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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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SS: Remember (Page 13)

..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome Update
loved it
Cant wait for the next one
continue soon

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome update !! wen u gonna update the last three parts ???waiting for the climax 
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lovely update ...................
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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 5:29am | IP Logged next time bonus 3 updates...we will be waiting..
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wow great update
i hate tasha AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
hope nothing happen to geet
u gonna give us 3 updates WinkWinkWinkWinkWink
happy new yr
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awesome update...
VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Amazing update ... Please update soon :)
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Part 8

Geet was making breakfast in the kitchen. She was setting the table when Maan came around her and put his hands around her waist from the back. Geet smiled.

'Maan let go, breakfast is ready' Maan didn't hear her. He was to busy nuzzling her hair and caressing and kissing her back and neck. Geet shuddered.

'I am having my breakfast right now' Maan said.

'So fine then. I'll eat your breakfast which I MADE for you as well. Who cares if I get fat?' Geet pushed Maan off and took his plate and her plate and sat on the dining table. Maan smiled.

'Geet where my breakfast?' He obviously didn't hear what Geet said.

'Oh sorry, But Maan you said you already had your breakfast!' Geet suppressed a giggle. Maan looked at her with stern eyes.

'Geet, why do you have two plates? Are you that hungry? God you eat a lot'

'Oi don't put nazar on my food okay. And yeah so what!'

'Geet give me one plate'

'NO its mine. You had yours'

'Geet' Geet ran with both plates of food and Maan ran after her. Geet swerved and escaped from Maan and went into the bedroom and locked the door.

'Geet open up I want my breakfast'

'If you want breakfast so abdly, why don't you cook it yourself?'

'I would but your inside so how can I cook you' Maan smiled. Geet blushed. Maan couldn't see her.

'Stop blushing and smiling and open the door'

After making Maan wait for a good 5 minutes, Geet opened the door and gave him his plate.

They both had breakfast together after so long as husband and wife.

'Geet, I can't believe how graceful God has been with us. Twice I nearly lost you and twice I found you back. I am never going to let anything happen to you or us be apart a third time'

'Me too Maan. I can't stay away from you.'

'Remember the time of Diya's birth. I was so scared. The first time I nearly lost you'


Geet was in the hospital. She had labour pains. The baby was already one week late. Pinky and Adi stayed by her side. Maan held her hand. It wasn't the real ones but the Braxton hicks one. But since she was a week late, the doctor recommended for her to stay in the hospital.

'Oh god, why don't the baby want to come out?'

'It wouldn't want to come out knowing the size of your Gob and Maan anger' Adi joked. Geet smacked him on the shoulder.

'I agree with Adi, atleast the baby has some peace in there' Pinky laughed.

'Pinky you just wait when I'm out of this. I am going to throttle your neck and Adi, I am going to kick you in your baby making factory' Geet screamed in anger at them.

'See, baby look how violent your mother is. No wonder it don't want to come out' Pinky said.


'Maan talk to your wife' Ad said.

'Are you joking, do you know what ive put up with the last few months. You've only been threatened. Ive been beaten.' Maan said. Geet glared at him. And she screamed.


'My water just broke'

'Oh God,' Pinky said. Maan was shocked.

'What the hell are you standing there for, Go and get the bleeding doctor!' Geet screamed at the three in front of her.

The doctor came. Geet was trying to push. Maan was at her side. She held his hand. Each time she felt pain she crushed his hand. Maan felt the pain but he knew Geet was in much worser pain.

'Breath Geet Breath' Pinky was showing her breathing techniques. (Adi left the room)

'I'm going to make you stop breathing in a minute' Geet said in anger.

'Push Geet, come on push and breath' said Maan.




Pinky went to Maan side.

'Maan, I think Geet is possessed and is on a murderous violent streak'

'I think so to Pinky'


'Urm Doctor how about a birthing pool?' Pinky asked.


'Sorry Maam its too late, I see the baby's head now'

'You do?' Maan said letting go of Geet's hand and walking towards the foot of the bed.

'MR KHURANA, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW' Maan jumped and went back and held Geet's hand.

'Geet last push, a big one. DO IT I KNOW YOU CAN' Maan said

'I AM'

'Please Geet, put all your strength in it' Geet screamed as the largest amount of pain came and her new baby daughter was born. The doctor did the necessary things and wrapped the baby in a towel and gave it to Geet.

'Here you are Mama, it's a beautiful daughter.' Geet held her daughter in his hand with her family, Adi, Pinky and Maan behind her.

'Hello my little angel, welcome to the world. You are wanted blessed and loved' Geet smiled at her daughter.

'Our little Diya' Maan said side hugging Geet.

'How about that. Her name Diya' Adi said.

'I like it' Pinky said.

'I love it' Geet said

'Diya it is' Maan said.


It had been one day since Geet had given birth to Diya. Maan stayed by her and Geet for the next few hours. It was mid evening when Geet screamed in pain.

