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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Hola Party People.....Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to start the season's celebrations than dissecting our favorite Craziest CharacterWinkLOL 
So here we go!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (thats the sound u make on a  roller coasterLOLLOLLOL)

                                              Maan Singh Khurana

                                An Extensive Case Study


Maan Singh Khurana. He is a man of many qualities with different facets. He is handsome, rich and famous. He is a recluse, who is reserved but kind hearted as well. He is a perfect man, who is an ideal lover for women across the globe. He is smart, intelligent and every woman's dream. However, this seemingly perfect man also has many flaws. The flaws that becomes evident when you get closer and look deep enough. Maan Singh Khurana is a troubled man. A man who is suffering from a lot of issues in his past which occasionally manifest itself in his conduct. He is a man of many layers and every layer has secrets embedded in it. In short, Maan Singh Khurana has problems which need to be examined closely to understand his character.


Every Man is a Product of his experience, so is Maan. I believe Maan has lived a very distressed life so far that has made him the man that he is today. He is a man in need to be understood and dealt accordingly. In other words, Maan is in dire need of a therapist and psychiatric help'so here is my explanation why:


  1. Ambivalent and Avoidant Attachment Issues:  Attachment issues are an essential part of human beings mental make up. John Bowlby, a renowned psychologist has done extensive research on Attachment issues. According to him, Attachment is "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings" (Bowlby, 1969, p. 194). Marie Ainsworth, another psychologist created a strange situation paradigm to analyze the attachment between children and their parents. According to her paradigm, research in this area indicates that patterns established in childhood have an important impact on later relationships. Keeping this Paradigm in mind, Maan seem to be suffering from Ambivalent and avoidant attachment issues.

The criterion of Ambivalent Attachment has three distinct characteristics:

a)      Reluctant to become close to others; Maan always refuses to get close to people; he is always curt with Dadima, the most important person in his life. He was extremely wary and distant from his brother Dev. In fact, he doesn't even have friends; he has an office staff instead who he is working for a considerable period of time with but still has to struggle to be cordial with. For example, the whole series.


b)      Worry that their partner does not love them; Maan is very insecure in forming a bond. He was so anxious that Geet didn't love him before he even himself admitted to having any feelings for her. He went to lengths to prove to himself and get her to admit her love for him without ever expressing his own love for her. For example, testing Geet over and over again during Pari's cameo


c)      Become very distraught when a relationship ends; it is extremely evident that Maan was very distraught and bears deep scars from his previous break up. For example, break up with Sameera.



The Criteria for Avoidant Attachment are stated below:

a)      May have problems with Intimacy: we have witnessed it many times. Maan does not like to become emotionally intimate with anyone. In fact he hides important things from his Dadima, the most important person in his life. He also doesn't confide everything in Geet either, even though he is madly in love with her. For example, Geet still doesn't know that Maan has a brother named Vicky, or He was in a relationship with a woman named Sameera previously.

b)      Invest little emotions in social and romantic relationships: this is one is very tricky, it took Maan a long time to come to terms with his feelings for Geet and to accept them. However, he still remains a social recluse. He doesn't have friends and he doesn't interact with anyone but his family and Geet.

c)      Unable and Unwilling to share thoughts and feelings with others: Maan is always unable to share his most private feelings with anyone. He can never confess to dadima how much he was in love with Geet. Similarly, he can't even properly confess to Geet how much he loves her. For example, I m still waiting for an EXPLICIT I LOVE YOU!!!!! And He hasn't also confessed about Sameera to Geet.


2)  Defense Mechanisms: Defense mechanisms are one way of looking at how people distance themselves from a full awareness of unpleasant thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Maan have used them through out the series so far, I am only going to mention the two most commonly used by Maan:

      Denial: Denial is the refusal to accept reality or fact, acting as if a painful event, thought or feeling did not exist. It is considered one of the most primitive of the defense mechanisms because it is characteristic of early childhood development. Many people use denial in their everyday lives to avoid dealing with painful feelings or areas of their life they don't wish to admit. For instance, Maan used denial to convince himself that he didn't have feelings for Geet.
    • Projection: Projection is the misattribution of a person's undesired thoughts, feelings or impulses onto another person who does not have those thoughts, feelings or impulses. Projection is used especially when the thoughts are considered unacceptable for the person to express, or they feel completely ill at ease with having them. For example, him being continuously angry at Geet in the Indian Paints office, where Geet should have been mad at him for following her like a creep.




3)      Narcissism or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

       A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

a.       Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements). For example, Maan Singh Khurana does not need anyone.

b.       Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. For example, Maan Singh Khurana's Fiance demands.

c.       Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions). For example, The Dhabba incident.


4) Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). People with OCD may be plagued by persistent, unwelcome thoughts or images, or by the urgent need to engage in certain rituals. For Example, being Obsessed with the girl you are in love with. Stalking the object of your desire consistently, even when you tell yourself that you hate her.


