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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 42)

esha143 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Hey loved ur SS...I want u to make it a FFTongue...full-fledgedLOL...this is so lovely story n interesting...I wish Maan had punched that Lucky in the previous updateAngry...khotha kahi ka...if possible do make Maan beat the hell out of him sometime...n now Maan n Geet's progress in their relationship is so lovely to watch...pls do PM me from now on...Big smile

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maan-ki-sanjana IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Loved the update!!!
Can't wait for the next part!!

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-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged
Superb part... loved it

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bluerose1889 Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2011 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Loved the update. Geet's really sweet. Hope to read the next part soon. Could u please add me to the pm list?
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 August 2011 at 9:11am | IP Logged
wonderful update...

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prathyusmiling Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged
i loved ur ss very much plz dnt get disappointed n do continue ur ss soon n try to make it as an ff it wud b awesome.waiting 4r ur nxt update

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Arsheela Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
any chance of update dear????

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asmara19 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 August 2011 at 3:17pm | IP Logged


Hey guys here you go with the updateBig smile

thanks alot for ur comments and the likes Tongue


                        Geet was humming to herself and making vegetable fried rice especially for maan because he loved them. she was cutting vegetables when she felt goosebumps at the back of her neck as if she was being watched.

                        Why was it so that whatever she did, she was always a lovely sight to watch? Merely cutting vegetables, with her hair tied up in a loose bun with those bouncy tendrils falling on her shoulders, her melodious voice humming and singing and smiling in between, made him watch her in silence. But darn, she felt his presence and- here she turns with that frown on pretty face and he watched her mouth turning into a scowl. Mouth that always called him to kiss her.

"one of these days you are going to kill me with a heart attack" geet spoke casually looking at maan who was leaning with the refrigerator with his arms crossed at his chest.

"why so?" he stepped forward and stood beside her leaning his back with the counter shelf and watched geet mixing vegetables in the rice.

"because you are always lurking around in the corners whenever I see you and you scare me with this" she said stirring the rice.

"tell me geet, what else about me scares you?" he asked with a smile playing upon his lips. He was loving it to converse with her while she was working and at ease with him.

"we'll discuss that later pehle ap ye bataiye ke ap itni jaldi kaise agaye?" she looked up at him.

"wo aise that the meeting got over earlier so I left office early because I could smell my vegetable rice in the office" he sniffed the air with his eyes closed and geet smiled happily.

"ap jaiye bahar main pani le kar ati hun" she said turning off the stove and turning to go for the fridge when he caught her by her upper arm and pulled her to himself and she gasped.

"can we talk about something leaving the water and tea and food out?"

"kiya' kiya kar rahe hain ap' koi ajayega!" she was appalled by his gesture and wriggled in his arms but he didn't let her go instead he smirked,

"now that's another thing that scares you about me right?"

"wh'what?" she stopped struggling and looked at him.

"getting close to you" God she looked so fragile and vulnerable. He raised his hand and brushed her tendril behind her ear and brushed his back of fingers down to her back and held her close.

"ap' ap ko kuch hogaya hai" she shook her head and he grinned.

"right hua to hai and you should know it"

"mujhe'.kaam karna hai" she spoke taking her eyes away from his and started to step back from him but he pulled her back even more tightly to his chest

"if you think that your petty excuses can come in between us then you're wrong."

"and let's get one thing straightened out geet singh khurana. I intend to get close, closer to you to an extent no one is allowed to because you are my wife."

"i'I ' I was just saying'" geet started to stutter but he cut her off. But this time he spoke gently and his eyes held seriousness,

"and remember one more thing geet. There might be men out there who live for food and they want their wives to make lavish food for them but I'm not one of them. I eat food because it's a necessity for life." He loosened his grip and she looked at him understanding what he was saying,

"which means'?"

"that you don't have to stay in the kitchen all morning and evening just to make food for me" he smiled and let go of her. she stepped back and spoke,

"and do what? There is nothing much left for me to do if you forbid me from cooking too. Safai sab kaam wale kar dete hain. Kitchen bhi baaki sb nakul sambhalta hai to phir main kiya karungi?"

"I don't mean to say k tum kuch bhi mat karo it's just that don't try to get too much exhausted in doing everything for me" geet stayed quiet for a moment and realization dawned on her, he didn't want her to do all the work because he knew that she did all this for him. He saw her jaw tick before she spoke.

