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SS: Remember (Page 11)

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Double Update

Part 5

'Betey whats your name?' Priya asked.

'Mama you don't know your own daughters name, Diyaaa Geet ka Diya'

'Geet ka diya?'

'Mama that's your name. Geet' Diya said jumping up and hugging her. Priya didn't understand why but she felt a connection with this girl.

'wait here mama I'll just be back' Diya said kissing Priya on the cheek and running off. Priya smiled. She got up and went to the bathroom and freshened up.  She still didn't know where she was. But she realised one thing, that this was her boss's house. And Diya must have been his daughter. She walked out the bathroom after washing her face and went to walk towards the door in her thoughts wondering what time it is, what about nana? that she didn't realise when Maan came into the room and she crashed into him and was about to fall, when Maan held her by the waist. Priya looked into his eyes. It was like a spell. Her eyes were searching for something in him. Maan held her. He loved having the feel of his wife, even though she didn't remember him in his arms. Priya closed her eyes and had flashbacks of tripping, falling slipping various times and a strong pair of arms never letting her fall. She tried hard to look for the face but it was still hazy. She opened her eyes.

'Sir, I'm fine'

Maan let her up. she stood up embarrassed.

'urm Sir, how did I get here? I mean what am I doing here?'

'Well you fainted in the mall. Myself and a family friend of mine were shopping for her wedding when she saw you. I recognised you and brought you here. The doctor was called and you seem to be very weak'

'oh thank you I'll take your leave now' Priya stated seeing that her bag was next to the bed she picked it up and walked to the door when Maan blocked her way.


'its Monday and its 9am. So I think your office duty starts now'

'What its Monday, how long was I out. I only went shopping yesterday morning' Priya exclaimed. 'omg Nana, she must have been worried.'

'don't worry about your Nana. I used your phone to text her that your staying over at a friends collegues house' Maan said.

'and sir why would you do that? I mean lie.'

'if I said your staying at your bosses house, who is a guy how would that sound to your Nana' Maan said smirking turning his back away from her.

'I guess your right. But I have no clothes here. I mean'

'here the dress you were trying on yesterday, I brought it for you. And don't argue. I'll cut it out your salary' When he saw that Priya was about to argue.

Maan left and went to get changed. He was so happy today. After 3 years, his Geet was in his house. As soon as Priya got changed she walked out the room looking for Maan, when she saw pictures of herself, well her alter ego Geet, all around the house. Pictures of Geet and Maan, there family, there daughter. Priya was astonished of how a person could look exactly the same as her. She walked further down and saw a wedding picture of Maan and Geet. She touched the picture and especially of Maan. Diya came from behind and hugged her.

'see mama, this is you and papa. Your wedding picture'

'But beta, this is your mama. But I look like her but I am not her'

'what do you mean mama'

'For heavens sake stop calling me mama I'm not your mama. You can call me aunty' Diya pouted. She agreed but she was hurt.

'Sorry beta.'

'its okay. Now you have to let me have ice cream and make me breakfast'  Priya laughed. She didn't know where Maan was.

'beta where your papa'

'oh he gone to do his  gym thing'

'oh come on then lets go down'

As Priya walked throughout the house she kept getting flashes. Flashes of her past life. She now felt a connection with this house. She was doubting herself her life. Was she really Geet?

She went to the kitchen, she didn't know how but she knew where and what everything was. She cooked in a trance like state. She made the food. She didn't realise what she made was Maan's favourite breakfast. Maan came to the breakfast and was shocked confused to see his breakfast made and Priya sitting there. She was talking to Priya and feeding her breakfast how a normal mother would. Maan was happy. Even if partially, his family is with him today. Priya turned to look at Maan.


'Mr Maan Singh Khurana don't you dare walk out that door' Geet stated firmly. Maan stopped in his tracks.

'What happened Geet'

'Mr Maan Singh Khurana, Come here right now' Geet said standing near the dining table. She was feeling triumphant.

'Sit' He sat.

'Geet what are you doing. I'm going to be late for a meeting'

'haw now your meeting is more important than me' Geet sulked.

'no Geet its not that'

'really, fine let me call Rahul'

'Are you mad why you calling him for'

(Rahul was Geet friend in office who had a crush on her which Maan knew about and was jealous of there friendship. Geet made her feelings clear with Rahul who understood and stept aside. But Maan was still jealous)

'why he is still my friend'

'but Geet he had feelings for you'

'are you getting jealous Maan'

'Jealous and me,'

'fine I'm calling Rahul, he can have breakfast with me and I will tell him the good news'

'What, Geet don't you dare' Maan as Geet reached for the phone. Maan ran after her. And Geet ran. Finally Maan managed to pin her against the wall.

'don't ever play jokes with me. I'm too possessive about you and you know that. I can't stand another guy even looking at you' Geet smiled.

