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Forbidden Love (MG FF) p2 pg 15 (Page 13)

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by maaniqra

awesme update plz add me to your PM list...
I'll make sure to add you , and thankyou Big smile
Originally posted by preethia

loved this ff..............amazing..................but u havent cont after 1st part pl cont soon
Thankyou Big smile and i'll continue as soon as possible
Originally posted by doosheeka

nice part.............continue soon..............
Thankyou Big smile
Originally posted by Dreamy_Mystique

brilliant ..
plzz add me to PM list
Thankyou, i'll be sure to add youBig smile
Originally posted by esha143

Heyya Yasmin.....just caught up with ur FF.....its just brilliant yaar....I didn't know u write so wonderful..... and I think its been a while since u updated...pls get some time n update this amazing FF....I'm dying to know more about Maan n Geet n how Maan's gonna get her,his forbidden love.....n yeah do pm me when u update which I hope will be soon enough.....will be waiting for ur pmTongue
Hey Esha, LOL you haven't read my previosu work, this is an improvement from how i used to write, but i'm still no way as good as many people here, but thanks for the complement anyways Big smile I'll make sure to make the process of Maan wooing Geet as interesting as possible then LOL and i'll surely PM you Smile
Originally posted by cutee987

loved the concept.....
and 1st part was also nice......

plz add me in ur pm list....

and continue soon.
Thankyou, and i'll add you on the list Big smile
Originally posted by siroilily

great............pls add me to ur pm list n pls continue soon waiting.........Embarrassed hav already  sent u a buddy request........
Thankyou and ofcourse i'll add you Big smile
Originally posted by surbhijn106

Update soon wanna read more plzz add me to ur pm list plzzzzzzzzzz
I'll update as soon as possible Embarrassed

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sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
loved it do continue
it was amazing
can u pm wen u update plzz SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

Edited by sweet cherry - 07 March 2011 at 4:23pm
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I am positive you guys might be hating me right now LOL and you have every right to Ouch I know i haven't updated for a loooooooonng time, but i swear i really have a good reason.
Over these last so many months, work load has really gotten high in Uni, and i'm terribly falling behind, so i'm not getting much time to actually pen down updates Cry However, i promise when the work load starts to lessen i will make sure i have an update ready for you guys, but if i don't, end of May is probably the earliest you'll get an update, because that's when we break up for summer holiday Confused
Once again i'm really very sorry, i wish i could update frequently, but Interior/Architecture is seriously not as easy as Khurana Construction shows it to be LMAO LOL 
But but but .... to make your wait easier, i have written half of the second chapter, i'll try finishing that off today and i'll might be able to post it later at night, or earliest tommorrow, after that, sorry but the earliest you'll get an Update is May ConfusedCryOuch
Take Care, Love ya all  Hug
P.S  Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone, and ofcourse thanks for pressing the like button aswell Embarrassed

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Originally posted by sweet cherry

loved it do continue
it was amazing
can u pm wen u update plzz SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
Thankyou, yeah ofcourse i'll make sure to PM you Big smile
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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
That's Ok Yasmin.....I can surely wait for such an amazing FF for as long as its needed....take ur time....but as u said u have some other works too,can u pls send me the links of them too...i would be glad to read them.....Big smile

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
will wait for ur worries.........studies is more imp..............take ur time dear

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:34am | IP Logged

Like i promised here is an Update, there might be alot of spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors because i haven't got the time to check through it, i have to rush of to the hospital in a few. My sister is probably taking the whole hospital down, she's due today (I'm so excited to see me neice) LOL 

The next update like i said will probably be in May, which is not too long away.

