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Happy Birthday Mahi (Princezz22)

-Hiralious- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged


So I am here opening this birthday thread for someone who is special'Smile

She is someone whom I know very well and she is one of my best friends on IF. So I know her very well, many of you also know her BUT if u don't know who she isErmm, so let me tell you about this awesomely awesome personBig smile

14 years ago, on 22nd December, God sent an angel (not really an angel duniya ka aik ajoobaTongueLOL ) on earth. But she is such a gem' And I'm thankful to God for giving me such a nice friend'Smile

She is someone who is an amazing member of this forum. She is someone you can always count on and depend on. She is a die-hard Vishal Gandhi and Karan Singh Grover fan. She always fights with me over VG and KSG but today they both are all yours' She is also a very down to earth person and like an angel who is sent from heaven to earth' Many of you have also seen her wonderful siggies and avis and her wonderful piece of writing 'Whenever you need to talk about something she is always there 'She is  thori nautanki, crazy, shaitaanTongue but also cute and sweetSmile..She is also very excited about her birthday because she is gonna receive many surprises todayBig smile'and she loves surprises

I can go on and on talking about her 'So let me stop here and let you think about whom I am talking about?

So did you find out?







Yeah she none other than our very own

Mahi aka   22


Mahi, Mahi, All I want to say is that all your friends LOVE you soooo much

Have a happy belated birthday

Enjoy this day to the fullest..Do whatever you like to do'party hard

I know that I suck at writing bday messages but I tried LOLLOL

Enjoy all these wonderful birthday mssages and wonderful gifts in the next post which your buddies sent youBig smile

Enjoy reading 'emSmileTongue

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jannat4ever-kavita-PurpleRainxXdEejAyXxchahaat.xx-Rai-xxBeautifulDream.saher_90angelic shazpalz_ksg-Rumi-..Armaania..RoyalLEO_Krrish.Nabi.spamalotMona1993BefikrematwamangoJanuableSanuSano88

-Hiralious- IF-Rockerz

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Birthday Messages

Sano (Sano88)

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mahi is like a little sister of mine; We met on DMG forum wherein she thought am a hitler..LOL its not her fault becaue many people have this misunderstanding that Mods cant smile ShockedROFL  Which is not the case, Mahiiiiiiiiiiiii, many happy returns of the day, abhi bhi choti ho so jaldi se badi hoja..LOL May Allah blesssssssssss you and gives you long life..Big smile

Haan haan, i know gift ka waiting horaha hai.. tan tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Your Gift
hope You like it..
With loads of hugs..Hug
Sano Big smile

Rai (xx-Rai-xx)

OMG its ur birthday today
tu bari ho gaye mere sis 
so what can i say about u...
u are one of the nicest person i meet on IF
u r so sweet and u talk to everyone so nicely
and u r very talented too
u can make sigs and avis
u take everyone request and always be polite to everyone
sometimes i can someone be so nice 
so today in this special day i would like to wish u Happy Birthday Mahi
i hope u have a great year ahead, earn a lot of success and find a sona munda for urself
and this is ur gift:
(credit goes to makers)
i hope u like it and again Happy Birthday Mahi

lots of love

Fari (..Fari..)


Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.
Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.
Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.
Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"



Radha (Radt)

Friendship is rare, 
Do you know what I'm sayin' to you? 
Friendship is rare. 
My derriere, 
When you find out much later 
That they don't really care. 
It's rare to me, can't you see? 
It's rare to me, can't you see? 

Oh shit there's a bear, 
Could you hand me that shotgun buddy, 
Also that chair? 
We're fighting a bear 
Now your life's in grave danger 
And you don't even care. 
It's rare to me, can't you see? 
It's rare to me, can't you see? 
It's rare to me, 
Say a prayer for me, 
'Cause it's rare to be 
In Tenacious D. 

Friends will be friends 
They're running naked in the sand,


Friends holding hands 
Will someday surely form a band, 
Friends will be friends 
They say that friends are friends 
To the bitter end. 

