul sat next to Armaan and said "Armaan".

Armaan removed his hands from his face and faced Rahul, who was dumbstruck to see Armaan's condition. Not only he but also the rest of the friends. If they hadn't been sure already about their love then this spoke volumes.

Seeing Rahul here, Armaan couldn't stop but hug him, he needed a shoulder at the moment. "Rahul, my Ridhima and our baby is in there... I am really afraid, I don't want to loose them, I love them a lot" he said choking on his words, crying really badly. He was in a very bad state, in fact he was looking miserable.

All were amazed to see the amount of fear in Armaan's heart, he was really afraid to loose them, he just loved them too much that now living without them was impossible. Anjali came forward and put her hand on his shoulder "Armaan don't worry, as far as I know, nothing can happen to them as long as they have you, who love them a lot and if I am not wrong this is a sign of your baby to come into the world"

Listening that, realization dawned upon him. 'yes, her delivery was supposed to happen in those few days' now that he thought that, it gave him immense calmness *sigh*, he was a bit assured now but still fear was there in his heart.

Anxiously, Armaan kept looking at the door. He couldn't deny, his friends presence had given him courage and he was in a better condition than before.

A loud wailed came, putting an end to Armaan's wait. As the doctor came out, Armaan rushed to her and asked before the doctor could say anything "how are they? Are they fine now?.."

The doctor smiled at him and interrupted him before he could proceed on "they are absolutely fine, there is no need to worry. You are blessed with a baby girl. Apart that you can go and meet them until the nurse prepare the general ward for your wife" saying so she left him, with utter satisfaction.

'they are fine' then he whispered in an audible voice "they are fine", he was overwhelmed that he actually sat down on his knees and burst out crying still with a smile on his face. Neither he could control his tears nor his smile. All were numbed to see him like this, all his friends made their way to them.

"Armaan they are fine, please don't cry" Muskaan said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"yeah Armaan, go and meet them" Abhimanyu said, giving him courage to go in.

Armaan stopped crying but kept smiling through his tears, it was happiness' tears. He was over the moon. He nodded his head, stood up and rushed in the Operation Room. All were left in tears, once again seeing Armaan's love for Ridhima, seeing 'their' love.

As he entered, he saw his wife who was now pale and looked so thin. His heart shattered seeing her in pain. Her eyes were closed, he thought that she was sleeping. He moved closer to her and saw her opening her eyes.

"how are you?" Armaan asked caressing her head.

"I am fine.. Armaan how is our baby? how does she look like?" she asked getting quite excited, yet weakness was visible on her face and in her tone. She was really curious to see their daughter.

"She is fine and I too haven't seen her" he said softly.

"why?" she asked with a slight frown.

"because, she is our daughter thus we'll see her for the first time together. She deserves to see her parents together" he said lovingly.

Ridhima smiled softly through tears. She had married one of the best human in the world. Not only he loved her but he loved equally her daughter, actually not her 'THEIR DAUGHTER'


"I am fine.. Armaan how is our baby? how does she look like?" Ridhima asked getting quite excited, yet weakness was visible on her face and in her tone. She was really curious to see their daughter.

"She is fine and I too haven't seen her" Armaan replied softly.

"why?" she asked with a slight frown.

"because, she is our daughter thus we'll see her for the first time together. She deserves to see her parents together" he said lovingly.

Ridhima smiled softly through tears. She had married one of the best human in the world. Not only he loved her but he loved equally her daughter, actually not her 'THEIR DAUGHTER'

The nurse came with the baby girl, Armaan and Ridhima took the baby in their arms together, making sure she was comfortable. After that, the nurse left. They kissed the baby lovingly, taking care to not hurt her as she felt so fragile and looked so tiny.

they were overwhelmed to see their baby. "she is so beautiful" Ridhima said, while tears came out from her eyes. As she saw toward Armaan, his tears were also leaking down as at that moment he was feeling the luckiest man.

"I know Ridhima, I am so happy today" he said hugging Ridhima, his eyes still fixed on their baby.

Ridhima stayed in his embrace peacefully, she felt so secure in Armaan's arms. They stayed in that position for sometime, then Ridhima looked at Armaan's face and declared with a smile "so you have won, you have a girlfriend"

Hearing that, Armaan looked at her and realized the bet he made with her. In the last few hours, he had been emotionally wrecked that this thought didn't even go through him. "You knew it all along, didn't you?" he asked, looking at her lovingly.

"Yeah, I knew it but I also knew how much excited you were. I was sure as you'll get to know the baby is a girl when she'll come to the world, you'll be more happier than then." she said, with a wide smile. She was happy with her decision.

"Thank you Ridhima. I don't know how to tha..." before he could continue, Ridhima placed her hand on his mouth.

"Don't thank me, as we are one. Anyways, if someone has to thank it's me, I have lost the hope to be happy like this, the way you make me. Than.." now it was Armaan's turn to place his finger on her lips.

"As you have said, we are one so don't ever thank me" he said placing a kiss on her lips and she responded back, with equall love and passion, they both got lost in the moment.

As they broke apart, they were breathing heavely. Looking at the baby again, "so what do you want to name her?" Ridhima asked, staring at their baby then at him

"Riddhi" Armaan said, softly looking at Ridhima.

She was amazed hearing the name yet touched deeply. "done, but next time I am going to name our baby" she said with an approval nod, as well as a deep smile.

"So Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik, is already planning for our next baby" Armaan said teasingly.

"Armaan" Ridhima whined and hugged Armaan.

As the baby started crying, Ridhima realized she must be hungry "oh my Riddhi is hungry". She moved her patient wear and started feeding the baby. The name 'Riddhi' felt like music to their ears.

That was the first time, Armaan was seeing her like this. He felt flushed though nothing was vulgar but he felt shy.

"what happened?" she asked, when she noticed Armaan's cheek red.

"uh It's the first time I am seeing you like this" He said, with his cheek all red.

"Don't worry, now you'll see me like this most of the time and it's you right." she said softly, with a smile. "just a month and few days, then I'll be yours in every way" she said honestly, with so much love and trust for him.

"I am also waiting that day, when you'll make me yours fully. When we'll belong to each other in ever sense" he said with a smile, looking at both his wife and daughter. Once Ridhima was done feeding the baby she passed the baby to Armaan and laid down as she was really tired. Armaan held her and placed her against his chest so that she could burp which she did and fell asleep.

"she is so cute" Armaan declared, admiring her.

"After all, whose baby is she?" she said, playfully

"of course she is ours" he replied, proudly. Ridhima didn't miss it, she felt so secure with him and now she couldn't link their 'Riddhi' to anyone else, she was 'THEIRS', her and Armaan's. Of course, their Riddhi was related to their friends and their friend's parents but all the others lost their right. Maybe time would make disppear the distances.

The nurse came back after a while and said looking at Ridhima "the room is ready for you to shift". Then looking toward Armaan, she said "you'll have to wait outside until we shift your wife and your baby there" Armaan nodded and left the room reluctantly as he didn't want to leave their side for even a second. They led Ridhima to a general room.

When the nurse allowed to go and meet her, all their friends entered in the room and where left in an awe to see the baby. They had never seen a baby since so long and this happiness was really big for them.

"Hey princess, we am your massis" Muskaan said, caressing Riddhi's cheek.

Then Nikkita picked up the baby gently. "Ridhima, you won't believe but she has eyes like you" Nikkita declared, noticing the baby's big blue hazel eyes.

"really?" Armaan asked, with excitement and looked her eyes. "Ridhima, she really has her eyes like you" he said, happily and gave a hug to Ridhima.

Atul held the baby and declared "she is so fragile, I feel even scared to hold her" which made all of them chuckle but they couldn't agree less. All of them held the baby, one by one. They all were really happy. Finally, Armaan was holding the baby.

"I think we should also start planning about babies" Rahul said, hugging Muskaan who was now blushing badly.

"You are right man, you'll feel the happiest man in the world" Armaan said, with happiness expressed from his face and tone.

"by the way, we are talking non-stop what have you both named the baby?" Atul's father asked. He was the one who along his wife blessed this couple on their marriage.

"what about you make a guess?"Ridhima suggested, with a naughty smile.

"hmm, first tell us who named her?" Abhimanyu's asked, with his brow raised.

"I have named our baby" he said giving a kiss to Riddhi.

"hmm then it should be something related to Ridhima's name" Anjali said, as she knew Armaan really well.

"you are absolutely right" Ridhima said, with a grin.

All of the suggested names but it didn't occur to any of them as of yet that it could be 'Riddhi'. Muskaan suggested "Ria?"

"no" Armaan said, shaking his head.

"so then what is it?" Nikkita asked with a pout.

"I think I know" Muskaan said, as a realization hit her and there were no reason to not try it. "Riddhi?" Muskaan asked, looking at Ridhima and Armaan.

"you are right" Armaan and Ridhima said together.

"wow, we said all the names expect the easier one" Rahul said, clearly amazed with the name and shocked about all the thinking they did to find the name.

"I think we should leave now as Ridhima needs to rest now" Atul's mom said, sweetly passing her hand on Ridhima's head.

"yeah mom, you are right" Atul seconded. All of the left, expect Armaan, Nikkita and Abhimanyu.

"you are really lucky to have someone like Armaan, who loves you a lot" Nikkita said softly, passing her hand through Ridhima's hairs as she knew she must be really tired.

"Armaan always makes me feel so lucky. From the day, he came in my life, he showered me with loads of love" Ridhima agreed, while looking at Armaan who was staring back at her.

"and you know what Ridhima? when you were taken in the ER, he was in a really bad state, he was crying really badly." Abhimanyu said disclosing the event that took place when she was delivering the baby.

Ridhima looked at Armaan, all amazed. Meanwhile, Armaan looked anywhere but her. Once again, his depth of love for her left her blown over.

"well it's about my Armaan that you are talking about" she said, flashing a beautiful smile. At that moment, Armaan looked at her and finally flashed a smile.

"that is true" Nikkita agreed, with Ridhima's statement.

"I think we should also leave" Abhimanyu announced, as he noticed the time as well as that Ridhima was really tired "you both take care of yourself and of the little one" Abhimanyu said kissing softly the little one, followed by Nikkita.

"see you guys later" Nikkita said, both of them left.

From that day on, Ridhima fed Riddhi and the rest of the tasks, most of the time Armaan used to do it alone-especially in the night- or with Ridhima, as in to change the diaper, to give her a bath and other stuff.

After few weeks, Armaan started going at work as Ridhima forced him, yet he would be at home as soon as he could.

It had been a month and few days, since Ridhima gave delivery, she was now able to walk properly and do all the works on her own.

The trio were sitting in the lounge and playing with the baby with her toys while she was smiling widely. The lounge was full with toys, that Armaan brought mostly.

As the baby started crying, Armaan softly passed Ridhima the baby, who started breastfeeding her. Till now, Armaan was used to this sight, in fact he felt so amazed to see this beauty of motherhood.

While breastfeeding, Ridhima had been thinking that it was time that she and Armaan took a step further in their relationship but she didn't know how to take the initiative. As when they get intimate they would have to take care of their baby too

The situation was really confusing, they were not two people anymore, they were now three. That third one, their baby, was really important in their relationship but now she also knew, she had to give Armaan, his full right.

Whenever she thought about the last few months, especially after their marriage she couldn't help but respect her husband more than she already did. He was always really understanding and respecting toward her and not to forget really loving.

From the time she get to know him, her past was forgotten. She didn't remember her parents much as she was showered with loads of love. She had forgotten Samir. Riddhi was not Samir and hers baby but Armaan and her's. Since the day, Armaan accepted her, she and Riddhi were only his and he was only theirs.

What a big irony, she had grown up living with her parents, where she had spent most of her life. Her parents should have been the ones to understand her but no they refused her and kicked her out whereas Armaan, a mere stranger till a few months back was now her life and Armaan's friends were like her siblings. Indeed she was really lucky.

Now that she thought, about being lucky, she realized that in the world there must be loads of women who didn't get love after being ditched by their husband. Few times, because they were having affairs with other girls, few time because they believed others over their wives.

Leaving alone in this big world was tough especially with a child. She didn't know what she could have done. She must have come to terms to live alone but she wouldn't have been experiencing all these beautiful feelings that she got with Armaan around her.

"what are you thinking?" Armaan asked her, as she found her lost and not paying attention to the baby.