5) Intermittent explosive disorder:

        Intermittent explosive disorder is characterized by repeated episodes of aggressive, violent behavior in which you react grossly out of proportion to the situation. Road rage, domestic abuse, and angry outbursts or temper tantrums that involve throwing or breaking objects may be signs of intermittent explosive disorder (IED).


    Multiple incidents in which the person failed to resist aggressive impulses that resulted in deliberate destruction of property or assault of another person. How many times have we seen Maan pushing and Pulling Geet? Was twisting her arm during Shimla trip called for??
    The degree of aggressiveness expressed during the incidents is completely out of proportion with the precipitating event. Remember how Maan pushed Geet against the elevator wall when she was just trying to speak to him?? and there are countless other incidences where Maan has been unusually aggressive.

   The aggressive episodes aren't accounted for by another mental disorder and are not due to the effects of a drug or a general medical condition. That I cant be sure of'.however, he hasn't shown any drug problems or any other mental condition which would explain his sudden outburst of anger and aggression.


6)  Hubris Syndrome:

Hubris Syndrome is a very curious condition. It is commonly known as the "God Complex". According to Clinical medicine, "Hubris syndrome is associated with power, more likely to manifest itself the longer the person exercises power and the greater the power they exercise. Usually symptoms abate when the person no longer exercises power. It is less likely to develop in people who retain a personal modesty, remain open to criticism, have a degree of cynicism or well developed sense of humour." Reminds of Maan, doesn't it?


the diagnosis of hubris syndrome typically grow in strength with time and exercising Power. At least three or four symptoms from the following tentative list should be present before any such diagnosis be contemplated:

* a narcissistic propensity to see the world primarily as an arena in which they can exercise power and seek glory rather than as a place with problems that need approaching in a pragmatic and non-self-referential manner: Remember Maan takes decisions for people, whether it be saving them or telling them that they have to come with him to Amritsar.

* a predisposition to take actions which seem likely to cast them in a good light, taken in part in order to enhance their image : this symptom was indirect, he cared a lot what the people in that conference room heard when Geet rejected him. he is also pretty careful about Khurana khandan ki izzat.

* a disproportionate concern with image and presentation , same as above. He exalted in knowing that he was the most coveted bachelor in town.

* a messianic manner of talking about what they are doing and a tendency to exaltation in speech and manner; Quoting Maan " Geet You Need Me", that little sentence explains a lot.

* a tendency to talk of themselves in the third person or use of the royal 'we'; constantly reffering to himself as Maan Singh Khurana 

* excessive confidence in their own judgement and contempt for the advice or criticism of others;  how dare Geet save the presentation in front of Mr Chopra? Without seeking consent from Maangod ?

* exaggerated self-belief, bordering on a sense of omnipotence, in what they personally can achieve ; Maan Singh Khurana Sub Kuch karsakta hai'..

* a belief that rather than being accountable to the mundane court of colleagues or public opinion, the real court to which they answer is much greater: have we ever seen him give proper explaination for his behavior to his own beloved Geet?? Did he ever told her why he let Dev out of jail? He thinks he is not accountable to her.

* restlessness, recklessness and impulsiveness; Kurban Hua moment, Announcing wedding in front of the press without asking Geet first and Khoon Bhari Maang

* loss of contact with reality, often associated with progressive isolation; resorting to tai-chi, Maan-chi, wood-chi and recently Hoo Haa, rather then talking to people, making friends.

7) Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder:

         A pervasive pattern of negativistic attitudes and passive resistance to demands for adequate performance, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicted by four (or more) of the following:

a)      passively resists fulfilling routine social and occupational tasks: How many times have we seen Maan actually working in the office??

b)      complains of being misunderstood and unappreciated by others : How many times he complains about being misunderstood by dadi and Geet??

c)      is sullen and argumentative: LOL do I even have to say anything??

d)      unreasonably criticizes and scorns authority : Outhouse fiasco, Complaining about Dadima annoying him.

e)      expresses envy and resentment toward those apparently more fortunate: okay maybe not this one !!

f)       voices exaggerated and persistent complaints of personal misfortune: Dadima ki Complain ki dukaan is always open for Maan.

g)      alternates between hostile defiance and contrition: Defy affections for Geet by manhandling her and then feeling contrite after doing it. Watch Dargah episode before and after.


In Conclusion, all I want to say is that, Maan is a very troubled man. He might be very "dreamy" and all but he really has some issues that need to be resolved. So CVs and Devils I implore you to look closely at your favorite character and try to explore how some of these conditions arose in the first place. Many of these conditions are stemming from childhood and having unresolved issues with parents, caregivers and siblings. So please explore this faade of Maans character and send him for Therapy because in reality he is in need of help.



