Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

22/12 Ria Ka Adda.:Farewell Ungrateful Traitor

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To be able to watch this episode you will need the following:

-          Red Bull!

Why???? red bull (red bull is a energy drink like energizer or any other enegy giving drink) because You will need all the necessary energy to be able to clap continuously for atleast 21 minutes (that is the duration of the episode):D

-          Hand cream gurls

yes moisturizing hand cream!Why??because after clapping that much…our delicate hands and fingers will surely need some moisturizing!!! :p


-          Recap : umm dear residents of addapur, I can see that the creatives are paying attention to our posts :D…haven't I said recently that we do not need recaps and there we are since then I haven't seen any recap…atleast on the links ive downloaded…please confirm…or else we are doomed with all these recaps… arrrggghhh

-          Well I must say that the episode started off amazingly well. We were shown where the episode left us yesterday that is Arjun adamant on taking his revenge and there we see a complete twist! Clap clap clap clap… amazing!!

-          Arent the creatives playing with our minds! Unpredictable episode. To be honest I was left yesterday with the impression of a dj vu philosophy, whereby arjun will be taking his revenge on one side, arohi not talking to arjun on the other side, Shouting at Arjun for fighting with her family and then love comes back in. This is what I predicted yesterday but no no no that was not the case today. Somehow however it irritates me not knowing where the episode is bringing us 2… but then the unpredictability is making me glued to KMH trying to figure out what is going to happen!

-          APARTE: I know ive said before not to compare KMH 1 with KMH2…sorry guys for contradicting myself…but I cant do otherwise now at this stage. The plot of both KMHs are somewhat similar. There is only a reversal of roles. In KMH1 we had Arohi trying to show her love to Arjun that is, arousing jealousy in him and trying to make him come to her and insisting that Arjun realizes his love for arohi.

Now in KMH2 we see Arjun doing that job that is forcing Arohi to realize that she is in love with Arohi  

-          Loved:

(a)  Arjuns acting. Wasn't he good today. I should say very good. Amazing acting. It was so real and natural. I think Arjun deserved some applause. His acting was so natural when he spoke to his sister and even to Arohi on the phone or at the end during that "Kismat" speech

(b)  The relationship between Arjun and the sister and their conversations. There was a genuine feeling of love in the eyes of Arjun when he spoke to the sisterJ

(c)   The conversation of Arjun whereby he stated that AS can never be happy

(d)  The reaction he had when the sister announced the big news :D

(e)  The way Arjun was planning the party. Genuine feeling of happiness and excitement

(f)    The way he promised to the sister that he will try his best to be happy and give love a second chance

(g)  The alhuwalia family time

(h)  The way Arohi came out of her shell :D

(i)    For couple of seconds I really felt bad for Bouha. It was at the moment when Dadaji said he forgot her birthday. It made me feel like Dadaji is unfair for loving arohi so much and could not even remember his own daughter's birthday. Thank god it wasnot like that

(j)    Bouha's speech about spending family time rather than going out

(k)  Arohi's speech on the family :D

(l)    Shefalli's re entrance…by the way where did she go??:S and the way she tried to coerce Arohi into believing Arjun… Dear Shefalli I can see you are going to play a huge important role in their love story!!Ull soon be retitled maahaa instead of DUMB Rofl!


-          Hated:

(a)  How come Chachu has all of sudden forgotten about his hatred for  Arjun and what Gauri has said?

(b)  Why does Gauri want Arohi to be sad?Wasnt her aim that Arjun and Arohi be separated but now why are the creatives taking it to another stage? Why do they want Gauri to be happy when Arohi is sad??

(c)   Although I LOVE kritika I think too much eyeshadow on her doesn't elevate her beauty.

(d)  There is no deep love as such then why is Arjun saying: "the person who taught me love doesn't want to see my face" did she taught u love?? I thought it was only the beginging. The love foundation was pictured wrongly.

