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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 19)

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awww...such a lovely update....such cute scenes...fantastic job!

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hey guys here's the part as promised before i went backBig smile i hope you like it and thanks for all your lovely commentsTongue


     The next morning, he found his clothes all ironed and hanged with all of his stuff on the bed when he came out after taking bath. His watch, wallet, socks, polished shoes, tie, shirt, waist coat, pants, and belt. He was again taken aback by surprise. Even though, she didn't talk to him much except what was absolutely necessary but she was doing all the chores that was supposed to be a wife's job. Besides that, she was getting along with dadi and annie very well. They laughed, talked, discussed anything and everything, and did all that a family did together but somewhere maan felt left out. He didn't know why? He had expected geet to make him angry and do all the things to make him realize that he had made a fault by marrying her but she was doing exactly the opposite. It wasn't that he didn't want her to be happy but not like this…by ignoring him.

    She was making the marriage work even after all the odds that she felt. She wasn't fighting with him, nor arguing that she used to do so frequently even when they were just boss and secretary and not anymore. This wasn't his geet. She was being herself with dadi maa and annie but not him. With him, she was fake, acting as if everything was alright. She smiled and avoided everything that would create argument or a fight. Even when he did something on purpose to provoke her, she stayed quiet.

     It was Sunday morning, when maan came downstairs in his casual salwar kurta, that his eyes caught sight of the most unusual scene ever in Khurana Mansion. His dadi and annie were sitting on the ground in front of geet in the garden while geet was massaging his dadi's hair and annie had already had massage and was now reading a book lying on the grass while geet and dadi were talking about something. Maan stepped closer towards the window to get a clear view of them and saw his dadi's eyes closed as if she was feeling pleasant by geet's massage. Neither dadi nor annie had ever applied oil in their hair. Especially annie, who always relied on conditioners and shampoos.

"ahem ahem" maan made noise to make his presence felt and all the three of them turned to look at him,

"ye kiya horaha hai?" maan asked surprised by the changes in his house.

"Sunday mana rahe hain bhai! I swear apki bivi to kamal hai. Maza agaya hair massage le kar. Ap ne kabhi liya hai bhabhi se hair massage?" anvesha teased maan sitting up and putting the book in her laps.

"err nahi. Dev kahan hai?" maan changed the topic quickly at seeing geet's uncomfort.

"kiya bhai apko pata hai na istym dev bhai yahan nahi apne friends ke sath hote hain Sunday ko"

"umm han…main… chalta hun" maan turned around to leave while geet glanced at him. She wanted to stop him and wanted him to sit with them but she didn't knew how to stop him? Somehow everything between them wasn't improving after their marriage. No matter how much she tried. At least they talked before but now they hardly even saw each other.

"aray maan bte ap kahan jarahe hain. Aiyay ap bhi geet se massage karvaiye" dadi maa moved aside and made space for maan to sit in front of geet.

"p…per…dadi…" geet started suddenly getting nervous and just as she saw maan looking at her intently she stopped.

"nahi dadi main theek hun" maan spoke and geet heard the brusque tone.

"aray such main geet bohat acha massage karti hai. Ap try to keejiye or after all ap dono pati patni hain itni bhi kiya sharam ke a p dono humare samne ek dusre se baat bhi nahi karte"

"ap ke samne kiya dadi hum to waise bhi baat nahi karte" maan murmured and meant only for geet to hear and she did. He knew because she looked down and face expressions strickened.

"kuch kaha ap ne?" dadi asked.

"han. Yahi ke main karwa leta hun massage agar geet ko koi problem na ho" maan gazed at geet and she nodded lightly.

"geet ko kiya problem hogi? Apne husband ke liye bhi kiya kabhi kuch problem hoti hai kiya?" annie spoke while maan came forward and sat in front of geet on ground while she sat on the bench.

"theek se bethiye. Comfortable ho kar" geet spoke silently as maan sat with a distance from her to avoid physical contact but she couldn't apply oil on his head properly,

"agar main comfortable hogaya to tum uncomfortable hojaogi" he spoke so that again only she could hear. She stiffened at the realization of what he meant but still he closed the distance between them which was actually a little 'discomforting' for geet at the beginning because she got shivers in her body by his closeness. His broad shoulders and muscles at the back were clearly visible to geet and were enough to play havoc with her mind. Moreover as she continued the massage, she felt his body relaxing beneath her touch which was initially stiffened.

