Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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The Forgotten: The Original Villain of GHSP

"[A story] is only as good as its villain. Since the heroes and the gimmicks tend to repeat from [story] to [story], only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph." ~ Roger Ebert

Dev the Villain

The villain, the antagonist, the bad guy: Every story, not matter how big or small, needs one and every story is incomplete without one. Without a villain to oppose the hero, the story is lackluster and the hero is left without a job. Yes, the hero may romance the heroine in various locations and settings, steal a few kisses, but that is not exactly being heroic, now is it?  Villains simply make the story interesting. You might find their actions despicable and morally repugnant; you may very well hate them with every fiber of your being, yet, they engage you. They are complex and well rounded characters that have much depth than their exteriors care to reflect. They are often associated with dark and troubled pasts or an injustice of some sort. A realistic villain is one whose motivations and extremism are described by their experiences.

Dev Khurana was built to be the perfect the villain. When Dev made his entrance as a suitable groom for Geet, the audience was instantly drawn to him. There was something appealing about him. At face value, he was the prince charming and every girl's dream. He was "rich", stylish, and yes good looking. His smirk could make your heart skip beat and leave an eerie feeling at the pit of your stomach simultaneously. He was believable as the hero. However, underneath it all was a man with a dark soul; he is a master charmer, a womanizer, a pathological liar and an opportunist. He is a man who gambled away his wealth and tricked a young girl into a fraudulent marriage for money.  He schemed, he calculated and exploited a girl's innocence for his advantage and he never repented, not even for a second. Dev Khurana was the devil in disguise.

A man is a product of both nature and nurture. When Dev is considered, both nature and nurture has blessed him with the worst of their qualities. He is truly a product of his father, the elusive Papa Khurana. He is a womanizer and his promiscuity knows no bounds. He cheated on his wife with Geet and then he turns around and does to same with Meera.  His upbringing clearly didn't make up for the disastrous genes in his bloodline. He is the Khurana that never belonged, the black sheep, and a pariah of sorts to his own family. He was not Dadi's favorite and most certainly not his father's. He didn't have the control over the family wealth or as a matter of fact neither did he have any say in it. His upbringing made him resentful and selfish. Nonetheless, Dev is a chameleon in many ways. His true nature is concealed.

When Maan cut off his funds and made him a true pariah, his true colors surfaced. Dev is innately an exploiter. He used everyone in his life to his advantage. He used Maan for his money. For Dev, Maan had the equivalence value of an ATM with unlimited funds. He used his wife Naintara; he used her to come up with a plan of a fraudulent marriage. He used Daadi, by taking advantage of the fact that she loved him. Finally, he used Meera. Meera was his saving grace when he once again became a pariah. He used her and manipulated her into helping him. Not only that, Dev is an opportunist. Dev will take advantage of any opportunity to achieve whatever he can get out of it, with no regard for principles or consequences. Being intimate with Geet was an opportunity that presented itself to Dev, an opportunity from which he simply couldn't walk away.  Intimacy was not part of the plan, but it didn't matter to Dev. Naintara might have been the mastermind behind the plan, but she didn't ask him to be intimate with Geet. He is selfish and it is intrinsically true to his character. Dev Khurana was intricately sketched to be the perfect villain.


Villain vs. Saint

Dev as a villain makes sense. His foundation was all perfectly laid out to be the villain; the ultimate villain who will give Maan a run for his money, a true evil genius. A story is that much more engaging when the hero and the villain are siblings, much like Cain and Abel. The Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. It is the conflicts and variations among characters that captivate the audience, not homogeneity. Dev as the Devil had and still has so much potential. However, potential is nothing without execution. The execution of the villain Dev fell flat. On the flip side, Dev as a saint makes no sense.  He has no foundation to make a convincing positive character. It's an absurdity to even remotely consider Dev in such light. He was the man who plotted and exploited a young girl's innocence for his advantage, and that makes him irredeemable. Forcefully trying to make Dev a positive character has made him a limbo character. He is neither good nor evil. Dev today is a coward who can't stand up to his wife or own up to his mistakes as his own doing. Dev Khurana, the suave, sophisticated and the original bad guy of GHSP, is lost in a world of creative confusion, lack of vision and lack of dedication to a character that is very much vital to the story. Dev Khurana is in oblivion. Does the same fate await to his actions? Are his actions also, forgiven and forgotten?


