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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 2:08am | IP Logged
OMG.. Ria loved it..
Love da way Sam became Santa for his chashmish.. And den they wishes..
Aww.. U included da full gang.. Awesome.. Do write more OS..

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SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 7:18am | IP Logged
hey Ria loved ur Os Thumbs Upn sajan ff's or os as much they r long we greedy sajan fans loves it so keep writting n do pm also BTW  it was superb OS loved itClap

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HealMeForever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 12:55am | IP Logged
amazing os...
congo on ur new gal..
thanks for the pmSmile

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CandYlicious_S IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 2:47am | IP Logged
updated my comment on page 6.. Big smile

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 11:11am | IP Logged
YAY I m editing Big smile 
Firstly thanks for such a lovely OS.
I read it on that day itself but i didnt comment, SORRY!Embarrassed
Ok now coming to your OS.
It is damn sweet u know!
I enjoyed each and every part of it.Embarrassed
And the best part is the way u related christmas and Gunjan  Day Dreaming
Well i love the way Gunjan was confident that Samrat will remember christmas.
WOW Samrat came as Santa!
LOL well when it comes to Samrat ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF U JUST BELIEVE!
Seriously he rocks!
Awwie Samrat is so sweet!Embarrassed
Nupur LOL she slept ROFL
Gunjan is so innocent! Embarrassed
Man Samrat will go to an extend to prove his love and keep surprise as a surpriseBlushing Blushing Blushing
Aww poor Gunjan, She spent the whole day in reading books Unhappy
WOW I love Samrat's gifts!
Then Church! that is so perfect ria! Day Dreaming
I just adored how he explained love Embarrassed 
I love the way sam said ur face went redBlushing ROFL
I am glad that the gang was also there!
Samrat got first bite Blushing
Well it is indeed a Christmas to remember!Embarrassed
Thanks for the pm and write more!Hug

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Edited my reply Embarrassed

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:44am | IP Logged
heyy frnds m back with another os....but this time its based on sayank! i wanted to try something different so heres one os on sayank!WinkWink
m really very nervous because i've never written an os on plz feel free 2comment n critisize!!!Tongue
@manjari and nisha- thanks a ton girls for ur help...u really encouraged me to write dis one n helped me alot!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

                                    You Are Friendship- A SaYank OS



Nupur's POV-


We get to see many kinds of friends in our life. Some share an understanding relation, some are famous for arguing even on small issues, n some are simply friends. There are many of the people who call themselves as other's best friend, but at times of need, he/she is simply proved to b a PERSON.

Even I've seen many friends, but those two are not just friends. They are even more than brothers! They went to be famous in my building!

They are like other friends, who normally argue with each other, tease each other n stand by each other in needs. But still, they share a kind of different friendship.

They are- Mayank and Samrat!


 "Uhh?aah?ah?my head is spinning god damnn!!" samrat said, holding his head with one hand.

"That's not at all new you idiot! You get drunk every night in similar way n say the same line?..n den finally its me who has to bear ur weird behaviour." Replied mayank, who was supporting samrat n bringing him upstairs.

"aaawwww mayank!! You're such a caring friend I ever had!" samrat looked at mayank n smiled sweetly.

"now stop passing that sweet smile to me samrat!" mayank was irritated.

"jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the ways?."

"christmas kab ka chala gaya mere dost!" mayank grinned.

"oh, kab gaya? Very bad, didn't evn inform me! I'll not talk to christmas from now onwards!" samrat made a cute angry face.

"oh god?this was the only last piece left in world that you made me his best friend?" mayank thought n unlocked d door of his flat.

They both entered in d room n mayank den locked d door.

"you change samrat!" mayank said.

"y?? u say tht u like me the way I am!!! N now ur saying me to change? God?.ur so confusing mayank!" samrat stamped his foot.

"idiot, I mean to say that go n get ur clothes changed! Now is it fine??" mayank grinned angrily.

"yes mayank sir!!" samrat saluted to him n left. mayank sat on sofa annoyingly.

"someday I'll get mad if I keep on tolerating him like dis!" he thought.


Their parents live in India. Mayank n samrat hav known each other since college days. They both work in india, but right now they're in America, just for one month holiday. They're known as best frnds in india, but in America, people mis-understand them as?..well that wud b clear by reading some more interesting happenings of their life.


"so, u live in india?" asked Alyssa, who was the current dinner date of samrat.

"noooo?..i don't live in india! I live in my house!" samrat said sweetly, while Alyssa looked at him in a strange manner.

