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written update 12/23/2010: DK romances Sunita

Poll Question: Who do you think will be Sandhya's Christmas ally?

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 3:55pm | IP Logged

Ok, am back & got time today to do the update, since Pink Spy can't.  After 29th, I'll be back on all cylinders.  In the meantime, thanks to Nikki & Kalika for covering me so well this month, as well as filling up on days it seemed late. Thumbs Up  Anyway, on w/ today's update, and I'll do Saturday as well!

DK apologizes to Sandhya, gets rebuffed

Sandhya is in Sunita's room, asking her about the Christmas party they are supposed to go to, and Sunita tells her that it's an old friend of theirs - Mr Gonzalez, who hosts them on this occasion every year, and that Neeraj was the life of that party every year.  Everybody anticipated him most eagerly, and he'll be missed this year.

The newly minted gentleman DK (and you thought we'd never read it in the same sentence, let alone the same phrase? LOL) knocks & enters the room, and apologizes for disturbing them, and Sandhya, disgusted, heads out.  DK stops her and tells her that he has something important to tell her, and is happy that Sunni is there to witness it.  He tells her that he's accepted whatever punishment she's given him, but wants to end their enemity here.  He tells her that after the treatment he received the last several days, he realizes that she's not at fault at all, and that he genuinely regrets everything he's done.  He offers to promise never to oppose her again, and both he &  Yuvraj want her to forgive him.

Sandhya tells him angrily that  even if he's changed, can he bring back her father & Neeraj?  DK concedes that he can't, but that he'd accept any punishment the law, the gods & Sandhya has for him.  In fact, he wants to thank her for making this monster human again.  Sandhya is disgusted & turns to Sunni, and then leaves the room.

DK grovels b4 Sunita, and makes up

From Sandhya, DK then goes to Sunni and apologizes, and describes how he always thought about others but never about her.  But now he realizes that he has his own family as well, starting w/ his own wife to whom he has responsibilities, blah blah blah.  He tells Sunita that he's unworthy  of being forgiven, and therefore, no, just kidding, but despite  that, he'd like her to forgive him.  Then Sir DK goes down on his knees, and grabs Lady Sunita's ankles. HeartLOL

Lady Sunita is aghast at the unseemly sight of her great hubby @ her feet, and begs him to get off, since he's her hubby.  However, Sir DK refuses to do it unless and until she forgives him, so  Lady Sunita, in order to get that burden off her petite conscience, decides to forgive him.  Sir DK thanks her for being the first one to ever forgive him, and that he deserves to die for treating her like scum.  After some such lamenting, Lady Sunita picks him up & the 2 have a kodak moment HeartLOL  DK thanks her profusely as they hug, while making his usual sly grin (I sure hope DK keeps his new love w/ Sunni live, unlike that w/ Sandhya or Sarla)

Neeraj helps shake down a debtor

In a room, a man is tied up, and 2 of Raghu's henchmen, along w/ Neeraj/Gunga, come in.  The prisoner tells them that he'd go to the police and end their reign of terror, and that they are just being loan sharks.  One of Raghu's guys tells him that this guy had borrowed money from them but showed no signs of returning it, and in fact threatened to decamp.

Gunga goes up to him and unties him, and the 2 aides of Raghu think he's absolutely worthless.  The prisoner tells them that he'd go get the police, and that to tell Raghu to make do w/ 3 months interest paid over 2 months, or else he'd file a case against him.

At this point, Gunga pulls him around and punches him in the stomach Ouch Raghu's 2 guys are impressed, while the prisoner grabs his feet and promises to return all the cash in 2 days. 

Sarla catches Sandhya w/ Neeraj's diary

Sandhya is reading Neeraj's diary (this part still bothers me) and he's describing last Christmas @ Gonzales home, where it didn't seem the same b'cos he was missing Sandhya (this was b4 Yuvsa's marriage)  Sandhya is moved on reading Neeraj's thoughts about him, and says that had he noted to her his feelings about her when they met, he'd not have been so unhappy on that occasion.

Sarla enters the room, and Sandhya quickly hides the diary.  Sarla asks her whether she can read, and Sandhya tells her that she can't.  Sarla tells her that she knows that Sandhya has Neeraj's diary, and Sandhya gets defensive.  Sarla tells her that everybody know how Neeraj loved to write, and notes that while everything of his was burnt, how is his diary w/ her?

