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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 48)

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simply awesome..plzz add me in

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wonderful update...Clap
waiting for the next...
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that is awesome
update soon
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Good to see Maan opening up about his life n friends' to Geet...n Geet getting jealous of a random girl...that was fun...n their beach tour is superb n lovely...the moments between them are beautiful... they are getting closer slowly...n Maan is finding how much he also affect his wife since he himself is affected by her...awesome update...pls do continue soon...

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Hey guys i wanted to give u guys an update before i go. sorry for updating so late. i was busy in preparations as tomorrow is my wedding do pray for me guys. 

and dont worry i will update as soon as i get back to hostel. i will continue with the ff InshaAllah. i hope u like the part Smile



                        She was possessive about him, she was jealous if anyone came close to him, she wanted him too, she shivered at his touch and responded too, she filled him with warmth whenever he talked to her and bit by bit she was breaking the walls that he had built inside him, for which he was glad. What else was needed for someone to love? He should take the 1st step to tell her that he loved her.

"where are we going?" her sweet voice kissed his ears and he turned to look at her and a smile crept upto his lips automatically.

"it's a surprise" he spoke and saw her pouting. Impatience, he saw in her.

"raat ke 11 baje ye kaunsa surprise dene lage hain ap?" she replied agitated by not knowing being answered straight away.

"geet just wait 10 minutes" she puffed and looked away while he grinned in bliss. Maan singh khurana seemed to smile a lot now adays. Even more then combined smiles of his entire life and it was all because of this one girl sitting beside him. After a moment she spoke once again smiling,

"hum jab school bus main jate thay na to hum ice cream zarur le k jate thay bus main or ice cream kha kar hum stick ko khidki k end k sath laga kar push karte thay or samne wali job hi gaadi hoti thi usmain nishana lagate thay" she waved her hands in the air to explain him how they used to do it but all he could think of was that how forgiving she was that she quickly switched her mood back to being happy from agitated.

"or kiya kabhi kisi ne tum logon ko pakda nahi?" maan glanced at her.

"pakda na per hum chup gaye" she grinned.

"kaise?" he was more interested in her expressions and to keep her talking to him then what she actually was talking about,

"ek dafa aise hi kiya hum ne to gaadi main koi ladka tha. Usne neeche ho k humain dekhne ki koshish ki to hum sab seats ke neeche chup gaye" she sort of shrugged as if she was still getting caught and was about to hide and he threw a question again just to see her reaction,

"or agar wo complaint kar deta to?"

"to kiya? Thodi bohat dant pad jati and that's it"

"I don't believe this" he replied shaking his head while smiling but all he could think of, was that she was so cute.

"humare muhallay main ek ladka hota tha bohat mota tha. Apni taraf se wo khud ko hero samajhta tha…"

"or tum logon ne uski hero giri nikali hogi!"  he said shaking his head interrupting her and she giggled covering her mouth with her palm.

"wo jab bhi gali se guzarta tha hum us per water balloons phenkte thay" he let her laugh and glanced at her feeling the urge to hold her close again but thankfully as if God was with him, he reached the place where he wanted to take geet.

"here we are" he said softly parking the car on the side and while geet looked around maan came out and held out the door for her to step out, his eyes fixed on her face. He loved her expressions; she had a very expressive face and eyes. She looked around awed and absorbed the beauty of the silence, the cool breeze of the night and the frangrance of it. It was just a desserted corner of the city from here the entire city could be seen. The lights and roads were visible but not the noise. The wind and trees surrounding created a magical effect. There was a lonely bench there too which seemed quiet old with its worn out look but right now it seemed as if it was made for them.

"delhi main itni khubsurat jaga!" she said stepping away from the car while didn't move his eyes from her face. Her eyes were alight as she gazed in front of her.

"tumhain kiya laga sirf hoshiarpur main khubsurat jaghain hoti hain?" he murmered for only her to hear while following her as she stood leaning with the tree.

