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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 4)

Lu_Armi Senior Member

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Awesome part.... Loved it....

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 4:27am | IP Logged
nice start.........plz continue it
teri_susan Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Love the fiction.Continue................
pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 December 2010 at 5:05am | IP Logged
Loveee ur SS.
Continue soonnn.
Can u plzz add me in ur pm list?

-wild- IF-Dazzler

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hey amazing update sweety
do continue
thnx for the pm
love u
asmara19 Senior Member

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"maan bte itni jaldi kiya hai apko shadi ki? We could have had time for the arrangements if it would have been after two months!" savitri devi, maan's grandmother asked as maan came out to have dinner.

"I don't want any more delays dadi. Or apko pareshan hone ki zarurat nahi or bohat grand wedding karne ki bhi zarurat nahi."

"humare sb se baday or pehle potay ki shadi hai or hum tayyari bhi na Karen" dadi maa looked away in disappointment. She loved maan's choice of a simple girl and she wondered how come maan had made the decision to marry her?

"dadi jaise apki marzi. Apko jo karna hai kijiye per shadi do hafton main hi hogi" maan told dadi seeing her disappointment.


Geet handa. Symbol of innocence? Or dumbness? Maan thought with a smirk which turned into a smile. Yes. Geet had taught him to smile. So many times he had laughed in his heart and smiled behind her back on her silly yet cute things. She was different then other girls-other people. She fought with him; he thought with a smile, no one ever dared to argue with him but this girl had the courage of a tigress. He glared at her, warned her, punished her but it rarely effected her attitude towards him. She never treated him like a god as all the office staff did.

    The first day she had entered the office and found out that he was her boss, he still remembered her expressions. It was of shock and- self pity. He smiled at the remembrance again. Before office, they had met twice. Once when she was running away from her house and had collided with him and he had dropped her to the bus station without talking to her at all and neither had she talked. He knew instantly somehow that she was upset as if his heart told him but she went off quietly and he forgot the incident but he couldn't forget the girl. Then he had seen her at the floweriest two days later in delhi. He was surprised to see her there because she belonged to hoshiarpur and he knew her family from whom he had bought a land for his construction which was the reason he was in hoshiarpur. What was she doing in delhi now?

    He was observing her while she was making a bouquet with her own handpicked flowers and arranged them in the order she liked. She was smiling and talking to the floweriest. The bouquet was in red and white roses and some green leaves to give a background. He wondered for whom she was taking that bouquet. Just then he got a call and he left for his office but couldn't forget her completely even though he had pushed her at the back of his mind which he was good at. Three days later, he found her in his office as his secretary chosen by adi and sasha who had claimed her to be of brilliant capabilities which was proven right. But he couldn't ignore the feeling he got when she was around talking to him nonstop and did what she liked-which came out to be the best thing unexpectedly every time, he liked her being around him. He had gotten used to her nonstop blabbering about how people acted and behaved and pretended about this and that, how she loved the rain and how much she was obsessed with cleaning, how she hated shopping and she even asked his likes and dislikes for which he had never replied even though he had wanted so much to talk to her but somehow he never found his voice and instead of making a fool of himself he decided to be quiet.

     He had heard her calling him names. Dusht danav, zalim singh khurana, sadu, khadoos…were a few of them. If it would have been any one else calling him with that name, he would have fired him or her immediately but somehow he liked those names coming from geet besides nobody dared to call him names except her.

    Soon his habit of her being around him became his need and then obsession. He rejected her leaves very often and only gave her leave from office when it was extremely urgent and he started taking her on tours and meeting for the office instead of sasha who was delighted to the core and he had heard her talking to geet while she was calling him names again and sasha was laughing. Sasha and geet were friends and they had formed a group of friends with pinky, adi, sasha, tasha and geet. They were always hanging around. Sasha was happy that the burden of her work was off and geet was angry at maan who was being mean to her, as she thought. While the office staff had thought that maan might be lenient with geet as she argued with him and maan still hadn't fired her, he was doing exactly opposite to what the staff was expecting. As being geet's friends they thought maan was being unfair to her by giving her so much work and making her attend all the meetings and conferences that wasn't even her job.

     Little did they know that Maan singh khurana wanted geet handa with him and he liked it better this way because he didn't want anyone to know his intentions. Geet handa was driving him insane with every passing moment and when he had seen her friendship growing with his younger brother, dev who also worked in the office, he got jealous. He had seen dev and geet having coffee together in the caf and that was when he had become insecure. He had started thinking what would happen if geet would no more be in his life? He couldn't even imagine his life without her. The girl who had taught her to smile, who never cared about his money, his status, his looks never affected her. She wasn't like others.

