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Hey guys!

Let's continue the deconstruction and reconstruction today and discuss PLOT-lines..Potential story lines open for the show

What do you think would make the show more interesting..what creative tracks could be followed that would bring out the max potential in characters?Big smile

Here are some ideas by moi!

Mahabharata based plotlines:

Maan as Karna fighting for a private morality

standing by his asools even if they are against the societal norms and do what he thinks is right.

Geet is Draupadi who has also been wronged and doesn't bow down to societal pressures. She asks questions and answers boldly when she's asked.

Sure of herself, along with Karna faces challenges in the form of NT,Arjun, Daadi(as the Matriarch and upholding family honor even at the cost of personal right sometimes, Sasha-Tasha and Society as a whole)

Parallel tracks can be developed while showing the personal and private life of a married Maneet- along with their baby.

KArna was also v loyal to his wife and children. So..he was a family man..a caring and loving man.

After marriage- as story progresses

 Maan may have to fight with his past- if Sammy is brought in and Geet will stand with him. They will be each others' strengths no matter whatever others say.

 MAan's past could also have the angle of being an illegitimate child

how does he copes with that? 

Questions of owning the Khurana property and being the rightful heir.

Dev(if he could be gray) OR Arjun being the cunning Duryodhan who questions his right to Khurana constructions and how Maan argues his way out- perhaps Dadi may be swayed again on the opposite side of Maneet.

We could then have a really bad situation due to which company incurs loads of losses but Maan is the one who saves the day-the hero, of course..LOL and is restored to his former glory.

Dev could also fight for the baby( as he was pretending to be positive but really was waiting for the right time to strike)- and also for Geet(not because of love or lust..but because Geet as Maan's wife would be 51 per cent share holder) Along with all this the focus would be simultaneously on Maan and Geet ka relationship and how it strains,changes, grows into further maturity and experience, along with highlighting the very important social issue of property

 Pandavas combined in Maan, Arjun as Karna

As a private man- Maan can also represent all the good qualities of the Pandavas..united together because of Draupadi aka Geet.

Then, Mr Arjun has to be based on Karna as someone who knowing what he did was not right, stuck by it because he was loyal to his friend Duryodhan.

Arjun can be shown as a really good guy..or a little naughty too..because he has an agenda of using Annie and destroying MSK. But even after knowing the full truth- he still  stands loyal to NT.

NT has to be Duryodhan here'or Shakuni.

Khuranas and Khurana Constr are then Pandavas and unke allies.

 We could have a development of Sasha's character here and how she changes from negative to positive and makes the decision to stay loyal to Maan.

Arjun as a man, who genuinely falls for annie and becomes friends with Geet and then realizing that he doesn't want to take any revenge.

Finding out the truth behind NT-Dev fiasco.

Going and actually talking to either Dev..and in the event..killing him

OR- he could suffer and yet stay loyal to NT

Some other options and thoughts based on literary plots

 To portray Maneet love in a different way-

Geet bani Shakuntala with Maan as Duhsanta- Kalidasa's Abhijnanasakuntalam

We may see something like Shakuntala of Kalidas..where the romance bit between Duhsana and Sakuntala leads to not the birth of Bharat..but fruition of a unit that  has been destined and that faces all challenges thrown to them.

The Rasa theory can play a big part here as it can actually help in making a kind of packaged epi-which evokes the maximum pleasure ;)

King Duhsana also is a really arrogant, attitude wala stalker who falls in love with this  girl close to nature (kind of Big City versus Country)

Duhsanta, like Maan visits the village(country side).  He doesn't listen t o anyone but himself and becomes a really sad man after he realizes Sakuntala was his wife. The memory angle can be left out.LOL

Sakuntala raises her voice to him in front of  his own kingdom(well..Geet has done it too) etc etc he repents and finally destiny brings them together.

After that- where the Play ends- our MB can begin :)

Oh and we can have Adi as the friend

 Duhsanta was created like the warrior king..he is like the modern MSK

 This can be used if ever also there is the need to show a small MU after marriage when Sammy comes in

Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra- A love that requires a measure large enough

 Maan can be portrayed as Antony. Of Antony and Cleopatra.Geet as Cleopatra

Cleopatra being very beautiful but Rome unable to see her as anyone except stereotypically Oriental.

