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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 34)

simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
great part
dont like lucky
cont soonnn
ty 4 pm

Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 4:56am | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon
zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2011 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
i hate this lucky Angry
MSgayatri Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 3:15am | IP Logged
hey!!!!!!! this is a prety interestin ff
add me 4 pm
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Awe maan enjoying teasing geet as his seein the old geet back who he missed dearly and hmm lucky shares a unusual realtioanhip with geet but geet considers it as just friends but there is more to it as seen in the last part how he was forcefully trying to get rid of her fear for heights and oh so that's how maaneet met each other and haye loved the possessive and protectiveness maan had towards geet when she screamed for him anyways great update and can't wait to read more Smile

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kabslocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by asmara19

Hey guys heres the update as promised to do soonTongue thanks for all the lovely comments...

here it goes and do hit the like button

Btw now it'll be going in geet's past and all that happened in her lifeBig smile


                   Soon they all went off for picnic. The picnic spot was about an hour's drive on a hilly area. They all went off to find a suitable place to sit down.

"hum ne na ek baar humari 3rd standard ki teacher ke register main lucky ka rubber wala cockroach daal diya tha or phir itna maza aya tha ke poochiye mat" geet was telling maan about her childhood time spent with lucky and the more she spoke about him the more maan was sure that he should hate him.

"I wouldn't dare" she didn't notice the skeptism in his tone.

"phir hum bade hogaye and'somehow we changed'everything changed" she shook her head seeming lost.

"how?" he looked at her with his attention 100% on her.

"matlab pehle jaise humari thoughts match karti thi hamara behavior match karta tha' baatain'sb change hogaya" he frowned at the way she spoke about it. She took his silence as a hint for her to continue,

"he seemed changed. Aisa lagta tha jaise most of the time wo kisi soch main hai or phir hum dono hi uncomfortable se hone lag gaye ek doosre ke sath. Or phir jb main college main ayi to wo' shaadi wala'" she stopped and cursed for her slip of tongue.

"shaadi??" he looked at her listening calmly without showing any sign of surprise. Geet looked at him in fear but when she saw in his eyes, he was calm. He wanted her to trust him and confide in him.

"han. Wo' jab main 1st year main thi to mere liye ek rishta aya tha" geet started keeping an eye on maan's every gesture.

"he was of 40 years and' and I was 16." She said still hesitatingly.

"what did you do?" he asked her softly noticing the way she was twitching her fingers.

"well I' couldn't do much. I just refused and then'" she stopped and he probed gently,


"then'," she seemed thoughtful, "they just locked me up in' my room for' a day or two and then' they accepted my decision and you know the rest. You helped me out." She shrugged her shoulders and looked away where the others were walking.

"ahan" he knew she was still hiding something. As far as he knew, her family didn't seem like one who would just agree to her by locking her up for a day or two in her room. But what was it that she was hiding?

         Maan remembered that night,

 He was walking back to his farmhouse in midnight when he wascoming back from hiswork, when he saw a girl running on the desserted road with a bag in her hand. He kept walking paying no heed to her. He never cared about what the world did, but she came upto him and spoke,

"sahib can you please help me?" he couldn't see her face in the darkness but he could hear the desperation in her voice.

"no"he replied curtly.

"please sir' I just need to know the way to the station' railway station" she was stuttering but he kept walking,

"wo log' wo maar dalenge mujhe sahib' please meri madad kijiye"

"I can't" he replied harshly.

"dekho yaheen kaheen hogi wo" she looked at the direction from where the voice came and so did he but when he looked back at her she was already running away and didn't look back at him. When she was out of sight he saw 4 men coming from the same way she did but they had all covered their faces with cloth and they had knives or swords in their hands.they all seemed goons and a girl like her stood nowhere in front of there strength. He stopped for a moment but then he ignored the thought and kept walking. After a little while he heard someone panting in the jungle. He frowned and gazed into the darkness beside the road and he saw a figure behind the tree.the figure moved and came out from the jungle on the road but she was looking back when she collided with him and she cried out in fright.

