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SS: Remember (Page 13)

ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:30am | IP Logged
finally geet got her memory WinkWinkWinkWinkWink
sum1 in maans office helping samShockedShockedShockedShocked
continue soon

-AvniNeil- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

wow.. what a gr8 concept.. geet has gt her memory bc.. plz do carry on.. am loven d story.. :)

i rok IF-Dazzler
i rok
i rok

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
loved the updateeeeeeeeeeeeeee
VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Very Interesting storyline ... please update soon ... Can you please add me to your PM List? Please and Thank you
funnymonkey Goldie

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Plz add me to ur pm list
LovEd da begining
Continue soon
angelina_2005 Goldie

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hey update soon
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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update soon !!
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Part 7

Sameera and Maan's Past

6 years ago. (2 years before Maan and Geet met)

Sameera and Maan were close friends. Maan had fallen in love with Sameera and had expressed his feelings to her which Sameera had reciprocated. They were soon to be engaged and married. Maan could not express his happiness. He was excited and over the moon. Being alone for so many years with only his grandma who was still distant from him, he will now be with someone. But a shadow was lurking over his happiness and the shadow was of his love. Sameera. That eventful day, when the marriage had to occur, Maan was shocked to find out the truth. The truth about the girl he loved.

Sameera, was a gold digger, and seeing Maan alone and rich, she had made him her victim. Victim of her womanly wiles, her charms which could turn on many men. She used them all on Maan, made him trust her blindly. Her aim was simple, marry Maan, kill him in a accident, money automatically becomes hers and her long loving accomplice, her real husband Ranveer. The guy who Sameera loved the most. However, what Sameera did not count on was that Vicky was alive. Vicky, Maan's cousin who Sameera had tried to kill, when he saw through her truth was still alive. She had not been successful.


'Viccckkky your alive' Sameera stuttered. Maan looked at her confused and at Vicky who had a bandage over his head.

'Sorry ladies and gentlemen, Could I please request you to leave the premises. The wedding is off' Vicky stated in a matter of fact.

'Vicky, what are you doing, and how did this happen to you?' Maan asked. Vicky waited for the guests to leave.

'Maan, the guests are leaving how are we going to get married now' Sameera asked trying to move his attention away from Vicky.

'Don't worry, Sam, we don't need guests to get married' Maan said assuring her.

'Who said your getting married anyway? And even if you do Miss Sameera Shergill or should I say Mrs Ranveer Sameera Khanna'

'Vicky, Maan I'm telling you, I think your so called brother is trying to stop our wedding. He can't see your happiness' Sameera cried out in desperation.

'Vicky what ever you want to say, don't beat around the bush say it' Maan said.

'Okay Maan, Guards please bring him in' The guards came and brought in a beaten man. Sameera looked at him in shock and turned to Vicky in anger.

'What have you done to him?' Sameera shrieked.

'Only what you both tried to do to me. Both Husband and wife' Vicky stated.

'Vicky what are you saying, I don't understand what is going on here' Maan said.

'Maan, Sameera is not who you think she is. She is married to this Man over here. And she is only marrying you with a false name just for your money' Vicky said

'No Maan don't believe him. Its not true. Your brother can't stand your happiness' Sameera stated.

'Really, if I'm lying, im sure your voice doesn't lie' Vicky said.

He played a DVD on the screen which showed intimate scenes with Ranveer and Sameera and Sameera and Ranveer discussing the plan to entrap and kill Maan for money status and fame.

Maan turned to Sameera and slapped her.

'is this true?' Sameera having no other alternative screamed out.

'YES! Its true. I wanted your money. And I hate you. The essense of you even touching me, disgusts me' Sameera screamed. She took out a gun and aimed it at Maan.

'I can still get your money. I don't need to marry you. I just need you and Vicky out of my way' Sameera smirked showing them a blank paper signed by Maan. Maan was dumbstuct. Vicky ran to get the gun out of her hand. But before he could, Sameera aimed and fired at Vicky, hitting him on his leg. Vicky fell down.

'I'll deal with you later Vicky' She said. She turned to Maan. 'now your turn. Thanks for signing those papers. We will be officially married before you die' She smiled. She fired a shot at Maan. Vicky screamed. Sameera gleamed. But her gleam happiness fell apart to pain and despair, as Maan had ducked and moved out of the way and the shot had hit Ranveer which killed him instansly.

'Ranveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' Sameera screamed running to him. She dropped the gun. Maan kicked it out of the way. Vicky was taken to hospital. Maan being a nice person did the last act of kindness before he turned into his cold and hard dememnour (before he met Geet) helped Sameera with the funeral rites. On the day of the funeral after the pyre had been lit, he told Sameera one thing when she asked a question

'why did you help me? Arent you going to get me arrested then?'

'For what crime. And the law can't punish you. You lost the one you love. Go to hell Sameera, your life is your punishment.' Maan stated as he walked away.

Sameera vowed on Ranveer funeral pyre that she will take away his love the way he took hers. She waited.

'I will show you Hell Mr Maan Singh Khurana. This is a mistake you did leaving me and for this mistake you will pay dearly'

Sameera spent the next two years keeping up to date about Maan Singh Khurana and what he was up to and if a loved one had entered his life yet. She already had managed to kill Vicky and his wife Pari in a accident. This event made Maan close up even more. After 2 years lottery struck. Maan was getting married to Geet. Sameera smiled. She planned her actions carefully. She didn't want to kill Geet but since she was related to Maan she had to die. When Sameera found out that Geet was pregnant, she kept her plan on hold.