Other villains may come and go, but Dev Khurana will always be the villain of GHSP. Dev is the one who made Geet everyone's Parayi; it is her story, for that reason he is the ultimate villain. Dev's character might have lost its sophistication, but his actions must not be forgotten. Every story has a villain for a reason; the villain is the driving force behind the story. The story continues till the hero defeats the villain, may it be a dragon or a highly intelligent psychopath with a sadistic sense of humor. Whoever it may be, the villain always gets the short end of the stick. Good must defeat the evil. Dev Khurana must endure the same fate, he must be defeated. No matter which way one tries to spin it, basic nature of people does not change, Dev Khurana is a chameleon; his repentant act is simply another shade.

The continuation of Dev Khurana: Rebirth of the Villian/Defeat at the hands of the hero

1)    Dev Khurana the villain must be reborn. He needs to be out of this current state of confusion and stake his claim as the villain of GHSP.


2)    Dev must fight back; he is not a loser who accepts defeat just like that. He is not selfless and no one is buying what he is selling. The Maan has to work hard to defeat Dev. What's so heroic about defeating a villain who already surrendered? Where was the battle between the brothers? We need to see that.


3)    We need to see a proper trial, not a rushed version of it. Bring back the old cast as witnesses. Give the Dev track a proper closing.


4)    Dev must receive apt punishment. He needs to be tried for fraud, rape, polygamy and any other offenses.


5)    Dev and NT join forces to fight Maan and Geet in this trial. It was always the four of them and it should remain that way. Outsiders should not be brought into this battle because it's not theirs to fight. Others may choose sides, but it's not their battle .


Replacing actor 8 months into a serial can be a daunting task, but certainly not impossible. Here are some options to explore until the replacement is found.

1)    Dev successfully jumps bail and is in hiding MINUS Meera. He is a fugitive; he doesn't need a consolation prize in Meera. And if he "loves" Meera he wouldn't jeopardize her safety. But the police keep looking for his whereabouts and Maan hires a PI.

2)    Dev quits his repentant acts and realizes that he doesn't want to go down alone, and kidnaps NT and runs away with her (She is his consolation prize). But the police keep looking for their whereabouts and Maan hires a PI.

3)    Dev jumps bail, and police catches him and puts him in jail.

4)    Put Dev back in jail for violating a restraining order taken by Naintara.

5)    Dev hires a top notch defense attorney and he is shown working on the case while speaking to Dev over the phone.

6)    Dev moves away from Meera, but he keeps tabs with her over the phone.

7)    Arjun beats the living day lights out of him and it puts Dev in a coma.

Dev Khurana, the story needs you, can't wait for you to be reborn. 


During my extensive study of Dev Khurana, it came to my understanding that he suffers from a mild/moderate case of Anti-social Personality Disorder. Sociopathy is severe form of this disorder. In other words, Dev Khurana is a sociopath in the making.

Characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder may include:

  • Persistent lying or stealing
  • Apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others
  • Poor behavioral controls- expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper
  • Promiscuity
  • Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others
  • Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights
  • Inability to tolerate boredom
  • Poor or abusive relationships
  • Irresponsible work behavior
  • Disregard for safety


Other common characteristics of those with Antisocial Personality Disorder include superficial charm, shallowed emotions, a distorted sense of self, a constant search for new sensations a tendency to physically or verbally abuse peers or relatives, and manipulation of others without remorse or empathy for the victim. Egocentrism, megalomania, lack of responsibility, extroversion, excessive hedonism, high impulsivity, and the desire to experience sensations of control and power can also be present. A Sociopath in the making

Feel free to add, subtract, divide and multiply...


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I updated HAANCool

Maan and Geet:

They are just adorable!Embarrassed No one does humor quite like them. Loved the look on Maan's face when Geet said the breakfast is yummy. Poor munda is such a joru aka ghulam. Then again, aren't they all.LOL DD is so cute. She is brilliant in these nok-jhok scenes. It reminded me of the first night at the outhouse when they were chasing each other off the bed. ROFL Oh.......Good times ROFL

However I didn't like the whole "You call me HP Express because you think I'm dumb blah blah". Confused We all know why he calls her HP express. EmbarrassedROFLYeah that's right Geet, because you never shut up! ROFLROFLMuch like you were doing right there.

