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BabyMe&You;We'reThePerfectTwo | KaJen (254 <3)

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Whenever I listen to the song - Perfect Two (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXxbC0B_74s) I ALWAYS think of KaJen. They really are the perfect two *Touch-wood* They are destined to be together *I mean as BFFLs BTW don't be jumping on me for being phangurlish and dreaming about them getting married kty* 

Anyway we had a topic by Reemz explaining the similarities between these two amazing creatures but for some odd reason the topic is erm kinda gone *scratches head* IDK why :( Cos it was a terrific topic and therefore we all KaJenians thought of re-opening it since we have A LOT more to add to it =) BTW the credit for the list so far goes to Reemz for putting it together and of course all the KaJenians who helped put it together <3 Here is the link - http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1383841

The list so far - 

1. Zara Nachke Dikha was their first reality show


2.Kasauti Zindagi Kay was their first popular show
3. Both started their TV careers with Ekta
4. Both call each other 'BABY'
5. They're completely RANDOM while others have no clue what they're talking about.
5. Infectious laughs
6. DMG and Sangam began on the same day
7. Both have TATTOOS
8. They love to stare at each other while the other is talking.
9. Jenni dropped KSG off home during KZK
10. Both have a HONDA car
11. Both have the no. '3' in their birthdays
12. Their 'ERMMM'
13. They have DIMPLES
14. They have a habbit  of mumbling in interviews...
15. They both know each other TOO well, remember everything about each other...even if it was 5 years ago.
16. Their favourite season is MONSOON but they don't like getting wet.
17. They colour combo perfectly
18. They love blowing bubbles...

19. Their common best friend is Sanjit Bedi

20. Randomly start laughing about their inside jokes...

21. Both have hosted reality shows (ZND and LKP/CC) and LOVE it!
22. They love rubbing their noses...
23. Both believe in Jesus
24. They have silky n shiny hair (ROFL)
25. Both love watching CARTOONS
26. They both think they're rubbish dancers but really enjoy it.
28. Both complete each others sentences and know what the other one will say even before they've said
29. Love holidaying in GOA
30. Both are comfortable in flirting...with each other especially
31. Both are CHASHMASHIS!!!
32. Both have 1 brother...
33. Both went to some premiere recently
34. Both each others first on-screen husband/wife
35. Both very loyal to their work
36. Love to wear black, white..golden
37. Both move their hands a lot while talking
38. They were both physically 'big' when they first met each other (Their words not ours)
39. The 'Hotel' similarity!
40. Both are BRILLIANT actors
41. Both have worked with Amit Tandon and Shweta Gulati more than once
42. Both wear rings
43. Their surname consists of 6 letters.
44. They have a habit of biting their lips when they're talking
45. Both are lovely singers
46. They love complimenting each other
47. Love to TEASE each other
48. They tan very easily...
49. Very hard workers!
50. They both work out
51. They like answering for each other
52. Both agree that 'Sharad' in KZK was ghatiya
53. Both KaJen think AR are like Romeo and Juliet
54. They have mentioned that they are very close friends numerous amount of times.
55. Priceless expressions
56. Both agree that DMG=AR
57. Both wear contacts in DMG
58. They're very health conscious
59. They both have dark brown eyes
60. Both are the HOTTEST celebs on TV currently
61. Both have been termed as the dream girl/boy of many
63. Their eyes say a thousand words...
64. Both have a great fashion sense!!
65. Their favourite colour is WHITE.
66. Sangam and DMG posters were up side by side
67. KSG participated in KKK and JW in Zor Ka Jhatka both shows have similar concept
68. KSG has a star tattoo on his leg where as Jen has a moon on her leg <3
69. At their respective vacations, they both posed with a statue (KaJen Connection)

70. Both of them love Breezer (KSG's dog) *Jen mentioned wanting to go out with Breezer and KSG in 400th AT interview)
71. Both of them seem to stare at each other's lips instead of eyes during an "eye"lock
72. They both love to watch SciFi Movies (Jen said so in her Fuze interview)
73. They both lurrrved doing the Atta Scene

74. They both love Supernatural stuff (KSG - Superman // JW - Supernatural books)
75. Both of them love chocolate (First intv together)

76. Whenever cutting cake together, they love to feed each other (Since 400th Epi Celebration, Jen always feeds KSG and then eats his jhoota(sp?!)Blushing)