      What she didn't knew was that her touch was creating havoc on maan as well. Her soft touches on his neck and behind his ears, in his hair, were relaxing but enough to arouse him sexually too because he could feel her tension too. After a short while, when he got in control of his feelings and relaxed, he felt her relaxing too and realized suddenly that the feelings were mutual between them, then why was she so aloof towards him?

"acha lag raha hai?" dadi maa asked interrupting maan's trail of thoughts.

"hmmm" he replied with his eyes closed while geet continued to massage his temple.

"dekha kaha tha na hum ne"

"hmmm" maan replied again and geet finished the massage after which maan got up quietly murmuring a 'thanks' to her and went inside making dadi and annie look after him in confusion and geet saw it. Geet got up too and went after maan who went in the drawing room and picked up the other newspaper.

"kiya hua apko?" geet asked softly.

"mujhe kiya hona hai?" maan replied distantly flipping the pages of the newspaper but didn't sit down.

"aise kiyun kaha ap ne bahar ke hum baat nahi karte?"

"karte hain kiya?" maan turned around putting the paper down on the table and crossed his arms across his chest and eyed her intently.

"main ne kuch ghalat kiya kiya?" geet asked innocently and maan realized that she had no idea of what she was doing.

"nahi geet. Tumne kuch ghalat nahi kiya" he replied quietly and looked away.

"to phir kiya hua hai?"

"yahi to problem hai na geet that you're so damn perfect.", he spoke firmly keeping his volume in control at her yet taking out his frustration, "Kuch ghalat nahi kiya tum ne. sub ghalat mujh main hi hai. Isiliye to tum mujhse ziada mere ghar walon ke sath time spend karti ho or mujhse baat karna bhi pasand nahi karti"

"per wo… family hain…humari…" he felt his heart clenching suddenly at her saying that it was 'their' family and not just 'his'.

"or main bhi shayad usi family ka hissa hun" he told her harshly.

"per ap…khud hi… baat nahi karte hain agar bethte hain to…" maan knew that she was right. He rarely talked or commented on anything they talked about. When he remained quiet she asked,

"mujhe…bataiye to ke problem kiya hai akhir?"

"just…go geet. Just leave" he turned away from her and sat down on the couch picking up the newspaper. She stepped back silently and walked out. When she went out he looked up at the door from where she had gone and realized that this fight had occurred because he missed her. He missed his old fighting geet, who argued with him at every step, who talked to him even when he pretended to not listen to her, not this fake and obedient geet.

      In the evening, geet came in maan's study room after knocking and stood near the door with her fingers twitching nervously,

"wo…annie keh rahi thi…ke main uskay sath…sh…shopping per jaon…to…" she had started nervously and maan got irritated by her scaed voice,

"mere wallet main se credit card nikal lo" he told her harshly without looking up but he had glanced at her and the way she stood there meekly,

"nahi…mujhe shopping nahi karni…annie ko karni hai…"

"annie ke pas to apne credit cards hain" he spoke in a matter of fact way.

"han main…main…puchne ayi thi ke main jaon uskay sath?" maan was taken aback by the question. Was she losing her confidence because of him? He thought with a sinking heart.

"main ne tumhain pehle kabhi mana kiya hai?" he softened his voice quickly and looked up at her.

"nahi…main bus…" she glanced at him quickly and looked down again.

"tumhain mujhse kuch bhi puchne ki zarurat nahi hai geet. Bus bata diya karo ek baar" he spoke caringly.

"ji. Do ghante tak ajayenge hum" she nodded.

"hmm" and she walked out of the room. Just as the door closed behind her, he closed his eyes and threw the pen on the table, ran his fingers through his hair and held his hands at the back of his neck and looked up towards heaven. He had never wanted this to happen. Now she was scared of him and he didn't know what to do?

