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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 47)

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Loved the update!

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NIce update
ksasi IF-Rockerz

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nice part.
nehaagarwalv Senior Member

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Very nice ff. Njoyed reading it. Waiting for the truth to come out. Still wondering as to what is dat Geet is hiding, since its not that she is pregnant coz Dev is in the house, so that concept is not in, so what could be the story, did she marry that 40 yr old man???? Waiting for the update make it soon!!!!!!

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                        They sat in the car silently while maan drove. She was continuously changing the songs playing on the CD and then she turned the player off with a click of her tongue and leaned back looking out of the window with a pout of her lips. He glanced at her and shook his head smilingly,

"ek bhi cd dhang ki nahi rakhi hui. Ye kis qism ke ganay hain?"

"honestly mujhe bhi nahi pasand" maan grinned widely at geet's look,

"to phir? Apki gadi main apki pasand ka music hona chahiye na. ye kiska hai?"

"dev ki pasand hai. Main gadi main ganay suntan nahi isliye rakhe bhi nahi" geet sighed and looked away murmering to herself,


"what?" maan heard it.

"nothing" geet shrugged her shoulder and maan narrowed his eyes at her but she wasn't looking at him. her eyes had caught a stall outside on the road and she asked maan excitedly,

"ap ne kabhi gola khaya hai?"


"gol gappe?"


"bhel puri?" her tone had changed to that of exasperation at maan's same answer each time.

"nahi. Why are you asking?"

"main ne jab se hosh sambhala hai ye sab khati hun ap ne kaise nahi khaya?"

"maybe because I grew up before my age" maan replied tilting his head to a side.

"oh" she grew quiet the seriousness of the matter seeping through her.

"I dun want you to be sad I was just telling you" maan smiled and geet grew at ease again.

"ap ke friends kitne thay school main?"

"hardly ek do" maan replied frowning.

"they're still your friends aren't they?" it was more of a statement while she smiled at him fondly.

"how did you guess that?" he glanced at her and she merely shrugged her shoulder. She had known it because maan himself was loyal and sincere which was why he could have been friends with only that person who returned his honesty in the same way. Strange, but she was beginning to understand him and she liked it.

"yes. One of them is running his business in dubai and the other one is in England. They both got married together about 4years back and now they're living happily with their families" he replied remembering them and his lips were twitched in a smile.

"kiya naam hai unka?"

"England man armaan malik hai or dubai main angad. Angad khanna"

"wow" maan shook his head to himself pleasantly surprised that geet was far far away from the ellite world or else she would have known both of his friends but he was glad that he had his wife only to himself.

"what about you?" he asked.

"pinky is actually my school friend and ek or friend thi" she grew a little uncomfortable.

"thi?" he frowned.

"hmm. Err she… she's dead"

"how?" he asked curious to know about the death of a girl who was so young as geet.

"she was… she died in an accident" she seemed to be lying because she was stealing her glance away from his.

"oh. What was her name?" maan decided not to probe her but he knew she had lied to him again.

"preeti but we all called her preeto" she replied and then grew silent. He couldn't call it lies that she was telling, maybe she was just scared to tell him about her past. But he wanted to know, what was it that made her hide it all. He wanted to share her pain with him but he couldn't force her to it either.

"jab hum wapas arahe honge to gola khayenge!" her voice shook him out of his thoughts and when he glanced at her she was back to her 'geet' self.

"hum nahi tum" he replied smilingly.

"ji nahi! ap bhi khayenge" she pointed her finger at him.

"we'll see"

                        The dinner was hell boring. Thank God geet was with him, because she managed to entertain everyone and kept the conversation on because he couldn't have managed it. She seemed to be at so much ease with everyone. While maan talked about business and stuff related to the 'man's world' geet talked to the women of the house and seemed to be enjoying herself but surprisingly she even engaged herself and the other women to the men's talk as well. So conveniently, she made her place with everyone who was present. When they had entered, she was nervous knowing that these people belonged to the high society where maan initiated and geet followed his lead and soon geet was in the leading position.

