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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den#Arjun Maryaada Purush OR Plain Purush (Page 2)

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after a long time feeling FIT to reserve & may b I can write tooLOL
okay till now m FIT enuf to write something about the epi.Smile
before writing nething I wanna gv Siniiiii a chamciii hugLOL woderful analysis with MSK character.Clap
I too wanna join in this debate. coz since childhood m surronded by male frnds who max time treated me as man. So to some extent I get to know their feelings like frnd not like a grl.Big smile
For today's epi, it was all about trust & distrust. frm the begining of the serial we witnessd MSK makes conclusion with his general experience & Geet makes conclusion with her personal experience. Thts why we saw MSK made many promises to Geet. He thought those promises were so easy to keep as he has the power. But when it came to the point of Geet's happiness he always failed to fullfill it. Now he almost learnt many things about this simple yet complicated grl. Earlier he use to think its an easy equation but now he knows it's a tough one.Big smile
Yesterday for the frst time he figure out the problem by himself & today he solved it.Clap this time he dint go to Geet & say that Ani is childish so dont take her words in heart. I wont leave u no matter what happens. moon, star, sun, rain r witness of this factLOL. this time he understood geet's exact fear & solved it. It wud luked better if this solving took some more time. Only 4/5 dialogues & MU is gone looked bit rushed.Dead
Geet-Arjun track was really interesting. Arjun is still mysterious. I like that. Geet opend her heart to him. I knw many ppl will bash her up for this. everyone will say how come she can talk to a stranger? when his man is pushing him so hard for the truth. But the thing is the grl is frndless. She cud never shared her pain or doubt with anyone except Maan. no1 actually asked her to open her heart out except Meera & now Arjun. May b Arjun did it for his purpose, may b not. But she talked with him when he told her to. The fear she was holding inside was regarding Maan. If she shared it with Maan, he will reassure her. Maan dont want Geet to have any fear or doubt. but these two things r not controld by our brain. it comes naturaly. So when she talked with a stranger & the stranger gave her a good advice she regain some hope & faith.Smile
Geet-Ani itraction was not so good & calling all stuff of KC at night time to do bhangra was not necessary in today's episode. It can b continued till tomorrow. They can give everyone a dialogue if they showed this part tom. Adi, pinky, romeo, pandey & manisha r Geet's frnd so they also need some screen spaceLOL also Ani cud say some words to Tasha & after she decided to b the bride's side maan can hav some lighter moment. as he is now the lonely groomBig smile
Last scene of today's epi was another imp one after Geet-Arjun scene. here we can see Geet's faith in good & Maan's distrust on evil. Both r right at their place. Maan dnt want to hurt Geet anymore, so he is taking all necessary actions & plucking all thrones frm her way. but its not always possible. its life after all. here difficulties will come & both hav to overcome. Geet always took life as it came, she never took any precautions thts why she never closed any door of heart. She hates Dev-NT for their acts. She wants legal action against them but she never dreams to kill them. That's her character. On the other hand Maan judge people, situation & world with his experice. He made some rules & dosnt open his heart. He made these rules to protect himself & his dear ones from any danger. So that no damage can b done to him & them. these days he is xtra protective abt geet & her happiness. Thts why he dnt want to take any chance. So both r right at their POV. Many will judge & bash geet after her dialogue tht I accepted & trust u though u r Dev's bro. But thts another very important truth in this story. If Geet really think like that she wud ran away frm Maan after knowing he is dev's bro. But She din do that coz she had faith on Maan as maan always supports truth. May b this faith & positivity will change Arjun's acts & thoughts too.Smile
Today's epi was good one, but bit rushed. I think tomorrow they r preparing for another romantic seq as Maan is now angry with Geet's decesionBig smileEmbarrassed lets see how geet convince maan. I wish Maan sir is coming to invite the kissEmbarrassedWink
bdw I still belive MSK NEVER HAD A SISTERLOL

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My thoughts on Maan

The smouldering intensity in his eyes
the supreme confidence in his gait
the arrogance of his manner
his boldness and his swagger
his no-nonsense attitude
his courage and fortitude
his principles and his ethics
he will always stand by what is right

