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sg-muskaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 4:37am | IP Logged
Ria .......wooooowwwwwww superb yaar...
sorry 4 late reply
kumari ji don't be nervous haan u wrote it sooo beautifulyEmbarrassed
Wonderful concept.............I L O V E itHeart
Amazing  OS.....Sayank  rockkkkkkkkkk n hillarious yaar
gr88 ria do write more...loved it..n thanxHug

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..Enchanteur.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 December 2010 at 5:29am | IP Logged

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged
superrbbbb ria!!

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ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:18am | IP Logged
congoooooo ria 4 ur os galleryyyy
include me in ur pm list...

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lakshmi_SG Goldie

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Ria....congrats for your OS gallery.....Clap. Add me also to your PM list.

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 9:49am | IP Logged

Hey friends how are you all doing?

Well, I am back with an OS on SaJan after a long time...............

And this OS is dedicated to one of my BEST BUDDIES here.......MANJARI (sajanrox11)


@MANJARI- hope you like this OS........its not that good as I've written it in hurry, but still comment......and agar achha laga toh I want a very LONG COMMENT........this is your birthday gift from my side.Tongue

@ALL- plz comment and hit the like tab.


                                        Romantic Holi- A SaJan OS


Gunjan and dia were in their room. While dia was busy applying moisturizing lotion to her hands, gunjan was sitting on bed, with her legs crossed. She was thinking something and smiling.


"what are you smiling at babes??" dia looked at gunjan through the mirror.

"im just thinking about samrat." gunjan replied in her usual sweet voice. "I was simply planning to make this holi special for him. He has done a lot for me. Every time he makes me feel so special. So now its my turn to do something for him." Gunjan smiled.

"hmmm..........not bad!!"

"now what does hmmm means? Can't you help me? Atleast give me some ideas so that I can make tomorrow's day special for him." Gunjan pushed dia slightly.

"so give me some time a bit busy now you see?" dia said clumsily.

"yeah I can see that you are very busy!" gunjan said sarcastically, looking at dia's moisturizing lotion.


Both the girls kept on thinking for some perfect plan, but none of them got any.

It was nearly 2:00 am, and by now, dia was in her dream-world. But gunjan was still thinking of some thing. After all she loved samrat so much!

Suddenly, an idea struck to her mind. She smiled widely and then went to sleep.


Next day, at the breakfast, bui looked all around, but she could not find gunjan anywhere. "are ye gunjan kahan hai??" she exclaimed.

"a........?.wo.........bui........kya hai na ki.........kal raat.........gunjan bahut der tak padh rahi thi.......isliye abhi tak so rahi hai!" dia said in broken words.

Bui was kinda shocked, but dia remained successful in satisfying her with weird reasons!


Gunjan was sleeping peacefully in her room, when samrat secretly sneaked in her room through the window. He quietly came to gunjan, and admired her angelic face. But his naughty mind was charged up now, and so he thought of a mischief.

" get ready miss bhushan!" he thought, and took out some colours from his pocket.

He then sat beside her, and gently put some colours on her milky white cheek. Gunjan's sleep got disturbed. She turned to other side, and then samrat put some colours on her other cheek.

Gunjan clumsily opened her eyes, and sat on bed. She looked around, but found no one. Samrat was hiding behind her bed.

Meanwhile, dia came in the room. She was surprised to see gunjan.

"gunjan, not fair, you celebrated holi and that too alone??" dia complained.

"huh.......... What are you talking about dia??" gunjan asked, rubbing her eyes.

"fine, I agree that I score less marks in exams, but im not that fool! Any one can make out from your face that you've enjoyed this holi!" dia frowned.

Gunjan was confused. She got up from bed and went to mirror. She screamed to see her face coloured!

"how.........did..........this happen????" gunjan asked in astonishment.

"ah, you're asking me??? Infact I should ask you, that with whom have you celebrated holi?"

"I swear I was sleeping dia.........who could've done this?" gunjan thought for a while. Then she realised that who it could be. She slowly went to her bed and looked behind. She saw samrat, facing his back to her.

Dia also saw him, and then she left the room, smiling naughtily to herself.


Gunjan slowly patted samrat's shoulders. He turned back.

"hiiii chashmish!! Happy holi!!" samrat smiled and put some of the red colour on her face. Gunjan made an angry face and moved from there.

"now whats wrong with her dude??" samrat thought.

He went after her. She was taking out her clothes from cupboard, alongwith a towel.

"what happened baby??" samrat asked gunjan from behind.


"so why aren't you wishing me happy holi?? You don't want me to have a happy holi?" samrat whispered in her ears.

"I wanted. But..........."

"but what?"

"leave it! You won't understand!" gunjan moved towards washroom.

"whats the matter??" samrat blocked her way.

