Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

23rd december written update complete


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(Credit: Shikha)

Hey guys I am back with todays update bear with me as my internet is damn slow and stupid techs keep on saying 24 hours it will be sorted and nothing happened and it takes time for the videos to load Angry here goes the update Smile

Part 1

Starts of with nandani saying that i am going to live with ma for a few days till ma dosnt get well and mohit also said to visit dadaji says thats really good now look your mum will recover fast rajbanana says its good since you went after marriage you didnt stay with us for long gyatri tells akshara to set the breakfast @ the market shava are coming back shaurya tells varsha to walk carfully he says you purchased full years luggage he is about to trip varsha says i will help he says ok you hold this basket they put the bags away in the boot shaurya says anything else varsha says ice cream shaurya says no the weather is changing you will get a soar throat she says no ma said whatever i want i can buy he says alright he purchases it she says you never forget my choice he goes if i do i will get scolded by ma they focus the camera on the basket and they leave, @singhaniya house akshara is in the kitchen she says to herself wonder what the matter is didi isnt telling me either who shall i ask, shashki enters akshara says do you need anything she says no i want to wash this akshara says i have boiled seperate water shashki says wow you already know a lot about kids you will be a great mom (EmbarrassedI hope this wish comes true soon)akshara says what i just learned how to do all the household chores shashki says no its true you manage everything in the saree and i cant do this at all expecially with the children either handle the saree or the children akshara says it depends on how your used to it golu crys akshara says give him milk quick shashki says with these kids theres not one minute piece akshara says i will help you in the hall natik is standing up while anuj is trying to quiten golu down he gives him to natik to hold while he calls shashki or he will just cry natik trys to quiten golu down by saying dont cry (LOLmunna get some training for chotu munna soon Embarrassed) natik says oh what happened and he sees golu has done susu on him (ROFLmunna looked so cute here) he calls gyatri she takes golu and says oh he has done susu anuj and shashki arrive and anuj says oh sorry yaar natik says its alright LOL
Shashki takes the baby from gyatri and says i will get it changed anuj says there babys there bound to do this natik says leave all this we made a program off all us old friends to hang out at the same place, anuj says of course thats why we came to explore udaphur, natik says great i will pick you up on the way back from office sakhshi comes and says that plan later but give golu milk first i will go and check on lovline she leaves so does gyatri, anuj sits down and feeds golu natik stares at him LOL(munna get some training LOL) akshara is working in the kitchen when mohit rings her up, she says hello and shifts to shava coming back home shaurya says i dont understand whats in this basket she says nothing much just my project material he says its heavy and tells the worker to put it inside they sit down dadi says you must be tierd she says no i am fine kaki says did you purchase everything she says yes i didnt have much stuff and shaurya got what he wanted also rajshri says thats good, they hear a noise varsha says whats that shaurya says it must be from outside rajshri says you must be tierd go and take rest they get up and take there bags when they hear the noise again rajshri says its coming from inside somewhere dadi says no its from outside rajshri tells varsha not to stand long go up she will send rest of the luggage, @singhaniyas nandani asks bhabhima why didnt you tell me your health worsened that you needed to be taken to the hospital bhabhima says its nothing like that only blood pressure raied nandani says due to me it never happened before bhabhima says no i didnt show the doctor for a long time, thats why it raised you tell me how is mohit nandani says he is fine, bhabhima says why were you crying your argument has finished mohit looks after you dosnt he she says yes ma he does and you know him i came to stay here for a few days you will ask me so many qustions i came to look after my ma bhabhima says you came i feel so good come here more often like this by looking at you my health has become alright otherwise you come and go now we can sit down and talk akshara arrives there and stands at the door nandani says i came for you bhabhima says you sit i will bring something for you to eat nandani says you sit i will bring you fruits till i am here you rest i wont go anywhere till you fully reover, nandani meets akshara at the door, scene shifts to meshawaris @ shava room varsha is looking through things shaurya says rest for a bit then do this i will go and freshen up when they hear the same noise again, shaurya goes what is this.
Part 3     
