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ArMan's SR- One Shot- writer revealed- page 13

nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:04pm | IP Logged

Hello, Namaste, Adaab and sasriyakal to everyone!!!Big smile

Here I am- your host and dost!!!

Okay so let me get to the point before you kill me for not delivering the SR.LOL

Some of you might have visited the ROTW thread. There Bonne had put up a question asking me to write a romantic scene. I managed it somehow, but encountered the question- "Why did you stop at the chest???"LOL

So here's another version of the romantic scene , written by a 'certain SOMEONE'.

This 'certain someone' has delivered all what you wanted to read .Clap And now you have to guess who wrote it upBig smile

Let me not make you wait longer.... here's the SR for ArMan by our mystery writer, we can call her Anamika, since she has no name as of now...LOL



It had all happened quite unexpectedly. A big brouhaha had brewn up at home, when Manav had accidently given expired medicines to her Baba. Thankfully nothing had happened, but Manjusha vahini had lashed out most unexpectedly, accusing Manav of trying to kill Baba and take over the house. Everyone had been shocked. And even though Aai and Baba had tried to explain, that it was a grave mistake but not an intentional one, not even wholly his fault, since the presence of expired medicines in the house was the biggest mistake- but no one had cared to listen. Vinod had even called Varsha, Vaishali and Dharmesh over, who had shouted and shouted till their voices were hoarse. Manav had been polite, and apologetic, yet defensive.

That was when the band had snapped. She had taken Manav's hand and asked him to take her away from the house, saying that she would die if she stayed there any longer. This time, unlike earlier, Manav had not protested. They had moved out.

It had been their good luck that news of the garage reopening had come up only the previous day. Even though a lot of work needed to be done to get it up and working again, but at least it had ensured that they had a place to stay of their own- the garage
storeroom adjoining the main work area but with a door to afford some privacy for his new bride while they look for their real nest - from where no one could throw them out.  He never wanted Archana to see the face of the streets ever again'..  The nightmare of those last few days still haunted him and the fear of being unable to protect her, nurture her, provide for her as she deserved shook his very core.....  This garage, humble as it was - their makeshift shangrila - was like shrugging off those bad memories and lifting the veil to a new beginning. almost.


He entered the storeroom with the supplies and some food she had requested and saw that the cold walls of the room had already received her gentle homey touch......  the blankets-turned-curtains, the lumpy-yet-inviting mattress, the soft glow of the old fashioned lantern ...... and there she stood at the window, his princess bride, playing with her mangalsutra - staring at the glowing moon....just like that night so long ago - the night before janmashtami.


She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not notice when he came softly and stood behind her.........framing her body with his.  She could be so brave, so fierce, so bold at times like a little kitten thrashing with infant claws but tonight she looked so delicate, so wistful, so  ethereal.....  A vision - all his own - a vision he wanted to behold and hold - all at the same time.


He held her shoulders gently and she turned towards him with a curious smile - oh that smile - it tugged at something within him - a feeling he was too afraid to let go and too hesitant to rush.


He smiled back - he hoped his love was shining in his face and his eyes for her to see...... He wanted her to see.....he NEEDED her to see.


Tonight was their night....moments of their own - for once...............and he wanted these moments to be the first dream of their journey together.. the dream they would cherish and build on and turn to for tomorrow and forever.


She started to say something but he stopped her -  the moment was too precious to waste on words - his eyes, his heart, his soul would have to do the talking and she would HAVE to respond in kind - words if spoken would only shatter the magic of the moment.


He put his finger on her lips and gently shook his head.... she looked at him first surprised, then questioningly and then he could see that she understood what he was saying -  she looked apprehensive, then shy, then coy, then an upward glance surreptitiously......he was in a trance -..nothing could have prepared him for the emotions flitting across her face - the gentle blush.. the cautious but bold stance......... He placed his arm so tenderly on her fragile, slender waist and she leaned into him...........

In that moment he panicked, he did not know what she would do if he proceeded - would she get overwhelmed? Would she faint? OMG ............. he hoped not. He hoped she wouldn't faint........... Practical as ever- he held her firmly as he guided her across from the window and lowered her to the ground so they could lay together on the mattress.


She looked up at him  -  she was glowing with a reddish-pink hue now spreading so charmingly all over her nymph-like face...... she looked at him so trustingly and in that moment he loved her more than ever.


She looked up at him ..........her Manav, her husband. He looked almost boyish. The boy in him was teasing her with his eyes, luring her with his smile, making her get all nervous and EXCITED at the same time.

She read his eyes when he had held her at the window and in that moment she saw her MAN the way she had always seen him in her dreams.........She wanted to smile bashfully, to reach out to him and hold him but she was scared........... for herself and for him.. she had never ever shared or even experienced this side of herself with anyone (and she had never wanted to - until she met him  - she had been brought up conservatively and her inhibitions were like a tattoo that she could never wash off but with him it never seemed wrong - being a woman for him had seemed so natural, just the right thing, like it was destined, like it was divined).. yes she was nervous, yes she was overwhelmed, yes she was curious but if Varshu and Vaishali could do this.. she was damn well going to try.. but would her hesitant moves scare him? he was so shy, so unpredicatable, would he withdraw as he had in the past??  she had waited for him for so long that she did not want him to turn back now.. she would let him lead and she would follow....... for now............taking her cues from him..


