Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [22/12 - Epi. 39]

ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Will edit mine soon, gotta do the written updates and sleep a little more LOL

I really enjoyed watching Arjun and Rashi today Embarrassed such a caring brother and now soon to be a caring mamu Embarrassed
he even agrees to give love and life another chance because Rashi has said so aww how sweet of him!!! in just a little bit he forgot all about his revenge Big smile

SHEFU is back Dancing and im so happy she was trying to get Arohi to say the truth but Arohi too is a stubborn girl D'oh itani jaldi thodi na manzur karegi Arjun ko Embarrassed ladki hai, time lagayegi LOL

PRICE TAG!!! ROFL i love this guy!!! he should definitely come shopping with me! before checking it only he will let me know what the price is
he has got competition with DJ tho
ROFL the necklace is 7 lachs but the ring on his little finger is 8 lachs ShockedROFL such an expensive ring!!! jeezzz
ehm mr. price tag made a mistake today in his calculations, he said the banner was 8000/meter well if it was 8000 per meter and those 2 girls costed him 4000 each it should be 16000 and more, not 16000
ROFLROFLROFL ok now i feel like a nerd GeekROFLROFL

I really can't wait to see thursdays! the ring goes gul DancingDancing but i don't want to watch Arjun get beaten up CryCry tho i am sure this all will happen next week Dead two days they will stretch Sleepy

ok i gotta go its like 2:20am and i wanted to sleep abt an hour ago LOL stupid firefox crashed on me 6 times and it even erased my analysis so thats why a stupid one this time Cry

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:02am | IP Logged
will be catching up today - so yeah reserved
''Before watching them,in their misunderstanding mix of feeling,anothersong for them for the moment'':
Song: Dil Mera Churaya Kyun from Akele Hum Akele Tum
Why did you break my heart?
Why did we fall in love?
Why did you go away, away, away, away?
(Dil mera churaaya kyoon
Jab yeh dil todna hi tha
Humse dil lagaaya kyoon
Humse munh modna hi tha) - 2
Why did you break my heart?
Why did we fall in love?
Why did you go away, away, away, away?

Ho, dil ko dhadakna tune sikhaaya
Dil ko tadapna tune sikhaaya
Aankhon mein aansu chhupe the kahin
Inko chhalakna tune sikhaaya
Seene mein basaaya kyoon
Dil se jab khelna hi tha
Humse dil lagaaya kyoon
Humse munh modna hi tha
Dil mera churaaya kyoon
Why did you break my heart?
Why did we fall in love?
Why did you go away, away, away, away?

Ho, milti thi nazrein jab bhi nazar se
Uthte the shole jaise jigar se
Saanson se nikla jaise dhuaan sa
Banta tha mujhse jeete na marte
Aag kyoon lagaayi jab
Bujhaaye dil chhodna hi tha
Humse dil lagaaya kyoon
Humse munh modna hi tha
Dil mera churaaya kyoon
Jab yeh dil todna hi tha
Humse dil lagaaya kyoon
Humse munh modna hi tha
Why did you break my heart?
Why did we fall in love?
Why did you go away, away, away, away?
Catch up with all iof you guys! and yeah ofcourse updated the post

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged
CryCry i couldn't come online but i use to watch all episodes really sad but congrats arjunROFL u r gonna b maamuROFL ab dekho both functions will be in the same place arohi ki saggai n the party which arjun is going 2 throw fr his sister
missed u all

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:32am | IP Logged
Scene starting with arjun grabbing a gun gave me so much hope,  that his revenge talk was not about arohi at all Tongue,   atleast for now.

