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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 128)

...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

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that was awesome re
and OMGGG Sid is kinda affected by RiddhimaBig smileDancing
cant wait to see where their relationship is going
i must say Ridz was shooo cute in this partEmbarrassed

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ohhhooohhooo i was waiting for this moment when Siddy feels *something* for Riddy! Embarrassed It's time for showww downnn!!! LOL btw ur warning is scaring me!! Confused so update soon i really wanna know what u have planned!! !! Confused
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edited my comment on pg 125Embarrassed

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lovely...i love teh way this story is heading...sid having 2nd opinion on rids and thinking that she maybe different...i hope he opens up to her and they both become friends...i know ur planning some i say go for it if only it wld bring SR more closer...i dont want them to drift away...plz continue soon n thanks for teh pm! :)
TazzyA Goldie

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Banuu amazing update yaar. Loved the SR car scene esp. and their convo. great work again. Keep it up Big smile
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thank you all for the lovely comment, it means alot to meHug
here is a request, people who are not in my buddy list or who recenlty joined in my FF can they please send me a friend request b/c it makes it easier for me to pm and that way i won't forget to pm anyone. I am having problem with sending friends request for some reason, until that is fix it will be kind of you to send me the reuest. thank you!Heart
Chapter 29

male37 smiley, male smiley, smiley, happy smiley

Outside of the restaurant
Riddhima, " Why did you stop?"


Sid put his sunglasses on and got out of the car. He went over riddhima side and opened her door for her. Riddhima got out of the car.


Sid, " Today is the first time that we didn't kill each other, matter of fact we had some great fun even though I almost got myself killed." Looking at riddhima.


Riddhima, " It was a joke, didn't mean to get things out of hand."


Sid, " How about I treat you with an ice cream, you know for saving my life. I heard this restaurant have some best of the best ice cream."


Riddhima, " No I just want to go home now."


Sid, " Don't worry my driver will drop you home, you had spent half of today day with with, little bit longer won't hurt anybody come let's go." He started to walk but stopped in his track when he saw riddhima standing in the same place.


Riddhima was hesitated for a second then she followed sid. They walked into the big restaurant; they were greeted by the door man. They told the lady who was working in the reception area table for two.


The girl was so fida over sid that she was staring at him with her mouth fully open. It seemed she just fell in love with sid, her eyes was fixed on him without moving an inch from his face. Her hand was shaking as if she just got hit by a lightening. She was really drooling. All this while sid was talking on the phone and didn't even now what was going on around him, while riddhima on the other hand was looking at the girl as if she will shove her into hot coal.


Sid, " Excuse me I have to attend this phone call, I will be right back." With that he went outside to talk to his lawyer about some paper work, nothing much he just have to come and sign some paper.


Inside the restaurant:


Riddhima snapped her finger in front of the girl face, " Excuse me didn't you ever saw a guy, you are looking at him as if he is some god or the only hot man in this earth."


The girl, " Yes he does seem like a roman god, his style is a killer, the way he wears his rudraksha on his right hand is too hot, I mean now days who wears a rudraksha in their hand but him he is different from others for sure. And his straight hair that falls on his forehead everytime a wind passes through his hair UF!!!! Who will not fall for this man." She paused for a second and said, " Excuse me are you with him?"


Riddhima, " Yes I am with him."


The girl, " For how long? Because it seems like you guys are distance apart from each other."


Riddhima, " Oh no no not that way, we are just hanging around for today, he offered me for some ice cream so we came here, he is my sister would be brother-in-law soon."


The girl, " Oh ok b/c if you feel something for him then don't wait, tell him b/c a guy that sexy and  has a beautiful heart and from a good family does not come to one's life that often."


Riddhima, " It is nothing like that, we are not even friends, it was a deal that we were hanging around each other, I don't feel anything for him." The girl looked up from her book, " Yeah sure."


Riddhima, " And beside I don't think you know the whole siddhant modi, he might seem something from outside but he is a egoistic man from every corner, he is not my type."


The girl, " He is anything but egoistic, I have seen him here often, he is not what you think him to be. Sometime what's the eyes sees is not the only truth, there are more things to a man then his ego. He is a very generous man. Anyways, lucky you who get to spend some time with this hotty, treasure this moment who knows you might not get this tomorrow. I would give my eye to just touch his handsome face."


Riddhima looked toward sid, then turned her face away.


