Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den# The dance of Pain (Page 2)

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Then NT can go bring back Sameera for more drama. LOL LOL LOL

Will update the rest tomorrow Sleepy

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Someone said not to have expectations from GHSP while watching. So right she wasSmile Still, watched the episode with some expecation for the AMAZING dance sequence (courtesy FB pics) and sigh....all I can say is GHSP team, replace your Camera Man and Editor. This is really URGENTSmile

Arjun-Maan- Arjun is cool, calculative, intriguing. Smile Me like it. But today when he said that he did not know that he was handling MSK's wedding, I was like ermmmmmmErmm dude! are you being too naive or too smart?Wink and how come MSK did not ask this question to him?Ouch Dadi gave some lame excuse to keep Arjun as WP. Glad that MSK did not listen to her for once. Big smile

Geet- Anwesha- Whatever Anwesha asked Geet today was right from her perspective. She does not know anything about Dev fiasco. But then CVs, we do not know anything about Anwesha fiascoLOLLOLAngry
where did the sister come from??????????

Geet-Maan- Liked the conversationSmile But then from there onwards, Camera man and editor ruined it. OuchAngry At one moment, Maan is holding Geet's pallu (btw, they did not show him holding palluAngryAngry) and next moment they are in rehearsal hallOuch then that danceD'oh GEET Admin, one request, Please do not post spoiler pics from now onwards. why to invite trouble (MM groups) and all for nothing???????
Noting can beat Kurbaan Hua. Embarrassed and CameraMan, you are wasting talents like DD and GC. STOP THAT!
I liked that Maan joined the dots. Embarrassed Atleast he used his brains here.LOL

Precap looks interesting. Smile Is it just me or everyone felt that Arjun was kinda mesmerized with GeetEmbarrassed Seems like our wish gonna get fulfilled soonROFL Arjun must fall for Geet!!!!!!

Lastlly, I will again like to repeat that CVs, please please work on camera angles, editing. These depts are not working in favor of this show. OuchOuch

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I like a lots today's episode, thought the dance is not very up to mark as I expected it to be......

Maan and Arjun's face off:
Well, I liked a lots Maan and Arjun's face off......
MSK got to know that Arjun is the MD of the wedding planner office, so he might doubt that it's Arjun who told Annie about Dev, NT and Geet, etc which resulted on Annie questionning them in yesterday's episode, coz this was showen in yesterday's episode............
Now Arjun might truely didn't know Annie being his sister, but this no way to believe, if u remember he refuse to take the call many times before when Annie called, which is clearly tell he knows well who is Annie and he wants to make them feel it's them who went after him and not him who did it.....
In same time Arjun is trying to act naive infront of daadi to win her trust, this is a winning card which he might surely use later on, remember he said to NT before that things can't be won by anger, so he is trying to win their trust by acting naive and so nice............
Geet and Annie's face off:
Geet and Annie's face off was really good too, thought Nikuj is fell from all way on acting, she is hurt as much as Geet is hurt, so I am not blaming her, nobody told her the truth yet, she can't lose trust on Dev over a stranger for her, she doesn't know Geet well, nor her story, so how we can expect her to be in Geet's side?, so it's anyway their fault for not telling her.......
Annie is a child, she said to Geet, no wonder u r alone now? What about herself, she was always away from her family and even Dev now is alone, why she doesn't think of this? She needs someone to correct her points.......
Maan and Geet's dance and scenes:
I liked Maan's concern over Geet today, the dance was really nice, a good attempt, but I can't call it as hot as Kurbaan Hua, both r similar on being from Maan's side to convince Geet on talking, speak her heart out, thought in Kurbaan Hua there were he was full on attracted to her, here he is trying to surround her with his love and to let her know that no matter what, he will always stand with her.......
Her dialouge before the dance, ke that she is watching this rishta too breaking down, Maan got a msg of that she is talking about their rishta, while she is talking about Maan and Annie's rishta, she doesn't want their rishta to be broken as with Dev, in anyway, Dev is not inoccent, but in anyway he is Maan's brother.......
I liked how Geet's expression in the line (Jud Se Bhi Tum Mujhse Judaa Sa)..........
I think both were too good in expressions, but I think they were better in (Tere Mast Mast Do Nain), but truely nice attempt, even thought of that DD has pain back, but she manged many steps.......
When Geet in middle of the dance let Maan's hand off from her back and turn around is her fear calling her, then she turned around and run to hug him, she is telling him she loves him, which is truely I feel presented very beautifully, I liked the way Maan carried her then put her on his lap to make her realise the dialouge they had in same position last time that their nok jhok should be stand in somewhere to clear some air between them........
I liked that Maan realised that both Geet and Annie r crying, the flash back might put him to question Annie about why she was crying, but I surely don't want him to mention Geet here, she should tell it herself, I don't want her to feel that Geet is complaining about her, but I think Maan might handle it very well.........
Future points:
Well, Geet still doesn't know why Maan cancelled the contract with the wedding planner, the precap seems interesting, Arjun facing Geet, this bring so many thoughts in my mind, Will he tries to come near Geet in future? Will he tells her who is he? Will Geet knows it by any chance? Will he get to know who is Geet and what his sis and her husband did to her? If yes, then how would be his reaction regarding this matter?.........
Maan surely would be angry to see Arjun ever near Geet, not only coz he is jealous of any being near her, but he doesn't even want NT's saaya to be near Geet.............
I liked today's episode, I would give it 8/10, not full marks, again the effects r used in the dance ruin it for me, the editting team edited a lots and ruined it, I feel in somewhere Nikuj is much better than before, thought I would never accept her as Maan's sis, no way..........