Friends will be friends 
They're running naked in the sand, 
Friends holding hands 
Will someday surely form a band, 
Friends will be friends 
They say that friends are friends 
To the bitter end. 
Long as there's a record deal we'll always be friends, yeah


So light a candle on your cake 
For every smile you've helped create
For every heart and every soul 
You've known to grow a little more
A few more pounds, a little more grey 
Don't count the years just count the way
It takes a little time to go from water into wine
Don't ever lose the wonder of the child within your eyes

Happy birthday my friend
Here's to all the years we've shared together 
All the fun we've had
It's such a blessing
Such a joy in my life
May the good Lord bless you
And may all your dreams come true

Nabi (Nabi.arti)


(^sorry will try to fix this ecardOuch)


heyz mahi!....MANY MANY MANYYYYY happy returns of da day may u llive long n could say to everyone dat im elder than uLOL....i wanted to make ur bday special by a siggy but im soo soo soo damn sorry dat i cant as my pre boards r starting from 21st decCry....lady u r contagious kuch din pehle tumahre exams shuroo ho rahe the ab mere!LOL......have a blast today! have laods of chocolate cake n do eat a piece for me too....

Vidya (Vidya85)

Happy B-day to one of my bestfriend and an awesome sis Mahi.Party
Many many happy returns of the day.Dancing
May this year be your best ever.
May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
Im here wishing you a day thats special as you are :) Happy Birthday Mahi.....
Im sorry i couldnt make you a sig or a VM because im out of town and i dont have my laptop with me :( Posting this from my phone but i promise i will do something special next time.
Have a blast and party hard lols.PartyHere are some gifts and cake from me lols

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

Anu (Anu_sajan4ever)

Happy Birthday Twinny many many happy returns of the day. i cant believe my cutee, sweet, naughty, mature twinny baby sis willl now be teenager you are turning 14 that means now u are in category of teenager. I always thought you an adult hehe, the way u talk, ur maturity n all bt here u r turning teenager not adult lol anyways i jst hopeee u never change twinny hopee u always remain my twinny who i meet in maneet paradise. God bless u and hopeee u get all happiness in life ahead.  hehe sorry i hopeee i didnt bored u lol happy birthday once again.

Lots of love
ur Anu twinny
here is a siggie for u i made n u knw naa its my 1st siggie hopeee u lyk it

Jannat (jannat4ever


YUMMYYYYYY CAKE..............Tongue


ND A SPECIAL GIFT................Embarrassed


Sameena (-Sameena-)

Happy Birthday Mahi!

May all your dreams and wishes come true...

Have a blast!

Love you lots my jaan,


Pallvi (Palz_ksg)

Happy Birthday Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hug
Hope all ur wishes come true today...n have a great great day...
its so much fun talking to u....its been just 2-3 days n we hav bcome such good buddies Hug.....whn evr i chat with u the smily whch i use the most is ROFL ROFL here the cake for my jeeju armu LOL

ROFLROFL kya sahi pic milli hian na ROFL ROFL
Hav a rockingggg day...n Hope u get to meet KG soon Smile

Lov Pallvi 

Hiba (Hiba282)

Dear Mahi, 
Many Many Happy Returns Of the day sis!! Hug
Hope u Have many more...
lots of love
have fun!! Big smile

thanks Smile

Hira (CoolAquarius)

Now get ready for my msgTongueWink


Mahiiiiii my bunny, my armuu, my rofl buddy, my chutki, my jaanEmbarrassedSmile

Happy Birthday to you'Happy Birthday to you

Happppppy Birthday to u Mahiiiiiii

I have been collecting all these birthday stuff since one week'and I had to think so hard about what should I add as u knw how much I lub opening birthday messagesTongueOuch but your hints helped me a lot in opening thisBig smile'doing all this seemed like I am writing my school essay LMAO..I have used your favorite color of summers and wintersLOL, black and pink for this thread'(LMAOOOO kuch yaad aayaROFL)..this week was really busy arranging all this'worked so hard on this thread and have literally gone crazy ROFLL so u bettaaah like it, cux I made this despite of being jokeyLOL..enjoy reading this burdayyyyy messageSmileTongue

