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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 29)

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

hey guys heres me finally updatingEmbarrassed n m sooo sooo sooo sooorrryyy for keeping you guys waiting for sooo looongCry.

actually i had been home after 1 and a half month so got really busy catching up with everything and i couldn't get time to write the ffBig smile

but here it is and  i hope you like this update i'll try to update regularly now as i plan to wind it up nowBig smile sooo enjoy and do let me know if you like it and plss hit the like buttonBig smile


       The very next morning, maan set off to hoshiarpur after settling all his meetings and work with adi and instructing him about everything. He drove madly remembering every single thing that geet said to him ever and fuming with anger that she didn't came back herself. Eventhough he knew that it was a tradition that the man was supposed to bring back his wife from her family but she should have come back or else she should have told him that when was he supposed to come and take her back with him. Irrational. He knew he was just being stupid. It was his fault and he was blaming it on geet. He was just desperate to see her. Tell her that she was his and she had no right to ever think that they could ever get separate.

     He reached hoshiarpur by the evening and stopped in front of the 'handa khoti'. His heart raced with excitement. He literally ran up the steps to the main gate where children were playing and they started screaming as they spotted him

"maan jeeju agye! Maan jeju agaye!!" maan smiled at them and went inside when geet's mother came forward hurriedly with the pooja thaali and she smilingly welcomed maan while geet's father and uncles and aunties started coming at the door step  to welcome their son in law first time. Geet's mother put tika on maan's forehead while maan's eyes searched for geet inside the house but he couldn't see her anywhere. Geet's family took maan inside and gave him juice and started to do all the formalities in hurry when maan stopped geet's mother,

"maa ji, is sb ki koi zarurat nahi." Geet's mother stopped and turned to watch maan with a humble smile, " main bus geet ko lene aya tha"

  He saw her mother's face stricken while she turned to look at geet's father and geet's brother, brij, came forward and asked,

"geet ne kiya apko nahi bataya ke wo kahan gayi hai?" maan heard the murdeorous tone in brij's voice and he knew that if he said no then geet might get in trouble besides he was getting tensed that where had she gone but he couldn't let geet get into trouble so he took matters in his own hands,

"bataya tha per mujhe exactly pata nahi na us jaga ka address isliye" maan spoke while he saw relief washing over geet's mother's face.

"oh han ji, apko kaise pata hoga humari Amritsar wali bua ka ghar" brij smiled as maan's lie worked on him too, "main apko khud le chalta hun wahan"

"nahi nahi its ok. Main chala jaunga. Ap bas mujhe exact address bata den" maan's throat had constricted at the thought that geet had gone to Amritsar without telling him about it.

       After getting the address, maan set off for Amritsar cursing himself that he had caused this trouble for himself. Meanwhile he was thinking that what must be geet going through, thinking that he wanted divorce? He shouldn't have behaved like this in his own guilt with her. Now she was suffering because of him he had promised himself at the time of their wedding that he would keep her happy always and he couldn't keep his promise at the first step of their relation. But he was determined to set it right and he would. He would bring geet back and bring back his old geet too.

     "geet! Chalo na sab keh rahe hain ke picnic pe chalte hain." A guy of almost 26 years of age, tall and good looking came to geet while she stood with her shoulders leaned with the tree in the gardens of the big house, staring at the beauty of nature and the skies lost in her thoughts about what lied in her future. She knew her future was alone now. Maan would divorce her and she would have to leave that place and her family forever. She kept feeling regret that if only she had tried to convince maan harder not to marry her, then this wouldn't have happened.

"lucky mera dil nahi chah raha" geet replied with a dead soul.

"please geet sab keh rahe hain. Maan jao na" lucky tried again but inside he thought it might be difficult to convince this geet. He had known a bubbly and full of life geet a few years ago when she was in school and what had her marriage done to her? He had a strong doubt that she wasn't happy with her husband that's why he wanted to spend time with her to bring her out of the depression she was going into.

"per main wahan ja ke kiya karungi?" geet asked looking up at lucky.

"wohi jo sb karte hain. Maza karenge" he gave her his charming smile which convinced her quickly.

"acha theek hai chalo" geet sighed and nodded.

"yes. Thank you" lucky spoke with excitement and geet smiled at his happiness.

