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#*Devil's Den*# The RetuRn of the pHamoUs EgGs (Page 2)

AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Mellow I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat uAngryAngryAngry

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty" 
Maan wants to go with gut instinct, but Geet's motto ~ "innocent until proven guilty" ends the night.  Who was right? Depends what the writers type! HP Express started as sarcy diss unlike "Mishti", it cleber & unexpected for Geet to finally call him on it:)  

Eggs & Egos
"Sorry eggs" that smell rotten and are by the giftee hidden.  This creates a quandary when she desire golgappas.  

Arjun Accumulation of Information
Lubbed  essnce of it  - he wants to know the quarry "up close & personal. Cleber!

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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong

Right, right, right, right, right

About turn

The Army does drill some discipline - Vicky babu where are u?? Hiding in the jungles or did u become a Naxal leader? Or did you join the Fidayeen? ROFL




If you are certain that is a white wall; there is no need, ABSOLUTELY no NEED or NECESSITY to keep on reiterating that THAT is a WHITE WALL or that there is a WHITE WALL; the mere fact that you keep repeating it like a rote memory or like mathematical tables implies that there is a doubt if that is a white wall or as to whether your eyes are deceiving you, or if it's all in your mind and in fact you are staring a black hole. ~ Sometimes the more you scream from rooftops; the more it lacks conviction and credibility ~ ROFL!! I cannot vanish in a puff of smoke :)))


My condolences to the UNSUNG men behind the glitz and glamor of the show - the light boys and minor crew who never get a mention whose family had seen some losses this season with the LIGHT BOY from COLORS' Laagi Tujhse Lagan meeting with his death after falling from a height of 30 feet last night.

And pray and wish for a speedy recovery to the person/light man of Sony's Jubilee Comedy Circus,  who fell down from a height and is presently in serious condition.

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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:32am | IP Logged

Ceratin things flow flow!!!


The epi was one little close to…………………


Am kinda satisfied tat may be once a while u CVS open up ur minds!!!



TH kitchen  funda!!!




God bless my little kitchen 
I love its every nook 
And bless me as I do my work 
Wash pots and pans and cook. 
And may the meals that I prepare 
Be seasoned from above 
With Thy great blessing and Thy grace 
But most of all Thy love. 
As we partake our earthly food 
The table before us spread 
We'll not forget to thank Thee, Lord 
Who gives us daily bread. 
So bless my little kitchen, Lord 
And those who enter in 
May they find naught but joy and peace 
And happiness therein.

No matter where I serve my my guests, 
It seems they like the kitchen best.


A pound of patience, you must find
Mixed well with loving words, so kind
Drop in 2 pounds of helpful deeds
And thoughts of other people's needs.

A pack of smiles, to make the crust,
Then stir and bake it well you must.
And now, I ask that you may try,
The recipe of Sunshine Pie.



When you're cooking in the kitchen,
You're learning all the while --
To pour and measure, mix and stir
And sift flour into a pile.
         Scrub your hands before you start
         Then gather up the gear --
         Like pots'n pans and measuring cups
         That you use throughout the year.
Go over the recipe, step-by-step,
So you'll know just what to do.
By carefully following the directions,
It won't be hard for you.
         Have a hot pad handy
         And an adult standing by --
         So you won't hurt yourself
         When using the stove or baking a pie.
Besides the fun and learning,
There's always cleaning up to do,
And even though it's quite a chore,
It's part of cooking too.
         But after all the work is done,
         It will soon be time for dinner.
         And when someone asks for seconds,
         You'll know you've cooked a winner!


Well apart from the BELOved memories of KITCHen…. Me izz waitng for the GOL GAPPA !!







The feeling of being in love is so intense that it feels like it will last forever. We can't believe that the other person doesn't feel the same way. We can't believe that this sacred relationship has been betrayed. You may have been sure that you were in the same wavelength and that you understood each other. Meanwhile, you have been walking on parallel and eventually divergent tracks the entire time. The feelings of betrayal and hurt may take many years to heal.


neither do we want u nor the ARJUN wants u!!!


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taqdir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:32am | IP Logged

the episode was fun, i laughed and hopefully all of you did the same. LOL

Nakul was in a roll today, will come back later with his COC! Wink
Arjun-NE comments! LOL

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Theme of the Den - The villian DEV
Marsh  has summed his character and possibilities nicely... Clap
My point of view...