"you're very bad samrat............very very bad!! You never let me to do anything!" gunjan frowned.

"heyy.............whats wrong jaan??" samrat went closer and cupped her face.

"now there is no use of keeping any surprise for you, so I must tell you everything!" gunjan looked at him. "you've been to Morena for the first time, and so I wanted to give you a surprise on this holi, so that you would never forget this day. And for this, I thought to be the first one to wish you happy holi, but?.."

Samrat looked at her in surprise.

"but you wished me first and spoiled everything!" gunjan sadly turned back.

Samrat went in front of her and held her from shoulders.

"so you wanted to wish me first? Well, you can still do that!" samrat smiled.

Gunjan looked at him in confusion.

"I mean, no one has wished me till yet! See, I've not allowed even benji to put colour on me, only because I wanted you to wish me first!" he whispered softly, coming close to her.

"really samrat? how sweet! So let me bring my colours.........."

" don't need to do that honey!" samrat said, pulling her closer.

"what are you trying to do?? Plz leave me samrat............what if bui comes in?" gunjan said, looking towards the door.

"she won't come, until you wish me happy holi!" samrat gave his naughtiest smile ever.

"but how can I wish you without colours??" gunjan asked innocently.

"you can...........infact, only you can wish me by that way?" samrat leaned closer to her.

Gunjan was trying to understand his intentions, and smiled shyly, looking away.

Samrat came closer, more closer to her, and gently rubbed his cheeks against hers. His grip became tighter around her waist, and she felt as if current passed through her body. After some time, he loosened his grip and moved back.

"happy holi samrat!" gunjan said in her sweetest voice.

"same to you jaan!" he smiled.

She smiled shyly and quickly hugged him. He also hugged her back.


It was late afternoon.

Gunjan, samrat, benji, uday and dia were enjoying this holi as they visited to the holi mela which was quite famous in Morena during the season of holi. Since all knew that samrat and gunjan needed to spend time with each other, dia, benji and uday left them alone.


Both samrat and gunjan roamed around in mela. While gunjan went on explaining him each and every thing about the mela, samrat simply looked at her. He could hardly listen to her, as his attention was completely attracted towards gunjan's face. He simply kept looking at her, and whenever she looked at him, he smiled at her.

They visited to each stall, and gunjan explained to samrat about various things. Samrat even got to know more about likes and dislikes of gunjan.


"come on chashmish, lets go to that sweet shop.........i actually wanted to!" samrat said, pointing towards a sweet shop.

"gujariya???" gunjan exclaimed in confusion.

"yeah........isn't it made specially on the occasion of holi? I've heard that it tastes yummy!!!" samrat said like a kid.

Gunjan remained confused for a while, but then she understood that what samrat was talking about.

" mean gujiya?right?"

" sounds something like that!"

"god........samrat its called gujiya.........not gujariya!" gunjan smiled widely.

"whatever.........but I wanna taste it!! Come on lets go!" samrat pulled her to the sweet shop, and they had gujiya to the full amount of satisfaction.

Samrat enjoyed eating gujiya like a kid. It seemed as if a 5-year old kid has been given his favouraite chocolate!


"wowwwww!!!! Its really tasty!!"

"is gujariya..........i mean.............gujiya ke aage to Mumbai ke famous pastries bhi kuchh nahi hain!!"

These were the words said by samrat after each bite of gujiya. Gunjan simply adored his kiddish nature!


It was late afternoon, when samrat and gunjan were walking on a lonely road. Samrat gently held her hand and pulled her closer, while she said nothing but smiled. She never bothered if samrat romanced her in a lonely place, where no one was there to look at them.

"you know what chashmish, this is actually the best holi of my life till now! I got to know the traditional way of celebrating holi." Samrat smiled.

"hmmm................" Gunjan too smiled in the same way.

"what hmmm??? Aren't you in a mood to talk to me?" he looked at her.

She still didn't made any reply.

"ohh, so now I understood whats the matter..............its a bit difficult for you to speak na when im too close to you?" samrat said, pulling her more closer.

He was right indeed. Gunjan simply could not speak anything when he was too close to her.

"god! I never saw a girl like you who shies even when I hold your hand gently!" samrat teased her.


" broke the record! You said two words!" he again teased her. "but no doubt, your shyness has made me drool over you honey!" he winked.

"lets............go back...........home samrat............its getting late...........bui must be waiting for us." Gunjan said in broken words, moving forward.

Samrat made his grip tight and pulled her closer to himself.

"I won't let you go until you give me my holi gift!" he said.

" what do you want??" gunjan asked innocently, unknown of his intentions.

"should I tell you?" he leaned closer and asked.

"yaa.............." Gunjan said again in the same tone. "what do you wish for?"

"a sweet.............kiss!!" samrat whispered softly in her ears.

