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SS: Remember (Page 8)

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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todays update ???

namitasin Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:16am | IP Logged
Interesting wating 4 update n do pm me.
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 11:58am | IP Logged
loved it....
mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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No update today...
..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update
Loved ittt
Continue soon
Cant wait till MSK knows the ruth
Update soon

RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Part 4

Adi walks with Pinky to Maan's cabin. Adi didn't know how to start the conversation. Adi looked at Priya (Geet) through the window and tears came out of his eyes, that his friend, and sister, as that is what he considered her is alive and safe and well but she does not know of it. Adi wiped his tears and decided to speak. Maan was at the time looking through the file and didn't realise the presence of Adi or Pinky.

'Sir' Pinky began. Pari walked in. Maan was confused. He looked at the three people standing in front of him and saw them all look at Priya through the window partition and back at him.

'Whats going on and Pari why are you here?'

'Maan, we need to tell you a big truth.' Pari began.

'The truth about that girl there sitting in that cabin' Pinky said pointing at Priya. Pinky quickly put her finger down as she noticed Priya turning towards them. Adi quickly closed the blinds. He then took the phone from Maan's desk and rang Priya

'Priya, Maan Sir is in an important meeting. The most important meeting of his life. So please do not let anyone disturb. Even yourself' Adi said putting the phone down. Maan looked at him even more confused. Pari locked the door so no one would enter.

'Priya' Adi began.

'What about her' said Maan.

'What does your heart tell you?' asked Pari

'Her essense reminds me of Geet. Her eyes, her answering back. her work dedication is all like Geet. Everything about her is identical to Geet except that she is not Geet. She does not recognise me so she cannot be Geet' said Maan with a tear falling out of his eyes.

'MR MAAN SINGH KHURANA WIPE THAT TEAR RIGHT NOW' Pinky said. Maan looked at her shocked at Pinky loud demanding voice and confused.

'YES YOU HEARD ME. BECAUSE GEET IS ALIVE' Pinky yelled. Luckily the doors, wall and windows were sound proof otherwise the whole world would have heard Pinky screaming.

'What' Maan asked not sure to be happy shocked surprised or confused

'But how I mean what? How do you know'

'Not here Maan. You should know even walls have ears. I don't trust anyone or anything in this office.'

'What do you mean?' asked Maan.

'NOT NOW! And come on all of you' 

All four left Khurana constructions and Maan drove them to a deserted cottage, the only place which was known to Geet and himself. It was here where he left most of his memories with Geet.

They entered the building. They all sat in the lounge. Pinky brought in coffee and tissues. She knew everyone will need it.

'Geet is alive. I mean Priya? She is not Geet, then where is Geet? Why isn't she here with me? Why is she away from her family. What did you want to tell me about Geet?' Maan asked in one breath.

'Maan take a deep breath this is a lot to handle' said Adi.

'Geet is not with you today, because she doesn't remember who you are! She doesn't remember any of us. She been living with a lie for the last 3 years' said Pinky.

'What do you mean? Doesn't remember how can she forget me' asked Maan.

'She was made to forget you' said Adi

'Yes Maan, a big game has been played with all of us. You Geet Adi Pinky and myself' said Pari.

'What do you mean?'

'Priya' said Pinky.

'Priya is Geet' said Adi.

'WHAT MY GEET IS PRIYA. SHE HAS BEEN WITH ME ALL THIS TIME OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS. I was right. My heart was right. She is my Geet' said Maan ready to run to get his Geet.

'MAAN STOP' Adi said. Maan stopped in his tracks.

'Sit down. You need to hear the whole truth.' Said Pari. Maan sat down. But his heart was pounding. His Geet was alive. But then he realised that questions needed answers and he had many.

'you were saying a big game has been played?' asked Maan.

'Yes, yesterday, Priya I mean Geet, was on her way to the lifts at Khurana Constructions, when she fainted in my arms. So me and Pinky took her to the hospital' said Adi.

'Hospital? Adi you said you went for a meeting' said Maan.

'Yes but we couldn't tell you the truth until we knew ourselves' said Adi.

'My Geet was in hospital and I was not told' Maan was angry.

'Maan Calm down. You need to hear the full truth' said Pinky putting her hand on his shoulder.

'Pari was the doctor in charge that day. She examined Geet and found out that Geet had mended bones and had a small injury on her head.' Adi continued.

'Yes Maan. The injury seemed to have healed. But the injury seemed quite a long while ago. I asked Geet if she had an accident in the last 5 years. She said that she doesn't know. All she remembers are the 3 years of her life with her Nana who had been taking care of her. Also Her nana had pictures of Geet from childhood till today of her which caused Geet to believe in her as being her aunt.' Said Pari. Maan listened attentively.

'And Maan, it had been three years since your accident hasn't it. And Priya only remembers the last 3 years of her life. This could not be a coincidence. Priya having broken bones mended her injury that she does not remember, must have come from the car crash you had with Geet. Our suspicion was getting stronger that she was Geet' said Pinky.

'Everything makes sense now. But how did Geet lose her memory and everything?' asked Maan.

'I had tested Priya blood. And compared it with Geet's blood DNA sample. Maan if you remember that day when Geet had cut her hand you brought her to hospital and told me to test her blood to make sure its not infected. It's a good thing you did back then and I kept the records. After checking the records of Geet's blood and Priya blood report, there was a MATCH in the DNA. Which confirmed that is was Geet'

'OMG Pari, you're a star. You kept the report.' Maan was ecstatic and hugged Pari.

'Wait Maan the story is not over yet' Adi said.

