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FF-Mannet***My Dark Lover*** THread 1 (Page 61)

..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

any one fancy 2 -3 parts on this???

Me waiting!!Day Dreaming

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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*~My Dark Love~*

part 12

Geet just looked at him... Blankly... There was something different in his please... Like he was truly hurt with her behavior...
Geet- I have never done anything for anyone. Or I will... You are nothing to me... Nothing. Your existence does not matter to my life. Or it will... It's your fault that you waisting your time on me... I will give you only pain... Nothing els...

Maan just stood there listening... Every word hitting him like a needles... He closes his eyes... Trying to ignore every single word...
Maan- I guess I have to try the hard way...
Geet- why don't you just give up on me!
Maan- I never gave up on anyone... I never have learned to give-up.
Geet- trust me... You will loose everything. I am not the type of person that you want to love.
Maan- I already have. It's too late.
Geet- don't...
Maan- too late...

Both looked at one another... Geet was trying her best to read someones eyes for the first time in her life... She wasn't sure why? Why would anyone even want to love her this much? Even Shive never felt anything about her except there physical attraction... But him... Geet was confused... The way he asked... She wanted to try... Some odd reason she wanted to try... But only thing she couldn't understand why would he do this? Why would he even try to help her.... She wasn't those sida sida type of girl... She difently wasn't. Or exactly the nicest. To be honest... She have all the bad quality a girl could have. She is not religious... Or a house wife type. She laughed at her thought. She couldn't find a single quality a guy like him would want in her... Only think he probably fell for my innocent beauty... But that's what everyone falls for... And she was susses full at breaking everyones heart... But him.... He is too possessive out of all... Just too possessive....

Maan looked at her... Still pleading inside him... Praying that she will agree... Will she... Geet suddenly spoke out...

Geet- no... I... No....
Maan- as you wish... I am giving you no choice now...
A Dr walks in... Dr Harsh keshab. Soon as he walks in his eyes were fixed on Geet... While geets on maan and maan on her.
Maan- she is ready.
Geet gives him another fuming glare.
Maan- she might create problems but don't worry I know exactly how to Handel her. I have brought a house near by. You have to come there to start her treatment. Her room is exactly like this one. You won't have any problem of treating her.
Dr harsh- geet...
Both Maan and Geet looks at him... Geet was surprised. She broke his heart big time... It took him years to recover... And now out of surprise he came to help her....
Maan- I hope you are ready Dr!
Harsh looked at him in surprise...
Maan- do you know Geet?
Geet- nun of your business maan!
Maan- everything about you is my business... Now learn to drop that attitude.
Geet- no one ever spoke to me like that. Don't you dare.
Maan- If you force me... I can't do much.
Geet- actually do whatever you want. I am leaving.
Soon as she was about to leave security guards started to come in.
Maan- I have told you... I will force you.
Harsh just stood there listening to there conversation...
Harsh- Geet... We will start the detoxification. It will run for 4 days. I will give you buprenorphin... This will help you to reduce the craving for your heroine.
Geet was about to swear and push the guards... Maan walks towards her and picks her up...
Geet- what are you doing?
Maan- chup... Bilkul chup!... He shouts angrily...
Those eyes really scared Geet... It could change from one phrase to another on matter of few second...
Geet lays on the bed... Maan next to her... Holding her tight.
Maan- Dr please do your job.
Harsh didn't hesitate at all... But he was concern about geets touch... Even her skin gives him shiver... Maan noticed'

prev-PART 11

next-PART 13

more on its way' I am loving all the comments...