New Entry: Abhijit (cannot reveal his last name yet)LOL


Police inspector, recently his post was given to Mumbai since there are too many crimes and drug deal that is happening. He is a very austere police officer. Like to showoff time to time specially in front of Riddhima. Little bit of filmy and likes Salman Khan a lot and after watching his movie Dabangg, this man acts like him and wants to have a style like him. He has a negative side to it, he hates those people who are rich b/c in his dictionary every rich person only knows how to make money and don't know how to take care of their kids who are partying and using drugs. If he could he would have killed all the rich people then criminal. He and Riddhima grew up together. They were childhood friend. He hates to loose and little bit of crazy b/c he does things without thinking. He left his house due to some fight with his dad, he has his own principle in life and he stands by that. He is not that bad, but time to time he does things that one should not do, which gets him in a lot of trouble and messing with the modi's is a big no no but he does once which opens the hell door for him. And most important thing Riddhima is his weakness.



Someone is walking into the restaurant, the shoe is shown first, that person was wearing black shirt, short hair and a very handsome man indeed. Chewing his gum he called out to riddhima.


The man, " Riddhima." Riddhima turned around, it took her few minutes to realize who it was, when she did she scream, "Abhijit!!!!." She hugged him.


Abhijit, " WOW!!!! Thank you thank you for missing me so so much." Said with a smile.


Riddhima, " Oye where have you been all this time? We missed you so much."


Abhijit, " Really? But did you miss me?"


Riddhima, " Nope I didn't." she said in playful manner.


Abhijit, " Liar, you know you missed me."


Riddhima smiled and give him a push. The girl was looking at them as if she was sick to her stomach but she minded her own business.


Abhijit, " So why are you here? I thought you will be busy with naina marriage?"


Riddhima, " Well yes I am but since she is out with her future husband and told me to guard her until she came back." She laughed.


Abhijit, " Really? I think I should investigate in this for sure, this will be fun." Both of them cracked up. In the mean time sid was done talking to his lawyer and headed toward riddhima in a fast speed.


While Abhijit phone rang and he turned around to answer his phone call, while riddhima stood there quietly.


Sid came to riddhima, riddhima turned toward sid. Sid said, "I have to go now, there is some work that came up, so I have to cancel our ice cream eating, come I will tell my driver to drop you home." He took her hand in his hand and started to walk away when someone grabbed his hand. Sid turned around; he came face to face with Abhijit. Sid raised his eyebrow.


Abhijit, " OYE! Where are you taking her? You road side romeo thinks you can get away with everything ha b/c your dad is all rich which gives guys like you all the freedom to grab anybody's hand. Leave her hand!." He said very sternly.


Sid turned his full attention to this new guy that he never met before, he pulled riddhima even more closer to him and put his hand around her shoulder which made Abhiji more angry.


Sid, " What if I don't!." said very clearly.


Abhijit, " Teri to." He went to hit sid in his face, when sid grabbed his hand. Sid punched Abhiji so hard that the poor man feel on top of few girls that was eating food few feet away from them. He grabbed riddhima by her arm and started to walk way, while riddhima trying to stop him then Abhiji put his hand on sid arm and turned him around and smashed a bottle on his forehead.


Riddhima screamd out along with the receptions girl. Sid was really pissed off now, he has a meeting in few minutes and now he has to go to the meeting with this bloody wound. He put his sleeve up and started to walk toward Abhiji.


Riddhima got really scared b/c she knows sid will burst her friend bubble very badly.


Before she could stop sid from beating Abhiji black and blue he beat her to it. Sid grabbed Abhiji by his throat and shoved him to a wall. Sid was so angry that you could see his vein pop out in his forehead. He was really chocking him to death.


Riddhima got really scared and ran toward sid.


Riddhima, " Let him go! He is going to die, stop it." She screamed at sid. Sid cared less  what she was saying. That man started the fight and he is going to finish it. The more riddhima told him to stop, the more he squeezed the life out of that man.


Abhijit handsome face was turning into purple now b/c of chocking.


Riddhima, " Please let him go, he is my friend, he meant no harm, he didn't know I was with you. Please." Riddhima beg in front of  siddhant modi. Sid diverted his focus to riddhima and for a second it looked like he was not going to agree but then he let the man go, who dropped to the floor. Riddhima immediately kneel beside him and tap his back so he could breathe a little better. Everyone in the shop was holding their breath and finally let go when sid let Abhiji go. The girl was looking at sid with wide eye and said, "Macho man for sure."


Sid kneel down in front of him, the blood of his wound was dripping from his forehead to the ground. He  said, "Never raise your finger at me again or I swear you will be dead before you know it and your family will never find your body to do last ritual. I am no road side romeo, I am a very very bad man, cross my path and you will wish you were never born. Come on let's go" he said it to riddhima.


Riddhima, " No I cannot leave him in this condition, he is really hurt. He needs doctor attention. You should have not done that, he is my friend. He was only trying to protect me. Why did you do this?" asked riddhima painfully.


Sid was taken back; she was saying that it is his fault that her friend got hurt. Sid, "Watch it, don't put this on me and protect you from what me? What… was I about to rape you? Or was I kidnapping you that you need protection from me or are you a sati savatri that should not be touch?"