For daadi his respect and affection
His love will be so overwhelming
It could lead to suffocation
But with his love will come his passion
He is also capable of incredible compassion

He is stubborn to a fault
He wants everything his own way
He thinks he is god's gift to humankind
He never listens to what anyone else to say
When hurt he will lash out like an animal in pain
and treat the person who hurt him with contempt and disdain
even though at times the man behaves like a savage
All this comes wrapped in a good looking package

Beneath the superior attitude lies a deep seated need
A need to be needed for himself indeed
He is not a man without weaknesses
He is a man scarred by his past

But when a woman heals these deep wounds
His capacity for love is vast
His is a love that will stand the test of time
His is a love that is deep his is a love that will last.

Episode analysis

CVs take a bow Star Star Star. Today's episode rocked. We finally have the semblance of a storyline. Wooohoo Party Dancing......but again we ONLY HAVE THE SEMBLANCE OF A STORYLINE Angry.....YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD TO MAKE THIS A REALITY Angry Angry Angry.....NO LAZINESS HAAN Disapprove

I loved today's episode and there was just one cloud on the horizon and that is the girl playing NE Ouch....lord that girl cannot act and is destroying the effect of some really good scenes. The scene where Maan told her what Dev did she had no expression on her face to express how horrible a deed her other brother had done Angry......I can live with the character but do one of two things

a) change the actress Approve

b) send the actress to acting boot camp Angry

Loved several things about the episode so I am going to list them out scenewise

1) Maan explanation of what Dev did to Geet was to the point and not overly dramatic. I especially liked his little demonstration to make Annie understand how Dev destroyed Geet's life and how Geet is pregnant with Dev's child. I feel he should have told her that Geet's family tried to kill her. I also noticed that he told her nothing about NT's role in the whole scheme. Whether this was done on purpose or just an oversight is something only time will tell. Nikuj killed the esssence of the scene Dead  Angry and she was so unconvincing when she was being penitent. Angry Dead GC tried hard and only his efforts made the scene passable.

2) Loved the Arjun-Geet scene. Arjun is a very intriguing character who seems very balanced. He sees Geet unhappy and rues that anyone she tries to come close to leaves her - family, friends and now maybe the man she loves. Arjun tries to help her by advising her to look to the future and stop living in the past. Thumbs Up He goes into philosopher mode and explains to her that just like there are 12 months in a year which are different from each other, how can she assume that her future will be the same as her past. Geek Very good and sane advice. I like the dude.

    This is just a feeling but I somehow think he will befriend Geet to try and get close to her and hence gain leverage on Maan Ermm. He will also try to make her an ally in wooing NE. In the process he will see her great personality, her helpful nature, her struggles and most of all her inner goodness. I want Geet to let something slip to him about her story and how she loves Maan and I want Arjun to start respecting Maan for saving Geet's life. This will start making him question what NT told him. Why do I also feel that Arjun may save her life at some point and play a huge role in the wedding? Ermm....will circumstances conspire to ensure he winds up doing the kanyadaan? Ermm.....if he does then it will put him in a very difficult position. Big liking this possible kashmakash in Arjun's mind a lot Big smile.....I would really like to see this track.

          I want Arjun to be trapped in a web of his own making......he will start feeling guilty taking advantage of such a nice girl especially someone who is so warm hearted and caring as Geet and also someone who has suffered so much in life. I want Geet to take care of him - like maybe he gets hurt and she bandages him, maybe he is hungry and she gives him food, he is tired and she asks him to rest things like that. She treats him well. I have a feeling Arjun like Maan had had a bad childhood which is why he is the way he is.

    A scene like this would be great. The Khuranas are finishing lunch/dinner when Arjun comes in. He has some work and says he will come later. Geet notices that he looks tired and asks if he has had lunch/dinner and Arjun says he is too busy. Geet tells him to sit down. Arjun protests and Geet tells him that if he does not sit down she will fire him and asks Daadima to help. Against his wishes Arjun is seated at the table with the Khuranas and Geet serves him food. Maan is unhappy and leaves. NE and Daadi also have to leave. Geet says "no one should eat alone" and stays with him until he finishes. He starts thinking about how she is so nice and the food goes down the wrong way. LOL He starts coughing and Geet runs to get him water and pats his head and tells him to eat slowly. You can show Arjun thinking about how long it has been since someone actually took care of him that way.


