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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 53)

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Originally posted by sr-medha

awesome parts bani
cud nt reply due 2 stupid exams
update soon
thanx fr the PM
thank you medhaSmile

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Originally posted by veena_rocks


i luvd bth d partsHug

plssssssss cont soon

y didnt u pm meAngry


thank you veenaSmile
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Originally posted by TazzyA

Banuu my pati dev LOL i have read all the parts together and LOVED IT!!! Nikammi finally u updated lol now i wont have to go chudail on uu LOL xxx
tazzy wify, cool and lol no no chudail re
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Chapter 8 

    Both sid and yuvi came out of the club, sid putting his fingers through his wet and trying to comb it with his fingers, silky hair while yuvi looking around for the girl. They stood on the side of the road when a car came in a speed zone and splashed mud puddle at yuvi. He was cover with nothing but nasty muddy water. Yuvi stood there shock and angry, while sid was looking at him from top to bottom with his mouth open wide, sid tried very hard to keep his laugh at bay, but do to yuvi condition, sid burst out laughing, yuvi give him a killer look which made sid crack up even more.


  The car that smashed mud into yuvi was naina's car, do to the darkness and in a hurry she didn't see where she was head, it was a mistake, she would have apology but they were in a very hurry to reach home before bari ma came home from Modi party, but she apology loudly from the car, but sad no one heard it but riddhima. The two women vanished into think air, while the guys stood outside of the club.


Yuvi cleaned his face with his shirt, as his face was clean he saw sid condition. Yuvi stood tall and put his arms across his chest.


Yuvi, " Siddy Widdy, man you look so lovely tonight." Sid looked at yuvi with a question mark on his face.


Yuvi, "You see even in a ripped pocket, you look cool dude, if it was someone else they would have thought you are a tramp." With that he took sid hands and placed it over his ripped shirt pocket and started to crack up.


Sid, " Haha very funny, I only have ripped shirt pocket, but your face is blacken completely, even kid will get scared of you, you look that ugly."


Yuvi, " OYE! And you look like someone raped you; look at your state, ripped shirt pocket, waise who was the person who ripped your shirt pocket?


Sid, "Enough, yaar I don't now, I couldn't see her face, but if I see her again, I swear I will break her neck, this is my favorite shirt, i will not spare that girl, I will take something from her that means a lot to her, my only wish is to see her just once, then see what I do to her."


Yuvi, " Siddy widdy don't worry your wish will come true." Placing his hands over sid shoulder.


Sid, "Really? How do you now?" looking confused.


Yuvi, " chandani raat hai, I hear that whatever you wish in this night you will get, so we will meet them for sure, you will break that girl neck and I will drown that person who has splashed muddy water on my face." Rubbing his arms together, while on the other hand sid looked at his ripped shirt pocket and give it a angry look.


Gupta House


Riddhima and Naina took their sandals off, and started to tip toe before anyone can hear or see them, they reach the stairway but at the same moment the light went on. Both riddhima and naina eyes popped out of sacredness, both slowly turned to look who it was and they got shock.


Modi House


Seemed like the party was over and everyone went home b/c there was nothing but silentness in the modi house with no light.


Sid, "Give me your hand I will pull you up." Yuvi gave his hands so sid can pull him up through the window of the living room. Do to the force both sid and yuvi fell on the ground making a loud noise, which made everyone think there is a chore in the house. The entire servant came out with belan, swiffer, sandals and danda and started to beat sid and yuvi like there is no tomorrow.



On the other side, both the girls saw it was riddhima dad, they took a relazing breath and came stood before him.


Riddhima, " Dad you?." Looking at her dad.


Mr. Gupta, " Where have you two been ha? It is midnight now, where have you two been?."


Riddhima and Naina was taken back by riddhima's dad screaming at them.


Naina, " Oh…Oh…. Hum hum…" she couldn't bring herself to speak in front of Mr.Gupta, that is why she was hesitating to speak.


Mr. Gupta, " SPEAK!!!!." Screaming top of his lungs, which made both naina and riddhima jump out of scaredness, he never scream at them like this before, matter of fact, he was the one who covered for them when they went to parties together, but today he was acting like mrs.gupta.


Riddhima, " What's wrong with you dad? You are acting like mom today." Mr. Gupta gave riddhima an angry expression, which made her shut up at once.


 On the other side, yuvi and sid were getting beaten black and blue, as they tried to escape, someone came in front of them, all the servant stop beating sid and yuvi at that time. As the two modi look up, they saw someone feet in front of them, the light was turned on and slowly they look up to see their mom standing in front of them, looking down at them. Both sid and yuvi got up in a hurry and stood before her, with their heads down. The servant saw who they beat up, and one by one started to escape from there without saying anything, while others just ran from there when they saw it was their master who they just beat up.


Mrs. Modi looking at her two sons from top to bottom, if it was other day she would have cracked up, but she was extremely mad at her sons for leaving the party without saying anything, nor informing her about it.


Sid and yuvi looked at each other from the corner of their eyes, both of them had their head bow in front of their mom, sid hands were behind his back, while yuvi rest on the side of his leg.


