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Maneet FF~Friction 2~upd pg 2,5 (Page 5)

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
congrats for the new thread........ awesome part... loved it

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
congrats 4 the new thread. update was really funny. it only 4 months, now poor maan has to go through a lot in next few months. continue soon........

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hey  congratsClap for  the  new  thread  n  nice  update  dear.............
geet  is  really  irritating................she  was  not  happy  for  her  preg  n  keep on  thing  abt  her weight n  beautyAngry...................poor  maan LOL he have to  tolerate  his  geet  na.................

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congrats for new thread Party
 LOLgeet hehehehe
soooo cute and lovely update
plzz do continue soon

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Heyy jaanis!!!
Me back!

Chapter 40: Part 2

"Good afternoon Geet, how are you feeling now?" Sunita said taking her seat.

Maan who was holding Geet's hands in his smiled.

"I'm fine doctor aap kaisi hain?"

"Main bilkul theek hoon" Sunita said grabbing a pen and pad.

"So are you following your diet, and eating the iron based foods I told you to?"


"And you have the usual nausea and mood swings?"

"Yes'she does" Maan said smiling.

"Are you experiencing any pain, or spotting?"

"No spotting, but I get back aches and they hurt a lot!" Geet said pouting.

"Well, I'm going to an ultrasound, and we will take it from there"

"Oh my god really?" Maan said excited.

"Yes, now come along" the doctor said smiling at his enthusiasm.

Geet kissed Maan's cheek.

The doctor layed Geet down and Maan watched intently blowing air kisses at Geet.

She put the cords on her stomach and Geet breathed nervous.

"Relax, nothing to be worried about" said the doctor.

Maan rubbed Geet's hand.

"Look there's your baby"

Maan and Geet turned and looked at the tiny fetus.

Maan felt like he was actually gunna explode with happiness.

"This is it, it's so small" he said softly amazed.

"It's a baby, it's only four months old" Sunita said smiling.

Geet looked at it and a rush of warmth spread over her.  She touched her stomach and smiled.

She didn't know why but she felt slightly guilty for saying she gained weight.  The baby was growing inside her and it was a wonderful feeling.

She looked at the fetus smiling.

"Look Geet that's our baby" Maan said going near the screen.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Geet asked smiling.

"Well the position is of so that I cannot tell, and it's very common for the gender not to be predictable, anyways we are not allowed to tell either"

"I don't care about that but I just wanted to know because I wanted to shop" Geet said excited.

"I hope the baby stays healthy" Maan said kissing Geet's stomach.

"You two are real cute" Sunita said in awe.

Geet got fixed up and Maan went outside talking to Sunita.

"Doctor, anything else we should care for?"

"Well, I suppose the baby has not moved yet"

"No not yet"

"Well, for heart burn I have written some antacids find the ones that suit her best, just take care of her diet we don't want anemia, and I know she likes fatty and spicy food so avoid those"

Maan listen carefully and nodded.

"Yes thank you very much" he said smiling.


Maan had to go to work because there was an important project, Balvindar had gone to Switzerland for a meeting and Sonia had been forced by Geet to go.


Dadi had made sure Geet got everything she needed and yesterday after Geet's appointment everyone had been excited and now really even more involved.

Sonia and Balvindar had congratulated and told Geet to take rest and the usuals.

Rano and Sukhdev had come and brought presents.


Maan was angry he had to go but it was urgent.

Geet had told him not to worry and had fell asleep taking care of the designs she was planning.

They both got some work done.

He came home it was 10:00 pm.

"You awake?" he said softly kissing her stomach.

"Uhhmm" she said getting up.

He put pillows behind her for support.

"You feeling okay wifey?"

"Fine now that you're here hubby" she said pecking his lips.

He loosened his tie and plopped right beside her putting and arm around her.

He put the other on her stomach.

"How are you feeling about this?" he said kissing her fingers.

"You know when I saw the baby I was'I don't know, I just'I was overwhelmed" she said sharing her thoughts.

"That's our baby inside you and it's a life growing in you, so please don't say that you're getting fat or looking weird because you aren't" he said softly kissing her hair.

"I know I'm just, it's hard for me"

"I know it is, and tumhe pata hai you're the most beautiful woman ever, aur tum hamesha mere liye aisi hi raho gi, even when you have wrinkles"

"Even when I have wrinkles?"

He nodded amused.

"Oye, when I have wrinkles so will you, so don't get cute" she said kissing his cheek.

 He smiled.

"Maan I'm so excited" she said her eyes glistening.

"I am too" he said kissing her lips.

When they broke apart Geet looked at him naughtily.

"Just cuz I'm being good right now doesn't mean that I am gunna stay good"

He raised a brow.

"Mujhe chocolate fudge brownie khani hai" she said getting up.

"What?! Where are you going?" he said lost.

"Umm not me, US, we are going to Mario's bakery to get it" she said putting her slippers on.

