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Deceived- MG FF ~Part 13~ on pg 66 & impt note (Page 11)

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heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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hey guys heres a long part before i go back to my hostel. i hope u like it. 

thnks alot for ur lovely comments and i'll definitely miss updating my SSCry and tb tk my mind wud be rushing with thoughts for this ss and i won't even be able to write it.

well here goes the partTongue


Just an hour before the wedding, maan was doing up the buttons of his shervani and had walked up to get his stole when the door of his room knocked softly. He frowned. Who could this be when everyone was busy in guests? Just then the door knocked again. This time it seemed as if someone was in a hurry. He went and opened the door with a click and stood back just to be shocked. Because outside stood the last person he expected to be here. Geet handa.

"geet?" maan was taken aback by her presence. She was nervously twitching her hands and looking at her left and right.

"mujhe ap se baat karni hai" with that she came inside hurriedly in case someone saw her. Maan closed the door with a sigh knowing what was coming. She was really an unpredictable sort. He turned around to see her waiting what she had to say while he looked down at her.

   She looked beautiful in that maroon bridal dress, heavily embroidered dupatta in sequences settled above her head, falling down to her shoulders. Earrings dangling from her ears and that heavy necklace settled around her graceful curve of neck. She looked like a goddess. He was lost in her beauty and totally forgot the matter at hand when she interrupted his thoughts,

"maan sir…ubhi bhi time hai. Ap please ye sb… kiya zarurat hai iski?" she looked at him desperately and he was amused at the extent she could go to convince him that he was doing wrong.

"main chup chap chali jaongi yahan se. kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega. Kabhi wapas nahi aongi per aise… aise mat kijiye" she spoke again and he couldn't hold the words inside him anymore.

"I don't believe this" he murmured glancing at the window and back at her.

"I know you don't want this too. Main apki society main fit nahi hosakti. Ap sirf majboori main…" she was interrupted by his chillingly polite voice,

"what made you think that I don't want this?" he looked in her eyes intently.

"I … y me?" she hesitated to ask. Maan looked at her for a while. Because I love you. He spoke through his eyes but instead of saying anything he went to his closet. Geet frowned when he reached out for something and came back with a small pouch in his hand. He glanced at her and loosened the string withdrawing a locket from it. He extended his hands and clasped it at the back of her neck. She couldn't speak of anything while he straightened her dupatta on her shoulders securely and straightened her blouse from her shoulders which was about to fall off because of the broad neckline. She wasn't too distraught to recognize the caring and protective gesture of his. He looked back in her eyes and her eyes still held the same question,

"This is too late for such questions geet. Now go before someone sees you" his voice had become soft. She whirled around in anger to go out.

"Wait." He stopped her by placing his hands on her shoulders and stepped behind her close. He took a shawl from his bed which was piled with clothes and wrapped it around her shoulders and spoke in her ears,

"Don't try anything stupid geet. Remember, you promised"

"and if I break it?" she didn't like the amusement in his voice.

"you wouldn't. I know you wouldn't" she turned around to face him.

"you broke my trust why can't I break a promise?"

"because you can't do anything except run and I'll catch you wherever you are" his voice held a clear threat

"you wouldn't. You are too proud to run after me" she shook her head lightly. He appreciated her courage to step along the edges and testing his limits because he knew that she already knew his answers still she was trying. He stepped closer to her expecting her to retreat but she stood her grounds and he knew he had chosen well. She wasn't indeed scared of him a bit and he so did not want a scared wife. He raised his hand to her tress that tumbled down to her neck and gently brushed it away from her eyes,

"try me and trust me when I say geet, I'll drag you back here and even if I have to carry you and take the rounds I will do it"

"I can say that you forced me" she glanced at his hand that he didn't drop and lowered it down at the sides of her dupatta.

"geet, I think I know your family better than you do. Do you think they would believe that? I don't think so because you handas are too hot tempered to think of anything rationally just as my 'would be wife is' to realize she can't escape" he arranged her dupatta in front of her stomach and chest so it looked more modest instead of revealing and sensual as it had seemed before with her petite figure and the curves revealing from the tight blouse.

"are you saying I'm stupid? If so then why are you marrying a stupid?" strangely, his touch didn't repulse her at all. She knew deep down that it was a protective touch and wasn't meant to hurt her. He dropped his hands at his sides and looked in her eyes.