"khud k saath saath meri bhi insult kara ke hi chhodega!" thought mayank. "a?actually u see?.he has a good sense of humour!" mayank replied to Alyssa, hoping that samrat doesn't disappoints her.

"great! I love people with such sense of humour!" she smiled.

"really? That's nice! So that's the reason u seem to b pretty gorgeous!" mayank smiled.

"oh ur making me blush!" Alyssa replied back.

"b?..bru?brush???? abe aye zero figure ki sookhe kaante jaisi ladki! Mera dost tujhe kyun brush karayega?? Tumhare khud k haath nahi hain kya?? Samrat got up n screamed at Alyssa.

"what does he mean to say mayank???" Alyssa asked. She was pure American, so she cudnt understand hindi.

Mayank simply smiled to her. "samrat, brush nahi, blush?B.L.U.S.H" mayank pulled samrat to the chair.

"ohh?" samrat smiled.

Alyssa's cell rang up. She went from there to receive the call. Meanwhile, mayank tried to handle samrat.

"samrat?come-on! Alyssa is ur date?why are you embarrassing her?and me too??" mayank asked.

"am not embracing anyone! Cant you see??" samrat replied. His head was spinning, as he had drunk!

"ohh goddd!!! Not embracing damn it I said embarrassing?matlab ki sharminda karna!" mayank made samrat look at him. "look at me samrat, n do as I say?or else u'll lose this girl also, as before u lost nearly 6-7 girls!" mayank explained to samrat.

"aawww?mayank ur so caring?.I Love You!!!" samrat kissed his cheek slightly.

"stop it samrat?last time u kissed me then my gf ran away from me?now dis time ur girl will run away." Mayank made samrat sit properly.


"that's so desperate!!! You both are gay!!! N didn't even say to me?" Alyssa asked.

"oopsss!!!!! Ye kahan se aa gayi??? Aur?isne?hume dekh liya??" mayank thought.

"that's what I was thinking why were you both sitting too close to each other! Sick!" Alyssa yelled.

"no?.its not true?whatever u saw was nothing!" mayank tried to explain her.

"oh, so u mean that theres more to show of u guys' romancing?" she asked.

"abe chup kar?angrez ki bachchi!! Haan, hum gay hain. Bol kya kar legi?" samrat asked.

"ur so cheap!!!" she left from there.

"hahahahaha?..dekha?? darr k bhaag gayi!!!! Darpok! Darpok!" samrat beamed happily.

"ye tumne kya kia samrat?? apni hi gf ko bhaga dia??" mayank sreamed at samrat.

""oopss! I thought her to be your gf!" samrat replied innocently.

"ur impossible!!"

"no?im samrat. Samrat shergill!" he replied with a n attitude look.

"aur ye kehne ki kya zarurat thi ki hum?.hum gay hain?" mayank asked.

"sach to kaha maine?.we are happy and gay!!!" samrat hugged mayank!

Mayank looked at a girl on counter, who was looking at them confusingly. He grinned n then pulled samrat closer.

"ur rite samrat!! we are gay!!!!" he spoke loudly n den supported him in way to home.


Despite mayank was irritated with samrat's weird behaviour, at the same time he also enjoyed behaving like him in front of gunjan. Oops! I forgot to mention, gunjan is the same girl who looked at mayank and samrat confusingly that night. She worked in a restaurant, and knew both of them as they used to come there almost everyday.

She liked them, but as other girls, she was confused of their relation! While mayank enjoyed behaving like he loves samrat in front of her, she always got confused!


"why do you show in front of that girl that you love me?" samrat questioned mayank angrily.

"You know the reason very well samrat! She passes me smile whenever she looks at me!" mayank replied.

"Huh! That girl has lost it! Doesn't she know that you are not interested in girls?" samrat chuckled.

"Shut-up samrat! You know that I love nupur, then how can I date her?"

"Hmmm?..thats a big problem! But you don't worry, I'll handle her." Samrat said.


"no, that other girl! Its been nearly a week n still we don't know her name!"

"That's good for me! And you better sort out my problem." Mayank said.


 "oh god! shes again smiling at me!" mayank whispered to samrat.

"so shall I blindfold her??" samrat asked.

"very funny! Sam plz do something! Tonight im gonna propose to nupur n if she sees that girl smiling at me then?."

"don't you worry mayank!! Look, I have an idea." Samrat told his idea to mayank. Initially he did not agree for it, but for me, he had to do as samrat said.