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Theme of Den - new plots
Old loops need to be closed... Justice has to be served... and the people responsible need to be punished. Arjun that's the name that comes to forefront apart from him there are few other names that have been mentioned in GHSP earlier... their entry will bring in new dimensions to the story.

Today's Episode

Maan dekh Arjun ko hairaan,
Poochtein hain tum kaise yahan?
Arjun bane anjaan, poochein aap hotein kyun hairaan?
Meri shaadi ko sajaane ki jimmedari hai tumhari,
Tum yahan ke malik yeh jaankari hai nyari.
Mujhe pata hota to nahin leta yeh kaam,
Shaq na karein mujhe nahin tha koi gumaan.
Naintara se juda koi bhi naam, makkar hi hoga saccha nahi voh insaan.
Hastakshep karein dadi yeh keh kar,
Jeevan daan diya hai Arjun ne bacha kar.
Aabhari hoon isne bachaya aapko,
Par apni shaadi ka kaam nahin de sakta isko.
Geet ki khushiyon mein, adchan na aaye koi bhi,
Isliye shaadi ka kaam doonga kisi aur ko main.

Milana hoga ab Geet se, kya Arjun yeh soch raha
Khayalon mein hai kuch pak raha.

Teen deviyan Maan ki, Geet ,Anvesha aur Dadi ji,
Kaun banegi kamjoor kadi? Bhoojhe hum yeh ghadi ghadi....

Geet gumsum baithi, Anvesha hai vahan pahunchi.
Samanya rehne ki koshish karti hai Geet,
Anvesha se kuch kehti hai dil mein bhar kar preet.
Anvesha ek tak sunaye, Geet par usne aise aarope lagaye.
Geet ne kiya nahi apna bachaav,
Aaya khayal Maan ka? Ya phir hai shabdon ka aabhav.

Anvesha Geet ki janani thi kahani, to sunati kuch Geet ki jubaani.
Tumhare sawalon ka deti Geet jawaab,
Sach hota hain itna kharaab.... bhula nahin paaogi ise samajh bura khwaab.
Maan ki rahein Geet tak jati, par dikhi use Anvesha roti hui aati.
Itne mein outhouse se aaya bulaava, Dadi ma ne hai Maan ko turant bulaya.

