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Dutta & his Attitude , Mashallah !!!

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
Finally got the will to watch the epi after the major showdown we had at LTL forum today and have to say epi really was hilarious in parts LOL .
1) Dutta left-right-left going out and there comes his ladli choti behen Madhu with bfast ofcourse (Poor girl it has become her every day chore , serving her moody bhai LOL).  Dutta ki bhook Madhu ko dekthe hi mitgayi LOL. He must be feeling like "Oh man Madhu again !!! D'oh. Ghar mein sare naukar margaye kya?" LOL. Poor Madhu was like, "Bhai mere tu nahin katha hai aur teri pathni mujhe bejthi rehthi haiD'oh.  Mera haal tho koi dushman ko bhi naa aaye" LOL. Jks apart, Poor Madhu so dilgently got her bro bfast on her SILs insistence. Well and good but what to do abt bhai saab ji, he is a lost soul , kismath ka maraLOL, nah nah Pyaar ka maara with no bhook-wook , so says "If I need bfast, I will ask" LOL(Thanks for the confirmation Dutta ji, humein tho laga ki aap tho khane jaisi cheez ke baren mein bhool hi gaye the LOL. BTW poor Madhu ko kya patha tha ki aap bahar jaarahe ho to get talli LOL. Cuz only when u get talli u feel hungry or errmm may be u get talli to feel hungry ?ConfusedLOL. Chicken-Egg situation I guessLOL )
2) Then comes his dear wifey with juice and the look on Dutta's face, "Aaha , there u go.  Finally got to see u"Tongue. Nakku was like, "Ahemmmmm alright. I had to come, ur ladli sis forgot ur juice" LOL. They share eyelock , we share their lock LOL. Ta-Da, Dutta who is worse than a kid in all respects LOL, walks left-right-left LOL . Not to the main door this time,  but straight to the dining table LOLand phewwww......sits at it LOL (Lagtha hai Dutta ko Nakku ko dekthe hi nasha ched gayi LOL, no wonder he felt hungry right away WinkTongue). Gadhe ko patni ko dekhthe hi bhook lagi thi Tongue. So ya, he so sincierly waiting for his patni to come serve him.  Best part of the scene was his pose ROFL. Just like a kid sits infront of his teacher , so does Dutta, with folded hands, moo phoolake ofcourse (since thats his patented pose for the time being LOL. BTW, can I plsss pull his cheeks Nakkkuuuuuu plssssssssssss Day Dreaming.  Kitna sona don hai humaar LOL. Chwweeeeeettttttuuuuu Tongue. Baagwaan ne bade phursath se banaya isko LOL.).
3) The look he gives to Madhu before heading towards the table was hilarious LOL. He was like, "Dekhlena agar tu agayi tray leke table ke paas tho mein tujhe nahin chodoonga" LOL. Poor Madhu ,what a fix she was in LOL. (Madhu ji iam telling u pls open that parcel, we heard Huma sent u a one-way return ticket for London, use that. Mauka math gawaou aur phooooorrr hojaou London LOL. Thats the house of psycho's , sane ppl like u wont be able to stand them LOL)
4) Madhu's pushing Nakku asking her to take the tray was very "friendly"Embarrassed . The two are getting closer by the day, a warm feeling indeed. Anyways, thanks to Baaji Rao the miracle man , the official problem solver of that Pagal Niwas LOL, who comes and lets Madhu know that AS is asking for her and I have to admit that this is the first time I loved "AS" doing something interesting LOL. Her name has helped Baaji pick off the kabab mein haddi of the day, Madhu from the scene LOL. And while ur at it, dont forget to peek at the foreground, where Dutta ji is all ready to get served TongueLOLDay Dreaming.
5) Nakku takes the tray and dont forget to look at Baaji behind, walking into the house LOL. He massaging his head had an expression, "Oh god isse zyada mein kuch karnahin saktha, kaash ki yeh kaam karjaaye" LOL.