(e)  We missed the moments we saw in KMH1 :

(i)                The romantic scenes at the wedding

(ii)              The garden scenes

(iii)            The cliff scenes

(iv)            The Lift scenes

(v)              The office scenes

These are what we want!!(im not saying similar scenes) im talking about those kind of scenes which are stuck to your mind and that you can never forget! BTW the lift at my work is of the same colour as the one in KMH1 rofl1!!


CLASSIC LINES (after a very very long time)

-          Arjun: "Kyun rashi behosh"  - Dear Arjun I know it's none of your fault but when some one is unconscious you do not say "why"…you probably say "what" rofl

-          Bouha: "Weight always find me ROFL!!!TO MEIN KYA KAROUN" rofl

-          Arjun: "Arohi kismet humne milaya agar mera pyar sacha hai to kismet dobara zarour milogayi"  bigger AAAAWWWWWW

-          Pinkoo: "750 rs a unit" – what type of card is this??

Analysis on Gauris character:

After reading quite a lot of posts this past week, I have realized that people hates Gauri. Of course she is a villain and is bound to be hated. But guys:

(1)  Firstly she is not that bad as all the other female villains we have seen in BTs serial. I think amongst all of them she is not that bad after all. When I refer to other BTs series I am talking about the real vamps one who dresses up like vamps, talks like witches and walks like ********

(2)  You would im sure all agree that compared to all the villains Gauri is pretty, she dresses well (ok dress style), she talks ok, she doesn't roll her evil eyes, she doesn't have an awful make up on.

(3)  Gauri is only one of us. Ms Ek only wants us to pity her and to have some feelings for her. And they are only creating a character which is closed to reality. Although I would not personally do what she did, I would most probably THINK what she did. It is human to do so  and to be jealous. So I think instead of looking at Gauri with an evil eye I would probably look at her as someone who is childish who has some feelings, who cares and who will surely redempt

(4)  Something very rare which has been non existent in BT's serial is the belief in humanity. Im sure Gauri will redempt. What is BT trying to picture is there faith in humanity, is there faith in people changing from having some bad characteristics and turning out to be mahaan people. What is BT trying to tell us is that YES WE CAN CHANGE :D

NOW GAURI DON'T LET ME DOWN … !!!!!!ill otherwise be hit by virtual shoes and champals ROFL…

Overall I loved the episode. Arjun stole the show. And the twists and turns although annoying are bringing some excitement back in the game :D

xoxo Shaan

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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@Shaheen: Hug Thanks for the zabardust post sweetie pie! :)

I skipped today Big smile I skipped, i skipped, i skipped skipped skipped Dancing LOL

handcream and red bull? LOL I'll stick to mehrbull *haan* ROFL

there was a twist to twist our brains? LOL Goooooood Clap

Analysis on Go-awry's character StarStarStar

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Quirky IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Shaheen...Fab postHugGreat analysis!Thumbs Up

Mehr...Even I skipped today..LOLactually forgot..was busy talking to mom n then remembered abt KMH...Gosh never happened during KMH1CryI know I should not be comparing but kya karu...I m so not convinced abt this Love storyDisapprove

Read the like Rashi..Embarrassed she reminds me of Salil..she is as supportive as Salil was .. And I find her trying hard like Salil to bring that smile on AS's face..Embarrassed

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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perefct..shahhen from ur post i didnt come to know what happened..
now i will have to watch it myself..oh no..

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Love14 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
@shaan17.......nice analysis