Finally, we are starting to see some nausea and food cravings.ClapClap Hallelujah!! This must mean that Geet is preggo after all.D'ohROFL I liked the golgappa scene. It was cute!Embarrassed Maan will buy her the whole cart of golgappa when he ealizes she is craving. Yeh Maan bhi na... such a tube light sometimes I mean like all the time. ROFL

Maan/Dadi/Nakewl and NE: 

I liked the scene. Nakewl's expressions were priceless! ROFLROFLROFL Nakewl you ROCK!!! WinkROFL Everyone teasing Maan and him being tolerant and not blasting them was nice to see. It showed the how much Maan has evolved as a character. Tongue Smile My favorite part was when Maan was chopping onion and him looking around to check if anyone was around before wiping the tears off his eyes.  That is such a Maan thing to do, God forbid if someone sees the MSK shedding a tear! ROFL

Arjun and the non-existent one: D'oh

Like Arjun! Tongue HATE HER!!! OuchI hate the idea of the sister and I hate the fact that Nikunj can't act to save her life. Ouch CV's your casting is impeccable.Stern Smile  Ok Arjun is flirting with the NES....he is such a playaHH ROFLWhy is their story moving so fast? Are you guys trying to save money by having one gigantic wedding and have them marry alongside Maneet? Sleepy No Right? Then what's the rush?  And oh my goodness, what is with the NES doing a turn around and hair twirl thing? ShockedDead Come on....why is NES so cheap?  Clown Play hard to get dammit, you look like an idiot looking back at him. If you are going to walk away then do it in style! Don't look back.Haven't your brother taught you anything.....ErmmThat's right he didn't know you existed till like an hour ago ROFL



Dear Papa,

If mommy wants golgappa that's because the baby wants golgappa! So get me some RIGHT NOW. Sorry for yelling, but you know, I'm just trying to be like you Embarrassed



P.S. Aren't these shades just so kewl? Kinda like Nakewl chacha. But not as kewl as you though, because you are the coolest.Cool ROFL


Dear Arjun,

Hi Dude! Wassap?? ROFL I know I'm cool and all and you wanna be like me. But DUDE! Stay away from my damn closet! That's right I want my hair and clothes back. Don't try to pull off my pants as your....They are a tad too, how should I put it....TIGHT! 




Dear NES,

I don't even know why I'm writing to you, but i have a thing about talking to imaginary peeps. So yeah I just wanted to say that you are growing on me....kinda like Mold on bread...leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth Dead

Love you....NOT!


PS: Can you guess which snake you are WinkWink



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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 

Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT fully live yet.  So, watch from the site if u can.  Its the least we can do as good viewers.  

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@AS ki Lover: Wonderful AnalysisClapStarClapStarClap
I agree he is the villan who gave the story of Geet becoming Parayi from all...
I love this option the most

7)    Arjun beats the living day lights out of him and it puts Dev in a coma.