6) The moment Nakku walks to the table see the way Dutta changes his stance. He sits a bit more closer to himself, and becomes a bit more concious of himself LOL (Kaheka conciousness Dutta? LOL. Puri duniya ko patha chel gaayi tere haal e dil , koi use nahin tera yeh moo phulake, attitude dikaneka  LOL. )
7)Intimate scene Tongue :  Look at the way Nakku gets a bit tooooooo close to Dutta while picking up the plate TongueDay Dreaming. (Nakku is passing on hints but gadhe ko samaj nahin aarahi ,lo karlo baath LOL). She gets a bit chipkofied to him and he moves his head a bit away? ShockedLOL. (Yahan pe log isske football team ki dreams karahe hain and yeh hai ki Ouch.......... hooooffffff Dutta AngryLOL)
8) Dutta straight face (koi ghudghudi kare isse pls, iska yeh face dekh nahin pa rahi hoo mein LOL) . Nakku dear, places the juice, the sandwitch plate infront and waits. Dutta gives one sideward look to Nakku. Nakku too looks at him pleadingly, "Pls khalo naa abhi" kind of look. Dutta still straight , nahin iss baar there is slight hint of smile on his faceTongue, very slight but there isEmbarrassed. Then Nakku moves a bit meaning, "Chalo phir mein cheli jaathi hoon. Tumhe nahin khana hai tho.............teek hai Disapprove" . Dutta then finally picks the glass LOL and gives one slight side ward look this time, meaning, "Chalo khush hojaou abhi, Iam drinking". Looking at which, Nakku feels elated but tries her best to hide her smile Tongue.
9) Nakku then tries to walk off and man that look on her face when she feels someone caught her pallu........its as if her heart beat stopped for a secTongue and why not LOL. She thought it was Dutta holding her pallu LOL. She should know by now that her dear hubby is not in the pallu holding mood LOL Tongue.
10) She looks back and realises that I was right, she was wrong LOL.  Jks apart, the way she looks at Dutta, expectantly, asking him to "free" her up. Patha nahin what she wanted him to free her from?Day Dreaming. His looks?, his presence?, the passionate mahol? or ahemmmm his intense stare?Day Dreaming Tongue. Dutta looks at the pallu, then her and the way he tries "not to" look at the saree first (as if to mean "Tera pallu tu sambaal" typesTongue) by taking his eyes off from the saree and then unable to control his eyes anymore, keeps looking at the saree with a slight hint of naughtiness in those eyes, have to say , just a passionate mahol in thereDay DreamingDay Dreaming. Finally he bends, pulls the strings off from the chair and keeps noticing Nakku's reaction to his acts, with that side-ward-straight look, and continues to sip the juice. Can romance get any subtler and yet so good than this? Day Dreaming. What was the best part in this scene? Naughty looks by Dutta , Expectant looks by Nakku  or the backgroud Monkey, Baaji's "Nikaal, nikaal nikaal" wala look when D was pulling the saree ? LOL
11) Did u ever hear of 8th wonder? Nope? Tongue Then see today's show. Kala taking Suds ka advice is what one calls the 8th wonder of this world LOL.  BTW the line, "Humare ungliyon pe naachne wale log ab humare sar par naachenge" defines Kala for us. She hates being ruled. She loves to rule and thats the issue for her with D-N too.  She wants to rule her bro's life and N is the hurdle and hence the war.
12) Suds abt chaskar, says, "Tapori hai tapori. Beja nahin hai uske paas, bahou banneka hai" was outright hilarious. If Chaskar is tapori for thinking of taking Dutta's place in the business, then what should one call  Suds for him thinking of taking Baaji's place in Dutta's life? LOL . No wonder Dutta once called him "Ullu" Tongue.
13) Kala wants to use Chaskar , but for what?Confused. He wants to take over D's position and Kala has no inhibitions in using that guy? Shocked.  I mean she wants D to still be the master in his business isnt it?Confused. Then why and what for is she gonna use Chaskar?. Confused !!! Confused.
