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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 89)

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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  Chapter 17

Modi House


Suvarna was reading celebrity magazine and parsing her brother best friend for her amazing pose, while Mr. Rishabh Modi was cooking in the kitchen.


Sid rang the bell to the modi house; one of the servant opened the door and welcomed sid. Sid gave him a smile and went inside of the house. A soon as he enter the living room, suvarna scream top of her lungs BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and jumped from the sofa and hug sid as tight as she could, sid also hug her back and swinged her around. Mr. Modi came out of the kitchen with spoon in his hand wearing an apron, when he saw sid he also came running toward sid to hug his son but sid stop him in midways by putting his hands in front of him.


Mr. Modi, " What I cannot give my own son a hug." Said innocently.


Sid, " Nope, not today since I am very mad at you." Said sid calmly.


 Mr. Modi, " Oye shut up, you give your sister a hug then what did I do wrong that I cannot get a hug?"


Sid, "Why did you came between my work again, i told you before dad i don't need you to help me, i hate it when someone comes between me and my work, even being the boss of my company it feels like i am still not capable of handeling our company,i want to be independent, i want to reach the top by myself not by holding your fingers, today you helped me, what about tomorrow when you will not be there? then what?couldn't you have just let me handle the situation dad?." Said sid.


Suvarna was looking from sid to her dad, she was so lost to the whole drama.


Mr. Modi, " Sid forget that na, it is a family time, you have come home after so many days, we should celebrate it, one for you coming home to me and another for getting the contract b/c I know you will get it."


Sid, " But i am telling you for the last time dad just back off…" before he could finish his sentence Rishabh ran into the kitchen b/c his pakora was about to burn, while sid just look at survana as t what the hell is wrong with their dad, survana looked at sid and said, " Mental, you know na bro whenever mom is not home, dad cooks for himself and us, he does not eat outside food and gets mad at the servants if the food is not as good as mom makes, so that is what he is doing, cooking." Patting on sid in his left arm.


Rishabh came out of the kitchen holding a hot hot pakora in his hands hiding it behind his back and told sid to open his mouth.


Sid, " WHAT???."


Mr. Modi, " Just do it na." Said with a smile.


Sid, " Are you ok dad, I am here to talk to you about why you cannot let me handle my own business rather then coming in like you are the boss and here you are telling me to open my mouth, dad I lost my baby tooth long time ago."


Rishabh, ' say ah!!!!!!!!!." Said rishab.


Sid just looked at his dad silliness and said ah, as soon as he open his mouth, Mr. Modi shoved those hot hot pakora into sid mouth.


Sid just stood there for few second before screaming AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While Sue started to tap him on his back, while sid was jumping up and down trying to cool the hotness which just burned his mouth.


Mr. Modi, " So you were saying who am I to make the decision, well I am your dad and no matter how big you get I am still your dad, so next time be careful who you are talking to son, just b/c i have pampered you which made you into a heartless man that does not mean you can walk over your own dad, i agree you are my weakness and i seek nothing but to see you happy but you have to learn to accept others people help sid, let people in, don't push them away, let others give them their shoulder, it wil make things easier for you my son." Saying this he turning around, " Remember one thing I will always want the best for you." said in a serious tune. While in the background sid grabbed a mug full of water that was sitting in the dinner table and just pour it into his mouth while Sue stood there like what the hell is going on.

Sid, " Dad i didn't mean to hurt you, it was my fault i will make sure i never act like this again." said sid in a calm voice.
Rishabh, " A sorry will work." teasing sid.
Sid, " Don't push it dad." with that he huged his dad, " You are the best dad b/c you know how to calm me down when i am tensed." Rishabh huged sid back when sue cleared her throat and both sid and rishabh opened their arms to welcome their sweetheart to a big hug.
After few minutes the dinner was served at the table, which made sue and sid eyes popped out.


Sue, " Dad we are not pig why did you cook so much?."


Sid, "Yeah dad there are so many people hungry in this world and it seems all the food in the world is here." Said sid.