"and who said that I do everthing for you? I do it for myself" she crossed her arms across her chest with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Maan smirked.


"oh no you don't." she stepped back slowly as she saw him stepping towards her with that same gleam she had seen before but when he didn't stop she started to run for the door but he was too quick for her and caught her by her waist pulling her back to himself. She was about to squeal out when he covered her mouth with his hand and she couldn't do much because her back faced him and she could only try to push his arms away from her which didn't do much.

"chup! Bilkul chup!" he whispered in her ear and his lips brushed against her ear. She shivered and her eyes closed and her legs started to melt. He had done that intentionally to silence her protests and it worked but her reaction to his touch was surprising. She reacted instantly to his touch always'positively. He couldn't resist the temptation anymore and nibbled at her ear lobe. He heard a moan escaping her throat as she sank back to his body surrendering herself to him. At that moment she felt as if he didn't held her she might fall into pieces at his feet. Her blood was rushing and her heart was pounding in her ears. The same was for him. His body was tightening as desires flowed inside him and he snuggeled her closer to himself. She could feel the length and strength of his body. Roughness against softness. Fire that could burn them both in its heat. He traced his lips behind her ear planting soft kisses along the path and lowered to the column of her neck. He loosened his grip from her mouth and drawing his hand back he traced his fingers on her lips tracing the soft petal lines gently and drew his hand to her back and rested where the strings of her suit were tied. He caressed her bare skin and planted kisses there too.

She stirred back to the reality as she felt his hands going down her back and she held his arms. He stopped and slowly she turned towards him but she held his arms tightly because her senses weren't stabilized yet and she feared that she might fall if she didn't hold him. But she saw confusion in his eyes and desire exploding. She had to stop this,       nd he snuggeled her closer to himself. she ch was surprisinsing

"we' shouldn't'k'koi ajayega' maan sir'" she managed to whisper and relief flowed through him. He hadn't been wrong about her feeling and the way she had responded to him. He knew they had to stop too because if they didn't he might end up making love to her right here but not quiet like this. Before it ended, there was something he wanted to get resolved here. Before she could do anything, he pushed her to the wall pinning her hands on her sides beside the fridge where they blocked the view from the door so that whoever entered they couldn't see them. He could feel her heart beating in her chest because of the closeness they were standing with. His body glued to hers and her lips apart due to dryness in her throat. She wriggled and twisted her wrists that he held,

"maan sir???" she pleaded.

"I hate this maan sir."he whispered and she grew even more restless realizing that she was caged in his arms "Honestly, what are you?"

"huh?" she looked at him in confusion. How did he expect her to answer him when his lips were just cm away from hers,

"geet what are you to me?" he repeated his question with his gaze on her lips and travelling to her eyes. She looked so beautiful with just a hint of love made to her, how would she look if he kissed her to insanity?

"wife?" she replied with her eyebrows raised in a questioning way. She had asked him to stop right there and here he was asking her who she was?

"you have any doubt about that?" he tilted his head raising an eyebrow.

"n'no" she shook her head pressing back to the wall even more.

"then say it with feeling" his breath was falling on her skin and she felt her eyeslids drooping with the shiver she felt in her spine. What was this man doing to her?


"so if you're my wife  what shoulde you be calling me?" questions, questions, questions!!!!

"your name" she replied trying to twist her wrists again but in vain.

"which is?" he almost chanted.

"maan" she replied agitated and suddenly heard his intake of breath. She stopped struggling and looked at him and saw his eyes getting dark again. He had yearned to hear his name alone and now when he did, it sounded wonderful even to his own ears as it never sounded before.

"say it again" he whispered leaning down and placing a kiss on her collar bone and she closed her eyes while he entwined his fingers with hers tightly.

"maan" his name came out as a whisper while he nuzzeled to her hot skin and she was burning with desire that had her stomach churning and she could feel his heartbeat as he supported her body with his length or she would fall on the ground any moment.

"again" he murmered against her skin and this time his name came merely as a moan as they both had drifted to another world that shoved them both out of their senses. Her body shivered as he nibbled at her soft skin near her collar bone and he placed her hands on his shoulders that she held tightly.