"nahi per… this is beautiful" she was lost in the beauty and her eyes closed as she breathed in the night's fragrance. He watched her in silence and while she was awed with the nature's beauty, he was awed with the gift of nature that was given to him. He watched her skin aglow in the moon light that showered upon her and he wondered how it felt beneath his touch. Being the man he was that he couldn't control, he couldn't stand wondering about anything in his life and he did what he wanted to so he slowly raised his hand to her and ever so gently brushed the back of his fingers on her cheek. She shivered at his touch with pleasure as she opened her eyes dazedly but didn't flinch. He tucked her tresses behind her ear brushing his finger with her ear to her neck and shoulder, down to her arm and finally linked his hand gently with hers. All the while he kept her gaze captivated to his and he laced his fingers through hers stepping close to her slowly. She didn't retreat nor did she grow nervous and he slipped his other hand on her shoulder and behind her back drawing her closer to himself. Without any reluctance she went closer to him and rested her head on his chest softly as he breathed out realizing that he was holding his breath to her reaction and put both his arms around her embracing her in his arms. She fitted in his arms as if she was made for them. He realized just how slim she was but she felt heavenly snuggled to him and he wanted to hold her like this forever and it seemed that she didn't mind either.

                        It seemed like ages that someone had ever held her like this, she realized, that no one had ever held her like this not even her parents. She didn't want to think about that right now. She wanted to live in the present which was in maan's arms and she loved it. She turned her face towards the city's lights making herself comfortable in his arms as she slipped her arms around his back and she found herself pulled closer to his body even more. She loved the warmth that he gave her, the protection she felt. She knew she was safe here as if she was home. She smiled at the thought.

                        It was like a silent promise of happiness, lifetime peace that he felt. He had never felt tranquility that he felt right now holding her. he knew he was selfish since forever but he was glad that he became selfish in her matter. Here in her arms, he felt at home. He breathed in her scent and smiled to himself. She was made for him. They were made for eachother. She filled the empty space in his life and he would fill her life with his love. Out of his thoughts he heard her soft voice,

"she didn't die in an accident" he stayed quiet letting her continue while his mind rushed back to their conversation in the car.

"she was murdered….By my brother. Brij" he tightened his grip around her to assure her that he wasn't going to turn away from her and asked softly,


"she married the love of her life." she waited for him to say something but when he didn't she continued,

"they killed them both on the name of family's honor." She said it with bitterness in her tone and he realized it for the first time how would it feel to lose a friend… a close friend or even a best friend. With a family like that, it would have been only friends who had been there for geet and losing one would have shaken her to the core. She missed them.

"how do you know this?" he asked frowning to himself but ran his hand up and down on her back soothingly.

"I heard them talking…accidently. I didn't say a word to anyone because… they would have killed me too" her voice shook and he remained silent thinking and fearing the prospective of her dying and his insides churned.

"I was a coward" her defeated whiper came and he held her shoulders pulling himself back softly and saw her eyes closed, her head bent low. He gently placed his forfinger beneath her chin and raised her face to him,

"look at me." She opened her eyes and gazed into his, "You are the strongest girl I have ever seen and met. You did what was right."

"i was weak that's why I couldn't fight them" she was crushing inside at the thought of it, he realized and spoke to her firmly,

"you are anything but weak geet. For someone who can argue and fight back with Maan singh khurana has to have a lot of courage because any weak person cannot stand for even a second in front of me" his teasing brought a little smile on her face and his heart felt light. For a girl who, God knows how much, went through hurdles and yet here she stood in front of me without a single tear in her eyes meant that she was strong enough to hold her herself together. He watched her silently for a moment,

"we all feel weak sometimes in our life geet but it doesn't mean that we are. Standing up for our rights, fighting for our happiness is what makes us strong"

"I guess you are right" she spoke finally.

"I'm always right" he said with a mischievous curve of his lips and she rolled her eyes at him with a pretty smile tugging on her lips.

"so tell me why did you tell this to me now all of a sudden?" he asked.

"I don't know. I just wanted to share it with you. Like dump the burden of an ugly secret on you" she narrowed her eyes as if it was all a big dark secret, which it actually was for both of them.

"and I'm pleased to take that burden off you" he replied genuinely and glad that she shared one of her 'many' secrets with him. She watched him in silence gazing in his eyes and all she saw was care and- love. She had never seen anyone looking at her so reveringly and lovingly. She felt lighthearted by sharing this with him and knew that her secret was safe with him. She saw his hand raising and gently with the back of his fingers he caressed her cheeks and his thumb stroked her jaw line.