"you won't understand it yet." He almost sighed and turned around to took his cell phone and dialed a number quickly,

"annie, come to my room quickly-alone." When he hung up without saying anything, geet freaked out that he called annie.

"maan sir ye…" he stopped her by placing his hand on her shoulder,

"one more thing, stop calling me this 'sir'. I'm not your 'sir' anymore."

"we are not married yet" she said through clenched teeth and shrugged his hand off her shoulder.

"we will be in half an hour" he smiled which held amusement again.

"till then you are 'sir'"

"I'm still your fianc and nobody calls her fianc 'sir'" he tilted his head eying her intently with his rare smile that he almost never flashed to anyone except geet. Just then the back door of maan's room knocked. Maan glanced at the door and then back at geet who was fuming with anger now,

"maan sir, maan sir, maan sir, sir, sir, sir" she teased him in anger through her clenched teeth while maan went to open the door before geet could stop him. Annie started to ask maan but her eyes caught geet and her eyes opened in shock and then worry,

"geet? What are you doing here?"

"we were talking about something important" maan spoke.

"what if dadi ma or someelse saw her?" annie came inside and glanced at geet with pure worry.

"isiliye tumhain bulaya annie. Geet ko guest house ke peeche wale darwaze se uskay kamre tak le jao and stay with her" maan stressed upon the words that made geet feel as if she was some child and he doubted her intentions that she might still try to run. Annie being a friend and a reliable person, she took geet back to her room quietly without anyone knowing and she didn't ask her anything but just smiled and said, 'I hope all your problems with bhai are solved and I wish you a very happy married life geet'. With that she bent down and hugged geet that made geet sure that she had found a sincere friend and a loving sister. Geet sat in front of the mirror and remembered the day all the mess started.

       As geet went out, maan remembered her words 'you broke my trust'. I had to geet, he thought and remembered that day when he had broke her trust. It was Thursday night that day when he had planned it. soon as the meeting is over"y backeeting bulayi hai"k le jao and He had called geet in his cabin,

"yes sir?" she came in with tired eyes. She had been indeed working all day and he intended it to be that way. He felt guilt inside him continuously for doing it but she had given him a sign that she liked him too. Likeness was enough for him.

"geet shimla wale mr.singhania ne kal meeting bulayi hai" he told her without looking up from the file he pretended to read.

"but sir he didn't call" geet frowned and checked her note pad making sure there wasn't any appointment.

"he called me" he told her.

"but the meeting was 4 days from now" she found the date where she had written about the meeting like a dedicated secretary for which maan cursed her now but he had kept it in mind too.

"he had to go somewhere urgent therefore he called us tomorrow" he finally looked up at her and saw the stress lines on her forehead. How much he hated those lines, but he was the cause for them.

"but how do we go ? We haven't made any arrangements" she looked horrified at the emergency.

"I made them already. We'll be going right now" he acted calm. He had expected this reaction from her.

"and when are we supposed to come back?"

"as soon as the meeting is over" geet stood there for a minute or so and then went out with a small 'yes sir'.

       It was after office hours and every one had already gone and geet couldn't even tell adi, sasha or pinky because she didn't have a cell phone. He had known this and managed to disconnect the office phone lines for an hour so that she couldn't call anyone and told her that he had already told adi which satisfied geet. They set off in half an hour after geet picking up an extra pair of shoes and clothing while maan waited for her outside in his car. Soon they were off for shimla. Within 15 minutes geet had calmed down thinking they were just off to another meeting as before but this time she had a strange feeling as if something wasn't right. She consoled herself that she was feeling it just because she hadn't known of the meeting. Maan didn't talk much as usual but geet kept asking him about the presentation and what were they supposed to say and do in the meeting? The file was incomplete for which maan said that he had already told mr.singhania that the work was not complete yet. The rest of the way passed with geet sleeping and maan was thankful to that. He didn't want to answer her questions and secondly he was grateful that at least she was taking some rest now.

    When they had reached there, maan had clearly told her that the meeting for today had been canceled and it will be tomorrow. Geet wasn't someone who would believe for something that easily. She asked him when they checked in the hotel with a room that had two bedrooms.

"maan sir ap unse phone kar k ek baar puch lijiye k aj hi nahi hosakti meeting?"

