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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 38)

ixray Goldie

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awesome !!!!
love Maan and his shattiir ideas.
lolz his getting everything his way, not right ... hmmm would love o see a jealous and fuming Maan too.

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lovelycutietedy IF-Rockerz

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awsome update...
loved it...
cont soon dear...
and bless us with such awsome updates
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nie part
prathyusmiling Senior Member

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plzz update soon im desperately  waiting 4r ur update
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Continue soon
Plz add me as ur buddy n do pm me
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Hey guys heres the update hope you like it 

thanksss alooot for alll ur lovely commentsTongue 

Dadi maa, annie and dev were overwhelmed with geet's coming back home. Annie and dadi had especially asked nakul to prepare the food of geet's choice and they were all around geet giving her special treatment and maan could see that geet was pleasantly surprised and gratified for so much love that she was receiving.

    After the initial excitement lowered, maan broke the news about how geet nearly fainted because of heights which was enough to bring back the hype skipping the part that lucky played and dadi and annie were all over geet again giving her lemonade and asking her wellbeing again and again, checking her temperature and they were about to call the doctor when maan stopped them and calmed them down after seeing geet's glares. They all asked about their trip and the attention was more on geet than maan who was glad that geet was happy being back with their family because she was being her ownself with all of them and having fun as he saw her raising her legs and crossing them beneath her comfortably on the couch and he watched her laughing at the silly jokes dev made about the things she told about her aunt's house.

    Finally after maan maan went upto his room to change while geet sat with dadi.

"geet beta humain apko batana tha ke parson humari ek cousin ke ghar dinner hai ap dono ke liye to apko maan ko manana hoga"

"dadi maa ap kahengi to wo foran maan jayenge" geet said.

"hum jante hain ke wo kaise maanenge isiliye hum apko keh rahe hain. Unko bata dijiyega ke wahan jana zaruri hai bohat" dadi maa said with a meaning ful smile.

"ji dadi maa main keh dungi"

"chaliye ub ap jaiye or araam kijiye."

"good night dadi maa" geet said while getting up.

"good night"

            Geet came inside the room thinking that maan would be asleep but he was sitting on the couch and was working on his laptop while a pile of files was placed on the table in front of him. He was wearing his night trousers and vest. Somehow geet's heart skipped a beat seeing him like this. His expressions were solemn while he worked. Geet closed the door and walked towards him.

"mujhe laga ap so gaye honge!"

"bus sone laga tha" he spoke, his attention towards the laptop while geet sat on the chair opposite to his couch.

"ub is waqt ap ye kiya kar rahe hain?" she leaned forward to get a look at his laptop.

"subha office jana hai to bas kuch documents dekhne baqi the"

"main kuch help kara dun"

"han geet ye wali files zara arrange kar do" geet felt glad that maan let her help him. She quickly took the files and started arranging them quietly. After a short while geet looked up at him and saw hhim leaned back with the couch and he was eying her that sent shivers down her spine. She quickly looked back to her files and kept her gaze fixed to it. Taking control of herself she spoke,

"thank you"

"kis baat ka?" maan spoke and geet heard the chuckle in his voice.

"wo… sbne itna ziada khayal rakha mera" geet didn't look up as she feared she wouldn't be able to take his gaze.

"to ismain mujhe kiyun thanks kar rahi ho. Tumhare ghar wale hain. Tum se nahi to or kiska khayal rakhenge" maan leaned forward placing his arms on his knees.

"wohi to. Matlab mujhe itna pyaar karne wali family dene k liye thanks" finally she looked up in his eyes and she thought she saw a glint of … relief maybe.

"your welcome" he spoke so softly that she nearly melted away at the sweetness of the words and his smile.

"waise ap smile karte huay ache lagte hain" geet spoke smilingly.

"tum to aise keh rahi ho jaise main kabhi smile nahi karta" maan shut the laptop and turned his attention towards her.

"wo smile or hoti hai" she frowned and arranged the set of papers in a file that she had set in order.

"or hoti hai matlab?" maan asked with a frown.

"matlab wo wali zara ajeeb si hoti hai"

"like?" maan's tone of voice changed a little and geet glanced up at him.

"like… as if… uskay peeche kuch or hi incentive hota hai"

"are you saying that I am a two faced person?" maan's eyes narrowed but he wasn't angry.

"nahi nahi I didn't mean that." Geet nearly giggled at him.

