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''it was destined to happen''...AR(IMP NT PG 4) FF (Page 3)

meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
thanx a lot everyone 4 ur comments...felt nice as it wz my frst attempt so i wz a bit nervous...thnx alot..Smile
i wrote a small intro just to see the response whch i surely got a gud now i'll start properly wd a chrctr sketch and then the further parts...
hoping gud response in future also...Smile
and yes it is an ar ff but wd LOTS of arsh in it...who wins armaan,shilpa or ridhimma?? the time will tell the answer...SUSPENSE U SEE....HEHE!!WinkLOL
and to everyone who wants pmz,plz add me to ur buddy list so that it will be easy 4 me to pm u all...Big smile

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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 4:26pm | IP Logged

DR. ARMAAN MALIK: only son of ananya and billy, handsome,sweet,kind hearted,loving,sporty...a type of person,any grl would die 4...going to do his internship 4m sanjeevani,the most reputed hospital of the country..he loves his childhood best frnd shilpa,but just as a frnd...his parents and shilpa's parents have decided to marry them after they complete their internship..armaan is ok wd it but still doesn't feel anything 4 shilpa,more than a frnd.he's ready to marry her and thinks that may be he'l fall in love wd her after that...but still MAY BE..he's not sure of that..

DR.SHILPA MALHOTRA: only daughter of karan and nandini,sweet,extremely beautiful,kind hearted,but still naughty and a sweet devil...going 2 do her internship in sanjeevani wd his best frnd and childhood love armaaan...she loves him 4m childhood but has never got courage to tell him...she is happy that she would be marrying him but still has many doubts about armaan's feelings...that's why she never discusses about their parent's decision and just behaves like a buddy to armaan and hides her feelings 4m him..

DR.RIDHIMMA GUPTA: daughter of dr. shashank gupta, the head of sanjeevani...she is nice,sweet,beautiful,innocent,simple,never harmed anyone....going to do internship in sanjeevani...she aims to be a gr8 doctor like his father...

DR.ANJALI GUPTA: ridhima's elder sister...going 2 do her internship in sanjeevani...she is practical,thinks 4m mind only and never listens to her heart....vry protective about her innocent young sister....she is ambitious..but still a kind and frndly grl..

DR. ATUL JOSHI: an orphan...supports himself alone...funny,sweet,innocent and a true buddy..gonna be an intern in sanjeevani..

DR. MUSKAAN CHADDA: punjabi grl...a full on chatter box, loud, short tempered but funny, frndly,loving and sweet...going to do internship 4m sanjeevani...hates to get married...and hates her would be husband RAHUL GAREWAL...she always finds ways to get rid of him and break the engagement...she loves everyone except him..

DR. RAHUL GAREWAL: punjabi boy..a sweet practical guy...shilpa and armaan's old frnd...gentle,caring and frndly.. going to do his internship 4m sanjeevani...he's engaged to MUSKAAN CHADDA...finds her irritating and annoying..but he's helpless to do anything cz of his and her parents...



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meeru_s_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
sun has risen...birds are chirping and singing,beautifying the atmosphere..sun rays falling on the leaves making it glitter cz of dew drops...everything is perfect 4 a perfect beautiful morning to start....

a beautiful girl is sleeping in her bed...sun rays are falling on her face through window, irritating her, but glowing her face...making her look more beautiful..
she turns her head and covers her face wd blanket to stop the sun 4m teasing...

she is in her sweet sleep when phone rings..


she cuts it..and tries to sleep again..the phone rings again...


she cuts it again and puts it under the pillow...sill in half sleep...

then a loud continuous horn is heard along wd a loud shout..