"maan, bte ap khane ki table per sb se dair se atay hain or sbse jaldi uth k chale jate hain. Na sb k sath beth k theek se baat karte hain or na hi khana theek se khate hain. This is not done beta" savitri devi started to scold maan when he came on the table for dinner in the end one evening.

"I'm sorry dadi maa per aj kal kaam bohat ziada hai" maan said guiltily.

"humari fikr nahi to geet ka hi khayal kijiye. Ap dono ki nayi nayi shadi hun" dadi maa glanced at geet who stood besides maan serving him food in his plate. Upon listening to the scolding she quickly defended maan,

"dadi maa, kuch nahi hota. Unka kaam such main bohat ziada hai aj kal. Maan sir, ap wo…" geet was interrupted by squeals of laughter from annie and dev. Both maan and geet looked up at them while maan glared at them,

"kiya hua?" geet asked confused.

"tum ub bhi bro ko 'maan sir' bulati ho?" dev asked and geet realized what had caused the laughter. She looked away embarrassed but maan spoke up in a strict tone,

"ismain itna hansne ki koi zarurat nahi. Geet jis marzi naam se  chahe mujhe bula sakti hai" with that everyone got quiet and nobody said anything anymore neither did anyone made fun of geet.

      At night geet went in their bedroom where maan was writing something in his file. Geet was a little hesitant to speak at first but she started talking while arranging the bed to sleep,

"dadi maa keh rahi thi ke hum sub mandir jayenge is Tuesday ko"

"hmm" maan replied without looking up. Geet tried to initiate conversation again,

"annie ki friend ki birthday party arahi hai. Usne hum sbko invite kiya hai. Hum challenge?"

"hmm" geet turned away and stated to hang the clothes that were lying on the chair and thought of something else to speak,

"oh main to batana hi bhool gayi kal dadi maa ki wo delhi se friend ayi thi. Bohat kaha unhain rukne ko per wo apni beti ke ghar reh rahi thi isliye yahan ruki nahi. Ap bhi office se dair se aye thay isliye mil nahi saki ap se. per puch rahi thi apkay baray main" maan didn't bother to reply this time. Geet sighed and turned away to hang the clothes in cupboard and asked him,

"office main sub theek hain? Adi sir, pinky, sasha, tasha log?"

"han sub theek hain" geet heard the tinge of irritation in his voice but continued,

"annie ka annual function araha hai college main uskay liye wo keh rahi thi ke…"

"agar sare ghar walon ki batain khatam hogayi hon to main kuch kaam kar lun?" he put down down the file harshly on the table and looked up at her. She left the remaining clothes and walked up to him. She was desperate now to know the reason behind his behavior,

"ap batate kiyun nahi ke main ne kiya kiya hai jo ap mujhse istarha baat kar rahe hain? Ap ne kaha ke main ap se baat nahi karti or ub jab baat kar rahi hun to kam yaad araha hai apko. Chahte kiya hain ap ye na mujhe pehle samajh ayi thi or na hi ab" maan stayed quiet but looked away with a frustrated sigh,

"humari shadi hogayi main ne maan liya per ub jab main koshish kar rahi hun is rishtay ko nibhane ki to ap mera zara sa sath bhi nahi de rahe. Main karun to kiya karun?" geet threw her hands in air with frustration and backed away.

"main jo chahta hun wo tumhari samajh ke bahar hai" he replied softly.

"to samjhaiye na mujhe" geet came forward again and maan looked up at her. He was expecting her to burst into tears but she wasn't crying, thankfully. He watched her for a moment and spoke,

"agar sb batain hogayi hon to main apna kaam kar lun?" she looked at him disbelievingly and then nodded,

"mere baray main baat reh gayi thi ek" he didn't replied and she wasn't expecting him to so she continued,

"aj subha maa ka phone aya tha unhon ne hoshiarpur bulaya hai to… main wahan jarahi hun. Bauji ki tabiyat kharab hai. Ek do din main wapas ajaongi." She turned around and went to her side of the bed and slipped inside her blankets while maan quietly went back to his work pretending as if nothing had happened but he wanted to take out his frustration. He didn't know it himself that what was it that he wanted? Should he talk to geet? Or should he talk to dadi maa? He needed to figure it out himself that what did he want?