Geet kisi udhedbun mein hai khoyi,
Lagati hai jaise chal rahi neend mein soyi.
Sangeet mein honge kadam thirkaane,
Dono ko karni hai taiyaari sang is bahane.
Shaadi ki jimmedari kyun hai badali, jaanane ki jigyasa Geet mein sulagi.
Koshish padhne ki Geet ko hai Maan ki,
Dadi bheje dono ko,karne taiyaari nritya prayaas ki.

Chehre se abhi tak hati nahin shikan, Geet ki abhi tak miti nahin hai ulajhan.
Maan kar rahe athak prayaas, jaanane kya chal raha Geet ke man mein...
Kyun hai voh itani udaas?

Geet paheliyon mein kare baat,
Jindagi kyun karvaati mushkilon se mulaqat.
Kab chayenge khushiyon ke rang? kab jee paayenge jindagi dabang?

Geet ki baatein Maan samajh na paayein...
Geet baat ko shaadi ki taiyaari par ghumaye.
Karo na tum khud is baat se pareshaan,
Isse suljhana mushkil nahin hain asaan.
Jindagi ka anubhav hai mujhe, komal itna bhi na samajho mujhe.
Itni jaldi nahin maanti haar, sambhal sakti hoon aapka parivaar.
Maan ka kootohal is kadar bhadaka, jaanana hoga aisa kya hai ghata?

Aaya hai nritya prashikshak, karane sangeet ki taiyaari.
Geet ka dhyaan nahin, hoti hai galati baari baari.
Dekar unhe kal ka samay,
Maan poochein Geet batao kya pareshani hai tumhe?

Geet kuch batana nahin chahti, 
Baatein kismat aur taqdir par hain aake rukati.
Rishton ke tootane par hoti nahin aavaaz, bas dilon par girati hai gaaj.

Pyaar, chahat, bharosa aur vishvaas, dar, vyatha, nirasha aur aas.
Sangini hone ki anobhuti, samarpan ki ho drashti,
Inka tha adbhuth mishran,  dikhaya jo aapne is Nritya se saath.

Kuch hain aisi tamanna, lafzon mein nahi ho sakti bayan.
Dard mein bhi juda na the, ek duje ke wafa se bandhe.

Geet ke aanson ruk nahin paate... Maan dilaasa detre uthake..
Ab yaad dilate puraani baat, sang baith suljhayeinge har baat.
Kyun tum samajho itna hi hai humara saath?
Humare saath ki nahin... parvaah hai mujhe tumhari.
Mere karan bikhare sab sage sambandhi, aapko akele nahin dekh sakti.
Nahin chahti ab choote kisi ka bhi saath, Maan jaan gaye kya hai baat.
Anvesha ke sawaalon ne chedha yeh dukh bhara raag,
Dono hain ghayal, dono ke hain to toote dil.
Jodana hoga Maan ko unhe, Kaise?  Yeh dekhne ke liye hum kal tak rukein.

Hastakshep = Intervene,  Abhaar = Indebted, Adchan = Obstacle,
Samanya = Normal, Aarope = Blame, Aabhaav = Lack, Gaaj = Thunderbolt, Udhedbun = Confusion, Jigyasa = Curiosity,  Nritya Prayaas = Dance Practice, Athak =  Relentless, Dabang = Bold, Anubhav = Experience, Kootohal  =  Curiosity,
Nritya Prashikshak = Choreographer, Vyatha = Agony,  Anubhuti = Realization,
Samarpan = Surrender, Adbhuth = wonderful, Mishran = mixture.

