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OS: Kajenlicious!!! UPDATED Pg9 (Page 9)

Mojo. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2010 at 6:16am | IP Logged
wow!!! yaar amazing loved this part!!!
and i just have to words for your effort

loved it so so so much it was awesome!!!!!

and loved the part where armaan says in front of DR.keerti 
"ha ridz batao na DR.keerti ko hum kya kar rahe the"

LOLzzz mannn that was gr8 fun reading your updateLOL

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jarinloveksg Newbie

Joined: 28 December 2010
Posts: 30

Posted: 28 December 2010 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
Hey this is really good,i think suparb.                                                                                                               i like ur story.I want to know what happend next.                                                                                                    Pls add me to ur PM list.

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Altaira Goldie

Joined: 12 August 2008
Posts: 2072

Posted: 31 December 2010 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
nice update ;)

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fafi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 March 2006
Posts: 5387

Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Helllooo Dear Friends!!!!Hug Im back again...sorry for being soooooo late in updating due to my to relax my over fried bheja im here wid the updateLOL..Guys one thing i wanted to make clear ws tht my OS is totally about Kajen. My story will revolve around them n i'll not focus on other characters as it will require a lot of focus n time both which i dnt haveLOL. So here we go....Cool
Ridz in locker room all happy about her presentation. as usual Dr. armaan follows her therWink. He's all happy for ridz. He smiles seeing her(Ridz back to armaan). so he comes near ridz from behind, stands close to her, so close that there arms are touching. Armaa's soft touch shivers riddhima. She closes her eyes n smile. Armaan whispers close to ridz ear:"Congratulations !!!"...Pause..."Mujhe nahi pata tha k hm sath mein itna achha kam krte hain"..Ridz smiling...she turns to armaan pushing him away from her. She says:"Achha...abto pata chal gaya na." armaan:"Haan..ab dekho na main ne tmhari help ki presentation bnaney mein aur sb ne tmhe itna appreciate b kia.."..Ridz says smiling:"Haan..woh to hai...Tmhari help ki waja se mjhe itni appreciation mili hai. Thank YouEmbarrassed ....Armaan:" hmm...but thank you se kam nahi chalega"..Ridz:"Matlab?"....armaan as always ready to get the opportunityWink comes close to ridz...Ridz realise armaan's intensions n steps backward making a serious face. Armaan smiling looking into her eyes moving towards her making her step back until she sticks with her locker...She gets nervous with armaan coming closer to herDay Dreaming Armaan brings his face close to her such tht there nose are almost touching...thn he whispers:"Mujhe to tmse gift chahiye"...Ridz confusingly asks:"Gift??Knsa gift?" Armaan then leans to her..Ridz getting more nervous with armaan's closeness. She could feel him although he ws nt touching her. Armaan's hands besides her face resting against locker. Armaan then further moves hs face beside her cheek such that their cheeks almost rash across eachother..On that Ridz feels the shiver. She closes her eyes holding on to her dupatta's pallus tightly. armaan then again whispers:"Jo gift mujhe chahiye wo tm hi de skti ho Riddhima......A Kiss"Embarrassed..Ridz who is still closing her eyes opens her eyes while armaan moves away from her. Both their eyes staring into eachother...(our favourite eye lock session with Ishq leta ha BGEmbarrassed) Bt thn suddenly Anji comes n interrupts them.They both get back to normal n smiling. Amaan excuses n while going from the door getures ridz about wt he asked her just a while agoEmbarrassed..Ridz smiles with a shy n looks away...Then Anji n ridz go back home..Throughout the way ridz thinking about locker room moment n smiling to herself. Anji who is busy in her chatter patter didn't knw tht ridz is nt listening to her single bkwas n is lost in hs hero's memoriesLOLLOL..Bt whn she asks her:"Tmara kya khayalha ridzi?"..Complete silence frm ridz side. Anji stops the car n looks at ridz n notices she's smiling n lost smwhere looking outside. Anji cals:"Ridzi??" responseErmm Anji in a louder voice:'Ridz?"