Ridhima noticed that the baby had taken her mouth away, so she placed her to the other side and started feeding again. "I was thinking that what would I have done without you?" she confessed what she was thinking.

"Shhh, stop thinking that. We are together now, we are married and we a love each other a lot. Don't think about something like this again" he said pecking on her forehead and then her lips. He knew, she still would get emotional, with these fact and then he added "I love you and our baby a lot". First he kissed on her cheek and then their baby's head.

"I love you too and our baby love you too loads" Ridhima said, placing a kiss on his cheek. Armaan placed his hand around her waist with a smile and rested his head on her shoulder.


"what are you thinking?" Armaan asked her, as he found her lost and not paying attention to the baby.

Ridhima noticed that the baby had taken her mouth away, so she placed her to the other side and started feeding again. "I was thinking that what would I have done without you?" she confessed what she was thinking.

"Shhh, stop thinking that. We are together now, we are married and we a love each other a lot. Don't think about something like this again" he said pecking on her forehead and then her lips. He knew, she still would get emotional, with these fact and then he added "I love you and our baby a lot". First he kissed on her cheek and then their baby's head.

"I love you too and our baby love you too loads" Ridhima said, placing a kiss on his cheek. Armaan placed his hand around her waist with a smile and rested his head on her shoulder.

Ridhima had decided what to do to take a step forward. She just wished nothing to go wrong as she too was looking forward for that night, the night were they would become one.

As the darkness took over the day light completely, Ridhima entered in the room and placed Riddhi in her crib. Taking her bridal dress out, she placed it in the bathroom.

Once she was done with all the arrangements in the room, she went in the hall and saw Armaan gathering Riddhi's toys. As his back was facing her, he didn't notice her. Moreover, he was thinking something.

The next day, he didn't have anything to do so he would be at home, he was thinking to take Ridhima and Riddhi out for a while. The doctor had allowed both the mother and daughter to go out, in fresh air.

She smiled widely, Armaan was such a gem. He was always there with them. Never had he made them feel like unwanted or stranger.

After a moment, she went to him and hugged him from behind. "where is my hubby lost?" she asked giving him a peck on his cheek.

Feeling someone's warm arm around him, he came out from his trail of thought. One touch was enough for him to know it was Ridhima.

Armaan smiled fully hearing 'hubby', it always made him feel so good, he was Ridhima's hubby. "I was thinking, that we should go out tomorrow" he replied, enjoying her hug.

"Nice idea, Riddhi would also get some fresh air" once again, she pecked on his cheek.

"oye hoye, ma'am, I have lips too where you can kiss" Armaan said hoarsely, with the effect of her lingering kisses. He loved her so much as well as respected her.

"don't worry, I'll kiss you there too" she said seductively, caressing his cheek.

Armaan smiled widely, hearing her seductive voice. That was so not like the Ridhima he knew. As in she would often kiss but talking like this was something knew and he was loving it. Unknown to him, something good was awaiting for him.

"I am going to take a shower so please take care of Riddhi" Ridhima said, ruffling his hairs softly. This very movement, relaxed him completely.

As Armaan heard that, he held her hand and kissed it "Is there even a need to say please, just order me princess"

Ridhima was really touched "ok then, take care of Riddhi" she said more like an orderly tone, yet with a cute smile.

Armaan flashed one of his beautiful smile, that always brighten up Ridhima's mood. "Your wish is my command Princess" he said lovingly and then stood up taking two-three toys with him.

Both entered in the room and Ridhima entered in the bathroom. She quickly took a shower and wore the bridal dress, the same dress she wore as their wedding and now she was wearing it for their first night.

She looked at herself in the mirror hung on the wall, she blushed slightly. She didn't put any make up but filled her parted hairs with vermilion. She wore a simple necklace over her sacred thread, then she picked up the earrings and put them in the hole of her ear, she placed her 'Maang tikka'. Picking up the nose ring, she wore it, it had a long chain attached to it then hooked up the chain in the hair of the above the ear.

Opening a box, she took the beautiful bangles out. Admiring them, she softly wore them. Finally, she picked the anklets and tied them around her feet.

Once she was done, she stood up and fixed her veil. Moving closer to the bathroom door, without opening the door, she called Armaan softly "Armaan"

Armaan went there hearing her voice, "yes, what happened?"

"Is Riddhi asleep?" Ridhima asked, hoping she was asleep.

"She woke a while back but now she is in deep slumber" Armaan replied looking at Riddhi.

"ok" Ridhima replied with a smile. "Before I come out, can you please bring a glass of milk?" Ridhima asked with a smile, yet with a blush.

"of course, no problem" not once he doubted her intention as he was used to make her drink milk before she went to sleep.

As Armaan left the room, she quickly came out and sat down on the bed. She spread properly her lenhga in a circle and covered her face with the veil.

Her hands were shivering in nervousness, her eyes were lowered down with shyness but she was waiting impatiently for Armaan.

Opening the door, Armaan entered in the room while talking of the cover he had placed over the glass. As he raised his eyes, he was left mesmerized, he thought he was imagining.

Not able to stop his steps, he moved toward her and once he reached there he sat on the bed. Placing the glass of milk on the bedside table, he took the veil off as he was still believing it to be a dream.

As the veil was taken off, Armaan was speechless seeing her. Her eyes lowered down, a blush crept on her cheek, her lips and hands slightly showering. She looked so beautiful, so innocent. For sure, she didn't need any make-up as she had her natural beauty.

Ridhima's heart beat rose when she sensed him so close to her. All of this felt so new to her and she was loving each and every moment. Though she took the initiative but now she wanted Armaan to take the lead.

"am I dreaming?" Armaan couldn't help but ask it.

Hearing this, Ridhima raised her eyes and looked at him. She was amazed to see, Armaan was thinking this as dream.

On the other side, once Armaan saw her eyes, he knew it was really reality. "now i know it's reality. It can't be a dream but are you sure? as I love you Ridhima and if you are doing all this to make me happy, you don't need to, I can wait." he asked her worriedly.

Finally what seems like ages, Ridhima spoke with love in her eyes "I had never been that much sure before and I am doing this for us as I love you too".

Armaan could clearly see the love and trust for him in her eyes. Ridhima picked up the glass and offered him.

"so you make me bring the glass of milk for our first night" he said with a chuckle.

"yes" Ridhima replied shyly.

"first you" he said, passing her the glass. She took few sips and then passed him the glass. He places his lips on the same spot as her and drank the whole glass.

As he was done, he placed the glass back on the bedside table and moved closer to her. He sofly caressed her face, their eyes were locked with each other. They were sure for this step, more than ever.

"do stop me if I hurt you" he said, kissing on her cheek, making Ridhima close her eyes in anticipation.

"I know that you'll never hurt me, I trust you" she said with so much trust in her voice.

Armaan was really touched to see the amount of trust for him in her her heart. "I love you" Armaan whispered near her ear.

"I love you too" she whispered back, in a daze.

He freed her from her jewelery while leaving kisses here and there, making her moan. Ridhima's hand were around his neck. He kissed her at every place he could. He was finally near her feet, he fondled her anklet and took them out.

Once he was done, he moved up again and claimed her lips. Both kissed each other passionately. Armaan's tongue touched Ridhima's lips, which made Ridhima open her lips, giving him an entry to her mouth.

Armaan placed his hands around her and deepened the kiss, he explored each corner of her mouth, she did the same. As their tongue touched, they gasped yet taking care to not wake-up their princess.

In this process, Armaan untied the string of her blouse meanwhile Ridhima moved her hands on her chest, where she started undying her shirt's button.

They moved back as they were out of breath. Their heart was beating really fastly. Once their breath was back to normal, Armaan took out his shirt as well as his sleeveless shirt, which made Ridhima feel shy.

Even though, she was used to see him only in boxers but that day it was different, they were going to become one in every sense.

Armaan placed her lips on her neck and left a trail of kisses all over her throat and neck, making her breath with difficulty.

Not able to stop herself, Ridhima kissed on his bare shoulder and chest. They were becoming passionate with each minute..

In the process, Armaan slowly took out her blouse, still leaving kisses on her neck. Soon enough, there weren't any obstacle between them.

As it was Armaan's first time, he wanted to make sure, she was ready. "Ridhima, are you ready?" he asked softly.

Ridhima looked at him and smiled shyly "I am always ready for you" saying so she pressed her lips against his.

That was enough for Armaan to loose his sense, after this there was no going back and both of them knew that.

As they broke from the kiss, Armaan started making love to her. Still in this intoxication, he made sure to not to hurt her.

They both moved in harmony, they made love to each other until they were tired. Armaan laid down next to her while hugging her.

"I hope I didn't hurt you" he said kissing on her bare shoulder.

"You can never hurt me, we both know that" she said controlling her breath.

Armaan covered Ridhima and himself with the blanket and both slept till Riddhi cried. If it had been on Armaan, he wouldn't have let Ridhima wake up every night but he couldn't feed Riddhi only Ridhima could do this till their baby grew enough to be fed by bottles.

As he knew Ridhima must really tired, he stoop up and wore his boxers. He went near the crib and picked Riddhi up, which made her silent. "hey angel, you are up" he said pecking on her forehead. "let me bring some wet cloth then I'll tell your mama to feed you milk".

Ridhima was waken up and looking at them but she was really tired to stand up. Armaan was a savior to her as before she could go to her, he stood up and went to her.

Still she was confused when Armaan took Riddhi with him in the bathroom. She waited for them to come, so she could ask him. After a while, they both emerged out from the bathroom.

Before Ridhima could ask anything, Armaan handed , not Riddhi safely. Removing the blanket from his wife's chest, he started cleaning her brea*t.

"what are you doing?" Ridhima asked with a frown, not that she minded him touching her but she was confused, not to mention feeling shy.

"you are going to feed Riddhi, so I don't want our baby to get any germ as I was licking your..." he left the sentence in the middle in addition a blush too appeared on his cheeks.

Ridhima blushed hearing this but once again, she was left touched. He loved and cared for both of them a lot. So once he cleaned her, she started making Riddhi feed milk.


Armaan handed , her Riddhi safely. Removing the blanket from his wife's chest, he started cleaning her brea*t.

"what are you doing?" Ridhima asked with a frown, not that she minded him touching her but she was confused, not to mention feeling shy.

"you are going to feed Riddhi, so I don't want our baby to get any germ as I was licking your..." he left the sentence in the middle in addition a blush too appeared on his cheeks.

Ridhima blushed hearing this but once again, she was left touched. He loved and cared for both of them a lot. So once he cleaned her, she started making Riddhi feed.

How days, weeks, months and years passed they didn't know. It had been now almost three years to their wedding. In about one month and two weeks, it would be their third marriage anniversary.

Their life was full of happiness. Never they fought a lot, yes they had their little sweet fights but nothing serious. All felt so heavenly to them.

Riddhi was the life of the house, without seeing her a second they would get restless. They just love the other ones a lot. Not to mention, Riddhi was her daddy's girl and Armaan always saved her from being scold.

'But maybe happiness aren't mean to last forever' Ridhima thought closing her eyes.

It had been four hours that Armaan came back at home from his office, coming home he kissed Riddhi but didn't pay any attention to her.

She didn't want to loose Armaan, he was her lifeline 'I have to talk him' she concluded with it. Not only she wanted to talk about this but also tell him something important entered in their room.

"Armaan" she called him out.

"yeah" he said, without taking his eyes off the computer.

That was so not like Armaan, he always looked at her whenever she entered in the room, he always gave her lovingly glances but what was going on now.

"Can we talk?" she asked, hoping a positive response.

Armaan looked up at her and then went back to his screen "Ridhima, I am busy.. we'll talk later"

Listening that, Ridhima was left stunned. Armaan never waited to hear what she wanted to say. She was feeling really worried.

Anyways, nodding her head she went to her bed where Riddhi was playing with her toys. "My baby, let me make you sleep" she said lovingly and both of them laid down. Riddhi slept in the same room as theirs, they had specially arranged a single bed for her in the room.

As for now, they didn't want her to give her a separated room as she was only a baby and too be truthful, they couldn't stay away from her.

Soon enough, Riddhi and Ridhima had fallen asleep. After a while, when Ridhima's eyes opened, she saw Armaan not here. She frowned while looking around the room for him.

'why is he behaving weirdly today... I want to share so much with him" she said, feeling sad.

She stood up, in purpose to find him. After a while, she was done with the whole house apart the terrace so she went there.