P.S. feel free to share you ideas and opinions.....and bring on the shotguns Tongue

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* Whistling Non chalantly*
 so if you guys thought that i was done with just this much.........u are sorely mistaken my people....aisa mauqa mujhey pir kahan mileyga??WinkLOLEvil Smile
                                             Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2

        Since I like Maan so much (rolling eyes) and I m Oh So Curious about some of his extremely weird behavior here are some more conditions that I have diagnosed him off. Well, I am being extremely serious here; in fact if I was anymore serious I would be named Sirius Black!!! Hehehe just kidding....'couldn't help my self.......'so yea this is all PHUN with very little sense ;) ENJOY!!



Melancholia, also know as Major depressive disorder, is a mental disorder characterized by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem, and by loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. Maan has always been depressed, always doing tai-chi or wood-chi and never showing interest in normal pleasures of life. Like, having friends, reading, traveling and in any other activity. He is always trying to avoid situation which involve having fun and loosening up. He doesn't like to do it himself and he doesn't even like it when others do it. For example, He was such a Grinch during the Chopra launch party where everyone's doing Bhangra'.he just has to blow everyone's bubble'and he only likes his Coke can'the one he was carrying with him in HP days.


 Compulsive Hoarding:

In 1996 Randy O Frost and Tamara L Hartl defined compulsive hoarding with the following:

The acquisition of, and failure to discard, possessions that appear to be of useless or of limited value. b) Living spaces so cluttered that using the room as intended is impossible c) Significant distress or impairment to function. Two Words "SPOOKY ROOM".  Do I need to say anymore?? Why would a normal person hoard things which have hurt him from his past?? It is clear that Maan is suffering from Compulsive Hoarding.


 Anorexia Nervosa:    is an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight, often coupled with a distorted self image which may be maintained by various cognitive biases that alter how the affected individual evaluates and thinks about her or his body, food and eating. For example, Maan is obsessed with his body image. Compulsive excercising, and when have we ever seen Maan eat anything but that Papaya episode?? Before that he kept avoided eating and after that he is still avoiding it.




Fetishism is the use of an inanimate object or a specific part of the body for physical or mental sexual stimulation. This sexual behavior is widespread and takes many forms, from benign (a preference for the partner's wearing of lingerie before sex) to vicious (a rapist cutting a lock of hair from the victim for use in masturbation). The disorder characteristics are:

Repeatedly for at least 6 months the patient has intense sexual desires, fantasies or behavior concerning the use of inanimate objects (such as shoes, underwear). In Maan's Case it's the Duppatta, Geet's duppatta to be specific. He is always playing with it.

This results in clinically important distress or impairs work, social or personal functioning. With the fear of sounding redundant, how many times have we actually seen Maan working? Or behaving normally?




Mild form of Exhibitionism:

He is stripping all the time'.maybe he is not exposing the real thing Exhibitionist show'but he has the tendency to not wear clothes'even in front of Dadima'.I mean what the hell?


Mildly Voyeuristic' "A Peeping Tom":

Isnt he watching Geet all the time? Even when she is changing? I mean dude get a life' he has so far watched her change three times as I recollect. Once, during Roop Tera Mastana sequence, next, during the engagement preparations and the third time was when he walked in on her in Indian Paints. It seemed really romantic, but in real life it's just plain creepy. I mean why he can't give the girl some privacy. He is just smothering her with all his stalking and his voyeuristic tendencies.



Well, I had thought of adding Learning disabilities in Maan here as well since he never learns from his Past'.I mean he had a girlfriend/wife/romantic interest before rt? So y doesn't he do anything'well whatever and he also doesn't learn anything from his own mistakes'keeps pissing Gith off'.Cheapskate Looser!!! But since I m feeling very generous I m going to leave him alone now.


Mucho Love

SinEvil Smile


Epi analysis......*meh* may be LOLWink

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Since I m suppose to play the role of a defence lawyer for Maan Singh here I m with my short but mayb powerful defenceErmm..