"you're so beautiful" he whispered and her gaze broke from his as she looked down and even in moon light he could feel her blush.

"I'm not." she replied softly and he raised her chin up.

"look at yourself from my eyes" she looked away again out of embarrassment,

"you're just caught up in the atmosphere" she said and she felt his body stiffen against hers and a change in his breathing but before she could look up in his eyes she was pushed back with the tree harshly. She gasped and shut her eyes.

"beauty is not just about how you look. It lies in the eyes that tell your soul. You are beautiful from soul. You are pure." He said through clenched teeth. Why was it that she almost always disagreed with him? She was actually saying that what he thought was because he was 'caught up in atmosphere'. She thought him to be a fool?

"maybe not in the way you think I am" she snapped back looking up in his eyes.

"why is it that every time we talk in depth you lead me into thinking that I don't know you at all" he shook her by her arms.

"well maybe because that is the truth." She looked away. Her eyes flaring with anger and he hated to ruin it all again. This was going nowhere. Why was it that whenever he wanted everything to be perfect with her it turned into a disaster? Why did they have to fight always? He closed his eyes sighing to calm down and took control of himself. When he opened his eyes she still wasn't looking at him but he could see that she was angry. He loosened his grip on her arms and stroked with his thumbs where she might be hurt.

"I'd like to know everything about you" he said softly and she slowly but finally looked up in his eyes and even her eyes softened.

"you will."

"when?" he was serious about it. Maybe once they got to know each other better, their fights would end. But even he believed in what the elders said that when a husband and wife fight it means that they're beginning to understand each other and they cared for each other. Well in this case, he loved her and he wanted her love.

"one day soon."

"is that a promise?" he tilted his head to a side and she a glint in his eyes.

"yes" she smiled slightly to assure him. Even she knew that very soon she was going to open her life book in front of him.

"how do I know that you will keep that promise?" his voice held mischief and she could feel that something was coming up which was going to be trouble for her so she decided to get out of it even before it came. She shifted slightly placing her hand on his chest to push him back,

"well that depends on how much you trust my word" he caught her wrist and placed his other hand on the tree beside her head amused by the way she had sensed his intentions and was trying to get away from him. However, it was the 'getting away' part that made him more insistent to get her and she probably didn't know it. She was going nowhere away from him no matter how much she tried.

"no mrs.maan singh khurana you're not trapping me with those wicked words of yours. I need assurance" he said stroking her sensitive part of the wrist where her pulse ticked and her body shivered. He could even feel her heartbeat thumping in her chest.

"like a stamp paper?" she tried to joke and pretend that nothing was happening to her but he knew the truth.

"that is too long of a procedure" he replied with a smirk and she frowned,

"what are you suggesting?" she decided to ask and get it done with whatever he had in mind but she knew it wasn't in her favor and his words confirmed it,

"a kiss would do" the way he said it in that husky tone of his voice made her shiver as if his touch wasn't enough. She stared at him for a while and then twisted her wrist lightly to get it out of his grasp but it was of no use,

"I still don't believe you are the same man I thought you were" she shook her head and he knew she was trying to change the track he was leading.

"may be because I'm not" he replied and his eyes were getting dark with passion and intensity which was unnerving for her as he held her hand close to his chest and she could feel his heart thumping as well.

"you were so rude and…" she kept on with her words but he cut her off,

"don't try to manipulate me geet. It won't work" he had caught her and she looked at him with slight pout of her lips,

"and selfish too" he gave her a throaty laugh that was nothing meant as funny,

"that, I still am"  and she knew he couldn't be put off.

"it's getting late" she spoke looking away from him again.

"kiss me" his voice soft in tone but dangerously commanding, that made her legs wobbly and her knees melt. His voice forced her to look at him and the instant she did, she knew it was a mistake. His eyes were dark with desire and in the moon light he seemed dangerous… in a pleasurably shivery sort of way. A different kind of fear gripped her insides that she seemed to be having when he came near her but as of now he wasn't moving an inch towards her but his gaze seemed to be pulling her towards him. Her gaze lowered from his perfectly shaped nose to his sensual lips and she felt hot heat rushing through her veins and she quickly averted her gaze and bit her lower lip.