"you'll pay for every moment that I suffered thinking about ravishing you in the nights" he murmered as his tongue rolled on her skin and she arched her back as he slid the sleeve down exposing her shoulder to himself and her head fell back as he nibbled there. Moaning ununderstandable words he kissed her everywhere he could reach and when he lowered down to her chest and her hands traveled in his hair, he explored her body with his hands.

"geet!" they both shook out of their own world and geet panicked at annie's voice.

"shoot shoot shoot" she mumbeled to herself embarrassingly and started to settle her clothes and dupatta without looking up once as if she was being grounded with embarrassment. She was trying to compose herself while maan wsa cursing her sister inside for her timings. His body was still hard with desire and now anger too but he controlled himself and took a deep breath to calm himself.

"relax. You weren't doing anything wrong" maan said casually as if he was standing in the park and geet gawked at him shockingly,

"what the'??"

"what? You're my wife I'm your husband and we can'" he was talking so casually and geet cut him off dreaded and walked away from him,

"sush! She's coming" maan rolled his eyes behind her.

"geet! Kahan reh gayi t'" annie stopped short in her tracks seeing maan and geet together moreover geet's unusual manner,

"uh'wo'" annie tried to remember for what she had came but somehow she couldn't keep her eyes from traveling her brother and sister in law.

"kiya hua?" geet replied too sweetly to be herself.

"wo'um' dadi maa keh rahi thi k khana'" annie started eying her brother who seemed to be checking the kitchen out quiet casually.

"ubhi layi main' ban gaya hai khana" geet said turning towards the bowls on the counter.

"nahi wo nakul ko keh do k khana laga de" annie too composed herself as geet seemed now.

"han ubhi ayi" annie then glanced at maan controlling her chuckle,

"maan bhai? Ap ubhi tk yaheen thay?" she raised her brow,

"han to" maan shot daggers with his eyes at his sister who straightened quickly, that was the effect he had in his office too on his staff when he wanted them to be serious and 'no fun' mood.

"nahi'nahi kuch nahi" and walked out but geet had seen her clamping her hand on her mouth as she walked out.

"oh my God oh my God!" she slapped her hands over her eyes and faced her back to maan.

"geet calm down. Its ok" maan said coming in front of geet who was obviously making out too much of the happenings and he knew these were just her tensed nerves.

"no its not' I've never been caught doing anything from school to college' I'v never cheated in exams and '" she started out and maan literally gawked at her with his eyes ready to pop out at the trail of thoughts her mind was creating,

"geet! This is no school, no college and least of all this is not an exam" maan caught her shoulders and rubbed his hands up and down her upper arms gently to sooth her.

"b'but'we got caught. You saw her expressions. She knew it" she pointed her hand towards the door from where annie went and looked up at maan.

"and we're gonna get caught many more times" he smiled wickedly.

"not a chance" she said through clenched teeth and shook his hands off her.

"you doubt that" he stepped towards her tilting his head.

"don't you dare.", she caught the knife from the counter and pointed it at him to scare him, "Get out of here right now or I'll make you"

"threatening maan singh khurana, are we?" he controlled his laughter and kept his slow, disastrously dangerous pace towards her which geet knew now was fatal.

"baba ji!!" she squealed, throwing the knife on the counter and started to run out when she heard maan burst out in laughter and she stopped at the door and turned back to look at him shocked to see MAAN SINGH KHURANA laughing. He was holding the edge of the shelf and his other hand was on his stomach and he was laughing loudly. She was awestruck to see him laughing like that and her mouth dropped at the wonderful sight. She never thought he would look so entrancing while laughing, ofcourse because she had never seen him laughing. But this was something else. She was feeling feather lighted in her heart to see him laughing because she had made him laugh. She knew in that instant that she could do anything to make him laugh like that again and always. She didn't know when smile crept to her face too and he stopped laughing. Instead he was just gazing at her warmly with a smile intact on his face and she turned back around and walked out of the kitchen.