You've given great ideas to use Dev as a villan instead of sending him on redemption path...
Cvz shuld surely take in your ideas to make it interesting... 
Maaneet Trust Vs Instinct: He is too used to being worshipped and being told tht oh MSK u r GREAT but he actually is right in this situation..I did not expect him to say tht how he wants her to say tht "u r always right and I am wrong"...Loved Maan's lines tht the world is not the way you want to see it..It is much darker she is innocent but HP express in in her dhun right now..and she went to the track of Small Town Thoughts Vs Modern thoughts..I guess tht is her chaarcter as she she said "If one is betrayed once you cannot stop trusting everyone" Who wants to bet with me tht Gith is gonna start worshipping Maan after she finds out she was wrong to trust Err-jun... 
Maan &Nakewl: Tht was hilarioussROFLROFLROFLROFLKhan I mishh you already..Tht was one of the best scenes of MaNaLOLand he knws engleesh too...Big smile
Bawarchi Singh Khurana: aww he was in tears and he was looking around tht nobody is looking at him in tearsLOL And we were thinking that he is gonna make punjabi food for her..Munda is making continental Naashtaa..LOL
Daadi&Nakwel: Blueyy Jaya ohh tht is such a dream come true ROFLROFLROFLonly one missing is Maali..why can;t he cum to give vegetablessLOL
 Daadi& Annie: bACK OFF stop annoying my BSK he is shoo adorable the way he was gettin pissed at them stop pulling his leg...Tht sure made me smileSmile
Gith: You too huh he suggests a back up plan for the parivaar too go bcum VakeelsLOLTotal Joru ka ghulam..I have to say thiss My dad was blushing while watching this with me bcoz he did the same with mum and da cravings bit tooLOL
and kurri Munda gave his finger she caught his hand..she expects him to make breakfast and give it to her in bed..Mallika-E-Gith..
Mushroom Omlette: Kya Itna Bura tha..Poor Munda saari mehnat par Gith ne Paani pher diya..Smell se hi REJECT..He was so exicted for her revieww and she shooed him away..ROFL
Gol Gappa Cravings: ok wat a coincidence as soon as this scene came up Mum called and asked Dad abt the episode and they ended up saying I refreshed sum old memories and I knw Mum myt be a tomato in Toronto..LOL
aww she does not want to hurt him so she lied sweetTongue
Err-Jun&NE: Errr didn;t expect her to fall for him soo soonStern Smile..but ish err-jun's charm which makes her go weak in her knees..I lovedd err-jun's tactics He will praise and then next moment wil change his sentence "Very Boring"LOLtht sure makes her go bonkers and search for more views on her..and PalatStern Smile
Err-jun's character is still under wraps I am confused abt his intentions positive or negativeConfusedhopefully we have a better picture in future..
@DD U weree shoo cute with ur Expressionss sure made me laughh..Awsomee job..You seemed a bit tired before coz of ur back pain but today you were so lively..TonguePerfect Comic timingStar
@GC aww BSK loved the way u were chopping onions and the tearssEmbarrassedLoved your expressions too Fab Job..
@Kishore u were the 2nd star for me today luved ur expressions when u found maan sir was in the kitchenn.the bowl dropping sceneLOL..U can act better than Nikunj for suree..Big smile
@Nikunj This was my dedication for AS after almost every episode..I was gonna miss it but now ish for you
@CVz Thankuu for a freah episode sure was a treat to watch..didn't find it a filler it was adorable and thanksh for clearing doubts who think she is not pregnant..
Overall an adorable episode to bring a smile on One's face..Cute Light momentsEmbarrassedBig smile
New Promotional VM

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Hey guys!
My take for Today's epi

In comes the Lion back into his Den..worrying and fussing about listening to the women.
He's intuitive now..not reasonable..and Geet comes to talk
Of course, the MaanGod thinks it's to ask forgiveness, but she clearly declares that that isn't the case at all

I love how Geet started so gently..talking about God..and ends like thatLOL

She basically calls him selfish- he had told her about NT and Arjun being related..and instead of thinking of what it did to her, he's thinking of Geet being repentant..

HE starts off- meri Geet sabse bholi,man ki sachhi, sabse achhi..
And Geet starts- mujhe hoshiyaarpur express kaha toh..

confusing the munda to no endLOL
but she does make her point. 
Reiterates that she won't judge a person by their association with someone who was bad to her.
reiterates that she prefers to judge that person for who they are..not by who they are with.

She tells him that she has some experience too.
she has faith in humanity.
Teaches him that although it is difficult to trust..he was the one who taught her to trust in him..though she was afraid to trust...that is what she has learnt- that although she's cautious...she won't be untrustworthy of everyone.

In DA morning..
The case of the non-existent Payal

Sorry I just couldn't resistROFLROFL
Msk - Nakewl scene was too funny!!
Chop chop chop chop..he cuts and peels, slices and finally makes a Mushroom Omelet.
Okay- I like it..but seriously...poor Geet..craving chatpata and getting thatShockedROFL

Everyone questioning Maan-from Nakewl, to Dadi and Annie and finally culminating in Geet questioning him

The eye- watering and him looking around to see if anyone noticed was SO MSK...ROFL
The gentle teasing of Dadi-Annie was so cute!
Him hitting Annie's hand away was tooo good
and the glare

Geet-wakes up-finds herself craving chatpatta..getting mushrooms and andaaLOL

She looks soo adorable!!