As she reached there, she found it dark so she turned on the light. As the lights turned on she was left shocked, the terrace was decorated really beautifully, it had 'happy anniversary Ridhima' banners, loads of flowers, beautiful strips.

Suddenly, she felt hands on her waist. She knew it was Armaan, she rested the back of her head on his chest.

"Happy anniversary princess" he whispered, near her ear.

Ridhima turned and looked into his eyes "thank you and happy anniversary to you too" she said sweetly but then she frowned "why were you not talking to me?" her lips were formed in a beautiful pout.

"I just wanted to surprise you... I am sorry if you didn't like my way of surprising you" he said, pecking on her forehead.

"please don't ever stop talking to me. I felt so alone" she confessed, while hugging him tight and few tears came out.

Armaan felt guilty seeing her like this. True, he had showered her with loads of love but still things like that could bring out the vulnerable side of her.

"I am really sorry princess, it won't happen again" he said kissing on her cheek.

He cupped her face and wiped her tears "Please forgive me, I am ready for any punishment"

"that you are going to get. You made me worry for 6 hours and when I ask can we talk you said later" she said, cutely.

He couldn't help but fall in love with her all over again "ok done, you can give me any punishment"

"You have to take a week of from office and take us on a trip" she said, in an orderly tone.

"Your wish is my command princess and why a week, we'll go for two weeks" he said, picking her up, she encircled her hand around his neck with a smile.

Armaan placed her down when they arrived in front of the cake "I wish Riddhi had been also here with us" she said, picking up the knife.

Armaan held the knife and said "wait"

She raised a brow and looked at him. "come out my junior princess" as soon as he said this, Riddhi came out while holding something in her hand.

Ridhima rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips "when did she come here?" she asked, while looking at Armaan.

"when you were searching for me" he said cheekily, picking Riddhi up.

Ridhima shook her head with a smile. After that she cut the cake with the two most important person in her life, well... maybe more. Ridhima fed Riddhi and Armaan together and in return they fed her.

"happy annivelsaly (anniversary) papa" she wished him kissing his cheek.

"thank you my baby" he gave her big kiss on her cheek, which made her giggle.

"mama mama" Riddhi said, stretching her arms toward her mother to pick her up.

As Riddhima saw this, she picked her daughter up. Riddhi said, in her broken accent, while pecking on her mother's cheek "happy anniversaly (anniversary) mama"

Hearing this, Ridhima chuckled and kissed back on her daughter's forehead "thank you my baby"

"that's not fair, she gets a kiss and I only a thank you and happy anniversary" Armaan said, making a baby face.

"Because she is my sweet baby" Ridhima said proudly, making her daughter feed more cake.

"so I am not sweet?" he asked with a frown.

"hmm let me see" she said, scrutinizing Armaan's face.

"Ridhima" Armaan whined, while making a cute face.

Seeing Armaan like this, both the girls laughed "of course you are sweet" Ridhima said, pinching Armaan's cheek.

Armaan smiled, admiring his little family. Now that, he saw the dried tears on Ridhima's face he felt really bad. He couldn't believe how could he make her sad when he promised to himself. Seeing her sad or in tears pierced his heart.

Not able to control himself, he hugged Ridhima and said again "I am really sorry to make you cry"

"It's ok but it shouldn't be repeated" she said, pointing her fingers at him.

Armaan kissed her finger and said "never.. I will never repeat it or do something that will make you sad"

Ridhima kissed on Armaan's cheek, which brightened his life. "ok now what about my gifts" both Armaan and Riddhi gave her gifts, which they all opened together.

"ok let's dance" Armaan said picking Riddhi up and holding Ridhima's hand.

A sweet song's melody was filled in the air. Armaan kept on twirling Ridhima softly while Riddhi did her babyish dance in Armaan's arm.

"mama cake?" Riddhi said looking at the cake.

Her parents chuckled and then Ridhima picked her up. "come baby, I'll give you so more cake"

Ridhima and Armaan alternatively made her eat the cake. Riddhi was really happy. "I lobe (love) you mama papa" Riddhi said sweetly, kissing on their cheeks.

"we love you too Riddhi" Armaan and Ridhima said in unison and kissed on their baby's cheek.

After enjoying a while, "papa, I want to sleeep" Riddhi said in her baby accent, looking at her father so that he pick her up.

"come here my baby" he said with a smile, picking Riddhi up.

All went down in their room and they made Riddhi sleep on her bad, while patting or ruffling her hairs. She insisted to hear a story "papa stoly time (story time)".

As always, Armaan couldn't say her no thus he told her a story and soon enough she was asleep. Armaan looked at Riddhi and kept admiring her, she was growing up really quickly. He still could remember the way she said for the first time 'mama' and 'papa', he still could remember her first step. He loved their baby so much.

He looked at Ridhima, who was still patting Riddhi's stomach softly. She was half asleep. Armaan smiled looking at the two beautiful women in his life and turned the light off.

Ridhima's eyes opened fully as the the lights turned off and she looked at Armaan, who was coming toward her, with so much passion and love in his eyes.

Standing up, he picked Ridhima up and took her in the room next door. They made sure to not make love in the same room as Riddhi, as only God knew when her sleep would be broken and they didn't want her to see something like this.

He made her lay on the bed and started kissing her lips. She was losing her control over her mind but she did want to tell him something which was really important."uh Armaan, please can we talk before making love?" she said, in between her moans.

Armaan looked up at her face and he knew there was something important. It was not like Ridhima to say something in moment like this. usually both of them would get lost in the moment to say anything.

Nodding his head, he controlled his breath and sat next to her. He hugged her securely and looked at her "what happened? is everything ok?" he asked worriedly.

Riddhima moved from his hug and looked on his face "Armaan, everything is ok and actually I am.. I mean you are... you are going to become a father again" she said, while fumbling and her eyes lowered with shyness.

As Armaan heard this, he got really happy, he just enveloped Ridhima in his arms. "I am really happy Ridhima, we are going to be parents and Riddhi is going to be a big sister" he said excitingly, but the next second his excitement vanished and worry took over.

On the other side, Ridhima was feeling heavenly in his arms but soon she felt him stiffen. She moved back and asked, while stroking his hairs "What happened?"

"Ridhima, what if we got a baby and ignore Riddhi in the process, I don't want that" Worry was completely visible in his voice. He couldn't bear to see his Riddhi being ignored.

Hearing this, Ridhima gasped, she was completely stunned. "Armaan, don't ever say that. I know you are there with me always, we will never ignore any of our baby." Ridhima said, cupping his face and then placed a kiss on his lips.

"Are you sure?" Armaan asked with an insure stare.

"I am more than sure, now don't ever think like that, got it?" she said in an orderly tone.

"I got it Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik" he said, finally relieving a smile.

Ridhima smiled but then frowned when Armaan stood up and was about to pick her up "what are you doing?"

"I am going to take you back in the room" he said softly and was in the midway of the process.

"make me lay back" she said in a firm voice.

Armaan didn't get why she said that, he made her lay back "what happened?"

"what about love making?" she asked encircling her hands around his neck.

"you are pregnant so we can't make love, right?" he said so sweetly that she wanted to kiss him hard and that's what she did, she kissed him hard. He was so sweet and just cared so much about her.

"Armaan, I am just two months pregnant and the doctor didn't say anything against our love making" she said with a smile.

As he looking in her eyes, he was assured so he moved closer to her and continued what he had begun a while back. They both made love to each other for long hours and then they went back in the room, fully dressed, in purpose to not shock Riddhi.

They slept on their bed, hugging each other tight and feeling content. No matter what happens the whole day at the end of the day, they would be together and happy.

Little did they know, their past is going to knock again on their door. Only God knew if it would destroy their relation or make it more strong.


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Armaan and Ridhima slept on their bed, hugging each other tight and feeling content. No matter what happens the whole day at the end of the day, they would be together and happy.

Little did they know, their past is going to knock again on their door. Only God knew if it would destroy their relation or make it more strong.

A week later, they went to Delhi and were doing some shopping for Riddhi. He was playing with Riddhi, who was buckled in the stroller safely "my baby" he said kissing her while nuzzling his nose on her face, while she laughed whole heartily.

Armaan moved back and kept looking at his baby, she had an exact laugh like her mother and he felt really proud seeing her.

 "Armaan the pink dress or the red one?" she asked with a confused look.

"why don't we ask our princess?" he suggested, with a smile.

"I think you are right" she said with positive smile "so baby, what dress do you want?"

"pink one, I want to be a plincess (princess)" she said, cutely showing her teeth.

"you already are a princess" Armaan said, wrinkling her nose while she pouted her upper lip, she looked so adorable.

Armaan pecked on her cheek as well as Ridhima's who was caught red-handed "Armaan, we are in a shop" she said, with her mouth wide open.

"so what, I am kissing my wife and if you don't close you mouth I won't mind doing a french kiss" he teased her, with a wink.

"Armaan" she whined but hugged him tightly as she was feeling really shy.

"Actually not a bad idea, I would love experiencing it, what say?" he asked her, still in his teasing tone.

She moved back and said with a naughty smile "we'll see that later, as it depends on my mood"

"don't worry, I won't let your mood down" he said with a wink, Ridhima smiled looking at him.

They both looked toward their daughter, who was happy admiring her dress. "she is so cute just like you" Ridhima said, pulling his cheek.

"after all she is my daughter" he said proudly but then added "actually her cuteness is gone on both of us".

Ridhima nodded positively. "Mama, this dless (dress) is leally beautiphul (really beautiful)" she said in her babyish language.

"not more than our princess" Ridhima said, giving a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

As she moved back, Armaan whispered "I won't mind a sloppy kiss as well"

"Armaan" she said hitting on his chest

"I am your Armaan" he said with a proud smile

"and be always mine" she said, looking into his eyes. She wouldn't be able to loose him, he meant a lot to him, she loved him a lot and she knew he loved her a lot.

"This Armaan Mallik is born to be yours and you are born to be mine, we'll be always each other's" he said, with so much honesty in his eyes and words that she felt over the moon.

She quickly looked around and pecked on his cheek "I love you"

"I love you too" he said with a smile and started moving the stroller while hugging Ridhima with one arm. Suddenly, he felt Ridhima stiff in his arms.

"what happened?" he asked worriedly.

"Armaan, mom dad" she said, pointing toward a couple, who looked really weak.

"do you want to talk to them?" he knew, she wanted to talk to her parents, she wanted to sort out everything.

"what if they still reject me" she said, fearing the rejection she received few years ago.

"then I am here to support you" he said, squeezing her arm.

Ridhima nodded, feeling encouraged. They made their way their. "mom, dad" her parents looked up.

Her mother got so happy to see her, she was about to come and hug her but her husband held her wrist and stopped her "we don't have any daughter, don't forget that Padma"

As Armaan heard that, he looked at Ridhima who had tears in her eyes. He couldn't see that, her tears and pain hurt him "then I must say you are very unlucky" Armaan said, stepping in the conversation. When he said, he would be with her, he really meant it.

"who are you to talk to me like this?" Shashank spitted angrily.

"anything related to me or Riddhi are related to Armaan automatically as he is my husband" Ridhima said, gaining her courage. they loved each other so much that they could stand up against the world for the other one.

Padma really felt happy for her daughter, she took a step toward them and gave them her blessing "may you stay always together and happy"

Shashank was shocked to see his wife going to them. "thank you mom" Ridhima said, hugging her mother tightly and crying out badly.

"Ridhima please don't cry" Armaan said, patting her head softly.

Seeing this, Padma felt really happy. Her daughter was with someone who loved her a lot. Despite her past.

"mama, why ale you clying (why are you crying)?" Riddhi who had been silent till now, spoke up seeing her mother crying.

That instantly caught Shashank eyes, he found a beautiful baby around three years in the stroller. He couldn't help but notice her similarities with Ridhima.

Ridhima wiped her tears and moving back from the hug, she picked up her daughter "mom she is Riddhi mine and Armaan's daughter"

"She is so beautiful, just like you" Padma said, caressing Riddhi's cheek.

"mama, who is she?" Riddhi asked with a frown

"she is your nani princess" Armaan replied Riddhi "aunty why don't you come out our place, we would really love it" Armaan said, hoping a yes.

"of course, I would love to spend some time with my daughter's family" Padma said, cupping Ridhima's face.

"Padma.." he wanted to stop her.