"Either you stop that or I definitely will" instinctively, she stopped biting her lip and looked up at him. She knew he wouldn't budge until he got what he asked for and she was too nervous. Instead of wasting time hoping that he would put his mind off, she decided to do what he asked…rather demanded. She leaned closer without looking in his eyes or she would have seen the glint of amusement but that glint vanished as soon as it had came when she turned her head slightly and gave him a quick peck on his cheek and backed off quickly with the tree holding her hand to her chest clutching the sari tightly and shut her eyes.

                        He was still surprised that how any girl could blush so much and resist Maan singh khurana? Even a kiss on the cheek wasn't a 'kiss' but somehow she had managed to make him hot with desire even with the touch of her lips on his skin. Suddenly she turned to her side where his arm rested on the tree blocking her way and she stopped. He could see it clearly from her heaving chest and her uneven breaths that if he didn't let her go she might faint here. Reluctantly, he dropped his arm lazily to his side showing her exactly that he had done a favor to her by letting her go from here.

                        She slowly took her steps towards the bench and sat down on holding it tightly to support her shivering body. She closed her eyes and let the wind play with her hair soothing her senses while he stood leaning with the tree and watched her silently. She was doing some magic over him. He didn't know how? But what else could it be then magic. One moment he wanted to just watch her and just the next he wanted to hold her close. One moment he wanted to fight with her and only the next he wanted to see her laughing. He was mesmerized by her, not just her beauty but her being.

                        When he couldn't resist anymore, he slowly walked up behind her silently. She was well aware of him standing behind her because no one else could make her body tingle the way his presence did. He placed his hands on either sides of her on the back of the bench and leaned down to her ear and whispered,

"is that what you call a kiss?" his breath fell on her neck making her eyes close and throat went dry, "in that case I think I'll have to show you what a kiss is!" he heard her sharp intake of breath and he brushed his lips with her ear lightly and she leaned back surrendering herself to him silently.

"I don't think I c think i with her ear lightly and she leaned back surrendering herself to him silently.

ar adn  his presence did. none an run away" her voice came in a ragged whisper and that made a low groan escape his throat. It was part question part statement.

"no. you can't" he wrapped his arms around her chest to her shoulders and nuzzled to her hair on her neck.

A part of her wanted to stop him but a major part of her didn't. How could she stop him when she liked it? She liked him holding her. In his arms, she felt the warmth, care and gentleness that she had never experienced ever. Surrendering herself to him would mean that she would stop fighting with herself and give in to the feelings she was having for him.

                        He pushed her hair aside from her neck and buried his face to her hot skin kissing her neck and hugging her back to himself. He didn't want anything else from her right now except that she was surrendering herself to him willingly. That was enough for him- for now. He wouldn't take her until she confessed her feelings for him. He wanted her but his love was far more than just lust. He wanted her trust and above all her love.

"I'll teach you a lot of things. Later." He whispered against her skin and then turned his face to rest his cheek against her temple and just stood behind her hugging her to him. She sighed. A deep contented sigh. He didn't just want her body, not that she didn't know it but just for the sake of thought. If he wanted her body, he would have had her on their wedding night or in many nights after that. With every passing second she seemed to be wading deeper into the ocean of emotions which seemed cool against her senses. This wasn't alarming as people said these feelings were. Maybe because she felt it for her husband who she knew was going to be there beside her. Forever. With that comforting thought, she held his arms that were on her chest and smiled to herself. Was it just the beautiful atmosphere or she was actually feeling it?

                         Slowly he withdrew his arms from her and came around sitting beside her on the bench and when she turned to look at him, he once again folded his arm around her shoulder drawing her to himself and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"thank you for bringing me here" she spoke.

"you are welcome. Always" he replied softly.

"when do you come here?"

"I haven't been coming here since our wedding"

"why?" she frowned and looked up at him and he gazed at her placing his hand upon her cheek,

"because I used to come here when I felt lonely. Since you arrived, I rarely found time to be lonely," he grinned at that, "I used to come here before thinking how to get you into marrying me" her eyes opened wide,

 "you were actually planning it all?"


