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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 25)

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jacobharry10011

Awesome update.....Please pm me when u update next
thank you and yes i willHug

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

Joined: 12 October 2010
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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by subia-17


what an update!!!

awesome update to goodClapClapClap

loving u r FF!

sr finally meetEmbarrassed

hwat shirtless sid loving this batameez even more n more Blushing

and  loved the connection btw sid n ridz 

looking forward 2 d next part!!!
thank youHug
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Raghni2009

Awesome....Love Sid style n attitude.

Bani, I love how Riddz is Fida already on sid.

Its nice that this time Riddz is runing after sid.

thank you raghniHug

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Riddhima in her head thinking how can this be Mr.siddhanth Modi, I heard he is the top most NRI business man, but looking at this man, he seems neither like a business man nor his attitude proves he is one, this man is full of himself. He is trying to fool me by saying that rich business man name so he can get away with what he did to my dupatta, I know how to handle guys like this, he thinks I will get scared and will not say anything thing to him. Laughing in her head and saying just wait and watch what I do.


Riddhima started to fake cry which made people stop in their track, an elderly women came over where riddhima was and said, " Beta what happened, why are you crying." Riddhima pointed toward sid.


The elderly women said, "OYE! You made this sweet girl cry, how cruel are you, making you sweet innocent girlfriend cry like this, look at her, she is so hurt."

Sid was about to crack up by this statement, he and this lizards, this will never happen, she seems to be nothing but plain, there is nothing in her that he finds amusing or wants to give a second look to her forget about giving first look.


Siddhant raised his eyebrows in annoying, "I didn't mean to."  Then the elderly women left them saying be happy.


Siddhant then turned his full attention to this girl who was standing in front of him; he burst his bubble in her face and then slowly took of his sunglasses, when he looked up the sun light ray hit the corner of his eyes, which made it glow, his deep brown chocolate eyes were now shades of lightest color, there was nothing but emptiness in those big brown chocolate eyes, even the sun rays did not light up his eyes. It was so calm like the dept of the ocean yet very dangerous, just like calmness before the storm.


Riddhima looked up in shock, she never seen this kind of eyes before, it is so cold; shiver ran down her slender spine.



Sid said in his husky voice, "You seem you escaped from mental asylum or you acting like one or you are just plain dumb."


Riddhima very scornfully said, "Hey mister, mind your tongue, first you lie to me that you are siddhant modi, then you ripped my dupatta in half and I have nothing to cover myself with, then you are calling me a mad and now dumb."  Snapping her fingers toward sid, "How dare you, you out to be ashamed of yourself." She was mad as hell now.



Sid with his sunglass handle brought her fingers down without touching her with his hands and moved a little closer to her but not that close, they were about 6 inches apart from each other, " First of all I don't give explanation to anyone, who am I is none of your business, second of all, never raise your fingers at me, all that matters to you is that I am siddhath modi, which you should not mess with, play with fire and it will burn you. You were the one creating a scene not me. And you have no idea how daring I can get and ashamed, yes you are right I should be but then again I am not at all." laughing.


Riddhima, " you are the worse person I have ever met in my entire life, , your parents must be ashamed of themselves for giving birth to you, but then again what can they do, they must have wished for a saint kid, but it turned out to be a devil." Looking at him scornfully.


Sid popping up his shirt collar and said, "  Hmmm, right again, but the fact is that they are more proud of me then myself, I am their pride, but since you said that they should be ashamed of me, then I sure will tell this to them on your behalf." Riddhima looked at him in questionably. Sid, "that they should feel ashamed of me for being their son. "And started to crack up in her face.


Riddhima, " You….You….." but nothing came out of her mouth.


Sid with his fingers on his lips told her, " Shhhhhh, you have spoken enough, now it's my turn." He took out his money bag from his DKNY jeans pocket, grabbed $200 dollars bills, since he did not convert American money into Indian rupees, so he had no other choice at them moment but this.



 Then he said, "This should cover your so called two cents dupatta." With that he threw the money in her face, " and as for covering your honor with that silly dupatta, why even bother, b/c this dupatta are very unfaithful, sometimes here and sometimes there." Pointing his fingers left to right, "But it sure is a good method to trap guys and bind them to this so called false relationship, but your trick did not work on me b/c your dupatta landed under my feet and to tell you the truth." He coming closer to her now and with his sunglass he tracked her neck, which riddhima immediately slapped his hands away from her body and moved back away from him, which made sid smile.


Sid, " I prefer neck more then that nasty dupatta ." Riddhima went from shock to angry  mood now.



Sid stared to walk away from her but riddhima grabed his left arm which made sid yanked his arms away from her, but the force was so strong that riddhima lost her balance and fell under sid feet.


Sid shaking his head in grouchiness, " DON'T TOUCH ME." Riddhima who was in pain, b/c her feet were bleeding even more now, she looked up to see the man giggling.


Sid, " Great, now you want me to give you blessing, that is why you are bowing down to me, no problem I think I can manage that." He raised his hands on top of her head, making sure not to touch any part of her body, he said, " I bless you, hope you get everything you wish for (not)." Then he threw his sunglasses at her, " Keep it, I don't want it b/c it has a smell of you and I find that very tainting so it is no use of me now." With that he started to walk toward where yuvi was, who was looking at them, then turned his face away as soon as he saw sid coming toward him. Yuvi was shaking his head in here we go again manners.