     Fear and panic overtook maan for the first time in his life after his parents' death when he was only 11. That girl cared about him even when he scolded her and punished her. She took care of his work so that he didn't have to worry about minor stuff. She had once told him not to go out without jacket in cold, she brought lunch for him from caf with hers while they worked on some project or file or brought coffee for him everyday just as he liked. Black without sugar. She knew he liked only white and hated flowers but she had made him like flowers when she quietly put white flowers in vase in the corner of the room and he had only felt the fragrance in the room that he had loved at the instant..

    She loved music and she asked him once what kind of music he liked? He couldn't help but reply to her, "I like old songs". He had expected her to say that he was old fashioned or something like that but she was delighted when she gasped and spoke with enthusiasm, "hai na! purane gano ki baat hi kuch or hoti hai. They are soothing actually and you never get fed up of them" and on and on she went with the praise. She was one unpredictable girl. No other girl had tried to be friends with him the way she had been his silent friend. When he was angry at some work gone wrong, not by her, but anyone else; she always came around him calming him down and took the work herself and put it right immediately. She cared about his anger. She had told him that he didn't look good in anger even though all that she had seen him was in anger.

"ap kabhi hanste nahi kiya?" she had asked out of nowhere one day and he had just stared at her dumbfounded and she quickly said,

"nahi …wo aise hi…main ne kabhi dekha nahi apkohanste hue…isliye…sorry" and with that she had gone back to her work while he had smiled. It was true, he couldn't smile before she came in his life but she hadn't seen him smiling.

    God, he was obsessed with this girl. His want became his need and he didn't realized and her friendship with dev ignited sparks in him that turned into fire with geet's laughter at dev's jokes. It was no unknown fact that dev had charm about him and he was witty and had sense of humor for which girls loved him. The khurana's had looks and charm. Girls loved Maan Singh Khurana and his charm but it seemed that geet was never affected by his looks. He wanted her in his life forever because he was in love with her. He thought with a smile when he was standing in the window of his cabin watching geet making fun of something with sasha and pinky because all three of them were laughing. Yes. Maan singh khurana had fallen in love with geet handa but the problem lied there. He couldn't tell geet or anyone that he loved her.

   Romance was not in his nature and therefore no romantic notions. He only knew how to make business flourish with a fraction of second. He had a business like mind. If he told geet that he loved her, she would… probably make fun of him? Leave the job? Wouldn't believe him? Endless possibilities. Besides he couldn't imagine himself telling geet that he loved her. How would he say it? Her zalim singh khurana has fallen in love with her? He would look like a clown and besides there was no way she would accept it. Girls told Maan Singh Khurana that they love him and he never fell for that trap because he knew those girls well who were after his money. They wore small dresses to tempt rich men around them but geet never tried to attract attention of anyone. Geet wanted nothing. She was happy with her life and everything that came her way.

    But he wasn't satisfied with his life. His life was incomplete and he knew only she could complete it. She had completed it but he couldn't imagine her going away from his life and there was only one way to keep her in his life. Still he decided to talk to her one day when she came n his cabin to give him a file and he asked her to sit down as he had something to discuss. She sat down taking out her notepad which she used to note down his instructions as she didn't trust her memory. He glanced at her notepad with growing frustration. He placed his hands on the table with his elbows resting at the edges and he linked his fingers,

"sir?" she shook him out of his thoughts and he looked at her.

"it's not about office work" maan spoke quietly but geet kept looking at him with confusion.

"geet?" maan looked at geet.

"yes sir?" her confusion was obvious on her face.

"what do you think about?" he asked abruptly.

"sorry sir?" geet asked with a frown etched on her forehead.

"how am I as a person?" he asked leaning his back with the chair.

"sir ap… dantoge mujhe" geet spoke after a while shaking her head.

"nahi geet I won't." he controlled the smile that was about to come out at her sweetness.

"hanste nahi hain ap sir" she tilted her head with a sad look.

"that's it?"

"nahi… ap bolte bhi nahi hain. I mean thoda bohat bolte hain which is good and… you can improve…don't mind sir" she  was nervous but surprisingly and pleasantly honest.

"aur?" he asked gently.