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haila reserve kiya tho to likhna padega.... ufffff
lol... well i love the way the story is moving.....
Maan -Arjun face off was good.... Arjun can fake very well... he dint know anvesha is maan's sister... oh ...come on...gimme a break dude... nice faking infront of maan.... Maan had told geet that lie shud be such that it isnt caught... Daadi is too unobservant n unitelligent...she takes everything for face value...she doesnt understand the underlying nature or intentions....maan doesnt want arjun to be involved as he doesnt trust anyone who is associated with NT...n thats for a reason... he knows NT...n understands that NT will use all near her to manipulate things in her favour....
Annie - Geet confrontation..... Annie has no idea bout the situation so she is right from her perspective.... Geet its time u stand up for urself...speak up.... u shud hv screamt how dev spoiled ur dev made u sab se paraya... how maan gave u support....n thats y maan n daadi r with geet n not with dev.... gal is high time u stop feelign guilty that maan is losing family....unless u clear the air how will ppl know that dev is the reason for everything......
Maan -Geet... well i love it that maan desperately wants to know the reason that is upsetting geet n yes he has finally been atleast thinking that he needs to tell her everything bout Arjun ....
maan and geet - the dance....
the dance was aroused all the senses.... u cud feel the pain and passion at d same time.... geet's pain that she is the reason y maan might bcom paraya from she knows he will chose her over anyone else.... n maan's pain seeing geet in pain but yet not knowing the reason for her pain.... passion for each other... this dance took things to a different level.... i hvnt seen actors on TV displaying their emotions so well thru a dance.... DD n GC create magic with everything....
I loved their conversation and even thot process during and post the dance....
Loved it that finally maan has joined the dots bout annie askign bout geet's parivar, their parivar.... then geet wanting to be left alone.... annie crying... geet crying... so he has finally understood that the prob is with annie asking bout geet's family n dev...n geet being upset coz of that...n annie being upset means something to do with geet n dev.... n geet talking bout breaking up of relationships n her worry n pain..... wow maan....after many days u r being intelligent again... :)
Precap -
Arjun's look was that of intrigue... it was more like..he was captivated by her beauty... wondering that so this is the reason MSK has inflicted all the pain on my sis... n also at the same time thinking ... she will be an interesting catch if i can cap her.... atleast that is what i thot his expression was.... lets see how it pans out....
What i dint like.....
Camera angles and editing....
They spoilt such a sensous dance......
Still.... I wud rate the episode 8.5/10......

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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I liked today's epi for moving the story further, the choreography and the dance itself, GC/DD's performances '. And slowing giving shape to Arjun's role.


Post Arjun saving Dadi

Maan n Dadi are surprised. More so when they find out Arjun is the infamous EM ka MD.

A couple of things were cleared today.  Arjun did not know NE was Maan's sister. Arjun did not know he was planning MSK's wedding.  Then why did he buy the EM company ?  For a foothold in the city ? How is he planning on ruining MSK per the I-F article ?

I knew Dadi would feel obligated to Arjun for saving her life.  Also, Maan would too.  But am glad to see that he is able to differentiate with a clear mind what is more important'obviously Geet's happiness'. Mein nahi chahta ki kisi bhi wajeh se Geet ki khushiyon mein kami ho.


NE- Geet convo

Liked how Geet said 'Maan ki behen' instead of Maan Sir ki behen.

Complete, total immaturity from NE.  Confronting Geet without knowing the full facts.  Blaming her for what ' dividing the family?  Heck, NE did not even make an attempt to find out the truth b4 she blasted off.  NE's gonna eat crow when she finds out the truth.  Just listen to her dialogues. I want to see her eat crow'.haan ! 

-       Dev bhai bhi parivar ka hissa, my bro, Maan's bro..then why is gayab from wedding.

-       Why did Maan remove his name from the invitation card?

-       What have u done that both my bros are separated ?

-       What is it that the entire office knows, but I don't

-       What game have u played

-       Didn u feel ashamed breaking my family

-       That's why u r alone, no family with u coz u borke my family

-       Will u thorw me out too?

-       Agar mujhe pataa hota ke tumne mere ghar ko aise tod diya hai mein kabhi wapas hi nahin aati.

-       Ur silence makes u guilty of breaking my family.

MSK notices a weepy NE passing by but is waylaid by the servant with Dadi' msg ' c ome to the outhouse'NOW

@the outhouse Maan notices Geet walking down the stairs with Dadi lost in thot.  Maan's busy trying to read Geet. Logical questions re wedding planner n choreographer.  At least Dadi okays the change.