"geet mujhe unka abhi abhi message aya hai k aj wo free nahi hain" maan replied while geet stood in his door way but didn't enter his room.

"yeh kaisi professionalism hui? Hum yahan free to nahi bethe k unkay liye hi ghoomte rahen. Or bhi kaam hote hain" she grew angry and crossed her arms across her chest and leaned her back with the door frame.

"calm down geet." Maan stood up and walked slowly towards her.

"aise kaise calm down maan sir? Aise thodi chalta hai"

"relax geet. Itna hyper hone ki zarurat nahi." Maan could feel the guilt rising inside him but he forced it away making himself sure that what he was doing was right. Just this one more night. Everything was going according to his plan as yet. He had made sure geet didn't get any kind of contact from anywhere around and he had told her that his phone wasn't getting network here.

      He made her forgte about the meeting and for the first time he initiated talking to her and soon geet forgot about the tension of meeting and got involved with maan. They talked, maan smiled at her, he responded to every single question and joke she made, leaving geet astounded. She was surprised how easy maan was to talk to. Why hadn't he shown this side to anyone before and why now to her? He brought breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for her in the room and they ate together while they chatted the entire day away. In just this short time, she was overwhelmed the way he opened up to her. He talked about his sister, annie, dev and dadi ma. He told her how stubborn her sister was, how much he loved his family. How dadi maa took care of them all after his parent's death. Just like the night passed away. y ate together while they chatted the entire day away. maan. the

        On the next day maan came inside geet's room and told her that the meeting was canceled. Geet was fumed with anger. She took out her anger on maan saying that he should cancel the deal with mr.singhania, he was so irresponsible, this was no way to deal with the boss and on and on she went on which maan said that he would deal with him later.

      The shock came when both maan and geet entered KC. Everyone started to turn and stare as both of them came together but near maan's cabin, maan went inside after glancing once at geet and then towards the staff. Geet didn't notice the stares and the silence till she reached pinky's desk.

"where were you both?" pinky asked and her voice held a strictness but geet didn't notice it. She was preoccupied again with the anger,

"mr.singhania ki so called meeting"

"yes, exactly "so called" meeting" pinky folded her arms across her chest and stood up.

"ullu ke pathay. Ye bhi koi tameez hoti hai. Agar meeting nahi karni thi to bulaya kiyun. Khamakha humara bhi time waste kiya" geet was speaking without looking at pinky and remembering what maan had told her about the meeting being canceled and her anger was revived.

" 'humara'?" pinky spoke sarcastically but geet didn't notice it again.

"or nahi to kiya, bhagay bhagay wahan gaye. Do din rukne k bawajud unhon ne meeting cancel kar di" geet turned to pinky.

"per meeting to thi hi nahi abhi" adi's voice came from behind her and geet turned around.

"exactly. Meeting nahi thi phir bhi bulaya k meeting urgent karni hai unhain" geet didn't know what was going on in KC and what was the staff thinking.
"enough geet. Nahi batana to mat batao per jhoot pe jhoot to mat bolo" sasha came from behind.

"kiya? Main jhoot bol rahi hun?" geet turned around not understanding why this confusion was arising.

"geet meeting next week hai" pinky crossed her arms across her chest. Geet nodded and spoke,

"han per maan sir ko khud phone kiya mr.singhania ne ke meeting jaldi karni hai unhain that's why hum raat ko hi chale gaye"

"bina kisi ko bataye? Bina koi mail, fax, call, letter, message k?" sasha asked and geet's voice shook with her heart's sinking,

"but maan sir said he told adi" she looked at adi who sighed and shook his head.

"bohat hogaya geet. Kiya ho kiya raha hai ye? Do you even realize k tum dono 3 din se ghayab thay?" sasha spoke but geet was speechless now because the confusion was starting from maan and ended with maan's name.

"but we…"

"exactly "we", "hum", "humara". Tum or maan sir 'hum' kb se hogaye? Pata bhi nahi chala geet" pinky spoke,

"pinky there's some misunderstanding. It's not like that"

 "then what is it like? Tumhare ghar se phone araha tha baar baar. Your dad and mom were worried. You didn't even tell them?"

"maan sir said he had informed" geet murmured more to herself,

"oh stop it geet. We are no fools. If you had only trusted us."