Okay Mahi so from where shall I startErmm'its been just three months, we met but it seems like I knoe u since ages'I said this also to u a few days ago and its unbelievable'from the past three months we have talked to each other matter how busy we are, how much homework tests we get, or even u had exams lately, we always take out some time just to talk to each otherBig smile...our day is incomplete if we don't talk...either we rofl and laugh like crazy or we just argue or fight on silly thingsLOL..In these 3 months I have known you so well'how much opposite we are to each other'our likes dislikes everything is totally opposite and different to each other but still there is something which keeps us connected *gets emotional*LOL'and I hate when u suddenly disappear from msn and get DC and I have to send that gaali waala icon ROFL'u better fix ur net cux u know how much I hate itTongue

No matter how much opposite we are but we both drool over one same thing..AAAHH KSGGGGEmbarrassed'okay let me not mention him here as this is PKYEK forumTongue

I still remember, when was the first time we met on abhiya AT'from their we started our fraaaanshipLOL'on that day u were on and off on the AT and then u sent me a pm *ahem* *ahem* essayTongue'and from there we started talking via pms everyday'we flooded each other's inbox with our pms'shuru shuru mein me thot ur all serious type girl and remember how formal we used to beSmile..Compare that time with now..ROFLLL there is a HUGEEE difference'I have seen all ur pagalpan nowLOL

Together we share everything'we discuss our problems and happiness'u always manage to crack me up'I love our ROFLICIOUS convos'you make me smile'I can't imagine my day without..You are like a little sis to me as I don't have any younger sister but I consider you as my younger sis'so u bettah always obey your bari behna'sometimes with my lectures I sound like a strict bari behan but babe yeh sab teri bhalai ke liye hee karti honLOL

Together we ROFLed on msn on all the random things'if somebody would ever read our convo'ppl would think we aint normal'but that's the way we one can be like us and u know it hehe

Okay so on this special occasion I just wanna say that Happppppppy Birthday babe..May God bless you and hope u have a rocking year ahead'May all your ARMAANS come true'I hope you meet KSG in future'and I also hope teri WHO waali wish  bhi poori ho'u know what I meanWink'Enjoy your day..Eat loads of cake aur mere liye bhi kuch rakhna saara khud mat khaanaTongue'And only for today KSG is yoursOuch but according to our deal he is mine TongueBig smilebut aaj tera bday haii tou aaj ke liye chalegaTongue..we have fought for like 4893748 times but I hope in 2011 we wont fight at all..well thora  bohat chalega but not serious waale fights TEHEE

U know Me and Anu tried to fulfill your every possible wish that you wanted to have on your birthday'I hope u liked all this

A poem for you'HEHE one of your favorite poem (awww my mahi is shoo cuteEmbarrassedBig smile)

And u know why its your favorite

OKAY so lemme write it here

Twinkle Twinkle, little STARS

How I wonder what you are,

Up above the world so high,

Like a DIAMOND in the sky

I hope u aint asleep, after reading this long message cum essayTongue..kiya karon tere se aadat lagi hai essays likhne ki ROFLLL..i can go on and on and never I think I better stop here and zip up my mouth'aaj tere essay ka badla mein ne le he liya by this long essay BUAHAHAHAALOL

OKAY so let me stop my bakbak and let me give you a chance to thank me for all jokey agaainLOLLOL


Wait Wait Wait before u go down, check out your birthday gift from my sideBig smile














Here u go










I hope you would like it

yeshhhhh me back with my old style..sorry cudnt make a siggie but will make it afterwardsBig smile

(Bday girl, what are you staring it, just use 'em)



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VM by Mona (Mona1993)

OKay  so as you know I dont make vms but I just made this for you
I hope u would like it



Birthday OS by Anu

This OS is for u! I m not that good at writing but still I have tried my best. ur Anu twinny




 It is 22nd december 2010. A beautiful girl is sleeping in her bedroom holding KSG'S Picture Suddenly karan singh groover held her hands and said happy birthday mahii  hugging her.She was blushing like hell. But "Knock!Knock!" she got up from her bed realizing that it was her dream. She again started thinking about it and blushed. She opened the door to find her mom, dad, 2 brothers holding beautiful bouquets in their hands. They hugged her and wished Happy Birthday! mahi was really happy.She went and changed into her birthday dress which made her looked like a doll

                  She went down, did her prayers and then had her her favourite strawberry milkshake (as its armaan's favorite).She them went to her school (very sincere in her studies) and met Anu and Hira who were waiting for her. Hira hugged her wishing happy birthday followed by Anu.