3) The scene where NE comes to apologize to Geet with the office people and band baaja. Thanks for not making Maan dance Wink LOL....we appreciate it Embarrassed. So all the girls are from Geet's side and all the boys from Maan's side. And Geet tells NE that she is her NE is now doing gatbandhan for sure LOL LOL LOL. NE confesses Maan planned the whole thing and Maaneet exchange a look. Big smile

4) Arjun ka drama and hungama very very effective ji. I loved how Geet told Maan that she is sure he had made the right decision but she would like to know the reason. Maan reveals that Arjun is NT's brother. Geet says that she would like to give him a chance because NT's sins should not be visited upon her sibling just like Dev's sins should not be visited upon Maan. Daadima adds her two cents and Maan agrees but makes his displeasure clear. He also lets Arjun know that he is watching him. I loved this scene. Geet's innocence is going to be Arjun's downfall. He is going to be swept up in her magic and start questioning what he set out to do. PLEASE MAKE MAAN KEEP SUSPECTING ARJUN TILL THE BITTER END. MAAN MUST NEVER NEVER TRUST ARJUN NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE OTHERS COMPEL HIM.

Finally a word about the TRPs. As long as your writers do their job and keep the flow up, you have nothing to worry about. Just make sure you do not mess up the wedding because then everyone will be out for your blood.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Theme of the Den - Maan Singh Khurana

Sini loved your extensive case study... in real life if we come across such a person ..the first reaction might be to run away...LOLROFLFinding him charming and intriguing is a bit hard to swallow...But in fiction he is mindblowingWinkLOLROFL

Maan Singh Khurana, naam hai jaana pechana.
Mile isse hum pehli baar, HP ki galiyon mein yaar.
Bachayi isne ek anjaan ladaki ki jaan,
Hum sochein kaun hai yeh gabroo jawaan.
Baaton se laga voh tedha, gusse ke bhara kaduva karela.
Par chupi thi acchayi, jo humein pasand aayi.
Sachi thi uski sab batein, anjaan ladaki ko seekh de jati...
Phir hua uska is ladaki se samana, Geet Handa naam hai usne jaana.
Geet ki jameen thi usne khareedi, dhokhe se jo Geet se thi cheeni.
Voh tha anjaan aur Geet pareshaan,
Is kashmakash mein aaye ek duje ke kaam.
Jaana ek duje ko kuch aur, gussail, badtameez, stree dveshi aur jhagdoo...
Apni baat jo tha humesha manvata, dikha yeh akela kuch na haath aata.
Ek baar phir bachayi jaan, Geet kyun hui apne parivaar ka shikaar.
Voh tha isse anjaan, seekh phir thi ek baar
Purani janjeerein tod gira do dewaar.

Phir mile hum is shaqs se, shahari babu ke vesh mein.
Yeh nikala ek udhyogpati, aakarshak, dhanvaan...
Par kuch aadatein nahin badalti.
Apne jeevan ko bas dhakel raha tha voh, bas yun hi din kaat raha tha voh.
Geet aayi aur phir shuru hui ladai,
Dhak -dhak  se bana dhust danav, sadu boss bhi to tha manav
Hulchul yun kuch dil mein hui, samajh na paya kya thi yeh khalbali.
Kayi jhagdon, ulajhano aur sacchayi ke baad,
Pyaar mohhabat ki hui hai baat, sang jeevan bhar saath rehne ke saath.
Aage dekhen kya rukh legi jindagi, dukh ho ya khushi sang sehni hogi.

Episode Analysis

Maan aaye Anvesha paas,
Karni thi Geet ke vishay mein baatein khaas.
Geet ne aapko bhi bhadkaya, pehle Dev bhai ko nikala.
Ab mujhe nikalvane ka samay hai aaya.
Maaf karna mujhe Maan bhai,
Nahin dekhni aapki shaadi aur apni bidaayi.
Maan ne dhoondha tareeka advitiya,
Khelein chupa chupi, khojana tum mujhe.
Dekhtein hain kya tum dhoondh pati, aankhon par baandh patti.
Girne se bachaya Anvesha ko, saaf dikhayi deta sab...
Poocha sawaal jiska jawaab tha vishaas,
Phir bataya kaise Dev ne todi Geet ki har aas.
Geet par beeti sun Anvesha hai hairaan,
Maafi use maangni hogi Geet par kyun dhaye maine yeh ilzaam.
Maan ne sujhaya hai ek tareeka, jo Anvesha ko bhi hai theek laga.