77. They both fell on each other and mentioned how they didn't get hurt cos they had "soft landing" ROFL
78. They both went to Goa for vacation
79. Their fav hang out place on DMG sets used to be - JJ's make up van
80. They both hosted Zara Nach Ke Dikha
81. They both love to eat pani puri & vada pao in Monsoon (JJ told in an intv and KSG tweeted it)
82. They refuse to share their crazy moments that they shared together even to us loyal KaJenians because they are too tehe
83. Both of them look SEXY in formals
84. Both are very protective of each other - (KSG in IF JJ B-day intv and JJ defended KSG in SA&JW SBB)
85. They have both done movies in the past
86. They don't like revealing the mystery behind the nickname JJ
87. They loved hanging out at Machoo Pichoo at 6:22 in the past
88. They both know that KaJenians are crazy BUT in a GOOD way
89. They both want to go out with each other more often
90. They have done three shows together - KZK, ZNKD and DMG (I am sure they will be more in the future Inshallah :D )
91. They were officially declared the "Dynamite Duo" By GR8 Magazine
92. SBS included their jodi in "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" *sigh*
93. They both admitted having a lot of fun along with Wahi
94. GUM - They love and are always chewing it during interviews LOL
95. They love Thailand and have been there
96. They both have a tattoo of an angel
97. They both are the Indian's most fit actors on TV (indya.com)
98. They are both the most missed actors on TV at the moment.
99. They still fight about ZNKD controversy
100. They gave out an award together <3
101. They both LOVE kids!
102. They both performed in an award show
103. They have done special appearances on Reality shows
104. Both have won awards for their acting
105. Both did a photoshoot together for GR8
106. They have done modelling in the past
107. They have done a few ads too
108. Both of them preferred DMG over KZK
109. They both have a common circle of friends and therefore they end up going to same parties and award functions.
110. Both came back to DMG on viewers' demand
111. Both were offered JDJ this season but refused
112. They love rapping the songs instead of singing them
113. They love sharing their chocolates or candies (Set visits)
114. Both of them live in the same city <3
115. They both love Singapore.
116. They both have SEXY handwriting LOL
117. They shared the same coffee mug during DMG

118. They both own Superman T-Shirts (KSG got JJ one and he got one from fans and surely owns more too)
119. They both are willing to do DMG sequel
120. He relates her to Lara Croft and she relates him to Salman Khan from PKTDK
121. They both did drunk scenes in DMG and they executed them perfectly (Also the context was the same both got drunk cos AR weren't together)
122. Both had ponytails LOL (OH KSG LOL)
123. They both are very family oriented people
124. They both worked with amazing actors from BW - KaPri AKA KSG and Priyanka Chopra & ShahJen AKA Shahrukh Khan and JW 
125. Both wore black to DMG Farewell party 
126. Both did strip tease in DMG tehe
127. Both of them are biased towards the character Riddhima
128. They had some of the HOTTEST and best scenes together while they were both wearing white (B-Ball Court Scene, Dekho Na, Bheegi Si, Tent Scene, Locker Room Scene, Changing room scene)