'Even if the guy is married'


'yes Rahul got married to his best friend Sheena last month'

'what and why didn't I know'

'because if you realised he took a leave and he told all his friends'

'so I chased you for no reason'

'urm..' Geet tried to push him off and run.

'Geet,' Geet realised she was stuck. Maan had pinned her to the wall. Geet looked at his passion filled eyes. Without warning Maan smacked his lips on her's. IT soon turned into a passionate kiss.

Maan and Geet then walked to the dining table.

'Maan breakfast'

'I already had mine,' he winked

'Shut up Khurana and sit here because I made your favourite breakfast'

'awe Geet thank you. And why?'

'You think I have an ulteriour motive'

'off course'

'fine, its because I'm really happy today'

'wait you were saying good news, what I'm thinking is that true'

Geet nodded.

'Mr Maan Singh Khurana is soon going to be a father to a mini Mr or Miss Khurana'  Maan smiled picked Geet up in the air and kissed her. His happiness knew no bounds.


'Urm Good morning Sir, if you didn't mind I made the breakfast'

'how did you know this cheese omleete was my favourite' Priya was shocked. She didn't realise what she had made until Maan mentioned it to her.

'Urm, I didn't know. I just made it'

'and how did you find everything in the kitchen'

Priya was shocked at that to. How did she? How could she have made Maan breakfast without help from anyone. Meanwhile Diya had finished eating and was running towards the garden. Maan got up to yell at Diya when Priya spoke

'Diya slow down, you have asthma, have you forgotten' Maan looked at Priya. He smiled to himself that she is remembering things.

'How do you know Diya has asthma?' Maan asked Priya. Priya turned to look at him in shock. How did she know. She didn't know what to answer him when her phone rang and the silence was broken.



'oh I nearly forgot'


'yeah I ordered it. It should have been delivered by now. I need it tonight'


'it is. And what about Arun's….'


'Okay yeah I will.'

Maan turned to stare at her.


'oh sorry Sir, urm I need a day off today, is it possible?'

'urm yeah okay. But why?'

'Sir its my engagement today' Priya said without much delight on her face nor happiness. Maan looked at her shocked. Priya walked out. She was confused. Her heart was in this house. It was telling her to stay. She felt like she belonged here. She belonged with Maan. She saw love in Maan's eyes. No this love is for Geet not me, I'm just a lookalike of Geet.  But why is my heart beating fast when ever he is near. Why do I not want to leave? Am I really Geet? Has NaNA been lying to me? No she could not lie. She loves me took care of me. Then why am I having flashbacks in this house living here. Why am I having flashbacks that I have lost something precious. Of someone I loved.

 Maan was determined to stop this engagement.

Priya was in her room getting ready. She wondered to herself the same things over and over again. Am I Geet? She then stood up and was shocked to see Maan in her room from the mirror. She reached out to touch his face on the mirror and it dissapered. She then bent down to put her shoes on and looked in the mirror again, and there was Maan once again. She turned around and he had disappeared.

'Whats happening to me'

'your falling in love' a voice said. Priya turned to see Maan standing there. (just for readers now he really is there but Priya thinks she is hallucinating)

'Sir what are you doing here.'

'Are you happy with this engagement' Priya stood there rooted. Not sure, what she is seeing and hearing is true or not.

Maan moved closer towards her. She moved back.

'Yes I am'

'then why don't you look happy?'

'I am happy. Arun is a nice guy and he loves me.'

'But do you love him'

'I like him. He a good person'

'But do you love him. Look into my eyes and say it'


'Then who do you love'

'I don't…'

'YOU LOVE ME don't you. You love me don't you Maan Singh Khurana. Your falling in love with me aren't you'

Priya stood there silent. Her one side was saying accept it. Her other side was thinking that it would never happen. He still loves Geet.


'Yes I do. But He loves Geet'

'So who are you?. You keep questioning yourself, if your Priya then you should not love MSK, if your Geet then you should have those feelings. What has changed Priya ask yourself'

Priya closed her eyes and was leaning against the wall. Maan kissed her forehead. And then her lips. Priya felt it. Her heart felt it. Her whole body felt it. She started having flashbacks. Her whole life was returning. She remembered everything. She remembered. She remembered her life with Maan, her life with her friends. Everything. She opened her eyes to see Maan had gone. She was crying tears of happiness.



 'Maan Singh Khurana, I know who I am. I am your Geet. I remember everything' Geet was really happy. She ran out of the room and out of the door. Luckily no one saw her. She ran further and recognised Maan's car. She was about to go running towards it to stop Maan when someone came infront of her. Geet was shocked.