They were talking about her birthday dress and all.

"Girls! KSG came in my dream.Isn't that awesome?" said mahi with lot of excitement.

"They always comes in ur dream" said hira with a naughty look.

"Really?Wat did he say?" asked Anu gulping her cold drink.

"Why do u want to know?" said mahi with a grin.She didn't want to say as she knew that they would tease her with KSG.

Hira and Anu made a puppy face.Anu THE EMOTIONAL BHOOTH fell in the trap and said everything about her dream.Now the girls started to talk all about this.They were making Mahi to blush more badly by talking about KSG and calling her gunsum.

They spent the whole day attending classes physically and dreaming about KSG mentally! Then pulling each other's legs, later asking sorry! And talking about yesterday's episode.

 Then it was evening.Hira  had planned a surprised party but thanks to Anu mahii came to know about it.So they left to the party hall called paradise.It was a beautiful place.Anyone would fall in love with it.It was surrounded by lake.We can reach the hall only through boat.It had two halls. One was booked by Hira and other by someone(don't know who).Then Mahi reached with her family there by blue colour boat. Hira and Anu were waiting there looking after the arrangements.Mahi was mesmerized by the place.The whole hall was decorated by white roses.When she came in rose petals fell on her. Then everyone came and wished her.Mahi's bro's came and hugged her saying, "I love u sis!" Mahi smiled at them. Then it was the time to cut the cake. It was a chocolate cake .A very big one. Mahii blew the candles and cut the cake. She gave a bite to her mom, dad,  bros, Hira and then Anu.

 Then she had a dance with her father and went out to enjoy the nature. There she suddenly slipped and was about to fall on a boy who were coming from the other hall but she balanced herself. She was rather shocked.She couldn't believe her eyes.She was trying to talk but her lips were pursed. Then later she spoke with lot of difficulty

"Hi Mr.Karan Singh Grover

"Just call me Karan" said KSG with a killer smile.

Mahi's heart was beating fast.She just looked at them with a smile.

"So wats up?" said KSG looking at her.

Mahi didn't utter a word.Meanwhile Hira and Anu came there searching for Mahi.And they were also shocked to see KSG. Hira was looking only at Mohit. Anu was also smiling seeing KSG KSG felt weird.

"Guys wats up?"said KSG again with weirdness.

Anu being the elder spoke out.

"Hi! This is Mahi , Hira and I m Anu. We have been ur fans ever since Dil mil Gaye .U rock!" Said Anu

KSG was pleased.And he said its my pleasure guys.Then Anu pinched Mahii's hand making her to come to reality.

"So Mahi u look really excited today!" said KSG looking at her.

Mahi blushed but spoke this time. "Actually today is my birthday!"said Mahi with nervousness.

Mohit went near her and held her hands and said "Happy Birthday Mahi" and hugged her

Mahii was on cloud nine.She was saying to herself "KSG held my hands and hugged."

Mahi was so happy she was reminded of her dream.She started blushing like hell.She was glad.She felt it to be the best birthday ever.Then KSG wished best wishes to Hira and Anu. .All the three got autographs from him and took picture with him. Picture perfect

The End

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-Hiralious- IF-Rockerz

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Happppppppppppppppppppy Birthddddddaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Maaaaaaaaaaaaaahi once again
I hope u have a fantastic day and a rocking year ahead
Love ya.

