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Happy Birthday Mahi (Princezz22) (Page 2)

IndefiniteLOVE IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:09pm | IP Logged

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.Mehak. Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Happy birthdaii .. So ur 14 now, just one year younger then me :) well wish u the best of luck and hope u have a fun day

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remosalsa IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:28pm | IP Logged

Big smilePartyBig smileMany Happy Returns Of The DayBig smilePartyBig smile


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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:34pm | IP Logged
Now it is time to reply to my sweet si cute si anu twinnyEmbarrassed

Anu (Anu_sajan4ever)

Happy Birthday Twinny many many happy returns of the day. i cant believe my cutee, sweet, naughty, mature twinny baby sis willl now be teenager you are turning 14 that means now u are in category of teenager. I always thought you an adult hehe, the way u talk, ur maturity n all bt here u r turning teenager not adult lol anyways i jst hopeee u never change twinny hopee u always remain my twinny who i meet in maneet paradise. God bless u and hopeee u get all happiness in life ahead.  hehe sorry i hopeee i didnt bored u lol happy birthday once again.

Lots of love
ur Anu twinny
here is a siggie for u i made n u knw naa its my 1st siggie hopeee u lyk it

TWINNY tu ne kab se siggy banana chalu kardia?ShockedBecause the siggy is so awesome and mesmirizingEmbarrassed
KSG is looking tooo hotDay Dreaming
thankzzzzzzzz twinny for the lovely siggy.Embarrassed

AND OMG  the OS you wrote was the best birthday gift.Embarrassed
 'Mr.Karan Singh Grover'.
' me karan'

OMG!!You wont believe I was picturing  this scenario.That suddenly KSG appeared and my jaws were like wide open and then I stutter and say 'Uhm..Mr.K..K..Karan Singh Grover' and he goes like 'Ah..Karan..Sirf Karan'Embarrassed and I am likeeeeeeeeeeBlushing

thanks soooooooooo much twinny for the birthday messages and siggies and OS.Embarrassed

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P.Kamaljit.Sean IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Happy BirthdayParty
Many Many Happy returns of the day

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Mahi mahiiiiii! Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Happy birthday, dude!!, no dude, hun! I don't want you to kill me right on your birthday. :| Happy birthday sis! Happy birthday gabbar! Happy birthday Miss Mahi Wayyyyyy! Party

I could have made siggies and VMs for you, but kya karun, hun? Lazyness gets the best out of me! :| But I wanna include my own message in the message wall on the front page..I'm just not sure quite where to begin.. :|

Okay.. I love you! You are, like, one of my first ARian friends.. And, Sigh..It's a sad fact that I never got to talk to you in the DMG forum..Infact, we used to dhishoom-dhishoom a lot. LOL But now, you are one of my best friends on this forum! You are my first KaPilicious friend. And yeah, my love for you increased this week...'cause you made me a KaPi FOTW. Embarrassed

And yeah.. you are soo sweet! Kinda besharam...But you are, like, too mature for your age! The way you step in every discussion and every wrong post.. telling them they are wrong, they need to post there...all with a smile, you know what?, you seem like a very mature girl! But once someone gets to know you up-front, they can tell how besharam you are. Tsk tsk tsk. Harroz ladke badalna...Aur unhein apni stepsister ( Shilpu aka me.. ) ke saath share bhi nah karna. Angry

Blah blah..Im rambling, right? Okay..Im sorry! I wish you a VERY happy birthday! Enjoy, have fun, blast it off... Big smile

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Now finally message to the thread make aka meri bestie hiraEmbarrassed

So I am here opening this birthday thread for someone who is special'Smile

She is someone whom I know very well and she is one of my best friends on IF. So I know her very well, many of you also know her BUT if u don't know who she isErmm, so let me tell you about this awesomely awesome personBig smile

14 years ago, on 22nd December, God sent an angel (not really an angel duniya ka aik ajoobaTongueLOL ) on earth. But she is such a gem' And I'm thankful to God for giving me such a nice friend'Smile

She is someone who is an amazing member of this forum. She is someone you can always count on and depend on.AwwEmbarrassed