129. They both went out of country for their reality shows (KSG - Brazil and JW - Argentina)
130. Both of them love giving each other "hearts" (Craft intv, last intv,)
131. Both of them ask each other if they have eaten before they eat themselves (Countless fans account)
132. In final episodes, KaJen had a pimple on their forehead LOL Ew but hey it's KaJen Acne connection eh!
133. They are each other's choice to take along on a deserted island (ZNKD)
134. They do admit having differences regarding some scenes but they solve them mutually (KSG usually prefers to keep mum LOL)
135. They both talked to fans on the phone at the same time 
136. They both agreed that Terrace scene was another fav AR scene of theirs.
137. They both love the show "Friends"
138. Both love to blow hair out of their eyes during interviews
139. Both love blowing kisses towards the camera esp during KaJen AT intvs taken by KaJenians <3
140. Their pinkies always stick out at weird angles while talking with their hands
141. They have the most adorable pouting face expressions
142. They love to use their noses in romantic scenes :$ (Nose Nuzzling)
143. They both know how to play basketball (KSG taught JJ how to)
144. Their heights compliment each other *not too tall not too short JUST PERFECT*
145. They know how to make atta (KSG taught JJ how to tehe)
146. They randomly start smiling, even if it's out of context, during a romantic scene
147. They both thanked each other in the 300th AT intv for loving one another unconditionally *emocionaal moment*
148. They love playing with their fingers or each others' fingers during intvs
149. They both wear a black thread around their ankle
150. Both loved cheering a LOT for each other in ZNKD (KSG during JJ's performances and JJ during KSG's final performance)
151. They both think they are VERY attractive :) (JJ during Koel's intv and KSG during ZNKD and SBB)
152. KSG is a punjabi munda and JW's mom is punjabi (isn't this like Jab We Met reversed ROFL)
153. KSG's parents live in Dehli and JW's relatives live there too (Source - Stalker Anu Panini)
154. KSG's favorite actress is Rani and JW's dream role is of Rani's character from Black (HAPPY Mehaki :D )
155. They both went to college in Mumbai
156. Eijaz Khan seems to be another really good common friend of theirs (KSG mentioned in one of his earlier interviews how he looked upto Eijaz Khan and I remember that during SPA, he cheered a lot during Eijaz's performance and later even slapped him on the back when he got an award. And the JJ worked with Eijaz in KHNK and they had this interview on SBS where they were messing around with each other. He even mentioned that she was a really good friend. - Rida)
157. They were both nominated for Most Fit Actor in Gold Awards
158. They love feeding cake to their fans by gesturing towards the camera
159. Both have played negative characters (KSG - KZK & JW - KHNK)
160. They both cried off-screen when DMG ended but promised to be back after sometime as well *Inshallah*
161. They are very expressive when it comes to showing love (JW hugs a lot and KSG is a hugging person as well & says ILY to JJ a lot)

162. Other TV actors have crushes on them. Sara Khan on KSG (TOI) & Karan Tacker on JW!
163. They wear the same rings on their pinkies on and off screen
164. They both had to clarify their friendship in the past ROFL
165. Both of them prefer not to work on their Birthdays 
166. They both at times preferred to wear their own clothes in DMG
167. J & K are next to each other in the alphabets and the keyboard tehe
168. The DMG creative them calls them both by their surnames "Grover" and "Winget" and not first name
169. They both are very private people . Never let out too much about their personal life
170. They both are very professional actors. Will never badmouth co-stars,their shows or ppl they work with, infact they seem to love everybody and always speak good abt them (I remember when Karan wasn't in DMG he would always tell his fans to watch DMG and that it was a great show, even though they were rumours  then of a rift b/w him and the cvs ; and well Jenny is the sweetest , she played the most hated character and thus was herself hated by so many but never once did she complain or blame anyone) - I'm so proud of them 
172. They both promised to come back to DMG if it was offered to them again (Jen's interviews last year and Karan said that to his fans) and they both kept their word 
173. When they came back in DMG , both their first appearances were with airport scenes, with all the slow motion n stuff 
174. In  2010 both of them had two separate sets of fans fighting over them  for them to be with their fav actor/character. (That makes me realise we KaJenians had the toughest time here, but it also makes me proud and happy that BOTH our favourites were in so much demand)
175. They both always maintained that if we have faith, believe in AR and work hard for them they would come together some day , they both always motivated us and gave us hope which resulted in the most beautiful and awaited reunion of the most loved on-screen couple played by the most amazing actors (Karan in the KaJen TT int and Jenny in her int for " One day one life " towards the end)
176. Both of them are never out of work as far as their careers go . In such a short span of time and at  fairly young age(esp Jenny), both have done almost all kinds of shows and roles[ daily shows- youthful and Ekta drama; reality shows- adventure,singing, dancing,laughter shows (and not to forget as participants and as hosts)
177. Both have done a kids show each [Karan- Princess Dolly (mostly kids watch it lol) and Jenny - Shakalaka boom boom].
178. Both of them are very down to earth and humble people. 
179. DMG means a lot to both of them, and they always mention how glad they are to have got DMG and Armaan/Riddhima and that these characters will always remain very close to their heart
180. When Sneha was pregnant in KZK they played to-be-parents together for the first time  and hopefully not the last.
181. Both of them are amazing dancers
182. Both of them were festive about Christmas last year (Karan was semi dressed as a Santa and JW in LKP)