Ek tha ghatiya insaan, naam jiska Dev meri jaan

Yeh naakara aur naakaam, apni akal se leta nahin jo kaam.

Karna tha ise kaam mahaan,

Maan aur Geet ko, Nayantara se bachane ka tha plan.

Banana tha ise, unki  aankhon mein acha insaan.

Par hai yeh NT ka gulam, sahi galat ki kar sakta nahin pehchaan.

Bas hai thali ka baigan, ludakana jiska hai kaam

Kabhi is padle to kabhi us, doosaron ke pyaar aur vishvaas ko,

Raundana hai iske liye aasaan.

Geet ki jindagi tabaah kari, yeh hai voh haivaan.

Daya nahin sazaa ka hai yeh haqdaar,

CV's nahin do tum ise kisi ka bhi pyaar....

Sazaa se hi hoga aise atyachariyon ka anth,

Samaj ho accha to hona chahiye aise logon ka daman.

Episode  Analysis

Razamand jaroor hogaya hoon,
Par dil ko nahin hai sukoon.
Kuch to aisa hai jo dikhayi nahi deta,
Anjaana hai ehsaas jo kuch hai kehta.

Maan kahte Geet ka faisala hai galat,
Isliye sahi karne ka paya hai sabak.
Geet kahe babaji ne banaya ek ajooba,
Jise khud ke siva dikhta nahin koi saya.
Socha tha fikr hogi aapko meri,
Par aapne to apni hi dhun hai ramayi.
Maafi sunanae ki aapki khwaish,
Poori main kar hoon deti...
Par maafi maangane ki wajah bhi hoon main bata deti.  
Faisala mera nahin hai galat,
Par pata hai mujhe chala soch hain meri galat.
Apni acchayi se de rahi doosaron ko mauka,
Dhokhebaaz hai jamana isse iske siva kuch nahin aata.
Accha to main ab samajhi kyun bulate ho mujhe Hoshiyaarpur Express.
Mujhe aap samajhte ho buddhu, moorkh aur bevakoof.
Aage mujhe bulaya is naam se to khair nahin,
Koi aur naam chunlo usse mujhe bair nahin.
Karti nahin main andh vishvaas,
Jeevan ne di hai kuch sazaa...
Jinse seekha maine yeh raaz.
Saath rehke hi dil ka jaane hum haal,
Dhokha mila isliye nahin karte sab ka bura haal.
Koi bhi ho insaan dena chahiye use avasar ek baar,
Keechad mein khilta kamal hai yeh prakruti ka saar.
Jag bhala to sab bhala aisa sochti hoon main,
Isse insaniyat ka paath kehti hoon main.
Baaton baaton mein sikhaya jeevan ka paath,
Maan tum ho kismatwale Geet hai tumhare saath.

Maan aaye rasoi mein banaye kuch khaas,
Nakul poochein Maan se kya payal hai khoyi?
Jise dhoondhne ka karte ho prayaas....
Maan banayenge aaj naastha,
Geet ko manane ka yeh hai acha raasta.
Dadi aur Anvesha ko le aaye Nakul,
Dekho inhe apne chote sahab ki chinta..
Nahin chahte ho unhe kuch khast bilkul.
Dadi aur Anvesha karein phir Maan ki khichayi,
Kehte hain shayad hume bhi kuch khila dein...
Jo vyanjan hai pakayi.
Dadi aur Anvesha ko viraja dekh,
Maan hain chakraaye kyun kartein hain itne sawaal...
Bas naashta hi to bana raha hoon kyun hote behaal.
Dadi ne paneer dalo yeh hai sujhaya,
Maan ki khichayi dekh maza hai aaya.

Maan ka yeh bawarchi avataar...
Dekh ke dil hai bekaraar,
Kash kabhi mere pati bhi dikhate yeh dulaar.

Geet ko mila naashta bade pyaar se,
Maan hain patane aaye naastha bana ke.
Bolana nahin chahte Geet ko hai yakeen,
Kehti hai shaadi ke baad bhi aap yeh karenge har din.
Geet ko aa rahi hai naashte se ubkaayi,
Naastha kaise khayegi karni hogi kuch chaturayi.
Maan ko diya office ke naam par bhej,
Karna hoga kuch naasthe ka pheeke khane se ise hai parhez.
Geet khoje sab martabaan,
Achaar ke liye lataki hai jaan.
Anvesha ko jaana hai Arjun ke paas,
Maan sujhate dadi, aap hi sang jayein...
Yahan karne ko kuch nahin hai khaas.