"but why?" he looked at her for a second and she saw something flickering in his eyes. Doubt and then decision. He kept glancing in her eyes for a moment and then spoke,

"because I love you" his voice came out calm and easy but it left her senses shaken. She had guessed it but hearing it aloud from him and confirmation of her own doubts were perplexing. She composed herself quickly but her throat had already gone dry,

"since when?" she nearly whispered.

"I didn't realize it before but since I first saw you I couldn't get you out of my mind" his eyes held amusement now that the initial stage of bewilderment had crossed and she had accepted his feelings, he was at much ease.

"why didn't you just say so before?"

"if I had, would you have agreed to marry me?" he asked and her mind drifted back to her beginning in the office and their relationship as a boss and secretary. She had hated him and moreover she had even thought that he hated her. After that when it all started, him forcing her into this marriage, she was even more adamant on moving back. No, she wouldn't have agreed to him and accepted him at all.

"I guessed it right." He sensed her trail of thoughts and his lips curved wryly, "I knew if I told you that, instead of accepting me you would distance yourself from me because clearly you believed that we were a mismatch."

"but… you didn't even know me" she looked at him and her eyes were clouding with signs of confusion and he couldn't let that happen.

"I knew you enough to decide that I could spen my life with you" his voice held finality.

"but you never knew my past"

"which doesn't matter geet. Even now, because you are my present and my future and your past, nomatter how bad it is, doesn't bother me. But if it bothers you then I'm always here to share it with you." She kept staring in his eyes unable to believe what he was saying. Men, from where she belonged, never accepted women that easily with whatever their lives held.

"I promise you geet that I'll keep you safe and protected always and I'll love you always with all my heart and soul nomatter good times or bad." But she could his eyes earnest. He was accepting her- he had accepted her long before now with her past.

                        Finally, he got the smile back that he was waiting for, from her and she spoke,

"isn't it getting a little late for us to be out?"

"I don't want us to go home" he replied flatly.

"why?" she frowned but in return she got his intense gaze upon her full of emotions,

"because I want to take you every place that I know of. It's been a long time since I enjoyed being out of house." She smiled and replied to him stretching her legs lightly which resulted in her pushing back to him and he felt his body hardening by her weight and heat rushed past through him,

"we can come anytime and besides I'm tired and sleepy and exhausted" she yawned putting the back of her hand in front of her mouth,

"you are more then welcome to sleep where you are right now" he replied and she glanced back at his chest and shoulder and when she looked up at him, he realized that she actually was tired and sleepy by her dropping lift of lashes.

"that reminds me, you broke the rule that I set for today"

"I don't feel anything to apologize for" his voice held amusement and she straightened her back leaning forward and away from him and turned towards him completely,

"you might not apologize Mr.Maan singh khurana but you will definitely get the punishment" and with that she got up from the bench only to find her wrist caught by him firmly. She turned back and glanced questioningly at him and twisted her wrist but he didn't let go of her and raised his brow at her,

"kiya…ye…" she gulped as he stood up stepping close to her and when she stepped back trying to get her hand free again he twisted it behind her back and pulled her towards him. her breath got caught in a gasp as he gazed in her eyes passionately.

"main ne tumse pehle bhi kaha tha geet or ub phir keh raha hun k main tumse door nahi reh sakta and now you know the reason too" her throat had gone dry and she felt breathless. She searched for words but couldn't find anything to say to him and she spoke,

"hath to chodiye" her voice came out in a near whisper.

"nahi chodunga to?" he was challenging her, she could see that, and in any other situation she would have thrown it in his face but now now, not here, when clearly she was defenseless.

"chod dijiye na" she looked up at him and said in a plead but his lips twitched in a smirk as if he knew her trail of thoughts and she glanced away from his eyes,

"mujhe ghar jana hai" he knew her tactics. She wasn't someone to break so easily as to plead him to take her back and she was playing safe but he understood her and wouldn't be put off by her 'games'. He let go of her hand and just when she let herself breathe, he bent down, his arm going beneath her knees and the other behind her shoulders and he scooped her up in a swift motion in his arms making her gasp again as she held his shoulders tightly,

"ye…kiya kar rahe hain ap?" he merely smiled wickedly and walked to their car and he placed her gently on the passenger seat and leaned closer to her tying her seat belt and lingered with it while he gazed at her lips and she felt herself weaken as she could feel his breath on her skin.