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
@shaheen - I like your take! About the different villain, I still feel the best so far remains paddy and natasha who were cool villain! I really like natashaLOL and at start,we are all thinking that Gauri is temporary vilain as she is vindictive and then she is seemed to be betrayed by the persons she loves most in her mind:Arjuhi,Arohi the same friend who told her to move on and Arjun who never realised their hang outs is trying to 'patao' Arohi + + Gauri ne shaadi ki aur honeymoon ke vajah divorce paper ke tofa milgay,patti se -  she is feeling rejected and being vindictive,first she moved on because of Arohi and she could not show this to Rajveer and now none other than the pair up of Arjuhi. Yet,when the show is growing, she is turning psycho,I am quite interested in her character in the sense to show whether she is temporary or permanent vile.
I just watched 20-22 dec today and I will post previous episode analysis here itself.
 EP 37 (Mon 20/12/10)
Part 1:
 The way it was started was confusing - I mean the precap and it was,according to me messy as blended of too many music (weakness)
Should have chosen another song rather than bin tere as the lovers were with different partners
The bin tere track was played and symbolised the 'absorption' of the lover toward each other
Ajju bhai,I will never dance with you, what was that? D'oh
But Good way to show the 'burning with anger' of Arjun - he danced with full torn 'emotion' and anger
Chikoo - I will dance with youLOL
Their dance was funny but yeah nice.
Strength: Mesmerised by the facial expressions of kritz karan puneet
Plotwised  - despite it is a typical way of showing a man's is hurt - but restored the 'bloodfeel' of the play.
And I love the way Arohi stopped, when her lover is hurt,she is hurt too!
O i like the bashing of ArjunArohi when Arjun went out,denoting that he is hurt coz of her
Chikoo - awesome actor  -
the scene that was filled of jealousy was well blend by the light heartred of chikoo, just that felt pity to chikoo for he is sort this time innocent and is being sort of used.
Threat: agree with all those who comment on camera positioning! It was sort of confusing
Opportunities: The emotion of the lovers!Heart
Part 2:
Guys, i felt again pathetic towards Chikoo as he was again see the one who is not at fault but is being fooled,in a way
And I loved to see Arohi Ahluwalia, she cried like a child,showing again she is still that clean heart chirpy girl who just a little more time to wash her sulkiness away.
Oh the Arohi Dj  - I loved the fact that DJ sensed that this matter is not as light as she thought and she is realising tht Arohi is in love with Arjun and Arohi is shattered in herself
What I not liked is the issue again of 'izat,' she is right in her way but it was really not an issue! It is more an issue that the family is created towards Arohi
The premonition,' - i know it is Ekta's show but it show the age of gold,feels that something is going to happen.since they are the shield of the family,they feel it - I still bet it for Arohi to cross the barriers
 'so in a way I liked the theme continues to prevail
Love the brother sister affection of arjun rashi but eeeee that was so unhygenic,without washing the blood and hav cotton and bandage on it
BUT it was not easy for me to listen overblend of music that creates the feel of overdrama!D'oh
Part 3:
At least Par 3,the music suits really well and the first part of the kamra scene,I felt it thori romantic thi! Ok guys,agree no eyelocks or no pyari words but the 'ehsaas' created by the atmosphere with them together,hayiiHeart
The way that Arohi is concerned that someone sees Arjun and he gets beaten but then talk it in a way that she does not want to disturb them
Plus I love it to be a response like Arohi can not see Arjun to be physically hurt, Arjun can not see tears in Arohi's eyes
Arjun's character of being selfless lover and then fearless and he is now sort of crossing all the barriers for Arohi not to misunderstand her again,like it.
In a positive way,to show also masculine feature of a man, the 'ego' in him knows that the lady loves him
Part 4:
Sorry guys,but I burst into laughters, I knew it was a dramatic scene,magar such scene,I like to watch it in the view of the camera man and then how the actors are bursting into,laughters after this shot!
Ok Let me begin:
I love Arjun's effort to tell Arohi his truth and make me love the character Arjun again! Love the bit that since childhood,this jungle was his shield! Arjun to Mugli nikla,magar Ekta Deviji ki darshan se,wo ek ashram aur ek ghar mila! Milke to hum bole Ekta Maiya Zindabad!
Well,jokes apart, I love the way Arjun tries to depict the one who was void of love,has lost his innocence in stuggle in life and why he is indebted to his father. Really felt the bit of the when he said he was deprived of mother's lap - that said everything - he was looking for this warmth and sparkle but he kept his distance towards people  as he does not trust them easily but then the innocence chirpiness of spoilt Arohi just gave him the warmth again! 
And love the bit where Arohi in his truth did an eye blink,that eye blink has the same meaning of 'knife,' 'flower' that eye blink again shows the rapidity of Arohi being absorbed by Arjun! She believes him but she is thinking the pain of her family and she is so full of anger that she is showing herself headstrong towards whatever Arjun is saying.
I am sorry I ROFLed on the bit where Arohi told Arjun that he was not being able to take decision whether the kind of girl she is. Yet I took it how this is associated with her self esteem! A stigma on one's character or
a prejudice on one's character,definitely deserves the wrath of that person! Arohi is justified in a way, we should not expect her to accept wide arms Arjun here,because actually she wants to but as it is a question of her character,she will withhold herself.
So in the end, I almost choked on how much I laugh:
Gauri Chachi to jasoos nikli! So laal sari mein bedroom ko nikal kar, kya wo  Laal bhootni bani ki irada tha? Kyunki only bhootni can hear voices that others can't hear and that too from unbreakable glass of the door and that too glass that can not be seen whats inside!
Oye chachi - shaadi ke baat,kaisa promotion hein - best friend to bhootni
Advice to you,Arohi:
Do not wear Salwaar! When you wear Salwaar,you are bound with the all thoughts from family and friends and you are not able to think straight for yourself! So make sure to wear Kurti and Jeans before deciding what to do with Arjun, at least you will not be manipulated and can take your own decision!