"then what did you mean?" maan crossed his arms at his chest eying her intently.

"files hogayen sari." Geet controlled her giggle and got up after arranging the files on the table and was about to walk past maan when he caught her wrist. She stopped in her tracks but her heart started to thud immediately. She waited for him to speak,

"thank you" she turned back to look at him and he saw surprise in her eyes.

"tumhare anay se ghar main ronak si agayi hai," maan spoke while he rubbed his thumb on her racing pulse gently, "Warna annie Canada, dev London, koi yahan hota hi nahi tha. Tum ho to sub yahan hain or sub khush hain" maan looked in his eyes. For a moment geet stayed quiet not knowing what to say. She had never felt needed. This was the first time that anyone had ever said something like this to her. She smiled and held her other hand on his hand assuringly and spoke softly,

"main yaheen hun" he smiled and nodded and in that one smile exchanged they both promised eachother peace of mind and heart.

            Geet was about and around with nakul in the kitchen to get the breakfast ready and when she had looked about everything she went to do the pooja where dadi maa came to join her. When she finished the pooja she gave dadi maa prasad and put teeka on her forehead,

"geet bte maan jag gaye?"

"wo to jag gaye honge dadi maa main annie ko dekhti hun wo nahi jagti"

"han or zara dev ka darwaza bhi knock kar dijiyega"

"ji dadi maa"  

         Geet knocked at dev's door who came out immediately,

"lijiye prasad or nashta tayyar hai" geet put teeka on his forehead and smiled as he wasn't even ready yet and had just taken a bath and was in his casual trousers and t shirt.

"bus do minute main aya" he replied.

"or apkay bhaiyya bata rahe thay ke aj apki meeting hai shimla wale project ki to time pe chale jaiyega per main ne adi sir ko bhi keh diya tha wo sambhal lenge agar ap late hogaye to"

"your great geet. Too good. Office na jate huay bhi you know how to deal everything" dev did a thumbs up to her.

"your welcome. Ub main zara raj kumari sahiba ko dekhun ja k" she smiled feeling proud of herself like a child who had done something good for someone. She walked off towards annie's room and knocked at it,

"annie!" but there was no reply and she sighed shaking her head knowing that she wasn't up. She went inside and saw her sleeping under her bed covers,

"ye dekho zara abhi tk so rahi hai. Annie!!! Utho 8 baj rahe hain college nahi jana kiya? Utho chalo" geet shook off the bed covers from her.

"uthti hun college 9 baje lagta hai" annie turned to the other side.

"or jo tum tayyar hoti ho 2 ghante main uska kiya??? Chalo jaldi utho" she shook her and anie groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes with her hands,

"ucha" geet folded her bed covers neatly and arranged her bedsheets while annie went to take shower and then she came to her room.

           She opened the door and was surprised to find man still not ready and it was 8.30 already while he left at 9 for office. He was still in the bathroom as she could hear the shower just turning off.

"Ye lo main bakiyon ko uthati jagati phirti hun or yahan ye hi abhi tk tayyar nahi huay jinko sbse jaldi hoti hai" she spoke more to herself but loudly enough for him to hear and put down the platter of pooja on the table and started to make up the bed and arrange his things on the table for him when she heard the bathroom door click open.

"maybe that should make you learn ke tumhain sbse pehle mere pas ana chahiye" she turned around in startle to look at him confused while he stood near his cupboard shaking his head and buttoning his sleeves of shirt.

"wo…main… mujhe laga ke ap…ready honge" geet felt sudden guilt and embarrassment.

"ub dekho na tumhari wajah se main late hogaya hun" he spoke and geet felt a twinge of defence for herself,

"s..sorry! ub… mujhe kaise pata hoga ke ap tayyar nahi huay! Humaisha to ap khud hi tayyar hote hain na" she turned towards him and started twitching her fingers while looking around the room.

"wo sab bhi to pehle khud hi hote thay tayyar to phir ye neglect mujhe hi kiyun?" he turned towards her and eyed her intently.

"nahi nahi main neglect kahan kar rahi thi…" she suddenly panicked that man was misunderstanding her.

"ye to emotional abuse kehlata hai na phir" maan spoke and geet didn't see the glint in his eyes as she was looking on the ground but then she looked up to speak with a frown,

"emotional abuse???? Ye kahan ki baat kahan le gaye ap…!" and then finally she saw his lips curving slightly and she saw his eyes glistening with mirth, "Oh! To mazak uda rahe hain ap mera"

"who me? Mazak or maan singh khurana? Never!" he shook his head lightly and geet crossed her arms across her chest. 