"per we went to…"

"mr.singhania ka kal subha phone aya tha k wo khud meeting k liye next week ayenge yahan" adi said with a finality to the discussion.

     Geet swirled around and went towards maan's cabin but went inside without knocking. Her mind wasn't working enough to let her care for the maanerisms.

"maan sir?" she kept her voice low because she was still confused and unsure about everything. She was sure that there was some misunderstanding. Maan might have made some mistake in delivering the message.

"hmm" maan didn't look up at her and seemed to sort out some files from the pile on his table.

"ap…ap ne…mr.singhania… what's going on?" geet didn't know what to ask and how to ask, still she tried hesitatingly and twitched her fingers nervously.

"what?" he glanced at her keeping his expressions neutral.

"pinky ne kaha k meeting k liye mr.singhania khud ayenge yahan!" geet shifted slightly to divert his attention to herself.


"per ap ne to kaha tha…" geet stopped seeing that maan wasn't paying slightest bit of attention to her and was opening file after file as if searching for something,

"hmm?" he prodded her to continue.

"sb humain ghalat tarha se dekh rahe hain" she tilted her face to look at his face and make him look at her and at the same time she was growing agitated by his lack of concern.

"acha? Kaise?" maan looked up at her and geet suspected amusement in his tone and eyes which surprised her because she couldn't read his eyes before but the tinge of amusement irritated her as well and she was on the verge of losing her temper. She wanted answers.

"as if hum ne kuch chupaya hai!"

"mmhmm" maan flipped another page casually and that was the end of geet's patience. She closed the distance between the table and her and put her hands on the table firmly and spoke sharply,

"I'm talking to you maan sir" maan looked up and knew instantly that it was time to raise the curtain,

"I know geet" he closed the file and slid it on the table away from himself and eyed geet, still expressionless.

"ap ne kaha tha k ap ne adi sir ko bata diya hai meeting ka or ye ke meeting k liye humain jana tha and…per pinky keh rahi hai k… ap batayenge ye sb kiya hai?" her voice held the sharpness and her eyes held his gaze strongly.

"main ne jhoot bola tumse" he replied while getting up from his chair. Thankfully geet had held her hands on the table because maan's words shook her legs and she straightened up, her eyes following maan who walked slowly round the table towards her.

"kiyun?" her voice came out merely as a whisper out of shock while he stopped midway at the ring of the phone. He picked the receiver immediately but geet had frozen on the spot. Why? This was the only question in her mind.

 "hello?" maan spoke on the phone.

"Namaste bauji" geet's eyes widened with shock but she couldn't move, couldn't speak, and couldn't register all that was happening.

"ji geet mere sath hai" geet frowned while maan looked up at her. Geet's heart started thumping loudly and she felt nauseous. She knew a call from her bauji wasn't a good sign at all. Her stomach churned with sickness.

"yaheen hai. Ek minute bauji. Isse pehle k ap use kuch kahen mujhe ap se kuch baat karni hai"

"bauji main geet se shadi karna chahta hun" this was too much for geet in one day. She dropped on the chair just beside where she stood. There were a few minutes when maan didn't say anything and she was sure that bauji was shouting at him. The questions that were arising in her mind a short while ago had vanished totally because it all felt like a nightmare to her now. Bauji was going to kill her.

"hum kal ap kay ghar pohanch jayenge. Meri dadi ma ayengi" with that maan put the receiver down and looked at geet. He took a deep breath and walked up to where she sat.

"Geet!" he called her name softly and she felt her insides stir. She had gone cold with the thought of what her family would do to her and cold sweats were shooting on her forehead. She had gone numb but his voice stirred her back to the present but she didn't move and kept holding the arms of the chair tightly.

"tum mujhse shadi karogi?" he asked softly without the orderly tone that was so natural in him. It was as if he was requesting her and geet's confusion increased.

"kiyun?" she managed to speak and was taken aback by her own voice. She felt as if someone else spoke because her voice was shaking with fear, confusion….whatsoever. Maan pulled the other chair closer and sat opposite to geet on that chair facing her directly.

"kiyun k main tumse shadi karna chahta hun"

"kiyun?" she spoke numbly but her mind was present and she wanted to know the reason.

"geet, mujhe lagta hai tum mere liye ek achi jeevan sathi banogi" maan told honestly but geet couldn't believe him.