she gets disturbed wd this familiar voice...the phone rings again...this time she picks it up..seeing the name

shilpa: what yaar armaan let me sleep na..
armaan: what the hell!! ue still in bed..i'm w8ng 4 u 4  the last half an hour and ur astonished voice
shilpa:ya so...least bothered to what he's saying
armaan: come on...we r getting late 4 sanjeevani...remember it's our frst day of internship?? we hv to reach there at 10 and it's already 9:15...HURRY UP!! AND COME DOWN IN 5 MINUTES OR ELSE I'LL COME TO BEAT U UP BADLY..!!! in a loud irritated voice...
shilpa: sorry sorry!! jumps up 4m bed...i'm down in 5 minutes...putting the phone down and rushing badly to get ready...
armaan: god kya karun men is ka?? thinking to himself wd a small smile on his face

after 5 minutes she comes down running, wearing a beautiful white dress and looking like an angel..holding her bag and lab coat...
she comes to arman and hugs him frndly
shilpa: soooo sory arman i'm late...wo kisi ne mujhe uthaya he nai cz mom dad hve gone out of city nd all sevants r so stupid...i told them to wake me up but they didn't..(she talks on and on making a cute sorry face)
armaan: ok ok ok!! bs karo meri maa(joining his hands..they both know that they love, they fight, but can never stay angry wd each other) ab chalen or else i'll leave u here and go alone...we'r already late..
shilpa:oh ya let's go...u talk a lot armaan...
armaan: huh????
shilpa: (sits in car) ab chalo bhi..
armaan: god!! ( sits and drives)

they are on their way to sanjeevani...shilpa keeps on talking to armaan..they laugh...make fun of each other..joke nd enjoy their journey to sanjeevani...

finally they reach...armaan asks shipa to move in and he'l park the car and wil join her inside..she agrees and goes in..

armaan comes out of the car after parking it..he locks it and starts walking to go inside when he sees a grl standing in a churidaar wd open hair in the middle of the road wd her back 2wards him...he sees a car coming 2wards her wd a gr8 speed...but she is not noticing it...she is bzy in finding something 4m her  bag...

the car is vry close to her..the driver is also bzy on phone that he didn't notice her standing in his way...
the car is about to hit her when armaan jumps and pushes her away..they both fall down on the road wd the grl lying down and armaan on top of her..her face is covered wd hair but armaan could see her brownish green eyes...

the eyes r beautiful and deep,armaan thought...he moves her hair away 4m her face wd his hands and sees her angelic beautiful face scared and horrified wd the incident..the grl stares in his deep blue eyes and he also stares her innocent face...he has never seen someone so beautiful,simple and innocent...

they both r lost in each other's eyes when a voice is heard
voice: ridzi!! ridzi!! oh my god!!

they both come out 4m eye lock and try to get up...he gets up frst and help her to stand..
voice: ridzi...tu theek hai na?? tujhe chot to nai lagi na??(getting panic)
rizi: di...don't worry  i'm fine..all in one piece see..( she giggles) he saved me..(pointing at armaan)
voice: thank u so much 4 saving my sister...agar tum na hote to pata nai kya hota..
armaan: it's need to the way hi!! i'm dr.armaan malik..(puts hand forward to shake)
voice: hi i'm dr. anjali gupta(shakes hands) and she's ridhimma, my lil sis..(holding ridhimma 4m shoulders)
armaan: (looking at ridhimma) hi(says softly wd a smile and shakes hands wd her)...(admiring her beauty) aap ko chot to nai lagi na??
rid: no no i'm fine...thanks to u..(looking in his eyes,takes her hand back and then lowers her eyes wd a blush)

all 3 introduced themselves properly that they r interns in sanjeevani and moved inside the hospital..armaan didn't remove his eyes 4m ridhimma even 4 a second...he wz mesmerized by her...something wz there in her whch wz not letting him move his eyes away...ridhimma also felt something in him but ignored the feeling and shifted her mind to her frst step on the way to become a doctor like his father..

as the three entered inside the locker room, they heard loud noices of screaming,shouting and see a grl running after a boy badly to beat him...armaan sees shilpa standing in the corner wd her fingers in her ears and making irritated faces..and then he notices that the boy running is none other than rahul,his and shilpa's old frnd...they hvn't met 4 many yrs...and seeing him running 4 life like this made him surprised infact shocked..,

aanjali,armaan and ridhimma are all shocked to see such a sight in the hospital...armaan moves to shilpa

armaan:what's all this??this is rahul na??(inquirring the matter)
shilpa: ya rahul..don't know what happened...jb se ayi hun yehi chal raha hai..(making an unknown face)aur w8 kar rahi hun k yeh khatam ho to rahul se mil sakun..(folding her hands)

armaan tries to stop this all so that he could meet his frnd after a long time but the grl wz not hearing a single word and wz continuously running behind rahul..