Geet baithi gumgeen, aaya hai ek ajnabee.
Pooche kyun ho tum udaas,
Pyaare se chehre par lagati udaasi nahi kuch khaas.
Baat ko ghuma kar khud se karo mat door,
Batao dil ki baat aur khush ho jao huzoor.
Rishton aur bhavanao ki kare voh baat,
Geet ko samjhaye nikaal do dil ka gubar.
Ajnabee ko batane se nahin koi nuksaan,
Yun kehta hai voh hoton par laa muskaan.
Geet sunaye apna haal, jee na payegi choota jo humsafar ka saath.
Dar par apne paao jeet, jo beeta use bhool jao Geet.
Dat kar karo dukhon sa samana, par har din nahin hota ek samana.
Rituyen bhi hoti hain chaar, jindagi vahi nahin dikhati baar baar.
Din aur ujale ka dilake ehsaas,
Pyaar nibhao kehta hai de kar poorna vishvaas.
Geet ne kiya shukriya ada, poochti hai kaise madad karoon yeh batao.
Anvesha ka liya naam, Geet kahe bulati hoon main use.

Anvesha aur Geet mein phir dosti bahaal,
Geet ki ban gayi hai voh behen, mita sab malaal.
Maan bhai ka tha ye sujhaav, tumhari muskaan ke voh hain sahi haqdaar.

Dhol, tashe aur nagadon ki aawaaz, Dadi poochein Maan kya hai baat.
Itne mein dikha ajnabee, Maan janana chahein kyun hai voh yaheen.
Maan ka yeh nirnay, Arjun nahin karega taiyaari yeh hai taya.
Janati hoon aapke faisala hota hai sahi,
Kya batayenge mujhe kyun yeh baat kahi?
Geet ka hua Arjun se parichay,
Wedding planner nahin Naintara ka bhai hai yeh.
Maqsad chupa Arjun ka isme koi, Maan jaanate hain isliye an-ban hui.
Naintara ko maafi mil sakti nahin,
Jo hua mere saath main kabhi bhoolongi nahin.
Arjun nahin chahte dena koi safayi, isliye maine yeh file lautayi.

Geet nahin leti kisi ka paksh,
Par insaan pehchaanane mein kya hai voh daksh.
Uska nazariya hai sahi, galat hai Naintara, uska bhai nahin.
Soch jo hoti meri aisi vishvaas nahin main phir kar sakti,
Dev aur Maan hain alag insaan, voh hai dhokebaaz aapne bachayi meri jaan.
Mauke ki karein Dadi aur Geet umeed,
Maan hain maane, par is nirnay se hain dukhi.

Arjun ki chaturayi, abhi Dadi, Geet ko nahin nazar aayi
Maan ko anhoni ka eshaas, baar baar hota khatare ka aabhaas.
Dikhne mein to lage sahi insaan, par iske iraadon se sab anjaan.
Kahani hai rochak badi, humein intezaar ab har ghadi.

Nirnay = Decision, Gubar =  Grief, Malaal = Grief, Paksh = side
Daksh = Capability, Aabhaas = Feel, Rochak = interesting

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Kudos to the CVs. Today's epi progressed the storyline by leaps and bounds … no beating round the bush, no dragging of the scene…straight and to the point…whether it is Maan's convo with NE, Geet-Arjun first meeting or Geet's logic to keep Arjun as the wedding planner.  An intellectually mouth watering episode…with superb acting by GC, DD and Arjun, super dialogues, execution and storyline.

The CVs seem to have completed their gestation period and r burning rubber ….yeah.  We got an inkling yesterday with Maan calling Arjun a spade, joining the dots between Geet and NE as the root cause of Geet's distress.

Maannie by the pool

Maan finds NE by the pool…in tears and comes straight to point.