Maan-sawal pe sawal sawal pe sawal..yeh kahan ka insaaf hai judgesahiba?ROFL

I really liked how Geet ki list of after-marriage Maan duties is dheere dheere building upClap
That is what i meant when I said in Maneet scenes- we should see some hopes and dreams about their life after marriage-solid..instead of chanda mama

Geet goes to brush- v good showing of that..LOL

"bistar pe naashta denge na" Maan was too funny here!!
mimicking her

The smell- now I think this was v logical to show because I have heard when ur preggers- some smells make you nauseous- and that's why the reaction against the omelet..aww poor baby

Gc- you too!! funny!

Look at him..all pleased..HAHA

And she trying to get out of it..she manages but of course, MSK notices it later- when he's back to get his watch when he'd become DA COOK for Geet

It was such an adorable outhouse epi with a difference
how he cared and tried to make sure she ate and that too healthy
He'll learn from experience.
she has cravings now..for chatpata food..masala, golguppe, achaar(hayeee me loves!!), and  well that's why I feel he's inexperienced and nothing like that is related to sammy...nah nah babaji!

HE gave in to her demand of having arjun as the wedding planner against his intuition for her and her happiness.
She lied to him about liking the omelet because of his happiness.
It's awesome how they're thinking of each other now..

Did anyone notice how she said
"itne PYAAR se banaya hai"- if Im right...aisa pehli baar hua na?

if yes, Barry- well done- getting it in finally sneakily

NAkewl again- MUAAH..I loved him!!

now she's looking for achaar

MSK- wary of Arjun...good job!

Car mein office!

I love Geet's suit!

He starts the questions now..and she answers..
and then she spots the golguppas

"tum bohot badal gayi ho"
I thought he meant she's lying to his face..LOL

Anyway- she tells him "shaadi ke baad..aapki pasand meri and vice versa"

Bete..Maan will surely eat the golguppas for her now if they show her eating

Aww...loved them
I would love to see this further..not always in a funny way but cute n serious bhi chalega..

I liked how the scenes were adjusted and we had Arjun too he's here analyzing the enemy I like him..LOL
Foreknowledge haan?
I wonder what he's planning..
Can't figure out exactly what his plan is..I like the mystery!

"mujhe is ghar ko achhi tarah se dekhkar kuchh imp plan karna hai"

double edged dialogue?

"kuchh kaam aise hote hain jinko karne ke liye dhyaan se aur kareeb se dekhna padhta hai"

"door se itna saaf nazar nahi aata"

Annie thinks something else..and he gets his pawn- Annie is starting to think more to his lines..

"bilkul thik nahi hai" "very boring"

Well- he's not- I find him v v interesting!

Maintain the interest please! 

"tph ab tak kya main greek mein keh raha tha?"
ROFL ROFL Greek haan?

Thoughtful expression by him at the end...what are you thinking arjun??

I can see my KarnaEmbarrassed or will he be duryodhan?
Will he be Satan? kaun hai yeh?

Annie's weird turn and twirl was WEIRD and not required..yaar..addayein dikhani hai toh achhe se dikhaaoLOLLOL

About Dev
Awesome stuff MArshuHugStarClap

I will go with Dev as the villain...and he will be considered such too..i think

and yep..options about Arjun beating him up are awesome!

I'd love if Arjun and Brij together do thatEmbarrassed
It will bond them together!

We have Arjun as a suave sexy villain...does this mean Dev can become positive..NO!!

how can we see him as positive when he has only been whining forever about being repentant..has he done anything..??

He destroyed Geet's life in his Lust! He does not even react when the baby's name is mentioned- he is still as callous. He can't be a saint...his repentance would be in JAIL. He should be punished for his crime and he should be ALONE
Giving a happy ending to the man who caused so much destruction...why must he be happy without suffering enough?
Has he sufficiently paid for his crime?
NO...and he blames everything on NT...Why?Very conveniently dissociates himself from NT whom he loved once...he'll definitely hurt meera again..whom he's merely using to share his emotions with- he has no one now..
NT was not the one who raped Geet.. she was equally upset about this.
And as soon as MEera comes..he's suddenly into her?
He has been still reaping the benefits of all that is happening..