MAan and Geet - 2 people of awesome personalities coming together in a love that goes beyond any measure.

Maan as this Hero- worshipped by all his people but when he becomes Geet's- seen as only a love-sick puppy..but even in his LOVE for Geet- his identity as Maan  is not sacrificed because she LOVES him because he is her Dusht Danav.

We have Arjun as Octavious. Sammy can be Octavia Whom Antony doesn't love but had to marry(no marriage here) for a political alliance.

If we have NT- Sammy as cousins or something'then she is also Arjun's a match was arranged for MAan and he was cool with it cuz he had no other bright ideas..and wanted to make Dadi happy(who BTW can be ROME..ROFL)

 We are taking character traits from the play..NOT the story!

This could explain why Maan wasn't attracted to Sammy- cuz she was dull and timid..and so he thought of as every woman but Geet was different J

The Iliad- Homer

The greatest Warrior-Hero Ever

Achilles- the greatest warrior in the world. The best fighter around..and the hawtest no doubt!  MSK is Achilles for the world'but HECTOR for his family. HECTOR who was equally a great warrior-but not a demi-God.

Hector who had a family. Who protected Helen..

Paris- can be Dev- his character is like Dev. Irresponsible..flitting from here to there.

But we would in a way have to bring back HP and show a family rivalry here'if they want Geet back.

Who of course is Helen-a completely independent and fiery woman who inspired a war. The most beautiful too.

A thought about Logic and linearity 

 Sometimes we can suspend disbelief and let our imaginations rule- Saturday's glitter reminded some of us about A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Logic is important- but thinking may not always be linear.

Geet as a Flaneur- Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

 Geet- can be seen as the character of MRS Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Clarrisa Dalloway-even after marriage- retains her identity.

Makes all moments of happiness count..and transcend linear time.She doesn't let go of her identity just like Geet wouldn't when she's Geet Maan Singh Khurana.

She will be GEET and then Maan's wife. Her experiences and the intensity of feeling in those experiences might sometimes be shared with Maan..sometimes not expressible to it becomes an experience with herself and her baby. Geet here can be shown sharing feelings and talking to the baby in her womb 

Pride and Prejudice- Austen

Wickham Arjun and Lydia Annie, Darcy Maan

Arjun has to take revenge from Maan and so he pretends to like both Geet as well as Annie and Annie falls for him while Geet gets to know what's wrong.

We could have a sort of friendship between Geet and Arjun and have a jealous Maan back ;)

 In conclusion- The Annie- Arjun track can be developed in myriad ways. Because let's face it- she's here to say.

And as per GEET admin- Vicky will come one day he could be positive or negative. He could be MAan's ally or Dev's...

Arjun and Maan may have started as rivals, become amiable with each other, Arjun could diverse here(2 options available) and depending on that could be taken forward.

 The conclusion of the tracks eventually

all of them will lead to Maneet winning against NT.

NT-DEv have to be brought to justice

 Since we all love maneet chemistry- we need to have their own little Eden disrupted of course by the threat of Satan aka Dev (if he's not bumped off and is negative) and the art of storytelling combine to make the show retain its Uniqueness.

 These plots will help the show build up strong characters and plots- both central and parallel. A directive of sorts and yet CV's have the freedom to create a pastige of stories that blend into one another.

I am not comparing really but like how it's done in for example The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl- diverse tracks developed and brought together.

 By concentrating a bit on showing -humor, suspense and romance etc in each episode will make it less-monotonous for viewers so they won't get bored of things.

Pressure will be less too on the leads as other characters are developed and their storylines are fleshed out too.

We have good actors in Praneet(Adi), Tasha, Abhishek(Romeo), Sasha(flesh her character out!),Karishma is there, now Arjun, we have Dadi, perhaps HP family se Brij and Rajji can be brought back if there's potential.

 There are many doors that would be opened which can widen the show's prospects if we have some frame of references for characters and creatively incorporate their characteristics in the show ppl

 So these are just some plausible plot and reference points- from where the CV's could develop the plot in various directions, strengthen characters, develop further story lines and maintain interest :))

 How can Meera's track be developed? or Dev's ended

Has he ever shown any kind of repentance? what exactly has he done except whine that he will do something?Ouch

What purpose would it serve?