14)  Chaskar's one step back as if he is attacked by Kala's beauty was worth watching LOL. He was smitten by her looksTongue. Poor Kishore patha nahin kahan hai. Koi usse bathade ki uske love story mein Third angle aagay aaj LOL and here we are so worried abt Seema entering into TaSha's life LOL. LTL is sure hatke I tell u LOL. But bechare Chaskar ka dil toot gaya when Kala called him "Bhai" LOL
15) Chaskar is made another ullu by  Suds and Kala looks like. I really wish this time Chaskar traps these two ppl nicely Tongue.  The guy seems to have some ethics as far as we have seen of him. Hope this trap entangles Kala nicely and she gets caught readhanded infront of Dutta. Atleast than she can be more open and get to make more interesting plans instead of the so called flop plansTongue.
16) Now what is this? Nakku cant lit a lamp ? LOL. Gadhe ki pathni kya bangayi she too turned like him , kya?LOL.  AS insists Dutta to take Nakku to the temple. He insists that he cant as he need to travel afar that day. Nakku understands the cue and offers to walk to the temple instead. The look on Dutta's face was worth watching LOL. He was waiting to hear Nakku talk to him. He wanted her to ask him to take her, haq se. But Nakku as usual mahaan lady of the millenium undid his effort LOL.  Dutta was like, "Nahin poochna na? Teek hai !!! " . Feels like saying ............choooooooooo chweetttt TongueLOL.
17) Why do I feel Dutta will be waiting outside the house to drop Nakku at the temple? LOL. The way he was walking out of the house with all "attitude" , I am sure he will waiting like a joru ka gulam outside the house right at his jeep LOL. He can hardly let his wife take bus number 11 to temple now ,can he?Tongue.
18) Precap : Seema pls dont commit suicide plssssssssss LOL. Oh man the way she was looking out of the car window as if she is gonna jump out of it right into D's jeep was howalrious LOL. Hope she stays alive until her entry ka mission gets completed. Ya after that if she doesnt exit, we might kill her off and complete her dil ki murad , woh alag baath hai LOL.
TidBits :
1) PANIC button is pressed at Pagal Niwas. Poochiyen kyun? PN is out of "daaru" and hence our official drunkard man, Dutta is offered juice for bfast instead LOL.
2) Wonder what did Kishore ask in his latest Theerth endeveour LOL. Because his wifey is attracting one more bakra leaving him aside. May be this was his dil ki muraad LOL, to shove off Kala's burden from his shoulders to someother bakra in that Pagal Planet LOL.
3) Suds bought a new red Jeep? and Dutta still drives the old black one?Shocked. I hope Suds gets killed by Dutta atleast for this offence LOL. No one and sply "Right hand man" can't drive anything colorful, cuz the master of the house is still brooding LOL.
4) Dutta is wearing a red thread on his hand?Shocked. Dutta throws away Bappa's chain but ties the red thread? Shocked. Yeh Bappa ke saath sarasar naa insaafi hai LOL.
5) How come Nakku is making lot of temple visists these days?LOL. Earlier Ghar se chipki rehthi thi aur ab Ghar mein kam roads aur mandir mein zyada dikh rahi hai ?LOL.
6) Madhu eyeing "Sudarshan" ?? Shocked ya may be ahemmmmm "suresh" ?? Shocked Why is she wearing a "S" in her chain? LOL ya ab "B" hotha tho alag baath thi LOL.
7) BTW what happened to the two lil sisters?Shocked Sleeping beauty practice karahe hain kya? Didnt see them after such a major showdown in the house.
MR was at his naughty best at the pallu sceneEmbarrassed.
Since the whole forum is so troubled by the latest news abt Dutta's exit, wanted to divert u guys ,and hence this post............... Now Ur comments.................Smile

