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JB's Signature Mansion 3 (Page 73)

shininggal2008 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 March 2009
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Heart

* ~ Roshni ~ * IF-Rockerz
* ~ Roshni ~ *
* ~ Roshni ~ *

Joined: 04 January 2006
Posts: 8853

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Henna!!!!! long time hope ur good and ur exams went well :) glad to see ur curved edge sigs again lol - all are fab esp the GC one! colouring is awesome and ur textures have always been mindblowing - so no difference there!

Thanx 4 the pm btw! in terms of what you should make next - hint hint Geet lol - only if u want to tho Embarrassed but with all the cute spoiler pix of maaneet we had would have been great to see JB stamp and sigs :D
Julybaby22 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 October 2008
Posts: 11813

Posted: 29 May 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
O M  G //... the MAAN one is SOO HOTT!! <3 
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged

Guys! Thank you so much for coming on over here and viewing my update. Appreciate it a LOT!!!

Originally posted by .Lone_Persona.

Hennnaaa Hug
OMG How are you doing? It's been so long yaar! Do you remember me, ZoaH? :P Anyway, the first sig stole my heart, literally. Though, I'm not Gurmeet fan that sig just makes me wanna stare at it :P It's so beautifully made. I adore the colouring - it looks so natural! The first Mytho is really pretty too! Your colouring rocks, Henna!!
Gorgeous work, Henna!
Keep it up!
x x

Hey Zoah!! Ofcoz i remember you... don't be silly... you're one of the few people i do actually remember around this place...LOL how's u?

lol!! Glad the sigs still have an effect on you although they're not of ur personal favs! Sincerely appreciate the kind words! Thanks. :D

Originally posted by .sb.

Henna di..tiny update but impactful!Big smile..First toh I am fully lattoo over the style you have of those white borders and all..and the ramayan sisg just adds to the beauty di!!Amazing!!!The one with the red color..the first ramayan sig is toh FAB!!It looks so royal in red..*thiugh royal goes with blue I know*LOL

Hello stranger..LOL love how u keep popping up everywhere! thanks shounak! that's very encouraging! :) any colour can be royal these days... LOL people like naming colour nowadays after anything but the colour they are are... chalta hai...LOLLOL

Originally posted by OliveySOftheart

hey dear HugI'v  visit  ur shop first time  ...and i must say u are brilliant creation maker  ...Tonguewooo fabulous work 

I will post my long  comment in ur shop very soon Smile
I am looking forward

Can I request u ?

clash of the purples!! LOL jus kiddin...

aww welcome to my gallery yaar! Hope you always feel welcome here! I'm not taking reqs right this moment.. but I will really soon.. so keep checking back ok? Embarrassed

Originally posted by starry.phoenix

waohh Heena...
so good to see u bak aftr sch a long tym...
welcome backkk buddy!
n as alwazys..super update, love it!
njoy n hv fun ;)

aww, thanks for liking!!! just been browsing the forums n i happen to stop at every third or forth sig to take a second look... and it happens to be ur sig LMAO!! LOLLOL

Originally posted by AttractiveAdya

Gorgeous  siggies! :) 
Keep  up  the  GR8  work...


thank you Adya! Hope your new gall is running well haven't had a chance to check it out yet - did catch the PM tho... whilst i was clearing up my dabba..Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Hiralious-

FAB update
Loved the Maan one so much
Great job

Hey Hira!! Thanks yaar... means a lottt!

Originally posted by Sano88

goregousupdate henna.. omg loved them alot.. loved the clarity Big smile

why thank you so much sherni!! :D

Edited by Jungli Billi - 30 May 2011 at 4:32am
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Comments page 71

Originally posted by -Preeti-

Beautiful Update ... sply the Mytho one's are stunning

thank you preeti! means a lot!

Originally posted by saher_90

Oye yar FAB work like always...Awesomely made I really like this one
& msk sigg is too hot hehhe...awesome workHug

saher...LOLLOL like always ki bacchi... how comes i don't see u here often? aaj chaand kaise nikal aaya? thank you yaar Hug

Originally posted by daffodils.dudu

Amazing work as always. I love your style. The border the soft dreamy texture given to the pictures everything.Hug

Hey Tannuuu!!! thanks yaar!! Hope you're rocking as always?

Originally posted by Mllu.N

thankyou so much for the pm after a very long time feels good!!!
MSK one is my favorite, love your style but there is always a fav one , its so hot and breathtaking saved already!!!Day Dreaming

pls dont forget to pm me for your next update!!!looking forward.