She is a die-hard Vishal Gandhi and Karan Singh Grover fan.True very true. I am die hard fan of both but KSG ki thori zyadaLOLEmbarrassed

She always fights with me over VG and KSG but today they both are all yours' .Ohho chalo I won i won I got both vishal and ksgDancingwaise vishal tu pehle se hi mine and armaan too and now ksg.Embarrassed

She is also a very down to earth person and like an angel who is sent from heaven to earth'Wah wah wah hira madam aaj tareef karne ke mood mein hainROFLROFLAw thank you sisEmbarrassedmein bolti ti na i am angelEmbarrassedEmbarrasseddekh ab tune finally agree kardiaROFLROFL

Many of you have also seen her wonderful siggies and avis and her wonderful piece of writing 'I know i know I am very talentedEmbarrassedROFLMasha-AllahEmbarrassedJokes apart , its the members who appreciate my piece of writing and siggy/avi and encourage me to write more OS and make more siggies.Embarrassed

But one thing I wanna say.It is because of you hira I am now such awesome siggy/avi maker.You were the one who helped me and made me learn basics of Adobe Photoshop very soon.So if I ever open my siggy/avi shop I will always credit you.

Whenever you need to talk about something she is always there 'She is  thori nautanki, crazy, shaitaanTongue but also cute and sweetSmileYup , I am total nautanki and shaitaan and sweet tooTongueI know when to be serious and be nautanki to enlighten the atmosphereEmbarrassed

..She is also very excited about her birthday because she is gonna receive many surprises todayBig smile'and she loves surprises.Haye I love surprisesEmbarrassedAnd I was so waiting for this bday thread.Remember how I stalked ur and twinny's scrapsROFLROFL

I can go on and on talking about her 'So let me stop here and let you think about whom I am talking about?

OMG!!Meri itni tareefShockedKaise?

Hira meri itni tareef karahi hain..Mahi ki tareef.(acha not sounding too dramaticROFL)

I am surprised and really glad after seeing this thread.Really hira u have made my birthday special.Embarrassed

Hira (CoolAquarius)

wow thanks for writing the username , u so helped me , because mujhe tu srsly yaad nahin hira kon hain?D'ohYou provided me great help by writing her username.AngryROFLROFL

Now get ready for my msgTongueWink


Mahiiiiii my bunny, my armuu, my rofl buddy, my chutki, my jaanEmbarrassedSmilesaare naam math lo.Remember we have basket of names which will never end.ROFLROFLROFL

Happy Birthday to you'Happy Birthday to you

Happppppy Birthday to u Mahiiiiiii

I have been collecting all these birthday stuff since one week'and I had to think so hard about what should I add as u knw how much I lub opening birthday messagesTongueOuch but your hints helped me a lot in opening thisBig smiledekho dekho moi so clever mujhe tu pata tha tere dimaagh mein kuch idea ghussa ga nahin isliye meine tumhe ideas diyeROFLROFLHow clever moi isLOL

'doing all this seemed like I am writing my school essay LMAO..HailaOuchYe thread tumhe itna boring laga?Shockedtumhaare school essays bohut boring hote hain.LOLLOL

I have used your favorite color of summers and wintersLOL, black and pink for this thread'(LMAOOOO kuch yaad aayaROFL)You kammmROFLchup kar what if that person is aroundROFLbohut achi tareeke se yaad ayaROFLhum dono kisi ko baksh the nahin hainROFL

..this week was really busy arranging all this'worked so hard on this thread and have literally gone crazy ROFLL so u bettaaah like it, cux I made this despite of being jokeyLOL..enjoy reading this burdayyyyy messageSmileTongueAwwww thats so sweet of yeah jaanaHugreally I am really happy by this thread.You have made my birthday special.EmbarrassedAnd zyada zabardasti math kar , warna I wont like the threadROFLphir saari mehnat gayi paani meinROFL