 If he's to be positive- if it our fate..give him a solid punishment...make him suffer  right outside hell's gate.
His conscience disturbed him when?
when he saw Geet or thought he did...before that- he simply carried on..

If he's negative- awesome..
If he's turning positive-  show enough suffering! because Im not convinced yet

That's it!

I loved the epi today
Thank you for getting back to A TRACK :D :P
NAkewl, Dd, GC, Piyush- great job guys!!

ARJUN- hayee..I sense I have a crush on him...

Barry- *jhapkisses*

Geet was oh so adorable today!!

This was good- we had a package today too- and we had not only maneet but someone else to see too..good job.

love to all

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Woww Marsha grt thesis on DevThumbs Up,.. 
Marsha u hv written everything flawlessly about Dev's onThumbs Up..and let me send this thread to my birdie right nowApprove...
In fact when I look back at previous episodes I remember not just in HP but even in Delhi, Dev always came out as a selfish person who is not too much attached to his family but in fact he was jealous of the fact that he has nothing while MSK has it now all of a sudden his drastic saint act without any proper justification is almost impossible to digest ..reason why Dev's character never got any sort of sympathy from the general viewersSmile...
Another thing which goes against his sainthood is that he very conveniently declared to the world that NT is the main culprit and he is just a victim which is utter nonsenseAngry...NT never asked him to go and sleep with Geet and he knew very well that its a fake marriageAngry./ after all this if he goes scotfree just because all of a sudden CVs made him a saint...then that will b the biggest disaster of this seriesThumbs Down

Now let me get on with Episode analysisLOLTongue
CVs I haat uAngry, golgappa idea is taken from my passion thread without giving me creditAngryROFL..well if tomorrow Geet feeds golgappas to MSK or vice versa as I hv described in my thread..then me shouting for creditROFL..ok wait even my breakfast idea was taken hereShockedLOL...I told Geet should feed breakfast to MSK sitting on his lapEmbarrassed and here today MSK cooks and feeds it to Geet..thats the difference...but breakfast inspiration again came from passion threadROFLROFLROFLROFL
here is the proof in my ten pointersROFL
 Today's episode actually reminded me of those old outhouse daysDay Dreaming...Script and flow throughout the episode was perfectThumbs Up...CVs what u r doing this week should hv been done last week too..that is story and logic which gave a grand darshan this week should hv been there last week too, reason why u lost your trps last weekSmile...Now its a request plss make sure that story and logic is not losing focus in the name of romance or hot scenes...yes we do want nice romantic Maaneet scenes but they should b a part of the story and not just random scenesSmile....this week is liked by the viewers till now because of good and tight script  and proper flowApprove 
Things I loved today 
  • The way MSK prepares breakfast in the morning for his Gith and those tears come out from his eyes while cutting onions and then he looks around to see if someones there..that was a very cute and natural gesture coming from a man like MSKTongue...
  • The way Nakool and his superb comic timing is used in the breakfast making sceneThumbs Up
  • The way Dadi and Annie tease MSK when he was preparing the omletteTongue..very realisticEmbarrassed..
  • The way connection was maintained from one scene to MSK removes his watch while cutting the omlette and then in the later scene he remembers that he has left his watch inside the kitchen and goes there only to find out that Geet din't hv the omlette...that was a good execution and flowThumbs Up
  • Whole bedroom scene of MSK taking the breakfast for Geet and then asking her to eat it and then Geet's million dollar expression seeing that mushroom omletteROFL..they were all hilarious and made me laugh after a long timeROFL...also the conversation between Maaneet was natural and cuteEmbarrassed;Loved MSK's smile there when he sees Geet hving the omletteEmbarrassed..both DD and GC were too good in this sceneClap..DD had a brilliant comic timing the way she was making those faces while hving the omletteClap
  • Small things like brushing teeth before hving the breakfast was tkaen care of todayThumbs Up
  • Liked the fact that today's episode carries a good message too...MSK accepting Arjun as wedding planner against his wish just for Geet's happiness and Geet telling MSK that she enjoyed the breakfast  which was not the case but she did it for MSK's happinessEmbarrassed......both putting each other's happiness ahead of their own likingsThumbs Up...This is the base of a strong relationshipEmbarrassed
  • Golgappa scene is yet to will comment on it tomorrowTongue..but their car convo was good and realisitcThumbs Up
  • Arjun's character continues to b mysterious and thats what makes for an interesting watchTongue;It seems his plan is to become a guide-philosopher friend for Geet and earn the trust of Dadi which we saw yesterday and at the same time hit on Annie which we saw todayWink;He knows that once he is able to make a place for himself in the hearts of these three ladies,he can easily defeat MSKEvil Smile....But little does he know that Geet and Maan bonding is too strong to get affected by these mini cyclonesBig smile...Nevethless the clash between Arjun and MSK should b interesting hereDay Dreaming
  • GC and DD outfits were good todaySmile
Turn-Offs for today
  • I din't like the starting scene where Geet feels that MSK calls her HP express because she is does she want to say HPExpress=dumboConfused...
  • Nikunj's act once again spoilt the impact of the last Arjun-Annie sceneOuch..I wish CVs hv taken a better actress for this role since the role has potentialErmm
  • Still no sign of Dev and companyAngry...CVs if needed replace Abhinav and get a new actor in Dev's role but plss give a logical conclusion to the character and get the justice done for GeetAngry..logical solution here is equal to justice for Geet which means Dev cannot hv a happy ending..Angry
My Episode rating:8.5/10...Overall a good entertaining episode..yes its a filler ..but one will enjoy watching it...Big smile...CVs plss don't loose focus now and keep script tightSmile