Riddhima, " Siddhant Modi watch it." Said riddhima in angry tone.


Sid, " NO! You watch it, here I thought we were finally in good terms but I guess not b/c you know very well I didn't react until your so called friend attacked me, he is the one who smashed the bottle in my head, and you telling me to just stand still and let him beat me for no reason? I don't think so, I am not one of those man who let's someone point finger at me, you do something to me and I will make your life worse then anything."


Riddhima, " I didn't say that, when did I blamed you?"


Sid, " Oh really now, so you didn't blame me?"


Riddhima, " No I didn't, I told you he is my friend and yet you almost killed him." Screamed riddhima.


Sid, " He is lucky to be still breathing b/c those who raise their finger at me, they never get to use that hand for anything in their entire life. At least you should be glad he is still fine."


Riddhima, "Enough." Scream at sid.


 Sid with his finger said, " SHHH…..don't shout."


Riddhima, " I am not going to leave him so it will be better if you leave. I don't want to see my friend get hurt again."


 Sid, "WOW! I see there is some concern going on in here, if he is your friend then who am I?"


Asked sid. Sid question made riddhima unbalance. She didn't know what to say, he was not her friend for sure or anything else. He was only Yuvi brother and Naina would be brother-in-law, there is nothing between them.


Riddhima, " You are yuvi brother and naina would be brother-in-law." She said looking at him sadly.


Sid, " That's it?" asked sid.


Riddhima, " Yes that's it." Turning her face away from sid.


Sid, " Cool." He looked at riddhima and said, "I am out of here." With that he started to walk out.


Riddhima called out to him, " Siddhant wait, you are hurt let me see your wound." But sid was walking away without even looking at her. Riddhima grabbed him by his arms and turned him around once they were outside.


Sid was really mad now. Riddhima went to clean his wound with her dupatta but sid smacked her hand away and said, "Don't touch me, to me it looks like your friend needs more help then I do, go to him. Since I am the one who almost killed him, I am sure he going to need all the sympathy that he could get, b/c next time I see him, I will rip him into pieces." He pushed her away, and started to walk away but stop again and said, " Are you coming with me or not?"


Riddhima, " I cannot." Sid got in his car and drove away leaving a sad riddhima behind.


She went inside the restaurant. Abhiji was now sitting on the chair and rubbing his throat when he saw riddhima coming.


Abhijit, "I swear to you riddhima I will beat him so much that he will forget his own name. Today I let him go but tomorrow it will be my day." Riddhima just looked at him.


Riddhima, " Come let's go home." Both of them left the place.


At night time


Sid was standing before his bedroom window going through his file. Yuvi came in. sid slightly turned his face toward him but then went back to his work.


Yuvi, " Hey I forgot to ask you, how was your day?"


Sid, " if you are asking about your sister-in-law then let me tell you, I hope I never have to baby-sit her again. This is the first and last time."


Yuvi, " Did something happened? Did you guys fight again?." Asked yuvi.


Sid kept quite and flipped through his file. Yuvi came over sid and taped him on his shoulder, sid ignored it.


Yuvi turned sid around and was shocked, " Sid what happened to your forehead? Who did this to you" asked yuvi very angrily.


Sid, " No one, I slipped and fell while I was running down our club stairs."


Yuvi, " Sid the wound is really deep, it is like someone has smashed something on your head, did you get into fight again?"


Sid, " Like I said nothing happened, I fell and I got hurt."


Yuvi, " But sid.." he asked again.


Sid raised his hand, " Stop it yuvi, it is very late and I need some sleep. Tomorrow is very important day for you, you also go to sleep b/c all day you going to have to shop with girls and you will need all the energy. Go get some rest." While he crack up. With that sid turned around and started to read his file.

Yuvi definitely was no convinced, he knows sid very well. He keeps things to himself most of the time and today was the time where he was keeping something from him b/c if he really got hurt in the stairs then he would have been in hospital and they would have gotten a phone about this incident but none of this happened which means something else had happened. He decided to call naina to ask her to call riddhima to find out what exactly happened between them. He called his naina and told her everything. Naina assure him, she will take care of everything. Naina called riddhima who told everything that had happened in the restaurant. Naina was shock beyond anything; things are really messed up now. It is not only riddhima who is going to sufferer but her to.

p.s. no pain and no gain. i need to spice things up and i will start with this.
to be continue...

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OMG Bani I was on the edge of my seat with this update. especially the part where Sid had his hands around Abhijits neck. Siddy boy is definitely in gussa mode.!!!!!!!!!!! TOO GOOD BANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant wait to see wat happens next. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. AWESOME MY RANI HugHeart

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