                        After dinner maan was sitting with the men and drinking his wine while geet was looking at the pictures that dadi maa's friend was showing her of her family while their daughter in law sat beside geet. They were talking excitedly and maan was enjoying her expressions. How could anyone be so much happy with strangers? She had made her place in everyone's hearts and lives. She had made place in his heart, changed him, his life. He felt like a happy person now, contented with his life. His heart filled with joy by the sight of her laughing at something that the women commented about in the picture. He loved her. He couldn't imagine ever being without her. She was his life and he knew she felt the same. He had seen the same expressions in her eyes that he had felt for her. Minute by minute she drove him crazy for her. He wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go. He wanted to hear those words from her lips. How would they sound from her? He had never heard those words ever from anyone in his life excluding the fake ones that women from their ellite class said to him or to his money. He wanted genuine confession and he knew that whenever geet said those words it would be only when she felt them truly in her heart and not because he wanted to hear them because she was a girl who believed in truth. God knows how he had convinced her to believe him that he had married her because he liked her. But the thing was that he was getting impatient for her love. He wanted her desperately. He couldn't keep himself away from her. God knows how much he looked at her in the night when she slept and he longed to simply hold her in his arms. She had awakened the feelings inside him that he didn't know even existed in him.

                        Lost in his thoughts, he didn't realize when Mr. rathod, the eldest man of the house had asked something from him and               he hadn't been listening while ogling his wife like a love struck teenager.

"umm yes ofcourse" he replied to whatever he had asked hoping that it answered what Mr.rathod had asked.

"see even he agrees" Mr.rathod said to his son and maan didn't bothered to understand what they were saying because in that moment the young girl who was Mrs. Rathod's niece came with the bottle of wine towards maan and sat down on the seater beside his couch and refilled his glass. He understood her intentions from her eyes and her gestures. Her tone of voice was low to the point of seduction and maan's insides grew cold as she asked him about his routine and what he did in the 'nights'. Maan kept his answers in monosyllables and when he couldn't take it anymore, he decided to get geet and bid adieu to them but as he glanced at geet, he was stopped in mid tracks still on the couch when he saw her glaring in his direction, but she stole her glance away quickly as she saw him looking at her.

                        She was biting her lips again and she was twitching her fingers, brushing her hair behind her ears uncomfortably. She wasn't talking to the women now and seemed to be glancing his way. He frowned but his heart leaped at the sight of his wife that he forgot the 'attempting to tempt him' woman and his anger flew with a spark that he saw in geet. Her smile had vanished and she was tapping her feet continuously on the ground. He watched her every move while the woman beside him was trying to gain his attention.

"excuse me" he replied coldly without looking at her and turned towards the men and started to thank them for the wonderful evening and the dinner and stood up having the final words with them. While geet who also saw him getting up bid the women a fair goodbye and coldly shook her hand with the woman who was flirting with maan. Before they walked out maan slid his hand on geet's waist drawing her closer and said the final goodbye eying the woman coldly showing her how much he loved his wife and then walked holding her hand in his tightly. Geet was shocked at the intimacy he showed to the family and how he ended the evening in a dramatic note.

                        When they walked out maan still held her hand while they walked to their car and sat inside. Geet was silent and was looking away while maan contemplated whether geet was still thinking about the woman or was she thinking about his gestures.

"what was she saying to you?" the former, he concluded with a smirk.

"who?" he replied pretending to be oblivious.

"anjali, mrs.rathod's neice." She explained curtly.

"well she just came to refill my glass of wine" he replied tilting his head to side.

"but you already had half glass filled" she was fuming with anger.

"how would I know what was on her mind?"

"don't act so innocent. Her intentions were very clear from where I was seeing" she turned towards him and her jaw was clenched tightly.

"you were watching us?" he was having fun at seeing the possessive side of her.

"us?" she exclaimed angrily and maan looked at her,

"geet are you jealous?" he eyed her intently and she turned back to the window.

"huh of what?"

"that she was getting close to me"

"were you?" her voice held the serious note and he decided to give her a straight answer to that or else she would burst into thin air with that anger.

"no geet. But admit it you were jealous" his voice held the playful touch.

"i… was just angry. She had no shame" she replied honestly.

"of course" maan replied as soon as her words came out.

"did you saw the way she was literally falling over you" she made a face that showed how disgusted she was.

"yeah I saw her" maan imitated her tone.

"shameless girl I tell you" she shook her head speaking more to herself and not noticing his too 'accepting' manner,

"absolutely" he replied agreeing to her.

"such girls should be locked up" she raised her finger.