To understand the character of MSK,first we need to understand the general mentality of a guy but since we all r girls or women out here,do we really understand the complex emotions or mood swings that a opposite gender goes throughErmm...
We r forming a particular opinion about MSK from a typical female POV...our research work too is somewhere from a female's POV...but its not necessary that a guy with a painful past will have same complexities and emotions like a girl with a similar past..
Girls use their emotions and tears as a strong defence mechanism to garner sympathy from the opposite sex...but here the guys falter since their emotions or tears r actually their weakest point..While girls get courage from their emotional or traumatic moments ,guys normally go into a shellOuch..Reason is simple..its God's creation...Women r emotionally more stronger and determined than men..reason they hv the biggest power to give birth to a new life...whereas Men's strongest point is their physical strength and ability to protect their women from the odds of the when we r judging a guy..we need to remember these points and then judge his basic natureSmile
I hv prepared my defence for MSK based on these above points
Let me divide MSK into three parts hereTongue
Dusht Danav Ajnabee Guy of Hoshiyarpur:I hv often noticed that many hv judged the basic characteristics of MSK from what they hv seen in HP and r still continuing to do so;But my question is was that the Real MSK we have seen in HPErmm;If I m not wrong then we viewers were not even aware of his name in the first few episodes;He just came across as a savior for Geet who was a loner with a typical angry young man image searching for someone mysterious and came out as a women hater but that doesn't mean its his basic nature..thats where we as viewers have a big misconception that MSK was a women hater then how come he is now all fine with so many women in his familyLOL;We r here judging MSK from his HP avataar where he was just an unknown stranger who just showed a part of his personality but do we hv any idea about his past life ?;We still dunno why he was in HP or who he was searching for ?;We have seen a smiling image of MSK in the attic room which clearly suggested that his HP avataar was not the real MSKTongue;In short he was just wearing a mask of hatred in HP but that doesn't portray MSK's real natureSmile...
Dusht Danav Business Tycoon of Delhi Before falling for Geet:Here we saw another shade of MSK's personality ;He was still the angry young man of HP but here MSK sort of contradicted his HP image and showed that he is not really a loner nor does he really hate women ..why ?because a loner cannot handle such a big business empire like Khurana ConstructionsWink and a woman hater cannot appoint a women that is Sasha as their chief company ArchitectEvil Smile;So this means what we saw in HP was not really the MSK but someone whose life had gone into a shell because of his past happenings and what we saw in HP was just a part of his dejected self and not his real selfSmile;So does that mean this Delhi MSK is the real MSK we know ??Ermm..Not really because even now he kept suffering from various mood swings once Geet made an entry in his company and its not because its his basic nature ..its because till now he was successful in putting a mask on his real self but Geet was slowly taking that mask away from his face and he was scared of the fact that the Attic room wala MSK will b soon exposed to the world which is his real even in the initial days of Delhi what we saw was not really the real MSKSmile...
Dusht Danav  Business Tycoon of Delhi after falling for Geet:Here we finally got the real MSK ..the one which was introduced to the viewers in Attic roomSmile,...Its the smiling and happy Maan who has a heart which he can show it to the world...Who wants to enjoy his life like normal humans..who wants to dance bhangra on his engagement day...who wants to go for shopping with his GithTongue...who wants to shower gifts and happiness on his family and submit him fully to his ladyloveEmbarrassed..thats the real MSK...and not the one which we saw in HP or early Delhi days..that was just an illusion created of the dusht danav who is now converted into a normal human that he was prior to HP daysEmbarrassed the question is why did he ever turn into a dusht danav that we witnessed in HPErmm..Thats a mystry of MSK's past which is yet to b revealed and before knowing that mystry we simply cannot pass judgement on MSK's character consistencyTongue...
Common Issues about MSK's character from a General Viewer's POV...
MSK talks about truth and honesty and expects Geet to b honest with him but himself is hiding his own past from Geet..why ?:
When MSK talked about truth and honesty with Geet for the first time before doesn't necessarily mean truth+honesty=Geet's pastBig smile ;He just wanted Geet to b loyal and honest in their relationship but was never interested knowing his past which was evident in hum tum episode when he himself told Geet to stop if she is not comfortable discussing her pastEmbarrassed;He always knew Geet has a past but still he went ahead with his feelings in pee loon sequence and wanted to hear ILU from her mouth ;So in short MSK never wanted Geet to disclose her past to him ;Geet herself decided to do so because she was carrying her past baggage in the present which will cast a shadow on their future;But thats not the case with MSK;His past is closed and locked in that attic room/ for him truth and honesty is equal to the present and their future ...He doesn't consider past =truth+honestry in his as well as Geet's case..reason why he never diclosed it to Geet ;Also men never like to show their past weaknesses to their future wife irrespective of how much honest u r....reason is simple..I already stated in my above description ..thats how God has created men and womenLOL...but yes if his past casts a shadow on thier future..he will not keep quiet..he will live upto his words of truth and honestyApprove
MSK was more passionate and agressive before what happened to the passion or the aggression..why its not fully there 24/7:ROFL
When MSK was fighting hard with his own real self in HP and early Delhi days because Geet's presence was changing him,he displayed wild and raw passion mixed with agression to make sure he doesn't let any Gith to break those strong walls of his heart  that he has built around in his life to keep happiness away because that time for him happiness was equal to pain..I m not saying it....Its Attic room wala MSK's confessionBig smile..remember this very important episode everytime we think about MSK's characterTongue;When he admits that he has already fallen for Geet and now he wants to accept the change in his life and return back to his real self and become the attic wala MSK again,his raw+wild passion was converted into soft passionate desire to win over the girl of his dreams who has exposed him to his own real selfEmbarrassed;Once the confession happens and he knows that Geet is his forever,his passionate desire gets converted into pure and divine love and respect for his lady which is also another subtle form of passion onlyEmbarrassed;When they go through the separation phase ,we saw the return of that HP wala dusht danav again with raw passion and agression because he was revisiting a similar trauma that he has already witnessed in his past and we saw the real wild side of MSK in the pool party fiascoTongue;This is the time we see the confession coming from MSK that this is not him..he is not like this...and right after that we see the return of the real MSK who is passionate but not wild...who is possesive but not obsessive...who has bedroom eyes for his ladylove but not lusty eyesWink..who believes in divine love and not physical pleasure.,.So MSK is still passionate but not in a wild but subtle mannerSmile