anjali: hey hey! stop u kar rahe ho..?? this is a hospital( tries to calm them down)
grl: han na to is khotte de puttar ko bol na...kab se dimagh kha raha hai...
every one's mouth gets opened to see her blasting like this and armaan starts laughing silently seeing his frnd getting abused by a grl like this...
rahul: oye is churail ko samjhao...khoon choos rahi hai kab se mera..
grl: tune mujhe churail kaha??? ther abhi batati hun...( she again starts running after him)

armaan steps in and holds rahul... and anjali and ridhima try to calm the grl down...

armaan: oho! stop it u both...kesa hai yaar tu??(hugs rahul) itne time baad mila hai tha kahan itne saal?? aur yahan kese?? aur ye sab kia chal raha hai??
rahul: calm down!! calm down!! so many to le yaar sahi tarha..(hugs him again)
main to yaha intern hun aur tu yaha kese?? (nd then he sees shilpa standing behind armaan) shilpa u also here?? (goes and hugs her) ofcourse jahan armaan wahan tum(winks at her)
shilpa:(she laughs)wo to hai...wese gud to see u...(hugs him back) me and armaan r also interns here..

old frnds wr hvng conversation whereas anjali and ridhimma wre trying calming the grl down

anjali: hi i'm anjali and she's ridhimaa my sis...we'r interns here nd u??
grl: hi i'm muskaan chadda...i'm also an intern(wd a broad smile)
ridhimaa: ye sab kya chal rha tha??( wd confused face)
muskaan: chor na ye to chalta rehta ha..(wd stern xpressions)

armaan wz tallking to rahul when his eyes fell on ridhima...he wz again lost in the simple beauty when shilpa shook him
shilpa: kya hua?? where r u lost??
armaan: oh! umm...nothing..umm..(fumbling)  come i introduce u both to our fellow doctors...

he took shilpa and rahul wd him to anjali and ridhima..
armaan: hey anjali and ridhima.. meet this is rahul my old chap... and this is shilpa my childhood buddy...
anjali: hi!! anjali!!(shook hands wd both of them)
ridhima: hi!! ridhima!!( she also shook hands)
muskaan: hi !!i'm muskan(shook hands wd shilpa and armaan)

rahul made a face..she also showed him a tongue...
meanwhile a guy entered singing a song
guy:ZINDAGI..HAR KADAM..EK NAI..JUNG HAI..(he was singing the song and coming towards everyone when he bumps into anjali and wz lost in her)

everyone wz looking at his xpressions wd strange look and anjali gav him a disgusted look when he starts singing
      TU AGAR SUNG HAI...''(points at anjali)
anjali:oh shutup!! (and moves away)
guy: how sweet...(and smiles) hi guys i'm intern..

everyone introduced themselves and met him whole heartedly xcept anjali,who wz irritated by him..
suddenly they heard the speaker saying
announcement: all interns, report to dr. keerti at nurse station...

everyone looked for their lockers..put their things in it and left 4 the nurse station..everyone wz happy at the begining of their new life and meeting such jolly good frnds...

but armaan's happiness wz more and above all that...happiness of seeing the beauty his heart wz looking 4...happiness of seeing an innocent face and beautiful eyes whch he loved at vry frst wz none other than ridhima..
he didn't know what wz happening to him but he wz sure that there wz a new feeling whch he never felt be4...

his eyes were continuously staring at ridhima on their way to nurse station and ridhima was not aware of that...on the other hand shilpa's eyes,full of love,were stuck on armaan... 

free feel to xpress ur views plz...
love meeruSmile

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dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
heyy dear
loved the cs and part
loved the cat mouse fight of RM 
cont soon 
n thx for pm

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Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 9:05pm | IP Logged
hey nice part
cont soon

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
hey luved the starting of the ff..:)
chrctr sketch was gud..:)
wud luv to read further...:) honestly i rmbred the first day of DMG with ur first part..:) except Shilpa as Shilpa and Jenny and Ridz..:) <3
plzz add me to ur PM list and continue soon..:)
tc :)
Preet <3

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Kobe_Bryant Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2010 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
awesome. just amazing i don't know really have word for it.

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ilyasesha Goldie

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