"aur bhi?" she was surprised that he wanted to know more because she had expected him to get angry with her.

"well...umm…ap dantte bohat hain…har time ghussa achi baat nahi hoti. Sab darte hain ap se"

"tum nahi darti!" it was a statement.

"han… per that's a different thing na" it slipped from her mouth and he knew because she had immediately closed her eyes as if saying 'what the hell' to herself.

"why is that different?" he caught that point and leaned closer in his chair towards her side to get a better look on her face. Something inside him leaped with joy as if this was the sign.

"i.. I mean main to kisi se bhi nahi darti na or phir ap to…" she blabbered again and shut her mouth up looking down frowning.

"main to?" this time he didn't conceal his smile . It was obvious that she felt something for him too. If not love then at least there was some intimacy that she felt.

"sir why are you asking this?" she looked up and found him smiling and within seconds she was lost in that smile and he made no effort to remove that smile because he was happy. After a moment, she looked away embarrassed and flustered. He leaned back again and spoke,

"chalo ye to hogayi buri baatain mere baray main. Kuch acha bhi hai ya nahi?" she looked up at him surprised yet again. He never cared what others opinion was about him then why was he asking it all now suddenly?

"nahi nahi sir ap ache bhi hain thode thode. Ap…" she trailed off as she couldn't take his gaze. He was better when angry, she decided.

"han?" he provoked her to speak.

"height achi hai, good looking hain…" she spoke thoughtfully but stopped because she didn't know what to say.

"main physical traits ki baat nahi kar raha" he told her softly. Tone that she had almost never heard.

"sir mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha ap kiya keh rahe hain or kiyun puch rahe hain ye sb?" she told him honestly because she actually couldn't understand the purpose of this discussion.

"I like you geet" he spoke intently.

"mmhmm" she nodded looking at him with her big eyes that still said that 'I don't understand what do you want to say'. He was surprised that she didn't understand the meaning behind his words maybe 'likeness' was a common thing for her.

"do you like me?" he asked.

"han!" she told in a matter of fact way and he sighed with understanding dawning upon him that she was in no way expecting him to think about her in a way he was thinking.

"don't you hate me because I am mean to you and I make you work so much?"

"sir wo to kaam hai na. uskay liye ap dusht ho per theek hai… chalta hai per ap otherwise to ache hain na." she told him easily even though the word dusht itched maan but he ignored it at the moment. He stood up and came around her side and leaned with the desk beside her, crossing his arms and looked down at her,

"agar mere jaise…kisi insan k sath tumhain zindagi guzarni pade to?"


"farz karo mere sath hi agar zindagi guzarni pade to?" he asked her bluntly and she just stared at him for a while and then looked down at the table quietly. He saw her twitching her fingers and he knew she was looking for an answer or maybe she was nervous but just then she looked up at him and said,

"ap ek bohat uche insane hain sir or main dua karti hun k apko ek bohat ucha jeevan sathi mile" with that she had picked up her notepad and walked out at him. 

    He had to take business like measures in this matter too. Find out the weakness of the opposition and use it with tact and voila the deal is yours. For geet handa, he had to create a weakness. She had weaknesses of a normal person which could be overcome easily with the problem that arose at the moment. He loved her and he didn't want to hurt her but he had to do something that would leave her with no choice. For once he had to close all the doors for her and had to take the matter out of her hands. That girl had become too much used to taking decisions for herself and being independent.  

    That night he had done just what he had to. For a girl as innocent as hers, the happenings of that night were enough to convince her for almost anything. 

"annie, ye dress or jewellery tum geet k ghar pohancha ana kal hi" maan handed over a package and 4 boxes to annie whom he had called in his room,

"per ye hai kisliye bhai?" annie asked confused.

"geet ki shadi ka joda" he told without looking at annie and kept his face expressionless.

"ap…ap ne…?" annie was dumbfounded because wedding dress was made by the bride herself.e expressionless.he decision to marry her?vous but just then she looked up at

"han. Main ne." maan's face grew stern.

"per ye…"

"jo kaha hai utna hi karo" he told annie who walked out quickly and when she came out, she smiled knowing that her brother had changed.  

NOTE: hey guys heres maan's pov. i hope you guys like it. now the next part would be what actually  happened that nightBig smile i hope you guys like this part and pls do comment.

thanks alot to all those who commented previouslyTongue.

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add me to ur pm list plz.. i have buddy-ed u. :)
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i loved every bit..... plzzz cont....

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