"per mujhe aisa nahi lagta or na hi main ne aisa kabhi socha tha" finally she looked up at him.

"humaisha wo nahi hota jo hum sochte hain ya chahte hain. Main ne bhi nahi socha tha per ub chahta hun" maan wanted to be reasonable and make her understand his point.

"apki batain meri samajh se bahar hain. Is waqt main kuch samajh nahi pa rahi hun bus itna janti hun k ye sub jo horaha hai wo ghalat hai. Apko jo bhi lag raha hai wo ghalat hai" geet exclaimed but what maan liked about her was that she wasn't losing her temper neither was she being hyper. She wouldn't panic and she wasn't getting hysteric like most of the women did. That assured him again that he was on the right track and he wouldn't back off. She was perfect for him.

"aisa nahi hai geet. Sub kuch simple hai…" maan tried again but geet interrupted him.

"jo log bahar keh rahe hain wo simple nahi" she turned towards him holding the right arm of the chair with both her hands and slid to the edge of the chair. She was trying hard to convince him and he could see that clearly.

"main logon ki munh band karwa dunga tum bus…"

"logon k munh band karana asaan nahi hota"

"tum jawab do meri baat ka phir sb kuch theek hojayega" he wanted to assure her that everything would be alright.

"ek jawab?" she asked as if she had decided her answer already.

"han" he nodded and watched her intently and patiently. For the first time ever, his heart beat raced just as it had raced when he had given his first examinations or when he had first joined school.

"nahi. Main apse shadi nahi kar sakti" she told him right away and he leaned back in his chair and eyed her. She felt herself shiver at that look and she felt as if maybe she had said something wrong. His gaze was dangerous.

"kiyun?" the softness was gone from his voice but she was determined to make him realize that he was wrong.

"kiyun k ye sub sahi nahi hai. Ap ne jo kiya…main nahi janti kiyun kiya…per wo bhi sahi nahi tha. Ub ap bataye, ap Ne vada kiya tha ke sb k munh band karwa denge. Mera jawab ap ne sun liya na to jaiye sub ko bata kar ayen k wo sub such nahi jo wo keh rahe hain or samajh rahe hain"

"or agar main unkay samjhe ko such kar dun to?" he spoke and geet felt her insides churning at the threat his voice held.

"matlab?" geet shifted back a little but didn't intend to show him the least bit that she was intimidated by him.

"matlab ye k if you reject my proposal, I'll tell everyone that what they are thinking is right. I'll tell them k hum ek sath thay in 3 din main and the rest of it will come with that." He crossed his ankle on the other leg's knee and placed his fingers on his lips.

"decision is yours" he waited for her to speak but he knew he had trapped her.

"but…" she started but stopped, her voice had dropped.

"but?"he bent his head a little eying her quizzingly.

"why do you want to marry me?" she asked looking up in his eyes.

"my choice" he spoke casually because he knew any reasoning at the moment or the fact that he loved her wouldn't matter to her. He had wanted to tell her that and wanted her to marry him with her own choice but it seemed that he had to work on the plan B.

"I'm not the least bit suitable for you and your family" she tried again and he cursed her inside for not giving up easily. She was unpredictable.

"I don't find any reason to explain myself and as for my family they wouldn't object to anyone I choose because they want me to get married as soon as possible"

"but you must find someone of your standards or… you might not have any standard" she spoke the last one with a bit of hesitation and tilting her head as if he already had no standard. Maan stayed quiet for a moment and then spoke after a deep breath,

"what you're trying is not going to work geet." He knew the tactics she was applying and found it amusing.

"sir, you must understand…"

"I have understood what I had to now you must understand what you should" maan got up and walked back to his chair,

"you don't have much time and choice. Phir bhi you have time till I attend the conference that is two hours. That is more than enough for a yes" he glanced at his watch and started to walk out of his cabin. Geet got up quickly and ran after him because she found it difficult to catch up with his long strides,

"maan sir, ap ko to ek se ek khubsurat or ameer ladki mil jayegi jo apkay or apkay parivar k standards ko meet kar sake gi. Apkay sath society main, har jaga match karegi. Kahan ap or kahan main" geet spoke not too loudly while maan kept looking ahead and reached the elevator but didn't replied to geet,