NE, as usual, jumps to conclusion and blurts out in a similar way she did with Geet.  Maan tries to stop her but she is on a roll….self-pity….leading upto 'I hate her.'

Enuff is enuff…Maan takes the ropes in his hand and uses a unique, effective way to drive his point home.

Let's play ur childhood game of hide-n-seek.  Maan's strategy is two-fold…

-       first, he wants to calm her down to the point that she can think straight

-       second, drive the point home in the way she can understand

What better way than to lead her on that path with something from their childhood ?  Becoz more than us, Maan knows his sister…beneath that immature attitude lies a good heart and a sharp brain.  Brilliant move !

He lets her lose until she is abt to fall into the pool. The dialogue that ensues is enlightening…

MSK - See u were abt to fall in

NE - No bro, I wudnt

MSK - Why?

NE - Coz u r here…with u here nothing can happen to me.  I trust u more than my life.

…and then WHAM !

MSK - And this is the same trust Geet had in Dev.  But Dev not only broke her trust but destroyed her life.

NE - What r u saying bro ? Dev n Geet ….

MSK - …Ki shaadi hui thi …Even tho he was married, for Geet money he falsely married her, showed her dreams n  made promises.  Just one day after  the wedding, he ran away…and today Geet Dev ke bachche ki maa banne wali hai.

NE is dumbfounded …Honestly Nikunj should have done a better job with her expressions.  She totally diluted the importance of this scene with her below par expressions.

NE - I cant believe my own bro did something like this….n without even knowing the truth, I said so many things to Geet…and she took it all in quietly without  saying a word in defense.  I made a huge mistake…I must ask her forgiveness.

MSK - NE just saying sorry is not enuff…I have a better idea.  Who better to know Geet's frame of mind than  her Maan J


Geet-Arjun – peheli mulaakaat – extremely well done

I was always curious how this first meeting wud take place between these two…and I must say I'm not disappointed.

Geet looking pensive, tearful, forlorn … lost in thought.  Arjun walks in with file and notices her.  Does he not know that she is the bride ?  I doubt it.

Curious he steps closer and introduces himself.  Geet does not hear me.  Arjun continues saying, what's wrong u seem worried. Geet wakes up from her reverie, stands up and hastily wipes her tears.

Arjun handles the situation very well…find a damsel in distress, calms her down to open up to a stranger.  Some super dialogues from Barry….saving it for another day.  I don't think Arjun expected to find an intelligent, thoughtful mind behind that face.  He was taken in by her story and her simplicity….and I feel genuinely opens up and advises her.  There seemed to be no airs around her …unlike NT, NE.  What u see is what u get. 

Drashti and Piyush did very well in this scene.  Arjun- Geet – their first step to building up a rapport.

Arjun must have expected to see a small window into her thoughts but got a mountain load instead.  He is intrigued by what he's hearing…he is drawn to this stranger girl's thinking, her fears, her past …she is an enigma…when push comes to shove…he will hesitate to exploit her….this is my initial reaction.

His male protective instinct kicks in and he tries to pacify her by giving her the analogy of different months in a year having different seasons.  Phew…thank god…no more astronomy…more like the weather channel.  But I liked his advice and Geet did too.

Geet feels reassured by this stranger, calms down and thanks him. She finds out that Arjun is here to meet Anwesha and goes to find her. 



She finds her in the dining room…both wanting to talk to each other.  So Anwesha leads her outside to talk to  her and takes her to the outhouse which is dark.  NE turns on the light and the dhol starts playing.  Geet turns around to see the office staff decked up in all finery dancing the bhangra…Maan walks in and stays in the background.  NE looks at Maan and smiles

NE tells her that she brought her her coz she didn't know how to ask for forgiveness.  And adds a nice touch, courtesy Maan,  all the girls are Geet's maiyka and the boys are from the groom's side…a complete family.  NE says she is defo on the bride's side.  Geet is touched and says that she has found a sister who will always support her and hugs NE….NE gives a thumps up to bro.  Maaneet exchange smiles.  Geet's humility comes out when she says that NE did not have to do all this…all she needed was a hug.  But NE confesses that this was planned  by Maan.  Maaneet exchange a smile.