Riddhima got up and screamed, " OYE!!!! Keep you money to yourself." She crumble those $200 dollars and threw at his direction, " You are a mental case, you should not be in roaming in public places, man like you are dhari ki bhoj, you are nothing but a egoistic man from top to bottom."


Sid ignored her comments and kept going toward yuvi. Everyone was staring at riddhima now, and riddhima turned her face toward them and said, "WHAT!!!! Does it look like I am giving everyone laddoo here, nahi na, then GET LOST." She scream which made everyone run in different direction, she put her arms around her chest and said bloody, he made a kachra out of me, when I though I will show him hell for lying to me, tying her lose hair, she said, " Hota hai, sometime even the most smart person gets shown down by a small ants, no problem, next time I see him, I will show him what I am made of, but hope I never see this egoistic sick man again in my entire life." and she felt a shapr pain ran through her body, her feet was killing her now and she need to change the bandaged asap otherwise it will get worse.



This was their first meeting, lets see how Yuvi and Naina meets, hope they are more friendly then this two lol.


 Yuvi and Naina Meeting


Sid and Yuvi started to leaven when yuvi called out saying I need to use the restroom which made sid angry but yuvi said only two minutes and he sprint toward the bathroom while sid was waiting for him in the sitting area, while riddhima was waiting for naina.


After five mintues yuvi came out of the bathroom holding his mouth with his left hand, and his eyes half closed and BAME!!!!!!!!!!!! He collided with something soft yet strong, he heard something feel on the hard tiles floor, making it a jingle noise.


A woman screamed, "SHOOT." Yuvi opened his eyes , but do to the sunlight rays, he was having hard time seeing the woman face and also b/c her ginger brown color hair was covering her face, with an irritation he bent down to help her with picking up her makeup.


The girl looked up toward yuvi and as soon as yuvi eyes met hers, the only sound that escaped from his mouth was OMG!


With glazed eyes, she looked toward yuvi again, she pushed her ginger brown hair away from her face, her nose was small, with a hint of an upward tilt at the tip and she had a generous mouth for sure. Her eyes were deep hazel colors.


Yuvi, " I am very sorry, I didn't meant this to happen, I am very very sorry. I must be shot for sure."


Naina looked at yuvi in questionable way, "Excuse me.' While she got up from the floor picking up her purse and yuvi followed her.


Yuvi looking at her more carefully now, she was wearing blue jeans with black t-shirt, her hair was p to shoulder length,  her eyes were big and bright due to the sun, she was very fair, she seemed to be a model shape, slim and hot, all in all she is yuvi shakuntala for sure.


Yuvi, "AMAZING."


Naina, " Did you say something?." Looking at him as a confused soul.


Yuvi, Yep, after seeing you, the only thing I want to say is how can anyone have so much beauty in one forums, I have never seen such a beauty before."


Naina was looking at yuvi as if he is drunk or something, she was about to leaven when he spoked again.


Yuvi, " To tell you the truth, a beauty like you can make a smart person become more smart."


Naina was cracking up now b/c this man sure was out of his mind, "interesting." Putting her bag around her left shoulder, "you talk like this to every woman or just those that you bang into."


Yuvi, "Nope, not at all, not everyone is pretty like you that can be praise like this." Smiling up at her.


Naina, " OH Really."


Yuvi, " Whatever I had in my life all this time was a dream, but today it came true and is standing right in front of me, you are my dream, my dreaming reality." Said it softly.


Naina snapping her fingers to wake him up from his dream, "Don't dream so much, dream can never turn to reality, that's why come back to reality b/c people who lives in dreams are the one who suffers the most, and I am not one of them, nor am I your dream girl, we met by chance, your path is different and my path is different, this is the reality, you and I have no connection nor ever will be. Anyways it was nice meeting you, bye.": with that she turn around and started to walk away.


Yuvi, "Very hot and strong willed women, thank you god for this lovely gift and thank you bari papa for sending me here."


Then he called out, " Shakuntala are at least tell me your name na,  so when I dream, I will at least now who I am dreaming about."


Naina, "Jhansi ki rani." With that she disappeared into the corner while yuvi stood there all in dazed.


Yuvi, " hai poet has said it right, woman are like a delicate flower,  the beauty of a women is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries or the way she combs her hair, but the beauty of a women must be seen from her eyes b/c eyes leads to heart and after seeing her, and jhansi ki rani eyes says that she is a beautiful person from inside and outside, there is so much love in her eyes, yes she is the one, my shakuntala, and when I meet her next time, I sure will make sure to ask her name." he started to get shy shy and said, " WHAT A LIFE!!!! for the first time I did not get slap, this calls for a celebration." and started to walk toward sid.


The screen spit into two, yuvi and naina walking toward sid and riddhima, yuvi with a smile and nain just plain expression.


Then the screen spit into two, sid and riddhima waiting for their bro and sis to come, sid looking at his watch, while riddhima looking at her bleeding feet.


Then the screen spit into four, sid next to riddhima, and yuvi next to naina, everyone in their own world.


Precap: I hate rain; I love rain, mujhse shadi karo gi!!!!



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the precap is so yuna. right?
dude sid is so... not sid!
dude this mans like the epitome of rudeness!!!Angry
but its allright, bhookto rhiddima jaan, karma's a bitch n right now so our siddy

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Cry.. i forgot to comment

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Originally posted by malluangel


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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Originally posted by Merry_Shwit

Cry.. i forgot to comment
not to worry comment when you are freeHug

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