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UUF KYA JADOO MOHABBAT HAI(Chapter 31 page 145 ) (Page 101)

.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Chapter 20 

The day turned into night, sid was in his room now with his laptop typing away when he heard  a knock on his door, he looked up and then turned his attention on his laptop, there was another knocked.


Sid, " Come in." said in a sweet voice.


Yuvi came inside and closed the door, when he saw sid was very busy with something. Yuvi knew he should not disturbed Sid since he hates when someone comes between him and his work. So he sat on the rocking chair of sid and wait until sid was done with his busy work.


Meanwhile sid was still not giving his attention to yuvi. Yuvi sat there quite while rocking the chair back and forth, he was nervous, not nervous he was scared b/c today he is going to tell sid that the project that he handed over to him, he couldn't finish it, he will have to let sid down in order for him to save from getting badnaam. He was looking at the ceiling while thinking about all this.


Sid finally finished with his work, closed his laptop and stretched his arms and turned toward yuvi.


Sid, " Go ahead tell me what is in your mind yuvi." While walking toward his window to open the window!


Yuvi sat up straight and looked down at the floor unable to say anything.


Sid turned toward yuvi, " Yuvi." He called his name.


Yuvi sat up and looked at sid, clearing his throat he spoke up, "Sid I need to apology first b/c today is the first time I didn't finish a job that was given by you." Said in a very painful tune as if his heart was being ripped open over and over again.


Sid raised his eyebrow in question, "What are you talking about yuvi? I am not getting it." Said a confused sid.


Yuvi, "Sid main woh …woh pro.." he was very nervous now.


Sid, " Yuvi if you have something to tell me then go ahead, I am extremely tired and I need some sleep so if you don't mind can we get over this discussion as soon as possible." Said sid while rubbing his right eyes.


Yuvi, " Yes um sid the project that we were going to do is not going to happen now, now we are going to make another orphanage in the same place after your name." he gulp his fear.


Sid face turned pale, his lips parted a little bit, his head was throbbing now and his hand was hurting even more now b/c his finger was digging into his palms, he let out a big sigh and shook his head as if he is dreaming and said, " Come again."


Yuvi, " Sid I know you are going to kill me but whatever I did was for you sid, please try to understand I meant no harm." Yuvi pleaded.


Sid, " Yuvi stop joking ok, I am in no mood for this silly joke."


Yuvi, " I am not joking sid, it is the truth we are not doing the project but making a new orphanage."


Sid, " Orp.." sid was confused as hell.


Sid was really like he had nothing to say, he was dreaming for sure, the project that was going to give them so much profit, it was his dream project, he worked so hard for this project along with yuvi, it was their project, their dream together. For the first time he worked so hard in his life, it was very important to him and now his dream is not going to be in form of reality.


Sid, "Why yuvi? What the hell happened here when I was gone? I gave you the responsibility to finish our project that is C.L.U.B project, when did I ever said that I want to make some orphanage home?." Sid said in a shaky voice.


Yuvi put his head down unable to answer him sid, "Don't test my patient yuvi."  Sid got angry and pushed yuvi against the hard wall so hard that one of the photo frames of modi family fell on the floor, sid eyes was filled with angry, he has lost his control at this moment.


Sid got his sense back and immediately let yuvi go, he walked backward. Yuvi fell on the floor coughing b/c sid grip was very tight around his shirt collar which almost choked him.


Sid, " I didn't meant that to happen yuvi, I just lost my control and without thinking I reacted." Putting his hands through his hair.


Yuvi extended his hand when sid gave his left hand and pulled him up from the floor.


Yuvi started to breathe heavily while sid got control over his anger. Sid made a stern face while looking back at yuvi.


Sid, " What is going on yuvi? I mean this is not you; you have never done this kind of stuff before? You very well know how much this project meant to me and we had invested so much in this project." Sid was really mad now and was unable to understand what was going on, " Yuvi I don't get it."


Yuvi, " Sid I swear to god that I was already to make the project, I even went to the site and saw the place, even made some new blue print of the project but then I realize that we have everything that one can dream of sid, we are richer then rich people, we can make anyone's life or destroy them in a snap of a finger, we have the world around our tiny finger then losing this project will not be that harmful sid." He looked at sid with sad eyes.


Sid just stood there, quite, mad, hurt, angry but he was listening to yuvi.


Yuvi, " when I saw those innocent people face, their helplessness, their tears when they found out that their home will be taken away from them, they plead not to take their family away from them I just couldn't say no sid." He then walked over to the window and said, " Sid I know how it feels to have no home, family being taken away from you, no shelter over your head could make a person turn worse sid, not everyone has good luck as me."


Sid stood there silently trying to understand the meaning of yuvi each words, and whatever yuvi was saying seemed to make sense.


Yuvi, "Some people will roam around the street and become a thieves while others will be taken by some psycho to use them for their body, NAHI! Sid I cannot allow that to happen, I agree I broke your heart but I saved those innocent people life, and I saved you from committing those unintentional mistake, I know that you never think this far about anything, you live by the moment and whatever comes at you, you deal with it but sid sometimes you need to think beyond winning, sometimes you have to lose to win, lose to gain respect, lose to get on the top, it is all part of life and today we both won b/c we are going to make homes not break it and there is no greater person then those who makes home for others while keeping their dreams in their heart."


