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MANEET!FF: Tere Mast MDN sea 2 NOTE PG 139 (Page 25)

kellz Goldie

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Maan- Oye jungly billi what are you doing in my house? lolz loved that line

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dimpzz Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
nice update!
me happy tat maan n geet r living together now!
but they r siblings rite?! LOL

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swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
nice update.. continue soon

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sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Loved da update
Do continue

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SaVni Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
Part 9

Maan again is lost in her smile.. but then wonder why is he liking her smile..

Maan and Geet talked alot and they got know about each other very much.. Even know Geet knows about Sameera.. and Maan was laughing at her that she never had any boyfriends... they all were only name boyfriend no serious or anything..

They got so tired so both slept on the terrace..
Next day Pia goes up to find her daughter.. as she wanted to spend time with her but when she goes to her room she isn't their.. she started to get worried for Geet.. She looks everywere and don't find her.. Then both Maan and Geet wakes up and goes downstairs togheter.. Pia was happy to see that and winked to Anu *see, what did I told you?*

Maan goes to office and Geet wish him good luck and gives him a hug and goes inside..

3 Months has gone now and Maan and Geet are best friend... They have a soft feelings for each other but they haven't said that to each other..

Everybody knows now about Anu and Taani and both families are happy with them.. they are thinking about a engagment for them two..

While Jay is starting to like Meera .. and at the sametime she is improving which is a good news for everyone..

Jay goes to his clinic again then get's a call from Meera..

Jay- Ha Meera bolo
Meera- Aap kabh ae rahe ho..? and was sad
* Jay was thinking that Meera never talk like this ever.. how come she is asking him when he is coming?*
Jay- Kyo meera ?
Meera- I want you to be her soon.. about 5 mints..
Jay- I can't come about 5 mints...
Meera- 4 mints left.. hurry up..
Jay- Ok baba coming..

Jay runs to their house and is looking for Meera.. When Meera sees him she runs and hugs him..

Jay was speachless.. he didn't know what to do.. Why was she reacting like that.. Is he even improving? he cheaked her she have improved 95%.. And that was good... She was little childish in her brain but when somebody talked to her no one can guess that she was normal..

Meera- Wait I will come back soon..

Meera goes to her mom's room and is looking for her gun.. watergun.. she opens her moms safety box and when she is about to take her gun she gets Pihu's photo in her hand.. With no varmala.. nothign.. She started to screem.. Everybody comes running to her and bua is shocked to see Pihu's pic in her hand..

Jay was trying to get her back but she was not responsing.. Jay was thinking what has the photo to do with her health? ..

Jay- Aunty.. may I ask you a question if you want to answer then it will help me alot!?
Bua-- Ji beta pocho
Jay- Yeh kiski photo hai? Aur isko dekh kar Meera ko kya hota hai?
Bua- yeh.. Pihu hai.. Meera's elder sister..
Taani and Jay was listning to her..
Bua- Pihu was the most loved girl in this house.. We did never had any diciplin for girls in this house.. but... after that day.. she left us..
Jay- where is she now?
Bua- She is dead.. she killed herself..One day Pihu came home and told us that she wanted to marry a guy named Rudr.. but my brother never accepted that.. cause he had choosed rudr for Meera.. and they got engaged also.. since the day the got engaged Pihu started to behave oddly with everyone.. She was like a horriable person.. Whenever MEera and Rudr was laughing or something she came and destroyed it.. But one day... Pihu asked Meera if she could give her love to her.. which Meera didn't accpeted.. they started to fight and Pihu had a pistol in her hand.. while they were fighting Pihu shot first Rudr then herself.. so everybody could blame Meera for it.. and it was like that for a while in this house.. After some day Meera was not normal.. I didn't even find her like normal..

Meera was standing their and listen to everything her mom said now.. Taani and Jay were in tears and didn't know what to say.. Meera totally break down and started to cry.. she hugged her mom and asked for forgivness when her mom says that is wasn't her fault then why is she asking forgivness.. But Meera suddenly fainted.. Jay cheacked her and says that she is totaly normal now.. I think if she just could her the truth about her sister she would have been normal ages back.. but it is better now..

Jay goes home and is thinking about Meera... He started to like her more but maybe Meera dosen't like him.. Suddenly he had a small accident while thinking of her and got a bandage from the doctors.. His chef asked him if he want to open a clinic for himself.. As he is very well know and everybody likes him as a doctor..