      Lucky was her childhood school friend who now lived in the neighbor of her aunt's house but he spent most of the time at her aunt's because geet's cousins were of lucky's age and besides lucky was a very good natured man and got along with everyone that's why everyone liked him. He was a lawyer and an accomplished one. As soon as geet had met lucky in her aunt's house, lucky had been with her 24*7 and had only left her alone when she was to sleep besides the environment at her aunt's house wasn't as much strict as at her own house and male dominance wasn't an issue therefore everyone had the right to do what they liked with the elders permission and correct guidance and people didn't mind her and lucky's being together because they didn't misunderstood their relationship as friends.

      Geet stood with the tree as lucky had left her and she thought about maan. She was a failiure, she thought. She couldn't be a good daughter and now she couldn't be a good wife as well which was why maan wasn't happy with her. She didn't deserve to stay around these people who were trying to cheer her up. She would screw their life too unintentionally like she had screwed her parents's and now her married life too. But should she wait for maan's decision? Or she should go to wherever she could try to start a new life? Should she inform her family or atleast someone? Where was she to go?  It was easier said then done to start a new life.  

      In the midst of all these thoughts she felt goosebumps at the back of her neck as if she was being watched. She turned around slowly to look back and was stunned to find the man she was thinking about since past couple of days, walking towards her. She frowned thinking that maybe she was hallucinating because she hadn't slept well since these few days and besides why would he be here? While she was thinking about all this, he was coming closer to her with his same strong strides that depicted an aura of magnetism, power and strength that always drew her breath away. He had that roughness and harshness about him which was another trait which completed Maan Singh KHurana's personality.

"Hi geet!" she was shaken out of her thoughts by his deep voice. She still stood with her arms crossed and a confused expression because she still wasn't sure if he really was there.

"geet??" and she realized that he really was there. She started to step back while he stood on his grounds.

"kahan jarahi ho?" his voice again confirmed her doubt that he really was there.

"ap?" she barely whispered.

"han" he took a step closer. He was controlling all his urges very strongly. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and never let her go. He wanted to kiss her out of her senses that she would forget to do this to him again; she would forget the mere thought of leaving him. All his pent up frustrations and desires were erupting like a volcano just by seeing her there in front of him.

"ap yahan kaise?" she asked frowning.

"tumhare ghar gaya to pata chala tum yahan ho so main agaya" he stole his glance away from her face to hold his control that he felt loosing with every passing second by her voice that sounded melodious to his ears. God! He had missed her so much. She turned away from him in that instant and he had the sudden urge to pull her back to face him but he didn't while she leaned her shoulder with the tree and stared at the ground,


"aise hi. Kiyun? Nahi asakta kiya?" he asked walking up behind her.

"itni jaldi thi apko apna faisla sunanay ki k ap yahan tk agaye?" her voice held the skepticism.

"han mujhe laga kaheen tum kisi khushfehmi main na raho" he played the game with a smirk while his body stiffened as he inhaled her fragrance that discriminated her from the rest of the world.

"main kisi khush fehmi main na kabhi thi or na hun! Dadi maa ko bata hi diya hoga apnay?" she spoke unaware of the havoc she was creating in in him.

"mmhmm dadi maa ko kuch batane ki zarurat nahi hai. Sub kuch tumhain samjhane ki zarurat hai" he feared that if she said one more thing he would loose control. He had used up all his self control and now he feared that he didn't had anymore of it.

"matlab?" she turned her face and gazed at him with confusion written on her face and with those innocent eyes that spoke clearly to maan that she was missing him just as much as he was. This was the limit she had crossed. Her eyes had taken away everything from him as he drew his breath and caught her arms,pulling her forward and pinned her back with the tree and closed the distance between them while she gasped in shock,

"get one thing straight in your mind geet khurana," maan caught her arms firmly and spoke looking straight into her eyes and saw her flinching at her real name now, "if you think that I'll let you go away from my life then you are highly mistaken and if you ever tried to walk away like this then the consequences would be severe and the word separation is never going to be used between us let alone divorce. Are you getting me this far?" she nodded after a moment of hasitation with fear and he could feel her body trembling and her heart beat racing while she gazed in his eyes.

"you are coming with me right now back to our house" she shook her head lightly.

"geet! Don't try to argue with me warna…!" he leaned closer to her face but she cut him off,

"warna?" she voice had a slight edge and she frowned.

"warna I'll do something for which you might not be ready" he twitched his lips.

"are you-are you threatening me?" she was angry and he saw The geet, the one he had fallen in love with.

"yes" he replied with the same casuality that had caused this anger in her.

"you can't do anything to me" she shot back to him, her eyes going red with anger and she tried to get her arms free from his grip only to find his grip tightening,

"try me" he said as his gaze lowered to her lips and she felt her stomach churning and when he looked back in her eyes she saw something that she hadn't noticed before which shook her insides and she felt her legs weakening. She drew her breath and spoke hesitatingly,

"what do you want now?" he decided to concentrate on the matter at hand first.