                        Never in her life had she felt so at bliss to see anyone laugh or smile and it certainly didn't change the fact that she' liked that 'kitchen incident'. She thought shyly and her heart started to burst with all the feelings at reminding the time. God, how did it happen? She couldn't imagine. He had said that he had been thinking about her at nights. Well, she had thought about him too but he said that she'll pay for it? In the same way as in kitchen???? She thought and her heart pounded in her ears and blood rushed to her face. She remembered his laugh again and she smiled again. Oh how she loved to see him laugh and smile and happy. She loved to please him. She loved to see him at peace. She loved when his eyes glinted with smile and even mischief. She loved how his lipa stretched in smile. Oh she loved everything about him. She bit her lips smiling shyly to herself and swirled around the room and stopped near the window. Could she ask him to laugh once again for her? Would he laugh for her?  Yes. Her heart replied and just the answer sent bursts of joy in her. but why was it so that she couldn't control herself when he touched her and kissed her? she felt aching need and ' helpless that only he could help her. she went out of her senses and forgot about everything, everyone, place, time. She remembered only herself and maan and GOD! The look on annie's face and instead of feeling ashamed maan had said that they were going to get caught many more times. Did he actually mean to do all that often? Well'she admitted to herself that she liked it but she couldn't let it happen that way if they could get caught like this which meant she would have to keep distance on those grounds from her husband when they were on risk of getting caught. Yes that was right, she was going to keep him away from her even if that meant to threaten him with the knife' at least he would laugh.

                        "geet jaldi karo we'll get late" maan called from downstairs while geet was getting ready in the room. He had been ready half an hour before and had been waiting for her.

"agayi!!!" she called back and then spoke to herself,

"we'll get late but we're not getting'," she was trying to get the hooks of her saree close but they were tight,"late and besides it's just 7.30' and the dinner is at 9'," she jerked another hook in its place while speaking to herself with a frown, " and I can't get these'"

"geet!" he barged inside and she flipped around with her eyes wide and saw him standing dumbstruck at the door.

He looked at the goddess in front of him and was at a loss of words. She looked seductively gorgeous in that saree which hugged her curvascious body so delicately and her fair complexion was enticing in that colour. But the most striking feature of her entire being was her eyes. They held the same innocence of not knowing what she was and who she was, that made her endearing to maan and reminded him always that she was his geet nomatter what she wore or how she looked.

" knock to karte" she replied with a worried kind of expression on her face.

"kiyun? You're ready. What are you doing?" he replied closing the door behind him.

"wo main' ap jaiye main do minute main ayi" her mind seemed somewhere else or she would have noticed his eyes gazing at her.

"do minute main kiya karna hai tumne?" he asked looking at her and seeing that she was all ready. She had her jewellery on, her shoes on, her hair was done.

"ap'main keh rahi hun na ke arahi hun" she replied a little agitated and he saw that both her hands were behind her back.

"tumhare hath main kiya hai?" he asked tilting his head to see behind her.

"kiya?? Hath main? Kuch nahi hai baba ap jaiye main ayi" she was geeting more and more irritated.

"you're hiding something" he stepped towards her feeling a foreboding sense.

"for God's sake m not." she rolled her eyes up to heaven.

"array" she exclaimed as he caught her by her upper arms and slipped his hands at her back and reached for her hands.

"what is it geet?"

"maan you'" she was horrified and started to struggle against him fearing that if she let go of her blouse it would fall off her shoulders,

"stop it' let go off me" in that struggle she got pushed back with the dressing table, her back towards the mirror and maan saw what she was trying to cover. She couldn't get her blouse hooked. Guilt stabbed through him. He had doubted her. why? There hadn't been anything to  doubt her about then why did he do it? How could he? He felt ashamed of himself. He had let himself down and his love for geet too. Was his love so weak that he doubted her for even a mere minute?

"please maan" her plead came in his ears but instead of moving away he gently raised his hands and did her blouse's hooks. She stood quietly yet stiff in his arms. he thought she might be angry at him. she should be for he had behaved liked a typical man not different from where she came and suffered because of them. She might be thinking the same about him.

"I'm sorry geet" he whispered in her ears.

"for what?" she moved her head back to look at him with a frown on her face.

"i' I shouldn't have forced you like this" he wasn't looking in her eyes and was looking down.

"maan!" she felt her heart going down at seeing maan like this, she bent her head to look into his eyes and finally he did. She saw clear pain in his eyes,

"I'm really sorry. i'I behaved like an idiot" she was shocked at seeing him like this. Where was his angry young Maan?

"haww I never thought of it that way" she couldn't help but hold her hand on his face to assure him that she wasn't thinking any thing bad about him. He really was concerned about her.