'Now why kill a small child? Its not there fault whose father it is' Then, one day, Sameera followed Maan and Geet. She ordered the truck to drive towards them. Sameera smiled as Maan's car was out of control. Geet fell out. Maan crashed. Sameera smiled in victory. She went to check Geet. She was still alive and not much was done to her except a few broken bones. Sameera sighed.

'Well I guess I need another plan for you Geet' She took off her dupatta and magalsutra and threw it. There was a ravine nearby. 'Hmm Geet fell into the ravine and died' She quickly called a accomplice and put Geet in the back of her van. Her accomplice turned out to be Arun. Sameera then shrieked to the neighbours of the town about an accident. They all came to help. She explained what happened to Maan and that his wife had fallen into the ravine and passed away. Maan awoke. His head was hurting. His hand was in pain. He had broken a few bones. He turned to his left to see Geet wasn't there. He walked out. Few villagers came to help him.

'My wife, where is she?'

'I'm sorry Sir, your wife fell into the ravine. She is no more. Here is her dupatta and magalsutra' Maan looked at it in shock. A tear didn't escape his eye. He knew Geet couldn't leave him. He came his cold hard self over the days. He didn't listen to anything. He made a shrine of Geet in his house. He took care of Diya himself. He was overprotective of Diya to such an extent it took him a year to trust the nanny who came to look after her. He never cried. He knew Geet was alive and He will find her.

Meanwhile, Arun was glad to see his Geet. He remembered how kind she was to him in college. How she stood up for him when others took advantage of him. He remembered falling in love with her. He remembered Geet denying his love. His anger. Him trying to force himself on her. His mother stopping him. Geet leaving the town. After 3 years, he found her again.

'Sameera, I have a plan.' He stated when Sameera sat back into the van.


'Geet. She is the girl who I loved and who rejected my life'

'oh Arun I'm so sorry. So now you can have her. She is all yours to do as you wish'

'But I want her to love me. Trust me. My friend is a doctor. He can help us. We have to keep Geet unconscious for a month and feed her this certain drug and then she will forget everything. Then make sure after she wakes up we keep giving it to her. In that way when she awakes, I will say im her best friend and we were engaged.  My mum can say that she is her caretaker. And so on'

'Well Arun. Plan is a plan well done'

'All set'

And they did what they had to do. Geet trusted Nana and Arun. She smiled and laughed with them. She felt them as her family Sameera introduced herself as Geet's roomie from college.


In Khurana Consturctions, a young girl, called Tasha called Sameera

'Maam bad news. I think Our plan has failed miserably. I think Maan and Geet are going somewhere together. I think she had got her memory back as I saw them hold hands and they were smiling' Sameera was fuming



Maan had finished telling Geet his side of the story. And Geet hers as they sat in the plane.  He explained about Sameera.

'Maan, so much has happened between us. I just could not believe it. The day of the accident the last time we spoke it was an argument'

'Geet why speak of that now, we are together now.' Maan said.

'Wait Maan, Diya, just to be on the safe side. Is she safe alone at home' Geet asked.

'Geet, I have sent her to dadima. She is now with Dadima away from the action' Maan said. Geet was about to cry. She missed her daughter a lot. She wanted to be with her.

'Geet, you're the one who said we need to keep her safe'

'I know Maan But seeing her only once after 3 years and not being able to tell her I'm her mother then because I didn't know myself and not being able to hug her kiss her, read her bedtime stories, play with her take her to nursery, be strict with her whlist you being the father spoling her. Maan . Your such a good father. She is such a beautiful and lovely girl. She is so sweet'

'after all whose daughter is she'


'exactly and don't worry. Just a few more days and we will be together again'

Maan and Geet reached the cottage. No one was there. It was just him and her. Maan followed Geet in. He locked the door. Geet who was just standing there was shocked as soon as Maan picked her up and took her into the bedroom and lay her down. Maan removed her shirt (Geet wore shirt and skirts in her new avatar) and kissed her on her shoulders and collar bone. Geet smiled and blushed.

'It's not your wedding night Geet, why are you blushing?' Geet frowned.

'Your so hopeless Maan. It might as well be. Seeing it took us 3 years to get back together' Geet said. Maan smiled. He knew what Geet was going to say. He kissed her lips passionately. He removed her clothing as well as his own. and kissed every part of her body. It had been three long years, three depressing years. Geet kissed him back on his chest. His torso his face. Three hard years of separation. He entered her, Geet moaned in pain. It had been over three years since they made love. Geet's body was not used to it. Maan didn't observe. He closed her whimper with a kiss. The kiss so passionate that Geet's body forgot about the pain. He moved in further and harder. He moved faster. Geet moaned in pleasure. Bit his chest when she felt pain. She got used to the pain and pleasure. He moved more aggressively. He remembered in the past, Geet loved him to be hard on her. He kissed her giving her love bites and bite marks. Not leaving any part of her body untouched. He moved further and faster. He was being rough but Geet liked it. She like the feeling of being with her husband. Her husband being the only man to be allowed to touch her soul. After a while, they reached the climax. Maan didn't redraw but he lay on top of her. Panting waiting to catch there breath.

'I Love you Maan' Geet said.

'I Love you Geet'

'Please Maan, lets never be away from eachother again. I can't bare it. And I know you won't be able to either'

'I know Geet. After a few days. Just a few days and we will be together again. You came back to me. Its Gods wish for us to always be together'

Geet smiled a tear came out of her eyes. Maan kissed it away as they started making love again.

PRECAP: Geet and Maan return home...

Arun smiles play acting with Geet. Takes her somewhere in his car. Sameera tries to find Diya but is unsuccessful.


MASSIVE CLIMAX.. Part 8 and 9 to be updated together with part 10 as an ending! x


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