Why MSK is not giving justice to Geet by sending Dev-NT to jail:
I m not a lawyer so my defence might not b strong in this caseLOL;But what do we mean by justice exactly ??Din't MSK do justice with Geet by breaking all ties with Dev and NT and is not ready to call any sort of ceasefire despite Dadi's requestTongue;and Justice takes time if we see the real world where such cases r pending in court since 10-15yrs and still people r waiting for justice..whether u r MSK or SRK,....u cannot expect justice in few days time...and did MSK ever said he will take the case back  ??Ermm ..So why jump to conclusions ??Tongue...
Why MSK is so over-confident about himself and expects his word to b the final word:LOL;Because thats how God has created Male SpeciesROFL...MSK is no differentBig smile
MSK is a human or Angel or a Greek God or a dream or a such characters exist in real life ?:
MSK is a human with flaws that even typical men hv in them but in reel life,viewers want to create a illusion of a greek God in their mind who should b a pavitra virgin with picture perfect qualities..not to forget should ooze passion with his eyes 24/7 only for his ladylove and no other womenLOLLOL...when CVs broke this myth ,people said MSK changed...but MSK never changed ...only the illusion that was created in the minds of the viewers was brokenBig smile;MSK like any normal human is going through different phases of his life and is reacting as per different situations in which he is put in..The negativity that was residing in him in HP or early Delhi days has been wiped off from his life once Geet enteredTongue;So now whatever gestures MSK  does is that of a normal human;He is still the angry young man with attitude for the corporate world where he is a business tycoon but in front of his family and his ladylove,he enjoys being the normal human going for shopping..learning choreography for his sangeet ceremany..cribbing with his fiance while selecting cards..pampering his little sister and making sure Dadi is happy Embarrassed....Coming to whether MSK like men exist in real life or not..well MSK:The real human exists in real life but MSK:The God doesn'tSmile
Why MSK is so slow when it comes to Action:ROFL;
Its because he is trying to match upto the level of his Gith who is even more slower and took almost light years to reach to Maan from her Maan SirROFLROFLROFLROFL;If Munda doesn't take it sloww...then his Gith will not glow..because she will feel awkward of his extreme passionflow..and this will make their already complex relationship even more complex and slowLOLLOL...
Why MSK still hides many issues from Geet:
He doesn't hide..we saw it in today's episodeWink..its just that he takes it slow when it comes to Geet since she has a childhood habbit of running away from himLOL whenever she feels that she is the root cause of MSK's problemsOuch;So every time MSK needs to find a good shubhmahurat to give her the non-existent brother-sister type jhatkasROFLROFLROFLROFL
Will MSK go bankrupt ?Shocked..Is he that dumb ? can he blindly believe anyone this is not our MSKAngry
Those who still hv these questions can go and watch today's episode for the answersROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Now Short  Analysis of Today's Episode since I hv no energy left to do a detailed take after writing such a huge thesis on MSKROFLROFLROFL
CVs r really giving importance to the story now which was evident today and thats what I loved about today's episodeThumbs Up...
Highpoints were...
  • MSK clearing Annie's doubts in style keeping with his characterApprove..that is a man of few words who believes in quick action and instant solution using his instant brain wavesCool....Issues here were raised regarding why MSK tells Annie that Geet is carrying Dev's child when he considers the child as his....well reason for this is he was there with a mission to clear Annie's doubts and so for this he needed to practically explain her the reality of Geet's past keeping his other emotions asideSmile
  • MSK making sure Annie apologises to Geet in unique wayClap...He really knows how to bring smile in his Gith's faceEmbarrassed...
  • Arjun-Geet first interaction was impressiveThumbs Up..Like I said yesterday...Arjun is testing all the 3 women of MSK's life to see which one is his real weakness and he finally hits the right target with Geet hereWink..But little does he know that Geet will prove to b the hidden strength of MSK later onEvil Smile;Here issues were raised about why Geet shares her pain with a random outsider...Well I will say this is in keeping with her character consistencyLOL..Din't she share her problems with Meera too in a park just before confession when Meera too was an outsider for herWink;So in short Geet is someone who easily puts her trust in random outsiders  starting from Dev to Meera to now ArjunOuch..But as long as her protective shield MSK is there with worriesBig smile
  • Sometimes our biggest enemy teaches us the real meaning of life and how to fight it out and come out victorious by wiping off the past issues forever...and thats what Arjun taught Geet today with his words of wisdomThumbs Up;His intentions there mayb evil and all he wanted was to manipulate her as per his wish ,but indirectly he actually helped Geet here by making her realise that her past need not always b the reason for the present instead of sulking in alone..she needs to b strong and fight it outClap..
  • Arjun's way of getting an entry in KM via Geet knowing that MSK can never say NO to only one person and thats Geet was a interesting gameplan which opens gates for an interesting and gripping story post-marriageEvil Smile...
  • Geet showing her trust on Arjun and asking MSK to  give him a chance but MSK being in his character not showing his trust on an enemy's brother is what u call a perfect character consistencyApprove;MSK's anger is fully justified here since he doesn't really put his trust so easily on outsiders especially if u belong to the enemy campTongue;But Geet is just the wonder opposites attractROFLEmbarrassed...
  • Geet's dialgoues here r very meaningful and can be raised again in the future..its a loop which Geet CVs hv opened when Geet explains the dynamics of relationships to MSK by telling him that how he is so different from his brother Arjun need not b a clone of NT eitherThumbs Up;Issues were raised regarding how Geet can compare MSK and Dev here..Those who hv this issue,should watch that scene againBig smile..Geet was not comparing anyone here but just trying to explain MSK that if one person of the family is a devil,then whole family need not b termed as a monsterLOLTongue..mayb she is wrong in Arjun's case but u never knowWink
  • Last scene where MSK walks off from there giving that intense angry young man look to Arjun thus hinting the viewers a real clash of the titans..MSK vs ArjunThumbs Up
  • onThumbs Up
  • Not many mahhiiiiii eitherShockedLOL
 Turn offs for the today
  • Nikunj's poor performance in the first scene which ruined the impact of such a big truth about Dev coming out in front of his sister from the mouth of his other brotherOuch..