Padma went to him and said "Shashank, please not today"

Listening that Shashank scoffed but followed them anyways. No doubt, he had melted seeing Riddhi but he was still angry at Ridhima, at himself that something lacked in the upbringing of her.

"Ridhima, you sit at the back with Riddhi" he safely placed Riddhi's baby seat in it and made Ridhima sit. Shashank and Padma followed them in their car.

As the car stopped in front of a big house, which Armaan had in Delhi, they both came out. They all entered and Armaan said "you all have a sit, I'll tell Ramu kaka to arrange the dinner"

"Armaan.." she tried to stop him from doing the kitchen work.

Armaan interrupted her with an authoritative tone "no Ridhima, you are not going anywhere near the kitchen"

Hearing this, she glared at him and turned back her attention toward Padma. Whilst Armaan shook his head and went in the kitchen, while taking Riddhi with him, he knew they had to talk.

"how old is she Ridhima?" Padma asked,seeing Armaan taking Riddhi with him.

"mom, she'll turn three in a month" Ridhima said, feeling happy for her daughter.

"uh Ridhima when did you and Armaan married?" Padma asked hesitantly

Holding her mother's hand, she said "we married three years ago and a week ago was our third anniversary"

"Ridhima, I am really happy for you, Armaan is like one in billions" her mother said, affectionately.

"I know mom, I am really lucky to have someone like Armaan in my life. He had accepted me knowing my past, knowing that my husband divorced me. He loves me a lot" Ridhima said, getting emotional.

"Ridhima, just tell me once, you haven't done anything wrong back then" Padma pleaded, looking at her daughter.

"no mom, I haven't done anything wrong. That night, Samir's friend came at out apartment when Samir was not at home. Mom, he tried to rape me and when Samir came he believed whatever his friend said, not giving me any chance to explain him" Ridhima hugged her mother, crying badly, remembering that incident.

She wasn't crying because of her divorce with Samir, but because of being at the verge of being raped that day. "and you too throw me out mom, do you know how hard it was for me to live with a baby in my womb" Ridhima said, looking at her mother.

Shashank, who had been sitting there silently felt his heart wrench. His daughter had suffered so much and he hadn't let her any chance to explain anything. He felt hard to breath so he made his way toward the garden.

"Ridhima, I am really sorry but your father didn't allow me to talk to you, I was helpless" her mother said, lowering her eyes.

"mom, though I was heartbroken at that moment but if you hadn't thrown me out I would have never met Armaan, the guy I love more than my life." Ridhima said with a smile through her tears.

In the kitchen, Armaan was instructing the servants. Once, he was done, he saw Shashank in the garden. He thought to go and talk. If he would be able to make Shashank understand then Ridhima would be really happy and Ridhima's happiness meant a lot to him.

In the first place, he went in the hall and passed Riddhi to Ridhima, who quickly held the baby without sparing a glance at Armaan.

He couldn't help but smile at her. She was angry but he knew they couldn't stay angry at each other for long.

"uncle" Armaan said, as he reached in the garden.

Shashank quickly wiped his tears and looked toward him "yeah"

"why are you behaving like to Ridhima?" Armaan asked, feeling Ridhima's pain.

"I am regretting today to have behaved like this to her. How could I be so immune to not let her explain. She is my own daughter and I blamed her" his tears were back.

"If you are really regretting uncle then go and talk to her." Armaan said politely and was about to go back.

"Armaan thanks for accepting my daughter and her baby" Shashank said, feeling thankful.

"uncle, I haven't done any favor on Ridhima as I love her a lot. Apart that, I will appreciate if you mention Riddhi as mine and Ridhima's baby" Armaan said, with a smile.

Shashank smiled feeling really speechless in front of her daughter's choice. Not all the decisions from parents are the correct ones.

"Armaan please keep my daughter happy. I am feeling ashamed not to be with her in her tough time but I don't want to see my daughter in pain again" Shashank said, placing his hand on Armaan's shoulder.

"don't worry uncle, I can never thing to hurt her as when she cries or is in pain it hurts me more." Armaan said with sheer love in his voice and Shashank could see it.

They both made their way in, "Ridhima" Shashank called Ridhima, while looking down.

Ridhima looked up hearing her father's loving voice "dad", she stood up. Not knowing what to expect.

Her father did the unexpected, he fall down on his knee and joined his hands "please forgive me Ridhima. You can punish me however you want to"

"please stand up dad" Ridhima said, gently and Armaan helped Shashank to stand up. "dad please just don't ever throw me of your life the way you had. Although I know I wouldn't ever need to come back to you as Armaan loves me a lot and I know I would be able to live without you guys but still whenever I saw someone else's parents, I couldn't help but miss you"

True, she loved her parents a lot but Armaan's love had overpowered all the other person whom she loved. She could live anywhere and everywhere just with Armaan and their daughter and now Riddhi. Whilst Armaan felt proud seeing the amount of love and trust for him in Ridhima's heart.

Shashank hugged Ridhima and said, with tears "I promise to believe you always" then Ridhima handed Shashank her daughter "she is your carbon copy" Shashank said with a chuckle.

All sat down to have dinner, Ridhima sat next to Armaan, who was about to fill his place for the both of them. "mom tell him not to put food for me" Ridhima said, with an angry look.


All sat down to have dinner, Ridhima sat next to Armaan, who was about to fill his place for the both of them. "mom tell him not to put food for me" Ridhima said, with an angry look.

Armaan didn't listen and put it anyways. He made her turn toward him, he fulled the spoon and said lovingly "Ridhima, you know I wouldn't have refused you anything if you wouldn't have nausea getting closer to the kitchen"

"nausea, Armaan is she alright?" Padma asked worriedly and was about to wake up.

"mom , don't worry nothing is wrong. We are going to be parents again so the doctor said if she gets nausea it's normal" Armaan tried to assure Padma but in reality he too was worried. His conern was visible to everyone.

Ridhima was touched hearing this and as always made her anger vanished. "now princess open your mouth" Armaan said, sweetly.

After hearing his touching word, no anger was left she opened her mouth and ate it. "now my tuln (turn)" Riddhi said, opening her mouth

Padma and Shashank felt blessed seeing the sight in front of them. Once they were done with the dinner, Padma and Shashank hugged Ridhima and Armaan along with congratulations, they were really happy for their daughter and son-in-law.

As it was late, Shashank said with a smile "I think we should take a leave now"

"Papa, why don't you stay here? As in few days we'll go back to Mumbai and I want all of us to spend some time with you" Ridhima suggested, with hope in her eyes which Armaan saw.

"yes uncle aunty, we would really love if you stay here" Armaan said, honestly.

"if you both force then ok" Padma said, with a smile and Shashank too nodded as he couldn't say no to his daughter.

Armaan took Riddhi in their room as she was really tired from the day's activity. He covered her with a blanket and making she was confortable, he left the room with the door left ajar, in case she would start crying.

After that, Ridhima and Armaan shew them a room "this is your room. If you need anything please let us know" Armaan said with a twinkle in his eyes.

It had been so long since he lost his parents. So long that he had almost forgotten the feeling of them being around but now meeting with Ridhima's parents, he could feel them again.

"Armaan can you do as a favor?" Padma asked looking at Armaan.

"Yes aunty, anything" Armaan replied back.

"please call me mom and Shashank papa as we are the same to you as to Ridhima" Padma said, placing her hand on his head.

At this moment, Armaan felt really touched that his tears came out. He hugged Padma tightly and shed some tears, feeling blessed to have parents again in the form of Padma and Shashank.

He was really grateful to Ridhima for coming into his life, for coloring his life; for loving him so much, for giving him Riddhi and another good news about their going to be baby and now finally for sharing her parents.

"Armaan, what happened, please don't cry?" Padma said, patting his back.

Coming out from the hug, he wiped his tears. "I lost my parents few years back so I am feeling really blessed to have you" Armaan said through his tears but as he felt someone's hand around his waist, he calmed and felt relaxed. He knew it was Ridhima only she could effect him in this way.

Padma and Shashank felt really bad to know about his parents yet amazed to see how their daughter was there to support him and they felt really proud.

In purpose to change the atmosphere, Shashank asked with a frown "this isn't fair Armaan, your mom got a hug what about me?"

"Anytime dad" Armaan hugged her, but still with Ridhima's one hand around him.

"Mom dad, you guys should sleep now, we'll see you tomorrow" Ridhima said, hugging her parents and then left with her husband.

As they entered in their room,  Ridhilma hugged Armaan while asking "are you ok, baby?"

"yeah princess. In fact I am really happy. From the day you came in my life, I got a so many relations. First you, my wife, who loves me crazily. Then Riddhi, our life. After that, our coming to be baby and now our parents. All this was just possible because of you. If you hadn't come in my life, I would get so much love" he replied, holding her firmly.

"Armaan, this isn't because of me but because of us so then ever say that" she said kissing on his cheek.

"I love you Ridhima" he said, kissing on her lips.

"what about the french kiss?" she said in hoarse voice, her lips almost touching.

"I would love that" Armaan grinned widely.

He scooped his wife and took her in the other room. He made her sit on the bed. Armaan gently cupped her face. Although he was inexperienced yet he knew she would be feeling uncomfortable for this so he thought to take it easy.

He kissed on her cheeks, jaw and chin, then he stuck his tongue out and licked her lips which in antipation opened but Armaan didn't enter. His tongue was still licking her parched lips, in a wait to feel her tongue.

Ridhima was moaning badly feeling his tease. Feeling lost in the moment, yet frustated to not feeling his tongue inside her mouth, she took her tongue out and touched it againt his.

"hmm" feeling her tongue, Armaan gasped. It felt heavenly. They both did the french kissing till they were tired.

Once they broke apart, Ridhima hid her head in his chest. Armaan said with heavy breath "that was so overwhelming"

Meanwhile, Ridhima was still in his arms, with heavy heartbeat yet her lips formed in a smile. For sure, she felt over the moon. Her gestured were well known by Armaan and he knew her feeling were the same as his.

Lost in their moments, they made love to each other. Kissing each other and finally they reached the peak while led them to relax finally in each other's arm.

The next day, the whole family including Shashank and Padma went for sight-seeing. As the sun's ray were falling on Ridhima and Riddhi's face, Armaan quickly took out the caps and sunglasses from his bag which he made them wear.

Meanwhile, taking a cap and sunglasses out of her purse, Ridhima made Armaan wear it. She smiled looking at him.

Padma and Shashank smiled looking at them, they were really adorable. Being the romantic self, Shashank used to be from his youthful days, he pulled his wife and hugged her.

"shashank, Armaan and Ridhima are there" she said, reprimanding him.

"I am sure they won't mind" he said with a naughty smile. Seeing which Padma could only shake her head with a smile.

They all took pics of each other and even asked the passer-by to take their pics together as group.

In between, they kept on roaming, Shashank and Padma were now taking care of Riddhi's stroller as in to let Armaan and Ridhima share some private moments. Private moments which they shared to the fullest but at a point Ridhima boiled in anger. There were few girls that were drooling over Armaan, whose first two buttons were open.

Being the possessive wife she was, he pulled him toward her and closed his buttons. Armaan looked at her and smirked, she looked so lovely in those expressions.

"Do you think I would go to them?" he asked playfully, which she realized in a second.

"no, I trust you but I won't bear other girls to see your chest or any other parts where only I have the right to see and touch" she said, in authoritative tone.

Armaan smiled widely and hugged her. "oye hoye, I love my wife being possessive once in a while for me" he said lovingly, giving a quick peck on her lips.

"Armaan" she said hitting on his chest but eventually giving in and hugging him back with all the love she had for him in her heart.

"I love you" he said, caressing her cheek.

"I love you too" she confessed back, looking lovingly in his eyes. His eyes were so attracting and deep... So deep, that she always lost herself in it.

He side hugged her and said with a smile "we should go for lunch as both my princesses must be angry". He quickly pecked on her cheek, while she just smiled with a blush.

"So Princess, are you enjoying?" Ridhima asked, picking Riddhi up.

"yeah mama, nani nanu ale leally (are really) nice, they bought me cotton candy" she said excitingly.

"wow, that is so great" Armaan said, taking hold of Riddhi then asked "Is my baby hungry?"

"Papa I am hungly (hungry) but I am confusie (confused). Am I youl baby ol (your baby or) mama as I heald (heard) you calling mama baby?" she asked innocently.

Armaan and Ridhima both felt their face turning red at the question their daughter asked to Armaan.