'Yes, Geet was taking medicine. A certain pill. Her injury that she had on her brain should NOT have made her lose her memory. There was no damage to her brain. just her skull was hurt and repaired. But my guess is that she was kept unconscious and in her unconscious state she was given this medicine via injections and so forth to make her lose her memory. That's why when she must have awoken, she lost her memory. Also, she has been taking the pills till date but at a low amount. That's why, even after losing her memory, she should have recognised you and got her memory back if she had not taken them after being discharged from the hospital but she had been taking them at a daily basis for the last 3 years which has caused more damage to her memory. Stopping it from coming back each time she sees you. But now I have changed the medicine in her bag and Adi has changed it in her home.'

'My Geet was put through so much. She forgot me. She wasn't given a chance to remember me' Maan said hurt.

'But she has now' Pinky said. ' now she is not taking the medicine we can get her memory back it will take time as Pari explained. But it will return'

'Maan, the person behind all of this' Maan looked up in anger and pain.'Is Sameera' Adi stated.

'WHAT, Didn't she cause enough problems in my life that she did this' Maan got up angrily.

'Maan don't do anything stupid. Sameera and Geet are really close. And Geet as Priya trusts her blindly. If Sameera even figures out we know the truth, she might harm or kill Geet' Adi said.

'So what do we do?' asked Pinky.

'Deal with Sameera later. For now, we have to get Geet's memory back and I know how to start' said Pinky.

'How?' asked Maan.

'A mothers love. Diya' Pinky said.


Priya was in the mall shopping. She walked to the anarkali suit section and looked at a black suit. Then a red one. Then she picked a white and silver one. Maan was watching her from the outside of the shop. Even in the loss of your memory Geet, you still pick the one that I prefer the colour I prefer. Priya walked to the changing room to change. Why did I pick the white one. I liked the red one more then why did I pick the white one.


'Maan Singh Khurana' Geet said who saw Maan was into his phone checking his messages, whlist Geet was trying to pick an outfit out.

'This to be husband of mine, I tell you, not even helping me to decide what to buy' Geet mummered. Maan heard that and smiled.

'Why are you here? Are you here to shop or work?' Geet asked peeved off. Maan looked at her and knotted his eyebrows.

'What Geet you're the one who wants to buy clothes so I thought let me catch up with some office work'

'but I need your opinion'

'Geet get whatever you like, I don't care' Geet looked at him angrily. Maan turned away and smirked. Geet went to pick an outfit and checked it in front of a mirror. She saw Maan fron the mirror nodding his head negatively. Geet then picked up another one, Maan also nodded negatively. She then picked a white anarkali suit with silver embroidery. Maan smiled and nodded positively. Geet smiled back at him and went to get changed. Maan waited for 10 minutes and realised that Geet hadn't come out yet. He walked into the changing rooms and heard Geet.

'This stupid dori, why can't I close it. I always manage to close it with my other suits' Maan heard her and smiled. Geet opened the door to see if there was a sale assistant around when Maan entered quickly and pushed Geet in and locked the door.

'Maan what? I mean what are you doing here'

'Helping my wifey off course' He smirked. He tied the dori of her suit. His touch giving Geet goosebumps. He kissed her back as he closed the dori. Geet shivered at his touch.

'your looking like a princess' He smiled. Geet returned the smile. She turned around and hugged him. Maan hugged her back. He then pulled her chin up to look at him. Geet shied. Maan kissed her forehead, cheeks and eyes. Geet waited for his lips to touch her own. she opened her eyes and saw Maan smiling at her, still holding her by the waist from one hand. Geet didn't wait. She smacked her lips onto his own. Maan was surprised by her actions. The kiss soon turned into a passionate one which was finally broken by the call on Maan's phone. Geet looked at him questioningly. Maan cancelled the call. Geet smiled. Maan walked outside whlist Geet changed back into her original clothes.


Priya went to the changing rooms. She got changed easily into the Anarkali. She came out and stood infront of the mirror in the middle of the corridor of the changing isles. She was twisting and turning when she looked in the mirror in shock. She turned around and saw no one there. She thought she saw Maan. Maan had looked at Priya through the mirror signing a thumbs up sign at her and moved out of the way as soon as she turned around. Priya walked back into the changing rooms and had some flashbacks of her trying a suit on and someone helping her and touching her back. she couldn't figure it out. The flashes were in black and white. Her head started spinning. After a while, she collapsed and fainted. Pari who was also with Maan went to see what happened to Priya as she was still in the room. Pari called Maan as soon as she saw Priya unconscious. Maan and Pari took Priya to Maan's house.

Maan put Priya in a guest bedroom and Pari checked her.

'I think Maan seeing you there, and without the effect of that drug she used to take, I think she might have had some flashbacks of her past life'

'what does that mean Pari?'

'It means that she is on her way to recovery. Very soon your Geet will be back. but we have to be careful. Cannot put too much stress on her'

'thanks Pari'

'Maan, remember this, Geet played a cupid in mine and Yash's relationship. I think I owe you the favour to be cupid in yours' Pari smiled and Maan smiled back.

Priya awoke a few hours later. She opened her eyes and sat up in the bed trying to register what happened. She opened her eyes to see a young girl sitting with her. The young girl who was around the age of 4 hugged her tight.

'Mama, I'm so happy I get to see you again' Priya looked at her confused.

'Sorry betey, I'm not your mama,'

'mama why are you saying things like that. I'm sorry if ive been a naughty girl. But ask Papa, Ive been a good girl. Ask babaji'

Babaji. The word kept echoing in Priya's ears. As if she heard and said that many times before. As it she had a connection with that word.

PRECAP: Diya and Priya.. Maan and Geet (AKA Priya) close moments. Priya feels connected. More flashes. – Engagement of Priya and Arun.

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loved the happy tht geet is starting to remember again....i shall be waiting for tom's update Smile
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nice part. loved it

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