Malluuu, ah we meet again!! LOL Thought the MSK sig might attract you.. always seem to be the first one to get to my sigs at the geet gallery!! LOL

Originally posted by amail1601

1. Maan:
*sighs* I can almost fall in love with him coz of this siggy! Lol...lemme do the critical analysis before you kill me. LOLLOL The texturing is good...but most of all, the colour is really striking...and the fonts are perfect!
2. Mytho...really pretty and 'illustration-style' to look at...like my naani's old books.
3. Mytho 2...love the hazy effect!


Adi baba ke darshan hui finally..
I dunno what it is but the mytho ones just turn out illustration type..Embarrassed nothing i do on purpose but just happens.. 2nd mytho wale mein tried my bestest to make it different to the 1st one..LOL

n yayyy!! your net let you see the update in one go!! :D

Originally posted by -Durgavnii-

wooww brilliant update, Henna!
all of the 3 are SUPERBBB amazingg..
esp the 2nd one is SOO beautiful.. loved the texture/colouringg ..just everything is SO beautiful!
Keep it upppBig smile

thank you so much!! it's always a pleasure reading your comments!! :D

Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

Goshh Hena Marvellous Update!:D

Thank youuu!!!

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Wohhhooo MSK...wowww nice sig...

Thanks Hina!! :D

Edited by Jungli Billi - 30 May 2011 at 4:40am

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Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Comments page 72.

Originally posted by lipshaa

Lovely update dear...
That Maan Siggi is sooo Fab :)

Thanks Lipsha!! :D

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

OMG!!! What an update Henna, all three sigs simply ROCK!Clap I guess this update is dedicated to Guru, because he's in all of them.WinkLOL The Maan sig is simply fabulous, love the texture you used in it! Both the Ramayan sigs are sooo royal and divine looking, love them to pieces!Clap Will definitely have to add them into my slideshow! Really great job, I just get hyped up about your sigs, they're all truly priceless gems.Star 
Can't wait till you do my suggestion...if you do it.EmbarrassedTongue

Janaki you giving me a run for the purple? LOL j/k
Thanks yaar! LOL yes Gurmeet just always ends up being a common factor in my updates...LOL I made ur suggestion too it's coming up in the next update.

Pics felt really familiar tho... cudn't place my finger on if I had used them before tho... just wonder... anyway it doesn't really matter..was just getting a feeling of deja vu whilst making it that's all...
Originally posted by -RamSitaKiDasi-

wow henna diii, thank u so much for my cgs !!!!! u just made them beautiful beyond measure diii, i can't stop gaping at them!ShockedDay Dreaming woww, thanx diii, i will definitely use both as soon as possible, i luv them so ooo sooo much!Heart thanx a ton!

so so sooo cute!!! love the graphics..LOLLOL
I am honestly relieved you love them...haha... wasn't sure if i'm be any good after my little break. But I'm so happy on seeing ur reaction to them... :D Thank youuu!

Originally posted by neelohoney

hey gorgeous update
the first one is just awesome i love the colouring u used on it
the text is simply gorgeous

this one is also really very good Smile

colouring and blending is good

lovely work!!

Hi komal... not sure if you've been to my gallery before but it doesn't matter... you're msot welcome here! Thanks for loving the maan sig and commenting on the other two... really awesome of you :D

Originally posted by -Fatima-

HennaHug hw ru?& where r u hun?
sooo beautiful update maan siggy is just damn damn amazing others r fab too
awesome work

Fatimaaa... i am good now.. was ill a few days back... but better now thanks. Embarrassed And I am here yaar aur kahan hongi? LOLLOL hope you're well. Keep commenting.. nahi toh will chase after you...LOLLOLLOL

Originally posted by ajenn

Loved it. Esp Maan's siggy... He is the best...
I like ur white border coloring. Superb...

welcome to my gallery yaar! thank you so much for liking!! :D

Originally posted by Nadz_YuNalover

OMG ur back Silly missed u Hug
Oye hoye luv all the siggies the style on the MSK one is awesum Clap

as usual all are perfect Wink

ur outta ideas huh ROFL make sum on DeLena Wink jst a suggestion Embarrassed

keep making

Naaaddzz LOLLOL already gone talli? LOL
you know I actually was at the TVD section the other day.. n saved some pics just by chance. Shame season ended just as soon as we got free from studying n have all the time to drool over damon now...GRrr Sleepy..got Delena coming up in the next update..Wink

Originally posted by preethi

Omg henna thnks fr the PMHug.
as always all r amazing and MSK ko tho no word fr it

Nits... my loyalist!! Hug thanks you... good to see you're already using it..Big smile

Edited by Jungli Billi - 30 May 2011 at 4:53am

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Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Comments page 73.