"I just want you to know that… you misunderstood me. I never wanted a divorce or separation" he said calmly leaving her arms and stepped back a little from her and saw her getting comfortable with this distance. She looked away for a moment as if analyzing his words and replied,

"Then why were you behaving like that? Admit it that you are fed up with me. You just took me as a challenge because I wouldn't come to you like every other girl does and that's why you decided to force me into marriage and then…." Before she could say anything else he turned around to face her and raised his voice,

"ENOUGH GEET!!" she got scared. He saw her flinching but she didn't move back. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. Ofcourse she would think like this till he wouldn't tell her the truth that he loved her but she wouldn't believe him if he told her like this suddenly. He calmed down decided to tell her the half truth,

"geet, I was feeling guilty that I had forced you into marriage", he saw her expressions softening and knew that she would understand him, "I forced you and …and yet you were trying to make our marriage work. It made me feel guilty. Mujhe tumse zabardasti nahi karni chahiye thi. I'm sorry for that geet but trust me I am not sorry that I married you." Maan knew that geet understood everything that he was confessing about. He paused for a moment while she gazed at him in silence and then he spoke,

"Main ne tumse shadi isliye ki geet kiyun k main tumhain pasand karta hun" thankfully she didn't argue. She saw honesty in his eyes and her heart told her that he was telling the truth. In that instant she forgot who they both were for the world, boss and secretary, two people from two different worlds. What she knew at that moment was that they both were only husband and wife and her husband had came all the way to take her back home with him and he was confessing to her that he liked her.

Should she tell him that she likes him too? She thought, knowing well that how much trauma she had gone through with the thought of getting separate from maan.

"kiya soch rahi ho geet?" maan asked and geet looked away from his eyes but he had already caught the confusion written plainly on her face. She felt the same as he did; he concluded and smiled while she stared at the ground.

No. she couldn't tell him anything at the moment. What would he think? Besides he had just confessed his own 'likeness' nothing else and neither had he asked her about her feelings for him so she should better stay quiet. Geet took a deep breath of determination to not say anything and looked back up at him and saw him smiling at her. She stared at him in astonishment and realized that his smile held mischief as if he knew fact as if he had caught her in some act like a teacher caught a student cheating.

"geet?" lucky's voice came from somewhere behind them and geet got startled and turned back while maan tilted his head to see who it was.

"oh hi ap yahan? I'm lucky. Geet ka friend."lucky held out his hand to maan with a flashing smile.

"hi. Maan. Maan singh khurana. Geet ka husband." Maan emphasized on the word so that both geet and her friend hear that clearly. Geet flinched at the possessiveness in his tone but lucky was oblivious to it.

"yup I know. I'm sorry I couldn't come to your wedding. Actually mujhe pata hi nahi chala ke geet ki shadi kab or kaise hogayi. Humara kafi time se kuch contact nahi hua tha." Maan heard the complaint in lucky's words that geet got married without letting him know and maan wasn't liking this man. Maybe because of his possessiveness, he felt that lucky was trying to show rights on geet which was why he didn't like lucky.

"its very nice to meet you. Actually main bus geet ko lene hi aya tha. Hum dono ja hi rahe thay wapas" maan said while geet stayed quiet during their conversation.

"array aise kaise? Humari aj picnic planned hai and you can't take her"

"really?", maan smirked and glanced at geet who looked away. She was well aware of what was brewing inside maan. "Well aisa hai lucky, ke hum geet ki aunty se mil ke nikal jayenge to…" lucky cut off maan and turned towards geet.

"geet tum hi roko na inhain," but geet wasn't listening to lucky, she was looking at maan who was looking at her. She knew he was waiting for her words because his eyes held a challenging glint and he wouldn't listen to lucky until she stopped him, "Aise kaise tum dono ja sakte ho ubhi to hum ne…"

"ruk jaye na" geet gave up quickly and spoke softly. She saw his eyes softening quickly but what softened her heart was that there was no sign of winning in his eyes. He wasn't taking her as a challenge, she decided with relief.

"dekha ub to geet bhi keh rahi hai rukne ko. Waise I wonder k ek dum se geet ka rukne ka man kaise bana cuz ubhi kuch der pehle to badi mushkil se convince hui thi ye jane k liye picnic pe." Maan smiled because he knew why geet wanted to go out, it was because of him. She was relieved that he was here with her now. Whether she admits it or not, maan had seen it in her eyes that she was happy because he was here.

