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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 121)

nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
this was fab the effect sid has on love their nok part of me want ridz to do/say something which wld make sid speechless...n i want rids to have effect on sid as well..very soon...plz continue soon n thanks for the pm!! :)

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...loved the last scene of SR

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 updated my comment on pg 118Embarrassed
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Chapter 26


Sid was holding riddhima so close that he could feel her breath on his lips. She was shivering in sid arm, his eyes was so captivating, to her it was like he was making a mark on her. sid brought her even more close to his hot body when he felt her move. He was looking at her as if he wanted to figure her out; he wants to now something about her before he makes his move. The more she tried to move away from him, the more closely he brought her to his body; it was like they were one body that's how close they were. 


His forehead was touching her at this moment while riddhima right hand was playing with his hair on the back. Her back was against the table so she had no where to go but to stay in sid arm.


Sid brought his lips to riddhima ears, " Did it matter now?" riddhima had her eyes closed but when she heard what he said she shoved him away from her. on the other side sid was laughing like anything.


Riddhima, " It is not funny Modi."


Sid, " Oh yes it is, you should have seen the look you had, it was like someone had taken away something that you love very dearly."


Riddhima was really mad now and she looked for something to throw at him, the only things she could get was the magazine but he grabbed with no effort. Then she grabbed his file of paper and threw at him which he ducked, then she went threw his mug at him but stopped in the middle way.


Sid, " Go ahead threw that at me. Nothing much will happen; I will get a internal bleeding and a big burse on my forehead, my mom will question me about this and I will tell her a girl had done this, she will make that girl life hell and I will be sitting in my game room playing pool. So go ahead." He opened his arms and ready to endure the pain.


Riddhima slowly put the mug down. At the same moment naina and yuvi came in.


Naina, " OMG! What have you two being doing? It is so messy in here."


Yuvi, " Sid did you get into fight again with riddhima?"


Sid just shook his head in "No" while riddhima rubbed her neck.


Naina, " Well were are going out, we will be back in an hour or two. Sid by the time we come back can you look after riddhima?"


Sid looked up while putting his hand on his face and said, " Why she cannot live by herself?"


Riddhima, " I don't need anyone naina, you guys go, I will go to the pub, just give me a buzz when you guys are done with your little romance."


Yuvi, " No riddhima sid will show you around, you will get bored by the time we come and I don't want my saali to be bored. Sid make sure you take riddhima to a good place and no fighting you two."


Naina, " sid I am trusting you with her, please keep her safe."


Sid, " You guys owe me big big time." With that he sat on his chair.


Yuvi, " Just make sure riddhima is safe and sound until we return and riddhima don't give him a black eye, if you need to use something then use pepper spray that will do it."


Riddhima cracked up while naina elbow yuvi in his rib cage and sid was not even paying attention b/c he was sealing a deal.


Naina, " See you later guys and have fun." Riddhima gave her a ew expression and both yuvi and naina left leaving the two crazy together.


Riddhima took a deep breath and said, " Modi I am going to the pub, I will be back before they come. You do what you want to. So see you later."


Sid, " Wait naina said we should be together and that I should take care of you until they come, where do you think you are going?"


Riddhima, " PUB! And who cares what naina said, she is not the one who is going to be stuck with a boring and ill manner man, we will just pretend that we were together when they question us ok?"


Sid looked up at her raising his eyebrow, "Pretend? I don't pretend about the things that is this small, I so will not lie to my friend that we were having an amazing time while all we going to do is go in different direction, I don't think to missy. We are going to go out and tell them the truth even if our day turns to worse then hell."


Riddhima, " I am not going out with you, no way."


Sid, "Afraid I will make you loose your control again? Or  that being with me you might start finally realize that I am not what you think to be?"


Riddhima, "None of the above, I don't like to be with a man who knows no boundary."


Sid, " Believe me I know my boundary very well, tell you what you pick the place that we can go, it could be a public place and your choice."


Riddhiam was in a thinking mood, she was in a dilemma, her heart said go but her mind was saying go but be careful, he is not like other guys.


Sid, " Don't think too much, I give you a choice you don't need to be afraid of me, I might be a bad bad person but I don't take advantage of anyone like this. All I am saying is that we will go to the place you want us to go, we will have some lunch and then come back by the time yuvi and naina returns."