"I hate Mario for opening a bakery that's open until midnight and which so happens to be my wife's favourite"

"You're giving me a lecture on it's all about the baby, and tum khud BACHE ke liye yeh nahi kar sakte?!"

He got up face to face their noses almost touching.

"Maa bane wali ho lekin abhi tak immature"

"Haan jaise yeh tumhaara bacha nahi hai haina?! And I wouldn't be able to have a kid if I was IMMATURE!" she said shouting.

"Okay okay tension mat lo, hum jaa rahe hain" he said hugging her.

"Tum mujhe tension dete ho" she said whining.

"I know sorry" he said while they both left the room.


"Kya hua bete?" Dadi said getting up.

"Woh mujhe brownie khani hai aur yeh Maan tang kar raha hai"

"Maan agar appne humari beti ko tang karna hai toh hum le jaate hain!" Dadi said scolding him.

Geet smirked.

"Haan woh nahi, main leke jaa raha tha" Maan said scared.

"To phir jaayiyay" Dadi sadi amused.

"Yeh pregnant hona na bohat acha tareeka hai attention gain karne ka" Maan muttered.

"To phir tum bhi ho jaoo" Geet said laughing and hugging dadi.

Maan stood angry at the women making fun of him.


"Yumm I love this!" Geet said biting her brownie.

He looked at her smiling.

"You want some?" she asked offering.

He bit into it.

She looked at him leaning from his seat and his face an inch from hers.

He stared into her eyes smiling and in awe.

He leaned in and kissed her.

He slid his tongue in her mouth and could taste the brownie.

He kissed her pressing her head closer with one hand.

They broke apart.

"That's one good brownie" he said winking.

"Uh! Maan! I was eating!" she said wiping the chocolate from her lips.

She smiled at him after a while.

They were staring at each other deeply.

"I wanna drive" she said excited.

"Geet tum rest karo I will"

"Kitna rest karoon?!"

"Acha here" he said getting out.

She sat at the driver's seat smiling away.

He switched some music on.

"Hum kahan ja rahe hain?" he asked when he saw that she took an exit.

"Chup, lemme listen to the song" she said focused.

"Women" he said turning around.

"MERA BABU CHAIL CHABILA MAIN TO NACHOON GI!!" she said screaming and singing.

"Geet calm yourself" he said worried.

"Meethi meethi baatein nahi karta!" she said teasing him.

"What I am soo nice to you!"

"No you are a jala hua karela!" she said sticking her tongue out.


"I looove you!" she said parking.

"Hum yahan?" he said surprised.

"Yup here, on the beach where we first confessed" she said getting out.

They were walking hand in hand.

"Maan I'm sorry I'm being so difficult" she said teary.

"Hey, don't cry"

"I can't help it" she said hugging him.

He wiped her tears with his thumb.

"I'm giving you such a hard time" she said sadly.

"No, jaani" he said hugging her and placing a kiss on her head.

She wiped her tears.

"This is for being such a brat" she said giving him the tiny red gift box.

He looked up surprised.

"This is for me?"

"No it's for me, kholo na"

He opened it and she watched excited.

He looked at it amazed.

"Wow, it's beautiful"

"I was hoping u'd like it"

The red box had a personalised Gucci watch with diamond studs and Mr. Perfect engraved on the band.

"Thank you!" he said kissing her.

"I love you hubby!" she said kissing him leaning on her toes.

They both sat on the rocks leaning on one another.

"Geet what are we gunna call the baby?"


"How about Sheila?"

"Shut up Sheila ki jawaani!" she said hitting him.

He laughed.

"I am definitely joking!" he said widening eyes.

"Tumhe kaise pata it's a girl?"

"I think it is, I want a girl" he said softly.

"I want a boy, well it would be nice" she said all dreamy.

"I'm gunna go and drop her off everyday to school"

"Why?" she said wondering.

"So I can see the number of guys and types that go there"

Geet burst into laughter.

"I'm serious" he said making a worried face.

"Okay there Mr. PROTECTIVE!!" she said rolling her eyes.

He smiled at himself.


Geet visiting Maan at work.


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OMG OMG I freakin loved every bit of this update!!! the whole appointment scene was damn cute and sweet!! and then awww how they both talkd about the baby!!! Loved dadi scene at the brownie part and wah wah mast behoodiness brownie eating i knew u would do that LOL and haha Geet telling maan tum bhi pregnant hojao lol too funny!!! and awww Maan wants a girl and is gonna be the over protective dad i love it!!!Embarrassed

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A wonderful update.
Sheila ki jawani...lolz....juss saw the movie today...
Mr Perfect on the watch was so cute...n den it went to Mr. Protective...hehee

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the wifey and hubby are so cute together...i would love a husband like maan ...and so would all the girls in this world...i was like awww throughout the whole part..loved it hun :)

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