'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan' She screamed tears coming out of her eyes. He looked at her and panicked. Geet open the bed duvet/ sheet and Maan saw blood. He called for the doctor. Geet became unconscious. The doctor came and took her to the operation theatre. Maan tried to follow

'Geet nothing will happen to you'

'Sir I want you to stay here'

'But Geet'

'Sir we will take care of your wife'

Maan went to the prayer area and prayed for his Geet. He didn't want to lose her. His daughter cried. She felt something wrong.  Diya put her hands together like she was praying. Maan smiled at his daughter as well as having tears in his eyes. After a while the doctor came out.

'Sir Could you come with me please?' Maan followed the doctor not knowing what the outcome was.

'Geet sweetheart are you alright?' He said whlist holding her hand. Geet smiled weekly.

'Sir what happened was that the placenta….' The doctor started

'We don't need the gory bits Doctor,' Maan smiled. Geet smiled.

'Okay your wife is perfectly fine now Mr Khurana, just a little weak' The doctor said and walked out.

'I thought I nearly lost you' Maan said.

'Going to take a lot more than that to get rid of me Khurana. I ain't going anywhere. And if I do go it will be with you'

'look at you my tough old bird'

'yep and ive got a lot of life in me yet. The world still needs the presence of the great Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana' Geet laughed.

'How will the world survive without you Geet' Maan aksed.

'I know. It will be kinda dull and boring.' Geet laughed.



'Remember how violent you were. Oh my god I thought my hand was going to break' Maan said sitting with Geet on the sofa. It had been a good two day break. They were packed and ready to go home. Maan dropped Geet home, Sameera and Arun watched.

'Arun Geet has her memory back' Sameera said.

'Our plan' Arun said. Sameera nodded.

'Maan singh Khurana can never be happy' She stated

Following Morning

'Morning Priya' Arun said walking into the dining room.

'Morning Arun' Geet smiled fakely.

'Priya come we have to go to get your wedding dress finalised'

'But Arun….' Geet said trying to avoid it.

'Come now' Geet got up and followed him to the car. They drove for a while Geet didn't notice as she was eating her sandwich as Arun made her leave early not enough time to have breakfast or call Maan. she texted Maan she was going with Arun. After a while, Arun stopped the car.

Geet looked up and saw they were in a deserted area with only a small cottage. Arun and Geet walked out of the car.

'Arun where are we? I thought we were going shopping' Geet said with the phone in her hand. Arun took the phone off her and switched it off. He looked at her with anger lust and desire in his eyes.

'Arun, wwwhy did you turn my phone off' Geet asked.


'Huh whose Geet, I'm Priya. Your fianc Priya. God Arun. What are we doing here lets go' Geet turned around to walk back to the passenger side seat when Arun grabbed her and dragged her towards the cottage.

'Arun, what are you doing? Let go of me. Why you being like this Arun?' He picked her up Geet wriggled. He brought her into the cottage.  

'Wow Geet your such an amazing actress aren't you?' Arun said putting her down and locking the door.

'Arun, its Priya' Geet said.

'Leave it Geet, I know it all you have your memory back' Geet gulped. She moved back.

'Look Arun'

'So you do. And you remember that I loved you from college and can't live without you. And you know who I am. And you thought I wouldn't find out that you were with Maan over the past few days.'

'Yes I am Geet. And yes I was with Maan. he is my husband. I Love him. I never loved you'

'Geet is still dead for the world. Everyone knows you as Priya Malhotra. Arun's fianc. I will take you far away from here. Not even Maan will find you'

'Move out of my way Arun. I am not going anywhere with you'

'Do you want Maan to live?' He asked. Geet looked at him in shock.

'Then do what I say' He came closer.

'Don't touch me'

He cut his finger on a piece of glass and touched her forehead.

'NOW YOUR MRS PRIYA ARUN SHARMA. The name of Geet Khurana has gone' He smirked.

'And now its our marriage night as I have married you. So now I will use my rights as a husband on you,' Geet looked at him. She thought to herself, there must be a back door. She turned away from him and ran for the back door. What she didn't realise that there was water leaking from the roof top which washed, the sign of Arun on her forehead away. Even God didn't want them to be together because God knew she was Maan's. Geet slipped on the water. Arun caught up with her. He picked her up and took her to the side room where there was a bed. Geet wriggled and tried to get out of his control.

'I tried Geet, to make you love me as Priya, but even as you were priya you still thought of me as a good friend. You were marrying me as a friend.  Your heart always stood with him. Maan. Even when you didn't remember him.'

'BECAUSE HE IS IN MY SOUL' Geet screamed and spat in his face. Arun flung her down on the bed.  He went on top of her and tried to kiss her. Geet kicked his stomach and punched his arm. Arun screamed in pain. Geet got up of the bed and ran. She found the second exit. She kept running and running until she hit someone. She looked up and was shocked.

PRECAP: (coming in a bit.. who did she hit?).. and the climax

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