"so what store in for me tonight?" mayank spoke, moving his finger through samrat's face.

"a?b?.its?.a surprise!" samrat spoke, feeling a bit awkward. He was not drunk at this time, so he felt embarrassing behaving like this. But he had to do it, to save mayank's love-life.

"come on! Now disclose your surprise man! Im really really eager to know! Umm?something romantic??" mayank spoke in the same tone.

"as usual, you guessed it right!!" samrat smiled forcefully.

"aawww I love you!!!!" mayank hugged samrat tightly!

"a...h...ah.....i.....I too.....mayank!!" samrat reluctantly hugged him back, and looked at gunjan, who had tears in her eyes!

"your going great samrat!! I hope now that shes not smiling anymore!" mayank whispered to samrat, still hugging.

"yaa?shes not smiling anymore. She'll not smile also anymore!" samrat replied sadly, still looking at crying gunjan.


As they broke the hug, mayank saw me standing there. He gestured samrat, and both the boys stood quickly.

"oh! I was right! This is what you wanted to show me??" I went to them.

" all....nupur...."

"stop it samrat! now don't say again that I mis-understood you both!" I glared at them, especially at mayank.

"you mis-understood us nupur!" mayank spoke.

"okay, so will you explain me that what was going on before I came here? I'll tell you, you both kissed!" I gave a disguised look to them.

"yuckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what you think of me???" mayank asked.

" can you even think that??" samrat also asked.

"I don't think that! You guys simply make me think over it! Every time I see u guys either hugging or kissing!" I replied in same tone.

"hugging is fine, but when did we kissed?? Mayank asked.

"okay." I spoke and looked at gunjan, who was looking here only. I brought her to us. "even if I mis-understood you, this girl may have seen every thing na?" I asked them. "just tell me, weren't these two guys kissing??" I asked gunjan.

"yes, we were. We were kissing!!" mayank held gunjan's hand n compelled her to say yes!

"NOOOOO!!!!! Not at all!!! We didn't kissed!!!!" samrat looked at gunjan apologetically n pinched mayank's hand.

Mayank looked at samrat. "no, we were not kissing!!" mayank said looking at me.

"that's what I saw! These two were kissing! Gunjan replied in a low tone.

"we weren't! plz believe me!!" samrat spoke in same tone.

"you guys are impossible!" I left from there.

"heyy?plz listen nupur!!" mayank came behind me.


Third person's POV-

"plz listen to me!" samrat spoke to gunjan.

"what shall I listen?" you know, whatever that girl said is right! Even I find you guys so close to each other." Gunjan cried.

"but whatever you saw was purposely done honey!"

"im not your honey. Im gunjan! and you better leave me alone." Gunjan turned back and moved a step forward. But again she turned to samrat.

"you know what, I loved you! Since the first day I had a crush on you! But I never knew that you are??just leave it!" gunjan left from there.


Samrat came out and saw mayank and nupur hugging. He angrily came to them.

"wow!!! Happy now!! Meri love-story kharab karke tum dono yahan romance kar rahe ho!!" samrat spoke.

"what do you mean?? Tum?mayank se pyaar karte ho??" nupur chuckled.

"hahaha very funny!! But I love mayank as a friend!" he replied.


 "whats the matter samrat? aren't you happy that finally me and nupur are a couple?" mayank asked to samrat.

"why wouldn't I be happy mayank?? Im really very happy that finally you've fallen in love and are in a relation." Samrat smiled.

"but then why did you say that day that I spoilt your love-story?"

"umm?just to irritate you!"

"don't be silly samrat! I kno that you'll find more better pranks to irritate me. That day you were serious." Mayank said. "and plz for god sake stop lying! Im not your friend, but more of a brother. So tell me whats the problem?" mayank questioned.

"you will not believe! So it would be my stupidity to speak that." Samrat smiled slightly.

"hey, who are you to decide that I wont believe you? Just speak your problem and don't irritate me!"

"I?.im in love!" samrat finally spoke out.

"you've said that every time you see a girl, and you are?"

"with gunjan!" samrat admitted, before mayank could speak further.

Mayank looked at him in a great astonishment! He was like is samrat kidding?

"you're in love with gunjan? the same girl who?..used to pass smile to me in restaurant??" mayank raised his eyebrows.

"yes. But she used to pass that smile to me, not to you!" samrat said, remembering the sweet smile of gunjan.

"what?? Are you serious?? Damn!! I should have understood it when you said in front of gunjan that day that you didn't kissed me!" mayank sighed.