Suddenly, there was a pin drop silence between the family. Armaan and Ridhima were feeling quite embarassed, her parent's were looking at the for an answer as well as an innocent Riddhi.

Shashank burst out laughing and said, while placing a hand over his shoulder "Armaan, you don't need to feel shy or embarassed". Then looking back at Riddhi, he replied "Riddhi you are Armaan and Ridhima's little baby but Ridhima is Armaan's big baby" he chuckled with the last bit.

"papa" Ridhima whined like a baby

"see Riddhi, your mama is behaving like a baby" listening to Shashank all burst out laughing expect a glaring Ridhima.

Armaan moved closer to her "I must add, you are my very sweet baby" he whispered naughtily.

Hitting on his shoulder lightly, she retorted back while looking at him "you are my very cute baby" at the end, she pulled his cheek sweetly.

Padma and Shashank were looking at the exchange between Armaan and Ridhima. They behaved so cutely and lovingly. They had only one wish to God to keep Armaan and Ridhima together and happy.

The whole next week, they spent it together with the whole family but finally it was time for Ridhima and Armaan to go back at home. They were at the airport, there luggage was already booked and now they were about to enter the waiting room "We are gonna miss you" Ridhima said while hugging her parents, followed by Armaan.

"Ridhima is right, we are going to miss you a lot" Armaan said, once he moved out from the hugs. "please try to come and visit us" he asked hoping a yes.

"we are also going to miss you and we will try our best to visit you" Shashank replied back with a smile. He had gotten an excellent son in the disguise of his son-in-law.

"mama, I too want to hug nani nanu" Riddhi asked, stretching her arms out.

All chuckled looking at her adorable acts, Armaan picked Riddhi up as she was standing and passed her to Padma.

Riddhi hugged her grandparents and jumped back to her father's arm, where she loved the most to be.

Armaan held her safely and placed an arm around Ridhima. Before, disappearing, they turned back and waved back at them, one last time before leaving.

Only God knew, if Armaan and Ridhima's love was strong enough to make the storm feel like a soft breeze or was so weak to make their lives crumble down.

Eid Special

Armaan held her safely and placed an arm around Ridhima. Before, disappearing, they turned back and waved back at them, one last time before leaving.

Only God knew, if Armaan and Ridhima's love was strong enough to make the storm feel like a soft breeze or was so weak to make their lives crumble down.

"Mom, when will you come to meet us?" Ridhima asked, through the phone.

Padma chuckled and said "it had been hardly three weeks that you left"

"I know but I miss you, not only me but Riddhi and Armaan too" Ridhima replied with a pout.

"we'll come soon Ridhima. In fact we'll try to come today as it's a really special day" Padma said with a smile, even they were missing their little family back in Mumbai.

Ridhima got happy hearing this, she talked a bit more to her parents and hung up the phone. "what is princess doing?" Armaan asked, hugging her from behind.

Ridhima held his hand and made him sit on the couch beside her. Placing her head on his shoulder, she said "I talked to mom and then I was just thinking how beautiful our life is"

"that is absolutely true." He said, pulling her in closer hug.

"you are earlier today" she said in an affirmative tone, looking in his eyes affectionaly.

"yeah, I was missing you and Riddhi" he said placing a kiss on her head.

Ridhima sensed something was disturbing him so she asked looking into his eyes "You seem a bit disturbed, what is the problem?"

"nothing Ridhima" he said in a low voice.

Placing her hand on his cheek, she said "you know you can't lie to me. Even if your lips aren't saying anything, your eyes speak the truth then why do you try to lie"

Armaan hugged her tightly "Ridhima, I am just feeling scared. I love you and Riddhi too much, I can't bear to loose you" he said, with his tears coming out. He let out all his fear in front of her.

For sure, he was feeling really insecure. "we will never be separated even when we die" she said, hugging him back tightly and placing a kiss on his forehead as in to assure him.

Moving apart, she wiped his tears "I don't like at all when your tears come out from your eyes but I love you smile, I love the way your dimples show up" she said with smile, trying to cheer him up.

Armaan smiled hearing all that she was saying. She knew very well, how to make him feel good. Once again, he hugged her back feeling much satisfied and light.

For sure, he was feeling better yet there was a nagging feeling in the back of his head but the immense trust he had on their love made him shrug of this feeling.

Having his wife in his arms, made him feel so good and heavenly. Just his mere presence near him, left him overwhelmed. The effect she had on him was so beautiful and he completely loved it.

"I love you" Armaan whispered, lost in the moment.

"I love you too" Ridhima replied back.

Not able to control himself, Armaan captured her lips in his. The kiss was full of passion, love and purity. Between the kiss, they moaned and ruffled each other's hairs. The exploration of each other's mouth was a speechless feeling. They didn't feel like breaking apart but due to the lack of oxygen they had to.

Armaan opened his eyes and found Ridhima laying on him as he himself made sure not to be on top of her considering that she was pregnant so he had to take care of everything.

For a moment, he kept admiring her. Her eyes were closed and a beautiful blush was there on her cheeks. She was still breathing hard and her lips were slightly parched that he felt like entering his tongue again in her mouth through her lips but he controlled himself.

"I think we should continue this in the room as Riddhi would be up anytime from her nap" Armaan whispered in her ear.

Ridhima was amazed to see, still so much lost in the moment, he didn't forget about Riddhi. She felt touched to know how much she and Riddhi meant to him. All that he wanted was to keep Ridhima and Riddhi safe and happy.

"only if you pick me up" she said, placing her head on his chest.

"As my princess command" as he said that, Ridhima stood up and then Armaan picked her up in his arms.

Taking her in their love making room, he closed the door. He placed her on the bed and started kissing her everywhere. Nevertheless, while making love, he loved kissing and sucking her throat as it turned him wild. He felt that it was one of the most sensuous part of her body.

They completely freed each other from clothes. They were so much involved in each other to notice the surroundings yet if it had something regarding to their babies, they would come out of this moment, instantly.

He made slow love to her as he didn't want to hurt her in anyway. Their slow love making was full of caresses, kisses, love bites and what not.

After a while, they were laying in each other's arms, feeling blissful. "Armaan" she called him, with her head still placed on his bare chest.

"hmm" he replied with his eyes closed and nuzzling in the nap of her neck.

"Riddhi would be up any moment but I am feeling too tired to go and take a shower. Can you please take a shower and look after her. I'll join you in a while." Ridhima said, in a tired tone.

"Baby are you alright? do you want me to call the doctor?" Armaan asked worriedly. His eyes were wide opened now.

"I am fine Armaan, just feeling a bit sore. There is no need to call the doctor." she said with a tired smile.

"are you sure?" he asked, caressing her hairs.

"yes, I am sure" she said, placing a kiss on his chest.

"ok, if you say so" he said sweetly. He softly placed her head on the pillow and kissed her lips.

Taking a shower, he came out and found Ridhima still in the bed. "I think the pregnancy and the love making are making her tired a lot" he thought to himself " I should confirm once again to her doctor if we could proceed our love making" he concluded on this point.

He left the room, closing the door. The first think he did was to check on Riddhi, she was waken up but playing with her toys calmly. He smiled at her and thought to call the doctor before joining Riddhi.

"Hello, Dr Kirtika. It's Armaan Mallik" Armaan said, once the phone was picked up.

"Hello Mr Mallik, How are you?" Kirtika asked, sitting down on the chair in her cabin.

"I am fine Dr Kirtika but Ridhima isn't. She is feeling really sore after making love so I wanted to ask if we should stop making love?" he asked her with so much concern in his voice.

"Mr Mallik, it tends to happen and there is nothing to worry about but yes keep the frequency low" she told him not to make love a lot as then it could create a bit of complication.

"ok Dr" Armaan replied back, feeling relieved.

Once he was done with the call, he joined Riddhi and after a while Ridhima too joined them. As he saw her, he asked anxiously "are you feeling ok now?". True the doctor said, it was normal, still he was worried for her.

"I am perfectly alright" she said, while sitting next to him and placing her head on his shoulder "I love being so close to you" she said hoarsely that only he could hear.

"same here baby" He replied back, looking at her.

"Papa, see" she said pointing at the toy house, where there were few dolls males and females. "this is Nanu, nani" she said pointing toward a couple, and she continued "this is Mama, papa and this is me, Riddhi" she finished, clapping her hands excitingly.

Armaan and Ridhima smiled, looking at her. She was so cute. Armaan moved closer to her and added another little doll "and this your going to be brother or sister"

Riddhi smiled hearing this. "wow such a nice family" came a voice from behind.

All the three of them, turned and looked toward the door, where they found all their friends and their babies. Armaan stood up, taking Riddhi in his arms and helping Ridhima to stand up "wow guys it's so good to see you all here"

Armaan and Ridhima hugged them and greeted their friends babies with kisses. Atul and Anjali had a beautiful, Arun, of two years and half. Abhimanyu and Nikita's son, Vivan, was also two and half years old. Atul and Anjali had a sweet girl, Ananya, of one years and half.

Their friends kissed Riddhi happily. Picking her up, Muskaan asked "how is the little princess?"

"I am fine bua, how ale (are) you?" Riddhi said with a smile her hands encircled around Muskaan's neck.

"I am also fine" Muskaan replied with a smile. That day, they hadn't just come to meet Mallik family but for a special purpose.

All the adults sat down, meanwhile the kids were on the floor playing with the toys. "Have you started the preparations?" Abhimanyu asked, sipping his juice

"Well I was waiting for you but I have arranged all the stuff, only decoration is left" Armaan replied with grin.

"ok cool, we would be done with the preparations by midnight. All the while, Riddhi will have to stay away, with Ridhima and the kids" Nikita concluded.

"no problem I'll manage them" Ridhima agreed with their planning

"And we know even if there is no problem Armaan will check upon you every ten minutes" Rahul said cheekily, with a chuckle.

"exactly, he is complete lover boy" Anjali said, pulling Armaan's cheek.

"now don't tell us to be like Armaan" Atul added with a smile.

"oh well, we are happy with what we have" Anjali replied with a smile.

After a while, they had dinner and soon enough Padma and Shashank joined them. All of them rushed to welcome them. "mom, dad we are glad to see you here" Armaan replied while hugging them, followed by Ridhima.

"how couldn't we come after all it's a special day" Shashank said with a smile, while picking Riddhi and kissing her, followed by Padma.

"Mama, papa, from the molning (morning) you ale (are) saying it's a special day, why is it a special day?" Riddhi asked, with a frown and while wrinkling her nose. She was looking adorable.

"well princess you'll know on the right time" Armaan replied, his baby with a wink.

Riddhi pouted but then she ignored their talks as she wasn't old enough to realize what actually was going on.

"come on kids, let's go in my room" Ridhima called them and all of the kids went with her, as well as Armaan.

Looking at Armaan, all of them started laughing. Once Ridhima reached in the room, Armaan helped her sitting on the bed comfortably and placed all the needed stuff on the bedside table.

"kids don't annoy Ridhima, I'll come to check" Armaan told the babies and left the room but not before giving a big smile and blowing a kiss in the air to Ridhima.

"love you" he mouthed.

"l love you too" she mouthed back with a smile. Armaan left the room happily.


"kids don't annoy Ridhima, I'll come to check" Armaan told the babies and left the room but not before giving a big smile and blowing a kiss in the air to Ridhima.

"love you" he mouthed.

"l love you too" she mouthed back with a smile. Armaan left the room happily.

True to their past experiences, Armaan indeed checked here and then on Ridhima. He wanted to make sure that she was alright. Apart that, Muskaan-Rahul, Anjali-Atul and Nikkita-Abhimanyu came to check or to feed their kids on turn.

Padma and Shashank too spent sometime with Ridhima and the kids before once again joining the preparations.

"Mama, we want to watch caltoon (cartoon), 'Tom and Jelly(jerry)' caltoon(cartoon)" Riddhi asked cutely to her mother.

"ok baby"Ridhima replied and took hold of the remote control as Armaan knowing very well his daughter had already put the 'Tom and Jerry' DVD in the player.

Not only caring but also his wife as he wanted his wife to get a proper rest. Already he was protective about her and now he was even more.

Pressing the play button, she rested back against the pillows. Not only kids but Ridhima was also enjoying the cartoons.

As Armaan came to check, he found Riddhi and other kids sitting with Ridhima on the bed and laughing over Tom and Jerry.