My Episode Rating:9/10..Perfectly balanced episode with hardly any flawsThumbs Up

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Peek-a-Boo: Msk& Ne's fav gameStern Smileso they shuld play this again and MSK shuld leave her to count and run away sumwhere she can wiat theree screaming bhaaaii..
jks apart me loved MSK's way of explaining it to her coz MSK is not a man of words but of action..
and NE ke bheje mein sum sense cumss bak..MSK gives her idea dun tell me he is gonna do bhangra againn..
Nikunj u are trying  to act but u fail miserablyOuch
Err-jun: He is a clever Munda he worked his way out with people's emotions..The way he manipulated GeetLOLHe knows how and when to play his cards..This track will only have potential if they don't go  the cliched way..
and wait I am sure he has confused so many viewers whether he is a positive or negative..Everyone wondering if he is negative why did he give tht piece of wisdom to geet even when she was a stranger to him jus lyk a guardian angel...
I don't really think he is negative he has brains and everything but he is doing all this revenge thing only for his sister a brother is takin a revenge from the ppl who made his sister suffer but once he knws his sister's deeds he sure will realise his mistake but right now I am really luking forward to his game plan..ish so darn mysterious and I am loving it..Big smile
Errjun &Geet's Interaction:Loved his advice how not all 365 days have the same weatherBig smileShe shuld move on was just wondering why don't he apply the same for hsi sister but I guess tht case is different..
Dance: The whole office dancingLOLwats up wid adi in moustache 1st stubble then moustacheeConfused
and maanisha dancingROFL
Maaneet: awww I lovedd those Smile GlancessEmbarrassed
Msk is Clever: Chinguss tht he uses office staff to do decorations so tht he does not hav to hire the other workers for tht taskLOLYou see he is so clever all these lil things saved up all his money
Geet&Daadi: Hey Bhaguuu Emosanal Packss this err-jun is gonna ruin you guys and you are inviting him with open armsLOLGayi bhains paani mein..Err-jun laid his net and Geet and daadi happily voluntered to step into it..Listen to MSK he is right..I love MSK's 6th sense..He does not trust ppl easily and it is very good for him while daadi and geet bcame a part of err-jun's emosanal atyachaar trap ab Bhukto...
MSK: I Love youBig smileYou have issues but at the end of the day you make the right decisions love you for not supporting geet and daadi I am eagerly waiting for the clash of the titans..Err-Jun Vs Maan so both teams
 Hum bhi Hai Josh Mein 
Baatein kar hosh mein
Yun na ankhein dikha
@CVz You shocked vampire show beat you..well tht is a warning for you to pull ur socks up..we will give in our best to promote it but you have to be consistent with the outcome of episodes you give..the editors are better than prev ones but sum tym they fail miserably too..If you think u need to bring ppl from the previous team who gave the unique flavour to the show then do so..Its do or die for you..Geek
@Sini woah Your extensive use of vocabulary moi learnt new words had oxford dictionary in my handsLOLThankuu this is gonna help me big timee..and you have taken googl baba ka help a lotLOL
and ur analysis was fab divided into disorders ROFLwill write more after I complete reading it fully I am a bit lost where I wasErmm
Ok I agree Sin Maan has issues but on the other hand as u said he is dreamy but wait i wasn;t saying tht..He is a man of principles which he follows without even getting confused..When he had the choice of his family dev and the truth..He chose the truth not bcoz he loves geet but he knew she was right..Even before when dev lost all his money in gambling, MSK kicked dev out to teach him a lesson..and he even regrets it in the coference room in the pink shirt he said "I have punished him enuf and now I am right to bring him back..He even questioned himself tht he never wanted to be a strict brother but an examplary one then how did u move to the wrong path dev?"
MSK is the dusht danav for everyone bcoz he has the fear if sumone finds out his weakness they can betray him jus lyk Sam aunty did so eh locked it all in tht spooky room..All the stuff tht are related to feelings are locked in tht room childhood memories, insecurities, happiness, and even his smile jus lyk tht photu frame of him smiling in pink shirt.. 
and abt his character changed hmm not really he has always been the same only changed himself towards Geet and other loved ones lyk he can do anything for NE.and his opinioin towards love has changed he likes roses he likes colours tht's it but attitude has not..
Even tho I knw he does less work being da MD of KC..He is busy romancing with geet all the time and every one else does the bhagam bhag..
he does hav sum issues abt how possessive he is..He cannot even tolerate a tailor so he has those issues..LOL
and he sure is an unresolved character especially coz we don;t knw wat blast from his past made him the dusht danav..
But on the other hand I agree he is a MaanGod too, I actually have 2 men in my life who accepted a pregnant woman my dad and Maan I really adore them how they chose the path of who was right...But then this makes geet worship him..Maangod needs to show sum human qualities..
We will knw abt them in his past he probably was not a pavitra and sudh atman tht si a ques tht no one can answer except for him and sam auntyLOL
In short MSK for me is a coconut.He is really stiff and hard on the outer surface but if u peep into him his inner self is very soft and kind..but only geet&daadi were sucessful in doing tht..
Sin StupendoFantabolouslyFantastic AnalysisClap
and Aisa Bhi Hota hai Part 2ROFLROFL

