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JB's Signature Mansion 3 (Page 55)

amail1601 IF-Sizzlerz

Short Story contest runner up
Joined: 08 March 2007
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Posted: 30 January 2011 at 1:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jungli Billi

p49 comments -editing..

Originally posted by amail1601

erm...ok...now I'm scared. Ouch *sighs*
n I didn't mean 'hate' hate...er..well....my language has been killed by college. LOL
are you putting the pkyek forum stuff here too? waiting to comment on them. Embarrassed *shows off siggy box proudly*

lol wat happened?
english is just a wierd language i can never find the right words to express myself either and yahan toh all interpret wat ever I say as anger anyway.. EmbarrassedLOL we have just had that discussion already. ROFL
eeee chhii kab nice hota hai? OuchLOL chhee isn't nice....nice is chhee. ROFL

thinking of writing j/k after every time I mean something in a humorous way Ermm.. coz ppl usually can't see > LOL next to my sentences and get offended..Ouch ... going off on one.. ignore me.. :P ShockedShockedignore you? impossible!! Tongue

*yayyy - does victory dance* you're using!! ache se abuse the sig..LOL
yeah...kabhi ym pe milna...will tell you what that reminded me of. EmbarrassedROFL

Originally posted by amail1601

Sooooooo many shocks!!!! Electric ke? LOL Pay the bills on time na yaar.. lol...bills toh are paid..tabhi toh electricity hai. LOL
You know what.....this time ALL the sigs loaded.....all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked

Shocked how did that happen? *miracle* I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocked myself!
*wakes up*
Ahem... hehe LOL :P
1. YuNa
I love the background!! The colours...and that texty texture....it's different...reminds me of some yummy chocolate! Super romantic! Embarrassed

that's a nice way to decribe it actually.. *looks back at sweety wrapper sig* :DLOL
yum yum. ROFL


I'm clueless...but I like the way your pictures always blend together so perfectly! Clap

I was clueless too LOL... all credit to janaki for suggesting the caption too.. Embarrassed
ooooh! yay for janaki! Clap
Kind of clueless again, but I like the way you have used the pic - simple style, and yet looks so special!

Thank you..Embarrassed was my first Ian sig so means a lot.
 awwwwwwwww!!! Star
4. AbhIyaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I dunno why I keep making their sigs... I guess whenever I watch it I get ideas on wat would look good as a sig then get tempted into making them LOL
I am sooooooooo glad you do!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassed

Siggy 1: The pics and texture you've used are beautiful of course, but I especially like the way you've used those 4 pics in a row...espcially the way Abhay's shoulder overlaps Pia's pic right in the middle!

That one was my favourite on... will make more like this.. i really like the colour n black and white effect..Embarrassed

yeah...it's really beautiful.....do make...I might steal them. Wink
Siggy 2: Very hearty!!! LOLLOLLOL
This one is totally 'cute'!! I love the font in this one. <3

Thanks.. that one was just sitting in my folder since ages... started it but then got confused n left it for ages...LOL

Siggy 3: We all know what the scene was all about, but in your siggy it's looking beautiful rather than lurid (unlike some that I have seen on GoogleLOLLOL).. love it! Both the font and the caption are beautiful and apt!
Siggy 4: The same one without your trademark borders, but still looking good!!
Hmm.....seeing it like this...guess those borders of yours do make your sigs look extra romantic! Star
thanks adi was trying not to make it too touchy feely...but more capture the essence of the moment sorta thing...Embarrassed

it has come out perfectly!! Embarrassed
5. Abhay/Viv
*clamps hand over heart* Be still you idiot...er..I mean, slow down..won't even get a doctor at this time! Embarrassed
*sighs dreamily* Abhayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Siggy 1: Love the colour, the texture, the tiny text, the simple yet elegant brushwork, the beautiful text, and the naughty caption. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