Sarla however assures her that she's not here to possess the diary, but to bring up some personal issues.  She tells her that she's done a lot of thinking, and that after all these days, she realizes that Sandhya was right - she doesn't have any enmity w/ Sandhya, so why is she stopping her?  She's decided not to be a roadblock for Sandhya.  (I think Sarla would have done well to tell her that she'd support her in her revenge against Yuvraj &  Prabha if Sandhya doesn't stand in her way in her plots against Yuvraj or Prabha, but if she doesn't, then Sarla would blow the whistle on the diary)  Sarla tells Sandhya that in return, she would like that Sandhya doesn't hurt her hubby or  daughters.  She also wants just her share of the property, and nothing more.  She tells Sandhya that she'll do anything Sandhya wants.

As she goes out, Sarla stops, turns around and assures Sandhya that she wont tell anyone about Neeraj's diary, so she has nothing to fear.  This makes  Sandhya nervous, but Sarla tells her that it's his last memento and she knows how valuable it is to her, so to keep it carefully.  Sarla then leaves, and Sandhya looks @ her nervous.

Gunga wins Raghu's confidence

Over the next many days, Gunga goes around w/ Raghu's aids in a convertable jeep, beating up his enemies and getting them to heel.  Essentially, Raghu runs an extortion racket that Gunga is now part of - most of these involve the people being beaten paying up.

After some time, Gunga returns to Raghu & hugs him, and he tells him that he's made him very happy.  He then shows him to his table, and Neeraj's diet is now a lot better - sandwiches &  OJ.  Raghu tells his men to make sure Neeraj is well fed.

Sir DK treats Lady Sunni like a princess

Sir DK walks into his room, tea tray in hand, and greets Lady Sunita good morning, and offers to make her tea.  Obviously, Lady Sunita is shocked, but Sir DK tells her that from now on, he'll do what he's never done b4 - like bringing tea to bed.  Lady Sunita asks him whether he's not overdoing it, and Sir DK tells her that it's just the beginning.  While it's not normal, he's never done anything for her.  He asks her how many sugars she wants, and she stops him and tells him that she'll make it.

She tells him that she's nervous @ his behavior, and hoping that he isn't playing games - b'cos she's not used to that @ all - particularly from him.  Sir DK tells her that she's justified in her suspicions, but wants to know what he can do to convince her that he's changed.  Lady Sunita tells him that for now, just drink the tea she made him.  Sir DK compliments her, and Lady Sunita starts to smile.

Puru restrains Prabha

Prabhavati is trying to call someone on the phone, but keeps getting the message that the person she's trying to reach is not reachable LOL  Puru comes in and asks her who she's trying to get?  Prabha tells her that she's trying to get Pankaj here, so that she can ask him to get rid of Sarla.

Puru asks her to restrain herself, and concedes that Sarla is guilty of crimes, but Prabha tells him that Sarla plotted to frame DK's murder on Yuvraj.  Puru tells her that it happens ROFL - people do make mistakes.  He asks her to forgive her one last time, since she did touch Yuvraj's feet.  He also begs her not to say  anything to Pankaj, since he's already tense over events in Kolkata.

Sunita & Sandhya rift over DK vs Sarla

A very happy Sunita is arranging the roses in her vase, and Sandhya, who's w/ her, mentions to her that Sarla had come to apologize and promise her that she won't stand in her way.  Sunita doesn't look too happy to hear that.  Sandhya tells her that she's happy that at least one person has seen the light.  She contrasts that w/ DK, who seems to be plotting even when he's apologizing.

This time, Sunita turns towards her and asks whether she thinks Sarla is  genuine?  Sandhya thinks yes, but Sunita disagrees.  She doesn't think Sarla can reform - everything is an act w/ her.  (My, she really hates Sarla - there was a time I thought they were close)  As for DK, Sunita tells Sandhya that for the first time, she thinks he's on the mend - not only has he seen how he's treated her, but he also recognizes the true color of the family.

Sandhya is shocked to hear Sarla defend DK.  She asks her who knows DK better than Sunni chachi - she remarks that a dog's tail can be straightened, but not DK's mind.  Sunita reminds her that he's her hubby, and not to talk like that about him in front of her.  Sandhya apologizes and says she was joking, but Sunita tells her that even that has its limits, and that Sandhya thinks that Sarla is telling the truth while DK is acting?  At any rate, while she can't change Sandhya's opinion, she's very happy that DK has changed, and is not willing to discuss that w/ her any more.  She leaves the room, leaving Sandhya totally stunned.

Prisoner released

In a Central Jail, a prisoner is released, and comes out and looks @ his surroundings.  He is clean-shaven.  (He looked like the lead singer of REM Michael Stipes - wondered what's he doing here LOL  What's the frequency, Kenneth?)


Finally, Sunita demonstrated why she belongs in this family.  Up to now, she had always stood against them, but here, she's @ least willing to hear DK out.  While DK has his intentions against Sandhya, if Sunita is never going to believe him, why's she still married to him?  Also, the Sandhya-Sunita alliance was insufferable to watch, so glad to see it come unglued.  Which also illustrates the folly of Sandhya trusting anyone, including her, about events in the household.