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged

Hello everyone.

Maan-Geet scene: This scene could have been better. Mostly because of Geet's rant about her being Hoshiarpur express. Now where did that come from? I know what you may be thinking, but Geet is just like that, she goes off in tangents. Not a good excuse. If the CV's wanted Maan to make up to her with breakfast then he could have thought of something else. For example, how about Maan simply wakes up in the morning and decides to make his lady love breakfast? So simples yet makes so much more sense, it does not always have to pointless arguments that have no base. But the meaning behind this conversation is very relevant. Geet is an example to Maan, she teaches him to trust in humanity. She also attempts to tell him that she is not as nave as he thinks and does have a mind of her own. She does not need his constant protection.

Both their views are understandable. Maan will never be able to forgive himself if Geet is ever hurt and Geet sometimes feel suffocated under his protection because she wants to break out on her own. When Geet's happiness is most important to Maan, he cannot help but be protective. That has been his instinctive nature since day one. He is Geet's one and only savior. What would be smart is for him to do is keep an eye on Arjun from the sidelines and allow Geet to make her own decisions.

Maan the chef: Oh how sweet he is making her something she does not like. =)) My favorite part of this scene was NaCOOL! How awesome he is. Please do show more of him. His acting is improving, much better then Nikunj in fact. Keep it up NaCOOL!

Breakfast for Hoshiarpur express: I liked this scene. Drashti's expressions were very good. She is extremely good with the comic scenes. It was a very cute scene. I like light hearted scenes like these. Beats the rona dhona any day. Though rona dhona is needed as well.

Hallelujah! Praise the lord, the baby is real! Did Geet react to the smell of mushrooms? Yes she did! Did she have achar and gol gappe cravings? Yes she did! =D We want to see more baby related scenes. We want to see Maan running around trying to fulfill Geet's cravings, massaging her feet and back, helping her out while she pukes (gross, but sweet)…etc. Those will make for great scenes.

Scene in the car: Loved it! They are just too cute to handle. I already see their husband-wife relationship blossoming. You never want to tell your significant other that his/her cooking was bad. That is a danger zone. =))

Arjun-Anvesha Scene: Arjun is a character I am very intrigued with. The double meanings in his dialogues were just brilliant. He is obviously there with an agenda that won't be good for the Khurana's. He has made his way into their safe haven; their home. He has also made his way into the hearts of the three ladies in Maan's life; Geet. Daadima, and Anvesha. Now that is an intelligent villain. This would have been an awesome scene if it had not been for Nikunj's bad acting.