"log kiya kahenge! Sochenge ladki ne hi phansaya hoga ameer ladke ko. Sb apko 'bechara' kahenge. Sochiye sir! MAAN SINGH KHURANA or BECHARA??? Tut tut tut na sir aisa mat hone dijiyega. Kiya izzat reh jayegi apki!" geet waved her hands to emphasize her point but what she didn't knew was that maan was finding it extremely to control his laughter in front of her. The more she spoke the more he wanted to pull her to himself and kiss her to silence. She looked so cute trying to convince him to not marry her. He waited for the lift to open so he could get inside and laugh his heart out. But as the lift open and maan walked in, geet followed him inside unconsciously and stood beside him,

"acha apni nahi to meri izzat ka to khayal kijiye? Matlab…mera kiya kusoor hai k mujhe ap se… ," geet stopped looking at maan staring at her and she thought he had gotten angry at what she was saying, "log such main yahi kahenge ke main ne apko…" maan turned towards her and she suddenly became conscious of their surroundings. She was alone with him in this elevator and she didn't even realize when she followed him in. she looked back at him and saw him looking at her. She could feel the smirk in his eyes but couldn't figure out the reason behind it. Confused. She was confused. Why the hell would someone like him want to marry her? Obviously he didn't want money then what was it that he wanted?

"dekhiye sir ye sb apkay usoolon ke khilaf hai" she spoke referring again to all that he was doing.

"office ke kaam k ilawa mere kaunse usool janti ho tum" maan crossed his arms across his chest and leaned with the wall of the elevator.

"sahi ghalat ka to pata hi hoga na?" geet raised her palm in anger.

"or tumhain kiya pata ke meri sahi ghalat ki definition kiya hai?" he tilted his head and she sensed danger again. She felt a shiver down her spine and she looked away from his face. She couldn't take his intense gaze. He straightened and took a step towards her and she felt as if the ground was slipping from under her feet. Her heart beat raised and she felt blood rushing to her face. He was coming close to her. He raised his hand to her face and just when he was about to touch her, suddenly the lift stopped and the door opened. Maan stepped back and walked out of there quietly. Geet sighed and leaned back to the wall while the door closed. She thanked God for stopping the lift and maan going out. Something about him was driving her insane and no matter how much she tried to convince him, deep down she knew what he was trying was what he would get. She knew she couldn't fight against him but still she tried. She had known it all along from the very first look that he had given her when he had told her that he wanted to marry her, that she had already lost the game. This was the problem. Getting married to MAAN SINGH KHURANA was no game.

           She had decided she would try once again as soon as maan came out of his meeting. She waited for him impatiently in her cabin and looked at the clock nervously. Suddenly he walked past her cabin to his own. She saw him from the window and quickly got up to follow him inside his cabin.

"sir… ap…" she started to speak while maan had his back to her and he stopped her,

"tumhara time khatam hone main 5 minute hain" she was taken aback slightly by the harshness in his voice that held 'no nonsense' touch.

"ap… such main serious hain?" she asked because somewhere it all hit her as unreality.

"tumhain ub bhi lag raha hai k main mazak kar raha hun?" he turned to see her and she felt the same shivers again.

"han… aisa to kuch hua nahi tha jaisa ap… or ye shadi… aise kaise…" she spoke hesitatingly, looking away and twitching her fingers. Maan watched her and felt guilt for disturbing her like this but she was leaving him with no other choice. She wouldn't understand whatever he said but he made a promise to himself standing right there that he wouldn't let her be sorry for this. He stepped closer to her slowly and watched her, expecting her to retreat her steps,

"ye tumhain pata hai or mujhe ke kuch nahi hua tha per bakiyon ko nahi or meri ek han ya na se sb kuch theek hosakta hai or bigad bhi sakta hai. Tumhain itni fikr horahi hai to tumhari khud ki izzat bhi tumhare hi hath main hai. Tumhara ek han sb kuch bacha sakta hai. I can be your savior geet." But she didn't retreat and stood on her grounds. She was quiet for a moment as if thinking something and looking at the ground and then raised her eyes to him,