"it's hard time you realize it that you can't fight it geet" he said and stepped back swiftly closing her door and walked towards his driver's seat. She was at a loss of words so she stayed quiet because she knew that he was right but the fact remained there that she couldn't control the feelings he aroused in her when he touched her and she felt weak. She had grown so much accustomed to be in charge of her own feelings and emotions and her consciousness after she took the step of her life that got her freedom, that she couldn't seem to accept all the feelings he gaver her. Since he came in her life, everything that happened seemed too unpredictable. How could she let herself loose to him? He had just confessed his love for her but was she worth it? What if she couldn't fulfill his expectations from her? She trusted him but she was scared of herself. What if he realized that she wasn't someone who belonged in his life, his status?

"geet?" his voice snapped her out of her thoughts.


"ghar agaya. Chalen?" she looked at him as he spoke softly.

"hmm" she turned to unfasten the seat belt when he spoke,

"wait! Kiya hua?"

"kuch nahi" she shook her head with a weak smile but he was frowning now.

"common geet! Tell me what is it?" he could see it in her eyes that she wasn't fine. Something was bothering her.

"nothing it's just… I'm really tired or sar bhi dard kar raha hai" he wasn't convinced by her excuse but he let it go for the time being,

"chalo I'll get you some tea"

                        As they walked inside, dadi maa and annie were sitting on the couches and as they saw them coming dadi maa stood up,

"kahan reh gaye thay ap log? Time dekha hai? Bata to dete kam se kam ek phone kar dete ke atay huay der hojayegi. Hum kitne pareshan horahe the or maan apka to phone bhi nahi lag raha tha" dadi maa was really angry and maan stood behind geet quietly and geet started apologetically,

"dadi maa wo hum log…" but dadi maa interrupted her,

"ek minute geet. Ye sab maan ki ghalti hai or ap unhain defend nahi karengi" annie sat quietly behind dadi maa on the couch with her hand on her forehead and her eyes closed as she heard them.

"array main ne unhain kaha tha ke mujhe gola khana hai to wo bus…" geet was actually trying to defend him, maan's heart warmed at the thought.

"geet! Humne kaha na humain safai nahi sunni. Hum ap dono ko jante hain or isiliye yakeen se keh sakte hain ke maan ne dair ki" geet looked back at maan worriedly.

"dadi maa next time se phone ka khayal rakhunga. Wo silent pet ha isliye call nahi kar saka." When he looked at geet he saw her give a nod and a warning glare. He understood what she wanted.

"I'm Sorry" she breathed out in relief at his words and when she turned back to dadi maa she saw the desired effect on her too when she spoke calmly,

"hum apko is baat pe nahi dant rahe ke ap dono itni dair se aye. Ap dono pati patni hain kabhi bhi jasakte hain per ghar pe bhi sab intazar karte hain or pareshani hoti hai isliye bata diya karen ke dair hojayegi"

"ji dadi maa" geet replied shaking her head.

"kuch chahiye ap dono ko?" dadi maa asked with a smile.

"nahi bus main chaye banaungi dadi maa or…" annie jumped off the couch happily,

"great muje bhi chaye peeni hai. Aj ap dono nahi thay to humne sham ki chaye bhi nahi pi. Ub pee lete hain. Main bana ke lati hun" she spoke as if she was waiting for the scolding part to end. Geet smiled and said,

"main bhi chalti hun"

"array nahi geet tum log thake huay aye ho. Main le k ati hun" with that annie went in the kitchen and both geet and maan sat with dadi maa.

                        They sat and talked for a while about how their dinner went. Geet was the one who talked mostly and in between maan gave his own bits but both of them totally skipped the 'geet jealousy' part and where they went afterwards. When they drank tea, geet was the first one to retire followed by annie to go to sleep while maan sat with dadi maa. He had the first two buttons of his shirt opened and his jacket laid aside on the back of the couch,

"so maan bte, agay kiya plans hain?" dadi maa asked with a mischievous smile that maan didn't caught,

"kuch nahi dadi maa main bus soch raha tha ke delhi wale project pe personally kaam karun I mean designs waghaira khud tayyar karun and…"

"maan! Hum ap se kaam ki nahi geet ki baat kar rahe hain" dadi maa shook her head and maan frowned leaning forward on the couch suddenly getting worried,

"geet ki? Geet ki kiya baat dadi maa? Kaisa plan?" dadi maa smiled.