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inosh Groupbie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
Anu, you rock woman :)

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Crystal29 Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Thanks Anu! 

You are a miracle worker. My day was going from bad to worse with work tensions and LTL rumors! And I read your post and here I am laughing, back to a happy mood! Thanks for that!Hug

It was a very intimate scene at the breakfast table...Dutta just knows how to give naughty looks and still keep a straight angry face...How does this guy do it!Clap Loved Baaji today, he was like a kid getting all giggly at the scene between D-N. The same way I was watching that scene.

I too feel he might wait and drop her at the mandir tomorrow...Lets see...Seema leaning out of the car window was hilarious!

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ltl_fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Anu:  You said Mashallah to Dutta and his Attitude.  Well girl I say SubhanAllah to your writing and analysis!!!LOLLOL  Dutta ke nakhre Mashallah to Anu ka qalam Subhanallah
Thanks for taking the time and effort for helping us cheer up.LOL
Maybe it was the channels and media's deliberate plan to give us today's heartache so that when Seema makes her entry and does whatever she has come to do it would seem like a minute heartache compared to what they already put us thru by publishing the bogus articles.ROFL

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--Sia-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Anu !!!

Few days back AS was behaving like a pendulum now looks like madhu has become pendulum between tasha LOL.....poor girl have to run here n there between bhaiya and babhi (but glad gadha behaved normally with her in hosh Smile)  really liked the bonding between madhu and nakku

Baaji played his part  well poor guy couldn't do anything more LOL

Our poor gadha not comfortable when nakku comes close to him ....hayye sharmila don Embarrassed...looks like even non living things start behaving seeing dutta doing nothing to his wife LOL(even they know that ghadha has fallen hard in love LOL)......Dutta didn't hold pallu so chair did the job LOL  ...but the naughty look he gave was so Embarrassed

Kala bechari still cant believe her plan failed so badly ...look at her condition now she need ullu's  advice Shocked ...About chaskar I am sure as soon as he comes to know that kala's dushman is dutta he is gonna changed his mind ...I feel like he is goona be positive in the end Smile

Last scene poor gadhe ke sare sapne chaknachhor ho gayee. LOL...bada attitude dikha raha tha le dikha ab .....miss kar diya na biwi ko drive par le jane ka chance ...ayeeinda aisi galti nahi karega ab yeh ....but hope he is waiting for her outside ...Tongue

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meghaparti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:51pm | IP Logged
Wow Anu..It was just hillarious dear reading ur update.......LOL

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
Anu, you just made my day more interesting!
That Bfast scene is all the more spicy now, thanks to your update.
I am positive, Dutta is either going to drop Naku himself of send his messenger aka Baaji to do the honors :) Loved Naku's stand that she is not going to ask him for anything, he is going to have to come forward and stake his claim now...Love the tussle between them...
Seema - I must admit does look pretty. Lets see how Dutta reacts to her after so many years :) Dutta's reactions are always watch worthy - this time I am hoping for more of a calm reaction than the volcanoes he has produced.

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 3:07pm | IP Logged
oh Anu.. u have succeeded in your mission and howEmbarrassed.. i too was really down today after reading all the rumours.. then watched the show and though loved the tasha scenes, i was left wanting for more.. felt really sad for nakku when D denies to take her to mandir.. of course we can see that his mouth is saying something and his eyes are saying anotehr story.. he was so upset when she says she will walk.. gadha kahin ka.. waise, i like ur idea to tickle him as i am also now tired of D's all time expression.. cant rememebr the last time he smiled.. and yes, i also saw the hint of a smile at the table.. and naughty looks ka kya kehnaEmbarrassed  but bechari nakku needs something a bit more explicit from D now, i think.. i too loved the Madhi-nakku scene with dutta in the foreground, where N does not want to go with the breakfast.. looked so sweet and heart warming .. and it was indeed a treat to see a genuine warm smile on baaji's face.. he looekd so sweet..
i do hope that the joru ka ghulam is waiting for her outside.. that would be awesome.. can u imagine nakku's happiness if that happened?! wish it came true.. if not i am sure gadha would have taken a detour via the temple to make sure she has reached safely..
thanks for the post Anu.. indeed a sweet gesture to cheer us up!   

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