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3 IDIOTS-Anger turns 2 Passion...Desire.. (Page 16)

mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Hiye......aaj ka MSK to is right...what is that Maan Singh Khurana can't do??
Viji i wanna kick Nissar's dare he divide his attention from GHSP?? was it not after this show he received an award??? I am damn pissed.....what is he doing?? When you are dedicated to a show....then u stick with it till the end.....because u help start something.....and so it is ur job to stick with till the end....

Swati left....Noel left.......
i am gettin pissed...i admit the new Cv's and the old niesshi are doing an amazing is the new director.....but still.....
i hate it when people start something so beautiful and then leave in the hurts real bad when they do that!!!
W.E. it is though.....I want GC to maintain what he brought out today...or else!!!!

For me he is still not there....from where he traces her back till the next 40 seq it was KILLERDead.....but phir se it was whooooshhhhhhh
But today it was maha was beautiful.....this dance was just amazing....and Gurti did Maaneet very well!!

Dance was amazing.......I agree Choreographer was WOW WOW WOWSmile
each and every expression was there.....they both reacted the way the should have.....they were sooo engrossed in their roles today...u couldn't tell the difference between DD and Geet.....or GC and maan....and i mean it!!

It always happens Yaar....see Nissar directed DMG, then he was promoted as the Series director of the same show...When he was the series director of DMG he became the director of MJHT and then he left DMG with MJHT still in his pocket and he became the series director of yeh toh chaltha hai
i will book a ticket to Mumbai and kick his ass if he leave geet.Angry

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mysterygurl1427

Oyeeee viji i don't think he was on and off.....he was fine...he was just confused.....with geet......she was giving him mixed signals....
she was angry and upset and then she tried to leave and then came back...he was still tryin to figure out what was wrong with her.....
i am gonna kick ur ass Viji!!!
That hug was beautiful....his emotions were brilliant when he hugged her!!! viji i will kick ur ass

