Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MAANEET CAFE: December 23rd Episode

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 Poem of the day

With her he fell deeply in love
A love ignited without a spark
In her he saw his dreams, his world as it should be
The sun rises and sets in her eyes as do the moon and the stars twinkle in her eyes
In her he saw what he loved the most, kindness, love
But he was impressed with her simplicity
Through her he learnt to entertain the values and moods of life
Without her there is only darkness for all the light is with her
He sees no flaws in her eve though they exist
His happiness and love are bloundless
Without her he is incomplete
****  If anyone would like their quote or poem to be featured in the second post, please PM me.***

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 December 23RD         

         Today was a so, so episode with issues.

         There was episode continuation.

         There was scene continuation.

         There was no character groW*H of Geet's character.

         GC was great.

         DD was great.

         Piyush was good.

         Nikunj was ok.


1.                Maan & Geet


         Maan thinking that Arjun is still a threat is justified.  Maan is a person that is very good at judging others' character.

         Geet does not want to admit that she has made a mistake by re-hiring Arjun and thus does not want to apologize to Maan either.

         In this scene we see Geet's character deteriorate further hence lack of her character groW*H.  Yet again Geet behaves childishly.  In her lecture to Maan regarding why they should trust Arjun clearly depicts her irresponsibility in evaluating and recognizing her own situation let alone Maan's care for her safety.  Geet's situation is quite different from the common every day issues and thus requires special handling when dealing with people related to her accusee.

         Also Geet has not thought about what was the need for Arjun to show up at KM when he could have called Anwesha to pick up file or even send file by courier, especially if he so much do not want Maan to hold him responsible for anything that goes wrong with Maan's and Geet's wedding; then why did Arjun accepted?

         Maan tries explaining to Geet that not everyone has a pure heart like her and Geet jumps to her own conclusion and twists Maan's words hence misunderstanding Maan and getting upset for nothing once again.  I am sooooooooooooo sick of this.

         On her way out of Maan's room, Geet turns and says that what she is doing " is called trust in humanity and not nave".  Well on the contrary what Geet is doing is call stupidity because she trusts her enemy's branch with her life, her unborn child and Maan's life and all Khuranas for that matter. 

         Thus once again Geet disrespect's Maan as she does not trust in his judgment for her safety.

         CVs and Nissar just giving the dialogue "I am not a child" to Geet does not make her character grow.  She must also speak the right words and perform the correct actions to support her words.

         I felt so bad for Maan in this scene as he is looking out for Geet's well being and she is accusing him of not looking out for her.

         CVs and Nissar, thought with the MU Geet was supposed understand Maan better.  Well she doesn't we are back to her old childish behavior.



2.                Maan, Geet, Dadi, Anwesha & Nakul


       Why is it that Maan always have to be the one running behind Geet?  I am sick of this as well.  It is high time that Geet cater to Maan on some levels.

       Maan once again he blames himself for Geet being upset because she twisted his words and sets out to make Geet smile. 

      Maan with love sets out on his mission of making breakfast for his love Geet.  Nakul taunts Maan as he is in the kitchen cooking.  This was funny.   Then Nakul went for a bigger audience and brings Dadi and Anwesha with him.  The two ladies join in on the taunting of Maan making cooking.   This was also funny. 

      Maan mentions in this scene that instead of asking questions, they should appreciate.

      Why was Maan cutting vegetables/ingredients on top of the table instead of the counter?

      Maan then takes omlette to Geet who hates the smell of it because it smells bad.

      Omelets do not smell bad first of all unless you use feta cheese or blue cheese.

      Omelets are not eaten with one's hands.  You use a fork and knife or just the fork.

      Geet thought Maan had come to apologize to her. Hmmmm….

      For what and why does Geet blame Maan that she expects him to apologize?

      How different the two are?  Maan is always blaming himself even when he isn't at fault and Geet blames Maan when it isn't his fault?

      Again Maan mentions that instead of questioning, they should appreciate.

      This statement was repeated twice in this episode.   To date no one has truly appreciated Maan for who he is, for the man he is, for person he is.  What a shame that no one has appreciated him, they have only taken him for granted.

      CVs and Nissar it is time for the people in Maan's life especially Geet to start appreciate Maan.  He has more than earned it time and time again.

      Geet hurries Maan out of her room as she wants to take the food to the kitchen and get something else to eat.


3.                   Geet & Nakul


         Nakul sees Geet with the food and Geet asks him not to say that she didn't eat the food.

         Geet proceeds to ask for achaar.

         CVs and Nissar do not use Geet's pregnancy to make her crave spicy foods as she has always liked spicy foods plus it is so clich and not every woman crave spicy food when they are pregnant.  Oh God and don't make episodes where Maan has to be the hubby that fetches what Geet is craving, too tacky and tasteless.


4.                   Maan, Anwesha, & Dadi


      Anwesha wants to go meet Arjun and Maan tells Dadi to go with her.

      Why hasn't Maan told Anwesha that Arjun is NT's brother?

      Why is there such a lack of communication?

      Maan goes to the kitchen for his watch and notices the food he had made for Geet.