Okay Mahi so from where shall I startErmm'its been just three months, we met but it seems like I knoe u since ages'I said this also to u a few days ago and its unbelievable'from the past three months we have talked to each other matter how busy we are, how much homework tests we get, or even u had exams lately, we always take out some time just to talk to each otherBig smile...our day is incomplete if we don't talk...either we rofl and laugh like crazy or we just argue or fight on silly thingsLOLSeriously yaar we met 3 months ago and its like met u 3 ages before.Have known so much about you.Yeah it is really unbelievable and the most shocking part is we turned out friends like this only..I mean never expected that a member whom I met in ViSu AT will become my bestie and not just online bestie you are now my real life bestie.EmbarrassedYes no matter how much we are busy we take time and come online.I had my examz weeks ago still I chatted with you 2-3 hours daily , can you believe?No 1 is mad who will chat with his/her ol bestie 3 hours everyday while in examz also but I did.Because you are no more ol bestie u r like my real life bestie and when I dont chat with you , my day is incomplete.Lolzz yeah we will either ROFL soooooo much or argue on silly thingsROFL and we are so mad that we will laugh at ourselves after the fight is over.But our fights are too dangerous.LOL

..In these 3 months I have known you so well'how much opposite we are to each other'our likes dislikes everything is totally opposite and different to each other but still there is something which keeps us connected *gets emotional*LOLTrue..everything is so opposite in us except drooling over ksgLOLLOLand we are so opposite that we dont ask each other u like this person because if I like so i shud understand in advance that u dont like and if u like so u shud understand i dont like it.ROFL

'and I hate when u suddenly disappear from msn and get DC and I have to send that gaali waala icon ROFL'u better fix ur net cux u know how much I hate itTongueRofl I know how much you hate my netROFLAfter this birthday thread I got DC 4 timesROFLROFLbut then it is this net which made us meet.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

No matter how much opposite we are but we both drool over one same thing..AAAHH KSGGGGEmbarrassed'okay let me not mention him here as this is PKYEK forumTongueYeah so rightROFL btw KSG and Armaan are mineEmbarrassedROFL

I still remember, when was the first time we met on abhiya AT'from their we started our fraaaanshipLOL'on that day u were on and off on the AT and then u sent me a pm *ahem* *ahem* essayTongue'Meri pm ki bezati math karAngryAngrykitne pyaar se pm bheja thaEmbarrassed

and from there we started talking via pms everyday'we flooded each other's inbox with our pms'shuru shuru mein me thot ur all serious type girl and remember how formal we used to beSmileHaila Mahi and serious?ROFLROFLI think until now you thought I am very serious typesLOLLOLlol but I am not.Its just that I am shy.Embarrassed

..Compare that time with now..ROFLLL there is a HUGEEE difference'I have seen all ur pagalpan nowLOLPAGALPLAN?ShockedDon't worry meine bhi tera pagalpan dekh liyaROFLke hira kitni pagal hainROFLaur rofl karne ke siwaen usse kuch nahin aataROFL

Together we share everything'we discuss our problems and happiness'u always manage to crack me up'I love our ROFLICIOUS convos'you make me smile'AwwEmbarrassedyeah we discuss everything.Share our happiness and problemsEmbarrassedTonguelol you crack me moreLOLLOLgosh , tumhaare one liners are so awesome.ROFL

I can't imagine my day without..You are like a little sis to me as I don't have any younger sister but I consider you as my younger sis'so u bettah always obey your bari behna'sometimes with my lectures I sound like a strict bari behan but babe yeh sab teri bhalai ke liye hee karti honLOLAwwwwwwwwwwwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEven I cant imagine my day without talking to you.Talking to you everyday is now part of my daily routine and thats why despite of the hectic schedule during examz I chatted with you every day.TongueAnd Aww u consider me as ur small sisEmbarrassedyou know I don't have any sister and now I consider you as my barhi behnaEmbarrassedLol , tune advice kab diya?LOLLOLTere advices are so boringLOLdoesn't sound like barhi behen advice karahi hainLOLROFL