He lowered his face to hers almost touching her soft cushion like lips, she did not shy away, he almost got lost in her doe-like gaze and had to steady himself, he touched the graceful curve of her neck with his lips - so soft, so supple, so perfect............ The feel of her hair, the fullsome tresses tickling his nose, yet filling his senses..... This was the breathe he wanted to inhale and NEVER EVER let go..........


She wanted to giggle and sigh all at once, the prickle of his stubble, the warmth of his breathe, the feeling of 'right'ness at his nearness'she decided to sigh and could not stop sighing.. the moment felt frozen.. her breathe the only thing linking her last sigh to her next' she waited for his cue'.. wonderingly, anxiously, eagerly.............


Her sighs were like an elixir for him - a potion that healed him, filled him, drove him to new depths..... ones he had dreamed of experiencing with her but had been afraid to pursue. Somewhere in the distance he could here soft strains of a song playing from a radio - a song he thought could only be so befitting for her ' aajo meri tamanna, bahoon mein aao, keh ho na paye juda hum, aise mujhe mein samao..........


She said she did not dance and he was just an average dancer but this was a dance he wanted to teach her - a rhythm he knew she would share - he would lead at first and then wait for her to lead him too... together they would move.. step into step............hand in hand..........making their mark one stroke at a time.


He ran his hands down slowly, almost gingerly along the silhouette of his nymph.......... Afraid his porcelain princess would shatter at the slightest touch......... were his hands to rough? He paused..............Would his touch repel rather than attract?  He looked at her for his next cue and in that unspoken moment she held his hand confidently in hers and moved with him.......... making their mark one stroke at a time.................




There she lay his sleeping princess bride, glowing in the escaped wisps of moonlight, her tresses spread across his pillow, her arm so naturally across his chest, the shadow of a smile playing subconsciously on her sleepy lips............ was she dreaming the next sequence of their first dream?.............. His very soul was enveloped with the love they shared, the music they made, the first dance that was all their own............... there was a inexplicable joy, an uncontrollable force, an unmistakable confidence that was brimming within him, AN ECSTASY that he had to control from rushing to the surface and EXPLODING...............he wanted to jump up with joy and kiss her silly until she giggled and laughed with him and they stayed up all through the night.............. but that was ok, there would be tomorrow.................. Tonight she must sleep and he would hold her, firmly, lovingly as he should have forever and always...................basking in their private magic.


He had the final piece of his puzzle.................they were one in spirit and now in body and that was all he needed to take on tomorrow and all the struggles it would bring''.tonight he would just be thankful for a dream realized, his moment in time..............his princess WIFEBig smileEmbarrassed

Oh wait........... tomorrow..............
Oh their search for a new home
the opening of the garage
so many things to do
would there be time for some more magicEvil Smile
well Archana will just have to make it so. LOLLOLLOL that's what partners in crime are for



And now people, if you liked this, please click the like button to encourage our mystery writer, whom I will be referring to as Anamika henceforth. She will be lurking around on the forum, waiting for your comments and feedback, so please try and leave a note to encourage her to write more.

Take a turn to guess who wrote it up. I'm sure it will be fun.

Keep a watch on this thread cos Anamika may pop up any moment to reveal herself. Of course, till then, I, your host, will be the connecting link.

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toothbrush13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Whoever you are Anamika, awesome job!  Thank you for not stopping at the chest.  LOL
Nikita do we get no hints at all?  Come on...

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mansi96 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Thank you secret author for this wonderful and romantic ArMan story! Clap I would be thrilled if I saw this kind of SR for ArMan on the show!  I would love to know who you are so I can gush with gratitude some more, but if you rather not reveal yourself yet, that's okay.  As long as you write some more romantic ArMan, that is! LOL

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maneeshaF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
well romantic <3<3
I loved it Embarrassed

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
@TB: Clues????


1.) It's a she LOL
2.) She has written a lot of good posts here.
3.) She is a very popular member.
4.) She got very put off with the divorce.

Did these help??? LOL

@Mansi: no, no, the writer does not intend to keep her identity hidden at all. She will come up with a bang. First you all must try and guess who it is.

@Mansheefa: Thankyou on behalf of Anamika.LOL

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smrth Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:35pm | IP Logged









YOU made my afternoon lurking worthwhile today.ClapClapClap

BT is hard put to match.LOL

Edit add: I'd goofed up- as is my wont- in that first rush of excitement at reading a fine piece-a wrong comparison. Only excuse was a childish exuberance to link comparing metaphor with first letter of a tentative guess- the name of the writer…but then look at the commotion this piece is effactingShocked…almost all reply posts on fist page are tailed with …'edited by…'LOLLOL

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toothbrush13 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
This may sound very silly, especially because she sounded reluctant to write anything like this, but going by the use of the one "OMG" I really want to guess it's Hope.  LOL  Some of the writing is different from her style but nonetheless, she's my guess.

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smrth Goldie

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Probably Commentator...unlikely though.

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