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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I wonder if Gauri fears Arohi's happiness is because she is back with Arjun, I am hoping Arjun catches on and realizes someone is filling Arohi's head with lies.

I love the relationship between Arjun and Rashi, at least there is someone in that family that cares about him and is not only using him for their own selfish gain
Yay to seeing Shefali again, she has been missed! Hopefully she will help in reuniting Arjun and Arohi. I doubt Arohi's marriage to Chiku will happen so it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
EP 38 (Tuesday 23/10/10)
Part 1
What an innovation from Ekta Maiya? I have now known that in late night, not only lovers talk over the phone but also evil minds too! That was so hilarious!
Ok Guys,that part was so hilarious that I have to set myself on mood before typing
Mood set: Light off, xmas tree light on, High with 'Delerium Silence - Paul Oakenfold ' follow with 'Hit my heart - Benassi B'- check it guys,party and let lose mood! Arohi Ahluwalia, you too you should listen to it -all ghusa to khatam!
The acoustic version of bin tere,I heard it first time, so I was trying to understand it but I feel it is nice!
Venues for innovation: Ekta used the typical rona wala drama,it still has its charm, but if she has tried 'meri ada,' I am sure we would all jump on the air:-):
Arohi's anger is justified but if only once Arohi could have gone to party with friends and dance till all her pain is over or Arohi just go in the gym and keep running on the xtrainer or Arohi just go for a long drive or long walk, it would have been cooler, at least she would not let others' think for her!
From Arjun's side: 'Yaar ek to chali, 1000 will,' No I love that you are standing for her and is trying to prove your love! Good!
It was quite ok on part 1 to see the sharp mind of Gauri but I felt it so funny that late night she called a stranger and weird to introduce herself as a  married lady. Yet great acting from RPS.
He is a true machiavel, he has only seen how to use the wifey of Rajveer for him to keep Arjun his! I admire his sharp mindedness even when he saw Arjun,he sensed the guy with fiery eyes are melting and now know by the grace of Gauri,he can manipulate by Arohi's anger!
He knew that Arjun's friends were his weaknesses in term he values his friends a lot and now know it is Arohi!
Part 1 needs a kudos for RPS - with his nerd looking but evil minded - great
And the light on in the Ahluwalia's side, I personally think later it to unfold it to be Rajveer itself.
I am taking so time to watch and write today because I think my mood has already set with 'delerium' that then followed 'memories' of David Guetta - Oufffff - addicting guys -  Arohi joined me, you gonna be perfecto the next day!
Part 2:
Guys,luckily I am watching it alone with the lights of the xmas tree reflecting on laptop and luckily I am already in festive mood so my reaction when watching this part was:
The  way Gauri entered in the room,hmmm Rajveer ji is sharing the bed with wifey but wifey, raat mein kaam karti hein!
Gauri Ahluwalia as bahu:
Role and responsibilities of Gauro Bahu
Role: Night shift - why - tantric
Responsibilities: bhootni ke roop mein pierced in Arohi's room and manipulate her mind and psycho roop mein bahut chintit wali patni! Taunt hubby for underperformance in work to the extent hubby realised he needs to go to improve performance.
late night mein walked away from bed and direct to police station
Loved: to what extent in being vindictive one can fall without thinking of consequences. 