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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged

~~ CVS ~~

for all those who r interested in helping out the CVS from banging their heads!!! & bring GHSP to the top sloT!!!

a small invention of tragedy of errors till they finish 200th episodes!! 

@ all : devilss who have time to spare & can help me in openin the eyes of CVS!!! plz do pm me....

1. i want each of us to watch 10 epi of gEET frm first !!

2. ll tell u once u give in ur names!!! the task we have todo....

3. in the post we'll give in all the open loops they have left so tat they can complete the storlylines, as we keep discussing in bits sits our thoughts go unnoticed, if we dedicate a whole post jus for all the storylines they have opened & left we can bring in a change... DEVilss plzz do reply.. we cant see any other show on no1.... 

jus start watching the episodes & make note of the stuff tat was invented & left jus like tat.. 

like now we r discussing future plots... we will raise uor questions to the PAST track which was left unanswered so tat we give CVS a chance to re organize !!! 


to add o nt othe CASE anaLYSIS by mahEEn....

LOLThe carpenter's SyndromeLOL


Indeed Maan singh Khutrana should ba a carpenter by profession only then can he meet success no use of running behind wodden blocks  & cursing them'..



ClapFeatures of carpenter's syndrome::Clap


Mental deficiency is also common with the disorder, although some patients may have average intellectual capacity' am I not right ???


                   Wink  Tower-shaped skull ( for hid Endless growing hairs)

                  Big smile   Additional or fused digits ( all his digits r fuded & he knows oly to run away from geet cant stand)

                     EmbarrassedReduced height.( reduced height of Brains' never thinks.. never never'..

Aspergers Syndrome 'Confused Carpenter's syndrome ' OuchSopite SYNdrome


 Asperger's Syndrome often prefer their own company. ( ANGRY YOUNG MAAN)Angry

They are not interested in fashions, trends and celebrities and may seem to live in their own private world.( MAAN SINGH KHURANA WAHI KARTHA HAI JO USI ACCHA LAGE )Embarrassed

 Any interaction with peers may be one-sided as they tend to talk exclusively about their interests and do not ask any questions.( GEET CHUP BILKUL CHUP, JAB BOSS ORDERS DE RAHA HAI JUS LISTEN)Dead

 Social responses are often inappropriate.( FILE KHARAB KARDI PHIR BHI Masti KE MOOD MAI )Sleepy


The sopite syndrome is a neurological disorder that relates symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, and mood changes to prolonged periods of motion & disinclination for work''..Clap

Kc will soon go in for auction !!! bit am still thinkin!!! 

The essence of show was completely fiished by anni'..


The swimming poow wala scenes were so pathetic'. Do something to anni'..