Maaneet, Dadi, Arjun – another good scene

Dadi asks wots happening hearing the music.  Maan is about the respond when he spies Arjun and says U ?

Geet feels guilty that she left Arjun hanging and apologizes.  Maan is shocked.  Dadi is surprised to see  him. Before Maan can say anything she tells him that Arjun had come to return the file but feels that Arjun would be the best wedding planner for them.  Maan puts his foot down and says that I've decided that Arjun will not be the wedding planner.  I like the way Geet tells him…Maan agar apne yeh faisla liya hai to soch samajkar hi liya hoga. But can I ask why ? Do u know today when I was alone, he'd helped me.   Maan refuses to accept her statement and enlightens her …isne jo bhi kiya tumhari madad ke liye nahi, apne maqsad ke liye kiya…that Arjun is NT's bro.

Geet is shocked.  She turns around and asks Arjun – u din tell me this.  One thing I liked about Arjun is that he looks Geet straight in her eye…there's still hope for him.

Arjun defends himself saying I din know who u were…I just found out today that u r the girl Maan's getting married to. I know there is a lot of hatred for NT,so I'm relinquishing this contract coz I don't want anyone to look at me with doubt…n Maan I won't  justify myself any further…and hands over the file to Geet….and asks Geet's forgiveness.  I asked u to forget ur past but unknowingly I reignited those same thoughts from ur past….I'm sorry.

He gives Maan one last look and turns to leave.

Geet stops Arjun.  Maan is upset…Geet what  r u doing ? did u forget how many zakhm NT has given u ?  He is the same NT's bro.

I know Maan.  I can never forget  that….nor can I ever forgive NT. But this doesn't mean that we should look at everyone associated with NT with suspicion.  Arjun listening keenly. 

Both Maaneet are so much in character….Maan the angry, arrogant, unwilling to believe anyone that has defied the truth.  For Maan once he judges a person he is unwilling to change his opinion…coz he arrives at it with a lot of thought.  This might not be applicable with his opinion about Arjun.  For Maan life is either black or white…nothing in between.

Geet is also still the same, in love with life, inspite of all her past unhappiness, willing to give another a chance, unwilling to paint everyone with the same brush.  She would rather color them differently.

Maan tries to protest but Geet stops him saying u n Dev r bros.  But u two are so diff.  After what Dev did to me, I shud never have trusted u. If I think like u then I wud think that u would also one day betray me. 

Dadi says Geet is right (arjun turns around and looks at Maan who is listening to Dadi's words)…all 5 fingers are not alike…n how can u forget that he saved my life this morning.  This is news to Geet….another brownie point in Arjun's favor…but Arjun is not gloating.

Arjun, I feel has also had a lot of eye-openers.  For starters, he met Geet and has formed his own opinion.  Then he met Geet with her family, Maan and Dadi.  Then he finds out that Geet has been wrong by Dev and NT…something so bad that she can never forgive NT.  And then inspite of this , how she is willing to give Arjun a second chance.  A lot of things that Arjun has to digest…something I'm sure his sister has not been upfront with.  How do all these developments affect his mission of ruining Maan's happiness ?

Bahut nek hai yeh Dadi says. Give him another chance.  (Arjun pretty soon u hav to prove or disprove Dadi). 

Geet continues. Maan u always look at people with sachai ke nazar. tell me, wud it be right if we look at Arjun with NT ki nazariya se?  How can we judge Arjun without knowing him?

Maan cannot argue with Geet's logic but is unwilling to bring down his guard and says that tho he may go with them but does not accept their choice.  Geet looks at Dadi who nods her head in acquiescence.  Geet then looks at Arjun smiling and Arjun returns her smile.

A perfect game of chess …in progress.

A white king, queen and bishop ….facing off a black knight who is trying to defend his dark queen.  The duel between the white king and the black knight will be fascinating. The black king is nowhere to be found….But after today, I feel Arjun will go hunt Dev down to get some answers.

Nissar, CVs, Barry – Brilliant !!!

Gurmeet, Drashti, Arjun – Fantastic performances.  Arjun welcome to the team.

NE, Dadi – Good job !