Loved raashi and her lines todayClap,  she is a true sister.  Arjun becoming a mamu Big smile, cool, and the promise she takes from himEmbarrassed.  and thoda sharmata hua his line 'woh abhi puri koshish kiya nahi'Embarrassed. nice bro-sis convoClap  both Karan and rashee were good here Thumbs Up.  
gauri gets a voice over ROFL ,thank god, but I think it was not her voice.and yaay only couple of glimpses  of her  today  no evil smile instead sharpens butter knife against a kanj ke glass
  ROFL   wah kya hathyaar hai,  was is it a symbolism for her brain getting sharp ideas  Silly

finally they decide on the party  LOL  ,  big party mein ek big family enough hai na  Wink  . but loved her family  and the way they all were waiting for arohi to  be backEmbarrassed ,  but nobody noticed the lost spark in her  eyes.     chiku  D'ohentering with a pricetag wala  banner,   for a second I thot I read 'I will marry me'  ROFL .   Arohi and uske parivaar vale how can u be impressed by him Clown . 

Arjun calling her Thumbs Up and asking for one more chance  and arohi by now determined to see her family happy Ouch.  Loved their convo again.   Arjun saying destiny phir se milayegi  doesnot mean that he left everything on kismat,  instead it  shows that he isnt giving up yet and wants to meet her and even if destiny were not to play a role he was gonna do something about this chiku nautanki.   shefali the good friend is backClap.    hopefully she will reduce  guari's Dead effect on arohi.    overall good episode Tongue and good acting by Karan and Kritika  Thumbs Up.   loved the dadaji and DJ convo also.   
So the promo was not misleading , and he really wants  to meet arohi and sort  things out one more timeThumbs Up .  Ok for now everyone can cheer up Tongue,   promo is not abt manipulation as I had guessed but instead its his genuine attempt to win her,  I think that is what they showed today the gist of that promo, their phone convo Embarrassed .   Nisha u  were right, he is not vindictive  Tongue yet.  tomorrow at the engagement party he is going to be present , by mistake and will be abused and that is when the twist is going to happen.   Expecting a dhamekadar episode on friday,  from monday new track,   guessing again, dont worry my guesses are many times wrong. Tongue
@nisha I love that song.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 8:44am | IP Logged
lovely epi...much more lighthearted...Big smile
highlight of the day....arjun and raashi convo...Embarrassed

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GURASH14 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Dont hab words how happee i m seein ARJUN happee Big smile i wz dyin 2 c his million $ smile ..*.aww handsum mama lady killerDay DreamingHeart just LOVE U..
      LOVIN bro-sis relation felt so gud atleast there is 1 person hu cares abt. ARJUN n ARJUN'S xcitement 4 new comin baby aww cho cute *mama ki tarah hansum LADY KILLER HOGA* very truee.. muah 2 him n Wink aww AROHI ne phirse dil tod diya but loved ARJUNS determination AROHI aaj nahi to kal kaise haan nahi kahegi hehe..kismat bas jaldi se milade ...Day Dreaming n ssssssss shefali back in the house a lite of hope ...hope c finds gauris truth n tells ARJUN fingercrossed * on the whole loved todays epi- now tomorroe: m  waitin..pliz come fast..Embarrassed