Rishabh, " I cooked all this food for you and rather then thanking me you guys are saying why I cooked so much food, shame on you guys, what kind of daughter and son are you guys?." Doing an act.


Sue, " Ok.. ok thanks a lot dad, it is very sweet of you." Sid folded his hands and agreed.


Everyone started to dig into their food but sid was having hard time eating b/c his tongue still hurts from the hot pakora. Rishabh came over to sid and sat next to him and blew on his food to cool it off and then feed sid his favorite Italian pasta with his own hand and then to he fed Sue her favorite Chinese food, while both the son and daughter fed their father as the scene grow fainter.






Naina came to the orphanage to find out that someone is about to open a club near by and soon they will have to close this orphanage b/c there will be too much unwanted stuff that will not be good for the children to see. One of the woman came over to naina and said what will happen to the children, where will we take them, this was our home. Naina was taken back, she called up riddhima and told her to meet her in the orphanage along with Yuvi.


Both of them arrived at the orphanage and went to Naina who was pacing back and forth.

Riddhima came over to Naina and place a hand on her shoulder, which made Naina jump up.


Riddhima, " Naina what happened? Why are you so tensed?." Yuvi had the same expression like what is going on.


Naina told them everything and riddhima was just plain shock and mad at the same time, while yuvi was like oh!!!!


Naina came over to yuvi and grabbed him by his shirt collar and said, " Please yuvi help us, I cannot let this happen, this place cannot be destroyed b/c of some wacko business man wants to build club."


Yuvi, " Nai.." before he could finish, naina turned to riddhima and said, " I wonder what kind of man that person is that even after knowing there is an orphanage he wants to build a club here." In a angry tune.


Riddhima, 'A sick person for sure, I am sure this person is very proud of himself and self center person, who only thinks about his  profit even if it harms others, a person like this should be.." before riddhima could finish yuvi reacted to them in the most unknowing ways.


Yuvi, "That's enough, first of all that person has no clue there is a orphanage and secondly the person you are talking about is none other then my brother." Digging his fist into his palms, "and I am the one who is handling this project."


Riddhima and Naina, "WHAT!!!!!." shocked beyond anything.


Yuvi, " Yes it is the truth." Said yuvi.


Naina, " YOU! So it is you and your brother that is going to ruin this place b/c you guys want to build some third degree club to make younger people life hell."


Yuvi, "that is not the case naina." Said yuvi looking straight into naina eyes.


Riddhima, "Oh really then tell us what is the case. I mean everything is crystal clear na, you guys want to build a club in here and for that this innocent people will have to leave this place."


Yuvi, " Riddhima it is not going to be like this, we will make sure that this children get all the happiness they got from here, we will build a new orphanage for them, better then this one where there will be no problem with water, electricity or dust. They will live peacefully." Said yuvi confidently.


Naian, " WOW! Mr. Yuvi, you want to buy their happiness with your money, one hand give them the life of luxury and in the other hand snatch their happiness from them."


Yuvi, " WHAT?." yuvi raised eyebrow.


Riddhima, " Yuvi this children does not need the life of a luxury, they need fresh air, freedom, this dust does not make them feel sick, it makes them happy, yuvi if you want to do something then I can only say this, please don't build a club in here, you will break everyone's heart."


Yuvi, " I am sorry riddhima I cannot do that, I have promised my brother that this will be his gift from me and I will not break his heart, this project means a lot to him, like I said we will make sure this children lives in peace, that is all I can give you guys." Said yuvi clearly.


Naina, " Yuvi it is better to break one person heart then to innocent children heart, if you save this place by not building a club in here, this small children smile again, this elder women's will give their blessing and there is nothing in this world then to get blessing from elders then breaking one person heart."


Yuvi stood there not knowing what he should do now, he does not want to break anyone's heart but he sure cannot break sid heart. Yuvi shook his head in no and started walk away from them when riddhima called out.


Riddhima in a soft tune, "Not even for your brother sake yuvi." Yuvi turned to riddhima confused.