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"A man is a God in ruins." Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Problem doesn't lie in MSK but Viewers perception of him

"Shallow men speak of the past; wise men of the present and fools of the future"

So MSK is the wise one .....neither does he speak abt his past nor abt the future all he values and talks about  and looks to cherish is his present with Geet

"Men are born soft and supple; dead they are stiff and hard. Plants are born tender and pliant; dead, they are brittle and dry. Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible is a disciple of death. Whoever is soft and yielding is a disciple of life. The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail."

And its falling in Love thats made him soft and supple again ...and so he shall prevail...his character is as beautiful as the rainbow ....his personality having various hues/shades to it along with the pot of gold which is his heart and to see the rainbow and get the pot of gold u have to go thru the rain ......

As for todays epi

Geets char is kinda stagnant and isnt growing cause she isnt learning from her past mistakes and is falling for words despite the deceit she faced due to words in the past ....and her apparent relation based comparison was kinda flawed in my opinion cause Maan had proved himself on countless occasions as being different to dev when she found out they were siblings where as Arjun hasnt done anything to prove he is different rather if he was the right guy he shud have said I am NT's bro instead of Maan saying so ...also I have been told never to tell strangers anything and Geet always tells everything to anyone even the little kid in Home Alone knows that u don't tell everything to strangers .

Geet's char needs to mature with experience but I dont see that happening and who am I to complain when I dont contribute to the trps

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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-The Episode-

After a long time we finally get an episode with logic. I liked the overall episode, even the Maan and Anvesha scene, which at a first glance looks childish and immature coming Maan. The idea behind the scene was good; Maan was trying to show her that prejudices are clouding her judgment. However, this scene turned out to be subpar due to a subpar performance from Nikunj. Her acting leaves Annie's character unconvincing. It's true that I don't like the idea of Maan getting a sister out of thin air, however I do understand that what is done is done. Just because the audience may accept this character out of nowhere, doesn't mean that we can accept performances that are obviously lacking on a regular basis. Annie's reactions to the truth revelation were horrible at best and she ruined the scene for me by making it look amateur.  The rest of the episode was good! I especially liked the Geet and Arjun scene. It gives his character a mystery factor, and makes the audience wonder whether Arjun is  positive or negative. However, please CVs don't make a Arjun a another character in limbo. In simple words, we don't want another Dev! He is meant to negative and he should remain that way. The last scene were Geet chooses to give the contract to Arjun despite knowing he is NT's brother,  was very much in her character. Geet is a person who chooses to believe in the good in people. She is innately trusting and at times to a fault. And I for one didn't feel that Geet compared Maan to Arjun, she simply compared the situation. I liked Geet giving Arjun the file; that means the story is going somewhere. This track might seem like troubled times ahead for Maan and Geet, but it is not necessarily so.  This track has a lot of potential and will end with Maan and Geet on top. However, whether this ends up being a winner in terms of logic depends purely on execution, and execution alone.  So CVs please put your logical minds to work and give us something GEET like, because lately the show has been very out of character.

-The Maan-

Maan today did something that goes against his very instincts. He knows that Arjun is up to no good BUT he lets Geet give the contract to Arjun. He expresses his displeasure and simply walks away. The look Maan gave as he walked past him was enough to show the audience that Maan will be ready. Now the Maan and Arjun war is all set. Let's sit back and watch how the battles unfold!

Sin: Awesome "analysis" my frenClap....Maan sure has his share of issues that expands beyond his gigantic ego. Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2 is Priceless!ROFLROFLROFLROFL

Dupatta Zindabad!

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BgblZoolander69 IF-Rockerz

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Today's den dedicated to The Maan Singh Khurana, is he man or god?

Arjun Vs. MSK

Round 1:  Arjun 1 - MSK 0

Welcome back Logic!