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anitaksuresh Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Hi Mohabbatians!! looks like we all are happy today na too loved this episode thank god Gauri ko only thoda jhelnaa padaa todayOuch..
The moments that I luved watching today :
Arjun Raashee convo was just awesome. The dialogues well writeen, delivered beuatifully with the right feeling portrayed so well by Karan and Raashee..It just took me to Karan's photo moments on his wall with his Sis and the SBS on diwali with his nephews...Maamu jaisa lady killer...cute one!!Wink
The next best one was the convo on phone between Arjun and Arohi..arrey Kritika with her blackberry and Karan with his i phone I toh went to dreamland so dont remeber the dialogues here..I will be watching it again so will catch up on those dialogues..Wink.
The next one was I was thrilled to see Shefali back and the convo between Arohi and Shefali were lovely, Arohi here justifying why she has chosen Chikoo , just to see her family happy and liked the way she has an understanding of Singhania family which is actually not a family..luved the dialogues here and Kritika's expressions and dialogue delivery were just awesome. She is truly the best actress !!!ClapClap
Gosh!! this chikoo with a banner with his price tag was too much!! perfection ki hadd ho gayi but I like this guys acting..he is sooo funny!!ROFL
Kavya always luv reading your takes..and yeah destiny brought them together he said but agar mera pyaar saccha hai toh destiny will get them back thats what I meant the other day when I was saying destiny bought them together but will love keep them together forever and it will becos thats what is all about Kitani mohabbath hai ???Day Dreaming
Anjalii hope you are fine..cough kam ho gaya kya?Hug
Nisha this song is one of my favourite one and truly those lines suit the situation now...Hug
Gurash loved your take too!!Hug Okk yeah I forgot the family drama together..I liked the way Bua said meri arohi ko ley aaye thats my best gift..luved this one..yeah sad to see Arohi sad in all this and Arohi's mum going on about the blouse was funny one.. DJ toh has stolen my heart from first, she toh is the coolest daadi na..Wink

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 10:24am | IP Logged
I love love LOVE Arjun and Rashi!! And I love Rashi for making Arjun smile and convincing him to give his love a second chance! 
I hate Arohi for making Arjun cry and suffer so much but I can't really blame her. I'm not saying she's right but she's not exactly wrong either if we step into her shoes and see. She's way to influenced by Gauri who has left no stone unturned to brainwash Arohi against Arjun. She's her best friend and Arjun did betray her so she's bound to believe Gauri over Arjun. Nonetheless, I feel she should've given him one last chance. I felt so bad for Arjun!! He does not even know what kind of a dirty game Gauri is playing!! According to him, Arohi is just angry with him. Little does he know that Arohi would've long ago forgiven him had it not been for Gauri!! 
Shefali! Now thats what you call a friend! Thats what a friend is all about! Someone who stops you from destroying yourself and others rather than willingly pushing you in the tubewell of self-destruction! 
Obviously, Arohi will never ever be happy with Chiku! And she will deprive him also of the happiness which he deserves from his wife! Whom is she kidding?? She's still madly in love with Arjun inspite of everything!! 
I felt so bad for Arjun, you have no idea! But I'm glad that he's got at least one reason to smile: his unborn nephew! And as usual, apart from Arohi, its Rashi who makes him smile. Rest everyone is useless!! I'm really happy that Arjun has got out of his 'Devdas' mode. He's willing to give love and life another chance and we really have to thank Rashi for that!!

Memorable Quotes:

Arjun: "Mere zindagi mein good news nahi ho sakti. Arjun Singhania ke saath kuch achha nahi ho sakta kyunki achha sirf doosre logon ke saath hota hai. Hamesha mere apnon ko meri wajah se dard uthana padta hai. Aur jisne mujhe zindagi se pyaar karna sikhaya woh aaj meri shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahti. Zindagi ne kabhi meri taraf muskura kar nahi dekha aur jab pehli baar laga ki mere saath bhi kuch achha ho sakta hai toh kismat ko yeh manzoor nahi tha. Zindagi mein kabhi kuch achha, kabhi kuch khoobsoorat nahi ho sakta!" (My heart went out to Arjun! Poor him! I hate Rudra and Gauri!!)

Arohi: "Hamare beech sab kuch bohat pehle khatam ho gaya tha. Ab main uske dobara hone ki umeed bhi kahtam kar rahi hoon"Cry

Arjun: "Kismat ne humein milaya hai. Aur agar mera pyaar sacha hai toh kismat hamein dobara zaroor milayegi"Thumbs Up

Arohi: "Arjun ek sapna tha. Ek bura sapna jisse bhool jaana behtar hai"Ouch (He wasn't a dream, good or bad. He was real! They were real! And it was beautiful!)

All in all, not a very great episode but we see Arjun going one step ahead in his determination to win Arohi back :)

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