"ghabraiye mat. Hum bas ye puch rahe hain ke ap unhain honeymoon pe kab le ke jarahe hain?"

"honeymoon!" maan exclaimed softly. He hadn't thought of it at all.

"of course. ya phir wo bhi humain bhejna padega? Apki shadi ko itna time to hogaya hai ke ap log honeymoon pe chale jayen" he leaned back relaxing again resting his arm on the back of the couch.

"dadi maa main geet se baat karunga"

"or wo maan jayegi?" dadi maa tilted her head knowing the answer was negative.

"thoda mushkil hai. Or waise bhi dadi maa yahan itna sara kaam hai ke main kaise ja sakta hun" maan knew it was difficult to convince geet at the stage they were in to their relationship but he knew at the back of his mind that a honeymoon would be good for them to know each other even better.

"maan. Kaam apke baghair bhi sambhal jayega or raha sawal geet ko manane ka to hum advice dain?" maan frowned,

"kaisi advice?" and he saw his dadi maa smirking,

"geet ko waise hi mana lijiye jaise shadi ke liye manaya tha. It worked then I'm sure it will work this time too" and with that dadi maa winked and got up and left to her room leaving a bewildered maan. His dadi maa, giving suggestions to take geet to honeymoon, and that too in not a very gentlemanly way! What was going on with the world since geet came in his life? Dadi maa was acting her role as a cupid and a master mind. What happened to the old people being the 'noble' ones? He shook his head with a twitch of his lips and went to his room.

                        While stepping on the staircase towards his room, his mind was filled with thoughts of what dadi maa had said to him. Honeymoon! It wasn't a bad idea but definitely he had to do something to convince geet. Take dadi maa's advice? With the thought swirling in his head he opened the door of his room and walked in. the sight that greeted him made him stop at the door.

                        She was tucked in bed like a doll and she was cuddling a pillow to herself.  He closed the door quietly and went closer to her side to take a better look of her. Her angelic face was peaceful in sleep and it warmed his heart with content too. She was there in his life forever. She was happy with him. She was the one who brought colors, shine and anticipation of every other day in his life. Before her, life was moving but it was dull. She brought a meaning to his life. Fights, teasing, conversations, arguments, they both had it all which made his life meaningful. When they fought he liked the thought of making up to her, when he teased her he enjoyed it, having conversations with her at any topic was the easiest way to let out his ideas and thoughts, having arguments with her made him realize that he could be wrong too and what was the meaning to understand each other.

                        Honeymoon! How to get her to go with him for honeymoon? He thought as he came out of bathroom after taking a shower and changing in his night vest and trousers and his eyes spotted her face again. Should he try what dadi maa said? Blackmail her? Force her? No. he had done that once, he wouldn't repeat the same mistake again. He wasn't going to force her into anything anymore. He would love her and until she wanted to go herself he wouldn't force her but yes he could put it in her mind that he wanted to go for their honeymoon. He would let her decide it.

                        He watched her in her deep sleep as she stirred and her hand slipped closer to his. He slipped his fingers in her palm and held her hand softly. She smiled in her sleep and slid closer to him tightening her grip on his hand and his heart beat raced. She was torturing him even in her sleep. He kept watching her for a moment and when he couldn't hold himself longer, he slid his hand around her waist and gently drew her closer to him and in her sleep she wasn't holding back even when he cuddled her to himself instead she snuggled to his chest making herself comfortable and he sighed in contentment. She was his forever. He smiled and finally sleep embraced him too with the sweet thoughts of what he would do with her.

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
lovedd it
congratulations hun...
wishing u loads of happiness ..inshaallah...ALLAH will shower with u with all the blessings and happines..Hug

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fullyfaltu Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
tom is ur wedding??!!??? OMG... congrats hun... i didnt yet read the update just the 1st note and i was stunned... hope u have a wonderfull life...
Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
2mrw ur wedding...!
congrats yaar...
May god shower all the blessings for ur future lyf..

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