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xx-Rai-xx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Mahi
wishing u again
and what a birthday u have
today was the day when KaPi hold hands again so congrats on that
hope u have an awesome birthday 

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angelic shaz IF-Sizzlerz
angelic shaz
angelic shaz

Joined: 25 August 2005
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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
happy bday mahii
mayy all ur wishes and dreamz come true
hope u have an aweumm dayy
love shazEmbarrassed

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
OMG!!This is so freaking awesome.
I never imagined mere liye koi itna acha bday thread plan karega.
Thanks hira and thanks to all.


Awwww.....thanks sanoHugfor such lovely message and siggy.
And yup , really i thought tum hitler hoROFLROFLyaad nahin hain kitni formally hum baat karte theROFLROFLek wo din hain aur ek aaj ka dinROFLROFLformal door ki baat hain we talk like buddiesBig smileand we are friendsEmbarrassed
And awwwww such wonderful katrina siggyEmbarrassedshe looks mesmirizing.
Thanks Sano Sis for the wishes and siggyHug


OMG!!Thank you sooooooo much for the siggies , messages and compliments.Al though , we barely talked still you thought of wishing me and gifting me on my birthday.Embarrassed
Aww mein itni bhi nice nahin hoEmbarrassedawein tum tareef karahi hoEmbarrassedOkay lemme take some bhaav and tareef as meri birthday hain.ROFLROFL
Thanks so much Sis for the siggies and birthday wishes.Hug


Thank you boss for the birthday wishes.EmbarrassedROFLROFL
Boss mein bol deti ho birthday ke din no kaam infact everyone has to serve me.EmbarrassedLOLAur birthday ke 1 mahine tak no kaam kyunke yehi hain mera birthday gift.Big smileROFLROFL
Jokes apart , thank youuuuuuuu soooooo much fari for the wonderful birthday poem.It is fun talking to you on ViVi AT kum dhabba.EmbarrassedLOLTongue

Hello owner ji.LOLROFL
Aapne jo poem bheja was too complicated to understand.LOLIf you explain it , it will be fine.Big smile
Thanks so much for the birthday card and the cake.
Waise I am not 8 yearsROFLthats the number of candles on the cakeROFLROFLROFLROFLmaybe candles kam parh gaye the.LOLROFL
Jokes apart , thank you so much for the birthday card and cake.Embarrassed

@Amber aka khadijah

Hello Sis thanks soooooo much for the birthday wishesEmbarrassed
lol i forgot wats ur age..17 right?LOLBig smile
Oh no problem sis , one small sweet message is enough to make my birthday special.Embarrassed
Lol , what did I aapki school ki fault hainROFLgiving examz.ROFLROFL
Anyways jokes apart , thank you sis for the birthday message.Embarrassed

@Vidya :Thanks sooooooo much Vidya for the lovely birtday message and wishes.Embarrassed
We met on dmg forumBig smilein SR AT and remember sab log hume tease karte theLOLLOLand u wud always run to banana shop.ROFLROFLROFLROFL
And no problem sis , one small sweet birthday message is enough to make my birthday special.Tongue
Once again , thank you Sis for the birthday messages and wishes.Embarrassed


OMG!! Sis you remember my birthday.Tongue
I left contact with you long time and still you treat me as such close friend.Embarrassed
Thank you sooooooo much for all the siggies , birthday messages and wishes.
Thank you sis for the rose and yummy cake.

OMG!!This Armaan siggy is soooooo awesome.Thank you sis for such zabardast and awesome armaan siggy.

And thanks for the kaJen and KaSh siggy , awwwwEmbarrassed u still remember I love KaSh and KaJen both.Embarrassed


Thank you sis for the birthday message.Big smile


Aww thank you sis for the birthday messages.Embarrassed
Yeah its just we met 2-3 days before and treat each other friends and our dmg talk is so awesome.LOL

OMG!!This is picture perfect.Anjie giving cake to Armaan.
WOW..Anjie tum tu barhi smart nikli.LOLLOLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Thank you once again sis for the birthday messages and this picture.


Aww thank you sooooooooo much Sis.Hug
And thanks for the lovely siggy.EmbarrassedThe siggy is superb.

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