Sorry babes Jo maine dekha maine likha.....Yes he was confused....he was a little irritated a little agitated.....True i agree but he was the one who urged her to Dance and not leave so in that condition he was supposed to be the more passionate one....and it was there...the take off mein jis tarah se he traces her back and the immediate Necj seq totally took my breath away and i was even saying to myself....maybe aaj mein shivi ko boloongi...Towel Partner your partner is dead....But just after that scene for me MSK was lost once again...Where as he effect on Geet was Intact....because of which he must have shown the passion thoda aur.....kyuki what he was trying to do worked she was bathing in his company in his love.....its after some time she again gets hit by the bitter truth regarding Ani....and then she moves and then she feels why is she punishing Maan for no fault of his....after this part agar use confusing dikhathe toh i dont mind....but before that...woh kar saktha tha BabesWink
adoremevirgo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 3:54pm | IP Logged
will do my take tomorrow...sorry guys i know it will be too late...but then dont think i was busy doing something else....i was in maneet world...i mean i just finished a VM which i will post soon...
not take...but something else i want to write upon...i can see many r disappointed by GC's performance for the past few weeks....
i dont want to contradict anyone....i just want to say wat i think...
GC is an awesome actor and he has proven this time and again...for me his performance dropped rather was very poor only in one week...and that was the week wen 6-day telecast started...the entire week his performance was so mediocre i thot it was some clone of GC....
but....other than that week....i found his performance top notch as usual...i know i am the only one to say this but i feel his performance level is the best since he and DD hv done with their breaks this month...
the nok jhoks, the flower buying scene, bedroom scene where maan gave the bangles, the boutique scene, maan seeing geet in white sari, and then finally today's mahi dance seq....AWESOME....each and every expression was flawless....i never find maan on/off in any seq...
let me explain y...
since the day GC resumed shooting after his dengue (starting with hug in hospital corridor)...i had different that i dont mean lower expectation...wat i mean is i expected a different and changed maan...and expectation began to actually take form...
i dont look for the passion, fire, raw hunger like in past days of kurbaan hua or pee loon....that was different maan...
during kurbaan hua days maan was strongly aware of his attraction towards geet,,,but at the same time he wanted to deny his those days he was torn in half where one half craved for geet's company and the other half wanted her out of his life...
in those days wenever geet was with her...there was hunger, desire, passion mixed with anger and frustration in his eyes....
there was also always a pain in his eyes for not being able to express himself and not getting proper response from geet....
there was frustration and rage because though he cud see the same feelings in geet's eyes...but still she refused to accept him (we all know y geet used to refuse him in those days)...
all these emotions that i just mentioned were always apparent in his eyes in those days...GC was flawless in maintaining variety of emotions in his eyes...only a brilliant actor can do that and GC did it....
since the hospital seq....maneet is in a formal relation...they both r now committed...more so after the maang bharo seq....
now geet belongs to maan and maan belongs to geet in the true sense....
the hunger, the desire, the passion is still there but they hv mellowed down...some emotions r absent now like anger and frustration...obviously no reason for them now...neither is he in state of denial nor is geet...also after dev issue was solved geet has become more relaxed and comfo with maan...and obviously this has not gone unnoticed by maan....
after walking thru so many difficult phases their relationship has at last come to a stage where they can blissfully enjoy moments with each other....
the emotions that we see in maan's eyes r romance, love, desire in full form but they r mellowed down...all his insecurities of losing geet has gone...he now just romances with her, tries to make her happy in every way, enjoys each second spent with her and also waiting with eagerness for the wedding day...
the raw emotions of earlier days r not part of maan now...he is now a caring and loving partner unlike in previous days wen he used to be demanding and forceful on her...
i dont think anyone more than GC has understood maan....maan's emotions r softer and caring even wen doing passionate scenes like "mast mast do nain" or today's mahi dance...
the fire is not missing...but fire has different forms...raging fire which can destroy everything and soft fire of candle that lightens up our surroundings...
GC knows which fire to portray these days and he is doing just that....wen camera is on GC and maan becomes one and it is true in every scene...
i dunno how much i cud explain but i dunno how to explain in a more clearer way...
3 scenes i choose to explain...
1. in the mast mast nain seq. maan was fully aware that by chasing away the tailor he has taken upon himself the task of doing the measurement....the fire that was raging within himself he was very careful not to bring it that he doesnt lose the control over himself....
since the maang bharo seq. has happened maan is fully aware that geet will give in any time maan wud want to make love with her...she will not stop him...
so it is entirely upon how much maan can control himself...actually these days the test is upon maan and not the wedding night geet had given out clear signals wat she wants but maan being the epitome of decency knows where to draw the line...
his mellowed down expressions r proof how much controlling power he is exercising every moment he is with her...
2. wen maan came upstairs and saw geet in white dress...he was in a disturbed mood because of wat anwesha just said about geet's geet he is also worried about impending problems that annie may create...since maan's self dialogues were not shown...many of us missed it...maan was aware that geet was luking beautiful but he seemed lost because he was worried about geet...he failed to see geet's worry because he was involved with his own thots...outwardly he tried to act normal and appreciate geet's beauty but obviously due to his mind was elsewhere the hunger was missing...this subtle things only and only GC can understand properly and portray accordingly....
3. in today's dance seq...he was frustrated because he cudnt make geet tell him wat is worrying her...he was upset because geet was sad, he was angry with himself because he cudnt make geet smile, he was frstrated because geet was determined not to tell him anything, moreover geet's hint of leaving him leaves maan in a state of disarray...
at a time like this the last thing on maan's mind is passion and the entire dance seq...he looked into her eyes not with passion but with questioning eyes as to y is she lost....he was constantly searching her eyes for answers and getting frustrated for not finding any response....
finally he carries her to the chair and places her on his lap...i found this gesture very sweet and pure...GC was superb here...his body language was awesome...
i know this is an awfully long post...noone will bother to read it full...but i just cudnt shorten it...

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 4:29pm | IP Logged

aditi i agree with u...GC and DD were amazing!!