"ye MAAN SINGH KHURANA wala fundae zara kam pad raha hai ub so ap jaldi tayyar ho ke neeche ajaye"

"really? I don't seem intimidating to you anymore?" he took a step towards her.

"you never were intimidating" she spoke acting to be brave while her body was already heating up due to his advancing steps towards her.

"Ahan!" he tilted his head with his brow raised in sarcasm.

"matlab… theek hai I mean han you used to intimidate me but…" she looked away quickly shrugging her shoulders.

"but?" he closed the distance and was away from her by just a few inches.

"but I was never afraid of you" she spoke softly looking in his eyes and he knew that much was the truth but he also knew on what grounds she would be scared of him. She had seen his anger only and not the other side yet that she was awakening in him.

"you will regret this" he spoke and the tone of his voice did scare her but it wasn't the kind of scare she had ever felt. It was something else that she didn't know of and the unexpected was always threatening. She felt shivers in her body because eof his gaze too because they seemed to be getting dark.

"we'll see" she challenged him with all her courage.

"yes. We will." He smirked because he knew that she herself didn't know what she had challenged on.

              The day went about smoothly with all the daily routine and daily chores done. It was annie who fired the crackers on geet that she would come along with annie in the swimming pool.

"what??" geet looked at annie horrified at the mere notion.

"ofcourse geet why not? its so hot and it will be fun." Annie was obviously excited with the prospect of taking geet with her.

"han geet bte chali jayega ap bhi annie k sath" dadi came in the drawing room where geet was arranging the cupboard in order.

"array dadi maa…" geet started to protest but annie cut her off.

"what dadi maa! Come on geet I didn't thought you were boring or is it just marrying maan bhai that has done this to you? Seriously geet since you both got married you guys have had no fun. Chalo maan bhai to aise hi thay na per tum to nahi thi atleast that's what your biodata says" dadi maa grinned at annie and then said to geet teasingly,

"geet bte ye to annie ne bohat sakht ilzaam laga diya hai ap per ub to apko isay ghalat prove karna hi hoga"

"per maan sir ajayenge?" geet spoke meekly making a scared face.

"maan sir nahi ayenge. It's just 1 pm and maan sir 4 baje atay hain" annie mimicked geet's 'sir' rolling her eyes.

"han per mujhe ata goondhna hai" geet made another excuse.

"nakul goondh lega. Ap jaye annie ke saath" dadi maa told her.

"come on geet chalo" annie linked her arm through geet's and started to pull her towards the stairs that led to her room.

"array per is salwaar suit main…" geet started to make another excuse but annie cut her off agitated,

"bahane banana koi tumse seekhe geet. Mere pas swim suit hai" geet replied as they reached inside annie's room,

"hayye rabba swim suit!!! Wo to ek dum chota chota sa hota hai na"

"geet main maan bhai nahi hun ke tumhain mujhse sharam aye and secondly hum tumhain thoda sa bade wala swim suit de denge. Ok!" annie gestured with her thumb and forefinger to an inch's distance to tell her thoda.

"per agar maan sir agae to???"

"to kiya??? Wo kha nahi jayenge tumhain besides hum ghar main hi to hain or waise bhi unkay anay main bohat time hai abhi" annie thrust the swimsuit in geet's arms and told her to change quickly while she herself went to change.

          Geet was thankful that atleast this thoda bada swim suit had a tie up cloth from waist to ankles because it hardly reached just above her knees and the shirt could hardly be called a shirt because it was just straps on the name of sleeves and it reached a little above her waist so it didn't even hide her waist completely. She was horrified at the kind of clothing that it was.

"babaji ye to kapde ke naam per dhabba hain. Annie, isse ziada to bhikari(beggers) hi pehen lete honge kapde" geet spoke trying to stretch the shirt down to her waist.

"geet bhikari swimming pool main nahi jate" annie giggled watching geet's frowned face.

"acha hi karte hain. Agar aise jana hota hai to isse behtar na jana hi hai" geet gestured to her clothes and annie chuckled catching geet's arm and walked out of the room to the swimming pool outside in the porch.

         Annie squealed and dived in the swimming pool while geet stood outside the pool hugging herself tightly and smiled worriedly at annie and looked around her surroundings.