Seeing both of his babies laugh, he felt so good. Good to know he was able to make them happy and fulfill his promise, the promise he wanted to always fulfill happily.

Although, he was relieved to see his wife and daughter fine still he didn't want to leave them alone. Moreover, Ridhima was looking so hot that day, that he felt like kissing like no tomorrow.

Shaking his head with a grin and blush, he left the room to continue with the preparations. Meanwhile, in the room, Ridhima was in a half sleep.

Nonetheless, the kids were completely enjoying the companies they didn't even feel tired that why they could be awaken till so late.

On the other side, before a quarter to midnight, the preparations were done. Armaan sighed and went in his room.

As she found Armaan sneaking in the room, her sleep went away. "Are the preparations ready?" Asked Ridhima, while sitting up.

"yes but if you want we can celebrate in the morning as you look really sleepy" Armaan replied with concern, while caressing her cheek softly.

"no, I'll sleep later. It's our princess's special day" she said with a smile.

Armaan nodded, completely agreeing with her words. "do you want to see the decorations before we take them out?" he asked her, sitting next to her on the bed.

Whilst they were sitting completely at the back on the bed, the kids were sitting in the front, enjoying the cartoons.

"no, I'll see them on the same time as Riddhi" Ridhima replied back, while placing her head on his shoulder.

"As you wish" he said, planting a kiss on her hairs and hugged her. All of them enjoyed the cartoons. In between, Armaan kept on looking at the clock.

As soon as the clock tickled at 11:55, Armaan announced "Kids, come with us".

Standing up, he helped Ridhima to her feet. All the kids followed Armaan expect a sleeping Ananya, whom Armaan was picking up.

The kids were clearly showing their curiosity as they knew there was something special, otherwise they would have had been told to go and sleep.

"wait here don't go anywhere" Armaan whispered at the edge of the exit of Armaan and Ridhima's door.

Armaan went out of the room and passed Ananya to Muskaan so that she could put her in the crib as she was fast asleep. Moreover, no one wanted to wake up the poor baby. For sure, she would miss the surprise but her sleep was more important and they understood it.

After a while, Armaan came back in the room and said "ok now let's go"

All the kids smiled with anticipation, whilst Ridhima smiled at their innocence. Armaan held Ridhima by her waist as they were behind the kids so no one of them could see it.

"Armaan you are too much" she said, while rolling her eyes.

"That I am after all I am Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik's husband" he replied with a wink which made Ridhima chuckle with a slight blush.

"Oye hoye, I wonder how can you blush so beautiful even after 3 years and one month of our marriage" he teased her.

"the same way, your love never cease to increase" she said with honestly, looking into his eyes.

Listening this, Armaan flashed a big smile. His wife knew well how to handle him and for sure she succeeded in it.

They were still in the way as their room was on the first floor, they even had to take stairs down. Armaan helped them down and then side hugged Ridhima.

"I love you Ridhima for blessing me with you, Riddhi and now our coming baby" he said pecking on her cheek.

"I love you too. Without you, I wouldn't be blessed with so much love and our coming baby" she said with a genuine smile and then kissed back on his cheek, which caused Armaan to flash a wide smile.

Finally they reached the hall which was decorated beautifully. There was big banner with 'happy birthday Riddhi". Apart that there were a loads of balloons, garland, ribbons and lighting along Riddhi's favorite cartoon characters posters: Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Dextor, Casper, Mermaid, Bugs bunny... and what not.

"It's my bilday (birthday)" Riddhi exclaimed in surprise, showing her tiny teeth.

As it dawned upon her that it was really her birthday and it wasn't a dream, she started jumping. "It's my bilday (birthday), it's my bilday (birthday)"

All laughed seeing her so excited. Armaan took her snaps and then passed the camera to Rahul. Picking Riddhi up, he said pecking on her cheek "yes it out princess' birthday, Happy birthday" once again he wished her by kissing on her cheek while Riddhi flashed a big smile.

Ridhima too picked Riddhi up and kissed her "happy birthday baby"

"thank you mama and papa" she said while hugging them. All the others stood there admiring them.

After Armaan and Ridhima, all of them wished Riddhi including the other kids as their parents instructed them to do so.

Arun, the baby of Anjali and Atul, said looking at Armaan "cake", he pointed toward the cake.

Armaan chucked along the other's and said, beding down to his level "don't worry, we'll tell Riddhi to cut the cake so that her little brother can enjoy the cake". He kissed on Arun's forehead in response he too kissed Armaan back on his cheek.

No doubt, Armaan was loved by everyone, be it kid, a woman, a man or an older person, he was a gem of person.

Picking Riddhi up, Armaan took her to the cake. All started singing in chorus "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Riddhi, happy birthday to you..." and as instructed, Riddhi blow the candles. Everyone started clapping including an excited and happy Riddhi and expect Armaan, who was holding Riddhi. Seeing her excitement, Armaan grinned widely and kissed on her forehead.

Riddhi smiled and the cut the cake with the help of Armaan and Ridhima. All the while Rahul or someone other took the photographs as Armaan believed to make every moment memorable.

After that, the present persons showered Riddhi with gifts. Riddhi being so overjoyed started tearing of the gifts along the other kids.

Every time she opened a gift, she thanked the person who gifted it. She loved all the gifts but as she was done, she realized her parent's hadn't given her any present.

Standing up, she went to them and asked innocently "papa mama whele (where) is my gift"

"uh that we forgot" Armaan said, pretending to really have forgotten it.

"papa" she said making a crying face, for sure she was about to cry.

Quickly Armaan hugged her and said with love "no no don't cry, never ever cry and we have loads of gifts for you but first of all we will give you a very special gift"

He held her tiny hands and made her sit in his lap, as he himself was sitting on the couch. "Ridhima" he said looking at Ridhima, who was sitting next to him.

Both of them took the gift they had bought for Riddhi and gave them together. Seeing it, Riddhi's eyes brighten up. "My gift" she said with a wide grin and kissed both of them on lips, which left the laughing out loud as well as other as they were amazed to Riddhi's antics.

Riddhi opened the gift wrapper and yelled in ecstasy "my favorite mermaid cartoon books". Mermaid were her favorite cartoons and now that she got a cartoon strips book on it she was overwhelmed. She opened the cook quickly and saw pages covered with less words and more drawing as this book was meant to be a first of teaching books for babies.

This was the first ever book, she was going to read with the help of her parents. "Thank you so much" she said, giving a big hug to her parents.

Not only that but she was showered with a lot more gifts: a beautiful pink fairy dress, a matching watch, shoes and ribbon.

Riddhi was really happy that day, she had turned three and her parents, grandparent's, uncle, aunties and their child had given her an amazing surprise.

All the kids enjoyed till they were worn out. "ok now time to sleep princess" Armaan said, while picking Riddhi up.

Taking a cut sigh, she placed her head on Armaan's shoulder as she was really tired. Armaan smiled at her and then said "I think you all should also sleep, your babies are looking worn out too"

All agreed and retired to their room. Riddhi was so much tired that as she was fast asleep in the way itself. Her father's arms were the most peaceful place for her.

Placing her on the bed, Armaan kissed on her forehead and sat there caressing her cheek. "Ridhima our princess is growing up really fast" he said to Ridhima, who was sitting on the other side of Riddhi.

Ridhima, who herself had been admiring her daughter couldn't deny this fact. "yes she is." saying this, she give an affectionately kiss on Riddhi's cheek.

Turning toward Ridhima, he noticed that her eyes were also dropping down by now. He realized that she too must be tired. He stood up and went on the other side of the bed.

In a one swift yet gentle moment, he picked her up and took her to their bed. He so wanted to make love to her but he knew she was really tired.

Giving her a soft yet sensational and passionate kiss, he just wanted to keep savoring this moment forever and the same was with Ridhima. Laying down comfortably, he hugged her whilst she buried her in his chest where she got the whole words warmth and safety.

Placing a kiss on Ridhima shoulder, he whispered hoarsely "I love you baby"

"I love you too" she kissed on his chest and the next second she too fell asleep followed by Armaan.

Precap: "I don't want to ever see you as I just consider you as an intrusion in my life"



Placing a kiss on Ridhima shoulder, Armaan whispered hoarsely "I love you baby"

"I love you too" she kissed on his chest and the next second she too fell asleep followed by Armaan.

The next day, they spent celebrating Riddhi's birthday, who was looking like she had received a star. Armaan and Ridhima were the happiest person on the earth seeing their daughter happy, excited and growing up.

By night, all left to their respective homes including Shashank and Padma as Shashank had an important meeting which he couldn't ignore.

Ridhima and Armaan being the understanding children, they agreed and bid them adieu happily. But not before they took a promise from them that they'll come and stay with them more which they agreed with a smile.

True they had to leave but they too wanted to spend some quality time with Armaan, Ridhima and Riddhi. They were really looking forward to come and stay with them for a bit longer.

As everyone left, Ridhima hugged Armaan and said sadly "the house is looking so emoty". Riddhi was already in her bed and fast asleep.

Armaan hugged her back "I agree baby, but I want let you miss them" he said with a wink and picked her up.

Taking her in 'their special' room, he made love to her just once. In the process, he made sure not to hurt her in any way. Although, he wanted to keep on kissing her and making love to her as he could never get enough of her but he had to control his desires. As for now, he knew he couldn't as she got tired easily.

"Armaan, what about we break our records today?" she asked while tracing her finger on his jaw.

Listening that, Armaan looked at her with shock visible in his eyes. He looked at her and asked with baffled look yet with a lopsided smile "You are joking right?"

"no, I am not joking I am really serious" She said with a serious look, yet with desire for her in his eyes.

"Ridhima, I won't lie I too want to make love to you till we both get tired but we have to take care of your health and our babies too" he said making her understand as calmly as possible, followed by a kiss on her forehead.

She knew Armaan was completely right but she was having strange mood swings. "ok, I know. I want to eat kheer"

"At this time?" he asked with a frown.

"Yeah Armaan" she confirmed with a pout.

"This cravings of yours make me crazy" he said kissing on her cheek.

"I know I annoy you a lot" as she said this a few tears came out and she started sobbing. The pregnancy was taking a toll on her.

Armaan got worried, he didn't mean to make her cry. He quickly sat down and hugged her "shh princess don't cry" he hushed her and then continued lovingly "I will be completely honest to you, sometimes I get tired but that doesn't mean that you annoy me. Moreover, when you ask or order me to do something, I consider myself the proudest person on the earth as I feel that I mean a lot to you. When I fulfill one of your wishes I feel like the happiest man on the earth. With every passing second I can't help but fall in love with you more and more"

Hearing this, Ridhima's sobs subsided and she kept on relaxing her head on his chest. Kissing on her forehead, he said "you relax here, I'll make kheer for you"

Before he could make her lay, she held his hand and said with an innocent look "please can I have halwa instead?"

"Only if you smile" he said with a smile, while gesturing her with his own hands.

Ridhima smiled at this, he was so lovely that she felt like admiring him all the time. Armaan pecked on her lips and moved toward her belly. "don't disturb your mom a lot baby" he pecked on her stomach and left the room.

As he left, Ridhima sat there with a big smile. As far as she knew, he was one of the best human in the world.

Few days passed away smoothly, with Armaan taking care of Ridhima and Riddhi as well as loving them. Not only the person already in the world but he was also taking care of the coming baby, he would keep on talking to Ridhima's stomach.

Meanwhile, Ridhima was having loads of cravings which Armaan happily fulfilled. Like always, his main aim was to see Ridhima, Riddhi and soon-to-be baby happy as it made him happy.

Riddhi's nursery school started. It was her first day and more than her, Armaan was worried. Ridhima was worried too but she was being the calm one here . The reason being, she knew her husband was capable of being a baby. Armaan thought 'what if she miss us there?', 'what if she cry?'

To his insecurities, Ridhima replied "Armaan, Riddhi is our strong baby as she is our baby, everything will be fine". She placed a kiss on his cheek and gave him an assuring look. "and by the way, would you mind if I join you today in the office?"

"yeah of course" he said with a smile. His fallen face had brighten up. At first,her assurance calmed him and her coming to office made him smile.

They dropped Riddhi as her nursery. She didn't want to go, so Armaan being the lovely father knew he would have to make her understand. He knelt down and asked, while holding her hand "whom do you want like to be?"

"hmm dad" she said with a smile, showing her growing teeth.