"and never let out" he spoke.

"yes and …," she stopped when she saw him laughing, "why are you laughing?" she asked and when he didn't replied she crossed her arms across her chest while he parked the car at the side of the road and came out to her side and opened the door for her while she came out.

"God geet you are something" he said controlling his laughter. His geet was actually jealous of that woman. The thought filled him with warmth and he stopped laughing while she stood with the car sulking and looking away. He held her hand in his and with the other hand he tucked the tendrils of her hair behind her ear.

"you don't have to be jealous of anyone…"

"I wasn't" she said through his words shaking her head but he continued caressing her hair affectionately.

"you don't even have to get angry because these women and such people don't matter to me. I have got a beautiful wife who changed me from an angry young man to a happy man" she looked in his eyes for a moment while he brushed her cheeks with the back of his fingers and even though she felt shivers in her body from his touch but she liked it and didn't drew away.

"waise that angry young man was easily predictable then this 'happy man'" she rolled her eyes.

"so you want me to be angry at you all the time?" he asked.

"no. that's not acceptable either" she shook her head and he drew her closer to himself circling his arms around her waist.

"neither can I be angry at you." They were lost in each other's eyes and she liked the closeness with which they were standing behind the car cutting the view from the world but she knew that if they kept standing there like this then something else would also happen which shouldn't happen in a public place. Knowing her trail of thoughts he let go of her reluctantly but held her hand and led her to the stalls that she had seen before.

"let's go. Pehle kiya khaogi?"

"pani puri or phir gola" she replied excitedly.

"or bhel puri?" he asked smilingly while they crossed the road.

"wo aj nahi phir kabhi" she replied. It was quiet late that's why there were hardly two or three other people around. There was an elderly man with three kids with him and another bunch of kids which seemed to be cousins.

                        Geet sat on the bench which was a few feet away from the stalls while maan brought a platter of pani puri for her and sat beside her on the bench. Geet ate excitedly and fed maan too even though he refused to eat but geet was admant. He had to admit that he liked it and with geet's chatter it was even more delicious.

"hum jab hoshiarpur main thay na to main or rajji ghar main bhi banate thay pani puri per jo maza iska hai wo ghar wali ka nahi. Annie hoti to usko bhi bohat maza ata" she said while feeding maan with another one and he covered his mouth with his hand.

"ap ne kabhi bachpan main bhi nahi khayi? Humare to school ke bahar khada hota tha pani puri wala" she said while feeding maan with another one and he covered his mouth with his hand.a"r jo maza iska hai wo ghar wali ka nahi.

"nahi. Main jab school se nikalta tha to driver bahar hota tha jiske sath main seedha ghar ata tha"

"matlab you were a good boring boy" geet replied with a smile as she gave the last one to maan and when he protested that she ate it, she stuffed it in his mouth as he spoke and giggled at seeing his expressions.

"I wasn't that boring I had my share of fun as well" he said in an attempt to defend himself.

"really now what exactly did you call fun?" she asked him as she put aside the plate and turned towards maan attentively.

"well I used to make sand castles and I used to hide out when everyone went for assembly in school because I hated to attend the morning speeches and …" he trailed off and geet probed him,

"and?" she smiled at what he called 'fun' but didn't want to make fun of him.

"well things like that. I can't remember much right now" he shook his head.

"that's because you didn't do much"

"how was I supposed to do when nobody wanted to play with me?" he said and geet realized that he actually was putting his heart out to her bit by bit.

"because you never talked to anyone and never tried to have fun" she said understanding feelings of a lonely child who didn't had much friends.

"and how's that done? Seems like you have done ph.d in that" maan raised his brows at her and she looked around and found a young boy and girl stepping out of their car and the girl walking ahead of the boy while he hurriedly went off after her and geet saw that the boy was trying to make up with the girl as the girl seemed angry.

"I'll tell you how that is done" she glanced at maan with a mischievous smile and got up while maan went following her. she stopped behind the car from which the boy and girl had come out. Geet glanced for the boy and girl but they were out of sight so she bent down to the back tire,

"what are you doing?" maan exclaimed in a whisper.

"having fun!" she spoke putting her strength to loosen the nut of the tire.

"oh for God's sake geet stop that" maan placed his hands on his hips.