Loved: It has clearly seen that Gauri is guilty and it seems like the her 'evil' side is overinfluencing her,crushing her goodness in her.
So: feel that she must be a temporary villain
Instant reaction: OMG what was that? Gauri way she showed was like a comedy so it kills the instant feeling of darkness and evil that is showing. Scene rescued by guse wale Rajveer. Even if it was shown that Rajveer was sleeping profoundly,i personally keep the above point valid as thriller - Rajveer who put the light on
This scene: 'the start of the toofan that DJ had as premonition.'
Part 3:
What a scene! The best I watched on Gauri,even if Arohi saved the scene!
Oye oye our Gauri chachi really possess some supernatural power, night duty ke baad she is still fit in the morning! Mujhe bhi ye khana chahiye - jo raat din mein bilkul fit hoon ;-)
I seriously love this scene to see Arohi,wow,she is really strong minded and shattered inside! I genuinely love her spirit and I can understand her,she has no idea that the way she think best for her best friemd, she is having no idea that it does not mean to get the same reaction from that friend.
Gauri with her serpentile character definitely is adding more misunderstanding that is pathetic in an audience's view because they know that the character is being manipulated but the character is pouring how torn she is to the same person.
About Gauri, in her heart she genuinely wants to listen to Arohi but her mind is filled with so vengeance that she is using that in a manipulative way,her conscience is falling down and down.
She wanted really to know if Arohi has been physically involved with Arjun because Arjun refused her before wedding when she went to the cottage,she was really going to self surrender to him, so she would have double pinched if they were physically involved that would add more vernom in her thoughts to hurt them. 
Yet she framed the question as if she concerns on the self esteem of Arohi.
At first I thought she was really been told by Arjun on himself in their hang outs but then i remembered once arjun said to gauri that she does not no more than his name and number and when we knew Arjun we understood he was going out with her as he respected her feelings.
Another loophole from Gauri in this scene that will act Arohi to realise Gauri is lying when she is calm: Arjun told her that he never let anyone come close to him and Gauri claimed her one sided love that Arohi knows it is one sided but then Gauri is bringing equivalence to Arjuhi. so this loophole is added with the burning letters as part of Arohi's realisation
Part 4:
An intense scene on the worried Arjun who remembered the tears in Arohi's eyes when whispered his name and is still trying to figure out how to patao Arohi and came at peak BilluMakhu!
What an entry! Angered Rajveer vented all his taunts in them and they are still true to Arjun! They are those friends who are so loyal that can give their life for their friend! Nice!
And the acting of RPS as manipulator is applaudable too. 
Loophole: RPS claiming Arohi as a vindictive person when Arjun recognises her innocence to counteract in clearing misunderstanding on how she stood for his friends in this party.
Arjun is very protective towards persons he hold, he think he can change back as the old Singhania but the thing it will show 'love' are ruling both! Like Arohi is hurting herself by trying to be the way she was,same will apply to Arjun!
Arjun  using Arohi as pawn for vegeance: Even when he was A S he was not playing with someone's emotion,will this time show Arjun as impulsive? 
Ok Arjun and Arohi - time for you guys have a blast - take a break with a kit kat and then decides aage kya plan heinWink

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