      The next morning when maan was about to leave their bedroom to go to office, geet spoke just when he was near the door,

"main…dekh rahi hun ke ap ko ub is sb main koi interest nahi."  Maan opened his mouth to speak but geet stopped him,

"meri baat khatam nahi hui. Ap soch lijiye ga is waqt main jab main yahan nahi hungi to. Phir jo apka faisla hoga mujhe usse koi aitraz nahi. Main ne pehle bhi kaha tha ke ye sub theek nahi jo ap kar rahe hain per ap nay meri nahi suni." With that geet went past maan while he was frozen on the spot where he stood. As she opened the door, she spoke again. This time more hesitantly and her voice shook while speaking,

"agar...i mean di…divorce ki baat ap khud hi dadi ko bata dijiye ga" and with that she went out closing the door behind him leaving him shocked.

         Maan sat down on the seater near the door, because he couldn't manage to stand anymore. What had she thought? How could she think of divorce? What made her think that he wanted to get separate from her? God! He was just feeling guilty because he had been selfish to marry her in such a hurry and that too by blackmailing her and instead of taking revenge from him she was trying to prove herself worthy of this relationship and what had he lead her to think? Now what? He kept thinking for a while and then stood up to go out and stop her from going.

       He went downstairs quickly and asked the housekeeper about geet but he said that she had already left with annie who had gone to drop her on the bus stand. Maan realized that stopping geet now wasn't a good idea because if he did, then everyone would ask questions. Geet had obviously told dadi maa that she was going hoshiarpur and if he stopped her now, dadi would ask the reason and he wouldn't be able to tell her the truth. He must wait for geet to come back. She had said she would be back in two days. He could wait for her surely.

      With the thought secured in his mind, that geet would be back in two days he went off for his office but he couldn't get peace there. Geet didn't want divorce. She thought that he wanted to get separate from her. She had been trying to make their marriage work and he ruined everything with his guilt. She got hurt by him even though he had promised himself that he would never hurt her. How could he forget that geet was a typical Indian girl who believed in those vows that they took during the rounds by the holly fire and obviously she would keep those vows? Damn he couldn't keep his promise.

      The next day passed away with maan's shouting at all the employs at office and servants at home. Daddi maa, annie and dev were seeing maan's agitated and aggressive behavior and got worried. Finally dev decided to talk to maan and went to him when he sat in his study. Dev knocked the door and went inside. Maan sat on the chair leaning his elbows and his hands clasped beneath his chin and he was staring at empty space.

"bro?" dev called him softly but maan didn't hear him so he tried again,


"hmm" maan shook out of his thoughts and looked up at dev.

"kiya kar rahe hain ap?" dev stepped forward towards the table where the table lamp was lit and all the other lights were turned off.

"kuch nahi bus…errr kaam khatam kar raha tha" maan looked down at his desk.

"I needed to talk to you bro"

"han?" maan started flipping the pages.

"about geet!" dev waited for maan's expressions and his reaction and it was just as dev wanted. Maan's head shot up,

"kiya? Kiya…phone aya kiya uska? Kuch kaha usne ke wo kab ayegi?"

"nahi bro. geet ka koi phone nahi aya" dev looked at him with satisfaction at the restlessness that maan showed for geet.

"shayad ap bhool rahe hain bro ke beshak hamari family main aise customs and traditions nahi manay jate jo formality ho. I mean apni family main hi. Per aise customs manay jatay hain jismain dusre log involved hon"

"matlab?" maan frowned.

"matlab ye ke pehli baar jab ladki apne maykay jati hai shadi ke baad to uska pati usay le ke ata hai wapas" dev went around the table and sat on the chair.

"per…geet ne aisa kuch nahi kaha tha" maan said more to himself and looked away.

"exactly. Yahi baat main karne aya hun ap se bro. apkay or geet ke beech chal kiya raha hai?" dev leaned forward on the table.

"kiya matlab kiya chal raha hai? Kuch …kuch bhi to nahi" maan lied.

