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ArMan Times Edition 30

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ArMan Times

Edition 30

Brief Update
by : -tas-

Dec 6th

Dec 7th

Dec 8th

Dec 9th

Dec 10th

Dec 13th

Dec 14th

Dec 15th

Dec 16th

Dec 17th

Links to Written and Video Update
by : -tas-

SBS/SBB links
by : loveabletwinz

6th December

9th December

13th December

  Dialogue of the fortnight
By : loveabletwinz

Rishte agar samajdari se nibhaye jaye na, tabhi woh tikte hain, rishto mein agar zid a jaye, tho phir unki umar kat jaati hain ' Manohar

I really liked this dialogue from Manohar and at the moment, he honestly is like the only voice of reason in the Karanjikar household. Relationships really need to be handles with care, because even though they may seem invincible, they are very fragile, and we must never forget the fragility of them.

Archana: Ek baat poochoo? Koi apne aap se zyaada kisi aur ko pyaar kar sakta hain?

Manav: Tum mujse yeh pooch rahi ho? Apne aap se pooch, jaldi jawab mil jayega'aur agar mujse pooch rahi ho, tho mujhe lagta hain ke agar hume apne jaisa hi koi pyaar karne vala mil jaye, tho hume apne aap ko bhool kar usse bohut pyaar karna chahiye, bohut sukoon milta hain.

This was the sweetest bit of conversation I heard between Manav and Archana! It was such a lovely and warm moment between ArMan! Even between all the chaos and confusion of everything going on around them, they still completely understand each other and that so delightful to watch!

Best ArMan Sequence
By : *Resham*

Nothing describes their love but a pure sanctity of their relationshipEmbarrassed The best moments to be seen when Manav saves Archana getting caught in the fire and burns his own handCryCry Thislove bond between them goes intact where Archana cares for him , and even feeds him since he is in so much painEmbarrassed on the other hand he is worried for her and questions her about the medicines which she had to intakeEmbarrassed..seeing this bond even Archu's father feels pround of this relation Embarrassedand thus this deep relationship is worth reflected which doesnt now need any words to even describe...Embarrassed give more of these moments and the audience is on the boardsBig smile

Best Family Scene
By : *Resham*

Well for the time being wht I felt has to be written down...EmbarrassedWhen Vinod talks abt division of the family Archana reminds him what this house has done for him....what his own parents have done for him and Vinod realises his mistake immediately after being pulled up by Archana...Embarrassed and apologises to them...was well sketched..and so takes up this section.Embarrassed

Stars of the Fortnight
By : *Resham*

Star Actor of the week:

Whom to give..whom to giveLOLLOLLOLNo matter hw much I am trying not to give this time to Sushant and let others do hv a chance, this boy makes me write abt him every time by enacting a brilliant performance in the week.ClapI have written much abt again to mention his love  towards Archana and fight against his own mother - these are the two sides which he can perform excellently to the hilt...I nw dont hv any words to describe this person but once again hats off to him for enacting Manav so beautifullyBig smileBig smile

Star Actress of the week:

Again...such a big question being asked naaCry...why why I have to write abt her...why again noone would like to come in place of her....Cry...nways...would leave my pens for a while until I find someone else liable for this section...Cry you understood wht I am saying...Ankita takes the cake this time tooClapClap....her portrayal towards Manav, her own family, her anger towards Savita just yesterday, is beautifully carved by her...Ankita shows excellent emotions at any point now...a well grown up actor frm my note...ClapClapClap...

World of Archana and Manav

Archana turned around to face the warmth behind her, exposing the fair contours of her back to the midnight breeze filtering through the bars of the window.  The dori of her blouse tickled her neck as it moved with the wind.  As she looked up, her eyes met with the bright glint of a silver metal; light seeping in through the dark of the night reflected off the triangular shape.  She wanted to reach up and feel the smoothness of the hollow the amulet rested in; she became all the more tempted by the irresistible scent emanating from the gleaming chest before her.  Before she could respond to her will, she felt two large, warm hands nestle her waist.  His touch was soft despite the naturally rough texture of his hands, weathered by the wear and tear of his work.  She felt a slight tingle wind its way up her back, as a cool wisp of air from behind teamed with the heat enveloping her from the front to cause an involuntary shiver.  Her body pushed her closer to the natural furnace before her as her evergreen bangles chimed against the cracked old window sill, which she grabbed in hope of support from any further quivering.  Embarrassed, Archana's eyes slowly made their way up, searching for their match in her husband's soft brown pair; however, she was distracted by the quick bob of an Adam's apple.  Manav gulped, as usual, unsure of how to proceed.  One touch and his delicate wife was already shuddering; shuddering with pleasure, he prayed.  He crept closer, looking in the direction of her pretty eyes for reassurance.  Her lashes flickered up as quickly as the curtain of her eyelids went down, and he saw her silky round cheeks go from a fair likeness of the mogra flowers in her hair to a deep, rosy shade.  Manav came in closer still, strengthening his grip around the soft concave of waist while he watched his wife's lips part to a sharp intake of breath.  And as you have witnessed I really am not good at this so for further reading refer to something by Commentator.  LOL