183. In Bubble Blowing SBS Intv - JW said whenever they have an intv Armaan/KSG does all the talking to which KSG replies Ok I won't saying anything now *Then the BABY comment by Jen tehe* And in Dosti Special TT intv KSG said that JW talks a lot and she replies in a similar manner as KSG and says I won't say anything (How are they such cutie-pies :|)
184. Jen wore a cross necklace during ZND and Karan wore the same cross in IRI
185. They both speak hindi and english very fluently hence it's a pleasure to watch them host
186. In KaJen Love Scene 84, both of them wore a pendant (They accessorize similarly)
187. Both of them love to hi-5 each other
188. Both of them prefer to use HOWEVER instead of but.
189. They dedicated a song to each other
190. They usually greet their fans with "What's Up"
191. They always thank their fans innumerable times during every intv
192. They both lean on each other during their intvs (Chocolate one KSG on JW and Last Intv *till now* JW on KSG)
193. They both left DMG together on Sept 21st and Oct 29th 
194. They both whistle DMG title song a lot and together *Though KSG also always whistles or hums Kaisa Hai Yeh Khumar since his best co-star made an entry on it and he was blessed once again to work with her :$*

195. They both loved the AR confession
196. At some point or another KaJen both defended their characters (JJ always defended Armaan too)
197. During DMG last episode confession Karan was wearing white and Jen was wearing red and Jen went on her knees to propose! During KZK KaJen wore the same colours except Karan proposed.

198. They get along like a "house on fire" with Drashti

199. Both KaJen were asked what's so special about December and both said how it's close to their hearts and its a month to celebrate, party have fun and relax! 
201. When SBS celebrated karan's birthday he was wearing glasses and blue shirt. When India Forums took Jen's birthday interview she was wearing glasses and a dark blue dress :)
202. Both have worked with vaibhavi (KSG was a contestant in JDJ, she was a Judge & Jen was a host in ZNKD2, she was a judge there too)
203. In Jenny's show Shaka laka Boom Boom, Karan was the character's name who was opposite her
 204. During IRI Karan was hosting the show with a girl I don't know her name but during the same time Jen was doing LKP and that same girl participated in one of the episode!
205. Both KaJen think that AR are like Romeo and Juliet and "Romeo" has 5 letters similar to "Karan: and "Juliet" and "Jennifer" both start from "J" so this is a RJ connection to KaJen
206. Both haven't given ANY interview after DMG ended
207. Both are still remembered n referred as Armaan n Riddhima after end of season of DMG 2
208. KaJen were the only AR who completed 2 centuries(600 episodes and 700 episodes) of DMG episodes together
209. Both have a Facebook account
210. Both KaJen used the word "yaar" in their bubbles interview.
211. Both of them have called each other "beta" in DMG (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO1JlKdji7M and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOJi7nhYQCc)
212. Both have photoshoots in hats

213. Both have sexy pics in water LOL

214. They were both wearing black in Press Conference

215. Their style of kissing on the forehead is same to same :P
216. R,E,N,I,G...these letters are common in their name's spelling
217. In ZNKD, DMG's AR KaJen danced with AN Shwetha and Amit (KSG with Shwetha and JW with Amit) The couples switched partners :)

218. They both have had a bathroom scene when they were wet (since JJ didn't have a proper shower scene LMFAOOO)
219. Red and White, Pink and White seems to be KaJen combo (they wore it at many instances)

220. AP Singh AKA KSG's dad loves KaJen's jodi (Fans' encounters)
221. Last year in the 400 episodes party, Jenny said about Karan that 'he's sweet'. In the 300th thread message when Divya asked KaJen to say something about each other and Jenny repeated it, he said to her 'you're so sweet'
222. Another one is that they both think the other is cute. In ZND, he said that she's cute and last year in Janmashtami interviews she said that he's cute.
223. "Two of the hottest and most desired actors of the TV industry are recognized by the real deal - Times of India and Rediff. They, meaning KSG and JW, aren't just claimed as the most desirable by us, but as a matter of fact, the big shots."
224. They both wished each other in a very similar manner for their recent birthdays =)) *Such cuties*

225. Both find each other the hottest actors in tellywood ;) [JJ said so in her interview to KaJen Intoxication & KSG declared JJ hottest and most talented actress on Wassup]

226. Erm so we have a similarity about KaJen being great friends with DD but these two pictures were too similar in poses to not be declared a separate similarity ^^

