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Today the father who indulged his favorite son finally rips off the blinders off his eyes and asks him to stare directly at the bright sun.  Baba had been given gentle nudges in the past but he enjoyed playing his own game of avoidance when it came to the issue of earning a living.

Prats on a few occasions broached the subject with Krishna but made little headway. Prats recently told Krishna point blank that she will be agreeable to bring a child into this world only when the father is able to make a living on his own and support them. Little did she know that Krishna's taking on a dare from his father would turn out to be his best birthday present to her.

SS still can't believe his son took the dare after flinging his things at his feet and walked out. A part of him wants to see Baba earn a few bucks on his own and appreciate what it means to earn one's own keep. Another part of him has no confidence in his ladla son to make it in the real world without his help.  What a gajab ego Takurji! Some kind of love that is, severely lacking in trust, which is the foundation of love!  For all his talk about being a sher, a buzurg sher at that, the Takurs may turn out to be a bunch of scaredy cats when the young daring lion decides to leave the family for greener pastures. After all part of Baba's charm is that he never fears to stand up for his beliefs.

SS and SDS are both blaming Prats for Krishna leaving the house in a huff and out in the real world making a living while she lives within the cool walls of the Niwas. But was it the truth and were they just making her the scapegoat? Is there more to it than that? Me thinks there is more than meets the eye! Let's take a look shall we?

SDS says the boy who's gotten used to asking for money will never change his ways to work and make a living but will always return to them asking for more moneyOuch. She likes to see Baba financially dependent on SS.  That ensures he is always within the family fold and no threat of his leaving them. Krishna has always been the glue that kept the three generations of Takurs surviving together under one roof. SS swore he would never let anything or anyone, not even Prats come between him and his son at the hospital the day he came back to life after saving Prats's life.

SS has used taunts, mockery and insults as his weapons to get Krishna to step up and earn a living. Today's request for a brand new car for Prats was the straw that broke the camel's back.  SS gave Krishna a swift kick in the pants reminding him that every thing he owns were paid for by his father when he still to earn a dime to pay for his wife's sindoor. Ouch!Ouch

But there is more.  While doing it SS is also aware of the possibility that strikes fear in his heart. The very thought of his ladla beta walking away and breaking ties with the family if it comes to that makes his blood run cold. It would be less painful if someone sticks a spear in his heart instead. This is also the fear that has had RED ready to kill Prats if need be just to keep Baba in the family fold. This underlying fear is finally making its presence known.

SDS believes that Baba is alive and well, all because of her nurturing him over the years. She uses every moment of discord between Krishna and Prats to cause a gulf between them. But Krishna and Prats's commitment to each other has led them to work on their marriage.  The Takurs see Baba a different man ever since Prats entered the picture, she is the enemy and so has to be done away with.

SS's reasons for indulging Krishna have been selfish ones. He knows Baba better than anyone else in the family. He has always been proud of Krishna and seen him as his heir apparent. But somewhere along the way he teamed up with SDS and decided that Prats was the threat to the Takur way of life and she was expendable. That could mean losing Krishna, so they backed off until they could come up with a better plan.

Krishna telling SS he wont' ask him for anything anymore was the first deep crack in the father and son relationship. No wonder it moved him to tears and the fears long kept under lock and key were surfacing again.  SS is deep down inside scared that an independant Baba means a young man who doesn't need his father anymore. SS's ego demands that the people in the family always sing the praises of Takur Sajjan Singh. When they fail to do it he chants his name with pride a few times a day. SS is used to Krishna needing him and likes keeping him in his control much the way he has KN using his financial status as the weapon of choice. Only in Krishna's case he has indulged his wants and spoiled him rotten over the years. As Krishna told SS the day he slit his wrists "you and mom never denied me anything in my life, today when I want to marry Prats you are denying me the one I want most in my life". They have seen the lengths Krishna has gone to prove his love for Prats, something he has never shown his own family. Hurt and jealous of his depth of love for Prats they want to be rid of her . They see Prats as the person responsible for the widening gulf between Krishna and his family. Interestingly Ganti Dadi and Kesar see them differently. They see Krishna and Prats as a couple in deeply in love and willing to do anything fro each other.

YKW is the perfect weapon to the Takurs to instigate and cause problems between Krishna and Prats.  She uses Krishna's love for Prats to manipulate him into believing what she feeds him as Prats's dreams knowing fully well how far he would go to make Prats happy. Her motives are vengeful and sinister. She barely knows the real Krishna and what makes his marriage to Prats so special. She is also unaware of the trial by fire that Prats has endured at the hands of the Takurs since her marriage. Krishna was always her rock.  She is unaware of Krishna's warning to his family ..dare to harm Prats in any way and pay a hefty price. YKW better watch out!  She is playing with less than half the deck. The day Krishna figures out her chalaaki games she better pray she has somewhere or someone but KN to turn to, to save her sorry hide. What goes around comes around and she is amassing plenty of reasons to be on the receiving end of the Takurs' wrath some day when she least expects it.  Who better to know that than Prats who warned her to get out before it was too late and she was trapped in with no room for escape.