5.                   Maan & Geet


         Maan questions Geet about the food and she says it was very good.

         Then Maan taunts her that he'll see that she gets healthy breakfast like that every day and Geet reluctantly agrees.

         Maan tells Geet that she has changed as she has liked his food choice and Geet says that he had said a wife should like all her husband's choices.

         Maan self thought why is Geet lying and Geet self talks that if she says the truth he won't like it.

         Why does Geet have to lie for such a small thing?  CVs and Nissar if Geet can't be honest about something so small then…?  She could have said "Maan, it was very thoughtful of you to make breakfast with such love for me, but I don't eat mushrooms and I don't like it."  In this statement she would have appreciate him for his deed and be honest with him and it would also show character groW*H; maturity developing.

         Geet's outfit was nice and so was color.


6.                   Arjun and Anwesha

         Arjun is so unprofessional to just show up at KM without calling and without informing Anwesha that their already scheduled meeting at his office needs to be moved to KM.

         Arjun's shows up at KM using Maan's and Geet's wedding to size up KM for his own devilish purpose.

         Anwesha's little turn, sneak a glance, flip hair thingy was soooooo tacky and fake!


A.                  Perfect time to bring in Meera and if need be you can bring her character full circle if the actress truly wants out of the show.


Precaps:  I am not gonna speculate


My speculations… (no changes)

a.       NT is structuring her own plan as she has lost and will lose trust in Arjun.  She trusts herself more than ANYONE ELSE.

b.      Arjun will use Anwesha to get to Maan, but will fall in love with her in the process and stop.

c.       NT's sentence to Adi will come into play once again "loyal employees of Maan Veerji, he'll need them."

d.      From Maan's repetitive dialogue about "as long as he is there nothing will happen to Geet" makes me think that may be for whatever reason he won't be there once due to circumstance and something will happen to Geet.

e.      NT brings in Sameera… or Arjun will bring Sameera (thought about this after seeing FB pics today)

Here is what needs to happen…  (Addition 1 and 2)

1.    Maan need to tell Anwesha about Arjun being NT's brother.

2.    Anwesha need to tell Maan that Tasha is the one who told her about Geet's past making Geet look like the criminal instead of the victim that she is.

3.    Arjun needs to find out the truth about NT.

4.    Why doesn't Anwesha know that Arjun is NT's brother?

5.    Where was Anwesha all this time?

6.     Whose daughter is she and is she Maan's real sister?

7.    Would like to see Geet do something for Maan just because he is her happiness not because he has done so much for her… this reason seems more of an obligation rather than a want to.

8.    Who was NT's helper that dropped the chandelier which was supposed to kill Geet?

9.    The entire story of the entire Khurana Family and Family Members need to be told now.

10.Anwesha needs to inquire about her bro Vicky and his wife NT and also Dev's Mom and Dev's sister.

11.Dev needs to tell Maan everything that has happened from time he came out of jail because of NT to present including his deal with NT for exchange for family freedom.

12.  I want to know exactly when and where NT got POAs, cause it wasn't when Maan was in the


13.  Dev and Meera should go and speak to MSK regarding NT.

14.  Geet needs to give a public statement to the press saying that "she misunderstood the

 situation and acted rash.  Maan is nothing like Dev and Maan is and will always be reputable.   The answer to your question is yes, Maan and I are getting married."

15.  I would like to see Dev slap NT with open palm then bring back to another slap with back of hands.

16.  Sasha needs to be put out of commission once and for all.  She should not have another hand

in causing any more damages to Geet or Maan as for an employee she has already got away with too much.

17.  Dev's mother and sister need to be mentioned as part of the criminal crew and be punished


18.  Geet needs to know Meera's true ties to Khurana's family.

19.  Maan needs to become the ferocious tiger.  Remember his words to NT that if she made Geet

                  cried he would take revenge for each tear drop.  I don't think NT can pay this debt in its'

                  entirety in this lifetime.

20.  Maan still needs to know

                           i.   That NT poisoned Dadi's mind

                         ii.   That Dadi kicked Geet out of the house.

                        iii.   That NT lied to Geet about him not wanting to see her

                       iv.    That NT lied to Geet about the taveez and again Maan not wanting to see her

                         v.   That NT moved him from his original hospital room in order to prevent Geet from seeing

 Him and that she stopped Geet at the door of his hospital room from entering to see him.

                         vi. That Sasha is the reason why the story came out at the office.

                        vii. Nasty Attitude insulted Geet and threw her into the pool.

                      viii. Sasha is working with NT and locked them in store room.

                         ix. Maan needs to know Pindi was working with NT.











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Hi Pari, Congrats on opening a new cafe. Will there be coffee served here along with the cake? I don't mind either as long as they are accompanied by healthy doses of Maan or Geet or both.

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Hey Pari ...Congrats hun ...chai coffee kuchh bhi chalegaa Pari long as we get to read what u write ...right girls ??? plz pm me ok dear ....

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congo pariiiiiiiiii
me wants sum juice..................coz no coffee no tea...................

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Maan Tongue

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