Will Arjun change?

will annie change?

Who will annie be with?

Will Arjun and Geet be friends?

Will Arjun unite with Dev or will Maan and Dev unite against Arjun?

Bring on Original Ideas and adaptations of movies!!


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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey everyone!

For today's analysis

I liked the episode.
I hated the sloppy editing which made things look a bit clumsy..but the dance was apt.
Also Apt was Geet's char. I liked how MSK responded and how Geet responded to his initiation of dance- it is their passion..this is their language..passion is how they speak to each other.
Dadi poking her nose back in. LOL I didn't like much.

Ajun's character v interesting
In Precap-Geet Arjun scene- looks very interesting
I love it how it's all being built up

MSK- joining dots..arre waah- dimaag ki batti jalayi na!Big smileClap

The moves in the dance were really sensual and slick.
Geet coming back to Maan..responding in the way he wanted her to...coming out momentarily of her deep reverie and talking to him...responding to him.

I liked how Gc supported DD throughout so she feels less pain.
their synchronization was perfect and they did full justice to the dance!

Their expressions depicted pain- DD was spectacular today!!
guilt, anguish, love- were all their in her eyes and in those tears

I loved how Maan picked Geet up and sat down. And reminded her of the lap scene.
I loved that scene.
I loved their hug 
I loved how Geet said with pain and suffering that she can't see him alone again

The dialogues given by Geet today were really good.

when she told maan to stop treating her like someone fragile- she has borne pain too..she knows pain intimately.
He has to stop babying her as she is his equal, his hone wali wife, not some chhoti bachhi.

Today- Geet showed her difference from Annie who in her childish way frankly asked Geet so many questions, expressed her own suffering and walked away crying.

annie was hurtful- but she had a point- her questions were not baseless though her accusations were.
I'd like that to be cleared. Unlike Annie who was a bachha in this scene- who needs to be explained what happened, we had Geet, who was quiet because she was protecting Maan from choosing and being alone from his family.

she knows how it feels to be paraya- and she doesn't want Maan to be that..she wants to protect him from that pain.

umm..did I miss something?

Annie's immaturity (though justified in her part) versus Geet's mature handling of the situation by keeping quiet.

Maan clarifying things with Geet- check

Maan-geet dance- sensuality and hotness personified...along with immense pain- for him- because she was not telling him and was not coming out of her own mind and her own suffering, for her because if she told him he would suffer too.

Maan shocked because of Geet's dialogue- that she has accepted her destiny. Life will bring ups and downs- that is her maturity isn't it?
She accepts all things that come to her, mulls over them, and decides what to do.
She's not a bachhi definitely, she is a woman who's had painful experiences as teachers.

the protectiveness with which she was crying for Maan was beautifully painful- her nurturing quality that makes her care so much makes her very unique

Her other dialogue that gave Maan a jhatka was- main aapko akele nahi dekh sakti

But thank God she later clarified she didn't mean for them.

I loved how the dance moves were also kinda symbolic-
The way Geet was falling- in one of the moves and Maan supported her from behind..

HE'll be the wind beneath her wings was what I thought of..
HE won't let her fall...

Or go away...he won't let her go away and if he does- she'll come back.

Another thing- that they couldn't dance to choreographer because their love is not definable by 'norms'- its an INTENSE love story and it is still so-because the dance was one of pain and passion

they cannot be directed..their love is natural and flows naturally- not through directives and norms.

LOL...but they are getting married..LOL

The panga will be cleared soon I guess

I would say
11/10 for Gc,DD

DD- dunno if it was real pain or not..but You were AWESOME today!
Gc- supported DD as a good co-actor and friend should! Awesome

@Barry- good dialogues. Yes..thank you for the 'Maan' again LOL *jhapkisses*

@editing- you guys...kyun kyun???!!!

@epi- 7.5/10 except editing..Angry

that's all for today

Love to all

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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 

Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT fully live yet.  So, watch from the site if u can.  Its the least we can do as good viewers.   