I'm so glad to see MSK still trying to figure out Geet's state of mind.  At least Maan is upfront abt why he left her but Geet is not yet ready to confess but talking in riddles.

-       Zindagi ke barein mein soch rahi thi

-       Kab tak yeh utaar chadaav aate rahenge

-       Kab tak yun dar dar ke zindagi jeena padegi

-       Kab badlegi yeh zindagi


Geet whats wrong with u 'talking in riddles ? Ah, she deflects the convo'but Maan does that too'he he.  Answers a riddle with more riddles.

-       Mein itni nazook nahi

-       Meine bhi zindagi dekhi hai, kathinaaiyaan sahi hai

-       Mein aapki honewali biwi hoon, koi choti bachchi nahi

More proof for Maan that something is seriously wrong.

The dance
Loved the way choreographer says Mr & Mrs Khurana'I mean wud be Mrs Khurana'.me likey !!!

Maan tries to convey his support via his touch in the dance steps but Geet is too internally focused. So the tryout is a disaster.

More riddles -

-       Mein apni taqdir accept kar chuki hoon, agar kismet ko yahi chahiye to yahi sahi.  Pehle bhi rishton ko toot te hue dekha hai meine.  Aur yeh rishte ko bhi toot te hue dekh loongi.

Now if u were in Maan's shoes how wud u think'what rishta is Geet referring to?  But I must commend him for not panicking and flipping at this point ' but still seeking answers.

 Geet walks away but can't resist the pull she feels towards Maan.  Maan is not letting her go without finding the meaning behind her statements either.  If not in words then he's trying to make her explain via dance.  Notice how she is subtlely resisting to answer'

Gosh the dance itself is an entire Maaneet  convo'. has every emotion.  Must really commend the choreographer , Nissar, Gurmeet and Drashti for this scene. It has

-       Longing

-       Passion

-       Questions - what's wrong Geet ?

-       Talk to me Geet

-       Possessiveness by Maan

-       Convincing her to open up

-       Resistance by Geet ' the way she resists and tries to break away'the way she pushes back his hand

-       Despair - Maan at this point does not know how to break that barrier

-       Realization ' Geet rushing back to Maan and placing his hands on her waist and continiuing the dance

-       Love & Togetherness' in the hug from the back as though Maan's telling her no matter how hard I'm here for u'we will face it together

-       Pain - Geet remembers that he is her world and that's when she comes back into his arms and tries to convey her feelings, her pain

-       Surrender - Geet melting into his arms and bursting in tears'releasing her pain

-       U r my world - The final hug - Maan at this point is reading, sensing her thouts and emotions like crazy'knowing she needs to be comforted. Notice Maan does not close his eyes coz his mind is whirring like crazy trying to connect the dots.

Wow ! Mind blowing performances by GC/DD ! ClapClapClap

Loved the way Maan picks her up and carries her to the chair, sitting down with her on his lap.  Asking her if she remembers the last time they sat together like this.

Why do we spend time fighting ? No MU'did u forget?

That's when she confesses that she wasn't talking about them.  I could feel Maan going PHEEWWW !  Good she's not all in a tizzy about Maaneet splitting. Just fighting internally.  She can't bear to see him alone (separated from his family bcoz of her)

Tab Maan ke dimaag ki batti jalti hai and he is able to connect the dots between NE and Geet.

Precap ' Arjun comes to KH' finds Geet lost in thot. Asks her something wrong?.Geet hastily wipes her tears and says no, and asks him who is he here to meet.  Arjun has an enigmatic expression on his face

Nissar, Barry, CVs - fabulous job !  Loved the continuation in the story and the interesting turns.  Arjun's character seems to be taking shape.

Editing - going to ignore u today...have more imp things to talk abt.
NE - Stop screeching !  Voice modulation required urgently'.with some more emoting.

Arjun - curious to see how you shape up.

Gurmeet, Drashti - Fantabulous performances. The pain and the passion in the dance was something to die for !