Anvesha: Cv's where in the world did she come from? One of the reasons she has gotten so much negative feedback is because you were not able to give a good foundation to her existence. She literally just popped out of nowhere. Even now it is not too late to give us an explanation of where she was all this time.  The character has potential, but the actor playing the role does not. Please replace her.

Geet HSP viewers like logic in the show. The show was best during the April-August period. Since then, there have been some episodes that were done very well and some that left us thinking if we were even watching Geet HSP.  Granted there have been some ups and downs behind the scenes, but is that a good excuse to let the quality of the show fall? It is evident that when logic and good execution was missing, episodes became mediocre.  Last week's TRP's is a good example of that. The script needs to be more refined. How much the viewer enjoys the show is dependent on good story telling. Tracks should not happen without telling us how and why it happened. It should not be left to the viewers to assume what happened. Loop holes in the story should be filled in. For example we should hear more about Sameera and Vicky. Anvesha asks why Dev was not in the wedding card, but why did she not ask about Vicky? A building always needs a good foundation to remain standing; otherwise it is inevitable that it will fall someday. Before doing anything with the story, it is always necessary to create a reasonable and sensible foundation.

Questions for CV's

1.       Did Dev move to Pluto?

2.       Did Naintara go back to the pits of hell she came from?

3.       Who is Vicky? Is he Maan's imaginary brother?

4.       Is Nikunj being replaced or not?

5.       Do you have the ability to choose good actors?


Theme of the Den: Dev

What can I say about the worst character in Geet HSP? His sainthood has put a dent in the story. It would have been more fascinating for him to stay a negative character and give Maan and Geet grief. Dev has still left me confused till date. What I would like for Dev, if he remains in the story is to turn evil once more. A villain is much more intriguing in a story then a positive character.  He can attempt to win custody over Geet and Maan's child. It is disappointing that he did not show any concern for the fact that he got Geet pregnant. That was bad characterization. He wants Geet and her child to be happy with Maan. But the more exciting track would be if he tried to snatch their child from them. I would suggest keeping Dev the character, but replacing the actor as acting has never been Abhinav's strong point.

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 8:28am | IP Logged

Arwen - I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat uAngry

Redeeming the Devil

"It is his capacity for self-improvement and self-redemption which most distinguishes man from the mere brute." AUNG SAN SUU KYI, Freedom from Fear

Every story requires "evil" a counter foil for the hero.  But, does that mean a character cannot grow or evolve?  Why not? If there is remorse and desire for redemption? Then surely the story can be altered?  The hero faltering makes for gripping story a la Shakespeare's Hamlet, so can the redemption of a zero if executed "right"!
I am but, a man - a weak one.  I admit it.  A flawed imperfect brute.  Nobody's soulmate - my soul possed by the devil to whom NT and I sold it.  But, am I truly that "evil"?  God left "hope" with Adam & Eve post their fall....why can I not have the same grace? I have admittedly been equally foolish - unable to resist the fruit of carnal knowledge that the snake left me with.  What i did to Geet was unforgivable and her forgiveness I do not expect.  But, should my past conduct forever define me?  I have not succeeded yet, but i shall continue to try and make amends.  Her innocence I cannot return - the apple I cannot make whole - its seeds have already been planted.   For it I can take no credit, but rather discredit.  Which is why I have excised my name as much as I can from her sphere.  Abandoned all my gear and dear though to my heart they will forever be near.  Am content to g from Prince to paupper if it will make her even remotely happy.    I ensured Geet met Maan when they lost their engagement date.  I told brother Maan the horrible the truth albeit too late.  My jailing I was willing and ready to accept. Given up/lost my right to even be a heir. What more can I do or dare - to show I am now trying to repair my err?
NT - I am divorcing for she about my family, she does not at all care.  They are my own even though similar feeling for me they do not share.  Meera, my saviour, gives meagre hope that i am not beyond repair.  But, I know I am not worthy of her faith.  It is too little too late.  That I get.  So, let loneliness be my fate.  I made Geet:Sabse Parayee....that too should be my fate.  The punishment paralleling my debt. 
Dev Singh Khurana, Standing like a statue at the door of hell staring into the abyss!  

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