That was my fav one..LOL
awww... <3
Siggy 2: I am soooooo much in love!!!!!!!!! With? Oh....sorry. I fell even more in love with Abhay after seeing this one. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and of course, I'm in love with this sig. *heart beats faster*
My favourite shades of blue, the beautiful texture/background....the pics you have selected, and of course, the caption........it really touched my heart. More than any siggy I have ever seen. This has to be one of your best (amongst the ones I have seen)!!!!!!!!!!! Clap
I stole it pehle hi. *points proudly to siggy box* EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Goes perfectly with all the others in the box na? Wink

hehe..LOL this one I thought wouldn't come out so good as the pictures weren't coming out too clear.. was on tthe verge of giving up with this one actually..LOL
ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked thank God you didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love this one. *guards jealously*
Siggy 3: This one makes me feel so sad for Abhay. It's beautifully stark - a perfect reflection of the pain he feels! Ouch Great work! Clap

thank you - just the feeling I wanted to portray... was gonna use  the crying pictures where he is talking to pia but then thut nah.. will get too much..Embarrassed
yeah...this is better....subtle and yet so powerful!
Siggy 4: My favourite 'cute' sig!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed It really is 'too cute!'. Love the colours you have used, and the crazy texture goes perfectly with his look. Finally sorted out his lipstick huh? WinkLOLLOL btw, it wasn't my Streetwear one that he stole....this one is my other one. LOLLOL
 LOL his damn lipstick still didn't match the sig even after trying so hard to change it..LOL
lol....next time tell me thoda early...will send him my streetwear one...it's kinda neutral so you can colour it any way you want. LOLLOLLOL
6. Geet
Wow! Geet has never looked this beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started loving this red and blue combo the way you use it. Embarrassed
Simple and elegant...great style Hennu! ClapClapClap
I think i'm hooked to the red and blue.. before it used to be pink..ConfusedLOL will do something in the next update otherwise this will come the norm..
ROFL yeah..do that. otherwise this combo looks great!

7. Maaneet
Was going to ask you if you are making any wedding sigs. LOLLOL This one is pretty....love the background colours and texture!

I have more to come off maaneet but will space out otherwise everything will be maaneet and abhiya only..Embarrassed
cool! Smile 
8. Different edge
*ahem ahem* love the background, the text and the pics. And the different border makes it unique! Clap

9. Full sig
thankkuuuu! LOL

10. GC
the texture is sooo cool!!!!!!!! and I guess it's the first time I have seen such formal text looking so sexy! LOL
Made a GC solo one after ages... n put an extra lil effort into it..Embarrassed
*ahem* Wink

Awesome update Henna!! Love the way your Geet/Maaneet sigs turn out so bright and colourful...really refreshing!!
Really lovely work.......seeing your sigs always cheers up even the worst days!!!!
Keep up the great work....God bless you!!! Hug
loved the detailed feedback on everything adi was most helpful.. Hug
you're welcome henna.  Hug you put so much effort and attention into your sigs....you deserve to get a detailed reaction from us too. Smile
p.s. dunno if you saw the YM msgs...I accidentally quoted myself on page 50 instead of editing this post. CryCry I know you hate the word so.. *goes and puts bucket on head to hide face* but I really am *the-word-you-hate*.

no worries yaar Hug happens..
aww...thanku!! Hug

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Jungli Billi

Madiha. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 December 2005
Posts: 2695

Posted: 31 January 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
Wow.... ur style is awesome... please add me to ur pm list..... love ur creations
_darklove_ IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 March 2006
Posts: 8707

Posted: 31 January 2011 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
I never visited ur shop but i saw ur Siggies and I'm in love with them 
and i love this from ur update
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by july12_1995

Omg this one is AMAZING it's so hott!! I'm more of a Maan fan than Maaneet though.. I haven't been on here since two years, creations have definately took a HUGE leap toward the amazing end!! I know I'm not supposed to request, but I LOVE your style of making siggys! I'm not requestiong, but incase you have downtime on your next update, would you be kind enough to make a Maan sig only, without Geet? And I'm in love with this pic of him that you used above tooEmbarrassed I'm already using one of your as my signature, it's beauttiful! And I love the phrases you choose to put on all your sigs, they fit so perfectly!! 