Creation of the fortnight
by : -tas-

Credits to : toothbrush13

Jokes for the fortnight
By : loveabletwinz

Who said it ?
By : loveabletwinz

Review of the fortnight
By : *Resham*

This week it ws more of Arman moments...Manav and Archana are brought in Karanjkar house due to Archana's poor health...this makes matters worse for Savita as nw she is hell bent on bringing her son back to her for her own selfish reasons....Ouch Manjusha doesnt approve this move too and so the sisters on the board...and they decide not to talk with Arman for them to get the signals hw much they have inapproved the situations...OuchDharmesh being the sole reason behind itAngry in btw all this we do see our love birds caring for each other...and loving each other to the maximum Embarrassed those are the only sweet moments why the audience is still taking the other side of nonsenseLOLLOL
My rating: 3.5/5...( this is purely for Arman momentsEmbarrassed)

Expectations for the fortnight
By : toothbrush13

The past fortnight flew by with a plethora of insults thrown around and quite a bit of degradation in the show.  It's a new fortnight now, but not much is known about the concrete direction of the actual story.  However in exciting news the newest promo is advertising ArMan as consummating their marriage on Friday the 24th.  Other articles have indicated the possibility of Archana and Manav soon moving out to start their life afresh and perhaps finally reach their potential.  Other outlets have not reported anything noteworthy with regard to the upcoming track.  Looking at the past fortnight one can expect to see Jaywant creating more trouble, some sort of issue erupting between Dharmesh and Vaishali, conditions between Damodar and Savita probably worsening, and more fights in the Karanjkar home involving Manjusha.
Will Archana and Manav stay at the Karanjkar home or move out?  Will they finally consummate their marriage?  Will it live up to expectations of the viewers?  What is Jaywant's next move?  Will Dharmesh's plans backfire on him?  Will the atmosphere in the Karanjkar household worsen?  Is there a fight soon coming between Ajit and Manav?  Will Tarun be successful in reopening the garage?  Is baby Sachin's fate going to remain so desolate?  Is there a storm coming for Satish and Varsha?  What happened to Varsha's great job which required going to America?  Will Archana ever get over this bout of illness?  What are Mushtaq and Raghu up to?  Who is the drunkard from the kholi scaring these days?
To find these answers and more, continue to watch Pavitra Rishta.

Interview for the fortnight
By : nikitagmc

1.    How did you come across I-F? How has your journey been uptil now?  Firstly, I am amazed that someone as boring as me is getting interviewed.  I'm really quite flattered.  Onto your question, I came across I-F looking for scores during the third season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, I think I got referred here from either Google or Wikipedia.  The journey so far has been quite smooth; I've met some really wonderful people and some not so wonderful, but the best part has been the great typing practice. LOL   

2.    What was the first thing that hooked you to Pavitra Rishta?  Do you really want to know?  Fine, it was the opening sequence when the dupatta flies off of Manav's face.  Day DreamingLOL  I thought Sushant was super cute from right then and that was the reason I started to watch.  After getting into the storyline I liked how different it was from the other serials.  The leads were poor and lacked a solid education, but they weren't impoverished or illiterate.  They repeated their clothes and had a rather average and relatable environment at home.  It was that simplicity that had me hooked to the storyline.

3.    What were your expectations from the show? To what extent have they been fulfilled?  I was hoping to see a depiction of Manav and Archana's relationship as a very strong one even if it was formed in an unlikely way.  I wanted to see them rise above their situation and help each other improve their lives together.  I didn't want to expect much from the show, but I thought that was a decent expectation.  However with the divorce fiasco it was clearly left unfulfilled.  Another expectation was that they keep in line with the environment and culture shown.  They have digressed somewhat from that but overall we haven't seen something wild like Manav and Archana miraculously becoming millionaires overnight' yet.

4.    Which is the quality of Archana and Manav that you most admire? Which qualities do you utterly dislike?  I admire that they're hot and dislike that they don't do anything with the hotness.  Tongue  If you want serious answers, I admire how caring Archana is and how compassionate Manav is.  I dislike the sacrificial tendencies of both and how they put themselves, and consequently each other at times, last on their list of priorities. 

5.    Which is the best thing about PR forum that makes you keep coming back for more?  The written updates.  LOL  I also like the variety of talents along with the extensive personalities.  The different takes on PR which result from those viewpoints are always interesting.  The creative writing such as your FF, Nikita, ' honestly one of the reasons I didn't quit I-F altogether at one point ' along with the shorter but equally brilliant pieces by members such as Commentator.  Then of course there's the group of besharams and everything that happens in ArMan Heaven. 

6.    Use your imagination to write an ultra romantic scene/setting for Manav and Archana, so that we can lap it up. 

Ed' note : Check World of Archana and Manav section :)

7.    Which was the most pathetic scene in PR according to you, one which made you burst into laughter cos of the sheer stupidity of the scene?  Many many scenes have been very pathetic, but all the scenes where strangers, from priests at the temple to neighboring patients at the hospital, tell Manav and Archana to keep their "Pavitra Rishta" always made me laugh.

