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Prithvi Saxena: Of Eyes And Their Stories upd pg 9 (Page 9)

...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jakhushi

M....What the heck yeir??!!What?? *innocent look*
What are you upto? I was seriously thinking of actually stop drooling over the dude this year...given that Pri Saxena has long gone and I cant find a glimpse of him on TV across any of the on air shows. Er you were? Well i didnt know that.. and you are NOT getting over PriDa without me... Not happening Khush.
Then you make this post on his eyes....and then we get additions from others....and then you updat the post with new capsShocked......evidently Prithvi will stay put in my heart much longer than I had anticipated. YES!
As for this scene...Loved them in this scene....absolutely adorable...with subtle barely there smile...a look that simply covets his wife...a thousand pleas in the 1st look he gives while pouring water for her...siggggghhhh. *sighs harder* fell in love with them again after i watched this..
GauCha was pure gold in this scene....their acting had a smoothness which cant be defined. Word!!!!
Loved what you wrote...that his sole purpose in life is to look at his wife and listen to his queenieBig smile....Our Dude absolutely excelled in thatWink. hehehe yeah he did..
Its only 2nd Jan and one of my new year resolutions have gone kaput already....of actually reducing the number of times I rewatch PriDa scenes. I havvvvveee to see this scene again ....Now. Dangg!! Hahahhaha this isnt my fault again is it? Tongue
& M..please get some sleep. A sleepdeprived you is evidently not safe for PriDaholicsTongue. Yeah i get that.. feel sorry for you guys now.. Tongue

...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nan08

Okay Maham... today i cud make some "Himmat" to come back to this post ... Hahaha.. you are much too sensitive my friend.. Tongue

sooo....errrr Ermm.... ahem ahem....*cough cough*

n who said the newly added caps were HARMLESSAngry oh they arent? They are just pictures you know.. totally harmless... its what you percieve for them is what makes them a bit dangerous.. in short this is all YOUR fault.. Tongue

(breathing in n out .....)

okay today heard a song... have u heard it... the lyrics reminded me sooo much of PRIDA in MJ...EmbarrassedDay Dreaming....

chup tum raho chup ham rahen
khamoshi ko khamoshi se zindagi ko zindagi se baat karne do
chup tum raho ....

aankhon mein kho jaaye aankhen bole haathon se haath
baahon mein chupkar saanson se jaise dole raat
ungaliyo ko ungaliyo se mausamon ko shokhiyon se baat karne do

honthon par honthon se likhe bin shabdon ke geet
dharati se ambar tak guunje jismon kaa sangeet
bekhudi ko bekhudi se aashiqui ko aashiqui se baat karne do
chup tum raho ...

Errrrrrrrrrrrr... That is ummmm WAY TOO APT yaar!!! Now i want to make a VM on this song.. Nanduuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. you are really up for danda girl..
okay now for the new caps ...excuse me girls can i join u in pulling the cheeks plsTongue..the more the merrierWink hahaha im feeling sorry for Pri now.. LOL

like i said b4 am done trying to get outa Prida craze.... bring it on girl.... am all for drooling n swooning...Approve (chkng if the smelling salts r at hand besideLOL) hehehe good you finally accepted it.. Tongue

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...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by crazypridaholic

Mahammm.... Hey Nitika...

simply drool worthy post Day DreamingDay Dreaming.....!!! LOVED all naughty looks GK giving in all dese pics Embarrassed....!!! WORD at Natural acting Thumbs Up....isnt both of dem Fake...forced expressions....!!! Gaucha rock every matter how small it seems...!!! Worddd to all that.. GauCha and Fake just dont go together my friend...glad you liked the post.. Smile

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...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deereyedgal504