What do you think? Is SS relieved Baba is going to earn a living or does he fear his son becoming an independent man and leaving with Prats to build a life of his own?

Now with the wannabe Takurain, the teeny twit interloper in the house and a promise of a potha thrown in the mix, will SS and SDS be ready to let Baba go with Prats and live his own life on his terms?

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Great analysis. Your post brings to my mind something I've always wondered about. In the initial days of Kriya's marr. SS was fairly pleased with P. Infact, once he praised K for making such a good choice. The point from where things started going downhill in SS/P  relation was the false pregnancy one. I believe SS took that as an affront to the Thakur malehood. But now when things are hunky-dory b/w Kriya, why did we never get to see the thaw in SS's stance. It cannot be that he is influenced by SDS. We know that SS always does his own thing. P is also not such an obviously aggressive or rebellious person, so what is it that is irking SS so much. The fear of losing his stranglehold over K?Is it very normal for a father to feel that way or is competitiveness more a mother's territory ?

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The Thakurs, are backward and greedy. This conversation that he had with Krishna, today are mths behind. the moment Krishna, told his father he wanted to get married, father should have, had this talk about work and earning with him.(better be late than never)
The hungry for their personal needs and wants ,made SS, agreed to his unemployed son to get marriage. If pratz, would have giving them a grandchild, SS, wouldn't have this talk about work with krishna, he would have ask pratz, to ask for anything.
SS, has bigger fish to fry in his NIWAS, than Krishna working, his elder son bigamy, two wives living in the same house.

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gr888888888 topic.......n welll poited out...........even i was confused on 1 side s.s was taunting krishna 4 depending on himself n wen krishan left d house he started scolding prats 4 trying 2 create diffrences between them............wat exactly thy want.................? but i think shayamji was's parents responsibility more than chhhhild's wen he behave in such manner..........s.s n krishna's bro never let him feel his responsibilities 2wards house....thy always pampaered him n fullfilled all his krishna said''aappne aur amma ne humri har zhid poori ki ,kabhi na nahi ki'' i think if krishna is wrong here in not understanding his responsibilities than it's bz of his family who never make him realise it.......

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Excellent analysis...but sad that I cudnt contribuet much...

but the foll are my doubts
why dint Adrash or Komal dint tell about Jai's brattish behaviour to Sax n co?
Will K reveal that it was Arushi who asked him to get a car for P? Wat will be P's reaction to this?

rest will come later

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superb post meera didi...
           its very sad when your dear one's say that you are a loser...its very difficult to bear that pain...i think that is wat happened to krishna ys'day...
               he always got gud support from his dear father. even though ss refuses to do all those things which krishna needs, he never felt that he is being isolated from his family or his dear father.but ys'day, he finds that bauji is not happy with the way he (k) is living and had told all those expenses that he (ss) incurrs because of krishna and pratigya...he even told about food and dressing which is really painful for a son/daughter...
               but i think ss will be proud and also sad....that should be the emotions that a true father shd have...but there is another problem which can hinder their relation is the importance of education, which krishna might realise when he seeks for jobs...there is another thing that ss does'nt like to hear anything bad about his son and feels that it is only he who can taunt his dear son...he  dont even want krishna to be sad...
                ss is a gud father if we ignore that he has not given proper education to his children...but if such trobles creep in between their rel'ship, then its the duty of wife not to let it happen, which i think pratigya will do..she is a gud wife and DIL who will make them one...she knows how much love is there for krishna to his father and viceversa....
                 hope takhur's realises the worth of pratigya....i'm so happy that the cv's had treated this track in a new way...and so so happy that aarushi is about to leave TN...
 (meera didi , i know that you are a good critic..i want your reply for this post..i'm writing such a big post for the first tym...plz)

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Great post Meera! Thumbs Up

What do you think? Is SS relieved Baba is going to earn a living or does he fear his son becoming an independent man and leaving with Prats to build a life of his own?

 Yes I do think he fears his son becoming independant but only because of the misconceived fear that his Baba will change - which he will of course, but for the better. I totally believe that once SS sees this he willin fact be extremely proud of his Baba and shock of all shocks acknowledge that P is actually a good influence and stregth in hi success.
Now with the wannabe Takurain, the teeny twit interloper in the house and a promise of a potha thrown in the mix, will SS and SDS be ready to let Baba go with Prats and live his own life on his terms?
Ina nutshell yes - I think so! But is the YKH story rears its head, ie about her finding out the truth, I dont think Kriya will be leaving anytime soon......Ouch P is gonna be too busy playing big sister utterly boring!!!Dead

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You have brought up some interesting ?s.
SS is definitely afraid of Baba becoming independent. Ss is afraid of losing the one hold, he has left, over him. Once Baba earns his own keep what does he need him for? It is a completely misguided belief but many parents are like SS in that respect.

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