Originally posted by Princezz22

Amazing Update.
Maan first sig is really awesome.

Thank you Mahi... how are you?

Originally posted by -Daania-

Henna Hug
Beautiful sigs hun! Your work is always so gorgeous <3
Absolutely lovely!
Keep rocking!

Daania! long time yaar. Thank you so much! Hug

Originally posted by bmtdluver

@67 &70- love your work. The ragini one is gorgeous, and the first gc one is really stunning! Keep up the fabulous work!

thanks yaar... love how u always take the time to check the previous update too if you've miss it!! Embarrassed

Originally posted by Angelic_Pari

WOW Yaar Your work is like sooo unique nd out of this world...Clap
It's just fantastic and so different...great job hunClap

EmbarrassedLOL thanks... dunno whether to blush or smile...so i'll do both..LOLLOL
Originally posted by Mariam94

Beautiful Creation dear

Thanks Mariam!!

Originally posted by aishi.muffin

Glad to see you back Henna!
Gorgeous creations!
Second sig is my favorite. Beautiful texture <3

Aishiii!! Glad to see you at my gall. LOL Thank you.

Originally posted by mjht_one

they are awesome sigs yaar

btw thanx for the pm

no problem... glad u came over.. thank you.

Originally posted by arun-deeps

Hehe...How're U dearShocked 

I've been missing ur updts ALOOOTCryCry
Wooow nice style hun!!Clap
Btw U remember I posted a req through PM?? Did U make dat??Shocked If no den its alright!Embarrassed If yes den plzz share it tooWink

I'm fine thanks, how are  you?
aww don't be sad yaar... Hug
Gunia... i've looked everywhere in my dabba for that PM but I can't find it...Ouch Don't worry tho.. will be taking reqs very soon. Wink

Edited by Jungli Billi - 30 May 2011 at 4:59am
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 30 May 2011 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Comments page 74-75.

Originally posted by fizza311

love the Maan sig

thank you fizza..Embarrassed

Originally posted by IsabellaCullen

Awesome! Please some on Robsten as well di???!!! ;)

LOL not a twilight fan... but ok...will do some digging for pictures...LOL

Originally posted by nehanne

Amazing siggies HennaHug
absolutely flawless...style is splendid as alwaysClap
excited to see u back...do make more soon...

Hey neha!
Thank youuu. I'm glad to be back.Embarrassed

Originally posted by *Resham*

Great update henna, loved the coloring

Reshuuu, thankuuu... how's ur Madz fever going?

Originally posted by akki-rockstar

fantastic work...<3<3<3...so glad to see Ramayana stuffs..mah fvt..<3<3Smile

ramayana stuff is all thanks to the wonderful suggestions and pics that were given to me..LOL

Originally posted by sukklover


ur updates were
Cute... n  dear...
 4 ur   ...n also .........ClapClapThumbs Up
 ......just  really ......Embarrassed
 4 PM me...Smile.
keep updating dear...
..4 ur future work.Big smile..
dear lots of  n ...Hug
always  dear...

Tama... awww... this was surely one of the cutestestesttt posts i've read in a long time... filled with so many adorable things... mega cute <33333

keep visiting definitelyyy!!

Originally posted by shininggal2008

Lovely update Heart

Thank youu!!

Originally posted by * ~ Roshni ~ *

Henna!!!!! long time hope ur good and ur exams went well :) glad to see ur curved edge sigs again lol - all are fab esp the GC one! colouring is awesome and ur textures have always been mindblowing - so no difference there!

Thanx 4 the pm btw! in terms of what you should make next - hint hint Geet lol - only if u want to tho Embarrassed but with all the cute spoiler pix of maaneet we had would have been great to see JB stamp and sigs :D

Defo been a long time roshni... hows u?... exams were a pain in the backside.. but then again when aren't they? LOL

haha...LOL i'm actually so bored of my textures... really need to make new ones...Ermm I wasn't sure to make more geet ones coz i missed all the hot stuff whilst exams were going on... not sure if anyone wud use them if i made them now... but might make just for the sake of making some on maaneet... i'll see...Embarrassed

Originally posted by Julybaby22

O M  G //... the MAAN one is SOO HOTT!! <3 

Thanks yaar!! :D:D

Edited by Jungli Billi - 30 May 2011 at 6:34am

The following 1 member(s) liked the above post:

* ~ Roshni ~ *

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