Thanks so much, this is only if you're able to Smile I'm looking forward to your next update!! :)

Even I'm more of a maan than maaneet fan LOL look another thing in common.. even i took a two yr gap a while back LOL ah! maan sigs are one in a million... if any awesome pics come along will surely make some.. don't wanna wear off the novelty with using any old pics..Embarrassed

Originally posted by july12_1995

Ohh, and btw, I love your copyright symbol too, so creative! JB, it's perfect!! I actaully think it makes the siggy look professional and bettter, great job!! Oh and one more thing, do you make avis to go along with sigs? I'm just wondering..Embarrassed

And one more thing, I just went over to look at you Gallerys 1 and 2, I hate that I can't see your creations! It's the tinypic thing that says the picture has been removed:( it said there was a update on Gurmeet Choudhary's sigs so I got all excited and then I couldn't see it cuz it was removed:(Cry

Thanks for liking my copyright... just designed a new one this week.. it's on the srk sig in my sig box.. usually I don't make avi's... did u mean animated ones or the normal icons? Embarrassed

I'll see if I have that GC sig saved... will re-upload it if I do... I remember that one was a hot seller..LOL sab stole from my sig box so i made it free for all..Embarrassed

Originally posted by Madiha.

Wow.... ur style is awesome... please add me to ur pm list..... love ur creations

Hi Madiha.. thank you... I don't have a PM list yaar..Embarrassed

Originally posted by _darklove_

I never visited ur shop but i saw ur Siggies and I'm in love with them 
and i love this from ur update

aww thanks for taking the effort to visit my gallery and tell me..Embarrassed thank you so much!

Edited by Jungli Billi - 01 February 2011 at 5:38am
Jungli Billi IF-Sizzlerz
Jungli Billi
Jungli Billi

Joined: 03 September 2006
Posts: 10782

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:00am | IP Logged
F R E E   T O   U S E

*phew* done with the amazing comments! Had fun reading them.. so glad the last update went down a treat. Thank you to those of you that suggested me stuff... I have included some of them in this update too...Embarrassed

Note: Image Heavy!

[For those adamant on being over-inspired close the page and leave it's ok you don't have to wait for the sigs to load :) I'd rather you didn't see my update. Allah ke liye please leave my copyright uncopied if nothing else Sleepy]

This sig has a new copyright on it.. all others have the old one..:) designed it sitting in lectures..LOL




An odd one - don't ever make sallu sigs so something diff I guess Embarrassed

A female finally managed to sneak into this very macho update..LOL



Will probably add a few textures to the next update - well pleased with the sigs I've seen made from them.. :D:D Do leave your comments and suggestions..Embarrassed

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1DStoleMyHeartAdditi_sjfan...Mina....FunLuvingGirl.ScatteredCastle--Divzfan--LegolasGondolinshareen* ~ Roshni ~ *AbhayVakil_1992BeautifulDream.mariasrklipshaafly2merainydays.lilindiangurl13AnnaJaayshininggal2008greatsumkumMeghaSRKLoverSobtiObsessionSiddhi_amail1601-KingAragorn-sofiaaax.muffins2wafflesJulybaby22asmaanixx..-Jia-..AS..-Fatima-ZumSrK.Sara_DONT_ASK*Resham*nikita_88-Preeti-Nadz_YuNaloversoundsofcedarYuNa4everSano88

Sara_DONT_ASK IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 August 2005
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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Awesome update...Clap

The first SRK is my fav one outta all...Embarrassed The rest are all greatttt...!!!

MaanGeet BIG update post please BlushingBlushingDieing to see one update full of them...BlushingBlushing

Edited by Donny COMB - 01 February 2011 at 6:21am

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* ~ Roshni ~ *Jungli Billi

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 74095

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged

will cum back cnt comment now Silly

Back Silly

first siggy OMG u took my life seriously Silly its soo diff soo unique so awesum and sooooo SRKlicious SillyClap luv luv it im so using itEmbarrassed

second and third love them Day Dreaming with or without border ur style is sooo damn gudEmbarrassedClapClap he looks too hawt and dashing in those Day Dreaming i think the texture and style of teh siggy has sumthing to do with it Silly its killer dude Clap

Fourth SRK in red Silly Its sooo gudEmbarrassed u knw the texture is soo awesum B& W then him colourful Silly and those lens flare kinda things u addedEmbarrassed its sooo perfectClap