Drashti - U looked dreamyyyyy in that saree !!!


**********  Destruct/Construct - Plot Line – Arjun **********

What do we know about Arjun so far?

         NT's younger bro

         Avid risk taker, calm in the face of a challenge, patient unlike his sister, supposedly an angry young man but knows how to use it productively

         Drifter – NT is from Canada, but when she meets Arjun she mentions Malaysia…besides his stop at the kick-boxing ring

I want to base my plot on the assumption that Arjun knows Geet….from HP.  How ? Read the background.


Arjun is an avid traveler, an outdoorsman. Unlike Maan, he's into meeting new people, seeing new places.  Being a Canadian, he ventures into backpacking in India and ends up in HP.  He was probably who NT called for advice on where to buy land (for her fake NRI marriage heist).  That's how Dev/NT also end up in HP.


So while backpacking in HP, Arjun came into contact with the village folk.  He was introduced to the Handas thru some common village friends.  He was probably closer in age to Brij but did not see eye to eye with him due to Brij's jaded views. He'd met Brij in a kick-boxing ring…HP ishtyle. When he met the Handas, he was  drawn to  Geet - her love for life, her enthusiasm, her positivity in the midst of a stifling home atmosphere of female inequality.  Both had struck a friendship…nothing romantic.  Geet considered him to be Brij's friend. But her persona had made a huge impact on Arjun…so much so that Arjun was going to stop by HP again in the near future when she was a little older, hoping to meet Geet again.  He had spent some precious days with her and her family surrounded by her siblings, ragging her.   Since she was so young he was not vocal about his feelings. Besides he was a drifter. Arjun then moved out of HP, bitten once again by the travel bug, about the time Dev/NT descended on it and so was unaware of what happened to Geet.


Fast forward to the present

Arjun in Delhi to answer an SOS from his sister.  He has seen the anger and thirst for revenge in her.  Whatever his personal opinion about the whole issues, he wants to be there for her and support her in her endeavor.  He cannot depend on his sister for his livelihood and so he decides to setup camp by buying an EM company for his daily bread and butter.


First of all he needs to douse the flames of the fire ignited by NT.  So he waves a white flag and enters the KC domain with an offer – If the Khuranas take back the legal cases against NT, he will send her back to Canada.


Arjun's plan is to bankrupt MSK.  To achieve this he has to test the waters and spread his net.  He first bumps into NE in the KC parking lot but does not connect her to the Khuranas.  A hot blooded male like him is taken by her attitude and probably by her looks.


How can Arjun bankrupt/ruin MSK?  Well, the guys getting married … so lets play the role of a wedding planner by buying the best EM company in town.  And so the Khurana wedding account walks into the trap in the form of NE.  I seriously doubt Arjun did not know that NE was related to MSK.  He has to know.  But he is distracted by his attraction to her … and probably the fact that she is a dumb belle…all the more convenient for him to wiggle into the Khurana's inner circle.  NT is a pariah, Dev is nowhere to be found. So NE it is.


Another Khurana that caught his attention was Dadi.  She was the first one to step forward and accept his truce.  Now should he take advantage of a poor old woman.  In normal circumstances maybe he wouldn't have…but when he has to choose between NT and anyone else…heck, he'd take advantage of that 'anyone' else.  Fate threw that opportunity in his lap in the form of that falling plumbing and Dadi standing right beneath it.


So now he has two things in his favor – NE's grudging acceptance of him as a wedding  planner and Dadi.  He was pretty sure Dadi was MSK's weakness … until MSK in on to his game of EM and sacks him since he does not want Geet to be unhappy.

Geet.  The name sounds familiar.  But he is not able to put his finger on it.  Never mind that.  Arjun may just have found MSK's weakness….Geet.  But he has to meet her to be able to strategise  his next move.

And so like a true risk taker he decides to enter the lion's den – the Khurana Mansion.  His excuse, well he can use a few – Return the file Maan gave him, meet Anwesha , try to get back the contract, check on Dadi's health after the incident. But his overarching need is to find out more about Maan's bride.