This made gunjan blush like hell. She didn't expect this answer from samrat.

But she was no less than him. She came a bit closer to him.

"are you sure???" she too whispered in his ears.

"yeah!! I am!!" samrat replied quite surprisingly, as he didn't expect such reaction from his shy chashmish!

Gunjan came closer to him. They both closed their eyes and now, their lips were inches away, when samrat felt soft hands rubbing his cheeks! He opened his eyes in surprise, and found gunjan standing at a distance and giggling at him.

"that's not at all fair chashmish! I asked you for a kiss?.not to put colour on my cheeks!" samrat said, removing colour from his face.

"you forgot to specify that what kind of kiss you wished for? I just thought you to give you Gunjan style kiss!" gunjan giggled at his expressions!

"fine, you just wait and watch?now im gonna give you a samrat style kiss!" saying this, he moved forward towards gunjan.

She backed off, and finally, after some steps, gunjan's back clashed to a huge tree. She looked back, and then in front, only to feel samrat too close to her. He rested his one hand on the tree, and caressed gunjan's soft cheeks with his other hand. Gunjan slightly trembled at his touch. She closed her eyes, allowing samrat to do what he wished for. He leaned close to her, and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

After the kiss, samrat kept on looking at gunjan.

"now this was something tastier and sweeter than those gujiyas!" samrat spoke naughtily.

"and if you've got your holi gift, shall we leave for home?" gunjan smiled, looking away from him.


They left for home.


It was nearly around 11pm at night. Gunjan was alone in her room, thinking about samrat, and the whole day spent with him. She felt someone entering into her room through window, this was nothing new that samrat was the only one who could come into her room through window.

"aren't you surprised to see me here chashmish?" samrat entered and sat on her bed, beside her.

"this is nothing new samrat! even these windows are familiar with you by now!" gunjan chuckled. "but you are supposed to be in outhouse na? why have you come here?" gunjan added.

"don't worry jaan, I'll leave in sometime. I just came here to give you your holi gift!" he smiled.

"please samrat, not now!" gunjan said without thinking even once. She actually thought that he wanted to kiss her again.

"huh, what do you mean by not now???" samrat said, looking at her in confusion.

Gunjan moved her eyes to another side. Samrat, by now understood that what she was thinking.

"oh, so you thought that I've come here to kiss you, right?" samrat looked at her naughtily.

"thought?? That means am I wrong?" gunjan asked innocently.

", you aren't. if you insist, then I can............"

"stop it samrat!!" gunjan pushed him slightly.

"actually I got something for you from the mela." Samrat smiled.

"what?" she asked sweetly.

Samrat looked at her for a moment, and then got up from bed. Gunjan gave him a confused look. He took out a small box from his pocket, opened it and then took out a pair of anklet from the box. Gunjan's face was lit with a wide smile, as she looked at those anklets. Samrat knelt down in front of her, and made her wear those anklets.

"I hope you liked it!" samrat said, looking deep in her eyes.

"No." gunjan said. "but I loved it! Its really very pretty!" gunjan smiled widely.


"gunjan!!" bui called from hall.


"oh god, why this lady is always after our romance??" samrat said, making a cute angry face.

Gunjan smiled looking at his anger. "you must leave now?.bui might come here any moment!" she said, pushing him towards the window.

"love you honey! Good night...........and have loads of samrat dreams!" samrat clicked her nose softly and left from there.


"thanks chashmish, for making this day so special for me. I won't forget this holi in my entire life?.and another reason is that this was our first holi after our confession!" samrat smiled, as he laid on bed to sleep.


On the other hand, gunjan was also lost in his thoughts, which always made her blush. She wished to make this holi special for samrat, but once again samrat made this day special for her.


                                                        * * * *   

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Hey Ria!!!!! Hug Hug
I AM SOOO SORRY!! Main kaise bhool gayii!! shit shit! i just read it again!
OMGG I know mujhe maar padhne waali haii..! We have talked so many times after my bday tune yaad bhi nahi dilaya yaaar! Arghh!
And now finally I am editing my comment! Ok? ROFL
Thanks A LOT for dedicating it to me! I lOVVEDDD the OS!
Its amazingg!!I dont know how you think its not good! Tum jald jaldi main bhi itna achha likhti ho!! ROFL
But it was like SUPER romantic and the kind of OS I loveee.. In which Gunjan is extra sweeet & Samrat is XTRAAA naughty and romantic! Heart Heart
LOVED IT Thumbs Up
Especially the Samrat STYLE kiss! hahaha!! That part was my favourite!
And The way Gunjan wished samrat happy holi.. U know my parents actually do that every year? Shocked I was sooo shocked to read that !!
Thaaanks a Ton!
Amazing BDAY gift! Heart Heart
Love youu Loads!!
manjari (:

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