"geet they'll see us"

"not if you stay quiet" finally geet managed to flat the tire. She got up with a victorious smile and slapped her hands to get the dirt off.

"how are they going to fix it?" maan asked narrowing his eyes at geet and geet saw the 'dusht dnav' look back.

"relax. They are gonna have fun with our fun" she walked off back to the bench and maan started walking beside her.

"and how would they do that?"

"didn't you see? That guy is hopelessly trying to get some time with that girl and she's taking him for granted. Now that should teach her a lesson" she frowned at the path where both the boy and girl went and then looked back at maan who was quiet but a look of dawning had come to his face and geet smiled,

"I am smarter than you think I am. Surely I wouldn't do that to some 50 year old man for the sake of fun" he looked at her and her reward was a genuine smile on maan's face. When she glanced back both maan and her saw the boy coming back but this time the girl had flowers in her hand which was surely the boy's gift to the girl.

"now let's see what happens" geet folded her arms across her chest while they both watched them silently. The boy bent down to check the tire when he saw the problem and when he got up and told the girl about it she slammed the flowers on the bonnet of the car angrily and marched off. The scene of the fun was that as soon as the girl turned her back to the boy he raised his hands to the sky and jumped in silent glee and went off after the girl.

"oohhh now that was a good shot. See I told you it was gonna be fun" geet turned to maan obviously happy with her doing that the boy was actually happy to find his car tire flat so that he could spend time with the girl.

"come on Ms. Have fun" maan said with a smile turning towards the gola stall without saying much out of habit but geet knew he approved of what she did and he was enjoying it. Geet followed him happily.

"you are having one too" geet said as they reached the stall.

"no" he replied with his usual finality tone.

"yes and I'm getting that" she replied stubbornly and asked the sales man to make two. She even got all the colors on the golas instead of getting one color. When she got the sup with the ice on the stick to maan and held it out to him he asked,

"now how do we eat that?"

"watch me" she took out the stick and held the ice to her lips and sucked the juice from it. For the instant maan felt the lions roaring inside him again. They way her lips touched the ice and her lips went red because of the ice he felt like throwing away this stupid ice cream and kiss her rosy lips. His body was getting hard already and he didn't realize when she stopped eating and nudged his arm and pointed towards his cup to eat. He took his stick out and did as she was doing and saw her smiling and anticipating for his reaction,

"ucha hai na?" she asked and he nodded absently. This gola was going to be difficult if she kept eating that in front of him. Not trusting his gestures, he looked away from her but unfortunately she noticed his stiff attitude.

"what is it?" she asked frowning.

"huh?" he looked at her as if nothing had happened but his gaze fell to her lips automatically and they made his blood rush.

"kiya hua?" she asked again.

"kuch nahi" he shook his head and looked away quickly again before his mind left all the rational thoughts. Did she honestly have no idea what she did to him every single time? No. his mind gave him the answer.

"pal main tola pal main masha

Dekho dekho lok tamasha" he heard her speak and when he looked at her angrily she was eating her gola but this time she was sulking.

"kiya?" he asked glaring at her.

"kuch nahi" she imitated him without looking at him. After a moment's silence she decided to lighten the mood and started off with a smile,

"pata hai …" but he cut her off rudely,

"mujhe to kuch nahi pata geet sab tumhain hi pata hai"

"dusht danav" she got angry at the way he snapped at her. She placed the cup on the bench and walked away to their car and stood there leaning her back with the car and crossed her arms across her chest. He watched her and realized she was fuming with anger. Was it even her fault that he was getting frustrated because of her? he couldn't help wanting her and in his attempt to control his desires he had spoiled everything. She was so happy just a moment ago and now because of him it was all ruined. He sighed and walked up to her, standing beside her.

"tum kuch keh rahi thi" he spoke softly.

"nahi" she kept looking away.

"I'm sorry geet" she still wasn't looking at him.

"ub batao gi tum kiya keh rahi thi?" her silence was getting him irked.

"kuch nahi keh rahi thi. Apke sath ana hi nahi chahiye tha mujhe. main ghar main hi theek thi"

"mere sath nahi to kiske sath jaogi?" he asked intently. Her anger ridden eyes made her look ever so fiery and he felt passion burning inside him again.

"annie, dadi maa, dev, kisi k sath bhi chali jaongi per apke sath nahi. Ache khase din ka satya nas kar dete hain ap ek minute main" she was waving her hands in the air and her face was red with anger and frustrated.