"come on geet jump in"

"i…I can't swim" geet shook her head.

"don't worry pani deep nahi hai." Annie assured her but geet still looked unsure.

"acha chalo yahan se ajao" anie gestured towards the slope that led inside the pool. Geet slowly waded inside the pool and she loved the feel of the cold water. she loved water. she had had her bit of fun in hoshiarpur in the rain and the lake near her village in fact she knew that she was a water animal. She was just unsure about this pool because she had to wear these short clothes.

     She started to like the coolness of the water against her skin as she waded deeper and deeper in the water towards annie. Suddenly she received a splash on her face and heard annie's giggle as she shut her eyes. Geet smiled and splashed water on annie as well.

"main jab hoshiarpur main thi na to subha subha jab sooraj nikal raha hota hai tab main lake pe chali jati thi ustym koi nahi hota tha wahan. Main khoob nahati thi. Bohat maza ata tha."  Geet told annie stories while annie listened enjoying after they had played around a lot loosing the track of time and now they leaned back with the walls of the pool.

"oh ho so geet was a sherni of hoshiarpur right" annie said chuckling and geet giggled back remembering the time and then she started to wade forward and moved her arms back and forth in the water while annie started to swim around the pool. Suddenly annie's eyes went to the shadow behind the pillar and her heart thudded with fear for a second but then she recongnized the figure and glanced back at geet whos eyes were closed oblivious to anyone's presence. Annie kept swimming but lowered her pace and glanced at the figure behind the pillar.

        Maan had stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the heavenly image in front of him as he entered the porch. Geet was totally oblivious to her surroundings and she was having a time of her life. She seemed like a water goddess. Breathtakingly beautiful and strikingly angelic. He feared that if he moved he'd break the enchantment besides he didn't even wanted to take his eyes off her. he had a sudden urge to strip out of his clothes and get inside with her, take her in his arms and make love to her right there in that pool. His insides churned and his body tightened with the mere thought. Suddenly he heard the water splashing and his eyes caught sight of Annie swimming and coming in his view. He shook his senses out of his dream and started to walk ahead. Simply ignoring her shocked stare he walked inside the house.

       Geet froze at the sight of maan walking inside the porch and going inside. How could he be back so early? Had he seen her? Ofcourse he had. But then why did he ignore her? Maybe it didn't matter? But atleast he could have glanced. Was he angry? He didn't seem like. Babaji, what was he thinking?

"Geet? Are you alright? Kiya hua?" Annie saw her expressions and came to her shaking her shoulder.

"Maan… agaye" she spoke still staring at the door from where maan went inside.

"Han I saw him. To?" annie frowned controlling her laughter at geet's expressions.

"I…I should be going" geet started to hurry out of the pool and nearly slipped when caught her,

"array careful" but geet didn't seem to listen and she literally ran out after tying the waist cloth around her legs but instead of going inside from the front door she went at the backside of the house where a stair case went up to the balcony of her room. Annie burst out laughing as soon as geet was out of sight. Clearly geet was scared because she thought maan was angry at her where as annie had seen maan's expressions and she knew he was anything but angry and she blocked the shameful thoughts out of her mind that what might happen in the room.

        Geet thought that maan might be downstairs with dadi maa as he might sit down and have water and then he'd come upstairs to change and till then she could quickly change out of these clothes before he saw her in these clothes again. But as she reached inside the room he was already coming inside the room and geet stopped dead in her tracks at the balcony door and maan stopped at the door.

     Maan gazed at her intensely. He had walked inside from the pool because he knew he might do something rash if he kept standing there and now she was here even before him. He saw water dripping from her hair to her shoulders and down to her arms and her eyes held a look of confused nervousness. God! The lions inside him were already roaring and here she was looking at him without moving an inch. He could reach her in just three long strides and get her out of these clothes within seconds and ravish her. she was his wife after all and it was all her fault. If she would have granted him his rights he wouldn't suffer like this but the worst of all was that she didn't know what she was doing to him? Did that make her innocent? Oh she didn't look innocent to him at all standing there in those revealing clothes, seducing him. Unintentionally that is. Somewhere in his thoughts he saw her lips moving and then she bit her lips, she opened her mouth and then she bit her lips again tightly this time and he had the urge to pull her to himself and kiss her to stop her from biting her lips. Why was she staring at him questioningly? Had she asked him something? He wasn't even listening to her while he was having lustful thoughts about her.