..Then riddhima cms to her senses n says:"Han?" Anji:"Ridz kya hua ha tujhe? Main tjhse kch puch rhi hn" Ridz realising she didnt listen to whtever anji said replies:"Haan di aap thek keh rhi hain"LOL Anji who gets it tht ridz ws nt listening asks:"Achha? to bta phr main ne abi kya kaha tha?" Ridz who is confused n stuck makes up:"Di aap bhi na..ap jo b krengi mje pata ha wo sahi hoga...Chalen ab ghr agaya ha jaldi chalen. Main boht thak gai hn n mje boht neend b arahi hai" saying ths ridz get out of car n goes inside house quickly so tht she cd b safe frm Anji's khichaiLOL Anji kept starin at her n syas:"Yeh lrki na bilkul pagal ho gai ha.....Lagta hai armaan ka zyada hi asar ho gaya ha is peLOL....Oh God plzz save herLOL" Thn at night ridz in her night gown preparing to sleep on her bed. Meanwhile she's still lost in her locker room moment n smiling on it. When she lays down n closes her eyes her phone rings. Armaan of courseEmbarrassed. She sees hs name in thnks:"Is wat?" thn picks up while turning to anji who is sleeping on her bed. She talks in a low voice:"Hello! Armaan?" Armaan:"Hi basket"..Ridz:"Armaan is time kyn phone kia? itni raat hogai hai..subha baat krte hain." Armaan cuts her:"jee nahi mjhe abhi baat krni hai....aur tm itna ahista bol rhi ho ya mere kaan khrab hogay hain??LOL" Ridz:"arman boht rat hogai hai..di so rhi hain. n mje b sona hai. main boht thk gai hn..subha milte hain na" armaan restlessly:"riddhima agr tmne mjse abi bat nahi ki na to main tmare ghr ajaunga" Ridz who is now a bit frustrated :'armaan pagal ho kya tm? main ne kaha na subha bat krenge ab so jao. Goodnite" she cuts the call n sleeps thnking"armaan bhi na..." Its midnight n ridz is sleeping comfortably in her blanket with teddy in her arms which armaan gifted her. she hears sm sound bt she keeps her eyes close.  suddenly a hand comes n covers her face. she opens her eyes n is trying to see who's ths n hitting her hands on tht man. armaan who is trying to control her whispering:" riddhima shhshsh chup hojao its me..." bt ridz cnt see properly as its dark. thn armaan switch on side lamp n comes close to ridz wi hs hand covering her mouth n other hnd holding her wrist. ridz seeing hm gets normal..n they both stare into eachother's eyes. their faces close to eachother. Armaan seeing her face is lost in her completely. They both while bz doing ths anji is disturbed by the lite n says in her sleep:" ridzi lite bnd kr na meri neend khrab horai hai" AR gets confused n ridz in hurry pulls armaan down beside the bed bt armaan who was holding her takes her with him.. n they both get on the floor sch tht armaan lying on floor n ridz over himLOLEmbarrassed...Meanwhile lamp switch gets off n anji stops blabbering n goeas back to sleep without realising wht happend.LOL Here armaan is now completely lost as ridz is on hm...he's holding her waist n ridz hands on hs shoulders. ridz beautiful hair falling beside her..armaan puts them away frm her face n cups her face with his hand...Ridz smiles n stares hm...suddenly she realises wht position they r in she tries to get up. Armaan also gets her up. n they both stand. Ridz whspers:" yahan kya kr rhe ho?" Armaan:"Mje tmse baat krni hai riddhima..aur tm mera phone b nai sun rhi thi to main yahan agaya" Ridz:"Armaan main ne kaha tha na k subha bat krenge..".Armaan:"Nahi mjhe abhi bat krni hai tm ao mere sath wrna yeh anji kabab mein haddi bnjaegi"LOL He holds ridz hand n pulls her with hm..Ridz who is reluctant goes with hm looking at anji tht she dznt gets disturbed. armaan brings her in balcony. Ridz:"Armaan yeh kya kr rhe ho? kya bat krni hai tmhe?" Armaan who is restless puts hs finger on ridz lips coming close to her:"shshshsh...." they both stare into eachother eyes lovingly.Embarrassed Armaan says:"Mujhe tmse yeh baat krni hai k .............Mujhe mera gift abhi chahiye"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Ridz who is staring him gets a bit shocked n her eyes gets wider listening ths...Now she has no choice as she cudnt get away with anythng at ths point of time. armaan who is making her lean against a piller is smiling n staring her:" So basket....where's my gift" Leaning hs face forward. Ridz smiles shyly n looks down. she tries to get away saying:"Armaan is waqt? tm aise yahan...dekho koi iske barey me subha bat krenge" sayng ths she tries to get away whn armaan pulls her back n holds her from her waist close to hmDay Dreaming Ridz hands resting against hs bare chest n her eyes gazing up n down to hs chest n hs eyes in confusion n nervousness...While armaan says:"Basket.Mjhe mera gift abhi chahiye.jb tk mjhe mera gift nahi milta main yahan se nahi jaunga" Ridz gets shy