Please do leave your comments, and PRESS the like button, it'll only take few minutes Big smile
Love ya all
Take Care Hug
"I've never met someone as confusing as you, it's as if you have a multiple personality disorder"
As soon as Maan led Geet away from Naintara, he steered her towards the bar, wanting a strong drink to get rid of the overwhelming urge to grab and kiss the girl beside him senseless. They both sat in a comfortable silence, each with their own drinks, lost in their thoughts. It was when they both got to their second drink that Geet started talking, saying something that baffled him.
"Why do you say that?" He asked, confused.
"Because one moment you and i are jumping for each others throats, annoying the hell outta one another, and the next you are nice to me, you even took my side against NT" she told him "I mean what the hell is that about?"
Maan, contempulated on what she said, He never realised that he was being hot and cold with her, but now that she mentioned it, he saw the truth in her words, he was behaving oddly with her for the last couple of Months, going from bullying her, to caring for her, to annoying her, to making her laugh; his behavior around her was going back and forth like a pendulum. However, he didn't know what to do about it, he hated being mean to her, he never liked seeing her upset or angry due to him, but if he was nice to her, he would risk letting his new feelings show and he certainly didn't want that. She was going to be his brothers wife for godsake!
"The only reason i took your side against NT, is because i dislike that women as much as you do, that doesn't mean i like you Handa, i just chose to support the lesser of two evils" He answered, earning himself a scowl from her. "And about me having MPD, then let me make it clear, i don't like you Handa, the only reason i am ever nice to you on some occasions is because, believe it or not, i do get sick of our daily arguments and i need a breather"
Geet didn't know what to say to that, for a second she thought that maybe, maybe THE great Maan Singh Khurana didn't hate her after all, maybe he had almost gotten over the stupid hatred he harboured towards her. However, his words had dashed all her hopes, he hated her just as much as he did before, maybe more so. She didn't know what she was thinking, this Dusht Danav will never change.
"Once an A**hole, always an A**hole" She muttered under her breath.
"What did you say?" He asked, narrowing his eyes in suspicion, hearing nothing but mumbles coming out of her mouth.
"I said your an A**hole, Khurana" She snapped "Does it really hurt you to just be nice to me, why the heck do you have to go back and forth, hell your like a friggen hormonal women"
Maan gaped at her insulted, how dare she he thought, outraged by her audacity to call him a hormonal women. Although he wondered why he was so surprised, she had called him much worse before "It would be easier to be nice to you, if you weren't so annoying Handa"
"I'm annoying?" She asked incredulously "How the hell am i annoying, i hardly ever start speaking to you before you start spewing insults at me"
He smirked "Did i say you had to talk to be annoying" He asked, raising his eyebrows in amusment "Your whole presence is annoying, darling"
Geet gasped inaudibly at the endearment. That was probably the first time Maan Singh Khurana ever used a fond term for anyone one, let alone her, and for some reason it sent tingles down her spine. However, ignoring the odd feeling she scowled at him "Of course because your presence is so heavenly" She scoffed
"Thanks Handa, that's nice of you" He grinned
"It's called being sarcastic Khurana" She told him "How in the world did you manage to ever acheive the best businessman award with an IQ so low"
"Because i'm amazing like that" He answered
Geet giggled "So you admit your dumb"
Pari and Vicky sat at the steps of the Khurana hallway and watched as people mingled with eachother, making fun of the many guest Savatri Devi invited to the party. So far they had called Mrs. Desai, an walking talking STD, Mr Sinha, and old pervert who hits on anything with a female antinomy and Mrs. Agarwal an bitter old spinster, who probably had seven black cats waiting at home for her. However, they soon got bored and their eyes wandered off towards the bar where their siblings were fighting with one another.
"Not again!" Vicky groaned, watching as his brother glared at Geet and said something that made her look at him with her mouth open in shock, before she snapped it shut and said something snarky back to him, to which he only smirked.
Pari giggled "Aren't they so cute!" She gushed "I wish it was them who were getting married, and not Dev and Di"
"Pari!" Vicky snapped "Dev bhai loves Geet, don't jinx this"
Rolling her eyes, Pari shook her head and looked at the couple at the bar. She wasn't wishing for them to be a couple just because she thought they looked damn cute. There was another reason why she thought that'll make a perfect pair, and she had told her sister that a many times, for only Geet to laugh it off and say "DD and I could never be together, we are like chocolate and pickle, a horrible combination" , but Pari begged to differ, although she may be the youngest in the family and not the most intellectual, but she had good observational skills, and from what she observed Geet and Maan, click together perfectly, they were like Peanut butter and jelly, although you would look at it and think gross, once you tasted it together, they are delicious.
"I'm not trying to jinx anything Vick, i'm just saying that they would make and awesome pair, no listen-" She raised her hands to stop Vicky from interrupting.
He glared at her, nevertheless stopped and listened to what she had to say. He could argue his point after.
"Have you never seen the spark in their eyes when they are together, have you never noticed that they seem to liven up in eachothers company?" She asked him "It may be, that they argue all the time, but Vick, have you looked in their eyes and saw the happiness radiating from them when they are together, have you seen that when they are with someone else?"
Vicky frowned. To be honest he hadn't really noticed anything like that at all, but now as Pari as him all these questions, he stared back at his elder brother and his future sister in law. They were still arguing about something, but their body language gave away that fact that they are both comfortable with one another, their eyes, that he had failed to read, were sparkling. He had never seen them like this with anyone else, ever. Sure, Geet did crack jokes and banter with Dev and lot of other people, however, her face didn't glow the way it did as she bantered with Maan. And Maan, this was probably the first time Vicky ever saw his elder brother, remotely happy.
"You may be right" He sighed, looking at her with a sense of sadness, knowing that whatever there is between Maan and Geet could never work "But, Geet is getting married to Dev bhai, and nothing can change that"
"But .."
"No Pari" Vicky intervened "Plus, they haven't realised their own feelings for eachother, and i think that is how it should be"
"What ... No... Argh!, Handaaaaaaaa!" Maan gritted his teeth as he glared at Geet rather menacingly. But unknown to him Geet had long gotten used to his anger and now it didn't affect her as much as it used to, infact she almost enjoyed peeving him off, it was fun watching him getting worked up and flustered. He looked almost cute.
"Yes Khuranaaaaa" She asked, rather innocently, batting her eyelids in a way that Maan couldn't help but smile, instantly covering it up with a cough, before she noticed and had a field day at his moment of weakness.
"You are the most infuriating women i met in my life"
"So you say, and yet you can't get enough of me" She stated, smirking.
Rolling his eyes Maan looked away from her, watching his Dadi Ma walk up to the center of  the dance floor, calling for everyone attention.
"Thank you to all for taken your time to come to our small party today"
"Small? If this is small, what's Huge?" Geet mused, looking around hundreds of guest that nearly filled the entire hall.
"Sssh!" Maan chastised, hiding his smile as he motioned towards his Grandmother.
"We are going to start the Pooja in a while, and i'll be happy if my future daughter in law will do the honours of performing the Aarti tonight" Dadi exclaimed, smiling brightly "Geet beta, will you join me?"
"Me!" Geet gasped, looking at Maan worriedly "Mujhe Pooja Vooja nahin atta"
"tch tch tch" Maan mocked, "Poor you"
Saying that Maan stood up and strode away, joining his Grandmother.
Geet watched as he mingled with some of his business clients, all of a sudden the joking mood he was in with her, turned into a serious expression, and once again Geet had to wonder if he might suffer from multiple personality disorder, and if he didn't, he really was like a hormonal women.
Jeez there was so many mistakes LOL I just went through and corrected them.

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awesome update.............
where is dev???still at work???????/

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