The other thing that's totally strange is Sunita's apparent hatred for Sarla.  Sunita's enemies were Yuvraj & Prabha - they were the ones who ordered her parents to be robbed, not Sarla.  So as far as ingratitude goes, Sunita seems no different from the rest of her sasural.

There had been the news about DK's reformation and whether it was for real.  I think a re-alignment is in the works @ both ends - Sarla, whose target isn't Sandhya but Yuvraj &  Prabha, will find that it makes more sense to ally w/ Sandhya, who's been winning lately, instead of DK, who's not targetting Yuvraj @ all.  Sunita is happy that DK is on the mend, and won't want to take Sandhya's side if she's hell bent on fighting DK but not Sarla, so I expect her to go w/ her knight-in-a-brand-new-armor.

Speaking of which, I loved this twist today - DK & Sunita finally doing justice to their marriage.  Even if DK turns out against Vrinda, I hope that he does nothing against Sunita.  In fact, I'd like their love to blossom - one possible plot by DK could be to make  his dear wife pregnant, and demonstrate the difference b/w a real pregnancy, and the one Vrinda is faking for Yuvraj.  Not only would that be neat, but it would throw up new calculations in the Jagirdars accessing their future, particularly if DK has a male heir.  Then it will be dog eat dog, and I can even see DK try and upstage Sarla & Prabha in order to get his kid on the throne.

Since the next major function is Christmas, maybe DK could start getting Sunita gifts from the 12 days of Christmas - the partridge in a pear tree, the turtle doves & so on.  Here's how it might go (read DK for Nuala and Sunita for Gobnait LOL)

Looks like Neeraj/Munga has won over the confidence of Raghu, but his gang seems to be one of extortionists.  He doesn't look happy doing what he is @ all.  Incidentally, if he's such a mastan, how come he had his limits when fighting the likes of Yuvraj, DK & their gang, while here he can blow off 4 guys @ a time?

The new REM prisoner - wondering whether he's connected to Raghu, or to the Jagirdars?

Episode rating: Thumbs UpThumbs Up
Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Thumbs Up: The new love-story of Sir DK & Lady Sunita, Sarla discovering Sandhya's Achilles heel

Thumbs Down: Neeraj the extortionist


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anna44 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Thank you very much Vrish ....missed reading your comments...
I am scare for Sandhya now as both Sarla and DK has their own agenda's to get revenge from her for all the insults they had to bore because of her.

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Subaru537 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.
NiharikaMishra Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
Since I've written most of my views on the Sandhya-Sunita split in the topic Its Sandhya vs Sunita, I'll focus more on DK and Neeraj here!
Just one correction Vrish, I think Raghu has named Neeraj Gunga not Munga since he can't speak or remember anything and hence can't tell his name.
Neeraj looks more like a robot running on organic food instead of electricity since when asked to chose his prize, he chose bread and a jug of juice instead of money. I am not amazed at Neeraj not remembering anything since he's at a totally new place but want to see what can be the reason he'll visit Gwalior and run into Sandhya since chances of Sandhya coming to Mumbai are grim.

Talking about DK, I am really happy Vishal's back (though I am not liking the new makeover of his) and we'll get to see some more fun scenes.
I really feel Sandhya should deviate from trying to bring Sunita back to her support (let her enjoy some time with her newly-found romance LOL) and make a tie-up with Sarla instead telling her that she isn't really interested in the property and will return all of it to her after she has had her revenge, which may even make her think about spilting from DK and give honest support to Sandhya just for the property. Also the Vrinda-favor will lead to some elevation in her status in the family so that she doesn't have to wait for Pankaj to come and read out her punishment to her.Meanwhile Sandhya can keep working on getting Prabha to her side.

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lakshmi42 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the beautiful update.......
shinyclassic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update,,,,DK is irrittaing me in any way
SEPIDEHh Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 12:35am | IP Logged

Thanks Vrisha for the update,good to see your updates again I  really enjoyed to read it .

ghotalaz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 12:55am | IP Logged
i really have a problem with suni & sandhya's boring discussions. i can't handle it....Pinch why don't they close the doors for safety so that nobody overhears them... & even when sandhya is sobbing around with neeraj's possessions why doesn't she lock the doors & windows??? is she doing this intentionally so that she want everybody to know her that she is not vrinda but sandhyaWacko

so now i know why neeraj was shown always eating coz he needs a lot of energy to punch people.Silly i wonder will he possess the same power once he gains back his memory power???D'ohor will he be the same person before who could not bash up yuvi & dk???

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