Yuvi came over to sid, he looked into sid eyes and saw calmness, BINGO! Sid got what he was saying, PHEW!


Yuvi smiled at sid and in his head, " I know you will understand sid when I will tell you the outcome of making the club, you will never want anyone to be homeless nor their life being destroyed, you like to play games with people who deserves it, not with those who is harmless! So sweet I got you right on spot!


Sid looked at yuvi with a stern look, while yuvi smiled at him while twisting from left to right.


Yuvi, " 1…2…3.." and sid cracked up while yuvi taped his left arm in proud, " check mate."


Sid, " WOW! You sure have grown up yuvi, I mean the boy who never thought about others problem, who lived his life as if there is no tomorrow is so grown up today, interesting, so how long will this change last?" sid walked over to his bed and sat down.


Yuvi, "Sorry bro I have changed completely for the better."


Sid, " Surprised for sure, but happy that you saved me from committing a grave mistake but that does not mean I will always do what you say yuvi, this time I will forgive you but make sure this does not happen again, your so called gayan about innocent people will not work on me, I am not as good heart person as you are." Said in very serious tone.

Yuvi, " Yes sir, I promise you this will be the last time sid, I will not let anything come between your dream sid." Sid looked up at him for a second and looked down.


Yuvi, " Sid you can trust me on this, you will not lose anything, you will gain more then you lost." Yuvi said with a smile and reassurance.


Sid, " I know yuvi, I know." Still looking down. " Now go to bed, you must be tired and I am tired to, I will see you tomorrow."


Yuvi came over to sid and  took sid shoes and socks off before sid could stop him.


Yuvi, " Thank you sid." Sid gave him a tiny smile and said, "For what yuvi?."


Yuvi, " For everything and for understanding, it is not easy to make a hot shot like you bend to other people decision but today I am proud of you like always."


Sid laid his body on his soft, comfy bed, he was really tired now emotionally and physically and he wants nothing but to be left alone now. Yuvi understood his silent, he turned of light on the table stand and walked out of the room saying goodnight. As he came out he bumped into Mrs.Modi who silently said, " How did it go?."


Yuvi, " It is complicated bari ma, but I think I did well, he understands but you know him, he does not forget things so easily, but he is calm now." They vanished into the corner of the mansion talking to each other.


Sid laid on his bed unable to sleep, the wind from outside was making his hair fly left to right, he put his left arm behind his head while he laid his right hand flat on the bed.


In sid head


(orphanage is a good idea but my dream is shattered, but I cannot let those innocent people life get destroyed and I guess I have to destroy my this dream to build their dreams, heck it is just a project there will be many more na and another voice said yes there will be but not like this one, a dream is a dream after all)


 His wound was hurting him really bad now, he looked at the bandaged and the image of riddhima came in front of him but it went away very fast b/c it meant nothing to him, he started to touch his bandaged to make the pain go away while on the other side riddhima was twisting and turning in her bed, she could feel a strong force near her, the feelings was so strong that woke her up from a very deep sleep. She looked around to see what was going on but sad there was no one but an empty bedroom and her.


Sid got up from his bed to grab a bottle of win to ease the pain of heartache and his headache, he sure was in pain but his pain was making someone very restless, she had no clue why her heart was hurting but even she couldn't sleep that night, it was like she could feel the pain of someone heart being torn away in front of her. Whoever it was, that person must be in vital pain.


Sid laid down on his bed with his win bottle in his hand while riddhima was sitting on her bed with her legs against her chest!


Sid, " What a day I had today, my dream broke along with my hand hahaha." His painful laugh reverberation into the dark night.


Riddhima laid in her bed looking at dark night, the screen split into two, one side sid was drinking his wine bottle while on the other side riddhima was praying to god! Both of them looked up sid eyes was filled with pain while riddhima eyes was filled with hope.


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harshita_sahni IF-Dazzler

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nice update
heyy can u add me to ur om list plzzz

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Originally posted by harshita_sahni

nice update
heyy can u add me to ur om list plzzz
thank you and yep i didSmile
blossom1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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great part as usual bani diClap
sorry i am too lazy to comment about everything in the updateROFL
but plzz understand my feelings
i loved itHug

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Originally posted by blossom1234

great part as usual bani diClap
sorry i am too lazy to comment about everything in the updateROFL
but plzz understand my feelings
i loved itHug
i understand re nikki even i am lazy to write anything now ROFLROFL
lazy lazy lamhe

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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loveSR Senior Member

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nice update...............
continue soon.............Tongue

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-jas- IF-Rockerz

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hmm first complaint...............u did not send me pm nikkammi..
about update.........u no ur ff is like is different SID n i love him soooooooo much..........though there r no romance bt soooooo interesting n brilliant..........
plzz save it in ur pc also as script.............

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