Riddhima, " He will be mad today but tomorrow he will be getting so much dua from everyone, they will bless him then curse at him for taking their only hope of living in peace, yuvi he will not loose anything but gain so much for respect, please change your decision for the sake of your brother."


Yuvi, " But riddhima he means everything to me, I cannot see him with the expression that says I trusted you and you broke my trust, this project means everything to him, what will I say to him? I cannot just go back on my words."


Naina, " You are not going to betrayed him yuvi, he will never think of you like that if he also respect you and love you like you do."


Riddhima, " Yuvi he seems to be a very rich guy, so loosening this project will not make a difference to him, and he will understand you after you explain it to him why you did all this b/c you want him to be remember as a good human being, no man can be this heartless that he will not understand you.: she said with a smile and assure him that everything will be fine.


Yuvi thinking in his head ( I will not want sid to get bad name, nope never, I want to see him reach the height of the sky, I want to see him happy always and if by not doing this project will give him dua from everyone then I will make sure he gets all the blessing b/c he deserves every bit of it)


Yuvi, " Difficulty.. my brother is very difficult to handle sometimes and this is one of the time, I sure will get some peace of his mind but to see him happy I will tolerate everything." Said yuvi.  


Naina and Riddhima smiled at each other and ran to hug yuvi, while yuvi opened his arms for both the woman hug back. Both the women was in peace now but yuvi not yuvi, until he makes sure sid is ok with it, he will not be able to rest and the only person that can help sid understand is none other then bari mom.

Yuvi looked toward the sky and prayed that sid does not hate him for this, when his phone rang, he excused himself from the ladies and went in the corner to speak.


Yuvi, "Hey sid, I was just thinking about you." Said yuvi.


Sid, "How sweet, listen I am coming back in three days and I have a surprise for everyone don't tell this to anyone ok and how is our project going on? I am sure it is going in full force, I cannot wait to see how everything is." Said sid.


Yuvi, " really wow this is a very good news and I promise I will not tell anyone anything but sid there is one thing I want to talk to you about, but not in the phone, you come here first then we will talk ok."


Sid, "No problem and I have to go now dad is acting all weird and making all this clown face at me, I will see you in three days, till then be safe."


Yuvi, " LOL! Bari papa is very lovely and ok I will see you in three days sid, you also be safe." With that sid disconnected the phone.


Yuvi took a deep breath and walked over to the girls who were now telling everyone that everything will be fine, no one is going to go anywhere; this place is safe and sound but at the cost of his brother happiness.

p.s. soon everything is settle between naina and yuvi, siddhima story is going to start now, the real one, since naina is going to be important part of yuvi life now, siddhima are going to have to face each other over and over again. So for the lateness to start siddhima story but it was need b/c if yuvi and naina does not get together then how will sexyface and ickyface meet!
precap: yuvi at the airport to receive sid

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o bani di such an awesome updateThumbs Up
i really love your writing styleClap
i am fond of your writingHug
and siddhima story to startDancing
eagerly waiting for itDay Dreaming

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Reserved....banuu I'll comment in the morning Tongue


Banuuu Hug
Awesome update Clap

I Love Sid's dad....he's too cute[:P
Loved Sid-Rishab scenes and also SueEmbarrassed

YuNa-Ridzi scene was nice too
I can't wait to see Sid's reaction after he finds out about YuNa
and the project

and of course can't wait to see Siddhima storyEmbarrassed

Continue soon....

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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heyyyyyy bani

nyc update yaar

i jst luvd  d part

jst waiting for sidhima story to begin


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-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome update !!

Loved Mr Modi & Sid's scene
It was really nice Smile

Yuvi is a sweetheart , he don't want Sid to get bad name Smile
I am sure Sid's mom will handle dis situation nicely

Looking forward to the start of Siddhima story Tongue

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Nice update bani !!!
Sid's dad rishab is sweeheart person.....loved son,daughter & dad scene.....i really loved yuna n ridhima's looking 4ward to the start of sidhima story....

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KW_rocks Groupbie

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Sorry for the late reply.
Just now read ur all updates, they are amazing.
Continue soon & thanks for the PM.

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