"maan sir, meri samajh se bahar hai ke apkay dimagh main kahan se agaya ye shadi ka khayal per ye kuch waqt ka khayal hai, baad main pachtavay ke siva or kuch nahi hoga. We are misfit sir. Kisi bhi angle se dekh lo hum ek category main fall bhi nahi karte." Maan stared in her eyes that held honesty. She wasn't least bit interested that a handsome, rich business tycoon was asking her to marry him. Many girls would have drooled at this opportunity but not geet. She wanted a soul mate, not money and the same was for maan. He knew in the instant that geet was the one for him. Geet didn't know it yet. Geet took maan's silence as encouragement and continued,

"sir apkay morals alag, values alag, hamari families alag hain, status different hai, hum ek jaisi baat tk nahi karte. Ye to… ye to karne wali baat hi nahi hai. Ap soch bhi kaise sakte hain. Agar mazak hai tb to chalo main samjhun bhi er actual main to… sawal hi nahi uthta na. meri maniye ap apni dadi maa se baat kariye ya meri baat karwa dijiye wo bhi yahi kahenge. Acha batana nahi to puch to lijiye na unse unka opinion is k baray main." He still watched her in silence.

"such main sir bewakufi hai" she shook her head thinking that maybe he was finally convinced but instead of saying anything he walked up to the phone and picked up the receiver and started dialing number,

"kiya kar rahe hain ap?" geet asked but her insides panicked as her sixth sense said that something was wrong. maan ignored her spoke with whomever was on the line,

"hello, main maan singh khurana bat kar raha hun. bauji hain kiya?" in that instant geet forgot about everything else and ran towards maan and pressed the button, cutting the line. She closed her eyes to calm herself and when she opening her eyes she spoke,

"ye kiya kar rahe thay ap?"

"tumhain yakeen dilane jaraha tha ke ye mazak nahi" maan glanced at the distance in between both of them and suddenly geet realized that she was just an inch away from him and her hand rested on his holding it tightly with fear. She had frozen on the spot when she realized that he had called at her house. She quickly left his hand and stepped back but stumbled because her legs had weakened due to fear.

"geet, tumhare pas or koi rasta nahi. Agar na kahogi to main bohat asani se sbko keh dunga k we spent nights together or agar han kahogi to kisi ki himmat bhi nahi hogi tumse kuch bhi kehne ki" he spoke while geet dropped down in the chair and held her hand on her forehead to calm herself down. He was damn serious and he would go to any extent for this. She took a deep breath and realized that her hands were still shaking out of fear. She looked up at him,

"kiya chahte hain ap? Kiyun kar rahe hain ye sb?" he heard the helplessness and finally the giving up in her voice.

"bekaar ke sawal kar ke mera time waste mat karo geet." He replied cruelly knowing well that if he softened now, she would gain strength again and besides he would give her all the softness after marriage. He promised himself.

"mere ghar walay mujhe maar daalenge. Kabhi maaf nahi karenge mujhe" she spoke again and he knew she was pleading to him now. He felt his heart clenching and controlled the urge to hug her and console her instead he sat down on the chair beside her and held her hand that was lying on her laps,

"koi kuch nahi kahega tumhain agar tum mere sath hogi to" geet kept looking in his eyes and somewhere her tension lessened and she forgot about the what worried her. She got lost in his eyes. She didn't know when and why she started to look deep in his soul from his eyes and she felt as if he was replying to her every question from his eyes with positivity.

"have we reached to a decision?" she couldn't even reply and her insides churned. She grew restless suddenly but before she could say anything he stood up,

"good" and walked out of the cabin and she knew she had lost it.

do comment plsBig smile i 'll update soon

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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very nice update
read it in many parts
started reading yesterday and finished today
 {my net connection was being weird}
but I don't know why I feel pain in my heart
can you tell me why?

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awesome update................................maan is  ruthless
-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Awe so maan loves her and he did all that so he can get married to her before someone else takes her and poor geet all her friends were thinking wrong of her awe poor maan he wanted to be soft on her but he stayed stern so that she can say yeh and loved how he said he would be soft for her after marriage that was so cute anyways great update and loving how the story is going anyways don't worry I will wait patiently for your next update Smile
simi91 IF-Rockerz

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wow poor Geet so Maan trapped her to get married with her awesome pls update soonnnnnnnnn thanks pm

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awesomeeeeeeeeeeee updateeeeeeeeeeee
wowwwwwwwwwwww luved ittttttttttttttt
geet was soooo hard 2 convence

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wow... awesome update.....

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