Sid put his hand toward her, riddhima looked at his hand. She knew if she took his hand in her hand she will be putting her life into his hand, meaning trusting him completely. Can she trust him? Can he be a gentleman for once? Can he be the guy that makes a girl evening filled with happiness? Can she be his friend?" too many things was going through riddhima mind at this moment, too many question.


||to be continue||



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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Chapter 27

Sid put his hand down and took a deep breath, " Fine we won't go, you go to your pub I will tell them that my driver had dropped you there and brought you back safely."


Riddhima, " No it is ok, we will go out."


Sid turned around her, " You sure about it b/c maybe being with a bad guy like me will ruin your reputation."


Riddhima, " Let people think what they want to, it does not matter. We will go but in once condition, there will be no 7 star or 5 star restaurants, we will go to a dhaba."


Sid made a sick face, " Out of all place you choose dhaba."


Riddhima raised her eyebrow and sid put his hands up in defense, " Did I say anything nope, I find dhaba very cool and good, we will go to dhaba."


Riddhima, "Cool, let's move." Riddhima walked out of the room while sid grabbed his jacket and phone and followed the queen.


They came in front of a dhaba, riddhima ran out of the car and sat on a cot while sid giving it a sick look. It was so dusty and unclean placed, in his entire life he had never seen such a place like this nor he does ever want to.


Sid sat beside riddhima while she order some food.


Riddhima, "I want some pakora, chloe, daal makhani and vegetable biryani and for drink I will have some cold cold jeera lassi."


Then the man turned to sid and sid said, "Can I have a chicken salad with the ranch on the side."


The man looked at riddhima in confused and riddhima smiled.


Riddhima, " Modi you won't get this here, I told you this is not a 7 or 5 star hotel, this is dhaba."


Sid lookd at riddhima puzzled, "But I don't now what to order, I never been to a place like this so can you order it for me." Handing his menu to riddhima.


Riddhima looked at him and said, " You will eat whatever I order for you?"


Sid, " Do I have any choice, if there is no salad then you will know what will be less carbohydrate since I am a health freak and like to stay fit, so go ahead." Said with a confident manner.


Riddhima, " Ok then modi I will choose the food for you today, give him a mango lassi and chicken biryani."


Sid, "Unhealthy for sure, can we have something else then biryani?"


Riddhima, "Nothing going to happen to your diet if you eat something unhealthy today."


Sid, "Make sure it is not too spicy, I cannot eat too much spicy stuff."


Riddhima looked at him and give it a sly smile. The man went to the kitchen and gave them their order.


Riddhima excused herself and went to the kitchen and told the cooker to add some extra spice to the biryani it spice it up.


Then she joined sid who was trying to get his phone to work, but in vain.


Riddhima sat down while smiling seeing the siddhant modi unable to fit into the world of middle class society, poor guy he must be feeling so awkward and out of place, for a minute there was this pain that erupt in her heart seeing sid all lost and confused, it really burned her inside out when the waiter looked at him as if he is wacko, only if that man knew who he was standing before then he would have not been able to breath.


Sid joined her a minute later putting his phone inside of his jeans pocket and put his hand through his jet like black hair which by the way riddhima liked it very much, he looked very cute when he seemed lost and confused.


After few minutes the food arrived, sid looked at the food.


Riddhima, " Modi will you dig in or stare at the food all day? Come on eat."


Sid, "Of course not." With that he started to eat the food but stooped when he saw no spoon or fork, "Now what is this no spoon then how am I going to eat this food? This is too much." Said in an angry tone.


Riddhima, " With your hand modi, god has given us hand to use them not to keep them inside of our pocket, use your hand to eat your food." She was eating her food at this moment, " YUM!!!! This taste so good."


Sid with an uncertainty put his right hand to eat his food, "This must be the worse day of my life, I sure will mark this day as my worse nightmare, yuiv you own me like anything dude." He put his biryani into his mouth and started to chew his food, after a few second he felt his tongue burn. He spit the food out of his mouth and started to cough very badly.


Riddhima, "What happened modi, was the food too spicy for you?" she started to crack up.