"and she is so sensitive! She started to cry when she saw us together!"

"poor girl! Why you didn't inform me earlier samrat? I could've helped you out!" mayank said.

"I just thought to solve that matter on my own. But im happy. You know why? Coz gunjan herself confessed to me! And that means a lot to me!" samrat smiled.

"that's so sweet of her! But why you did not tell me when you failed to solve this problem on your own?" mayank questioned.

"I didn't want to spoil your mood yaar! Finally you confessed to nupur and you both are busy dating each other?.so I didn't want to disturb?."

"have you lost it samrat?? who said that I am busy? And that too for you? Never!" mayank spoke. "nupur to meri life mein abhi abhi aayi hai samrat! lekin tum? Tum to meri life mein bahut pehle se ho! agar main tumhe time nahi de sakta ya fir tumhari problem ko solve nahi kar sakta to iska matlab to yehi hai na ki main ek achha dost nahi hoon?" mayank added.

"tum is duniya ke sabse achhe friend ho mayank! Aur agar main tumhare friendship ko nahi samajh sakta hoon to fir main hi achha dost nahi hoon!" samrat smiled.

"nahi samrat! tumne meri love-story banane ke liye apni love-story kharab kar di? Ye jaante hue bhi ki gunjan tumhe dekh kar smile karti hai, tumne uske saamne wo naatak kia?" mayank asked.

"mujhe nahi pata tha mayank! Aur waise bhi, tumhari problem solve karne ke liye to main kuchh bhi kar sakta hoon!" samrat smiled.

"sshhhhh....dheere bolo. Agar nupur ne sun liya to fir galat samajh legi!" mayank chuckled. "now stop being emotional! And by the way ye filmy lines tum par achha nahi lagta hai!" mayank chuckled.

"jaanta hun. Tum hi aisi baatein karke emotional kar dete ho!" samrat hugged mayank.

"aur ab meri baari hai! tumhari love-story ko track par laane ki zimmedaari ab meri hai!" mayank hugged him back.

"lekin usse I love you to main hi bolunga!" samrat said in a kiddish tone.

"haan mere yaar. Tumhi bolna!" mayank smiled.


 Nupur's POV-


it has been nearly 2years since this incident, but it seems like it has happened yesterday only. Im married to mayank, the most adorable husband a girl would love to have! I really feel like laughing whenever I think that I thought mayank and samrat were in love with each other!

But yes! Its true! They love each other, and will love each other forever?.as a friend.

I love the fact that mayank gives equal importance to samrat as he gives me.


Oops, forgot to mention! samrat is married to...of course, gunjan! But I must admit, it was really very difficult to convince her that samrat loves her!

Although many years have passed, but still their friendship exists as that strongly bonded relation. Their friendship has given a new meaning to friendship!


MORAL- Friendship doesn't only means to help each other, but somewhere to love each other as friends!

plz frnds do comment n press like tab if you liked it! and feel free to critisize......hope i've not disappointed any1!!Tongue

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged
OMG Ria firstly i admire the way u think!
I mean you took such a wonderful concept and made it look beautiful!
The title is damn perfect for this OS.
It had comedy but at the same time a beautiful message on friendship.
The beginning really made me curious.
You started so seriously!
I was admiring each and every POV of Nupur!Embarrassed
But when Sayank entered LOL ROFL
I love drunken Samrat!
Aww even when he was drunk he was praising Mayank Day Dreaming
"jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the ways?." LOL ROFL
Aww Samrat behaved like a kid!
He got  angry at christmas  so adoring!Embarrassed
And that u change samrat ROFL 
You are really good at words ria!Embarrassed
Aww Poor Sayank! everyone misunderstood them Unhappy ROFL
Samrat's sense of humour rocks!ROFL
Aww Mayank was also dragged into this mess ROFL
Awwie Sayank love each other so much! I adore their friendship Embarrassed
That Alyssa thank god she left LOL.
Damn i loved Gunjan's entry and u justified her presence!Embarrassed
She was smiling always at Samrat but Mayank mistook it LOL
Then WOW A big confusion was created! ROFL
Thank god atleast Mayur patch up occured!
Aww Samrat felt bad on seeing Gunjan cry!Embarrassed
But glad that Gunjan said it out D'oh
I adored the way Samrat forgot his pain for the sake of Mayank!
And Mayank he just understood it Embarrassed
WOW so now mayur and Sajan are married couples gr8!
I love it riaHeart Heart Heart
Plz write more and thanks Hug

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