Maan and Anvesha scene - I liked this scene. For the first time Maan was able to play connect the dots and find a solution to the problem (this is how it should have always been and should continue to be). They way he explained to Annie about the truth was smart as well. It was a well thought out scene. It definitely felt like a brother sister moment, where the elder brother teaches his younger sister about right and wrong. Gurmeet was good with his expressions. If Nikunj was better with the acting the scene would have had more impact

Arjun and Geet Scene - This was my favorite scene of the episode. First off, I like Arjun's character.Do I like Arjun? YES!! A suave villain he is...and he might not be a villain at the end. He is interesting and there is more then meets the eyes. He has many layers. He has potential to be both positive and negative, basically a character with grey shades. He appears to be a strong character. I want to see more of what is going on in his psyche. The scene was a very emotional one. Geet's pain was evident and it made me genuinely feel for her as I always do. Geet pours out her heart to Arjun and he gives her good advice. I think Geet's innocence and sweet charm might end up to be Arjun's weakness and not Maan's as everyone continues to believe.  How is it not possible to get engrossed in Geet's innocence and goodness? Some are jealous and hate her for it, while others love her madly for it. Drashti stole the show with her brilliant depiction of pain and sadness.

Arjun strikes again! - Arjun has somehow been able to get the three most important people in Maan's life (Geet, Daadi, and Anvesha) in the palm of his hand or so he thinks. I am sure he is under the impression that Geet will be his ticket to destroy Maan. I feel though he is wrong, Geet may be the only one who will save Maan. How will Arjun win the battle? Will it be through Geet or Anvesha's heart? I am hoping that he falls for Geet. That will add spice to the story. Him falling for Anvesha is just too predictable and been there done that. But that us most likely the path Cv's will take.

I love the fact that Geet gave Arjun a chance despite the fact that he is NT's brother. This nature about Geet is what sets her apart and why Maan loves her. I do not believe her to be his weakness at all. She is a strong woman who is able to fight for herself and for Maan when it is needed. Here we have two people who love each other so immensely that they are willing to give anything for the others happiness. I do not think we need to worry who will win the battle between Arjun and Maan because of this reason. They will stand up for each other and fight for each other. What will be fun to watch is how Arjun attempts to trample them.  Now the question is how is right in judging Arjun, Maan or Geet? I shall say both. Ajrun has two sides to him. There is one side that is misguided by his sister and believes that Maan has ruined her life and there is his "good" side. If he was all evil, he would not have given Geet advice or consoled her. Maan is right in judging him because; Arjun is truly after his happiness. Geet is right because it is not in Arjun's innate nature to be evil but he is rather influenced by external factors.

Over all - An improvement from what I have been seeing for the past couple of weeks (pathetic script and logic). It was a good episode with things that finally make sense.

Now let's come to the theme of the den; Maan Singh Khurana. Naam mein bhi kitna daam hai! What is he? Man or god? Obvious answer: man with god complex. Sinny has wonderfully depicted the many facets within Maan Singh Khurana's mind. I do not feel the need to say much more. I will say that every human being is sculpted with the happenings of their past. The past frames our present and future. It makes us who we are. Maan is a perfect example of that. We do not know what has happened in his past, but were given clues that a certain experience in his life has made him the man we see today. Maan sees himself as self actualized and strong person both emotionally and physically. He holds himself in high regards. He comes off as strong, but in reality he is weak. He is weaker then Geet, who he perceives to be fragile and always in need of him (which I believe comes from the fear of abandonment). The experience with Sameera broke him and made him reclusive. That is not a sign of a person who is emotionally strong. Yet Geet, who has faced so many hurdles, still lives life with a smile on her face. Maan has high morals and is brave.  That is what makes him appear so superior. He may stand there like he is the king of the world with his arms flooded across his chest and clenching his jaws, but he is nothing but a man scarred from the battles of life.  However, with time and the right influence we are able to see his gentle side.

I still remember my reaction from the first time Geet bumped into him at the fair and he pushed her away. I hated him at that moment. But he made a lasting impression. Until I saw him save Geet from the water I wondered what kind of man denies a girl help. Then today we have the Maan Singh Khurana who is willing to give even his life for that same girl who was a thorn in his life. Now I wonder what kind of man does so much for a girl that you cannot help but love him. Yet that arrogance and self importance is still intact in his nature. We see a soft side, but we also see that rage when it is needed. We as humans are not made of a single quality, but many qualities that come to form when the situation requires it. Same goes for Maan. He may have been that arrogant man filled with hatred back in Hoshiarpur, today he is a man in love whose compassionate qualities (Not that he wasn't compassionate before.He has always been Geet's savior. Even if he acted like she annoyed him.) are brought to the forefront because of his predicament.

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