Maan ka yun dadi ko bhejana lagata hai sahi,
Kyunki unhe Arjun par abhi vishvaas nahin.

Itne mein yaad aayi unhe apni ghadi,
Naastha bhi sang rakha mila rasoi mein Geet ne hai jo chodi.
Maan poochein Geet se kya naastha aaya use pasand,
Geet taaref ke pul baandh rahi...
Karna nahi chahti Maan ko tang.
Maan kahein gayi tum badal, meri pasand ko tumne apnaya,
Chatpate khane ko tumne hai thukraya.
Golgappe dekh Geet ke muh mein paani aaya...
Maan kahe par abhi to tumne itna saara naastha khaya.

AA batteries ki guftgoo, lagati nahin faaltoo..
Mera man par nahin hai kuch likhne ka,
Samay nahin abhi kuch kehne ka...

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Marsh!!Angry there is no DEn in t header,.. i nearly missed tis one.. just chkd coz i saw its urs!!


MSK is MAjnu/Majnu Stalker King!D'oh

Geet is Ms. Hoshiarpoor Express Not!Disapprove Mishti Pot!Embarrassed Khwaab Dot! Sleepy  but aiwi HOT!!Blushing

Dev is Devtard-the CowardStern Smile

n i am ~ReSS~ n i hat to Un-Res TongueROFL

oh wait NE shud b NE!! Angry Bas!!

PS : i loved t epi... except NE!!Evil Smile

PPS : MSK has no SISTA!!Angry PERIOD!Evil Smile

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:39am | IP Logged
From the outside Dev Singh Khurana had it all. He was one of the heirs of the Khurana fortune. He was Maan Singh Khurana's brother. He had a loving grandmother and a beautiful wife, Naintara (NT),  whom he loved. His wife was an heiress in her own right and adored him. He was good-looking, sophisticated, charming and wealthy. In short he had everything going for him and was a man who wanted for nothing.

But Dev Sing Khurana has always walked under the shadow of his esteemed big brother Maan Singh Khurana and never quite come out of it. These two brothers are related by blood but it seems like they imbibed a different set of ideals and ethics while growing up. Maan was the hard-worker while Dev was the freeloader. Maan hated women and stayed as far away from them as possible while Dev was a womanizer and tried to get as close to as many of them as possible. In addition to womanizing, gambling was another one of Dev's vices. Maan would always stand by the truth while to Dev the truth was purely what suited him.

Dev never did a honest day's work in his life. He spent his family money. When his big brother's generosity came to an end, Dev used his wife's fortune to gamble. After gambling away his wife's entire fortune the man did not stop but borrowed money and continued to gamble. He ran up huge debts which his brother refused to help pay off. With the creditors at their throats and fearing for her husband's life, NT came up with an audacious plan - get Dev remarried and use the dowry they obtain to pay off their creditors. So Dev wooed an innocent girl and made her fall for him. He married her as per the plan. But then he was entranced by her innocence and consumated the marriage, slapping his wife when she tried to stop him. THIS WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN and this clearly showed that this was not a man who thought about destroying an innocent's life to feed his own lust. Next day according to their plan they left the girl at the airport and made off with her jewellery and her dowry. They sold her land which they acquired through an agent and paid off their debts. He was happy with his wife and never gave the girl a thought until his wife left him to go to India because she received a call from the girl that she was pregnant. 

Dev pursued his wife to India and attempted to win her back. In his own selfish way he loved her.  His wife chose not to share the fact that the girl was pregnant and Dev concentrated on winning his wife back. It was a tall order winning over a wife who felt betrayed and Dev made every effort but even then he saw the girls somewhere and tried to find out her whereabouts because he was scared his brother would find out and all hell would break loose. Simultaneously he joined his brother's office and even there he would flirt with all the female employees when his wife was not watching. A leopard cannot change its spots.