Mrs.Modi, " You two out to be ashamed of yourself, look at you, are you my sons, how embarrassing is it for me that I had to see you two like this, one is looking like as if he was doing WWF in the mud, while the other one looks like a beggar, where have you two been?." said in a  very angry tone.


Riddhima, "To the club."


Mrs. Modi, "CLUB!!!! You mean to say that you two left to go to club, while we had party in our house, and that party was for you two."


Naina, " I am very sorry uncle, it was that we haven't been going out for so long, we thought we will chill for once, but the sad part was that the Modi party was the same day as ours, and we planned this for so long, we couldn't change it, we are extremely sorry."


Yuvi, " Bari mom, it was my fault, sid didn't do anything, he didn't wanted to go, but I forced him, so whatever you have to say please say it to me, it is my fault."


Sid, " No it is my fault to, I went with him knowing the consequences, we are very sorry mom."


Riddhima, " This will not happen again, we promise, we didn't meant this to happen, we will apology to aunty tomorrow morning by going to their house, we promise."


Sid, " We promise mom, this will not happen again."


Mr. Gupta cracked up and sat on the sofa while riddhima and naina looked at him as if he has lost it completely.


Mrs. Modi, " This is the last and first warning, I hate it when people do this kind of stuff, even if they are my employee or my family member, my rules does not change for anyone, you get what you pay, and I am very mad at both of you, so I have decided that from now on, you two will handle my work, no party and no if and but, it is an order," said with her fingers pointing at both of her sons, " And now go get cleaned up, first you two look like an outsider and then got beaten my the servant, see this is what happens when no one listens to the elders, SHAME ON YOU TWO." With that she left, while sid and yuvi felt very guilty and agree that they will handle the business from now on. Both of them put their arms around each other for support and started to limp to their room, poor sid and yuvi they not only got badnaam by each other but also got beaten by the servant as they thought they were thief.  


Mr.Gupta, "You thought I was mad at you two na?." while still cracking up.


Both naina and riddhima shook their head in yes.


Mr.Gupta, " Aare I was doing a drama, thought I should change my character for once, but you must admitted I was too good."


Riddhima, "UFF dad, please don't think of yourself as dev anand sir, seriously you suck, I like you when you are yourself."  Sitting beside her dad.


Naina, " For a second I thought it was aunty, by god, I was shaking from top to bottom, but thank god it is you uncle." Sitting on the other side of mr.gupta.


Mr.Gupta, " HAHA I am too good, I should have an actor not a business man, then I would be superstar in one day. And your auntyji would have been my madhubala re, we would have been the hot and happening jodi."


Riddhima, "But dad where is mom? She is not home yet? B/c if she was then you will not be acting but acting as if you are worshipping god."


Mr.Gupta, " OYE! Chup, you think I am scared of your mom?  Matter of fact since the day I married her, I boss her around, she listens to me, she does whatever I tell her to, she is my sweet wife." Smiling away.


Naina, " But uncle I have never seen you  say anything in front of auntyji, matter of fact I have seen you agree with auntyji without saying a word, whatever she says you agree, then when does she listen to you."


Riddhima, " The only time she listens to him is when my dad sings romantic song for my mom in chandi raat, other time he is a jur ka ghulam." Both riddhima and naina started to crack up.


Mr. Gupta, " CHUP!!!! I am scared of no one and I can prove it, when your mom comes home today I will scream at her for being late, then you will see how scared she gets."


Riddhima, " Yup, sure, whatever you say dad."


" I am home." Said Mrs. Gupta


Mr. Gupta, " I know you are home riddhima, I am not blind." Riddhma who was reading a magazine, and wasn't paying attention to anything said, " It is not me, mom said I am home."


Mr. Gupta eyes widen in shock, while naina spit out water that she was drinking, and riddhima looked up from her magazine.


As the three looked at each other in shock and numbness, padma started to enter the living room, hearing her foot steps all three of them started to run in different direction, mr. gupta ran toward the temple, as if he was praying all this time, while naina and riddhima started to run upstairs as fast as they can, while running riddhima slipped and hurt her knees which bang into to the corner of the stairs, she almost screamed out but naian held her mouth with her hands and dragged her to her room. Everyone vanished; the room was filled with nothing but emptiness when mrs. Gupta enter the living room.


Precap: Hi beta, how are you????

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Bani Hug
awesome update............Embarrassed
OMG my siddy & yuvi were beaten by own servants..............Shocked ROFL
i love the riddzy & naina entry in home it reminds me my old days with my friends..........Tongue
& mr. gupta............LOL he is cool dad & obidient joru ka ghulaam.........ROFL
update soon nikkami otherwise u know very well...........Evil Smile
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Bannu my cupid HugHug

Awesome update !!
I love love love it Embarrassed

Hahahaha I can so imagine Sid & Yuvi in dat horrible state ROFLROFL

& what dey got beaten up by their own servantsROFL

Loved Gupta house scene

Mr Gupta is a coollllll dad
but Joru Ka Gulam ROFLROFL

Can't wait 4 d next part..
Continue superrrrrrr soon..

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