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sksg Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
Aditi, I agree with you too. Awesome analysis yaar. You have brought out the subtilities that he shows in his emoting. Even today, there was passion, but there was also pain because until Geet clarified after the dance, he was under the impression that she is referring to their own relationship. One more thing I noticed that I want to add is that his cheeks have gone down after the dengue and somehow I feel that makes a difference for the same emotion that he shows before and after the fever.  I do not know if anyone else feels this way or not.

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sksg Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 5:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rickks

Originally posted by sksg

Originally posted by rickks

Maan V/s Arjun

Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein
Baatein Kar Hosh Mein
Yoon Na Aankhein Dikha


Well said Viji! These may be just 3 lines, but they are so apt for this situation. I was thinking that Arjun may win Maan's trust by saving Dadi and by conducting this marriage well, and thus after gaining confidence, he may attempt to bankrupt Maan. But, Maan proved me wrong today. However, seeing Geet and Arjun's meeting, I somehow feel that Geet through her ignorance about who Arjun actually is, will pave the way for come back of Arjun. Or even if she knows, she may convince Maan on the grounds that she trusts him in spite of what his brother did to her.

I still feel the part underlined has scope even now....Smile

Thanks. After watching the latest FB pictures, it appears that Geet does go and confront Maan about changing/retaining the wedding planner. So, probably even if Maan has misgivings, he may give in to appease Geet, and that could be a point that Arjun might use to his advantage. I sincerely hope that CVs do not build the story to show Maan losing his money because of Geet, where Geet is an innocent victim whose emotions are played upon by Arjun who won her confidence.

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Yes sri....gurti was amazing!!!! They were brilliant...
GC did an amazing job as being angry, passionate, hot, sexy, romantic...hurt, and confused...
DD did an amazing job being in pain, hurt, cute, passionate, and hot as well!!
Both did their roles brilliantly....
GC stayed in character through out....he had to portray soo many emotions....he had to be angry.....and then he had to lose himself in geet...which he did so beautifully!!!
Even when geet was sending him mixed him signals....he did the confused look soooo brilliantly!! all the way till the end.....even when geet hugged maan...he was confused because she was passionate....romantic then she showed hurt....he wanted to know what was going on!!!
So when she goes and hugs him.....and cries.....he has this confused look as to why is Geet crying?? So when he embraces her...he is confused....and shocked.....cause one geet is cryin and second...he has no idea what is going on!!!
Amazing work GC!!
DD....was amazing....she was hurt....scared....but even then she was used this.....she was used to this hurt......this pain....was a part of would never go away....
she wanted to be with maan....but she didn't want to be with maan if she being with him meant him being separated from his family members one by one....
she did not want Maan to be alone like how she is because of her...
so she tried her best to get away for a while.....but she got pulled into his vortex......she was gone....maaneet both were gone....
DD did brilliant in portrayin the hurt she was going through the pain she was feelin.....the passion she was resisting.....finally she gave in...and then let loose....but then later she realizes that she lost herself she leaves him.....maan is confused now....
and then she comes back.......and that whole last sequence was amazing!!! The way DD cried...while made me cry!!! it was just superb.....she maintained in her character....hurt in pain...
and GC maintained his....confused...why is she cryin??
and he even asks her after that....cause he is lost....he is supposed to be lost.....he has no idea as to why she is upset....
and then lap scene was just amazing......just superb....aaj to mein totally gone!!! 
And then some thought that GC was amazing throughout the whole episode....except the hug he did not give any emotion to Geet.....but my question is....what do u want him to can he feel her pain.....when he has no idea as to why she is cryin? He was supposed to feel lost.....confused....because he has no idea as to why Geet is being moody...why she is behaving this can he feel her pain when he has no idea what he is going on!!
U know what i mean?? If he knew that Ani said this to her....hell he would have gone straight to ani to sort this out....if he knew why she was hurting......he would have also emoted his pain...but here he had no idea what and why she was behaving this way!!!
I watched the sequence many many times......and at one point i almost felt the same to after wards when i watched the hug...that GC was off....but then i spoke with pooji and watched it again....and finally felt that this was why he emoted that way

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mysterygurl1427 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
no one here?? :(
anywayz...Sri (sksg) B-day is tomorrow the 22nd of december....
but just in case if i was late....i figured to make the thread now

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