Geet and Maan was getting more used to each other.. No one in this house could think Maan being possesive about any girl and Pia liked it.. She never had any problems leaving Geet with Maan now alone home.. As she know that both are good friends and will not do anything wrong with each other.. Every sunday Maan gives her a surprise.. Or when he has time for her.. Sometimes Geet wanted to kiss him but tought that he will get mad on her and stoped herself .. But at the same time Maan also want to kiss her but thinks that she will scold him..

Taani and Anurag is thnking of get married now as they have been togheter for 3 months and should take a step higher in their relationship..

Anu- Taani.. today i will talk with mama about our marriage..
Taani- Really? U are doing it? Anu I never tought that you will do it... and was happy with his decision..

Anu droped Taani home and both gave each other kiss and she went outside..
Everyday when until Maan dosen't get home Anu sits with Geet and tells her everything about him and Taani.. When he told her for the first time that Taani kissed him she was shocked and fainted.. When she waked up Anu was scared that Maan will get angry.. Geet didn't know why he was scared of Maan when he is elder to Maan..

Anu came home and saw Geet laying in the sofa and seems not well.. at the same time Jay also entered and Geet jumped up from the sofa..

Geet- Jay bhai.. yeh aap ko kya hua? Aap thik to hai na? and started to panic..
Jay- Ha Geet mein thik ho.. Waise tumhe kya hua hai.. tabiyat thik nhi hai kya? And wonderd if she was ill or something.. Geet says that she dosen't feel good as mom is not her aswell so she dosen't feel so good... Anu teas her and says that he has now get used to their mom... And they all laughed..

Jay- To kya hua mom nhi hai.. we are here na.. jab tak Maan office se ghar nhi atha to hum Geet ja khayal rakthe hai aur jab Maan ae ga woh Geet ka khayal rak le ga.. What say Anu?
Anu- Alright boss..
Geet- Are nhi.. iss ki kya zarorat hai?
Jay- Geet, please let us..

They all made dinner for Geet and eat it.. then later on after Anu was finished with his talk about Taani Jay told her that her sister Meera is normal again.. And Geet was happy with that.. She called her bua and asked her if everything was alright home.. Bua and Geet used to talk to each other once in week.. Taani also used to spend time with her outside of house .. she never want to go with her home as she dosen't wanted to see Anu's mom yet.. or maybe she will not like her or something.. Geet talked to Meera and they planned that they should go somewhere now she is normal and she should talk with Jay.. Meera says to Geet to say hi from here.. And Geet didn't get it.. Geet comes back

Geet- Jay bhai.. Meera says hi to you
Anu started to laugh while Jay was total red and didn't get why she was saying hi to him..

Geet wanted to play cards and all 3 sat and played cards.. when suddenly run to toilet and womit .. Jay and Anu started to panic what happend to her and took her to hospital..
Doc comes out

Jay- Geet kaisi hai?
Doc- She is fine .. she just had virus in her body nothing serious.. Just make sure that she rest and eat's food on time she will get back in 2-3 days..

They came home and made Geet rest in her bed and they sat with her... Maan comes home and find them all around Geet's bed and gave her soup and everything.. Maan run to her room..

Maan- Kya hua Geet ko? and runs to her bed..
Jay- Kuch nhi.. virus hua hai.. rest kare gi to thik ho jae gi..
Maan- Bro aap log jao mein dhayan rakh lo ga iss ka..
Anu and Jay leaves..

Maan- Geet please take care of your self..
Geet- What should I do at home alone? You are in office... Jay bro is with Meera, Anu is with Taani.. then Mom is not home also.. then i'm alone.. and was sad
Maan- I will take holiday until you don't get ok..
Geet- noo.. not take any holiday now..
Maan- Kyo?
Geet- Woh Meera di is back normal.. so I talked with her and she said that we should go on a holiday or do something togheter for 1-2 weeks.. So please take holiday then? and was smiling
Maan- thik hai .. paar sleep now.. he made her sleep and kissed her forhead and goes out..

Jay-Anu-Maan was talking about where they all should go for holiday ..

Jay- Out of controy?
anu-Maan- naa..
Anu- Goa?
Maan-Jay- naa..
Maan- camping
anu- jay-- yeesss
Anu- camping at our farmhouse.. you know it is 7 hours drive but we will have fun.. and it has many rooms.. and tent also
Jay- Maan - We know that Anu..
Maan- it's our farmhouse also

Precap- Geet ask where they are going for holidays

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

Joined: 22 May 2007
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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Nice part!!!
Thanks for the PM...

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sweet cherry IF-Rockerz
sweet cherry
sweet cherry

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Loved da update
It was amazing

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ambbiha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2011 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
i loved it
meera s back to normal EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
3 brothers fall  4 3 sistersLOLLOLLOLLOL
waiting 4 their camping EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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