"I said I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spoil it" he calmed himself down and kept his voice soft.

"but you did so if you don't want to spoil it anymore can we please go back home?" but she wasn't in the mood to listen to his apologies and he wasn't going to take her back home in this mood.

"not until you smile again" he replied calmly and she looked at him confused.

"what?" she was angry and now agitated too that after annoying her he now wanted a smile from her?

"you have to smile" he nodded. His face seemed calm but his eyes held a glint of danger and geet could feel it in her bones that she shouldn't mess with him. She looked at him silently judging her own actions and then she smiled slightly but her annoyance was clearly apparent as she meant it too.

"a genuine smile which means that I'm forgiven" he spoke even more calmly seeing the fake smile on her face.

"tch. What do you want?" she stomped her feet on the ground.

"I told you what I want and untill I get that I won't go" he crossed arms across his chest and turned his back to her. She stared at his back fuming and wanting to curse him and raised her fists in the air but just then her eyes spotted the keys in his jacket's pocket. The key chain was peeking out of the pocket. She eyed his back for a moment and then extended her arm and slipped the key out of his pocket.

                        He felt the movement and glanced back to see but he was late as she had caught the keys and ran towards the other side of the car giggling,

"geet!" he called out but didn't run after her instead he rested his arms on the top of the car gazing at her intently, "what do you think you are going to do with those keys?"

"if you won't take me home I'll go by myself" she clanked the keys in her hand.

"and who is going to drive?" he tilted his head with a smirk.

"you think I'm a fool? I will drive" she smirked back.

"you know how to drive?" he asked his smirk vanished from his lips.

"yep. Pinky's father taught me. A very nice man I tell you. Taught me almost everything that a man can do" she was teasing him and he knew it. She was circling the ring of the key around her finger and the way she was smiling, maan wanted to do something that would wipe that smile off her face and he knew just what could do that.

"he forgot one thing"

"what?" she frowned and looked at him intently.

"that a man can catch his wife in a minute" and with that he started to run after her. She squealed and made a run for her life but he was too quick for her and in her three steps he caught her by her waist and flipped her around pushing her back with the car and glued his body to hers. She was breathless and his closeness was playing mess with her senses.

                        He could feel her chest rising and falling against his own and her sweet breath was falling on his face and her fragrance was intoxicating. She was so soft against his hard form. He could feel her curves beneath his touch and he didn't hesitate to explore more. She felt something churning in her chest as his hands moved on her waist and his fingers caressing her bare skin on her waist. His hand started to move on her back and she gasped.

"stop it" she whispered and tried to  step aside but he held her firmly with him cutting their view from the world.

"don't. please" she closed her eyes and struggled with him. He could feel her loosing herself in his touch and she was already melting against him while her body was hot.

"please." She murmured again and maan slipped his hand up to her shoulders and he caressed her bare skin on her back with his thumb and asked,

"why? Why do you want me to stop?" his voice was sensual, deep and husky to her ears and she wanted to tell him not to stop but her mind told her to stop him so she went with her mind but God she wanted him to touch her.

"this…this is not right" she managed to speak.

"what?" he moved his head back looking at her with a confused smile which stated his disbelief.

"we're in a public place" she fixed her gaze on the ground. He looked at her for a while and then reluctantly and lazily withdrew his hands from her but brushed every inch of her body from where his hands were withdrawn and he watched her shiver due to his touch and he felt satisfaction soaring inside him that she had the same effect on her as he did. Hell with her rightness and wrongness, she wanted him too.


 Embarrassed Did you guys like it???????

plsss do hit the like button and don't forget to comment Big smile

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ixray Goldie

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged
i have been anxiously waiting for your updates. i am going to read it now and then comment .

thx for the update.

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sonu4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Hayeee loving it yaar :D
Maan is hell bent to know more of geet's past. But by doing so we are getting a view of his past as well :)
Loved the jealousy part at the party :D
Loving how Maan didnt care about that "attempting to tempt lady" loool love this sentence hehe.
Their fun moment was too cute. Geet helping that boy awww.
Maan isnt able to control himself poor him. ;)

Cant wait for more. Hope geet will finally give in to Maan's lovr and desires ;)

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loved the update...
pl cont soon

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