Ok Maham....ur mom's a doc rite so cud she just check me up(or i guess all of us) coz i guess this is a new disease whose symptoms are varying person to person  but the cause is just one....PRITHVI SAXENA!! Hahahaha i think my mom would actually just tell us all quite strictly to wake up and concentrate on more constructive things... LOL
gosh ur srsly killin this outta me...thought i was gonna get him a little outta mah memory cells this year.....but u just seem to drill him back till the very end Hehehe nice to know that.. Tongue

this fav one for prithvi's expressions...that naughty one...the flirty one...the i-wont-eat-until-u-feed-me look....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming aah cant believe how does he give it all in one scene.....looked like pri's hunger strike made him give it all out..after he cudnt eat his fav alu ke paraathe toh damz ke haath se khaa leta.....the pics are enough to drive me insane....and ur caps ke saath...PAAGAL! Hehhehehe glad you liked them..

and the puling cheeks...i guess they wud be redder than tomatoes after one more fan on the list! hahaha yeah feeling more sorry for the guy with every passing minute.. Tongue

well actually dont mind this toture...begginiing to like but plzz thoda sa break dena beech beech mein! hahahhaha will try.. Tongue

@Pritheria LOL.....nice name eh...good job Khwaish
...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nan08

Okay just will post random caps of Pri... some of its not related scenes, but always liked these n hope u guys enjoy theseTongue

LOVE this one... dripping with wickedness... Dude is just... ahh.... that calculating look in his eyes and that killer evil smile to go with it... Suits the situation really well.. GK pulled this one off really well... This pic has a  kind of a hate to love thing attached to it i suppose... I mean he isnt being a saint and yet here we drool anyway... Shallow much.. LOL

Good one again... There was another point in this scene..when Damini tells Pri of her wedding... Great acting by GK at that point.. the vulnerability that crept inside him while he tried to battle it.. tried not to let the thought of loosing her intervene with his revenge..Loved that.. Will try to find a pic of that and post..

Bas kar Nandu.. Kitna analyze karu main??LOL

then these

hmmmmm this was when he saw Damini trying to handle that drunkard kia?? Cant remember.. Confused

Okay why is he looking at her like that?? Is it just me or theres a quiet innocence in his eyes there.. no that really isnt a bit of hurt na?? Im definitely seeing things.. need to see this scene again to get that look...

and these

okay this one tho we cnt see his eyes... we still feel we can read his mind.. do u guys get meTongue

Totally lost here Nandu... Dang i need to watch PriDa scenes again.. LOL
 THIS I LOVE.. Ahhh that smile.. Dude is soo full of himself that she turned back.... *shakes head*

Hayeeee full on drool.... Love how he is just so always attuned to her.... The guy barely speaks and he can still communicate just how special Damini Gujral is to him.. That nothing really matters to him next to her.. when he focuses on her.. he focuses on her only..
this one :))

this is when Damzie says go to hellCry

GOOD ONE.. There was another moment in the same scene where i loved his expressions.. Very well expressed there with his eyes.. The pain.. the shock.. to see his Damini practically emanating the hurt and the hatred.. Well done by GK indeed..
n the thundering Pri lookTongue

Khwahish posted this too i think.. like i said Mad hot indeed... *sigh* Love this guy..

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Looks like Maham has started a Pri Saxena Looks fest......
And it's getting Hotter to Handle by the Hour..
I miss the Dude....soooo muchCryCryCryCryCry
@Nandini - Lovely additions...amongst many I can drool for a long time. But I will not add to the list. Looks like the PriDa holics have enough people to torture them hereTongue.
That scene outside the hospital - that smirk and that half smile....hayeee.....I think I better get myself admitted in the said hospitalTongueLOL.
Lage Raho....
- Khushi.

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...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jakhushi

Looks like Maham has started a Pri Saxena Looks fest......
And it's getting Hotter to Handle by the Hour.. Hehe yeah.. trust me even i dont understand why..Tongue
I miss the Dude....soooo muchCry Awwww.... okay should i stop??
@Nandini - Lovely additions...amongst many I can drool for a long time. But I will not add to the list. Looks like the PriDa holics have enough people to torture them hereTongue.
That scene outside the hospital - that smirk and that half smile....hayeee.....I think I better get myself admitted in the said hospitalTongueLOL. hahahhahahaha maddd...
Lage Raho....
- Khushi.