227. They both tend to gain weight very easily if they don't take care of their diet. 
228. Both are doing Bollywood movies.
229. SBS featured new pictures from KSG's and JW's movies together.
230. On Nov. 3rd, we got KSG's and JW's new (individual) pictures and both were in black coincidentally.
231. Both are addicted to videogames. KSG is lattoo over his Playstation and Winget loves to play monopoly on her iphone (
232. Both appeared on Wassup and got showered with gifts from their fans <3
233. They both attended SBS party (2011) alone and to some people they both were not looking as good as they usually do :P but we still loved seeing them LOL 
234. There was an article on Indya.com about the celebs and their looks at the SBS party, KaJen were 1st and 2nd ones to be mentioned.
235. Both played a role of a teacher; JW in SLBB and KSG in D3.
236. They both agreed to give their autograph on a fan's hand who attended the SBS party as well.
237. Both of them are the only ones who managed to have more than one fanbase in DMG. They both are desperately wanted back by at least one other fangroup :P And as their fans we got to admit they are just that good that they create desirable chemistry with anyone and everyone ;) 
238. Their favorite phrase to use while talking to their fans is "So sweet"  Embarrassed
239. Both have said loweee (my favorite word LOL) instead of  love in their respective interviews (KSG: http://youtu.be/Ju4L225Q4bg ; JW: http://youtu.be/Uw1lXX30wZc)
240. They keep changing their hairstyles (Well Jen mostly her bangs and KSG ...well we all know his obsession with cutting his hair ROFL)
241. KSG was Armaan and loyal to DMG since the day one and same could be said for Jen :) She was Riddhima for the longest time and she was loyal to DMG no matter what came her way.
242. When KSG came back to DMG, he said to Jen "Tu agayi toh mereko toh aana hi tha" & at the SBS party Jen goes "Yeh agaya toh mujhe toh aana hi tha."
243. Both have an iphone.
244. They both have played parents onscreen (Jen in KZK and KSG in his upcoming movie)!
245. They both caught the fitness bug together as well as the tattoo bug LOL
246. Both, the first and the last hug (as AR), hugs in season two happened with KSG in white and Jen in red ;) seems like another chunga KaJen color combo since the marriage proposal scene in KZK was with them wearing the same colors ;P
247. They both have a very LOYAL fan-following. [When the news about Karan-Shraddha split came up, people suddenly turned against KSG. But, his(the faithful ones) remained by his side =P & people blamed (and still do) Jenny for all the things Riddhima did. Especially, after the tent scene, Jen was called character-less and what not. But this didn't affect her loyal fans.]
248. They both have received T-Shirt/Top from fans (white in color, as well).
249. In their latest (individual) interviews, both wore white ;) (Jen on SBS Christmas Special & KSG on Zoom Bollywood).
250. Trend continues ;) their individual pictures surfaced together again :P (1/31/2012 ; page 131)
251. KSG's movie's tentative release date is April 13th, 2012 atm and that's the same date Jen entered DMG as Armaan's Basket aka Riddhima <3
252. Both were offered shows that would eventually be on StarPlus KSG might have not accepted the offer but offer toh hua tha na
253. Both of them like to stay away from the media if they are not working...basically they like to speak only about their work...Which is not a very good thing actually because we miss them a lot when they decide to just disappear
254. They both aren't fond of Mathematics :P 

"We're quite alike. We don't have any differences ..."
- Jennifer Winget (2010)

"We don't have many differences. Like in personal life I don't think we have any differences."
 - Karan Singh Grover (2010)


Hoping the Perfect Duo returns together on-screen ASAP <3 *Inshallah*

PS - Please respect KaJenians' feelings and refrain from passing ignorant or snide remarks about the list either here in this topic or some other place (ATs, or Other topics). It doesn't hurt to be happy for others!

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now coming back 2 the topicBig smile

Baby JJ gottt soooooooo many similaritiesssssssShockedStar

I so wish they both dance on Khuda Jaane togetherDay Dreaming

I wanna add 2 moreee

Baby n JJ loves BreezarEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Both stare @ each others lips during an eye lock sessionBlushingBlushingBlushing

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Sahar put reemz topics link toooSmile

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Sahar the list is perfect
I shall have to think of more
Did u mention this moon star thing on their legs
how moon star always are besides each other

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by blessing-beauty

Sahar put reemz topics link toooSmile

Did it babe <3

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Awesomee <3 I will think of some more and write them down :)

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Aweomeeeeeeeeeeeee topic Big smile

They both Clicked pics  in a same pose with statue Embarrassed
KaJen <3

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