8.    Assign points to the following on the basis of their B factor (besharmi factor) from 1-10 - Piya, Jia, Akka, Anu, Dew and Saffy  Let's see, Jia gets a 10 for being my Besharm Partner.  Saffy a 10 for some of her rather wild suggestions.  Usha a 9 for her underlying tones of besharmi.  Anu a 7, she's besharam but thinks too practically sometimes.  Dew gets a 5 for her descriptions of Manav/Sushant.  Piya is mild and so a 4, she won't even admit to her love for Mushy.

9.    If you had to introduce the following in PR, what roles would you assign to them?- 1.) Dolly Bindra ' Damodar's ex-girlfriend  LOL  2.) KSG- god ' First of all it's KSGod, like one word.  Secondly I would make him a male nurse who catches the eye of Dharmesh' ahem ahem  Wink  3.) Mukti Mohan ' She's really getting on my nerves these days, I think I'll make her Jaywant's wife and they can move to China or something.

10.  Compared to other shows on air, where does PR stand according to you? On what counts is it better/worse than them?  Compared to some other shows PR is still doing pretty well, there are no wild or insanely ridiculous tracks yet.  I don't think any show on air is managing to stay at a high quality level for more than a few weeks, including PR.  The strong points in PR would definitely be the actors and performances along with the general consistency of the setting.  It's definitely not the best though because some of the storylines are' well, half-assed, to put it crudely.   

11.  In which type of roles do you wish to see Sushant and Ankita in the future?  I want to see both of them in negative roles that involve no crying, unless it's fake crying as part of the trickery of the characters.  Sushant in one of those cunning-type of roles in a political drama genre or something similar, I'm telling you he would look really hot and carry it off with ease.  Day Dreaming  Ankita in the role of a classy but slightly vamp-y character would be fun to watch.  I think those would challenge them both as actors and also provide something different for us to watch.  Although I would like to see them just once in some type of purely happy sappy romance role, even if just for a dance performance.

12.  Rank on the basis of chemistry in the hugs of- 1.) Manav- Satish 2.) Manav- Sulo 3.) Manav-Shravani ' You have them in order for me already, Nikita.  Manav and Satish's bromance wins automatically, no two thoughts on it.  They have the best hugs in the whole show.  Day Dreaming

13.  Which other shows do you watch regularly? Who are your other favourite actors in Tellyland?  I don't really watch anything regularly, not in daily soaps at least.  I do find Saath Nibhana Saathiya entertaining only because of Kokilaben Modi, so I catch some scenes of that.  From now I will be a regular viewer of JDJ as long as Sushant and Ankita are in ' hopefully until the end.  Other than the obvious two in Tellyland I really like Ragini Khanna and some secondary-role actors whose names I don't know.

14.   Which was your happiest moment/day in I-F? Any message to your friends?  My happiest moment in I-F was when I came back from the debate state tournament and saw that Nisha had opened a thread for my birthday.  I had never been more flattered in my online life.  LOLHug  A message to my friends, the few that there are  LOL: stay cool, stay besharam, and stay friends with me. 

15.  Any message for Ekta?  Get yo'self a stylist, honey.  LOL

Trivia for the fortnight
By : nikitagmc

This fortnight focussed mainly on Manav, the so called gharjamai, the sick Archu(but who is actually just a visiting Jamai) and the grumbling-bumbling people around him. Once again, Manav the damaad won his FIL and MIL's heart. So this week's trivia is dedicated to this track!!

1.) PR trivia: What food item did Manjusha refuse to give Archana?
2.) Offscreen trivia: According to SBB- what has Manav given to Baba that has made him ill?
3.) Forum trivia: According to a posted article- who made a witty comment on Sushant and Ankita in ZRA???

Send in the answers to me- nikitagmc, or post them in this thread itself! All the best!!

Link to the previous ArMan Times

Editor's Note:

Yeyyyy, I'm not too late this time!! :D :D :D

I and the ArMan Times team wish all our readers and this forum a merry christmas and we hope you all had a memorable year! Happy New Year in advance, the next Issue should be posted by January 1st/2th, so will develop furthermore there LOL. Till then, have loads of fun with friends, family, snow and Santa Claus! Big smile

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Uff, now I've to do the Brief Update *sigh*
And that stupid divider doesn't want to be centered Pinch

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g8 NL

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Taz...a brilliant effort yet again...see m so clever didnt do the sticky thing ...socha pehle dekh toh loon thik se..kuch reh gaya ho tohLOL...and I ws soooooooooo rightROFL

Wonderful job guys....butDancing

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yet again a great job done guys:D
nice interview....loved it.
you guys rock!
keep it up!

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Absolutely fab job Tas and team!!!

@TB: Great answers and great romantic scene! Thankyou for being cooperative and sending the answers so quickly.

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great work..

TB..loved the interview...

cant guess the mystery voice..maybe sav...

answers to trivia..


2..out of date meds

3..akshay kumar..

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Oh goodness, I just wrote that scene as a joke so that I could end it abruptly in the way that I did.  LOL  It's really not worthy of being its own section.
Great job everyone!  You brought everything together wonderfully, Tas.

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