"ssshhh" he gestured with his finger on his lips.he still couldn't make out her face in the darkness. She looked at him for a mere second and then started to run away quietly.

"wait, " he stopped her in a whisper, "I'll take you to the station" she stopped and looked back at him but even now she had her face veiled by her dupatta.

       He led her quietly to his farmhouse but she stopped in fear a long way away from his door. He understood her fear. It was the same as any girl would fear of.

"don't worry I wouldn't hurt you. Wait here I'll get the keys of my car" she stopped there clutching her bag tightly to her chest while he went off. When he came back after a few minutes, she was frozen on the spot just as he had left her. without asking any questions he led her to his jeep and she herself sat quietly but when he glanced at her after a while she had her eyes shut tightly and she was muttering something under her breath with her hands clasped tightly together and he knew that she was praying. It was then that his car passed from the street light and he saw her face clearly. She might be hardly 17 or 18. Why was she running at such a young age? What made her take this step? She must be an immature. Well, what did he care for? it was her life after all. He shrugged the thought away.

     He dropped her at the station and she muttered a 'thank you' but her eyes held the gratitude she felt and he could see it clearly. He drove off after she climbed in a train. But he couldn't forget her since then.

"so you want us to sit somewhere or us to be together?" maan asked geet in a voice only meant for her to hear, shaking her out of her thoughts.

"I want everyone to sit together" geet eyed maan and he saw the fire back in them and not the least bit of nervousness. He was loving the old geet coming back to him and when he kept gazing at her with that look in his eyes she shook her head raising her brows at him,


"are you trying to avoid me?" maan asked mischievously.

"I'm not" geet said through clenched teeth trying to keep her voice low.

"good because we are not here forever between so many people" he inclined his head towards her and stuck his hands inside his pockets of jeans.

"we'll be with dadi maa, anie and dev" said geet with a challenge in her voice.

"oh so you mean you can avoid me there!" maan said bringing out meaning that she was telling him.

"not exactly but maybe we won't get time or '"

"kahin tum ye to nahi kehna chahti ke tumhain honeymoon pe jana hai?" he cut her off and looked at her with a serious expression and she stopped short in her way looking back at him horrified while he was enjoying teasing her,

"what???" she exclaimed.

"nahi! If you want then we can definitely go for our honeymoon" maan shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, speaking in a matter of factly way. She looked at him with her mouth open wide and then she collected herself and closed her mouth. Crossing her arms across her chest she spoke and her brow rose,

"maan sir I think ke mere do 3 din ghar se door rehne se ap thode se ..." suddenly maan extended his arm and wrapping it around her waist he pulled her towards himself and she crashed on his chest with a gasp.

"han? Bolo! Kiya hogaya hun main?" he whispered with only an inch's distance between them and geet was at first at a loss of words but when she opened her mouth she surprisingly found her voice,

"kiya'kiya kar rahe hain ap? Koi ajayega?"

"I intend to complete what we left incomplete in the room" he spoke in a murmer as his gaze shifted from her eyes to her lips and he felt her shiver in his arms.

"geet!" suddenly they heard the voice maan was beginning to hate. Geet jilted and wriggled to get herself out of maan's arms but he wouldn't let her go. She looked at him frowningly and struggeled but he only tightened his grip,

"maan sir" she pleaded and her insides churned at his eyes turning dark with intensity. She heard the thumping of footsteps closing and suddenly he let go of her.

"geet!" they both heard the voice and knew that he was was watching them but both maan and geet were gazing at eachother when maan replied,

"hey lucky" maan's voice was chilling and geet looked away realizing she had been holding her breath.

"hi'I was just thinking ke hum sab mil k dhoondte hain koi jaga" lucky spoke hesitatingly looking at maan an dthen towards geet.