"no geet. I'm the same as the men from your small town." He looked away with that same pained expression on his face.

"look at me" she turned his face back to hers and looked in his eyes determinedly, "You can never be the person from where I come from. Even if you try you can never ever be that person. They are that much horrible" her voice had bitterness when she spoke. Maan forgot about about his feelings when he saw the depth of pain in her eyes. He raised his hands placing them on her shoulders,

"i wish you would trust me one day to tell me everything from your past" she looked away quickly dropping her hands and started biting her lips nervously, a habit that maan felt like showing her just what he could do to make it go away.

"i'I did'told you all that was important" geet replied hesitatingly without looking in his eyes. Maan dropped his hands to his sides and stepped back,

"no you didn't. Anyways, shall we go" he didn't want to press the matter neither did he want to force her for something she obviously didn't feel comfortable about telling.

"hmm" she nodded and started walking ahead of him.

"geet!" he called her and she turned but the discomfort was stil clearly in her eyes.


"you look very beautiful" he relaxed his body and said with a genuine smile. She blushed and lowered her gaze shyly and murmered looking back into his eyes,

"thanks" she started to turn around he saw her biting her lips again with a shy smile. God he loved to just simply watch her.

"don't you know any manners? They require complimenting back" he decided to lighten the mood and tease her. She looked at him,

"I dun think I have to mind my manners with you," she replied ever so sweetly that maan's heart filled with happiness that she considered him someone with whom she didn't have to be formal, "but just so you're insisting that I praise you then yeah, you look acceptable too" she shrugged her shoulders passing him with a pretense of ignorant glance even though she thought he looked so dangerously handsome in the black suit of his. She felt pride in her heart to be a wife of such a handsomely packaged husband.

"oh yeah?" he raised his brow and started meaningfully towards her but before he could get any further and the damage was beyond repair she held up her hand in front of him,

"I forgot to mention rules"

"rules? For what?" maan frowned stopping in midtracks and stared at her.

"for' a peaceful evening" she shook her head and maan placed his hands on his waist pursing his lips,

"let's hear them out"

"you' you wouldn't try to get close to me in a way that would be questionable" he chuckled at the absurdity of the way she said it because she herself seemed unsure about it..

"I'm serious or you'll have to face the consequences" she pointed her finger at him and her brows were raised. God, she looked cute threatening him.

"and what would they be?" he crossed his arms at his chest with that same amused look in his eyes.

"I will never go out with you. Ever." He knew that she could mean it and he was amused at that too.


"and?" she asked.

"the other rules?" he shook his head sarcastically.

"well' there's just this one" she nodded with an appearance of someone who had won the war.

"may I ask the reason behind it?" he asked sarcastically coming to his point.

"well' isn't it obvious?" she shrugged her shoulders in a matter of factly way.


"we'we could get caught and' besides it's' it's embarrassing and'" she started of hesitatingly and maan took a deep breath because he knew the clear reason behind it but he didn't want to argue with her any further.

"we're getting late"

"are we agreed or not?" she didn't budge from her ground and maan appreciated her guts for that. No one ever dared to put forth rules in front of Maan singh khurana and this girl meant to have it her way moreover she argued with him on the point which was nothing more then a nonsensity but he would agree to her for her sake.

"yes. For now" she started to argue following him when he was about to go out,

"but i'" he turned around so quickly that she gasped,

"geet I didn't make rules and if you can then certainly I can make them too and if I came on making rules I swear to God you will regret the day you tried to manupilate maan singh khurana least of all we still have our little challenge" he narrowed his eyes at her that held the Maan singh khurana 'meannes' in them.

"what challenge?" she frowned.

"you have a very short memory darling." He smirked and she flinched at the endearment, "You clamied that you never got intimidated because of me and I think I am already one step closer towards winning because of this stupid rule of yours"

"but i'" she started again but he cut her off more determined to end this conversation,

"and if you dared argue with me right now on this then your rule will go down the drain right now because I'm having real strong urge to ravish you right now and the dinner can go to hell cuz seriously I would thrash any appointment away to have you here right now" she gaped at him in disbelief at his bluntness but he seemed pleased about it. When she didn't speak another word, he was satisfied that his words had this effect on her.

"shall we?" he smiled and stepped aside to let her out and she closed her mouth coming out of her bafflement and walked out without another word.

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