Shahid and SRK oye hoye Silly my two sexy hunks Silly awkward moment ROFL i reli love these two and teh siggy Silly wat i love the most is the pink on the siggy Day Dreaming makes it look soooo Clap lovely piece of work will use soon need space Ermm can we protest  for space on our dabba ROFL

sixth, the sexy shahsShockedShocked i never realised theyw er bth shahShocked Wacko Gosh that ones hawwt Silly there exppressions there ROFL spl shahid ROFL awwiiiee Day Dreaming the textureShocked again so perfectly put there u cant even think it wasnt there before u worked on it Ermm the red makes it more sexier Silly me loves this too, i need to fit this Ermm IF GET SPACEAngry ROFL

The shahid alone Silly i duno why i cnt say anything Silly falling short of words even tho i've dne so much bak bak Ermm ROFL  the flowers the colour the text the dude Silly

Imran: loving this new styleEmbarrassedClapClap the imu one is awesum, the colour is reli gudClapClapEmbarrassed

the 2nd oneShocked i luv this paper look Silly oye hoye he looks hawt thereEmbarrassedClapClap

the sallu oneEmbarrassed Its too gudClapClapClap being a not sallu fanLOLLOL i luv itClapClap the colours teh effects the everything is fabClapClapClap

finally a female ROFL awesum siggyClap

Sexy salvatores Silly totally hawwt Silly and dreamy Silly OMg its soo gud Day Dreaming how do u put the texture soo cleaannnn Day Dreaming wowiiieee is all i say Day Dreaming Silly

the last one of tom welling dnt knw the dude bt loved the style o that siggyEmbarrassed awesumClapClap

U are sucha magical makerClapClapClap love all ur work, its sooo gud, it jst shows all the effort put in it Approve

for now im reli ShaHified Silly

Uff i talk alot dnt i Ermm ROFL

luv ya

Edited by Nadz_YuNalover - 01 February 2011 at 6:45am

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Jungli Billi

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

Joined: 28 March 2008
Posts: 74095

Posted: 01 February 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jungli Billi

p49 comments -editing..

Oye hoye Telepathy Approve yehi samajh loh LOL

OMG OMG OMG lemme leave the best for last Silly

This one is so gud love the edgeClap aww thank you so much.. wasn't sure wat ppl would think of the experiment..Embarrassed

Luv this one, vivu is sucha cutee pie Silly Day Dreaming love the pinkClap
This one is sooo perfectEmbarrassedShockedClap Its like i dunno how to describe it bt its sooo perfectEmbarrassedClap Thanks yaar... for some reason the abhay sigs generally come out good not sure how or why..ConfusedLOL n I really dunno wat else to say other than thank you so don't jump on me in fury ROFL

All the rest are awesum and perfect as always, love ur styles and the words u used on each of them are awesum and perfect for the situationClap Thank you so much Nadz!

NOW my fav Silly i forgot i sugg this one i thought the other one Stern Smile bt anyways im so happy its this scene Silly is this the first yuna sig u made?? coz im sooo excited to see one by u Silly  aaaah i dunno wat to say man Silly its so perfect and the words Silly eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just one thing MINDBLOWING, OUTSTANDING, FANTASTIC, ROCKING, AMAZING, ADORABLE, PERFECT Clap

that was not one word Stern Smile  ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLbut Hell ya its too hard to describe in wordsEmbarrassed 



wat pics did u think u gave me? LOL
ps. do gimme more if u want :) quite enjoyed making the sig :D

again i came here Approve im starting to think ur mansion likes me ROFLROFLROFL im last in ever gallery or update bt heer i cum as soon as u update ROFLROFLROFL

oye hoye Cool

now to ur replyShockedAngry bol tere saath kya salook kiya jaaye ROFLROFLROFL maar diya jaaye Ermm nahi then who will make the siggies ROFLROFLROFL okay so im sparing u ROFLROFLROFL bt get used to it we have to say thank u for sharing such awesum pieces not vice versa ROFL

Ps: wat did i hearShocked OMG Silly u are so getting more pics ROFLROFLROFL whos knws its my lucky day Approve

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