"or may be you thought that geet wasn't safe with me?" maan tilted his head and smiled with sarcasm.

"maan sir kiya keh rahe hain ap?", geet looked at maan with a frown and then said , "Chalen!"

While maan was walking with geet and lucky was walking ahead of them, the kids came around and dragged maan with them who went with them reluctantly while geet kept turning back to see him till he was out of site.

"hmm whatsay geet yahan sahi hai?" lucky asked as they reached up on a cliff. Lucky turned around to find geet looking somewhere behind her.

"geet?" lucky called her and geet replied without paying attention to lucky,

"han?" lucky looked ahead and smirked to himself,

"yahan ao"  when geet couldn't see maan anywhere she turned around looking at lucky and stepped ahead towards him,

"kiya hua?"

"dekho yahan se kitna acha lag raha hai" lucky said as geet stopped two feet behind him and froze,

"oh God!" geet was scared of heights since childhood when she had fallen off from a cliff just like this one in a lake when she had gone on a school trip when she was 8 years old. Geet turned around quickly to go back but lucky caught her wrist,

"array kahan jarahi ho? Ruko to"

"lucky yahan nahi meri tabiyat kharab horahi hai" geet struggeled to get her hand free as she started to get nauseous.

"thodi der ruko gi to theek hojayegi" lucky pulled her wrist hurtfully.

"lucky please mujhe jane do. Pagal hogaye ho kiya" geet cried out and tried to pull herself back and her head started swirling,

"geet thodi der bethogi to dar nikal jayega" he was dragging her to the edge of the cliff.

"LUCKY!!! Stop it" she shouted but lucky wouldn't listen to her while she kept trying to pull herself back but her weakening strength was uncomparable to his and she fell on her knees.

"kuch nahi hoga main hun na" he started to pull her up,

"MAAN!!" she shouted with firm belief that he would protect her.

"array geet kiya hogaya hai itna kiyun dar rahi ho?" lucky spoke with a laugh as if she was a kid and was scared without any reason.

"MAAN!! MAAN!!" geet kept shouting while lucky caught her shoulders and dragged her up to stand but didn't let her go when suddenly a deep, angry voice came which relieved geet to the core,

"chodo usay"maan was nearby with the kids when he had heard geet's scream and had ran following her voice up the cliff. Lucky turned to see maan behind them and let go of geet's arms, who stumbled on her steps due to her worsening condition and ran towards maan without thinking or stopping for a moment and broke on his chest in his arms that he had held out for her and embrassed her in his arms tightly.

"ap nahi jante isay unchayi se dar lagta hai. Thodi der bethe gi yahan to iska dar door hojayega" lucky said with a smile on his face but he was intimidated by maan's sudden appearance and the way geet had seeked him.

"wo main dekh lunga ke uska dar kaise door karna hai tum fikar mat karo" maan replied angrily. He wanted to beat the hell out of this man but he was using every ounce of self control to stop himself because geet had called this man, her friend.

"per ap nahi jante usay bachpan se'"

"tumhain mujhe kuch samjhane ki zarurat nahi hai. Main apni bivi ke baray main sab janta hun or tum usse door raho" maan raised his finger at him and his voice shook with anger while holding geet tightly to himself.

"ap to khamakha ghussa horahe hain. Main to bas'" lucky tried to explain but maan didn't listen to him,

"chalo geet" he lead her down the cliff while holding her in his arms all the way down and rubbed her back and shoulders soothingly. As they reached down all the family started to gather around them in panic at what happened to geet at which maan lied that she fainted because she hadn't eaten well. He made her drink juice and eat a sandwich which she ate quietly while he sat down beside her and told everyone that he was taking geet with him back to Delhi right now and geet didn't insist to stay back.

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Lip-a-Licious IF-Rockerz

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ixray Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
awesome !!!!
love Maan and his shattiir ideas.
lolz his getting everything his way, not right ... hmmm would love o see a jealous and fuming Maan too.

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