Sid was coughing very badly now, the spice was too much for him, he cannot eat too much spicy, that is why his food is always made by special chef b/c others in his family likes to eat spicy beside him. Sid was in a  lot of pain now, he was looking for water to cool down the burning but there was no water near him, he closed his eyes and sat there waiting for this painful moment to pass by. It was burning him inside out and the weather being so hot was making it ever more badly for him to bear this pain. He was shaking now. He tried to grab his lassi glass but it fell on the floor.


Riddhima she stopped her laughing when she saw sid was in a serious pain, his forehead was sweating and he was breathing heavy.


Riddhima got so scared and screamed out his name for the first time, " SID!!!!" she went over to him and took his face in her hand and examined his pale face, he was burning up. Riddhima was terrified now, this was supposed to be a joke, she didn't mean to put his in this position, and she never wanted things to turn this bad.


Riddhma, " sid you ok? I am so sorry I only told them to put only little bit of spicy then usual, I am….so sorry sid." she stammer.


Sid was coughing badly now, riddhima brought his face up, she felt this gust of pain filled her lungs and squeezed her lunges out seeing sid in this situation.


Riddhima, " Sid nothing will happen to you, I will get some water for you, please just hang in there." She ran toward the tap, grabbed a water mug, filled it with cold water and ran toward sid.  


She pour water in a glass and made sid drink from it, she did this for few minutes until sid finally gain his control.


||Siddhima BG was playing at this moment||


Riddhima was kneeling in front of him grabbed his face in her small hand again; a small tear fell from sid eyes slowly. Riddhima with her right index finger wiped the tears away from his handsome face, and with her dupatta she wiped his sweat from his forehead. All this while sid was looking at her, even though his focus was blurry b/c of the tear he could see how scared she was.


Without thinking riddhima hug him. She was holding to him like she almost lost him, digging her face into his collar bone and her hand through his hair while a small tear came from her hazel eyes, it was like sid pain was making riddhiam very restless. Her eyes closed she thank god that nothing happened to sid, otherwise she would have never forgiven herself.


riddhima, " I thought i almsot lost you sid, i am so sorry."


Sid stay seated in his position, he let riddhima come near him but he didn't make any move toward her nor he hugged her back. He kept his distance.


Sid, "For the first time you called me by my name and not modi." Said in a soft tone.


Riddhima opened her eyes and looked around her surrounding. She immediately moved away from the hug and sat in her place. Fixing her dupatta and wiping her tears away from her eyes.


Sid, " Don't worry I am fine, but you made my day into hell, I will make you pay for this."


Riddhima put her hand on her head and said, "Typical modi attitude, one minute you are like almost dying and the net back to your egoistic attitude, I should have just let you sufferer."


Sid, " Well you didn't which makes you a good human being."  


Riddhiam rolled her eyes and started to walk toward the car when the waiter told her to pay for the food. Riddhima lost all her cool and SLAM!!!! She gave him a hard slap across his face.


Man, " What did I do?"


Riddhima, "Fool! b/c of you guys I had to go through so much stuff, next time do what is told to do. Don't act too smart. Because of all this drama I couldn't even enjoy my food and you are asking me to pay for the food, where is my sandal."


Man, " But mam it was your fault, you were the one who told us to put extra spice on his food."


Sid looked at riddhima taping his finger on his face and giving the oh really look to riddhima. Riddhima turned her attention to the man and said, " Shut up." She then walked over to the car.


Sid, " Well thanks for telling me the truth.i though she was joking" Sid paid the bill and walked over to riddhima.


Sid, " Shall we." Riddhiam shook her head in yes and both of them sat in the car and left.


~To Be Continue~

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Originally posted by indian_beauty

OMG! zarqa you still hereShockedShockedShockedShocked LOLLOLLOLLOL i guess i didn't need to pm youLOL

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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yes i'm still her banuLOL

guess i won't be un-reserving that postLOL

2 updatesShockedClapParty

Awesome Awesome Awesome updates!!!!
Full of Siddhima...loved it!!!!

I love this Siddhima so much especially our SexyFace...he is HAWT BlushingBlushingBlushing
Really loved the dhabba scene and the way Riddhima reacted and thought she almost lost SidEmbarrassed
She hugged himShockedEmbarrassed she does care...ahh man I wish Sid wud've reacted to that in some wayEmbarrassed

looking forward to Sid's revengeWinkLOL

continue soon my cupid...

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