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...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2011 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Okay sleep deprived me again watched ONE PriDa scene and basically became reduced to a pile of mush... Trust me it is very hard to reduce me to that... but one Saxena did that anyway... Humphhhhhh... I swear he needs to start serving time in prison now.. anyhow it all started with this:

*tries not to grin like a loony* Will you see that?? one more cheek pulling session coming up if you ask me..

Prithvi Saxenaaaaaaa.... Day Dreaming Doubt there are guys in the real world who can give such looks to the gals who own their heart so completely.. This MAN defines what avowing you devotion and pledging your soul means by giving those simple, subtle looks that i can stare at you through out the night and into the morning as well..

Need i ramble more??

Ah enchantment... That look.. Shows how his heart cant help but be touched by the effort that his Damini was making with his relatives... Gratefulness, love and marvel at the woman he married mixed together and you get that look i think.. (BTW i absolutely love the person who first started this HIS Damini trend... so fitting for Pri..)

Okay his eyes are closed i know. .just posted this for the sake of that oh-so-rare-yet-to-die-for-smile... Day Dreaming

Quiet innocence and a touch of being grateful to the Upper Gods that they made this woman his.. *sigh* I love the Prithvi Saxena that GK breathed life into so completely... It was like he was trying to believe himself that he had not completely lost her.. that she was still tied to him... Okay am i rambling? Sorry... This scene made me a bit crazy.. i watched it after a loonnggg time..

LOVED the wickedness there... He knew full well the effect he was having on her and couldnt help but be slightly smug about it.. That look.. it practically says.. "Are you sure you are not in love with me?"

"Fine.. run away again.. lets see how long you can keep this up"... *smirks* Bang on Priii!

Here you go Nandu.. is this what you were looking for??? Nice look.. shows how much our Dude respected Damini Gujral.. that he didnt think of her as weak just b/c she broke down infront of him after the Inder fiasco... Love the attempt he tried to make to tell her she was wrong..

This was right after she tells him she doesnt need his support.. Well done by GK... shows how Pri got hurt by the statement that this woman didnt need him...

VERY WELL DONE... That slightly dead look in his eyes... When Damini told him to go to hell.. The fact that his Damini thought that he wanted to kill her and told him to just go away...It plunged a knife in his heart and simply killed a part of him.. his unstable body language, the pursing and opening of the lips and those eyes conveyed extremely well how much it hurt him to see her hurt.. how much it pained him to see that he had led her to this point that she hated him, was repulsed by his touch... I can go on and on.. and THAT is the beauty of Prithvi Saxena and those eyes.. he gives one look and it takes an entire paragraph to capture its essence.. THAT is GOOD acting.

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Dont need to tell you all right? Its all there.. and BTW i confess here that i have a weakness when it comes to subtle smiles, tilted heads, quirking eyebrows.. *prepares to die a happy death*

Found him slightly vulnerable here.. He needed to be hugged, he needed to cry, he needed to fall apart and here.. the woman who was trying to reach out to him was stirring up those very emotions.. ones he kept well hidden.. and it was touching his heart... her closeness and the silent comfort her arms offered... for me the ice melted a bit here...

MAD HOT.. Ahhh Possessive Pri as far as Damini and their privacy is concerned.. Never seen a more effective dismissal... Once again.. Who needs words??

And the fire makes the ice melt again... Her sense of care.. Stroked at his heart oh so gently that he was slightly numb there.. at the love she offered... PriDa.. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

And im back to being shallow... LOVE that intent look mixed with a slight challenge (Read: The quirking of the eyebrow) Ahhhhh This guy knows how to tell a woman his universe revolves around her.....

And that is today's quota of Prithvi Saxena by me.. a bit too much??Sorry.. *sheepish smile*

Waiting for the chappals..


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