"kahiye na?"


"apko mera aise… bura to nahi laga?" what was this girl made of? He was using every bit of his self being to control his desires and all she could think about was that was he angry at her or not??

"nahi geet mujhe kuch bura nahi laga" he replied patiently taking off his tie and waist coat and went inside the bathroom quickly. Geet sighed and smiled in relief. She started to hang his waist coat and tie in his cupboard when she heard the bathroom door clicking open. he couldn't have freshen up so quickly. She thought and turned around frowning and the sight caught her breath. He was shirtless and was coming towards her. She couldn't take her eyes off him as he held her gaze captivated to hers while approaching her. she retreated her steps and backed with the cupboard while he was slow in his steps.

         He knew that now she would be thinking what he was thinking. He wanted to teach her just what he felt. He kept closing in and just when he was an inch away from her he raised his hand and saw her closing her eyes. He felt her trembling as his hand brushed her shoulder and smiled with satisfaction.

       She heard the closet door opening and opened her eyes and saw him looking in her eyes with a glint and when she moved her gaze to the left she saw his hand inside the cupboard and she realized that he had come to take his shirt. What was she thinking?

"wo… wo dadi maa keh rahi thi ke kal dinner hai unki ek friend ke ghar," she fought to compose herself while he searched in the closet. She started to slide from the right side but his other hand reached out and blocked her way. She glanced at him and he was looking at her.

"humare liye… rakha hai unhon ne ye dinner to hamain jana hoga" God she looked so sweet with the blush on her cheeks and hs ewas already biting her lips again. He drew his hands towards her face and brushed the back of his fingers with her cheek bones. Electric jolts went passed her as she felt his touch on her skin. His fingers trailed down from her cheeks to her neck. She had shivers running in her body as his fingers went in her hair and he stroked the back of her neck with his thumb and entangled his fingers in her hair.

"h…hum… j…jayenge na… dinner per??" she managed to speak in a trembling voice and  looked up at him with eyes that held so much hope that he forgot about all the desires and a feeling rushed through him with so intensity that he had never experienced before. It wasn't just a question. She was testing the grounds of their relationship. She wanted to know if he would agree to what she said.

         She saw his eyes softening. He withdrew his hands from her hair and rested them on her chees, cupping her face ever so gently,

"han geet. hum jayenge.  tum kuch maango or main inkar kar dun aisa to ho nahi sakta." He was loving the feel of her being so close to him and he was sure that she felt the same because he could see the softness in her eyes too. She wasn't nervous anymore. He let go of her reluctantly and stepped back from her taking out the desired shirt while he glanced at her and she was smiling,

"chalo isi bahane tum mere sath kaheen to chalogi warna to jaise tumne qasam khayi hai ke mere sath kaheen nahi jana"

"ap ne kabhi kaha hi nahi" she replied softly and he looked at her closing the closet door,

"ub kahunga to chalogi?" he asked her intently and she knew that he was serious this time because the glint of mischief left his eyes. She nodded and hoped that he didn't caught the blush creeping up her cheeks,

"done" he winked at her and left and she was sure that he had seen her blushing. But why could she feel her eyes moist? For God's sake he had just agreed to what she had asked then why was her vision blurring now? Oh God. She quickly raised her index finger to her left eye and brushed the tear away with a smile. No one. Absolutely no one had ever listened to her like this. No one had ever been this caring for her. No one had tried to make sure that she felt safe. No one had ever made her feel special. He cared for her. Eventhough he shrugged it off with his flirting manner but yes he cared for her. Why else would he have taken a small matter with such delicacy?

                        She knew how it felt not to be listened or to get hurt 'physically' by saying something. She knew how it was to get hurt' physically' by listening to her elders. But all that was her past now and it couldn't hurt her now. She was away from everything and 'everyone'. Maan would never hurt her, he couldn't. 

Do hang on for the next part as its gonna have some intimate scenes between maan geet Wink hope u liked this part too and u'll soon be seeing a fuming maan with jealousy and possessiveness tooEmbarrassed

and dun forget to hit the like buttonBig smile

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Wow Amazing part yaar.
Loved that swimming pool scene hehe.
Aww geet is too innocent. Fearing about Maan's reaction.
Oh cant wait for their close moment. And hayee Maan jealous and possessive.
Do update soon please ;D

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