Analyses by-
page 1- Geet.a(Plot ideas); Geet.a(episode analysis); AnjanaYYZ, bDgT, Jyoti06, Luvabbybaby, Cute_ash, 

Page 2- Live2laugh, palluluvsmaan, temorocks,  shreya_I,  taqdir, deniac, sharmishtha01,  starlite7

page 3-spshastr, 49erFan, mechantefille,  mi7chimes, darlunia, ManneetFAN, maansa, pixie

page 4- Jhan's note to CV's, Pooja
s notice to CV's, panchjun5 talks about Christmas Maneet ishtyle, 

page 5 onwards- discussion about dance, episode, Arjun, Annie, Vicky(of course-he's our favourite eh!)

page 30- Opti's take
page 33- Shreya writes a beatufiul poem

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Moron MaanAngry
- Maan is cleber, haan!  Though he can add (Anvil & Geet = Trouble), he just revealed hisapparent weakness - GITH!  All arrow had to do was listen carefully....what's paramount to MSK?D'oh Geet's happiness.

Antagonistic AnvilEvil Smile
- She landed on Geet's head with a thud.  Didn't give Geet a chance to answer.  How rude?!  But, then she is a crude character - to the point n direct.  MSK ka "truth" sister!  She is distressed about the perceived interloper and worried she might be the next target.  So, she fired first and left the consequences for later.    

-Dialogue de DanceDancing
Dance is dialogue - the language of the body.  It bespoke his worry, it beseeched her to have trust in him that he would always be there to hold,  it showed her innate faith that he would never fail to catch her, it revealed her pain in all its glory.  

Question Box:
1. What's got Geet so upset?  The thought that Maan may from his own family become isolated.  Geet already knows what that is like to be without family and does not want to see MSK all alone due to her.   No she does not feel guilty - juss grasps that she wud be the wajah for his abandonment of his family.  

Plot Shots:Geek
- That Arjun for now is evil it's rudimentary logic.  Somebody divesting from the country does not invest in it. Evil Smile 

-  Promo anyways makes it clear that Arrow ki Target is Maan Singh Khurana ka happiness.  The path to his victory therefore goes thru her.   But maybe in the process he will genuinely fall for Geet or Anvil.

- He can try to harm Geet or hit on her now that he knows who truly hold the keys to the kingdom.  Smartest wud be to befriend her and Anvil at the same time.  Play them off against each other to the detriment of MSK.  Him falling for Geet instead of Anvil wud be engaging.  

Edit Errors:
- Am sure u know how much people today depreciated you.  Take heart, improve, fight back.  You are already better then Jas Karan.  


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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Brilliant episode once again!! You guys hit the ball out of the ball park once again!! Kewl baby kewl!! Keep it up!!

Tonighter had everything: Romance, Drama, Tragedy, Happiness, Passion, Pain, Fear, Anger, Joy, Freedom, Trust, Truth

The TABLEAU well laid out!!

Future track suggestion: The DAR track with Arjun as SRK -where he came as predator but becomes prey and falls for Geet!!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Dance looked out of place because of poor editingThumbs Down

Story and logic gave a grand darshanThumbs Up
Verdict:People who r watching only for the dance will b disappointed....those who r watching for the story will b delighted...those who r watching for both will hv mixed reactions like meBig smile

Let me repeat myselfROFL
Dance was HOT...Moves were sensuousThumbs Up..did anyone notice the beginning of the dance..the way he carassed her back with his fingers trying to bring in that sensation in her hormonesEmbarrassed..thats the way he initiated the whole danceThumbs Up...the reason why he started dancing with her is also justified...He wanted a reply from Geet and was not getting it...he thought the only way out is give her that passionate pull to which she always responds..and she did by coming back to him and placing his hand on her waist followed by that passionate hugEmbarrassed..If we hv seen Maaneet history...they always interact to each other when they r passionately involved together..whether its kurbaan hua or RTM or pee loon...same here.. MSK initiates the dance to get reply from her and she gives in to his sensational touch and goes with the flowSmile
Why I said dance looked out of place is because of poor editing..whatever I said above just now does not come out clear on screen because of poor editing and mayb sloppy camerawork....or else Dance was perfect for that situation....Smile..
Lets discuss the other parts of the story also since I thought today they actually covered a lot apart from the danceErmm
First and foremost kudos to MSK's judgement..he doesn't believe Arjun one bit despite him doing the Dadi saving actThumbs Up..he straightaway tells Dadi nothing matters to him more than Geet's happiness and she will never b happy seeing NT's relative as the wedding plannerThumbs Up...thats why I said story gave a grand why crib over a small dance which we might get again on sangeetBig smile