"then you must go to school and learn new things so that when you grow up, you will be like me uh with a little difference you would be businesswoman" he said with a wink, which made Riddhi chuckle. "Make new friends here so that in the evening you can tell me each and everything. Will you tell me?" at first he explained her and then asked her a question which would encourage her to go and study.

"of course dad, I will tell you everything" she said, grinning to the fullest.

Ridhima was standing there and looking at both of them. She loved how Armaan explained her everything and made it so easier for her to go at nursery and actually enjoy it.

"so my baby, give us a kiss and go to the school" he said wrinking her nose.

Riddhi gave both of them a sloppy kiss and entered in her class with her teacher. Once Riddhi entered in the classroom, Armaan and Ridhima sighed and left from there.

They sat in the car and Armaan drove to the office. They spent the whole day worrying about Riddhi and waiting the time to pick Riddhi up.

"Ridhima, why is timing passing so slowly" Armaan whined glancing every second on the clock.

"I don't know but yes stop watching at the clock" she said snuggling closer to Armaan.

He took a deep breath and said "you are right"

As soon as the clock shew the time to leave the office to pick Riddhi up, they quickly made their way to the car.

Seeing, Riddhi coming out, they rushed to her and hugged her. Both asked in unison "so how was your day princess?"

"it was nice dad. Once we reach at home, I will tell you all in detail" she replied with a smile.

"ok done" Armaan picked her up.

A week later, Ridhima not being used to leave alone in the house accompanied Armaan to his office whenever she felt like. It was one of such days that she had accompanied Armaan in the company.

As usually, Armaan was working on her laptop with Ridhima in his lap. Sometimes, she wondered how could he work with her in his lap.

"Armaan, how do you manage to work like this? I mean with me in your lap?" she asked with curiosity.

"When I have you so close to me, I can manage everything as I know you are by my side" he said with a smile.

Out of sudden, she kissed on his lips. A kiss full of passion and love. They swallowed each other saliva with pleasure. Their tongues were in constant touch with the other one. They explored each other's mouth, something they had been doing from ages but still didn't get enough of.

As they got tired, they slipped their tongues out from each other's mouth and then Armaan said with her heart beat raised "it always feel new to kiss you"

"I can't say anything less than you said" she seconded their feelings for each other, which were completely mutual.

Hearing a knock, Ridhima stood up from his lap as she didn't like to show other something which was private to them.

Once Ridhima moved away from Armaan lap, he made a sullen face. He was so liking the warmth of her being in his arms but he could understand the situation well that was why he compiled in.

"come in" Armaan said, with his eyes still fixed on Ridhima.

"Sir, Mrs Behl is here to meet you" his assistant informed him.

"hmm let her in" he was least interested to know who it was.

"Good morning Armaan" she greeted him with a seduction tone.

"I would prefer if you address me as Mr Mallik" he said being a complete professional.

Although, he didn't know Mrs behl was Sanjana still seeing her presence didn't effect him even a bit. "why being professional; when we once shared more than friends do" she said with a shameless grin.

Sanjana was aware of Armaan and Ridhima's marriage and as she entered in the room, she had seen Ridhima sitting on the the couch so she didn't want to let this chance go. She decided to create misunderstandings between as she was still angry for the slap she received few years ago.

"we never shared anything and I am really proud of that fact" he said spitting anger.

Once he said that, he looked at Ridhima, who was sitting their just watching at them. He knew she trusted him but what if she took all of this wrong.

"Good to know how you explain yourself few facts" she said with a chuckle and moved closer to Armaan.

Armaan's eyes were still stuck at Ridhima, whose eyes bore in him. She wasn't moving but just kept on looking at him. Her face was expressionless. He didn't know what to think about it. He loved Ridhima a lot and couldn't bear to let a misunderstanding happen between them.

So lost in Ridhima's eyes, that he didn't feel Sanjana being close to him but as he felt a finger on his cheek. He snapped out from staring at Ridhima and jerked Sanjana's hand away. "how dare you?" he shouted as loud as he could, he was now bowling in anger, his eyes were completely red. How did she dare touch him, no one was allowed to touch him like this apart his wife.

Holding her hand tightly, he dragged her outside and said coldly "I don't want to ever see you again as I just consider you as an intrusion"

Closing the door on her face, he took a sigh and made her way to Ridhima. He bent down on his knee in front of her and said "Ridhima I am sorry, I really didn't know she was coming, I don't like her at all.. I don't know why she came... I" he didn't know what to say as he was considering himself at fault but in reality he wasn't.

Ridhima cupped his face and said "Armaan I trust you and I know you only love me". The very next instant, she captured his lips in her own.

As they moved back, Ridhima continued "you are not at fault. This can happen to anyone. Tell me would you be angry with me, if out of sudden Samir comes in front of me?" As this question was laid in front of Armaan, she raised her brown.

"no" he simply shook his head, without thinking twice. According to Armaan, it was even a question to be asked.

"why?" she asked to prob him more.

"because I trust you and I love you. I know you can never do something wrong" every word of his shew truth.

"now you know why I am not angry at you" she said with a smile.

"but then why were you staring at me without nay expression?" he asked with worry.

"I was just seeing what my husband is going to do. I can assure you, it was worth a watch specially when close the door on her face" she replied with a wink and chuckled, Armaan to eventually joined.

A life is full of obstacles, in few you fail and in few you pass. In obstacles related to married life, you need love and trust, would they be able to pass each and every test?


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A life is full of obstacles, in few you fail and in few you pass. In obstacles related to married life, you need love and trust, would they be able to pass each and every test?

After picking Riddhi up from her nursery, they made their way to the car. In the way, she told them all her day's event with a toothy smile.

They had their lunch out as per Riddhi's request. Armaan and Ridhima kept admiring their daughter as they fed her the food. She would keep eating while telling them things and asking Armaan questions.

Entering in their house, they sat in the hall where Armaan and Ridhima were listening Riddhi, who was trying to read a book with broken words. Nonetheless, her parents where always there to help her. At every mistake they corrected her and she would rectify the mistake with a smile and then would clap at her success. Not only her but her parents too joined her with a big smile.

Seeing Riddhi doing this really made their day, she was their life. Not one days passed away without her on their side.

Later on, In the evening, Armaan took Ridhima and Riddhi in their room. He made Ridhima lay comfortably on the bed. "You rest, I'll give Riddhi a bath" he said caressing her cheeks.

Ridhima held his hand close to her cheek and asked lovingly "don't you get tired of taking care of everything?"

"I can never get tired of taking care specially of my family" he said placing a kiss on Ridhima's forehead.

As she heard this, she gave a big smile. This man was the best. She didn't know what she would have done without him. Whilst, Armaan went in the bathroom and prepared the bath.

He came out and took Riddhi with him. During the shower, Riddhi became her naughty self and drenched Armaan by splashing water on him. "My baby is getting naughty" he said with a frown and tickled her.

"I am solly (sorry) papa" she said while giggling.

"my shona" he kissed on her cheek and said "but no water splashing now,  your mama will scold us" he warned her.

"hehe, ale (are) you scaled (scared) of mama?" she asked with a laugh.

"No, but I love her" he replied with a smile.

Riddhi smiled hearing this "I too love mama papa" she said placing her hands on his cheek and kissing him. It was a sight to watch. Armaan couldn't help but admire each gesture of her, their baby.

After taking a bath, both came out. Even though, Riddhi had stopped splashing water but the damage was already done.

"Riddhi baby, what have done you done to your papa?" she asked with a frown and strict tone.

"mama, Riddhi is sorry" she said with a pout. Riddhi knew very well what trick she should pull when, she knew her mother too well.

Ridhima shook her head and wondered what would she do of Armaan and Riddhi. They do something nauthy and then always managed to melt her with just a pout. Whenever together, they would always do something naughty.

"now come to me and sit down quietly with me and Armaan you go and take a shower" she told them, who obeyed quickly.

No matter how naughty they get but Ridhima's order was always obeyed. Armaan placed Riddhi on the bed with her toys.

"Armaan can you wear the blue clothes that I chose for you in the clothes shop a week ago?" she requested with a smile.

"Of course wifey" he said casually as he always wore whatever Ridhima wanted and the same was with Ridhima, who wear Armaan's choice clothes. Coming near her, he whispered seductively "what about I wear nothing at all"

Only Armaan know, how badly he wanted to kiss her till they were out of breath but he couldn't as his little princess was there.

Ridhima hit on his chest and said with a blush "have some shame at least in front of our daughter"

"Oye hoye" he teased her and went in the bathroom to take a shower.

"Mama" Riddhi called her mother to say something

"yeah baby" Ridhima answered back.

"I am feeling hungry" she whined as her stomach grumbled.

Ridhima laughed and picked Riddhi up "don't worry let you dad come out then we'll go down to eat"

Riddhi made an upset face as she was really hungry. Ridhima looked at her and smiled "did you talk to your little brother or sister?"

As soon as Riddhi heard this, she got excited. One day, she had seen Armaan talking to Ridhima's belly and when she asked Armaan said that he was talking to her little brother or sister. She had been so excited that she too joined Armaan in talking session.

After that day on, not one day passed without Riddhi and Armaan's little discussion to the baby. The baby was already a big part of the family.

"no" Riddhi replied and then moved toward Ridhima's belly. "hey little little baby, how ale (are) you? I know you must think why is she calling me little little baby, then let me tell you. Mama is our papa's big baby, I am mama and papa's little baby and you are our little little baby" she said joyfully.

Ridhima chuckled hearing this eventually Armaan had also joined, who was giggling hearing his baby's talk.

Going to them, he sat next to Ridhima and side hugged her "she is so sweet, right?" Ridhima asked Armaan, while placing her on his chest, where she found solace.

"yes, just like her mother" he replied back with a smile. He stood up and then asked "so my babies, how am I looking?" he said taking a round.

Before Ridhima could reply, Riddhi said "papa, you always look sooo sooo beautiful, just like a prince" she complimented her father with the words she was complimented by them.

"thank you princess now Ridhima your turn?" he asked Ridhima, with a brow raised.

"hmm you are looking ok" she said making a fine face and making a fine gesture with her hand.

"I am just looking fine?" he asked, while his frown grew fonder which shew his chocked state.

"yeah you are looking fine" she confirmed with a casual tone.

"Riddhi is better than you, she at least give compliments to the fullest" he complained about her wife's lack of compliments.

Riddhi smiled and stretched her arms out "papa, I am hungly (hungry)" she said with a dull face.

"oh my baby is happy, ok let's go down." he said giving a peck on her cheek.

He came out of the room but noticed that Ridhima didn't come with them 'where is she left?' he wondered. He got worried thinking that she might need him.

Bending down on his knees, he said gently "Riddhi go down and wait in the hall"

"ok papa" she said with a grin. Giving a peck on his cheek she went down.

His little baby was really too much, like her mother she knew how to make him smile. As she was out of his sight, he stood up and went in the room but Ridhima wasn't in the room.

"where has she gone?" he muttered seeing no one.

Suddenly, he felt hands landing on his chest from behind. He quickly turned and said "Ridhima are you fine?" concern as always was clearly visible in his voice.

"I am fine but I couldn't tell in front of Riddhi how my husband looked" she answered back.

Of course, he knew when her wife greeted him like this in the room meant something great for him. He encircled his arms around her, making sure not to hurt her. "so then how does your husband look?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"My husband looks fully, completely, utterly sexy" she said near his ear. In purpose to hide her blush.

"now that's something that I don't get to hear everyday" he said with a wide smirk and moving toward her.

She knew what was coming, she loved when he kissed her like that. Armaan left a trail of kisses on her face and neck, he didn't leave any spot untouched by his lips.

"hmm" Ridhima moaned with her eyes closed and her one hand around his neck and the other in his hairs. "I love you Armaan"

"I love you too Ridhima" Armaan confessed back between the passionate kisses.

As he moved his head in the nap of her shoulder, she arched her head in order to let him have full access of her neck.

The passion was so much that if not for Armaan's arms around Ridhima, she would have fall down as her knee had become weak.

Before moving back, Armaan placed a quick kiss on her lips and placed his forehead against hers followed by a hug. He just wanted to keep her closer to him.

"mama papa" as they heard their little princess calling them, they came out their trance and went down.

That night, they made love to each other as Armaan wanted to let her know how much he loved her and trusted her. No one else could come between them.