as she knows tht now its impossible to get rid of armaan's grip n also frm hs zid as he's very ziddi.. she says smiling:"Tm nahi manoge naa..." armaan nods hs head in no smiling. Ridz while putting her hands on hs shoulders whispers: " Boht ziddiho tm" armaan smiles back while staring her eyes n lips holding her waist tightly closer to himself . Then ridz gets close to him. Both r almost closing their eyes..ridz face moving closer to hs..Their eyes closed. Ridz slowly gets so close to hs face tht their noses r touchng n they could feel eachothe's mesmerizing breath. their lips so close almost n inch away.....Day DreamingBlushingBlushing....They both stay in that position for a while. Armaan enjoying every bit of ridz touch..thn ridz opens her eyes n see armaan closed eyes n hs lips closer to hers. she smiles seeing ths n thn she brushes her lips against his a bit n thn she gives a deep kiss on side of hs lips soooo close to hs lips..she keeps her lips on there for a while making armaan lose hs hold. He ws sooo lost with her touch tht he didnt realise whts happening around...Hs eyes still close n he's feeling ridz lips on hs lips side made hm stand still. He didnt wnt to move an inch. It was sooo mesmerising to hm. RIdz broke the kiss n pulls her face a bit away seeing armaan's face smiling. She saw tht armaan is still nt moving n closed hs eyes n still enjoying hs kiss. she smiles n says:" armaan?" armaan on hearing her soft voice opens hs eyes slowly n stares her n thn smile as if he's thanking her for a such a sweeeeeeeeeettt giftBlushingBlushingBlushing....He cant get over of hadjust happend. Ridz:'tmhe tmhara gift mil gaya ab main jaun??" saying ths she leaves whn armaan holds her back to the pillar. She looks into hs eyes n sees they r fille with love n romance. she realises the mode of romance in armaan n also gets lost into hs eyes.(with Ishq leta hai BGEmbarrassed) he holds her waist slowly which shivers ridz n he comes close to her.Ridz puts her hands on hs bare chest while armaan nuzzles hs nose on her face n into her hair. He gets into hs hair frm the side n gives a kiss there. ridz starts enjoying armaan's moves n closes her eyes. Thn he kiss her cheek bone deeply n slowly. He gets hmself face to face ridz,looks into her eyes n holds her face frm hs hands.. thn he kisses her forehead, her eyes one by one. thn he keeps hs face in frnt of her n rubs hs nose against hers for a while. Ridz feeling all hs love n hs touches holds her collar n hugs hm tight such tht her lips on armaan's neck side n armaan's lips on ridz into her hair. they hug tightly.Ridz one hand into hs hair n other holding her back crumbling hs shirt into hr hand. her lips touchng armaan's neck side n arman there also enjoying her hair. he then pulls away her hair frm hs hand n thn gives a deep kiss  on her bare neck sideBlushing.thn he kisses her bare shoulder.Ridz feels hs lips softness n wetness on her skin n enjoying each n every peck. her grip gets tighter on hs kisses. she also kisses hs neckside as if replying to hs kissesBlushing Both of them after smtimes breaks the hug n thn stare into eachother's eyes. Ridz realises tht its too late n wht just happened b/w them she gets back to normal. She thn says staring down nt looking back at hm as if she's scared tht she'l lose herself again:"armaan boht der hogai hai.. i think tmhe jana chahiye". Armaan also gets back to hs sensesEmbarrassed although he wnts to lose hs senses right now bt overcoming hs feelings he nods in a yes n says Goodnight. Looking at ridz who looks back at hm he says:"I LOVE YOU". Ridz also replies:"I Love You Too"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Armaan leaves n ridz also goes back n sleep.Embarrassed

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 August 2010
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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:33am | IP Logged
nice part frnd.
Cnt it.
And do pm me whn u update.

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Joined: 17 April 2010
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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
do pm me

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ARCaskettFan Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Awesum update

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-Euphoria- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
OMG i just loved what u wrote..................cant write anymore lol................lost in KAJEN ARLOL Day Dreaming

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