Then all of a sudden he decided to become penitent. Just like that - out of the blue. Ermm.....yeh baath kuchh hajam nahin huye Ermm .......he decides to confess to his brother but circumstances conspire to not let that happen. Unfortunately for him his brother falls in love with the very girl he cheated and left pregnant. On the eve of their engagement he confronts the girl and requests her not to tell his brother the truth. His logic is that his brother will be hurt but what he was actually trying to do is save his own skin. Angry And when it all came out anyways and he got thrown in jail and his wife saved his skin, he chose to move in with his college friend Meera and started to have designs on her all the while maintaining that he wanted his brother to lead a happy life with Geet D'oh.  Last known he is still standing outside Meera's door after she shut the door on his face. LOL LOL LOL

But the most important thing is that he is the main cause of this mess. NT may have made this plan but she never anticipated that this cheapskate would actually consumate the marriage and all the mess that followed. So in my eyes he is Geet's prime culprit and should be punished for it.



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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:56am | IP Logged

Today's epi was theek thaak with light humor….like the CVs wanted to take a short break from the past 2 days of intense moments. So I'm going to Keep It Simple and Short (KISS) too.

-          Maans's instinct abt Arjun does not let him accept him

-          Maan's ego is still healthy … he thinks Geet has stopped by to apologize and change the wedding planner.  Geet recognizes it.

-          Geet and her HP dialogue….poor Maan didn't know what hit him…LOL !  He's still trying to protect her.  Maan just attribute it to first trimester hormones.  Why do I get the feeling that CVs are slowly building up on the pregnancy track.

-          …par us tajurbe ne mujhe bahut kuch sikha diya hai  …ke kisi ke man ke under jaake uske baare mein hum nahin pataa kar sakte …use milkar, use kaam karke hameih uske asliyat ke baare mein pataa chalta hai….ek bar dhoka khane ka matlab yeh to nahin na ke hum sab pe vishwas karna chod de ? ….mein jo kuch bhi kar rahi hoon, use bholapan nahi, use insaaniyat pe yakeen karna kehte hai….This is what Geet is all about….this is Geet HSP.

-          Maan in the kitchen – a scene to behold.  Loved his dedication to the omelette…bechare ne pyaaz bhi kaat liya…Gurmeet, just loved u in this role…LOL !

-          Nakewl in shock…sends  an SOS to Dadi and NE

-          Dadi is just floored by her chef pota.

-          Loved the way Maan smacks NE's hand as she tries to sneak out a mushroom

-          Drashti and Gurmeet rocked in the breakfast@outhouse ... koi mirchi virchi hai kya ?...LOL !

-          Geet looking for achar (another sign of a progressing pregnancy?)  and Nakewl….Maan sahib ka khana …iss ghar mein achar kahan?

-          Arjun at the mansion…scouting the site in the name of sangeet setup….NE may have fallen for that excuse … not me.

-          NE falling for Arjun….a white pawn soon to be neutralized by the black knight.

-          NE's acting in the last scene – ghatiya !

This is my new year wishlist … start fulfilling it ASAP !

-          It's been 3 weeks since NE came on the scene … enuff time for Nikunj to shape up on acting or be replaced.  Nissar, are u listening ?  NE will be playing an important role in the near future as Arjun's pawn…need someone who is a much better performer….MSK's sister should be on par with him in emoting…not a deadpan or OTT like Nikunj…shape up immediately or scram.

-          Sorry for being so blunt but sliding TRPs have come knocking.

-          Arjun is shaping up well so….

-          Where is Dev? I want Arjun to hunt down Dev n bring him to the forefront.

-          Bring back a new actor as Dev….a suave, conniving villain that can put Arjun to shame…I mean turn Arjun into a positive character

-          Where is NT ?  She is not the type to leave everything to Arjun.  Bring her back

-          Where is Vicky ?  Bhai, ghar mein shaadi hai, so why is he still MIA ?

-          Where is Sasha ? Want her back…bring in another actress … we want her to face the music of justice.

-          Where is the track for sending Dev/NT to jail ?  When is that happening ?  So what if AS did not want to play the bad guy, Dev must be punished.

-          Where are Pammi, Kamya ?  They had a hand in the crime too

-          Why not bring Geet's parents in for the wedding ?  Wasn't her dad responsible for Geet finding shelter with Pinki?

-          Invite Pinki's dad and the Dhaba couple for the wedding.

Drashti, Gurmeet – U guys rock in any scene …be it intense emotion, intense passion or humor….u two just light up the screen. 

      Nakewl had more expressions than NE today !!!

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