        Maan went insde the bathroom to take a shower while geet ironed a sari for herself and maan's clothes eventhough he had said that they were ironed already but she wasn't satisfied with the creases. She had thought that before maan would come out she would change her clothes as well but just as she was about to take off her dupatta maan came out wearing only his jeans. She was stunned to find him in this state. Water dripping on his bare chest and his rippling muscles left geet breathless and she quickly looked away in embarassment and turned away from him but it did no good because her heart was thumping and blood was rushing to her ears. She didn't know what to do or what to say? How was she supposed to go out now? Because the door was behind maan and to go out she would have to pass maan. But why wasn't maan saying anything? Isn't he embarrassed? Why isn't he going back in bathroom to let her go out? God!

      Before geet could think of anything else she heard soft thumping of foot steps coming towards her. Her mind said that maan was coming forward just to get his shirt but her heart said something else….which she didn't want to listen but every slow movement that she heard from his side her mind also started to agree with her heart and just as she felt his breath on her neck her entire body screamed in alarm and she flipped around finding only a few cm distance between them and she looked in his eyes confused slightly not believing what her instincts were telling her and now his eyes were saying the same thing.

     Her shyness, the way she had blushed and looked away had been so innocent that he couldn't control himself and just as he was about to close the distance between them she had flipped around looking straight in his eyes. Her eyes held confusion as if she wasn't sure what was happening. God! If only she knew what she was doing to him. Her moist lips caught his attention and he took a slow step towards her which she retreated in just the same pace as his. He took another step and she retreated again. He lowered his gaze to her feet and shifted his gaze slowly back to her eyes but this time he saw nervousness. Extreme nervousness and he felt that she might run any moment which was why he held her gaze fixed to his own and kept taking steps towards her and she kept retreating until her back hit the wall.

    Just as he had expected, she started to slide away with her back still with the wall but he blocked her way with his hand on the wall and before she could try to move on the other side he placed his other hand on her side caging her between his arms. She was breathing heavily and wouldn't look up at him in nervousness. For a while he kept looking at her testing her patience and he smirked to himself looking at her condition and thought that she might faint any second now.

"geet!" he whispered her name and she stopped twitching her fingers but didn't look up. He slid his for efinger beneath her chin and tipped her face up gently but instead of looking at him, she closed her eyes.

"look at me geet!" he spoke firmly but she didn't open her eyes. His gaze lowered to her slightly parted lips and he leaned closer but as he was about to end the distance in a flash of second, the door knocked. Geet gasped and looked towards the door while maan looked at the door calmly but his expressions changed when he heard the voice,

"geet are you ready?" it was lucky. Geet quickly went towards the door and after a deep breath she opened the door,

"h..han bus thodi si…"

"ye kiya geet tumne to ub tk change bhi nahi kiya?" lucky spoke while maan leaned back with the wall and crossed his arms across his chest listening to their talk.

"bus do minute lagenge" geet replied catching up her breath and nervousness.

"main kab se tumhara wait kar raha tha or tum…"

"it's ok lucky you can go me and geet will catch with you guys" out of nowhere geet found maan standing beside her with his hand on the door frame behind her and speaking to lucky in a sarcastic tone in a manner that said 'I'm her husband' or ' I'm here for her'. Atleast that's what geet heard in his tone.

"oh maan…umm nahi it's ok we'll wait for both of you" lucky suddenly got hasitant and geet noticed the change in him.

"I thought you were in a hurry." Maan tilted his head slightly eying him with a twitch on his lips.

"no no it's ok you guys take your time. I'll… see you" with that he stepped back and walked away.

"I don't think he really likes me. Do you?" maan spoke standing in the same manner that gave geet no way to go back inside except by crossing him. She frowned slightly at his question.

"like me?" he asked leaning closer and she leaned back. Color rose to her cheeks making them flush and she looked prettier then ever. Once again he had to control himself when she spoke,

"we're… getting late" and with that she stole her glance away and walked away while he smiled to himself heartfully and cursed lucky.

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Finally u updated.. Off to read it..
shalinisaran89 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
omg...awesome upd...
lov it...
waitin eagerly 4 d nxt one...

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Nice update! Maan and Geet together! Thanks for the PM! Smile

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wow finally you update SmileSmile

loved it Smile

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Loveee the part!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome update
loved it loadz
so glad u update
awww loved them
hehe love the possesive maan
lobe geet and lucky friendship
can't wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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