varsha says look shaurya that is moving he says wait i will look and opens the basket and they descover a dog inside it LOL shaurya says how did it get here varsha says i dont know but look how cute it is shaurya says it is cute but how did it come in our basket, she says i dont know and picks the dog up and starts playing with it shaurya says it must came by mistake in our basket, shaurya says its owner must be looking for it we must return it varsha says yes but where shaurya says we will leave it outside the house it will go on its own varsha say no its so smal where will it go and its to cold outside no, sharya says yes varsha gives a puppy eyed look shaurya says dont think like that nanima dont like dogs at all you know that she says yes but plz shaurya says no first nani will kick the dog out of the house then us LOL she gives another pleading look he goes ok on one condition till we dont find its owner it can stay varsha says thank you and hugs the dog, @singhaniyas akshara is talking to nandani and asks her what the matter is nandani says its nothing akshara says mohit phoned and he told me you left the house in anger, nandani says its nothing like that i was a bit upset and mothers health wasnt good thats why i came akshara says didi mohit was saying nandani interupts saying that he must told you the first thing i was just a bit upset that all i told you we had an argument, akshara says why didnt you tell anyone at home nandani says ma health isnt good she is going to take tension for no reason and arguments happenen this is a small matter, akshara says i understand first talk to mohit he wants to talk to you and meet you like they say by talking over small matters it gets solved nandani says i dont want to talk to him yet i am not in the mood and my anger hasnt cooled down she is about to leave natik enters and says good thing you were here i was looking fo you she goes why he goes i needed to give you this book a friend recommended it good thing i purchased it as it wa the last copy, she says thanks and leaves natik asks akshara what happened is didi alright akshara says yes she is mohit just rang and he was saying didi was angry and came here natik says you were saying before that there was something did you tell bhabhima she says no i just spoke to didi but i was thinking should we tell everyone at home, @meshwaris varsha is playing with the dog and saying that i will keep you safe from everyone dont get up your a good child shaurya comes and sits on the bed and says kutchi kutchi LOL he says to varsha that he understands all your talks tell him not to come out in front of nani we have got a good tension where will we hide it varsha says its small and cute shaurya says small rajshri calls varsha both get up varsha says where shall we hide him shaurya says you made us trapped good varsha says hurry up he brings a bag she says how will it breath in here bring something else he brings the basket when rajshri calls again they hide the dog in there
Part 4
rajshri enters and says what happened they go nothing rajshri says i sent you to the market to purchase a good sari that you can wear at ghod bharai i just have these few choose the ones you want to wear the dog escapes from the basket LOL she says i will wear any rajshri goes not any its your ghod bharai and you have to get dressed well look at it carefully varhsa says i will wear this its nice shaurya says yes its nice i like it too rajshri says you havnt looked at it properly ok as you wish and leaves varsha picks the dog up shaurya says where will we hide it varsha says we will bring a big box put the hole in it and hide it there nani calls shaurya LOL he says where dead nani why are you still holding it hide it in here your favourite will get us in trouble nani calls them again and comes in and asks shaurya if you bought my medican he goes yes i have you go to your room i will bring it she says to varsha why are you standing up holding the basket she says oh luggage i forgot to put it away and puts the basket down nani says shaurya i am going to my room bring the medican quickly he goes yes you go i am coming they hide the basket at the side nani asks varsha what happened she sits on the basket @singhaniya gyatri comes in naksh room calling akshara she says oh munna when did you come natik says just now she says akshara i was looking for you downstairs she sees there tensed faces and asks what happed everything is alright akshara says that mohit phoned and he was telling that didi got upset and angry and came here gyatri says what happened she says i dont know gyatri says tell me clearly akshara says didi didnt tell me anything she said its not a big thing we were thinking what to do dadaji and bhabhima dont know anything about this shall we tell them gyatri says you shoudnt tell things in hurry good thing you told me bhabhima isnt feeling well already and is always tensed regarding nandani what did mohit exactly say
Sorry for the error or any mistake i made todays epi was bakwas beside the natik and golu scene LOLLOL if your a shava fan you will be happy as there was a sweet scene of them with the dog and at the market, now bhabhima will find out about nandani and we will see her crying face Dead can someone plz tell me what happened in last few mins and the precap also i will add it on as my video was cut
dont forget to hit the like button to thank me

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 precap -Sakshi  said  to  bm  and  g3  that  apki  bahu  kab  khush  kabri  dagi and  aksi   sharmai

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thnkx for d updateSmile............ nice and funny episodeLOL

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Thanks for the update.

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Thanks for the update......

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Originally posted by madhaviben

 precap -Sakshi  said  to  bm  and  g3  that  apki  bahu  kab  khush  kabri  dagi and  aksi   sharmai
i think mdadhviben naitik will not be ready for babies now so v have to wait.

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Ya i think u r right by naitik expressions we can understand that he is not ready for the babies now

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