'Arun you'

'Priya where are you going'

'Priya,' Then Geet realised, it was in her best interests to be quiet. She knew Arun from college, how he was obsessed about her. She then was thinking that if this has happened, her memory loss, Nana Arun and Sameera lying to her then a game had been played with her. If they figured out that Priya urf Geet had got her memory back then, the ball would be in there court. She needed to find out what exactly happened.

'Urm Arun, I just want to go for a walk alone. Since we are entering the next part of our lives.' Geet smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Arun smiled at her. Finally he was getting his loved. He grabbed Geet hard from the waist and shoved her against the wall. Geet yelped in pain. Maan saw this and was about to stop them when Geet put her hand out from behind his back and gestured him to hide. But Arun kissed her on the lips. He sucked her lips. Geet abided. She knew what Arun could be like. Arun smiled as She kissed him back. After a while they broke apart.

'I love you Priya'

'I love you too Arun' She hugged him making faces. Maan saw the faces and laughed.  'I'll be back in a bit'

Arun smiled and headed back into the house. He watched Priya as she walked in the garden. Geet knew that Arun was keeping an eye on her so she found it difficult. She had her phone on her and called Maan.


'Yeah Priya whats wrong, why did you stop me from helping you'

'Maan, not Priya, today. Call me by my real name' Geet cried waiting to hears Maan's voice.

'Geet, you remember,'

'it was your faith Maan, your love, that brought me back. didn't we say in our marriage vows that we will live and die together'

'I died a thousands deaths without you'

'I couldn't even do that properly. You know I'm so stupid'

'Geet don't say that. Where are you I'm coming to you now'

'No Maan stop. We can't be seen together'

'Why Geet? I waited ages for you. Your daughter have you forgotten?'

'Maan try to understand. We have been separated for 3 years right, its just a ltitle while more'

'But Geet,'

'Maan listen to me, Sameera, Nana and Arun have played a game with us. I need to find out why'

'I know why Sameera did it. And I'm 100% sure she caused the accident'

'Yes Maan. But we need to make them confess. And Maan you don't know Arun he is mad. He almost killed a guy who just held my hand to flirt with me as a joke in college. If he sees me with you, He will kill you and Diya and even hurt me'

'Geet I'm not leaving you there with a Psycho'

'Maan No arguments I want you alive I want my family alive when I come back'

'then, whats the plan'

'simple, they still think ive lost my memory and still think I'm taking those pills, I guessed they were to make me never get my memory back. because ever since ive stopped taking them I had flashbacks and my memory returned'

'Yes Geet your right, Pari examined you that day in the hospital.'

'then lets play the game at there own level and they will still let me go to the office and so on so don't worry.'

'but the engagement Geet'

'I know Maan. I will put a plaster on my engagement finger. So he will have to use the other hand'

'wow Geet your clever,'

'learnt it from my dusht danav'

'Geet I wish you were with me now. I need you in my embrace after so long'

'I know Maan Sir. I left the file under your desk yesterday' Geet said as she saw Nana and Sameera approach her.


'Yes it says Priya on top of the file. It has my name on it Maan Sir, so you know that it's the one I made. So don't give it any other name'

'Ge, I mean Priya is someone with you'

'Yes Sir'

'Okay I will see you tommrow'

'Sir, I expect that you don't dismiss my hard efforts working for you. I wish we are successful in this contract'

'so do I'

Geet turned and hugged Sameera and Nana. The engagement went as planned. Arun kissed her hand. Geet felt disgusted. She texted Maan that everything was fine.

Nana came that evening to give the pill to Geet. Geet took it happily and kissed Nana goodnight. Geet took the pill out of her mouth and chucked it. (she doesn't know that Adi changed the pill)

The next day Geet went to office happy. She entered Maan office without knocking and saw him engrossed in his paperwork.

'Dusht danav, after how many years his wife has returned and he is in a file'

Maan smirked and looked up. Geet looked away from him annoyed. He sent her a text.

Geet read it and became happy. She quickly rang Nana.

'Morning Nana, yeah I had the pill, anyways im going on a business trip with the boss. I know will be back in two days.' Maan and Geet smiled at eachother as they left together.

Meanwhile, Sameera was happy, her plan was working. But then she got a phonecall from an office staff at Maan Company and was angered.


PRECAP: Geet and Maan.. together in a cottage reminiscing there marriage. Sameera Arun play acting with Geet. Neither knows the other knows..

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Firstly Priya slwly remembering everything
and then she falling for maan..
and then finally relaize that she is geet..
Haiii loved it
Someone from office..
Hmmm must be
OMG precp looks awesome
Cant wait
update soon
thank u

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soo glad Geet remembers everything!! uh oh, i think it was sasha who called sammera. hmm what will happen next?
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awesome update..finally geet returned her memory so happyPartyanyways please do update soon Embarrassed
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Omgggggggggggggggg, awesome


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awesome update!!
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love it.
do continue plz.
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NICE UPDATE.please update your other ff's too.

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