And so he enter's the den…and finds a beautifully dressed maiden, in the front room, quietly shedding tears.  He is enamoured by the scene.  Someone dressed so nicely can only be the would-be bride.  What could be so wrong in this beautiful house that could have brought her to tears?  And so he asks hers.  She is startled at the sound of his voice, not knowing that she has company, turns around.

Arjun catches his breath….at the simple beauty of this woman….and something else.  Time seems to stand still… could it be that …. no, impossible…this is Delhi, not HP…. he shrugs off the thought. But then she asks, R u here to meet someone ?  That voice, though somewhat pre-occupied, can only belong to ...  Geet Handa.  As he'd imagined, she'd bloomed into a beauty !  Wait a minute, what was she doing here in this attire ?  Maan had talked about his bride, Geet.  Could it be that….oh no !  Good lord !  Geet Handa is Maan's would-be bride …the man he'd come to destroy!


Arjun had come to the mansion to find out Maan's weakness…and in the process met his own. 


Arjun's kashmakash – from an avenging angel to a man torn between his loyalties

Arjun will be torn between giving justice to NT versus bringing down Maan which will definitely hurt Geet.  His blood boils at the injustice meted out to NT.  He must focus on that.  He must ruin Maan. Geet is his weakness…so he can hurt Maan by hurting Geet. He must not let his feelings for Geet make him weak.  How can he hurt Geet ?  What has she done to deserve this ? No, he cannot use Geet as his pawn.  Maybe, NE.  NE is impulsive, with an attitude but….not a bad person.  And Dadi, she seems to be such a sweet person…sorta reminds me of my own.  Gosh, how did he get into this mess ?  A clear thinker like him, needs his wits around….not tethered to emotions.  He has to remember NT is the innocent victim in this ….or isn't she?  Geet cannot be the same person as painted by NT.  And, where's Dev in all this ?  Have to track him down to get some answers as a bro-in-law. Arjun entered the scene to find Maan's weakness and ruin him but is swept away by his own weakness – Geet.

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:58am | IP Logged

Arjun-daadi- MSK
I like the way arjun is shaping up right now.he seems to be stronger at this point because MSK has Geet NE and daadi to deal with.. I hope geet comes out of this guilt trip and starts supporting her man
MSK decides to take the contract back.and daadi respects his decision. I dont think that will happen varna how will story move on

NE- geet
Dont have any issues with NEs questioning but do have a concern on the words used.. I knew Geet wont speak back.. SHe wants MSKs peace and patch things with NE not break the relationship.
She is sad that that relationship is broken.. she wanted a good one with his family and does not want him alone.. now thats going to become her weak point here

MSK- Geet

Maan knows something is bothering her but does not know what
Geets dialogues dont treat me like a kid.. Is that going to come back hitting them or is it going to fix things for him ?? maybe lets wait and watch...
The dance .. ok dont kill me but other than the editing glitches I liked it.. I thot the passion and pain was depicted DD especially DD looks like her back is hurting and she should take care...
The lap scene was passionate and beautiful.. I loved how MSK told geet that they need to talk and asked her if their saath was only so much and geet saying she was not talking abt them..Beautiful.. geet never has any doubt on them....its always the others around and I like that confidence....
MSK joining the dots.. Finally the intelligent maan is back  thanks cvs..

Precap .. Will wait and then comment


So if we follow the MB theory MSK is Arjun, Arjun is Duryodhan, daadi the Bhisma pitaah maha of Hastinapur... who will be with the khuranas and on Maneets side for the parivaar... Dev/Annie the Dridhrastra??? NT shakuni??Annie Karna?? MSKs sister but in love with Arjun??
Geet CVs this show is abt Geet so please give her a strong role here.. geet can be krishna?? advising MSK ?? with tact but she is too naive for being krishna so lets see..

I like how Arjuns character is shaping up.. hope CVS do justice ... I cant wait for the marriage to happen..


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