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snehag10pyarisaheligaberinlwgeetsan1989Candy_jsnikitaagarwal06kavitamundharatreasuretrowelsansheen99AISHAJSgagsybpinkykasturi11payal956A8406asmi123LoveManeetnonabebuhemvbsaweet-paripreciuspearlguru-ki-dewaanibhakbhartifanalu5123lakshmisalvadimmishra1Paloma_Dsana.saba7perfectflirt8rostElizaKawaMoon002shruthiruchsHADmishtigreshumaaneetfanaticneha512avani_9Lakshmi86anshimanshiheyy_babyymaanmishtilodyNirjhor105trishapnan_10m-g19doosheeka--jassi--reea88Tishuushivangi783Rohini20cherieLoverBadGirlKissHanoAhmedJayaRSimplyAparajitauntamedtigress-shamima-dreamy4everraj_202Cutee999Prettychoco90MsMovielover286pearlkshubhangivasavi_sriMaaneet.Loverpaponecon-Veritaserum-komlikaanjucoolshruthiRpunjabi.princessweet cherrywajiha-1basicquestion118myprideramaheshPaintedSkyblueopalDoracakemrk-1rsroopali..shreyaa..Shalvesweet scorpiomitzi11KaSh-Maneet-Fant_areeb-afsha-namita25CrazzyBusyswetha10SahSahkooliioFallen Angelcharmed onesimpoojavermaJayeeta_06Loquacious_AashMadhuri53felicitysmoak.pickachu-Mrinalini-Krishna_Sourav.hayaat.

BadGirlKiss IF-Dazzler

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Loved the update... Hehe... More.
I can't wait.

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..shreyaa.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hmm geet is feeling something..awhh
who is he?
Cant wait to read more
update soonnn

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Originally posted by chubzy

Oh! Atlast u came! 4 ur updates we r waitin any time sweet! Plz update animosity too as u told u'll finish it wit 4-5parts togethr nearby christmas, so plz update it asap whenever u get a chance i hope u get tat chance very soon.
yes yes keyams plz update animosity too dearCry

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charmed onesFireSafireFiree

divareena IF-Sizzlerz

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like how maan is spporting geet. Clap 
please include me in your PM list.

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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*~My Dark Love~*

part 13

After hours... Maan walks out... Geet was in sleep....

Maan- do you know geet?
Harsh- yes.. Just for your safety... It's best to stay way from her...
Maan- umm...
Harsh- she is not a nice person.
Maan- maybe you read her wrong.
Harsh- maybe you are blind in her love.
Maan- I am... And that's why I can't see her in that state. How do you know Geet?
Harsh- we were together... Umm... Only couple of years back.
Maan- what happen?
Harsh- as usual she cheated on me.
Maan nodes smiling...
Harsh- I am sure that's what she already have done to you.
Maan- no she haven't. Or she will.
Harsh looked at him in surprised.
Maan- I will not let her.
Harsh- you don't know Geet then...
Maan- whatever you want to think. I want to talk about her treatment...
Harsh- yes sure...
Maan- I expect you to treat her professionally not...
Harsh kept quit.
Maan- I have seen you shaking. I know you still have feeling for her... I want you to quit them all. Because I won't tolerate anything.
Harsh kept quit.
Maan- if you can't! Tell me! I will hire another Dr...
Harsh- no it's ok. Just tell her to...
Maan- she won't do anything. She is my after all. Maan spoke the last few words proudly... Geet was his... And no one will change that fact. But he still had lots of work to do... Specially about her felling. He still haven't forgotten his promise about making her beg...

It's 3rd day that geet didn't have any heroine... The medication wasn't helping much... It's good... But not that good... She started to have fever and her muscle started to be in pain... She was screaming like hell. Her room was empty... Even a single thing is dangerous. Maan walked in. He couldn't leave her on her own... She could even kill her self...

Maan holds her in his embrace... Tight... Both sat on the floor... Geet on his lap... Screaming...
Maan- this soon will be over... Don't worry... He whispered....
Geet- I need.... She couldn't even speak. The craving from her body was to much... She started to bite maan madly... It was hurting him... But  he didn't complain... There was bite Mark all over his shoulder... Maans muscle was well build up... Her bite wasn't that effective... But it's better then when she bites her self. It could percent her skin... which Can cause heavy blood lose... Maan holds her tight so she can't do anything like that...