GEET I seriously have certain issues with her >


  1. I never knew someone mature like geet sittin in mainhallway & shedding tears ??
  2. opening up herself to any STRANGer ??




y do I feel tat there is so much of repatation in dialogues?? Geet meera confrontation also had the same dialogues abt ajnabee'. Oly the DIARY MILK element was msissin!!


Oki the office staff entry was OTT'..


Now a days am feeling tat I have to watch the show jus for maaneet'' expecting nothing frm any others in team or scene'..


I don't feel like writing much'.. but the las t part kinda saved yday epi'.


Arjun has great potential & GEET reminds me : "aa bail mughe maar" in sasha's words a walking disaster for herself!!


Well he finally has got 3 in his hands'. Am waiting to watch more arjun maan confrontations!!! 

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
LEt me jot down some things-

Whew Sini - me just read and I loved it!
The dude has issues!!LOLLOL

But he's interesting precisely because he's unresolved isn't it?

When he said he needs Geet..he's not kidding.

HE definitely has issues about love and childhood- multiple betrayals and heart-breaks, failures and regrets hardened him into the kind of man who hates himself for making them and projects that anger outside of himself.

His dawai and dua is Geet-
She's cut him down to size so that- even if he has those intrinsic qualities that make him Maan Singh Khurana- he's a little mellowed down and not a Hubristic MaanGodLOL

I won't say he's changed, but most of his issues are resolved with Geet's help- office days when he said sorry, when he has heard all her talks, fake engagement, post pregnancy truth..etc etc..

Ome by one- the wounds embedded in this multi-layered character are being healed by GeetBig smile

in short..
ohh and no matter what- he's still awesome and OMG Hawt sometimes!!LOLEmbarrassed

Oh Gosh-
Mr Hubris Maan got overruled todayROFLShockedROFL
Look at that stride- his sixth sense and utter conviction that he's right versus Geet's rational reasoning mind that even gives example!

Completely outdone by the rationale of Geet, Maan is now behaving with an emotion and intuition.
Prejudged Arjun- thank God he has..but I loved Geet's reasoning

----she gave an anology- She didn't prejudge Maan..even after what Dev did to her. She doesn't think they should prejudge Arjun just because he's NT's bro

Willingness to Trust. Willingness to still have faith in Humanity
Her reason- if Maan and Dev were not the same, who is to say Arjun and NT are?

His emotion- How can you let the woman who destroyed your life, how can you let her brother JOIN us in matrimony while SHE destroyed your LIFE

Dadi's pearls of wisdom- Saari ungliyaan ek jaisi nahi hoti na Maan.
Okay Kill me, but can i say Maan and Erjun have commonalities!

When Arjun was giving advise to Geet..he told her to move ahead in life

Remember maan's dialogue in the hum tum epi- "zindagi mein hamesha aage badhna seekho Geet"

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:24am | IP Logged

@Sin ROFLROFLROFL Am reading the prognosis! OUTSTANDING!  I think he has 1, 3, 5, & 6 in Spades!  Babaji and Geet need to help him ASAP, i think u left him fetalLOL

What is MAAN's Weakness:
His Ego, so Hubris diagnosis is most accurate.  He tries to control and thinks he can control everything around him.  1/2 His problems would not exist if he stopped treating Geet like a 1/2 wit and not his life partner: 
 - Letting her know that he got Dev out of jail temporarily
 - Explaining why they could not marry right away post NT ka suicide attempt,
 - Telling her about Arjun's arzzi to withdraw the case against NT
 - Sharing why he fired the wedding planner
Had he been proactive not reactive in these situations, Maaneet would have avoided a spate of unneeded misunderstadings... ooops then we would not have a show.. let him remain a MORON forever  
What is MAAN's Strength:
His feelings for Geet may make his all weak, but she herself is his strength.  She inspires his creativity.  Makes him human and gives him cause to fight & live life.  She cuts him down to size and show him truth ki mirror.  She is his cure!  As Arjun will soon discover to his own surprise.  Geet can be manipulated, but she is sherni when it comes to her sher!  She took on Rasika Rathod in HP, NT Rathod in Delhi and now will reshape this new Arrow.
Lemme get some popcorn and watch.  MSK n Arjun double treat to catch!  Especially the sherstalk & glare Maan gave as he exitedBig smile

Wat Made Me Curious:
- Geet's dialogues about NT harming and Dev betraying her and being different from Maan.  Made me ponder what does Arjun know.  Does he know NT's ka sach or did NT feed him some 1/2 fairystory where Maan Singh Kameena did jadoo on all including de innocent Geet?  Does he think Maaneet together r upto no good.  Or did know nothing about Geet, but for what he learnt from the lady herself today (she is deeply in love with her fiance & scared of past repeating, NT & Dev hurt her).  Arjun's comment that he had not meant to raise Geet's past after telling her to forget about it, makes me think NT must have told him something about Geet....But, at this point this is not clear.  

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