Best part was MSK himself joining the dots and finding out why she is upset in the end....Embarrassed
MSK making her sit on his lap and making her revisit the previous lap moment was a treat to watchBlushing
From the precap it seems even Arjun doesn't know who is MSK's weakness and is playing her cards on all 3 women here...first he tries his trick with Annie but MSK doesn't care...then he plays the card with Dadi...but MSK still doesn't care...and now as per the precap,he plays the ultimate trick with Geet....Question is will MSK care ??Wink..if yes..we all know the answer who is MSK's weakness or mayb hidden strengthBig smile

My Episode rating today will b 9/ was a sensuous dance depicting pain,passion of love filled with emotions and desire with a picture perfect choreographyStarStarStarStarStar..only editing and camerawork ruined the moment for me or else I would hv given it a perfectSmile

Detailed Analysis coming up tomorrow sinse I m damn tired today with sevre headacheOuch

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luvabbybaby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:31am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Err-Jun &MSK: Clash of Titans..Love you MSK for not listening to daadi and not trusting
 Err-Jun at allLOL ..Sumtimes she is too much into emotions..
Annie& Geet: I don't think anyone is wrong among these two.Geet is not saying anything bcoz she has a fear tht annie won;t believe her as she is a stranger to her. Annie is surprised tht her brother's name has been cancelled jus bcoz of one girl how did she put daadi and maan both under her control? I understand their POVs equally Ish MSK & Daadi at fault for not confronting annie abt the truth..
Maan Self Talk: Apt I want them to share evrything and not hide it which will end up in a misunderstanding.Big smileand he says exactly wat I said when she is in his lap..
Geet Self-Talk: Loevd tht too she is worried whether Annie will choose the truth or her brother coz she knws Khurana siblings change colours chutki meinLOL
Maaneet: Loved What Geet said give her a chance to fight for her life so tht she is strong too but kurri why talking in Paheliyan Talk to him straight instead of giving moral lessons
I love Kurri she said what I wanted to say "I am ur wife not ur 18 year old bacha"LOL
Choregrapher:And I thot he was VICKYStern Smile
Maaneet Practise: He sent teh choregrapher away coz he wanted to test sum moves on his wuld be wife..
Dance was hawt haiyeee chilla chilla ke it was defining the chemistryyEmbarrassed
First when he caressed her back and slowly went up to her chest giving her shivers..He knows if he bcums passionate with her..she will open her mouth...
Loved the last bits especially after geet lets go off him and then cums bak after that it was awsommee..Theere were so many emotions described thru the dance..WOW dance can express millions of emotions passion, love, intenisty, fear, angerEmbarrassedand teh security she was feeling in his arms when they huggedEmbarrassed
@Choreographers: Awsome JobClap
@GC&DD Sizzling Chemistryyy BlushingAhhh I love you guys especially Drashti I was jus so worried everytym u were swung around or picked up coz of ur back u did not make it visible..hats off to ur dedicationClap
@Gunjan&Sandip: You guys RUINED itOuchThose spider web transitionsStern Smile
This always happens Pics are out whole forum goes LALALALA and then original mein everything bcums PHOOOSSSSSSSSHHH tht is why I was not excited to see the episode anywayLOLIt has happened before too with RTM and here again I learn from my mistakesApprove
so if you wanted to see sum sort of kiss or sumfin 2night u might be upset but I loved it coz I had no expectations no hopes and the logic is there if u see it..It was not out of nowhere..
he picked her up 18th timeLOLYesh I am sad I countLOL
LOved how Maan asked her in a starightforward manner instead of bcuming khafa wid her...He remembers all her linesBig smileand Thanku geet for opening a bit coz you know ur Munda is very clever he will figure it out instead of pestering you more..
Totally Adore MSK's character tht he figured it all out on his ownClap
Precap: haha brii did u knw they were gonna show Areet in precap tht is why u made the poll for areetLOLInteresting I am looking forward to it...Tongue
New VM
@Geetu Love ur analysisStarand the way you have described itClapClapClap

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