"bro! jbse geet gayi hai ap itna ghussay main rehte ho or jab geet yahan thi to ap dono ek doosre se baat to door sath bethte bhi nahi thay. Kiya problem hai? Koi ladayi hui hai ap dono main?"

"nahi dev aisa kuch nahi hai tum khamakha pareshan horahe ho"

"bro sometimes apni problems share karne se mislay ka hal nikal ata hai. Maybe apkay or geet ke beech job hi problem hai wo theek hojaye agar ap mujhse share kar lenge to? Or kuch nahi to dil hi halka hojayega" maan got up and went towards the window leaning his shoulders with the window frame and sighed,

"dev…main! I love her"

"kiya ye baat ap nay usay batayi?" dev remained casual but he seemed to understand the problem.

"nahi per… ye kehne ki batain hoti hain kiya?"

"bro! words do matter chahe ap kuch bhi kaho. Or geet ko ye ehsas dilana zaruri hai kea p use pyar karte ho or ye ehsas sirf ap hi dila sakte ho"


"by the way geet ko agar ye nahi pata ke ap use pyar karte ho to phir… ap dono ki shadi…??" the question rose suddenly in his mind.

"i… I blackmailed her" maan looked down and murmured in guilt and dev's eyes widened with shock as he couldn't believe his ears,

"what??? Bro… you…you what???", dev couldn't find words to exclain his shock but he kept his voice low so that nobody else heard him, "Shadi blackmailing se??? ok ok I get it. She didn't want to marry you right? But you loved her and … but that… that was not the right way bro"

"it was selfish, I know. But I couldn't see her with others. She…she's very friendly with everyone and she doesn't know what men are like" maan tried to clarify his point.

"so you were jealous and now…now what?" dev got up and went towards his elder brother thoughtfully frowning.

"I'm feeling guilty"

"why?" dev looked up asking maan but knowing himself the reason.

"because even after I did everything, she… she is being honest with the relationship… with this marriage"

"isn't that what you want?" dev wanted maan to figure out the solution himself.

"you're not getting it dev! Geet is not what she is behaving like. At least not to me. According to 'real geet' she should be fighting with me and arguing with me and try to prove me wrong about this marriage stuff per wo aisa nahi kar rahi" maan looked at dev and dev saw the desperation and pain maan was going trhough.

"bro! apka or geet ka major jhagda hua kiya?"

"hmm" maan looked out of the window.

"or isiliye wo chali gayi?"


"to bro usko mana kar layen"

"she thinks that… that I want separation" dev got another shock. What else had happened between his brother and sister in law?

"oh for God's sake! Obviously jab ap guilt main rahoge or usko kuch nahi kahogay to yahi lage ga na usay! Bro or chahe jo marzi ho uskay dimagh se ye baat nikal dijiye that u want separation and secondly tell her your feelings. It will be all fine then" dev placed his hand on maan's shoulder and consoled him. Maan turned towards dev,

"ya….thanks dev! It really helped me…a lot"

"anytime bro" dev smiled and could see it clearly that maan's heart was lightened now maan only needed to find a way to bring geet back and he trusted his brother to find a way for it.

 M sorry guys. even though i tried to complete the 'reunite' part before going back to hostel but i couldn't as if i just winded it up, it would lose the essence and i didn't want to spoil it so better late then worseEmbarrassed... watcha say ??? but to not frustrate u guys with the sadness here's the promoEmbarrassed i hope it does the workWink


    Maan stood with his both hands on either sides of geet, caging her between his arms,

 "are you…are you threatening me?" geet's eyes shot daggers.

"yes!" he smirked and geet's heart skipped a beat.

"you can't do anything to me." she acted strong and hiding away the danger she felt.

"wanna try me?"  maan's gaze lowered to her lips and came back to meet her eyes, but this time he had a spark in his eyes that she hadn't seen before which made her shiver to the core and she felt herself weakening.

             pls pls pls do commentBig smile

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superb ...........
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cont soon
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superb..loved it..
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continue soon dear...................a fabulous update and an awesome precap..................the rest remain to see how maan wins geet................i am impatient to know about it...................just dont make us wait longer.................
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