Together we ROFLed on msn on all the random things'if somebody would ever read our convo'ppl would think we aint normal'but that's the way we one can be like us and u know it hehe.Yup , no one can ever be like MaHi(Mahi and Hira)we are so meine tujhse pehle hi kaha if someone will read our convo they will think we are crazy as hamare convo mein baatein se zyada ROFL icons hainROFLROFLyaha pe ROFL karna mushkil hain warna yaha IF pe ROFL ka flood hojataROFLROFLand then humara naam Global Announcement mein aata aur Mahi aur Hira phamous hojate.CoolROFLROFL

Okay so on this special occasion I just wanna say that Happppppppy Birthday babe..May God bless you and hope u have a rocking year ahead'May all your ARMAANS come true

AWWWWEmbarrassedSuch amazing line.Hope so mere saare ARMAAN poore ho AmeenEmbarrassedBig smileYou know na I just love the name ArmaanEmbarrassed

'I hope you meet KSG in future' tere munh mein gee shakarEmbarrassedBig smileTere munh mein chocolates , ice creams , cake and sweets.Big smile Really wish ke mein ksg se milo.Mera Armaan ye hain ke mein Armaan se milo.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and I also hope teri WHO waali wish  bhi poori ho'u know what I meanWinkTere munh mein chocolates , ice creams , cake and sweetsEmbarrassedLOLI hope all my wishes and armaan's come true.Embarrassed

'Enjoy your day..Eat loads of cake aur mere liye bhi kuch rakhna saara khud mat khaanaTongue'And only for today KSG is yoursOuch but according to our deal he is mine TongueBig smilebut aaj tera bday haii tou aaj ke liye chalegaTongue..we have fought for like 4893748 times but I hope in 2011 we wont fight at all..well thora  bohat chalega but not serious waale fights TEHEE

Yay finally KSG mera huaDancingArmaan tu already mera tha aur ab KSG bhiPartyTongueYup we have fought for ksg about 659347 timesLOLLOLbut I get serious only when you say yeah in your dreams..pata nahin kyun mujhe wo barha offending lagta hain.OuchD'oh

U know Me and Anu tried to fulfill your every possible wish that you wanted to have on your birthday'I hope u liked all this

Nah , I loved this thread and all suprises , it was mind-blowing and you both made my birthday very specialEmbarrassed

A poem for you'HEHE one of your favorite poem (awww my mahi is shoo cuteEmbarrassedBig smile)

And u know why its your favorite

OKAY so lemme write it here

Twinkle Twinkle, little STARS

How I wonder what you are,

Up above the world so high,

Like a DIAMOND in the sky

AwwwwwwwwwwwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedSee bohut pehle ye poem kisi ne likha tha.Kisne likha tha pata nahin.ROFLROFLAnyways , thats not important.Important is ke this poem defines our friendship where star and diamond is referring.EmbarrassedNajma and Heera are refering .EmbarrassedMe and you are referring.Embarrassed

I hope u aint asleep, after reading this long message cum essayTongue..kiya karon tere se aadat lagi hai essays likhne ki ROFLLL..i can go on and on and never I think I better stop here and zip up my mouth'aaj tere essay ka badla mein ne le he liya by this long essay BUAHAHAHAALOL

Nah , I wasnt bored reading it but writing it.ROFLROFLItna lambha essay likha.Tujhe reply bhi karna hoga.Evil Smile

OKAY so let me stop my bakbak and let me give you a chance to thank me for all jokey agaainLOLLOL


Wait Wait Wait before u go down, check out your birthday gift from my sideBig smile

I hope you would like it

OMG!!ShockedShockedShockedThis Avi is fantastic aviEmbarrassedJust love it.Haye mera armuEmbarrassedmy armaanEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aww such beautiful kabir avi.TongueBig smile

Thankzzzzzzzz sooooooooo much for the VM.EmbarrassedHug

OMG!!All of your surprises are just so perfect.

Thanks for everything Hira.Embarrassed

Ab chal reply kar mujhe.AngryLOLLOL

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chahaat. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthdayyy Mahii!!!! Party
Love you girl! Hug
Aww i guess i am the only one left in the youth group on this forumCry
Anyway enjoy your day!Big smile

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