Geets pleading started after her body seems to give up...
Geet cups maans face... She was mumbling... Choking on her own word. Shivering like hell....
Geet- I will do anything you want me to... Anything... You want me to love you... I will love you... I will do whatever you say... But just once... I won't ask for again... I promise.... I promise....
Maan just stairs at her... With blank expression... Showing no change... But inside he was crying....
Geet rubes his cheek with panic... Brushing his hair back rapidly... While maan still holds her tight on his lap... In his embrace...
Geet- I promise I will do anything. Just today... Just once... Just this time.... I promise I won't ask for again. Just once. You know I love you. If that's what you want to here I am willing to even say that forever.... She started to fumble... Maan puts her leg between his... Pressing it down tight... Helping her to control the urge...
Geet- I..
Maan- just kiss me... This will help you to calm down...
Geet- no... Just listen to me for once... She shouts... I need it...
Maan didn't wait anymore because her pleading was making him week... He pines her to the floor and kisses her tight. Sucking everyone out from her mouth... She bites his lips... His tongue. More aggressive then ever... Maan holds geets hand tight.... He licks every part of her body... Geet still screams in pain.... Maan holds her tighter... Tight as possible... It's been 7 long hours since geets attack increased... The toxic... It was clearing...
Bothe were sitting again... Maan against the wall... Geet still pleading... Maan holds her tighter and tighter with each plead...
Maan couldn't have let her go. It's her 4th day... Last day.... Her pain and fever...

Few nurses comes in to take her to clean up. Geet fainted in maans arm... It was too much.

After Geet left Maan walks in to his room to change. His neck and shoulder was on pain... His lips was swollen....
After freshen up maan walks to harsh room...

Maan- what now?
Harsh- well that's good she made through those 4days... It will reduce the craving allot... Now comes the long term... She will still try to emotionally blackmail you... Maybe wars... She will be in her sense this time.
Maan nodes...
Harsh- we will give her another type of drug... We are lucky she only been on for few months. So it won't take us long to cure her.
Maan- how long?
Harsh- 4 month...
Maan- that's good.
Harsh- we have to keep an close eye on her... Even when the treatment is finished...
Maan- alright!
Harsh- we will reduce the drug concentration and quantity every day... Make it weaker each day until her body completely becomes independent. And that should take us to 4 month. At the beginning... Specially first few weeks... Then.... She will be fine... She is not that deep in heroin... At least we have one positive point...
Maan- thanks... He was about to walk out when harsh whispers...
Harsh- she is very lucky...
Maan smiles...
Harsh- the thing she have done to so many people... She is very lucky to have you.
Maan- If you guys get fooled by her even after knowing the truth it's not exactly her fault....
Maan smirks and leaves.... Leaving annoyed and confused harsh'

prev-PART 12

next-PART 14

umm' more on its way :D


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snehag10psruthipyarisaheligaberinlwgeetsan1989Candy_jskavitamundharasansheen99AISHAJS2203sanyuktabpinkyA8406gagsypayal956asmi123vantu12love_lavnyasaweet-pariguru-ki-dewaanihemvbdiyachillhansasmaPaloma_Dsana.saba7ThugAngelElizaKawaMoon002Kashish9687rostshruthiruchschoudhary.aitsallabtGURTImmishra1lakshmisalvadibhakbhartifanNirjhor105teri_susantrishapanshimanshiheyy_babyyneha512greshumaaneetfanaticHADmishtiavani_9beauty84XXaquafireXXnan_10m-g19maansi007shivangi783Rohini20doosheekacherieLoverLakshmi86reea88Tishuubluedreamz953moonlight2630HanoAhmedputhraj_202BadGirlKiss-shamima-SimplyAparajitauntamedtigressninaviJayaR286pearlMsMovieloverkshubhangivasavi_srianmirzaPrettychoco90-Humera-dreamy4everCutee999punjabi.princessweet cherryanjucoolkomlikaCOLOGYMaaneet.Loverpaponeconbasicquestion1-Veritaserum-Krishnaluv94ramaheshsmj1977.shrutiwajiha-1blueopalshruthiRmrk-1-pixie-hinal_maaneetrsroopalimuskanp..shreyaa..Shalveimpoojavermacharmed onesFallen Angelswetha10kooliioSahSah-afsha-namita25CrazzyBusymitzi11KaSh-Maneet-Fant_areebfelicitysmoak.Madhuri53-Mrinalini-pickachuJayeeta_06Downhill.hayaat.Krishna_Sourav

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You r just amazing. Maans love is so pure and just too much. I love him to the core. Seriously last line. Oh god I just love him.
You r the best to portrayed maans pure agresive love. He could go to any extent to show his love. That was so sweet. Haha harsh.
Loving it. Update soon
Love the way you explained the treatment.


1st to comment again Weeee

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