The day's event had left him insecure at that moment, he didn't want to loose her, he loved her a lot and by trusting him, she proved him how much she loved him.

Even if she had not trusted him, he would have understood as anyone would feel insecure and destabilized for a moment thus he wouldn't have taken it as her mistake at all.

A month had gone by, only around four months were left to her delivery. As always, Armaan and Riddhi had been pampering Ridhima a lot. When Armaan wasn't at home, he instructed Riddhi to take care of Ridhima.

When Ridhima wouldn't be ready to eat anything, Riddhi made her eat while making baby faces. Ridhima self thought "great, he himself has gone to office but has left his little spy". Both daughter and father were same alike and she completely loved them.

One Saturday morning, Riddhi had gone down in the hall to watch her favorite cartoon. Meanwhile, in the room, as soon as Riddhi left Armaan held Ridhima by her waist and asked romantically "Ridhima where is my morning kiss?"

"Armaan please no kisses, come let's go down and join Riddhi" she said coming out of Armaan's grip and making her way down with a teasing smile.

"what was that" Armaan was left baffled, Ridhima never had left him without a kiss. He was confused "I would ask her later maybe it's just one of her mood swings. I should finish few points of the project, give Riddhi a shower and take a shower". He knew Ridhima's mood swings and thus he decided to ask her later as now she would do nothing but blast- only if it really was a mood swing.

Ridhima and Riddhi were watching cartoon, when after a while Ridhima said "come on baby, it's your shower time"

"mama, why don't you give me a shower?" Riddhi asked innocently, true she loved her father but before few weeks, it was Ridhima who used to give her showers but now she got tired easily thus Armaan took care of that part.

"because I get tired easily and plus just few more months then I'll give you showers" Ridhima said pulling Riddhi's cheek.

As Riddhi left with a content smile, Ridhima made her way in the kitchen. Her nausea concerning kitchen had decreased so Armaan allowed her to make breakfast if she wanted which she readily agreed.

In between, she heard the bell, turning the stove off, she went to open the door. As she opened the door, she was left shocked. Her past was standing there.

Only God knew how her past would effect her present and future.



Ridhima made her way in the kitchen. Her nausea concerning kitchen had decreased so Armaan allowed her to make breakfast if she wanted which she readily agreed.

In between, she heard the bell, turning the stove off, she went to open the door. As she opened the door, she was left shocked. Her past was standing there.

Only god knew how her past would effect her present and future.

Her husband 'Samir Saxena' was standing there. The shock had doon vanished and now her her face was expressionless. Was she sad, was she angry, was she hurt nothing was shown on her face. Her face lacked any kind of expression.

Maybe she didn't need any expression to show for this man anymore as he didn't mean anything to her.

Meanwhile, Samir was also shocked to see her after so many years but then he remembered that bitter night and his face turned cold. Nonetheless, he scrutinized her and taunted "so what is Ridhima Gupta doing here? huh let me guess you are working here as a maid". There was a sarcastic smirk on his face.

Ridhima didn't reply him, she didn't feel the need to as the didn't have any relations anymore. Samir continued with fury in his voice "You know what, you won't stay here anymore as I am going to tell Mr Mallik what a bit*h you are"

"Mr Saxena, mind your language" Armaan shouted as he descended the stairs. A while back, when he heard the bell, he too made his way down. As he reached down he saw something which made him confuse.

Putting all the dots together, he understood everything. This Mr Saxena was actually Samir Saxena, his Ridhima's ex-husband.

He came put from his trail of thought as he heard spiteful words from Samir. He could never bear to hear anything against his wife, Ridhima. Thus, he intervened in full anger, which he couldn't seem to control when it concerned to Ridhima or Riddhi.

"Mr Mallik, you don't know what kind of maid you have working at your place" Samir replied while glaring at Ridhima.

Armaan came closer to Ridhima and placed his arm around her waist securely. "Don't ever, I repeat don't ever say anything bad about my wife" Armaan's face was clearly showing his anger.

"wife??" Samir gasped hearing this. 'no this can't be possible. Ridhima can't be his wife'

"yes, she is my wife, she is Mrs Ridhima Armaan Mallik." Armaan answered taking every word one by one in purpose to show his rage.

"She must be also cheating on you. I am sure, she didn't even tell you that she was married" Samir tried to depend, in order to have an upper hand in this situation.

"well, Mr Sexana, I know everything. Each and everything but the point is I trust her and I have accepted her the way she is" Armaan said, still with anger in his eyes but which also shew completely that he loved his wife a lot as well as trusted her.

"I too trusted her but she isn't worthy of it" Samir spitted fire. They were still standing at the threshold of the door.

"Actually you are not worthy of her and her love" Armaan said in the same tone as his present enemy.

"you'll regret" Samir said furiously. Seeing Ridhima and knowing that she was married made him forget why he came there. He came there for one of his most important business deal with Armaan.

"I am not the one who is going to regret. It's you who is going to regret" Armaan said with a challenging look.

"By the way Mr Saxena. I will like to make you meet to someone" Ridhima said something, after what seemed ages. All the while, she stood there silent, watching the exchange of words, which indeed made her feel proud of her husband.

Armaan looked at her and thought 'what is she up to' but he shrugged it off and let his wife do whatever she wanted.

After a while, Ridhima came down with Riddhi by her side. Suddenly, fear crept in his heart. He didn't want to loose any of them but what if he took Riddhi away from them. He couldn't let this happen, he wouldn't.

"Mr Saxena, meet Riddhi Armaan Mallik. Mine and Armaan's daughter" this very sentence told him that he had no right on this little soul.

As Samir looked at the girl, he frowned initially but then the realization dawned upon her, she was his baby. He looked back toward Ridhima and decided to take Riddhi with him, she was his blood. Strange, he didn't trust his wife but he had accepted Riddhi as his baby. Maybe, he just wanted to hurt Ridhima.

"She is my baby and I will take her back" Samir said with wrath.

Hearing this, Armaan was frozen on the spot. The thing he was thinking a while back was actually happening but he was firm on his decision, he wouldn't let Samir take their princess away. Still, there was fear in the back of his mind 'what if he really take her away as biologically he is his father'. The more he hated this fact but this only fact was the truth, Samir was Riddhi biological father but Armaan was her true father in every sense.

A father's job isn't only to make his wife pregnant but also to be their with her and their baby and in Samir's case neither was he here for Ridhima nor for his baby, Riddhi. From no angle, he was her father.

Ridhima shot up her eyes as those words sank in her mind, he was really telling her that he would take Riddhi away. Could this guy be more idiot and stupid. First he didn't believe her, throw her out and now he was claiming Riddhi as his when in reality he had clearly mentioned that he had no right on Riddhi.

No doubt, Ridhima was sure Samir must have forgotten the clause but she hadn't and would never because Riddhi was her and Armaan's in every sense. Meanwhile, Armaan was still standing there but now with Riddhi in his arms. He was hugging her tight, not wanting to loose her.

Not once, Armaan had asked Ridhima about Riddhi's father's right on Riddhi as Riddhi was his, Armaan Mallik's daughter and he hadn't seen this coming up. Armaan didn't know about the clause as of yet as they never talked about this.

Seeing their lost faces, Samir smirked, finally he had defeated them, but he was in for a shock of his life. "I will take Riddhi away and you would be able to do anything as I am her really father" he said with an arrogant look

Before Ridhima could say, Armaan interrupted "you can't, you won't... I won't let you" his voice clearly shew his insecurities.

At that moment, Ridhima realized that she still hadn't told him that Samir had no right on Riddhi. Riddhi was just her and Armaan's daughter.

Samir's smirk turned big, seeing Armaan like this which didn't last long "Armaan is right. You can't take Riddhi away from us" Ridhima said emphasizing on 'can't' and looking straight in Samir's eyes.

"we will see" Samir said in a challenging tone.

"There is no need to wait and see anything. I will remind you something when you sent me divorce papers you clearly mentioned that you have no right on the baby and thus Riddhi Armaan Mallik is mine and Armaan's baby. You don't have any right on her." Ridhima said angrily yet with a cold smile.

As Samir heard this, his face lost all colors, he looked pale. How could he forget about the clause. He himself had made it added to the divorce papers as he didn't want to any relations with Ridhima's baby.

On the other side, Armaan took a sigh of relief hearing this. This really sentence of Ridhima made all his fear and insecurities vanish. 'yes Riddhi is our baby' he said with a smile and kissed on Riddhi's forehead who giggle din response.

Armaan took back his attention to Samir and said "Mr Saxena, there is no need for any meeting as I no longer want to work for you."

Samir's looked even more white now. How could he forget, he came there for an important meeting which would have been really profitable for him.

"by the way Samir, Thank, thanks a lot. If that day, you haven't had trust me and I wouldn't meet Armaan. Thank you once again and one more thing, If you want to live in illusion then do so but that day I wasn't the one at fault. You fried is the guilty one. Now you may go" She told him showing the door.

Samir left the house still with a thought in his mind. The last years, he hadn't questionned himself once about that day. Now that he pondered over everything 'what Ridhima really at fault?'.

As soon as he left, Ridhima placed a kiss on Riddhi's cheel "Riddhi baby, why don't you go up and take your book out, we'll come in a while" As Riddhi heard this, she got excited and rushed in her room.

Once Riddhi had gone up the stairs, Ridhima turned toward Armaan and hugged him as she knew Armaan needed her at the moment. She could feel what he was going through.

"No one is going to take Riddhi away from us, we won't let" saying this, she captured his lips in a passionate kiss. They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow. How and when they landed on the ouch only they knew. Armaan was beneath Ridhima.

They broke apart from the kiss and Armaan moved toward her neck, where he left a trail of kisses. "I love you Ridhima so much" he said in loving tone

"I also love you so much my Armaan" she said back in the same tone.

This little gesture was something that made their life even more beautiful. They trio spent the whole day together, having fun.

Finally Armaan felt in peace, the fear which was nagging him was at bay. Now he knew why he was feeling like this. He felt that their love was strong enough to pass in obstacle.

Ridhima's cravings were on the upmost level, even Riddhi, being a baby, didn't whine so much for something than what Ridhima was doing. As always, Armaan wished every single wish of her.

This time, Ridhima told the doctor to keep the gender as a complete secret as they wanted to wait till the delivery date. On their appointments, Ridhima and Armaan would just ask how the baby was.

Armaan and Riddhi were full on shopping for the baby. Ridhima could remember the time when Riddhi was born. She could see the same excitement on Armaan's face but now the excitement in the house was double because of Riddhi, who participated fully in all the choices.

"how about the green teddy bear" Armaan said, picking up a teddy bear.

Riddhi wrinkled her nose and said "no papa, this isn't good. See that blue one" she pointed toward another teddy bear.

"Riddhi this is great na" Armaan said, trying make Riddhi agree.

Riddhi crossed her tiny hand across her chest and whined "no, this isn't good"

"ok ok, as my baby wish" he said, picking up the blue one up and kissing on Riddhi's cheek.

"Papa, you can take the red one too" she said sweetly as she was happy to get the blue one for her little sibling.

Ridhima stood there, admiring them completely. Only two months were left for Ridhima's delivery and she was advised from the doctor to take a complete rest which Armaan and Riddhi made sure that she did. Their life was beautiful.

Hey guys,
Here is the next part, I really hope you liked the part :D
I want to inform you, I am going to Pakistan today, I'll come back after two weeks, I really don't know If I would be able to update before that, I really hope yes.
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would want to read in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in December (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).
If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D
All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.
And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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PART 22 on PAGE 1

Hey guys,
I am in Pakistan for those who don't know and thus there won't be any part till 3 January, at least, as I am not having any free time still I will try my best to update before the given time.

Thanks a lot for your awesome, fabulous comments, I completely loved them and also thanks to everybody who pressed on 'like' :).
I read them a lot of times and reading your guys comments really did make my day, thanks :D

Though, I truly want to reply to every comment individually but I can't as I am really getting busier day by day :(. I hope you guys aren't angry by this fact but let me tell you once again thanks guys for showering me with your love and support, please keep supporting and loving as it means a lot to me :D.

I am glad to know you all liked this part of the FF and I hope you'll like the upcoming parts too. :)

Guys, your response was really overwhelming :).

If you have any question and which I forget to answer please do make me remember.

I'll update the next part as soon as I can, hopefully :)

PS: IMPORTANT: please add me to your buddy list if you want PMs :)

Luv u all<333

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Ok enjoy pak

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